Free WordPress Plugins for Developers

Free WordPress Plugins for Developers in 2019-(Must-Have)

Everyone who works with the WordPress code should have a set of nice and functional WordPress plugins for the developers in their workflow. Of course, much of this is also a matter of personal preference: a code editor that works for you may not be as functional or useful to me, and vice versa. In fact, even extremely popular services, such as GitHub, are not preferred or loved by a large number of developers.

When it comes to WordPress, the story is no different. You may have your own set of tools, libraries, and WordPress plugins for the developers you trust when you build for WordPress or WordPress.

However, there are certain supplements that are really essential. So in this summary, I have listed 10 WordPress plugins for developers, to help you improve your development workflow and do more with WordPress:

10 Free WordPress plugins for developers:

WordPress is not just for blogs. It is a complete CMS and, without doubt, a solid platform for developers. But the world of trends and related tools can be exhaustive when you only need a very fast solid solution.

Given the fact that WordPress is used by millions of people, it is natural that many also use it to make a living.

From the developers of plugins and themes to those in technical support, the number of users increases every day. Similarly, the amount of products you can use in conjunction with WordPress continues to increase as well.

The creation of themes, add-ons, and applications in WordPress requires a variety of tools that help development.

In this article, we take a look at the best tools available to developers. They are divided by category to facilitate navigation.

1. Developer


There can not be a better name for a plugin meant to help WordPress developers improve. The developer is not really a final add-on, but a master complement that helps you configure and optimize your development environment.

Once you activate it, the Developer asks you about the type of things you are developing: add-ons, themes, and the same. Based on your selection, this add-on offers you a list of useful add-ons that you can activate with a single click, to help you do more and work efficiently.

For example, if you are a developer of WordPress themes, the developer will suggest that you activate the Theme Check add-on (mentioned later in this post), and so on.

You must use the Developer if:

You wish to have a master page where you can activate or deactivate other add-ons related to the development, or you are just starting the WordPress development and need a WordPress plugin for the developers to make sure that their environment and the variables are configured correctly.

2. Debug Bar

Debug Bar

Debug Bar is a simple add-on that adds a debug menu to the management bar. The debug menu can be used to display useful debug information, such as details related to the query and the cache.

Debug Bar can keep track of your MySQL queries, as well as PHP error notifications.

You should use the debug bar if:

You need a solution that facilitates the search of notices and warnings from PHP and other queries.

3. Query Monitor

Query Monitor

Like Debug Bar, Query Monitor is also a debugging plugin for WordPress coders. However, it goes far beyond Debug Bar and offers much more than that.

Query Monitor allows you to see all database queries in progress, as well as the rows that are affected. You can also see the rewriting rules, the activated links in the current request, the PHP errors and warnings, and even the names and parts of the templates.

In addition, Query Monitor is one of the few WordPress add-ons for developers that allows you to track AJAX calls, REST API requests and redirects. Therefore, if you are working with the WP REST API add-in, Query Monitor can be very useful.

You should use the Query Monitor if:

You need to work with AJAX calls and REST API requests on a regular basis, or database operations. Keep in mind that if you only need basic details about PHP errors and warnings, Query Monitor may be an exaggeration.

4. Styleguide


Styleguide allows you to customize fonts and colors in WordPress themes directly from the Customizer. If you want to make changes related to the appearance on your website without having to delve into the code, Styleguide is the perfect complement for you.

Styleguide allows you to choose between Google Fonts and different character sets and colors to customize your website. If You like you can also add support for additional topics.

You should use Styleguide if:

You need a simple solution to change the fonts and colors in the Customizer. Furthermore, you should consider adding support for your topics, so that your end users or customers can make simple changes for themselves.

5. Theme Check

Theme Check

Probably, the best friend of a theme developer, Theme Check is a very popular and useful add-on in his field. It allows you to test your WordPress themes according to the latest standards and coding practices.

Therefore, you can review and verify that your WordPress theme complies with the subject revision guidelines, before sending it to the repository. In this way, you can reduce the chances of your subject being rejected and also adhere to the best coding practices. The theme check helps you make sure your WordPress themes are up to the task.

You should use Theme Check if:

One of the best WordPress plugins for developers if you are a theme developer.

6. User Switching

User Switching

The user change allows you to switch between user accounts in WordPress with a single click. This is especially useful if your workflow requires you to manage multiple accounts or if you want to test and debug privileges and user roles.

All you need to do is click on “Change to” in the Users menu. You can also return to the original account, and none of this requires passwords or special privileges. Of course, your original account needs to have administrator privileges for this elegant change to work.

You should use User Switching if:

Your workflow requires you to switch from one user account to another.

7. Advanced CSS Editor

Advanced CSS Editor

Advanced CSS Editor is a WordPress add-on for developers that allows you to write CSS code for different devices directly from the Customizer itself.

You may be wondering: what is the problem with the CSS code? Jetpack also allows you to add custom CSS anyway!

But this is where it gets interesting: the advanced CSS Editor allows you to add different CSS codes for different devices. Therefore, you can have a different CSS style for tablets, another for smartphones and another for laptops and desktops. In this way, your website can see and behave differently on all devices, without having to resort to a series of separate add-ons.

You should use the Advanced CSS Editor if:

You want to add a custom CSS style for different devices. In fact, this is a very useful and important add-on that you should have if you work with custom CSS often, even if you need to add it separately for different devices since you can see the changes in the Customizer live and in real time.

8. Regenerate Thumbnails

Regenerate Thumbnails

Regenerate thumbnails is a simple add-on that allows you to regenerate the thumbnails of your image attachments. This is especially useful if you have recently changed the thumbnail dimensions of your theme.

There are several other WordPress add-ons for developers that have the same purpose, but almost none of them is as popular as Regenerate Thumbnails (which has more than one million downloads). Therefore, if you are looking for a complement of this nature, Regenerate thumbnail is a smarter bet.

You must use Regenerate thumbnails if:

You need a simple solution to edit and regenerate the thumbnail sizes of your images.

9. Log Deprecated Notices

If, like most developers, you also want to stay away from outdated and obsolete coding practices, Log Deprecated Notices is the add-on designed for you.

Outdated record notifications track the use of files, functions, and arguments that are deprecated. It can also offer alternatives to obsolete and incorrectly used functions.

You should use outdated Registration Notices if:

You are trying to remove your code from obsolete coding functions and practices, such as reviewing an add-on or previous topic or simply want to make sure that you follow the latest coding guidelines as much as possible.

10. RTL Tester

RTL Tester

As its name suggests, RTL Tester allows you to test your WordPress themes and add-ons in RTL mode.

This add-on allows you to change the direction of the text of your website. Therefore, you can preview your WordPress themes and add-ons with text direction from right to left. This will help you make sure everything looks in order.

You should use RTL Tester if:

You work frequently with text from right to left, such as Arabic, Urdu or Hebrew, and you need to verify its appearance in its themes and add-ons.

Final Words

If you want to better serve your customers, you need to recognize the importance of WordPress Plugins . Use these add-ons to improve the function of your sites.

The purpose of creating a site varies from one person to another. You must use the right tools to make sure your site meets the standards. As a web developer, your knowledge of these WordPress Plugins for Developers will help you improve WordPress sites by strengthening them against attacks.

In addition to reducing the possibility of hacking, it will also improve the efficiency of web pages.

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