Buying Guide: Which multifunction robot to choose in 2019?

The multifunction robot is in the process of becoming more popular and is now in most French homes. Moreover, if you have come across this page. It is because you will soon be entering the statistics. 

Indeed, it is difficult not to be tempted to call this revolutionary device. Whether you are a novice cook or a true cordon bleu. This is a utensil that is practically every day thanks to the variety of its functions.

However, although you know its benefits, it does not mean that you will know how to choose a model that suits your needs. That’s the point of this guide! 

At the end of your reading and thanks to the many criteria that will be advanced to you, you will have a precise idea on the robot that suits you best.

Which multifunction robot to choose? Purchase guide


Apprentices or chefs, we all need a multifunction robot in one corner of our kitchen. Nowadays, it has become the indispensable instrument and the long-awaited companion for a simple and successful culinary session. 

This is the magic tool that spares us the bother of repetitive tasks in the kitchen. Before, to indulge in greed required an eternity of hard labor. Today and with multifunctional robots, it’s just a matter of minutes.

A multifunction robot is an electrical device that brings together the functions of a conventional robot with other options in a single box. 

He hatches, mixes, cuts, grates and kneads the dough … It is not by coincidence that they are called Robot. Some are more complete than others, others are more successful. And it is according to its objectives that one chooses his help cook.

However, the performance of a robot does not necessarily depend on its price. A robot at 200 euros is not automatically better than the one at 50 euros. Paying more does not necessarily guarantee more performance. A series of criteria are featured to help you make the right choice.

Which multifunction robot to choose? Purchase guide

Apprentices or chefs, we all need a multifunction robot in one corner of our kitchen. Nowadays, it has become the indispensable instrument and the long-awaited companion for a simple and successful culinary session. This is the magic tool that spares us the bother of repetitive tasks in the kitchen. Before, to indulge in greed required an eternity of hard labor. Today and with multifunctional robots, it’s just a matter of minutes.

A multifunction robot is an electrical device that brings together the functions of a conventional robot with other options in a single box. He hatches, mixes, cuts, grates and kneads the dough … It is not by coincidence that they are called Robot. Some are more complete than others, others are more successful. And it is according to its objectives that one chooses his help cook.

However, the performance of a robot does not necessarily depend on its price. A robot at 200 euros is not automatically better than the one at 50 euros. Paying more does not necessarily guarantee more performance. A series of criteria are featured to help you make the right choice.

First, why buy a multifunction robot?

You plan to buy a multifunction robot but you are not really convinced? Here are some reasons to get started on the adventure.

  • The one who does not waste time has many

In the era of speed in which one lives, it is not wise to ignore the notion of time in the details of one’s life. And having a multifunctional robot in the kitchen garden is another way to save time. 

Indeed, today you do not have to freeze a half hour before your bowl to knead a dough, or to spend an hour cutting your soup ingredients. In one click, you launch the operation and will do something else in the meantime.

  • Nothing is ever easy

Cooking is the exception. Your multifunctional robot makes your life easier with its various functions and its composition, the specification of which is versatility. 

You will not stop your shoulder by doing the same movement over and over, you will not get tired of the eye by chopping the onion for the simple reason that the Expert is there for you. Your robot will be the best companion.

  • All in one

The multifunction robot includes several pieces assembled in a manner to perform various tasks. 

It is equipped with a battery of accessories including choppers, rasps, and slicers. Some robots even have a juicer or a blender for liquid texture recipes.

  • It’s very fashionable

” The fashion? This is my thing. I hear you say. But no, my dear. Unless you do not mind spending a quarter of your life preparing for food when the world is changing exponentially. 

In addition, even the greatest cooks of the world judge the multifunction robot as the vital apparatus and their career companion of whom they can not do without.

 And then, that can be more prestigious than a pretty robot in a corner of your kitchen garden. The idea tempts you already, admit it!

What criteria to consider for a successful choice?

This is the crossroads where we often get lost. As mentioned before and as its name suggests, a multifunction robot can serve many things. If you do not understand the goal, you will obviously not be satisfied with your choice. This is done according to several parameters.

  • Target functions

Before you move to the stores, it is imperative to set the goal behind this purchase. Define the functions that your kitchen helper should perform because one thing is certain, you do not want to end up with your forgotten robot at the bottom of the closet. 

Will, you only need to chop your spices and prepare sauces, or that ground meat is the star of your menu? Are you an amateur pastry chef, and so you do not want to waste time kneading dough? Be careful that you are not greedy. 

Because, it is just as obvious that the more you understand its function, the more compact your robot is and the lower the price.

  • Cut

Manifest rule: Before going to fetch the furniture, measure the four sides of the piece to equip. The same goes for the multifunction robot. Before deciding for any robot, check that it sticks with his spot in the kitchen.

 Think about the height between the shelves where you will put your food processor. On the other hand, do not forget to take into account the capacity of the bowl or the blender. 

Unless you are a couple or live alone, a 1.5L blender or a 3L bowl seems to be the minimum. Clearly, by choosing the right robot that fits your kitchen, you’ll save space.

  • Practicality and design

Washing the attachments of the robot by hand can be a real worry. If you have a dishwasher, look for a model with accessories that can be washed, so that cleaning is less painful, but do not forget to read the instructions before putting them on a hot wash. 

Some manufacturers prohibit washing at temperatures above 40 ° C to prevent damage to the plastic. If you do not have a dishwasher, be careful with the washing.

You will need my advice in terms of design, you probably know better. It’s worth mentioning that the simpler your appliance is, the less you will struggle with it. It must be easy to assemble and disassemble and pretty enough to adorn its kitchen with.

  • Accessories

Some robots have miniature drawers to hold accessories, others have a storage pocket. Be careful that your robot includes suction cups, they stabilize the device during its operation. These are details, but they are worth the effort of being mentioned.

Some food processors come with a lid that has a wider feeding tube so you can treat larger items, such as potatoes or cucumbers, without having to dry them prematurely.

  • Performance

Beware of design, it can get you into trouble and rip you off. The more its functions, the more power to provide to the engine of your robot is greater. 

In general, the performance of a multifunction robot is proportionally dependent on its power. It is between 300W and 1000W. In general, the higher it is, the more effective your device is.

  • Price

Depending on the accessories supplied, the functions requested, the power displayed and the prestige of the brand, the prices of multifunctional robots range between 40 and 800 euros.

A decent chopper should not cost more than $ 20, but you will find those that are more than double that price.

 Some robots cost more than 400$, while others of the same quality do not exceed 100 $. If you want a wider range of accessories, including extra cutting discs to make chips, cubes and other forms of vegetables, you can always get one for less than 100 $, but your robot will be able to -be more deafening and difficult to clean. 

If you have a budget of more than 100 $, you can opt for a model with better build quality, longer warranties, and a quieter engine.

Why a food processor and not a chopper?

The multifunction robotic designed to prepare fast, easy and hassle-free meals. It saves time for the owner by avoiding tasks that require a lot of effort and time.

 And then, you may have noticed yourself, the result is much more satisfying through a robot than through manual work. 

Multifunctional robots can be bulky, but there are also much smaller versions, known as choppers. To help you decide which device is right for you, a review of the advantages and disadvantages of both are presented below.

  • Multifunction robot :

If you’re looking for a multi-tasking tool that can help to slice, toasting, hashing and mixing ingredients.

Then a food processor will do the trick. Some have a blender as an extra piece if you like smoothies and veggie soups. 

Others have other devices like the whip. This is especially important if you want to make cakes, but you do not have space for a separate blender or kneader.

Advantages:  A multifunction robot brings together most kitchen preparation tasks in one machine.

Disadvantages: It tends to be more expensive than a chopper, and takes up more space on the kitchen worktop or in your closet.

  • choppers

If you only need to carry out small chopping tasks or mashing – grass, nuts or onions for example – a mini chopper could be the ideal device. 

A chopper is a smaller version, simpler and cheaper than multifunction robots. It occupies much less space as it is simple to use. On the other hand, there are few choppers that can whip a cream or make a dough.

Advantages:  Their prices are very affordable. The choppers are compact and simple to use.

Disadvantages:  They are less versatile than food processors.

Types of the multifunction robot

Multifunction robots are classified according to their functions in three types. To know :

Robot Mixer:

This device has the ultimate purpose of mixing and mixing ingredients. He performs very basic functions compared to his peers. 

He has been in our kitchen for a long time. Your grandmother may have used it to prepare the compote for her baby. 

It is for the cook what the comb is for the hairdresser. However, for some, the robot mixer is too limited to be satisfied. Nothing complicated, this robot includes two indispensable modules and some accessories according to the model of the robot.

  • A box Motor: This part turns the chopper knife at the controlled speed. On it are implanted some buttons to turn the device.
  • A Blender: This is the glass container where you mix the ingredients. Equipped with a lid, the robot mixer gives you the hand to add the items you have forgotten at any time through the feed hole. Some devices have a stick to manually sweep the food stuck to the walls of the blender.

Like the one in the image below, some robots include a third module made-all attached to the engine.

Robot Mixer

Best Robot Mixers Comparison Table

Pastry robots:

This one is my favorite. As soon as I offered one, I do not think too much before starting a pastry session. 

Although his role is sharp, he remains versatile overall. It is used to knead or leaf pasta sweet and salty of various textures. In addition to the standard chassis, the pastry robot has a set of peripherals:

Pastry robots
  • Bowl: Generally made of pyrex, stainless steel or glass. Its capacity differs according to the model ranging from one to seven liters. Some bowls are designed to be baked to save you the effort of pouring the dough into the pan.
  • The hook: This is the hero of the story, the baker chef of your kitchen. Thanks to its curved shape and the torque provided by the motor, this tool even processes heavy pasta recipes by peeling the ingredients and crushing the agglomerations of material in the mixture.
  • The Whip: Because the dough alone does not make the cake, the pastry robot offers you to work the foams also for a lighter content.
  • Leaf: This accessory is shown for delicate preparations. From now on, cookies, chocolate fondant, shortbread, and soft-texture icings … it’s a must-do.
  • And -Is to mention it- a spatula.
  • Robot cookers: This one is a hit in the home appliance sector lately. In addition to the functions of the mixer, the cooking robot is used to prepare hot dishes too: soups, stuffings, purees … Although it is composed of two main modules like his ilk, this robot is the most expensive of the list, the more complicated to use and the more intelligent. With its default modes, at the click of a button, the robot starts executing your order. Depending on the mode chosen, the cooking temperature is between 30 and 150 ° C.

Best Pastry Robots Comparison Table

The best multifunction robots of 2019

Designed to perform many tasks in the kitchen, the multifunction robot makes life easier. Useful for kneading, whipping, emulsifying or even heating.

The multifunctional robot adapts to all culinary preparations. How to choose the best multifunction robots of 2018? 

Do not hesitate to refer to the 5 models of a multifunction robot that we have selected in our comparison of the multifunction robot.

Recommended products

Kenwood FPM270 

Kenwood FPM270

Main advantage

This multifunctional robot offers a powerful power of 750W for slicing, chopping, mixing and performing all the small cooking tasks in a fast and clean way. In addition, you will not fail to find the accessory you need to use among those offered.

Main drawback

The discs and other accessories of this multifunctional robot are not delivered in cases. In order not to lose them or to damage them, they must be placed in a separate box.

Verdict: 9.7 / 10

It is with a certain ease that this model Kenwood FPM270 is raised in the tops of the multifunction robots.

Powerful, easy to use and with essential and useful accessories, this model of the multifunction robot is a real help for food preparation. Apart from a few boxes, you have to find to put some accessories, the product is of better quality.


A capacity of 2.1l

Capacity is one of the criteria to see when buying a multifunction robot. With the Kenwood FPM270 model.

You will not have to worry too much about the number of ingredients you absolutely need to prepare. Indeed, its mixing bowl is capable of receiving 2.1l ingredients. 

This capacity is very high, you can easily make your preparations for the medium or large family once without having to repeat the mixing, cutting or other actions.

In addition, the various accessories that accompany this multifunctional robot all have a large capacity. 

For example, the Blender used to make fruit juice or soup can prepare up to 1.2l. There is also the mini-kneader that is able to receive at least 500g of flour to knead.

A capacity of 2.1l

A great power

One of the strengths of this model is also its great power. With 750W on the counter, this machine is easy to chop, mix, grate, beat and knead your ingredients very quickly.

Two speeds are available on the device to better manage this power. The lower speed makes it possible to roughly chop ingredients or work on softer ingredients such as vegetables and flavored leaves. 

The second, higher speed makes it possible to activate the total power of the multifunction robot and chop finely and work on tougher ingredients such as pistachios or dough kneading.

Several accessories available

This Kenwood FPM270 multifunctional robot has several accessories that come with it. You will have the right to a Blender to mix and make milkshakes and smoothies, a citrus press for the preparation of your juices and lemonades, a mini chopper for meat and chopped vegetables, three discs of different thicknesses to chop finely, moderately and roughly, a spatula and even some stainless steel knives.

With this article, you are already ready to prepare your favorite dishes.

Philips HR7762 / 90 

Philips HR7762 / 90
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Are you looking for a real kitchen robot that will perform almost all the tasks for you? 

The Philips HR7762 / 90 is a food processor that will be useful in the realization of different culinary tasks: cut fries, chop meat or herbs, grate carrots, make soups …

The 2-speed settings and the power of 750 watts that feature this device will enhance its performance.

 Its Pulse function also allows you to chop or cut delicate foods without breaking them and all this very quickly because you can chop 5 portions of food at one time. 

This option is also useful for emulsification, when you have to mix eggs with cream, for example, or to obtain a homogeneous consistency when you have to incorporate flour during kneading.

In terms of use, the Philips HR7762 / 90 remains a very advantageous device, both in terms of storage of its accessories after use and the assembly or assembly of accessories that are simple.

If you want to know which is the best Philips multifunction robot on the market, choose the Philips HR7762 / 90 for its ease of use, its resistance (stainless discs and base both robust and stable).

Its power and especially its practical accessories which can provide up to 28 functions: kneading, mixing, emulsion …

Have you based your research on where to buy the best multifunction robot?

Do not necessarily look for expensive devices. Some robots at a lower price are of very good quality, like this Philips HR7762 / 90 for example.

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Pros :

  • Many accessories:

    It comes with a long list of accessories, all as effective as each other (adjustable slicing discs, chopper etc.). In all, the robot can provide more than 28 functions.

  • Easy handling:

    Cooking with the Philips HR7762 / 90 is a real pleasure, without a fuss. Color codes make it easy for you to make the right combination of speeds and accessories.

Cons :

  • Unclear note:

    According to user reviews, the manual of this device would not be very helpful. Nevertheless, this robot is one of the cheapest on the market, remains easy to use.

Continental Edison CERB100WB


With this ultramodern multifunction robot, choose the right accessories to make the recipes of your choice: raw vegetables, sauces, juices, pasta or pastries. 

Consisting of a pastry mixer, a meat grinder, a glass blender, and a pasta machine, this device allows you to prepare more easily your meals and to succeed original and tasty specialties.

It works with an electric power of 1000 W thus offering an unequaled performance, whether you use it for chopping, kneading, beating, mixing or emulsifying your ingredients or making pasta. 

It is strong enough and strong enough to support intensive preparations, but it is best to adopt it for occasional use to give it greater longevity.

Its large 5L bowl with an anti-projection lid allows you to safely make cakes or biscuits in large quantities as you wish. Its 1.5L blender gives you the opportunity to prepare delicious smoothies or natural juices in no time.

This combined robot is ready for use as soon as it is delivered, as it is supplied with 1 hook, 1 whisk, 1 mixer, 1 push stick, 4 dough dies, sausage accessories, cookie accessories, and 1 accessory rack.  

Finding the best multifunction robot is not always easy. We suggest this model Continental Edison CERB100WB which is full of practical features and complete accessories.

Pros :

  • Multi-purpose:

    This multifunctional robot is a 5 in 1 model since it can be used as a pasta machine, a blender, a mixer, a chopper or a bakery mixer.

  • Powerful:

    It is equipped with a motor of 1000 W so that you can prepare according to your rhythm and suit of the succulent specialties: sausages, pasta, smoothies, cakes etc.

  • Complete equipment and accessories:

    It comes with 1 bowl of 5 L, 1 blender of 1.5 L, 1 chopper, 4 pasta dies, 1 hook, 1 mixer, 1 whip, 1 pusher, accessories for cookies and sausage accessories.

Cons :

  • Noisy: This device is quieter according to the remarks of some users.
  • The absence of a cookbook: This product is complete but it lacks the cookbook.

H.Koenig KM68


The H.Koenig KM68, as its name suggests, is equipped with all the necessary functions to perform different culinary tasks. 

Thanks to its various accessories, chop the meat, beat the eggs or whip the cream will be a great simplicity. 

In addition to the whip, beater, hook, and chopper, this robot includes a stuffing tip that allows you to make sausages and other stuffed preparations.

With this 1000-watt multifunctional robot, even the least talented pastry chef will be able to feast: he has a “cookies” kit to easily prepare cupcakes. 

In addition, thanks to its “pasta” kit, you can make your own pasta according to the type of preparation desired. 

The H.Koenig KM68 is also equipped with a graduated blender, which is a great addition to mill soups and make smoothies or delicious milkshakes for any family.

Its large stainless steel bowl is also an advantage: with a capacity of 5L, it is suitable for cooks and bakers who need a robot of great capacity.

 To benefit from well-secured preparations, this robot is equipped with an anti-splash cover. This avoids the risk of having the contents of your bowl sprayed during the robot’s operation. The lid also gives you the opportunity to cook neatly, without messing up your worktop.

H.Koenig KM68 is at the top of the ranking of the best multifunction robots of the moment. This title, he holds it mainly thanks to its power, the multiple accessories delivered with the robot and its easy handling.

Pros :

  • Effective:

    With a maximum power of 1000 W, 6 speeds, a 5-liter stainless steel bowl, and a graduated blender. This model is ready to help you make lots of delicious recipes without showing any sign of weakness. In the price range at which it is sold, the KM68 is probably the most powerful multifunctional robot.

  • Ingenious system:

    By opting for a swivel upper arm, H.Koenig, which is one of the best brands of multifunctional robots, has found the solution to provide easy access to the blender.

  • Easy control:

    The control of the robot has been extensively studied in order to easily adapt to the many possible functions. For this, the device has been equipped with a command control 6 positions + “pulse” clearly visible and a facility disconcerting to use.

  • Multiple accessories:

    With this multifunction robot, you will be able to make recipes of all kinds thanks to the many accessories provided with the robot: a whip, a drummer, a chopper, a stuffing tip to make sausages, a pasta hook and a kit “pasta” and finally a kit “cookies”.

Cons :

  • Noisy :

    Because of its great power, the robot turns out to be quite noisy. But the noise does not detract from the pleasure of cooking with the KM68.

Moulinex QA403G01


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Functioning as a true robot to do everything, the Moulinex QA403G01 is suitable for the needs of pastry professionals.

Its high power of 900 watts is ideal for quickly making your preparations. Thanks to its kneader and mixer, this kitchen appliance will easily make your bread dough and cake dough.

This pastry robot also has a very powerful whip to firmly mount the eggs in the snow.

Apart from its pastry kit, the Moulinex QA403G01 can be used for other purposes. His blender will be your ally to concoct tasty milkshakes and refreshing cocktails.

Another kit completes the confectioner’s robot: a shredding/slicing kit to make beautiful salads or slice faster.

Another advantage of Moulinex QA403G01: the practical side of this multifunctional robot.

It is indeed a device that allows you secure use thanks to its 6 speeds adjustable according to your needs. Added to this are its safety cover and anti-slip suction feet.

For beginners in cooking and baking, this Moulinex QA403G01 remains the best multifunction pastry robot cheap since it includes a book of 40 gourmet recipes very simple to achieve with the accessories of the robot.

Finally, the aesthetic side, this model is easily distinguished by its red color that will bring a decorative touch to your kitchen.

If you do not know which multifunction robot to choose, you can rely on user experiences and feedback to help you make a decision.

The Moulinex QA403G01 has received many positive feedbacks. It is particularly appreciated for its power and for the quality of its accessories.

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Pros :

  • Performing:

    With a power of 900 W and a global movement, you will easily achieve all kinds of recipes with results worthy of a professional.

  • Pastry kit:

    The pastry kit is very robust and qualitative. You can make both heavy pasta (bread) and light thanks to the use of a mixer and a mixer in cast aluminum.

  • Design:

    No doubt, the Moulinex QA403G01 will stand out in your kitchen. With its ruby red color, this multifunction robot will surely bring a touch of pep to the decor of your kitchen.

Cons :

  • Lack of stability:

    Some tests of users revealed that there would be a slight game at the top of the robot, causing a lack of stability of the device when it is turned on.

Philips HR7776 / 90 

Philips HR7776
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Do you want to own the best multifunctional robot? Discover the Philips HR7776 / 90, a kitchen robot that works with a power of 1000 watts and a capacity of 3.4 L.

As a real food processor, it performs all the desired tasks thanks to its stainless steel discs which allow chopping, emulsify, beat, crumble …

It is also perfect for preparing baby purees or refreshing juices thanks to its juicer. With its emulsion function, do not tire your hands: the robot will do your own mayonnaise.

It is a perfect pastry robot thanks to its metal kneading hook that will meet the needs of pastry chefs who must constantly knead large quantities of dough.

Its double whip will be used to beat the eggs, to whip them up or to whip and emulsify liquid preparations, making it very practical in the creation of creams and sparkling desserts.

In addition to its double whip, this robot has a “special smoothie” function. Thanks to the robot’s automatic program, you will have no trouble serving your guests, soups in the winter and smoothies in the summer.

In addition, simply put the accessories in the dishwasher after each use so that they are clean again.

The Philips HR7776 / 90 is one of those multifunctional robots highly appreciated by the public. The reason for this craze? It is a reliable device, powerful (1000 W), and very easy to maintain.

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Pros :
  • Powerful and versatile:

    You’ll be able to easily make your recipes with the powerful 1000W motor of this model, with its 3 automatic knobs and new metal kneading hook. You can knead your pasta, make mayonnaise, make smoothies or soups … The HR7776 / 90 offers you the choice.

  • Easy maintenance:

    You’re not a fan of the laborious dinner after dinner? Do not worry, the accessories of this multifunction robot can all be cleaned in the dishwasher.

Cons :
  • Bulky:

    If we compare the HR7776 / 90 to other multifunctional robots, we see that it is rather imposing, and therefore cumbersome. It will take enough room to install in your kitchen.

Simeo – QC350

Simeo - QC350

The cooking robot is one of the innovative products of recent years. If you want a multifunction robot that has a cooking option at the same time, opt for the Simeo-qc350.

Ultra-practical, this cooking robot is not only responsible for mixing and preparing the ingredients, but also for cooking. It allows you to cook directly your preparations in its stainless steel container.

Depending on your needs, the Simeo-qc350 offers you different cooking options: boil, steam, simmer, grab …

For a successful recipe, the robot is equipped with an LCD screen that displays the cooking time, temperature or still the cooking speed for each preparation.

These many functions make this robot the best multifunctional cooker. By the way, if you do not know yet which multifunctional heating robot to buy, consider choosing this Simeo-qc350.

Indeed, this model includes 2 steam trays, a knife, and a spatula to mix your preparations, not to mention the propeller and the cooking basket that will have the effect of simplifying its use.

If you’re not a kitchen pro, take advantage of the cookbook provided with the Simeo-qc350 to get started.

On the maintenance side, it will not involve you much time since all its accessories are dishwasher safe.

Are you looking for a high-performance multifunctional robot to achieve maximum recipes?

The Simeo – qc350 should in this case interest you. It is an extremely powerful robot delivered with a well-supplied recipe book.

Pros :
  • Powerful:

    This is a power monster with its 1500 W. In the cooking mode, its power goes to 1000 W, and in mixing mode, it is 500 W. With the pulse temperature function, you can adjust the temperature accurately 40 at 130 ° C, convenient to make your recipes perfect.

  • Recipe book :

    The robot is delivered directly with a book of 200 recipes. You will be spoiled for choice of dishes to achieve and can make the most of the capabilities of this device.

Cons :
  • Price:

    This multifunction robot is certainly very powerful, but its selling price is a little higher, compared to the competition.

Kenwood FPM270


Cooking is not a pleasure for everyone, to help you like that, you have to get good equipment. A multifunctional robot may be able to make you appreciate the preparation of small dishes.

Kenwood FPM270 will make it easy for you with all the features it offers: grating cheese or carrots, chopping meat, slicing onions.

Beating eggs, making fruit juices and even kneading the dough. So many functions in one robot! To do all this work, it is equipped with a 750 Watts motor, 2 speeds, and a pulse key. It can adapt to all your preparations.

In addition, its engine is quiet, so you can make the surprise of preparing breakfast for everyone in the morning without disturbing those who are still sleeping.

The mess is a gold mine to make pancakes, pizza, and buns! Its 1.2-liter blender and juicer will allow you to make your own fresh fruit or vegetable juices. To ensure the stability of your robot while it is running, suction pads are already there.

Giving you the opportunity to prepare dishes to infinity, this multifunction robot wins its place among the best of the moment. Many users also share this view.

Pros :
  • Multifunctionality:

    This robot can replace a multitude of utensils in your kitchen such as a juicer, small electric choppers or centrifuge. You will have more free space.

  • Power :

    Its power will allow you to do many things that you usually do by hand like cutting vegetables.

  • Accessories :

    A variety of accessories are provided with the robot for all your preparations.

Cons :
  • Storage:

    Small accessories such as discs do not have a storage box. We must, therefore, be careful not to misplace them.

  • Notice:

    The explanations on the instructions are insufficient, so you will need to do some additional research when needed.

What is a multifunctional robot?

Multifunctional robots are true allies in the kitchen, as their name explicitly indicates: they have the ability to perform several functions. Sometimes more expensive than simple cooking robots, they are a real investment over time. There are several kinds of multifunctional robots:

  • Robots mixers that can do many things as a mixer, simply but also according to the accessories delivered with mixing, raping, chopping, and sometimes even heat for some!
  • The pastry robots can prepare cakes, pasta-like bread dough or brioche with an excellent electric kneading. But also to mount whites in the snow, … Some of these robots are sold with accessories identical to robots mixers, they become even more complete and useful!
  • Latest categories of multifunction robots, cooking robots. They are often found in the form of blender or robot mixers, more rarely in the form of pastry robots. They have the same functionality as the latter with the ability to heat, a real plus if you like to make soups, sauces, purees, etc. You can even cook meat!

How does a multifunction robot work?

The multifunction robots are simple to use. First of all, read the manual carefully because some robots work differently than others especially in terms of speed and provision of accessories. It is not a question here of using a speed too high for an accessory which requires a soft use.

You should know that each part of the robot and each accessory is designed for a particular use and we do not recommend using it for your thing.

To use your robot properly, choose the accessories you need and place your ingredients before launching the robot or any of its programs. You should know that some robots have only one or two buttons settings, others are more complex but will allow you to do more things.

The advantages of the multifunction robot

With the ability to do everything, multifunctional robots offer a real advantage in your kitchen.

No need to have 3 or 4 different robots! You gain space, time and money in the long run. Multifunctional robots allow you to cook more easily and stop long, redundant tasks such as grating carrots, kneading bread dough, crushing mashed potatoes, and more.

With the purchase, they are robots a little more expensive than usual but which avoids you to buy 2 or 3 different robots to answer all your needs, do the calculation. Space saving and savings insured!

In addition, some brands offer accessories to add to your range much later, you can buy a robot pastry and a few months later add the accessory “centrifuge” for a few euros more.


The various tests that you have just had access have allowed us to find, according to us, which are the best cooking robots that exist on the market in 2018.

It is possible, however, that you have particular expectations, or that you are looking to compare a particular model that you have been recommended compared to other models on the market.

This is commendable, but in this case, know that it is essential that you have certain criteria in mind. We detail them here: it’s up to you to adapt them according to what you are looking for!


This question will inevitably arise if you have a large family. Standard size bowls are perfect for families of 4 (meaning by that, with children).

However, as long as you are 4 adults to consume from the food processor. In this case, the question of the capacity will necessarily arise; and you will have to choose the bowl accordingly.

Count at least one 2.5-liter bowl for a family of four, and more for larger families. If you need the largest possible capacity.

Know that there is the Kenwood cooker Km020, which has a good idea to display a capacity … 6.7L. Ideal for big appetites … and big families!


With the basic device, you can perform many tasks, but know that it is possible to have a much greater versatility for your robot.

In fact, whether you’re trying to beat with an electric mixer, have a chopper function, a juicer or specific blades, know that all these accessories do not come directly with the models.

So always think to compare to find the accessories that suit you, and that, above all, you will be useful during preparation. Indeed, the goal is not to find all the available accessories, but the ones you will need!


As you will have noticed in our 2018 comparison of multifunctional robots, the number of speed was a determining factor.

It is, therefore, a criterion that you must also consider when you want to buy the best multifunction robot.

Most models come with more speed, but do not hesitate to go into detail to see what the different speeds.

This will indeed be essential for making various preparations and have a more versatile use of his kitchen robot.

More anecdotally, be aware that some devices embark the “Pulse” function, which allows your robot to give a turbo boost to bring the finishing touches to some of your preparations. A detail, certainly, but that can make the difference!


The motive power corresponds to the displayed power of the motor, which varies, according to the models, between 400 Watts and 1000 Watts.

Be aware that engine power is essential, especially for those looking for a fast multi-function robot.

Indeed, not only will this condition the time it takes for the device to mix all the ingredients, but it will also indicate which foods can be mixed …

And which can not! Indeed, a walnut – solid and particularly resistant ingredient par excellence – will require more than 700 Watts to be crushed and mixed. Remember to consider this idea when you purchase the best multifunction robot.


Although there are all kinds, multifunctional robots are still, in general, an investment. Since your device will have to provide strong mechanical efforts, it is best that you invest in quality equipment, that is to say, a device that can hold over time.

Nevertheless, it is not always easy to guess the reliability of a device. To do this, do not hesitate to consult the opinions and tests that indicate which kitchen robot to choose: those who have the product for a while can tell you about the shelf life.

In the same way, you can always rely on trusted brands, such as Moulinex, Bosch or Kenwood, who have already proven that they have real expertise.

Note that if you want to improve the life of your product, it is better to carry out regular maintenance.

To do this, it is advisable to disassemble the parts in order to perform effective cleaning. Remember to learn about product maintenance facilities (including reading customer reviews) to get an idea.


Depending on the device you buy, you will not necessarily need the same space to store it. In this case.

It is welcome that you first consider your storage space before buying your multifunction robot. In the same way.

Think about the different accessories that can be included in the kitchen robot directly, because you will also need to find storage space for them, and preferably, next to the multifunction robot itself.

The main brands of multifunctional robots

The multifunction robot does almost everything in the kitchen. It chops, slice, slice, in short, greatly helps in the preparation of the different ingredients of your dishes.

Moreover, the models released lately do not stop improving and to concentrate different technologies aiming at facilitating the everyday life of each and everyone.

And to accelerate still and always the work carried out at the home of everybody, as in the biggest restaurants.



For more than 80 years, Moulinex has been one of the most loyal and successful partners in the kitchen. Plunge blenders, blenders, multifunctional robots, each device minimizes the chores of the woman in this room, as expressed by its founder, Jean Mantelet, for an even better rendering.

If the number of accessories delivered determined the performance of a multifunction robot a few years ago. The QA403G01 totally contradicts this statement.

Although mainly intended for baking, using the device you can mount snow whites, prepare mousse, and all kinds of cake and bread dough.



Kitchenaid has earned a reputation for iron in the world of cuisine and gastronomy through its collection of innovative appliances lightening the work of preparation and cooking more than 10 times more.

Meat grinders, plungers, juicers, that resounding success, which pushed him to venture into the field of the multifunction robot. And given its range, the brand has been successful in its bet.



Even though Kenwood has only been there for a little more than half a century. The brand has managed to make a whole group of fans and happy through its electric knives and juicers.

Its business has advanced so far, that the firm continues to consider expanding and diversifying its business by attacking, for example. The multifunction robot, a key part of the kitchen.

For a multifunctional robot, it can be said that Kenwood’s articles fulfill this role nicely with the range of accessories included in the package.

You not only have something to mince but also mix drinks, purees, chopping. In short, any preparation likely to happen in a kitchen.  Thanks to this brand, pastry lovers will also have a great time.



Decidedly, we find this giant of electronics everywhere, whether in the field of child care, audio-visual, care, and even cooking.

And speaking of cooking, he did not stop making coffeemakers and fryers without oil. Economic for the pleasure of amateurs and professionals of gastronomy. This monument continues its momentum with its range of multifunctional robots.

With these, preparing fries, soup, meatballs have never been so easy. Specimens will easily drop one level or slow down to meet your preparation needs and desired textures.

Changing grids to advance from one function to another, or maintain the device will not cause you any concern either.



If you visit a tool shop and do-it-yourself, you will surely come across Bosch among other big names likeEichell or Black & Decker in the saws of all kinds and laser rangefinders.

Today, you also risk falling heavily on the firm in the kitchen equipment shops since it has since launched into the multifunction robot.

Why buy your multifunctional robot on Amazon

Unless you want to touch your robot before buying it, an online purchase is probably the simplest, fastest and most economical way to buy your multifunctional robot.

Among the many online sales sites that exist, we particularly recommend using Amazon for your purchases. And the reasons are simple:

  • Amazon is a marketplace where you can find everything you need, if you have to buy a vacuum cleaner, a pack of kibble for shit and baby bottles for your baby, you can do it on one site, gain time and money insured! By the way, prices are generally lower on Amazon than on any other online store.
  • In addition to that, Amazon offers free shipping from € 25 order. No need to get out of your couch or run after work to buy a robot, Amazon delivers and you do not pay more, is not it nice? Always an advantage in Amazon delivery, if you have a premium account, then you can be delivered within 1 business day in 99% of cases.
  • And of course, the SAV! The Amazon SAV is certainly the best we know and have dealt with! Please note that your Amazon orders are guaranteed for 30 days, or 1 month, free of charge. By the way, if you have any problem with your order, you can directly contact the seller (if a third-party seller) or Amazon to get an answer quickly (by chat or email).

Frequently Asked Questions

How to use a multifunction robot?

To use a multifunction robot, you must first put it in a stable place. Depending on the preparation to be made, choose the right accessory then turn it on.

Be sure to also consult and set up the security systems of the device before turning it on. Be aware that a poorly closed lid may prevent your robot from working.

What can be done with a multifunction robot?

With a multifunction robot, you can mix, mix, chop, rap and slice different ingredients. Depending on the built-in features, some models can even beat eggs, prepare pasta and cook different foods.

How to maintain a multifunction robot?

For a longer life of your robot, it is advisable to clean it immediately after use, simply by using water and washing up liquid.

Especially if you just use citrus! For accessories with a very fine chimney, the use of a brush is recommended. To avoid scratching the accessories or the bowl of your robot, use a soft sponge and soak for a few minutes if your preparation has stuck on the edges.

Be careful never to put the motor unit in water, you can simply clean it with a soft and damp cloth.

What are the precautions for use?

Before you assemble or disassemble a part or accessory of your robot, make sure that it is completely switched off or unplugged.

Know that you must handle the discs and knives of your robot carefully, they are sharp and sharp, we advise you not to hold them by the blade but by their central plastic axis.

For optimal and safe use of your multifunction robot, we advise you never to exceed the recommended quantities and of course never to introduce your fingers in the various parts of the robot.

How to properly maintain your multifunctional robot?

It is recommended to clean your multifunction robot after each use. Maintenance is usually done with water and a sponge.

So just pass the different parts under the water to prevent food cling then spend a sponge and rinse.

For accounting records in the dishwasher, maintenance will be easier. Whichever model you choose, avoid immersing the engine block in the water.

Our advice to mount whites snow?

To make your snow whites successful, you must make sure that your robot’s tank is clean and dry.

Properly nest all the parts of your robot (choose the whisk and the tank) then pour the egg whites into the tank (the best is that they are at room temperature).

Start your robot by gradually increasing the speed and let it rotate until your whites are firm (turn the tank upside down, they should not fall).


We hope you now have an opinion on multifunction robots and that you have a clear idea of what you need. From there, it will be quite easy to find the device that suits you.

And you will see that it will take you only a short time to find it absolutely necessary!

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