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Best Waterpik Water Flosser 2019-For Healthy Gums and Healthy Smiles

Are you need Best Waterpik Water Flosser for your family. Let’s find out here …

The best Waterpik yarn is one that fits your needs and those of your family. If your dentist has advised you to be very careful with your oral hygiene, one of these units will help.

This is a complete list of the best that Waterpik has to offer. Waterpik has been awarded the coveted ADA Seal of Acceptance, which has not been granted to any other water use unit.

These reviews of Best Waterpik Water Flosser will cover all the characteristics of each unit, so you can choose the one that best suits your life. There are travel units, counter units, and children’s units.

A Comparison Table Of Waterpik Water Flosser Features


ModelSettingsFlossing CapacityTipsPrice
WP-660 Aquarius
(Editor’s Choice)
1090 Seconds7Check Price
WP-560 Cordless3454Check Price
Waterpik WP-90010905Check Price
WF-03 Freedom2303Check Price
WP-260 For Kids3602Check Price
Waterpik WP-100W10603Check Price
Waterpik WP-726903Check Price
Waterpik WF-0510454Check Price
Waterpik Sidekick5601Check Price
Waterpik Cordless Plus2306Check Price

The Top Ten Waterpik Water Flosser Reviews

Waterpik produces water flossers that you can use along with a traditional brush to make your teeth feel healthier. You can find many models of Waterpik flosser with various configurations and controls for your convenience.

Waterpik offers a wide range of water flosser options. These include countertops and wireless flossers among other options. Each model also comes with many convenient tip features, although you should compare each option to find out which one is right for you.

Waterpik WP-660 Aquarius

The first of the best models of Waterpik Water Flosser is the WP-660 aquarium. The flosser includes a simple mechanism and also includes several useful tips for your needs.


The control in the flosser base includes two configurations. You can use a basic configuration of dental floss to produce a stronger flow of water to clean the plate or a massage mode that uses gentle pulses of water to stimulate the gums and improve circulation.

The power handle on the flosser helps you turn on or off the flosser. A 10-way pressure knob is also included in the base to help you adjust the water’s power.

Seven tips are included with the flosser. The flosser base has enough storage space for all these tips. In addition to the three classic tips, you’ll also get a Pik Pocket tip to point to points below the gum line and a toothbrush tip that allows you to brush your teeth and floss at the same time.

The high capacity tank offers approximately 90 seconds of water capacity for its use. You must have enough water for your entire mouth with only one use.

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Great Positives

I found the different tips of this brush that worked well for me. In addition to three basic tips, I can also use a Plaque Finder tip for sturdy plate surfaces, a toothbrush tip, a thin Pik pocket tip and another for orthodontic use. I can clean any of these tips in a moment.

A one-minute timer is included in the base. The timer uses 30-second intervals to know how much time I’m spending with flossing. I like this function, since it helps me control my efforts with flossing.

The compact base in the thread does not take up much space. The water tank is also easy to fill and cover.

Important Concerns

The cord that goes from the flosser to the base is small. I think a slightly longer cable would have worked better to help me reach more points.

Waterpik WP-560 Cordless

A wireless water line will help you handle all your flossing needs no matter where you go. Wireless WP-560 is one of those options that will help with your cleaning needs while traveling. The flosser has a contoured body that is easy to grip and carry with any hand.


An internal battery turns on the flosser. The magnetic charger helps you charge the battery in a few hours.

After you start, you can fill the reservoir with water and start using wireless dental floss.

The reservoir has room for approximately 45 seconds of water for your cleaning needs.

The flosser has a waterproof body that you can use in the shower. The engine inside is very quiet and does not produce many vibrations as some electric toothbrushes could generate.

The flosser comes with two classic tips, plus a plate finder and orthodontic tips for special needs. You can screw and shrink the tip from the top to help you get the cleaning support and control you need.

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Great Positives

My favorite part of this cordless flosser is that I can place it in my hand and start working in a few moments. The curved body fits well and gives me a good grip that supports many angles and positions.

Even with that handle, the 360 ​​degree rotating tip makes my flossing efforts a little easier. I can put the tip in several positions to help me put the tip in the right places around my mouth.

I can also use three pressure settings in this flosser. The control function on the handle is useful for me, as it allows me to switch between low, medium and high settings. The handle also lets me know what configuration I’m using, not to mention the amount of power left in the battery.

Important Concerns

It takes a while for the water line battery to fully charge. I would like the flosser to start working a little faster and not consume too much battery power at the same time.

Waterpik WP-900

The WP-900 is a combination water thread that comes with a standard dental floss and an electric toothbrush. The two parts combine to provide a complete process for the care of your teeth and gums.

The flosser function uses a 90-second deposit and a one-button design. You can change between ten pressure settings on the flosser.

A 360-degree rotating tip also helps you point more points around your teeth. The five tips included with the game help you clean many surfaces in a few moments.

An additional electric toothbrush is included in this set. The toothbrush uses a two-speed configuration and comes with a timer and a two-minute pacemaker to help you check how long you’re brushing.

The rectangular brush head helps you point at many points around your teeth and gives you an easier time to clean your tips.

The two elements come with a single base that has a storage place for all your tips. You can use this for the flosser and brush tips alike. The water tank also comes with a completely secure lid.

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Great Positives

The simple control functions in this combination set are easy to review. I can distinguish between each of the ten pressure settings easily. In addition, the set is very sensitive to my controls. I can adjust the knob so that the brush produces the right level of pressure for my needs.

The 360-degree adjustable tip is also useful. I can use this to position the tip at an appropriate angle to help me reach more points around my teeth.

The base is also useful because it keeps all the parts together. The water tank is also easy to access and fill. The lid keeps a firm seal at all times, so I will have clean water every time I use this model.

Important Concerns

The electric toothbrush is quite weak and is not as effective. I think the toothbrush tip that Waterpik makes for its flossers would do a better job of cleaning teeth.

Waterpik Cordless Freedom WF-03

You will not fight to try to get the flosser WF-03 Freedom to work for your flossing needs. The WF-03 offers a unique design that features a slim deposit on the back.


The flosser Freedom offers a wireless body powered by three AA batteries. Batteries can last between one and two months with regular use before you have to replace them.

The lack of a load base makes it easier to carry the WF-03 with you wherever you go.

The 30-second deposit helps you get enough water for your daily flossing needs. You can open the reservoir with a slight closure that is on top of the floss. The waterproof floss body ensures that the configuration will remain protected even when adding water.

There are two pressure settings included in the WF-03 Freedom. You will turn the switch to the middle to reach the first and lightest setting. Then you can flip it up to access the second and more powerful configuration. The simple design of the flosser ensures that you get a good cleaning at all times.

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Great Positives

I like how I can open the tank and fill it in moments and then seal it again. Even better, the flosser is waterproof, so I will not have to worry about shorting the unit for all the contact with the water. I can also floss in the shower.

The power switch on the handle gives me a simple interface for its use. The slight curve around the top of the flosser also gives me a comfortable grip.

Flossing comes with two basic tips and an orthodontic tip. I can remove and clean all these tips in a moment. It is also easy for me to locate the angle of any of these tips so that I can reach more points while flossing.

Important Concerns

My only concern is that this model uses a lot of battery power. It is expensive to replace AA batteries every two months.

WP-260 Waterpik Water Flosser For Kids

Waterpik’s flossers are not just for adults, as the WP-260 shows. The flosser comes with a bright body that children will enjoy using.

The design uses three pressure settings that are safe for children. The pressure levels are lower than what would be obtained with a traditional Waterpik flosser.


A classic tip is included along with a separate orthodontic tip. The special orthodontic tip helps to move between braces and braces, among other orthodontic points that children can have. The narrow design can reach under the cables and floss in protected areas without risk of damage.

The configuration comes with a 60-second tank that has a bright green body. Your children can add stickers to the deposit to create a fun and personalized look that they will love. There are 20 stickers for boys and girls to decorate their flossers.

A tip ejection button also ensures that the tip will remain in the handle. The robust and safe design of the body means that there is a minimal risk of the top part falling out during flossing.

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Great Positives

I appreciate how Waterpik cares about the dental needs of children. I feel that this floss for children will help children learn all about the value of flossing to see how well a floss can work for their teeth and gums.

Lighter pressure settings are a great advantage for me. I appreciate that dental floss does not produce much stress on a child’s sensitive teeth. This is especially important when children have loose teeth that come out to make way for adult teeth.

The tips are also kept comfortable and easy to use for children. The orthodontic tip is very attractive, because it offers a slim design to work even in the most difficult to reach spaces that are covered by orthodontic materials.

Important Concerns

The short string in this thread is not so attractive. I think children should have a little more freedom with a cord so they can reach more spaces around the mouth.

Waterpik WP-100W White Ultra Water Flosser

You can consider the WP-100W if you want a basic option or if you are looking for your first Waterpik flosser. The WP-100W includes all the basic elements you need for your water wash needs.


The WP-100W uses ten pressure settings. The knob on the base allows you to adjust the pressure levels to give you additional control over the intensity of the water. The power switch on the base also helps the unit to work in a few moments.

A single button is included in the handle. The button has a quick response mechanism so that the water can come out in a few moments. You can also find a small locking feature on the top of the handle to secure the tip. The WP-100W includes some basic replacement tips so that you and others in the same household can use the unit.

The water tank includes approximately 60 seconds of water capacity for its basic use. The clear design in the tank helps you see how much water is left. The safety cap on the top will lock well and will not move.

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Great Positives

The comfortable handle of this flosser is my favorite part of this model. Flossing offers a good curve that fits on each hand to give me additional control over how well I can floss.

The cable that connects the tip of the floss to the reservoir is long enough to help me place the tip anywhere in my mouth. The 360 ​​degree rotation function also helps me get a good angle to clean every time I use this model.

The flosser does not take long to start. I can activate it and be ready to use in a few moments after operating the switch on its base. The design of the control also ensures that you can make the flosser work immediately and without delay.

Important Concerns

The design is a bit too basic for my taste. I would have liked to have more functions like different pulsating functions or a better variety of different tip options for my use.

Waterpik Classic Professional WP-72

Waterpik water flossers are so useful that others in your home will also be interested in using the flosser. This is where the WP-72 is useful. This model offers an extra large deposit so that many people can use the flosser.


The WP-72 comes with a large tank that can handle approximately 90 seconds of water according to regular use.

The reservoir space comes with enough space for many people who want to use the same unit. The deposit is easy to fill and secure with a lid as well.

The WP-72 also includes 3 classic tips for you and two other family members to use. Each tip is easy to clean in a moment. The base also has room for all these tips.

The handle comes with a grooved power switch. You can move the switch up and down to one of 6 pressure settings. Each configuration is easy to distinguish. The lighter options work well for sensitive teeth and gums. The flosser works well when you are trying to get your teeth removed in a few moments without problems.

Great Positives

The best part of this dental floss is that it allows the water to come out gently from the reservoir without causing much pressure. I can switch between pressure settings and, however, I do not feel too much tension in my teeth or gums when I use it.

I like how well the flosser offers a good body in the handle that is easy to grip. The power switch slots help me maintain a better grip. I can also keep my hand on the handle without accidentally switching between one pressure setting and another. The consistency of this flosser is positive for me, as it helps me maintain a good performance no matter how much time I spend using this model.

Important Concerns

The reservoir has a slightly opaque body. It’s hard for me to see how much water is left in the reservoir on occasion. Sometimes I run out of the water without knowing that the deposit is almost empty.

Waterpik Whitening Professional WF-05

The most interesting part of the WF-05 is that this Waterpik thread offers a two-part approach to cleaning your teeth. First, you can floss to clean your teeth and gums. Second, you can use the whitening tablets that come with your floss to help you keep your teeth looking their best.


The basic model of flosser uses four tips, which include orthodontic tips and plate search. The flosser comes with ten pressure settings.

You can switch between the thread and massage modes by pressing the corresponding button on the base of the floss. The massage option uses gentle pulses of water.

The whitening tablets that come with the flosser are optional, but they are recommended to help keep your teeth in good condition. You will get this to work by removing the tip and then adding a tablet in the opening of the flosser.

An infuser will apply water to the tablet to produce a bleaching agent that will work together with the water in its reservoir. With regular use, the bleaching agent will help you get the teeth with the best possible appearance.

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Great Positives

I found that the WF-05 is very easy to use. I can open the inside of the flosser and then add the tablet inside in a few seconds. The bleaching compound does not produce an uncomfortable taste in my mouth either. It took me a few weeks to notice the results, but I discovered that my teeth definitely looked better when I continued using this model.

The flossing pressure settings are easy to change in a few moments. I discovered that the flosser was very easy for me to start using it without worrying that the pressure was too intense or difficult to handle. The useful thread handle also helps me move well without worrying about losing control when flossing.

Important Concerns

It is not very easy to find replacement bleaching pills. Also, the flosser does not work as well if you do not use those tablets to keep your teeth bright.

Waterpik Sidekick Water Flosser

The Sidekick is designed for you to take with you when you travel. But there is more in this Waterpik flosser than just an attractive and thin body for its use. The design also comes with some useful parts that you can assemble in a few seconds.


The Sidekick comes with a compact body with an exceptional design for your convenience.

You can use the Sidekick by connecting the base to a wall outlet and then inserting the wire into the port on the side.

Then you will add water in the tank on the top and start flossing.

The basic tip on top of the flosser helps you to get the flosser to work around the narrowest and closest points of your mouth. You can make the flosser work in a few moments by using the small button on its handle.

A separate button on the base helps you start the floss and get the water out in a few moments. The design uses a unique pressure configuration that is adequate enough for most needs.

Great Positives

The small body of the Sidekick is my favorite part of this flosser. The small design can fit into a compact travel bag to help me transport the floss wherever I go. I can also add the Sidekick to any surface of the sink and it will stay in place. This is very convenient for when I travel and the bathroom in my hotel is not that big or has enough sink.

The flexible cable in the handle connects well with the base. Even with the cable so long, I had no problem keeping that cable under control. The cable does not bend or twist too much, which facilitates the storage of that design.

Important Concerns

The deposit does not come with a lid. I understand that this model is for compact use or travel, but a cover would have been good to keep that place protected.

Waterpik Waterflosser Cordless Plus

The last of the comments of Waterpik flosser to watch entails the Waterpik Cordless Plus. The flosser uses a convenient portable body that is easy to set up and use for all your flossing needs.


The portable handle presents a smooth and contoured body. The design includes a small deposit highlighted at the bottom. The reservoir handles approximately seven ounces of water at a time and will provide approximately 30 seconds of water when filled.

The reservoir is easy to open and refill, while the waterproof floss body ensures that the unit will not be difficult to load or refill as needed.

Three tips are included in this flosser. You can use not only the tip of the Plaque Finder but also a tongue-cleaning tip to help you get rid of bothersome germs that can cause bad breath.

The Cordless Plus uses two pressure settings. You can adjust them with the small lever below the ignition switch. The flosser will not produce many vibrations or be difficult to transport no matter what pressure setting you use.

Great Positives

I like how the small body of Cordless Plus gives me the additional control I demand over the process of flossing. The thin design is useful, but the contoured immersion in the middle part gives me even more control. I love how well the model gives me a comfortable feeling every time I use it.

The rechargeable battery function works well to help me turn on the flosser. The battery charging unit works quite well and has a compact body that makes it easy to charge the battery in a moment. In addition, the battery does not overheat while charging, thus ensuring that the unit will continue to operate.

The tongue cleaner was also easy to use. I love how the cleaner has a good size body that adapts quite well to my tongue.

Important Concerns

It’s really hard for me to try to find out how long the battery will last. It can handle the entire reservoir when it is full to the end, but it is difficult to have a complete idea of ​​what to expect.

Types of Waterpik Water Flosser


A basic Waterpik water thread plug will come with a base that plugs into a power outlet. The thread will include a reservoir to which you would add water. The flosser unit will be connected to the tank via a cable.

Then, I would adjust the pressure setting on the base or handle and then activate the handle to deliver water. This is the most common type of Waterpik flosser you can find.


A wireless flosser comes with a small handpiece. I would load the water into a reservoir located at the back end of the floss. You should also charge the battery in the flosser before using it. You can find some wireless flossers with charging stations or that work with replaceable batteries. A wireless model is smaller in size and does not have as many pressure settings on average.


A combined design includes both a Waterpik water thread and an electric toothbrush. The two pieces will go on the same base. You can use the toothbrush at the beginning to clean your teeth. And then you can floss to get through the difficult areas around your mouth. The two pieces should be used together to get the best results when looking to make your teeth look and feel better.

What Makes Waterpik the Top Choice For Water Flossing Needs?

Many Water Pressure Settings

You can adjust the water pressure level of your Waterpik water line to your liking. Many flosser models come with up to ten pressure settings. It can produce enough pressure to get around some of the most difficult spaces to clean in the mouth. The lightest adjustments are ideal for when you have done a dental job or if you have sensitive teeth.

Plenty of Water

You can get more than enough water to work for your flossing needs at a time when you use a Waterpik thread. The reservoir in your flosser game will include enough space for a few ounces of water. You can make a flosser work for at least 30 seconds of time or more, depending on the amount of water in the reservoir and the pressure setting you are using. This should be enough for all your flossing demands.

Various Tip Choices

Waterpik makes your flossers compatible with a variety of tips. You can find tips for the basic use of dental floss, tips for getting around orthodontic work and options for your gums. Waterpik even makes a tip that cleans your tongue. Each tip will absorb water and will administer it to your target area at times, which will give you a sense of comfort every time you use it.

Timer Points

Waterpik flossers offer timers that identify how well you’re flossing. A timer can work up to 60 seconds and will notify you when you are halfway through that time. The timer lets you know how long you’re flossing and encourages you to take care of your upper and lower teeth and gums for 30 seconds each, which gives you a complete cleaning at all times.

Easy to Remove Tips

You can remove and replace the tips of your Waterpik flosser in a moment. This is convenient for when you need to switch between the modes of flossing. The configuration is also perfect when you have several family members who want to use the same flosser unit. The flexible design ensures that everyone can get good dental floss without it being difficult to apply.

You Can Massage Yourself

It has the ability to massage your gums according to the Waterpik model you choose. The massage function produces a different water pulse pattern that applies water around the gums in a pulsating way. The design helps keep the gums updated, while ensuring that blood circulation can improve along the gums. The massage movement can also work with many pressure levels in mind.

Rotating Tips

The tip on top of your Waterpik flosser can be rotated as needed. You can move the angled tip next to your teeth to add additional coverage. To rotate the tip, go to the base of the tip and adjust its position. The small slots in the tip ensure that you can get an effective position in the floss to help you clean your teeth and gums in a moment

Useful Handle Setup

The control of the handle on the thread helps you maintain a good grip on the unit. Some buttons or knobs can also be found on the handle. This will allow you to control the pressure setting and shoot when you apply water through the floss. The ergonomic designs offered by Waterpik can work with either hand, which gives you more flexibility for brushing.

6 Waterpik Water Flosser Tips

Classic Jet Tip

The basic Classic Jet Tip uses a pointed body that allows water to flow with precision. The tip moves the water to different pressure settings and produces a uniform flow that goes to specific teeth or areas around the gums.

Orthodontic Tip

The orthodontic tip works for people who have orthotics or other forms of orthodontic work on their teeth. The slightly smaller tip can be tucked under the wires to remove plaque that could be difficult to reach when brushing. The tip can also move around the brackets easily.

Plaque Seeker Tip

A few small bristles are found at the tip end of the plate finder. These surround the main water port to help you focus on bacteria and plaque some of the hardest to reach the spaces in your teeth. The tip works best for those with bridges, crowns or implants.

Pik Pocket Tip

A narrow point is included in the top of the Pik pocket tip. The narrow flow of water produced works to clean stains below the rubber line. People with periodontal pockets or bifurcations will benefit most from this.

Tongue Cleaner

A tongue cleansing tip has a flat body that will scrape along its tongue while water is being delivered through the tip. The cleanser will remove the annoying particles on the tongue that cause you to develop bad breath.

Toothbrush Tip

The tip of the toothbrush uses a round head for the toothbrush that helps you brush and water the silk at once. The tip manages the water quickly and gives you a feeling of cleanliness every time you use the model.

9 Steps For Flossing With a Waterpik Water Flosser

The following steps are consistent for use with all the major Waterpik water flip models you can work with.

  1. Check the tip you will use for your flossing needs Always select the correct one based on what you are aiming for and how you will clean the surface.
  2. Add warm water to the tank. Never add hot water. Depending on the model, you will have to remove the lid from the top or open the side of the handle to add water to the tank.
  3. You can add a little mouthwash to the reservoir if you wish. Adding the mouthwash several times a week keeps the reservoir sterile.
  4. Clean the tip that you are going to use. You can use warm water to clean the surface. Hot water can cause the metal surface to wear out and could impact the fit.
  5. Apply the tip to the handle. You must be able to block the trip instead. Listen to the sound of a click to confirm when the flosser will start working.
  6. Apply the tip in your mouth. Keep it around the back teeth at the beginning. Do not let the tip touch the gums or the teeth directly.
  7. Turn on the floss and start spraying water on each tooth. Apply the water on the top of the tooth, then the base of the gum and finally the spaces between the teeth. Be sure to point each tooth in the process. In addition, you should keep the floss on each tooth for about two seconds.
  8. Be sure to spit the water occasionally while flossing. This is to eliminate the bacteria that are being degraded.
  9. Empty the tank when finished. This is to prevent the water from becoming rancid and causing the formation of new bacteria. A towel can be used to dry the body of the tank at this point.

The process to use the flosser should only take a few minutes. You can also spend approximately an entire minute cleaning your teeth. The built-in timer inside your flosser, if applicable, should inform you when to move to another part of the mouth or when you have finished flossing.

Conclusion-Best Waterpik Water Flosser

My choice for the best Waterpik thread is the WP-660 aquarium. The large reservoir and the best variety of dental floss tips make this a useful option that works well to remove difficult items that get stuck in your teeth. The ten pressure settings also help you keep the flosser working effortlessly and with different configurations based on what you need help cleaning.

Waterpik has so many different options that anyone can find a water thread that fits their needs. Water flossers are an effective way to floss and will always leave you with clean gums.

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