Best Water Flosser for Braces

Best Water Flosser for Braces 2019-Bracing up for the Inaccessible Spots

Detailed Best Water Flosser for Braces reviews, along with specs, comparisons, and guides to help you make the right choice. Let’s start…

Do you want cleaner devices? The plate construction develops around hard-to-reach places, such as between parentheses of keys. Traditional brushing and flossing are not enough.

Your mouth is the gateway to your general health, so keeping your gums healthy is essential.

There are seven top water flosser with unique qualities to consider. Each model has its own pros and cons. It is important to understand how to use a water thread efficiently and effectively.

There are many options to choose from, but it is important to choose a water thread that focuses on cleaning around the brakes to ensure healthy oral hygiene.

Water Flosser for Braces Comparison Table

Flosser ModelFlossing capacityPressure SettingsTipsPrice
Waterpik WP-660
Editor’s choice
90 sec107Check Price
Waterpik Cordless WP-56045 sec34Check Price
Waterpik Cordless Freedom
30 sec23Check Price
Gurin Cordless flosser30 sec32Check Price
Waterpik Ultra90 sec106Check Price
Waterpik Cordless WP-44045 sec24Check Price
Waterpik WP-26060 sec32Check Price

Best water flosser for braces reviews

Dental appliances improve your oral health and give you a nice smile.

In fact, 4 million people in the United States wear braces and 25% of these individuals are adults.

Not only do you need good dental braces to fit your teeth perfectly, but you also need excellent dental floss that works well with dental braces.

It is difficult to clean some braces. When chewing, your appliances can retain some particles and, sometimes, all of the pieces of food.

Most toothbrushes are not specially designed to clean under the appliances. Therefore, you need a dental floss to help you get the job done.

Choosing the wrong dental floss could lead to the growth of bacteria and dental problems inside the mouth. The correct dental floss will ensure that your teeth stay healthy while using braces.

What is the best water thread for the brakes?

In this review, I reveal 10. These five are the best water flossers you need for your brakes.

Waterpik Aquarius Water Flosser, WP-660

The Waterpik WP-660 Aquarius Water Flosser was awarded the Acceptance Seal of the American Dental Association (ADA). Provides an easy and more effective way to clean the brakes.

This water thread has ten pressure settings that allow you to personalize your dental floss experience. It comes with seven Waterpik thread tips (3 Classic Jet tips for general use, 1 toothbrush tip for manual brushing when water is watered, 1 Waterpik finder tip for removing plaque from dental work, 1 tip for orthodontics Waterpik for use with orthopedic appliances and orthodontics, and 1 pocket tip Pik for periodontal pockets). The reservoir has a capacity of 90 seconds of water.

The combination of the pressure of the dental water jet and the pulsations clean deeply between the teeth and below the gum line. Eliminates harmful bacteria and debris. Facilitates cleaning by massaging the gums with gentle pulsation.

Advanced cleaning between the teeth and under the gum allows for better oral hygiene compared to traditional brushing or flossing. It has a compact, contemporary design. This includes water on / off switches on the handle. It also has an easy pressure control and a push button with a convenient LED display mode. This water thread is at the forefront of advanced oral hygiene care with its one-minute timer and thirty-second stimulator to help users clean teeth, braces and gums thoroughly.

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My Impression

This aquatic thread is a leader in advances in oral hygiene technology. It is essential for good oral hygiene since it is more complete than the use of dental floss and traditional brushing.

This water thread offers several features that focus on those that use appliances and often trap food particles. It is able to obtain extremely clean teeth even around obstacles such as brakes.

The wide variety of tips facilitates the adaptation to your oral hygiene routine. Removal of debris and plates is easy to achieve with the Waterpik Aquarius Water Flosser.

This thread of water makes the healthiest gums, the cleanest appliances and the brightest teeth at your fingertips. It only takes a few minutes a day. What a great way to keep up with your oral hygiene and avoid tooth decay.

  • This thread of water allowed me to reach between the teeth even with the obstacle of the brakes.
  • My ability to control the pressure of the jet helped to eliminate the remains of my brakes.
  • The gentle vibrations not only cleaned my teeth and gums but also made the experience pleasant.
  • The various tips allowed me to customize my oral hygiene routine.
  • The orthodontic tip allowed me to really concentrate on removing the plate around my braces.
  • This water flosser is only compatible with outlets in North America. This makes it difficult to keep up with healthy oral hygiene if you travel out of the country.

Waterpik WP-560 Cordless Advanced Water Flosser

The Waterpik WP-560 Advanced Water Flosser received the ADA Acceptance Seal. In just a few minutes a day, you will have healthier gums, brighter teeth and orthopedic appliances without debris.

This water thread has three pressure settings to customize your oral hygiene routine. You can set the intensity of the pressure in low, medium or high to customize your experience.

It is compact, waterproof and without cable; Giving you the additional option of using it in the shower.

It has forty-five seconds of water capacity with an easy-to-fill reservoir. This water thread also includes 4 tips of dental floss (2 Classic, 1 Plaque Seeker, 1 Orthodontic) for a customized dental cleaning.

The orthodontic tip is three times more effective to remove the plaque around the braces. It has been clinically proven that Waterpik WP-560 Flosser is more effective than traditional flossing and brushing, which makes it perfect for anyone with orthopedic braces.

It has a rechargeable battery with a convenient LED battery indicator and with the quick magnetic charger, it is ready to use again in just four hours. This model also indicates when it is time to recharge the battery. It is also extra enough so that I can cleanse in peace.

The portable design makes it perfect for traveling. Includes a microfiber travel bag. This water thread offers the advantage of being compatible worldwide.

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My Impression

This water thread is very convenient and still provides a thorough cleaning. Being operated by batteries eliminates the inconvenience of a cable. It is useful to have the option to clean in the shower.

The rapid magnetic load accelerates the recharging process allowing short time between cleanings.

In addition, this model facilitates the cleaning of teeth anywhere because it is compatible worldwide.

It is ideal for orthopedic appliances because the orthodontic tip can reach between the supports and eliminate hidden waste. It allows you to focus on the areas of the teeth and not the obstacle to get around your braces.

It is more effective than flossing or brushing, as it can clean hard-to-reach places, such as the back of the mouth.

  • The water reservoir is easy to clean and refill.
  • It allows you to have more freedom with its waterproof design.
  • It saves you time by allowing you to clean your teeth in the shower.
  • The Orthodontic tip focuses on removing plaque around braces.
  • It is globally compatible.
  • The tips for this model don’t always stay in very well. After six months this product started to slow down.

Waterpik complete care water flosser WP-900

It’s a water flosser, just as capable as our number one choice, Aquarius.

Made by the same brand, it does not have the same features like the built-in timer and stimulator and is a little larger, but comes with an electric toothbrush.

Taking care of your oral health is not limited to flossing. When an electric toothbrush can remove 21% more plaque than a hand brush, it is worth taking into account.

The beauty of the WP-900 lies in its installation at a time and it only takes 1 socket in the bathroom, unlike the 2 takes you would need if you bought an electric toothbrush and a flosser to the water separately.


Unit mounted on a counter, the water-jet portion is not wireless and requires a power supply during use.

The electric toothbrush has a built-in rechargeable battery.

Sonicare and Oral-B offer better electric toothbrushes, but with a built-in simulator and 2-minute timer, auto power off and a carrying case for the times you need it.

The 23 ounces (700 ml) water tank provides more than 90 seconds of use and contains 5 different tips, including an orthodontic tip.

A compartment on the unit also stores these tips.

10 different pressure settings are available, controlled by a rotary dial, you can get the ideal pressure for you and your teeth.

A neat, powerful, efficient solution offering good value for money.

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  • All in one solution
  • Large water reservoir
  • 5 different tips included
  • 10 different pressure settings
  • Electric toothbrush included
  • Built-in timer and pacer with a toothbrush
  • Toothbrush travel case
  • Not the best electric toothbrush
  • Larger unit

Waterpik Cordless Freedom Water Flosser

The Freedom Water Flosser, WF-03 makes flossing more efficient and cost-effective. The portable design makes it a valuable addition to your oral hygiene routine.

This water flosser has superior oral irrigation technology. There are two pressure settings. The settings combined with gentle pulsations deep clean between the teeth and under the gum.

This unique combination of waterjet and pulsation pressure allows for better cleaning than traditional brushing or flossing. These traditional forms of hygiene care can not clean hard-to-reach areas. This water flosser removes debris from corsets and protects against harmful bacteria.

It also includes three tips of dental floss (2 tips of conventional jets, 1 orthodontic mouthpiece). The use of the orthodontic tip makes cleaning around orthotics more efficient. It is three times more effective at removing dental plaque around dental appliances than flossing. It only takes a minute a day to achieve optimal cleaning.

Its portable design makes it easy for traveling. This water flosser runs on battery, which gives a bonus: no need to plug. It is also waterproof and can be used anywhere, including in the shower. It is a battery-saving. Daily use still allows one to two months before battery replacement.

My Impression

This water spinner is extremely efficient. This product is useful when cleaning dental appliances, even with fewer options.

It’s a no-nonsense task but still offers comfort and ease. Its irrigation technology allows deep cleaning even around braces.

The combination of jet pressure and pulsation provides comfort around swollen gums. This is especially important for those who wear suspenders and already have uncomfortable swelling and irritation. It can reach the gumline for deeper cleansing and leaves no debris.

This water flosser is extremely efficient and saves time and money. It uses very little energy, so battery replacement is a monthly, not a weekly cost.

  • This water flosser is battery operated, no outlets or charging needed.
  • It is waterproof for use in the shower.
  • It’s compact, so it didn’t take up a lot of room on my bathroom shelf.
  • It removed even the smallest particles from my braces and gave me a very clean feeling.
  • It was more powerful when cleaning around my braces related to traditional flossing which always left debris behind.
  • Even on the great setting, the flosser was gentle enough not to cause swelling or irritation.
  • It was difficult to reach my lower back teeth.
  • Mold developed in the tube and on the bottom of the reservoir.

Gurin Professional Rechargeable Oral Irrigator Water Flosser with High Capacity Water Tank

It has been clinically proven that the use of the Gurin professional water flosser is up to five times more effective than traditional flossing. It is effective and superior for splints.

This flosser includes a lightweight and waterproof design. It has a rechargeable lithium-ion battery for years of continuous use. Gurin Flosser will fully charge during the night and last for weeks of continuous use.

It provides deep cleansing in less than half the time compared to traditional dental floss. The irrigator system is a powerful water jet that helps remove deep debris between teeth. It reduces the risk of bacteria building up in crevices and under the gum line. Irrigation is ideal for hard-to-reach places, especially for people with dental appliances.

The Gurin Flosser is five times more effective than traditional flossing and remains gentle on the gums and teeth. Its irrigation system is less abrasive than traditional dental floss. This water flosser has powerful jets of water directed to dislodge the food and the plate. It also includes three convenient settings and two interchangeable jet nozzles. It is lightweight, offers practical design and very fine tips allowing it to easily reach all corners of the mouth.

This water flosser is superior for braces. The Gurin Flosser is ideal for splints because it has 360-degree rotating tips that can reach places that can not be achieved with traditional flossing. The result is a more thorough cleaning in half the time. This water flosser is three times more effective at cleaning areas around braces than flossing.

This flosser is loaded globally. You can take it with you when traveling abroad. The Gurin Water Flosser is FDA approved and comes with an easy-to-fill water tank.

My Impression

This water flosser is practical and is mainly aimed at improving the oral hygiene of people who wear a dental appliance.

It is user-friendly with easy-to-remove tips, an easily refillable reservoir, and a rechargeable battery.

It has been designed to reduce the flossing time in half, making it very effective for the user. This flosser with water also cleans deeply without irritating the gums.

It focuses on the effective cleaning of teeth and gums by illuminating the obstacle of hard-to-reach places that comes with a dental appliance. Light tips are an excellent custom feature for braces.

  • Light tips facilitate maneuvering around the splints.
  • It’s great for traveling.
  • This water flosser offers convenient options for loading and is globally compatible.
  • Its newly redesigned engine is 70% quieter.
  • It has several parameters, so I can adjust my sensitive gums.
  • The jet stream was powerful and eliminated all debris.
  • The water tank is difficult to fill.
  • After several uses, the battery began to struggle to hold a charge.

Waterpik Ultra Water Flosser

The Waterpik Ultra Water Flosser is an easy and effective way to floss. This flossing allows deep cleaning while avoiding irritation and swelling.

This water flosser has ten water pressure settings. This feature allows you to customize the water pressure for gentle cleaning or deep cleaning. The 1400 pulses per minute keep your gums healthy and eliminate all debris from appliances such as orthodontic appliances.

The Ultra Water Flosser deep cleans between the teeth, around the hooks, and under the gum line. During cleansing, flossing massages and stimulates your gums. Clinical studies show that used regularly, this water flosser provides healthier gums in just fourteen days. Flossing for about a minute a day effectively removes up to 99.9% of plaque and up to 50% more effective than traditional flossing.

This flosser is perfect for anyone with a dental appliance. Among its six advanced options, the high-quality orthodontic tip is designed to effectively remove plaque around orthotics. There is also a tongue cleaner to focus on the fresh breath.

The improved design of the Ultra Water Flosser is quieter and more ergonomic. Features of this improved design include a high volume covered the tank with a storage compartment in the lid. The ergonomic handle is comfortable and offers a convenient break button.

Check price on Amazon

My Impression

Ultra Water Flosser is ideal for personalizing your own oral cleansing routine. This gives you the opportunity to choose the water pressure you need.

It is a high-quality water flosser highly recommended by orthodontic professionals.

This water flosser provides an orthodontic tool that allows effective and complete cleaning around dental appliances. This dental floss also aims to help fresh breath because it is still a problem with splints.

  • It has a tongue cleaner to help with fresh breath.
  • I customized the water pressure according to my cleaning needs.
  • It removed all the debris from my corsets.
  • This model offered excellent storage space for tips.
  • This attenuated my anterior swelling of the gums after only two uses.

The hose is too short for comfortable use. I found myself leaning or lifting the whole unit to reach all areas of my mouth.

Waterpik Cordless Professional Water Flosser and Nano Sonic Toothbrush, WP-440

Cordless Professional is an excellent solution for portable hygiene care. Its features give you the freedom to customize your cleaning.

This water flosser comes with a Nano Sonic toothbrush, four tips for flossing and a 45-second capacity The Nano Sonic toothbrush is ideal for orthodontic appliances. It allows the user to carefully brush the braces and between the hooks.

It offers a convenient use of wireless flossing. The Cordless Professional has a rechargeable battery that lasts for many uses. The water tank is easy to fill. It is small and convenient to carry, making it perfect for traveling. It is compatible only with North American outlets.

The Cordless Professional’s advanced dual water pressure controls allow you to customize the intensity of your water pressure. It can provide a gentle or deep cleaning.

This water jet has an ergonomic design. It includes rechargeable batteries and an easy-to-fill tank. In addition, the wireless professional can meet your toothbrushing needs with its Nano Sonic toothbrush.

My Impression

This wireless professional is a great portable option for traveling across the continent. Its design emphasizes its ability to take and leave. This makes me wonder why this would not be internationally compatible. I think it focuses on the whole cleaning while being portable, but does not focus on the main areas of concern in oral hygiene, for example, orthotics.

Those who wear suspenders may not find it helpful to remove plaque. It has the advantage of a Nano Sonic toothbrush, which is ideal for cleaning teeth at any time and eliminates the need for a traditional toothbrush. All in all, I think it’s a basic water flosser. It has some benefits that do a great job for those who do not wear braces.

  • The water tank is small. It was convenient to travel with.
  • The Nano Sonic toothbrush has had my teeth cleaner than a traditional brush.
  • A charge has lasted for many uses.
  • The water tank is fast and easy to fill.
  • The Cordless Professional has eliminated plaque without pain
  • The water pressure at the highest setting was not very strong and failed to clean some debris.
  • Although portable for travel, it is only compatible with North American outlets, making international travel impossible.

Waterpik Water Flosser For Kids, WP-260

The Water Flosser for Kids is a fun and easy way to floss. It allows complete cleaning safely in one minute a day.

This flosser is ideal for children. This gives them the independence to take care of their own oral hygiene safely. They will be proud of the health of their teeth and gums. It also includes about twenty removable decals so that children can decorate it as they please.

The Water Flosser for Kids has a particularly safe and child resistant electric design. Its voltage is globally compatible for easy use in all countries of the world. Another safety feature is that the pressure range for water is controlled and considerably less powerful than an adult water flosser.

This child-friendly water flosser is the easiest, most effective and fun way for children to floss. It’s a custom template for kids 6 and up. Its small, simple design facilitates the use of flossing. It aims to facilitate the use of flossing in children who wear a dental appliance by including an orthodontic mouthpiece. This trick allows kids to easily clean the plate around their braces and remove debris between the hooks. This flosser removes harmful bacteria gently.

My Impression

This Water Flosser for Kids provides excellent oral hygiene at any age. This child-friendly model has all the features needed to provide an effective way of cleaning, including those who wear suspenders. At some point, many children wear dental appliances.

It is much easier to learn how to floss than to learn how to use traditional flossing. I believe that children will appreciate this product because it is pain-free and has minimal gum irritation.

This product does a great job keeping kids safe in the foreground. Plaque build-up knows no age and the beginning of a strict oral hygiene routine will help children as adults. I have the impression that this flosser is ideal for beginners and even for adults who need a cleaner cleaning.

  • Use of the lower or middle settings did not result in irritation or discomfort.
  • It was good to get all this gunk out of the fork of my device.
  • This children’s silk is compact.
  • This flosser is also suitable for adults.
  • There is no tank lid leaving the inside open to bacteria.
  • The handle does not have a stop button.
  • It’s very noisy

Buyer’s Guide – Question & Answer

What is a water flosser

A water flosser is electrically powered equipment that provides a flow of pressurized water through a nozzle.

When the liquid touches the tooth, gum, and surface of the toggle, it removes plaque, bacteria and food debris.

When regular use of dental flossing or interdental brushing is based on the contract of a piece of dental floss or the bristles of an interdental brush, flossing with water relies on pressurized water.

Think of it as a pressure washer for your teeth!

Among the many reasons given by people for not flossing, some of the most popular are: it hurts, it’s embarrassing and bleeds my gums.

A dental floss is a tool designed to help overcome these problems because it provides similar or better results than regular dental floss while being easier to use.

Although manufacturers manufacture many jet nozzles/shapes of different shapes for their flossers, the basic concept is that they are designed in this way to help push the water deeply into the mouth and to orient the water jet to angles that are normally not easily achievable with ordinary dental floss tools.

You have 2 main types, dental floss (counter) and wireless silk (portable/wireless).

As its name suggests, one can be moved more easily than another, the other being the most feature-rich and the most practical when used daily with splints.

Why would I need a water flosser with a brace

Problem and efficiency are the two words that come to mind to answer this question.

Introducing dental floss or interdental brushes into and around the supports and arches can be a test of patience and willingness.

Most people wearing a corset are unlikely to want to leave their teeth at increased risk of cavities or risk developing gum disease.

However, there may be times when everything is too difficult.

The water flosser solves this problem for many.

At the touch of a button, you can get a constant stream of pressurized water to eliminate all the bacteria that accumulate on the corset.

It may take 5 minutes to floss with a classic dental floss, but dental floss allows you to do it in a fraction of the time.

It also has the option of flossing when you would have chosen to jump because the weather was not on your side.

And with independent clinical studies showing that Waterpik is 3 times more effective than regular brushing and flossing (Sharma et al 2008), then it’s a bit of obviousness, is not it? !

Are water flossers safe for braces

Yes they are. They will not do any damage to your dental appliance.

The pressure or the way a water flosser works will not damage your corset if used properly.

In fact, many waterline manufacturers, including the market leader, Waterpik, have specialized tools for orthopedic devices to achieve even better results.

The following animation shows how a water flotation device with an orthodontic mouthpiece cleans around a brace.

Points to Consider Before Buying a Water Flosser for Braces


Braces can be difficult to clean. It is difficult to intervene between brackets to remove food particles. I suggest you choose a water flosser equipped with an orthodontic mouthpiece. This tip will ensure that all the plaque is removed around the braces.

The braces are also accompanied by irritated and swollen gums, which makes painful cleansing in sensitive areas. It is important to take into account the comfort and control of cleaning. I would suggest that you choose a flosser of water that vibrates to massage your gums and relieve swelling.


When traveling, it is important to have a reliable dental floss to continue to take good oral care. If you travel a lot, I suggest you choose a battery-powered or rechargeable water flosser. If you choose a water flosser that is rechargeable and you are traveling abroad, you want to be careful to know if the unit is globally adaptable.

I recommend buying a compact and lightweight water flosser. I would pay attention to the availability of storage and compartments for tips. I will also be sure to buy a water flosser that comes with its own carrying case to keep all equipment clean and safe.


Flossing and brushing in the shower saves time. This is also useful when you try to spit and reduce the damage. The water in the shower helps wash away all debris.

If you like to take care of your oral hygiene in the shower, I encourage you to choose a water repellent flosser. If you do not know if you will feel comfortable washing your teeth during the shower, I would advise you to buy a raincoat just in case.

It’s also good for security reasons. Good oral hygiene care involves the use of water. Make a decision that protects you from possible dangers such as electrocution.

Water Pressure

Water pressure is an important element when trying to remove debris from your device. Having several settings will allow you to choose the water pressure you need while brushing.

If you have braces, the particles can hide a lot more. It is also more difficult to maneuver around the splints. Water pressure is important when choosing the power needed to remove larger and more difficult debris. Deep cleaning is often necessary with braces.

Sometimes, orthopedic appliances can cause irritation and swelling. This would require a softer adjustment of the water pressure. Therefore, I would recommend choosing a dental floss with at least three parameters to make sure you have options.


Having braces will often take longer to clean. I suggest you choose a water flosser with a larger tank that can hold more water to give you plenty of time for deep cleaning.

Although it is more tedious to travel with a larger water tank, it is the best option for deep cleaning. I would also advise you to choose a water flosser with a lid on the water tank and easy to clean and fill. These small features and a lot of ease for everyday use.

Traditional flossing and brushing

For years, it has been difficult to floss and brush your teeth thoroughly. Irritated and bleeding gums caused many to avoid flossing, putting their oral hygiene at risk. This left a free field for the multiplication of bacterial infections.

Flossing and cleaning have become even more difficult if you wear a dental appliance. You had to floss more often and your gums were bleeding a lot. The irritation left you more pain than before. You can not always reach areas that require special attention. I recommend flossing and traditional toothbrush. Stop fighting to clean your corsets and save yourself time and pain … buy a water flosser.

How to floss with braces – Step by step guideline

Flossing is essential when you wear straps. Debris that can get caught in hidden areas can cause bacterial infection and persistent irritation. It is important to know how to floss well.

First, fill the water tank of the machine with water. If you wish, you can add mouthwash to the water tank to add freshness.

Insert the tapered tip on the flosser of the water.

Then, lean over the sink by placing the tip of the flosser in your mouth.

Turn on the water flosser. Be sure to close your lips to prevent water from leaking out of your mouth.

Let the water run out of your mouth while you floss.

Move the jet of water along the gum and between each tooth and its support.

(Gently brushing teeth and hooks will also help to loosen food or debris.)

Then spray again between the teeth and along the gumline.

Repeat this process along the front and back of each tooth and between the hooks.

When finished, empty the water tank.

Dry the tip of the dental floss and store it in a closed container to protect it.


The Water Flosser Waterpik WP-660 Aquarius is the most effective and efficient flosser for braces. It does a great job cleaning between teeth and cleaning hard-to-reach places easily forgotten by brushes, such as around supports.

Its orthodontic mouthpiece offers the best cleaning precision around brackets in difficult and hidden places around teeth. Deep cleaning between the teeth and below the gum is made possible and facilitated by the combination of water jet pressure and pulsations.

The Aquarius Water Flosser gently cleanses irritated and swollen gums caused by splints.

It is important to use floss regularly to prevent gum disease and tooth decay. Enjoy the benefits of a traditional brush and floss in one tool; a flosser of water. Good oral hygiene is a must. Do not leave another day without the combined benefits of a water flosser.

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