Waterpik WP-100 vs WP-660 vs WP-670 vs WP-900 vs WP-950-for 2019

In the world of oral hygiene, there is the Waterpik brand of flossers for water. They have dominated the market with award-winning flossers that have incredible technology.

Water Flossers users are flossing, and many dentists recommend it for all their patients. While they recommend flossing, you will want to choose the one that fits your requirements.

That will be based on who is using the flosser. You will have to ask yourself questions about who will use the flosser. You should think if you also want a combination of flosser and toothbrush.

The color, style, attachments and storage space are all things you will need to find out before making your purchase.

We will help you make a decision by breaking down the options and making comparisons.

Waterpik WP-100 vs WP-660 vs WP-670 vs WP-900 vs WP-950: Which One Wins?

People love to floss. ” So much so that the trend has resumed and we are talking about the city. I have seen many brands launching Water Flossers recently. They speak loudly about features. But are they worth it? I intended to take a look.

All right, let’s stop the cat and present the decisive test. No, I’m not kidding. Let’s try Waterpik’s dental products. I intend to make a comparison “Waterpik WP-100 vs. WP-660 vs. WP-670 vs. WP-900 vs. WP-950”. Naturally, I will document what happened to me in brief reviews.

I will put everything in these magazines. Yes, the good, the bad, and even the ugly of these five products will be there. Users can examine the advantages and disadvantages of each flosser before pressing the “Buy” button. I will focus on a comparative analysis of how each of these elements works.

Before making a decision, measure the color options, the footprint, the extra features/attachments, and most importantly … the performance level of each.

WP-100 vs WP-660 vs WP-670 vs WP-900 vs WP-950 – Comparison Table

Reservoir90 sec
90 sec
90 sec
90 sec
90 sec
Pulse ModeNoYesYesNoNo
Counter/ ComboCounterCounterCounterComboCombo
Pressure Range 10 to 90 PSI 10 to 100 PSI 10 to 100 PSI 10 to 100 PSI 10 to 100 PSI
Check PriceCheck PriceCheck PriceCheck PriceCheck Price

Waterpik WP-100 vs WP-660 vs WP-670 vs WP-900 vs WP-950 Reviews

Before going into a battle between Waterpik WP-100 and WP-660, WP-670, WP-900, and WP-950, it is imperative that I use all the products (that I have). I think I owe my reader’s short individual reviews before undertaking a detailed comparison. So here they are:

Waterpik Ultra Water Flosser WP-100 Review


The WP-100 is one of the first water flossers manufactured by Waterpik. It comes with 2 classic tips that destroy the plate below the gum line.

With its 10 pressure settings, there is a power for everyone.

Even if you are a beginner in the entire flossing experience, you can start at a low speed.

The settings range from 10 PSI to 90 PSI. Along with the 2 classic tips, it comes with another 4.

There is a tip for all the members of the family and for each type of dental problem that you want to address.

It comes with the orthodontic tip, tip plate, pocket tip Pik and toothbrush tip. There is a covered area in the tank to store all the tips.

Dentists recommend that their patients brush and floss for approximately 2 minutes after meals, in the morning and at night. The string thread does not have the same kind of results as the water thread.

It is known to remove up to 99% of the plaque between the teeth and near the gum line. The Waterpik Water Flosser has more than 90 seconds of water capacity, which means that it will definitely comply with the dentist’s recommendation on how long to floss.

I would recommend the WP-100 for those who are new to flossing. It is ideal for a child’s bath and will set them on the road to good oral hygiene habits.

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  • The reservoir has more than 90 seconds of water, so it will not be necessary to fill it.
  • There are 10 pressure settings for custom dental floss.
  • Includes 6 tips for various dental concerns.


  • It can be quite strong for sensitive gums, even at a lower setting.

Waterpik Aquarius WP-660 Flosser Review


The WP-660 is “First in the category” with an Acceptance Seal awarded by the American Dental Association.

The ADA seal is the latest in oral hygiene awards.

The aquarium has 10 pressure settings. It also has the ability to stop the flow of water in the handle.

While flossing, you can control the water without splashing it everywhere.

The handle can also rotate, so you can access hard-to-reach areas, such as the back of the mouth. There is a timer in this thread to help you floss longer and get a cleaner mouth.

The pacemaker will keep you focused and make sure it reaches all parts of the mouth equally.

There are two modes of flossing, so you can floss and massage your gums. This improves circulation to the gums and makes them healthier. In two weeks, your gums will be healthier and you can really reverse the onset of gum disease.

The Aquarium comes with its own flosser tips. There is classic advice for each member of the family. It comes with three of them.

There is also the Plaque Finder, the Orthodontics, the Pik Pocket and the tip of the toothbrush. All can be easily stored in the storage area of ​​the water filter.

This is a recommended use for all members of your family. It is especially good for those who are plagued with the onset of gum problems.

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  • The Aquarium comes with 7 tips for your oral hygiene needs.
  • Its tip rotates 360 degrees.
  • There are a timer and a rhythm with this flosser.
  • An LED function indicator is included.
  • A water tank of more than 90 seconds is available for the use of complete dental floss.


  • Some found that this unit was very noisy in the quiet confines of their bathroom.

Waterpik Aquarius Designer Series WP-670 Review


The 670 designer series has beautiful satin chrome accents and are available in some colors.

There are an elegant black and beautiful blue. Purple, pink and teal can also attract everyone in the family.

It still has the same excellent features of the Aquarius 660, which includes pulse modulation to massage your gums.

It also has a floss mode for removing plaque. There is a one-minute timer to make sure you are using this for long enough to see all its benefits.

The 30-second stimulator is also a great feature that is included with this dental floss. It will ensure that the same amount of time passes on both sides of the mouth. There are 7 tips included with the WP-670.

Three classic tips are included so that everyone in the family can enjoy a clean mouth with this dental floss. There are more tips such as toothbrush, orthodontics, plate finder, and Pik pocket tip.

In terms of pressure settings and water capacity, the Aquarius WP-670 has a huge tank that can hold more than 90 seconds of water. The reservoir cover will also have more tips.

The settings include 10 pressure levels of 10 to 100 PSI. You can start with a low 10 PSI as a beginner and increase the pressure as you get used to the speed of the water.

I would recommend this to anyone who wants to coordinate and have fun with their aquatic thread. It’s great for teens who may be upset about having to wear orthotics. You can enjoy the fun colors of silk in your bathroom.

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  • Variety of beautiful colors for the 670.
  • More than 90 seconds of reservoir capacity.
  • There are 7 tips included with this flosser.
  • It has 10 pressure settings of 10 to 100 PSI for the accumulation of resistant plate.


  • The body and tray should be tight to ensure they do not drip. It requires care to ensure that it compiles properly.

Waterpik Complete Care WP-900 Review


If you are looking to improve your teeth and gums after a disappointing dental visit, this is a sonic toothbrush and flossing on a device. You’ll save on counter space as well as money.

When you have a device, you are also saving time. Once you have filled the reservoir for more than 90 seconds, it is easy to brush and floss quickly. The Sensonic toothbrush comes with two toothbrush heads, so you can share this with your partner.

There are a 2-minute timer and a 30-second stimulator to make sure you are brushing well. He will make sure that he is brushing for the required 30 seconds in each quadrant of his mouth.

The toothbrush has two speeds and is controlled by a button on the handle. You can also take it on the road with the travel case. In the flosser, you will find an incredible number of features.

There are 5 tips included with the water thread. Any type of oral care problem you have can be addressed with a tip of dental floss. There are 2 classic tips, a plate Spector, orthodontics, and pik pocket.

The floss handle has a pause button, so you can stop the flow of water without removing the thread from your mouth. The tip also rotates to reach the back of the mouth.

Next, to the reservoir, you can store additional tips and brush heads. The storage compartment actually keeps the tips hygienic and dust-free. This is important to have a system of oral health care.

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  • Large tank for more than 90 seconds of cleaning.
  • 2 in 1 oral care system with dental floss and toothbrush.
  • Includes 5 flosser tips and 2 toothbrush heads.


  • The toothbrush has only two configurations; low and high There is no happy medium for the toothbrush part.

Waterpik WP-950 Complete Care Review


When you have a combination of a sonic toothbrush and water cleanser, you are definitely taking your oral health seriously. You can remove more plate with a thread of water than with a rope.

A sonic toothbrush will leave you with a cleaner mouth compared to manual brushing. The company is confident of its superiority over other flossers and toothbrushes.

They provide a refund to anyone who does not see a clear improvement in just 14 days. Included with the thread are 5 tips. There are 2 classic tips, an orthodontic tip, pocket Pik and plate finder.

There are also 4 brush heads included for the sonic toothbrush. It comes with 2 compact brush heads for hard to reach areas of the mouth. These brush heads are also perfect for a child’s mouth.

There are also 2 standard brush heads. Between the tips and the brush heads, there is a sanitary option for everyone in the family. The reservoir is large enough to provide 90 seconds of floss before or after brushing with the sonic toothbrush.

There are 10 pressure settings, as well as buttons on the handles for custom configurations. The thread has water control right on the handle.

The toothbrush has 2 speeds that can be changed directly from the handle itself. This is a beautiful sonic toothbrush and flosser system that will look great on your counter.

It has details in chrome and comes in white or black. This floss and toothbrush is recommended for the whole family. It has a lot of tips and brushes for everyone.

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  • Complete oral care system with toothbrush and flosser.
  • It comes in 2 styles with chrome accents.
  • Remove plaque and bacteria between the teeth and below the gum line.
  • The space-saving unit replaces flosser and toothbrush.
  • It only needs an exit.
  • It comes with tips and brushes heads.


  • There is a small space between the handle and the head of the brush that is supposed to be there. It can be confusing for new owners.

Waterpik WP-100 vs WP-660 vs WP-670 vs WP-900 vs WP-950 – Detailed Comparison

Ready for the big battle of flossing systems? I guess you are! Without further ado, let’s get to the heart of the matter. Let’s compare all these models against each other and see which one comes first.

WP-100 vs WP-660 – Which One of the Two Wins?


First, let’s discuss the great things about the WP-100. It is an older model that has a reasonable price.

This makes him an excellent initiator for anyone who needs to improve his oral hygiene game.

If you have had a bad visit to the dentist, this is a good way to eliminate all plaque and debris that cause problems. It will prevent you from spending a lot of money on visits and dental procedures.

The WP-660 is one of the best water flossers made by Waterpik. It is a flosser accepted by the ADA that was the first to receive that honor by the American Dental Association.

There are 10 pressure settings that will deliver 90 seconds of water thread. Waterpik WP-100 vs WP-660 There is a lot to love with these two water flossers. But the WP-660 has some things more in its favor than the WP-100.

Both deliver 90 seconds of dental floss with their large reservoirs. Each reservoir has a cover that will keep the sanitary water inside. There is also a storage space to hold the tips when they are not in use.

The Aquarius 660 has a tip of water thread more than 100. Instead of just 2 Classic tips, there are 3 Classic tips with the 660. It can be used as an additional replacement tip or it can be used by another member of your family.

The WP-100 delivers 10 to 90 PSI based on the 10 available power settings. The WP-660 delivers 10 to 100 PSI. That’s more power for the same amount of adjustments. That does not necessarily make the 660 a better flosser.

It will depend on the amount of energy you can take in your flosser. Beginners and those with sensitive teeth may not want so much power at all.

The WP-660 has a Hydro-Pulse massage mode, as well as LED indicators. The massage mode increases circulation in a person’s gums. This can alleviate all kinds of problems such as gingivitis and gum sensitivity.

The WP-100 does not have a massage mode. You will have to decide for yourself which is the best option for users between 100 and 660. It will depend on your budget, sensitivity needs, and massage requirements.

WP-660 vs WP-670-Who’ll win the Neck and Neck Battle?


There are subtle differences between 660 and 670. Both are excellent flossers with features that will give you an incredibly clean mouth.

The pressure settings will ensure that you can choose the water pressure that works according to your gums and teeth. Some people are more sensitive than others.

You can start with a lower setting until your mouth gets used to the higher pressures. It will give all family members the opportunity to choose their own custom settings. Both range from 10 to 100 PSI.

Waterpik WP-660 vs WP-670 The water tanks for each wire model are considered the medium size. They contain more than 90 seconds of water. This is an important statistic because it is time you can floss before you have to refill the reservoir.

Dentists recommend at least 90 seconds of flossing after meals and before bedtime. The WP-660 and WP-670 have floss and massage modes. You can switch between dental floss and massage, as well as pressure modes to have a truly personalized experience with dental floss.

There is a pause button on the handle that will allow you to stop the flow of water while making adjustments, too. Both flossers have an impressive deposit capacity and 10 pressure settings.

The two also have a timer and a pacemaker. The timer will make sure that you are spending the recommended amount of time with your floss routine. The pacemaker will take the time to make sure you spend 30 seconds in each area of ​​the mouth.

You will get 7 tips for dental floss with each model. There will be 3 Classic Jet Tips, a toothbrush, a plaque finder, orthodontics, and a Pik Pocket tip. Each of these tips is held in a storage portion attached to the reservoir.

The WP-670 has an additional storage case that is not connected, too. Another difference between 660 and 670 is cosmetics. The 670 is available in more colors.

While the 660 comes in white, black and blue, the 670 has pink and teal available as options. If you’re trying to make oral hygiene more fun, pink or teal is a good choice.

WP-900 vs WP-950-Comparing the High-End Flossers


The last two comparisons that we will review are the WP-900 and the WP-950.

These water flossers come with sonic flossers and toothbrushes. They are at the upper end of the spectrum when it comes to prices.

This is understandable since they are a 2 in 1 product that provides more features and benefits. The Sensonic comes with the flosser. It is a sonic toothbrush that alleviates the need to have two devices on the counter of your bathroom.

The WP-900 comes with 2 additional brush heads, while the WP-950 comes with 4 extras. If you have a whole family that will share this device, the additional brush heads will be useful.

The heads can be stored next to the large reservoir. Waterpik WP-900 vs WP-950 The WP-900 comes with 2 Classic Jet, 1 Plaque Finder, an Orthodontic and a Pik Pocket Tip.

It also comes with a standard brush head and a compact brush head. The standard is for normal cleaning, while the compact head is for precision brushing. The WP-950 has the same amount of floss tips, but there are two additional brush heads.

There are 2 standard and 2 compact headers included. Each reservoir has a capacity for 90 seconds of flossing. That is the amount of time recommended by the dentist that a person should floss.

It will remove more plaque and food below the gum line, as well as between the teeth. The 950 claims to have a design that saves space compared to what is available in the 900. It is smaller and lighter with the same amount of reservoir space.

It has 2.45 pounds compared to 3.2 pounds out of 900. That makes it a thinner and lighter design. When it comes to differences, the 950 offers customers a portable storage case for attachments.

Both have a travel case for the toothbrush, but only the WP-950 allows you to store the tips out of the reservoir. There is also a Hydro-Pulse massage mode on the 950 that is not available on the WP-900.

You can massage your gums and increase circulation with the WP-950, which is an excellent feature if you have a problem with sensitive gums that are sore. The WP-950 is also a more elegant version of the sonic toothbrush. It has details in silver and thinner buttons.

So… Which One Should I Pick?

There is a secular saying that is close to my heart. That is, “the more honey you drink, the sweeter it becomes.” If you have money to pay, buying a WP-950 will be a great choice. It offers all the features and flexibility sought by users.

For people who are just getting to know the water flosser, using WP-100 is not dangerous. It’s way too expensive. In addition, you will have the basic features that each user describes in a dental floss system. There is even a variable pressure mechanism for people to benefit. For an entry-level product, seven tips of dental floss are a blessing.

Intermediate buyers can still use the WP-670. It’s always a better choice than WP-660. A separate storage case for the tips of the dental floss helps. In addition, for a few dollars more, you will have a choice between two additional color schemes. As I said, that may not mean much, but it does not want to floss a fun thing to do at the beginning and end of the day.

Final Thoughts

In general, the choices you make between the WP-100, the WP-660, the WP-670, the WP-900, and the WP-950 will depend on your personal needs. That can be determined by talking to your dentist.

When you start with the WP-100, beginners who are not sure about taking a trickle of water can get incredible benefits. The WP-950 is at the top of the spectrum and has some of the best features of Waterpik’s advanced technology.

If you are not a beginner in the world of flossers, it makes sense to get a sonic toothbrush and to flosser like the WP-950. There are incredible benefits and the best features available from the company.

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