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Top 3 Best Electric Toothbrush BD 2019-Buy at Best Price in Bangladesh

Top 3 Best Electric Toothbrush BD

Top 3 Best Electric Toothbrush BD-Buy Toothbrush at Best Price in Bangladesh 

Now in Bangladesh, you want an electric toothbrush. But you don’t know what electric toothbrush should you use? I’ve reviewed the top 3 best electric toothbrushes in the market to help you decide which is best for your dental health.

The best toothbrush for you depends on your own preference—do you need a classic brush that takes a couple bucks at the drugstore? Or do you need to strip out for an electric toothbrush that does some of the work for you?

The best electric toothbrush is sensitive on your teeth and gums, easy to move, and actually improves your brushing technique.

I asked dentists and analysis to identify the most effective features available — brushing timers and pressure sensors — and then found 10 toothbrushes in Bangladesh to test myself. I ended up with 3 models that help better brushing habits for a healthy smile.

If you want to buy a good toothbrush, you want to know what features to look for. This is exceptionally important if you’re buying an electric toothbrush at a direct store instead of online. You need to be able to tell the difference between primary features and those which are just convenient or nice to have.

 Try one of these dentist-recommended electric toothbrushes. 

Top 3 Best Electric Toothbrush BD  Comparison Table

Name & BrandBrushing StokesBrushing ModesBattery Life 
Green Oral-B Pro-Health 9,600114 Days
Kemei Tops Electric Tooth Brush3000027 Days
Xiaomi Mi Electric Toothbrush - White37,200325 Days

Top 3 Best Electric Toothbrush BD Reviews

These are the top 3 best  recommendations of the electric toothbrushes:

Xiaomi Mi Electric Toothbrush – White – is a new Toothbrush in market

Xiaomi Mi Electric Toothbrush – White is a new toothbrush, But its advanced feature is excellent like  Philips Sonicare 3 series  That’s because it has features that hit all the wants and needs of anyone concerned with their oral hygiene habits.

Key Features

3 Brushing Modes – This toothbrush offers three different modes for brushing your teeth. Most electric toothbrushes only come in one or two modes, but this brush has various mode offerings. The options include a Deep Clean mode that is intended for a clean like you’d get at the dentist. 

The Gentle mode provides stroking that will rid your mouth of gingivitis and other diseases. Tongue Care will give you fresh breath and rid the mouth of bacteria.

Smartimer  – The interracial two-timer should help us to maintain the supported cleaning time. It appears an intermediate message every 30 seconds by briefly switching it off and then on again. This signal can also be used to process the four areas of the jaw evenly. The shape of the brush head is also deserving mentioning, the long shape of the brush head makes it easy to reach the rear teeth as well – another plus point.

There’s a whitening mode that will have your teeth nice and shiny. There is a primary clean mode for daily oral hygiene. The gentle mode carefully protects your gums while cleaning your teeth.

Xiaomi Mi Electric Toothbrush - White

Waterproof and USB charging – Another great feature is the charging technology. The toothbrush including the universal USB port, can connect to the power back or laptop to charge itself. Meanwhile, the inductive charging dock can automatically recognize Mi Home toothbrush for high-power charging. The waterproof technology is also great.

This provides your toothbrush to remain charged no matter how long your trip is. You don’t have to despair about global voltage with this charger, each.

Long Battery Life – The Xiaomi Mi Electric Toothbrush –  White also comes with one of the longest battery lives on the shop. It can go up to 37 days externally having to recharge. You can take it on vacation, travel with as few items as likely, and not worry about bringing another charger.

customize your own cleaning mode – This toothbrush also offers a customized cleaning mode.

Many electric toothbrushes have customized cleaning modes that are designed especially for a certain purpose. There are sensitive modes for sensitive teeth, whitening and polishing modes for the removal of stains, tongue cleaning modes, and more.

Most dentists believe that their sufferers often forget to brush their gums. This neglect can lead to gingivitis and other mouth issues. The Xiaomi Mi offers a mode that gently massages and cleans your gums.

My Impression

This toothbrush is one of the most perfect toothbrushes on the market. The three brushing modes offer a number of choices and leave your mouth feeling fresh and clean every time. I really love the gentle mode. It lets me focus on cleaning them specifically, and my overall gum health has improved dramatically with use.

The smart timer is vital features in the Xiaomi Mi. I know that I sometimes rush when brushing my teeth. I don’t do it for the full, recommended two minutes. With the Xiaomi Mi, it makes sure that I reach a full, two minutes with the Smartimer.

Xiaomi Mi Electric Toothbrush - White

After using the smartphone apps via Bluetooth connection. This suggests that brushing can be increased to a more level, as the toothbrush has six high-performance sensors and can track the movements in the mouth. To do this, the toothbrush must be connected to the mobile phone.

If you need to clean your teeth at the end of the two or two and a half minutes, you can also activate this function within the app.

If you want a detailed, shiny-white smile, this is the toothbrush to buy. Its advanced features and technology make it the best choice for an electric toothbrush.

If you are interested also watch the youtube video about this brush…

What Could be Better

This toothbrush is one of the best, but the price of this electric toothbrush is higher than some others on the list. This is clearly the best functioning brush, though, even with a little bit of a hefty price tag.

Xiaomi Mi Home Sonic Toothbrush offers optimal comfort with a truly deep clean for you with its high-efficiency magnetic levitation motor and high-density planting brush.

Green Oral-B Pro-HealthAffordable electric toothbrush

Green Oral B is a trusted name in the toothbrush industry. It has long provided high-quality toothbrushes, both electrical and manual. The Oral B Pro health  is the electric toothbrush included with the most  advanced technology on the market today.

Your teeth and gums will feel satisfied because you’re removing more plaque than a regular manual toothbrush each time you brush…

Key Features

Green Oral B Pro Health  Electronic Toothbrush is a battery automated toothbrush that cleans every inch and niche of your teeth. 

Its Microe fibers that helps you clean between teeth that is hard to reach by other normal toothbrushes. Braun Oral B Electronic Toothbrush effectively removes plaque and reduces gingivitis. 

3D Cleaning Action – This brush uses a 3D cleaning action to help remove the plaque and build up that your manual brush can’t reach. It will vibrate and rotate. This allows you to hit all the spots around your teeth and the pulsing action helps to break up built-on plaque leading to a better clean.

Green Oral-B Pro-Health

This is made to mimic dental professional tools and allows you to get a deeper clean every time you use it. It will remove up to 100% more plaque than a manual brush and can reach almost anywhere.

Helpful Timer – The Green Oral B Pro Health also comes with a helpful timer. Not only does it let you know when two minutes have gone through, but it also beeps every 30 seconds. This will remind you to switch from each quadrant of the mouth. It allows you to get an all-around clean.

Compact Charger – This brush comes with a compact charger. You won’t have to pack an already cluttered countertop. The electric toothbrush itself holds almost a two-week charge, so you don’t have to despair about recharging regularly.

Interchangeable Heads – This Green Oral B brush can be used with any other Oral B head. So when you are looking at the store for a replacement head, you don’t have to worry about finding the right fit. You can use any brush head that is made by Oral b on the Pro Health.

My Impression

This is one of the best electric toothbrushes for a cheap price. It may not have all of the signals and noises that some more expensive ones have, but when analyzed with a manual toothbrush, this is a much better choice.

It comes with the round brush head that can deliver a deep clean for a good price.

Green Oral-B Pro-Health

I also love the timer feature, which has become necessary for an electric toothbrush. You need to ensure that you are receiving the full two minutes if you want to see an overall improvement in oral hygiene. The feature that beeps every 30 seconds to let you know when to switch is another great benefit as well.

It helps to remind you to hit all four parts of your mouth which will translate to an overall better clean.

What Could Be Better

I would like to see some different modes or settings. This brush only comes with one setting and doesn’t allow you to switch for different types of cleanings.

Kemei Tops –Ultrasonic electric toothbrush

Kemei Tops offers the best in ultra-sonic technology. Ultra-sonic technology helps to remove even the toughest plaque and can reverse the effects of gingivitis.

Key Features

Twin Frequency – The Twin Frequency uses ultrasonic technology to help attack plaque and build up.  It is also a excellent way to clean your teeth and protect your gums from gingivitis and gum disease. The Twin Frequency reduces plaque by 97% on the first brushing.

Kemei Tops In conjunction with dual frequency, the ultrasonic pulses pulsate at almost 96 million pulses per minute. Coupled with 30000 sonic bristle vibrations, the Kemei Tops is a top-notch contender for fighting plaque and helping to improve overall gum health.

Kemei Tops Electric Tooth Brush

  • Use sonic vibration system, vibration frequency up to 30000 times per minute, helps decrease germs and bacteria at hard-to-reach places.
  • Soft DuPont anti-allergy brush, efficiently clean teeth, switch teeth stains and prevent tooth sensitivity. Soft brush will not damage your teeth.
  • With tooth whitening function, recover your tooth with original whiteness, making your teeth shining.
  • Slight vibration can improve blood circulation of the mouth, massage the gums, well protect your gum and teeth.
  • Smart wireless inductive charging, safe and convenient.
  • IPX7 waterproof, all body washable.

Gum Health Brush – The gum brush is a valuable addition to the brush heads available. A lot of normal brushes are too hard to clean your gums properly.

To ensure you get a good gum cleaning, Kemei Tops includes a brush head that is meant specifically for your gums. This will improve your overall gum health.

My Impression

That is a excellent toothbrush for anyone who is looking to get the switch from a manual brush to a beginner electric toothbrush. It offers remarkable of the best plaque control at an affordable price. It also comes with a sign of great features that make it better than your typical electric toothbrush.

You will begin to see immediate results when you use this brush. It will improve the whiteness of your smile when compared to a manual toothbrush.

Kemei Tops Electric Tooth Brush

While it may not have all of the features of higher end brushes, it is far special to any manual toothbrush. The modified settings allow you to control the power, which will help you clean your mouth more appropriately.

Extra great feature is the Smarttimer and Quadpacer. These are necessary tools that help guarantee you are brushing your teeth for the proper time. The timer will encourage you to reach the recommended two minutes, while the Quadpacer will have you hit all four quadrants of your mouth.

What Could Be Better

This is brush is helpful than a manual. I would like to see a timer added to the brush. This way you will know how long you have been brushing, so you can meet the two-minute recommendation from dentists.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does high vibration cause damage to gum line?
No, it does not. Actually, most of the damage to gum line is caused by the pressure you put on the gums. An electric toothbrush will not cause more damage than a manual brush.
Are electric toothbrushes safe for kids?
Yes. They are safe for kids. It is important that you start them off and still monitor their use. This will help to instill good teeth brushing habits that will help to increase their oral hygiene. With proper supervision, this is a great way to teach them to brush for two minutes.
Is it a good choice carrying the electric toothbrush while traveling?
Yes. You should consider carrying your electric toothbrush while traveling. Most brushes come with a travel case, and they should be able to hold a charge for the time of your trip. So if you charge them properly beforehand, this is a great way to keep cleaning your teeth while traveling.
“The higher the price, the better it results” is it true for an electric toothbrush?
The answer is, yes. However, cheaper models are also adequate. If you are someone who likes technology, or you simply want all the features possible, you may want to look at the higher-priced brushes. Either way, you want to pick a brush that you like and all of the electric toothbrushes on this list offer a superior clean when compared to a manual brush.
Will 30 Second Smile Fit in my mouth?
Absolutely! 30 Second Smile is surprisingly comfortable. We offer a variety of brush heads to fit your needs. As an example, adults with small mouths can use regular ultra soft or kids brush heads.
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