Top 3 Best Baby Carriers Reviews And Comparison 2018

Best Baby Carriers Reviews 2019-Expert Review & Buying Guide

Top 3 Best Baby Carriers Reviews 2019-Expert Review & Buying Guide

Your dear blonde head feels very close to you. Now you want Best Baby Carriers in 2019. And you do not necessarily want to move away either … I understand it easily because I’m like you.

However, you have to take care of the house, prepare the meal, or go shopping, and you need to have your hands free. The baby carrier will allow you to keep your child against you, which can prevent some crises while leaving your hands free.
Here, I will try to share my experience a little by talking about some models of baby carriers that I had the opportunity to test. I will also give you some keys to choose your accessory, and explain why it will become essential to your routine.

Top 3 Best Baby Carriers in 2019 Comparison Table

 BabyBjörn OriginalEcosusiChicco Go
BabyBjörn Original	EcosusiChicco Go
Head-to-head carriageYesYesYes
Portage to the outsideYesYesYes
Carry on the backNoYesNo
Price Check Price Check Price Check Price

Babybjörn Baby Carrier 

Babybjörn Baby Carrier

it’s a little roll of baby carriers. The quality of manufacture is truly remarkable, with particular care for the choice of fabrics and materials.

The cotton is very soft, and the contact for baby as for the wearer is necessarily very pleasant.

The seat is ideal for your little end keeps a good position, which is obviously important for its development.

Two carry options are available, with baby against your chest to feel safe, or outward looking when you’re curious.

The system of fasteners is childishly simple, the baby is placed inside very easily and it comes out with ease. Difficult to find defects in this baby carrier, the price is a bit high, but it’s really the quality.

Whatever the products, there are high-end and low-cost. This is also true for baby carriers, where models are found for less than $ 20 and others that exceed or approach $100. The Babybjörn baby carrier is rather in the second category, but promises, of course, an optimal comfort for the child as for his wearer. So what is it really? Should I order? I give you my opinion on this baby carrier that is at the top of Amazon sales including.

BabyBjörn Baby Carrier ReviewsA super baby carrier that is hard to find defects. The build quality is impeccable, with a high level of finish. Your baby will fall asleep indoors in less time than it takes to tell, and it will never have been so comfortable for you to wear it.

Some characteristics

  • For babies from 2 months to 24 months
  • From 3 kg to 12 kg
  • 2 porting options
  • Oeko-Tex Class 1 certified for babies
  • Material: Cotton


It is a baby carrier that immediately returns a very good feeling of robustness and seriousness. We can see right away that it’s solid, with metal fastening systems and very sturdy seams. There are two distinct parts that are the brittles and the seat. We’ll see below if it’s convenient to use. In any case, it is very good to clean the baby carrier to be able to easily separate the elements.

For the design, nothing really exceptional finally. It is a nice product because it is designed with good materials and quality of workmanship is extremely serious.

But it is ultimately not much more beautiful than some less expensive models like e sling Ecosusi by example. However, we appreciate the choice between a multitude of colors, so it exists in black, blue, red, pink and even black striped white. There is something for everyone.

Babybjörn Baby Carrier

Ease of use

Unlike some models that offer up to 4 carrying options, like the baby carrier Amzdeal Babybjörn focuses on two positions. It is better to have fewer opportunities but be very comfortable for the child, rather than useless options that only serve to advertise. There are two options:

  • Against the chest: This is the basic position for a baby carrier, and obviously, it is found here. The child’s head against the chest of one of his parents, which allows him to feel safe.
  • Outward looking: When a baby is growing up, he will become more curious. It is time then to turn it to allow him to see the same things as his carrier.

I still regret that there is not a position in the back, which is very convenient, especially for long walks. Carrying the baby against his belly is more difficult over time, we always arch a little what can end up causing a few words of a back.

The fact of having the separate brittles of the seat allows a set up really very simple. The system of fasteners is very practical and at the same time ultra reassuring. We place baby in a few seconds inside, and it comes out even faster to put him in his bed or let him wriggle on his play mat.

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Comfort in use

Babybjörn Baby Carrier

For baby, this little cocoon is really very well thought out. We have already seen larger padding, but certainly not so soft.

The very soft cotton used really offers a better feel to the touch than lower end models.

Whether at the seat, under the arms or on the back, the baby does not feel any discomfort. Mine fell asleep very quickly every time he was in this baby carrier, which is obviously a very good sign.

The head is perfectly held when it is against the chest, it does not move.

When placing baby outward, simply lower the top to let his head over. The flexible material makes it possible to do it with a gesture. In this position again, the child feels perfectly at ease. He can move his arms and legs and is well placed on his buttocks in a very upright position.

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The verdict

It is not because it is expensive that it is necessarily good, but it must be admitted that here we really pay the price of quality. The cotton used is at first extremely soft and therefore very pleasant to the touch.

The build quality is excellent, it is a robust product that does not fear a little rough handling.

There are only two carrying options, and I regret that we can not carry the baby in our backs. However, carrying your child has never been so comfortable with this baby carrier. Besides, it’s also true for your little one, who may fall asleep very quickly once inside. Super gear!

Ecosusi Baby Carrier

Ecosusi Baby Carrier

If you can not afford a babybjörn baby carrier, then this first prize model has many advantages that could make you want to quickly order.

Made of cotton and polyester, it is quite pleasant to the touch, and well designed with a very correct finish.

The design is nice and the design really serious. It is always attractive to discover a product with such good value for money, both robust and practical.

Indeed, it is also very practical since the establishment of the child is done rather easily, and its withdrawal.

There are 3 carrying positions: Against the chest for more comfort, facing the world to discover, and on the back for hiking or walks in town or in the forest.

In terms of comfort, nothing to say, the baby does not complain, and well-padded shoulder straps are comfortable for the wearer. Perhaps the best baby carrier at this price level!

To go on a walk or to keep baby against you when we go about our daily business, the baby carrier is essential. Ecosusi proposes a model that on paper seems to have many qualities. What is it really? Is the comfort of use good for both baby and parents? I give you my opinion on this small seat that should make you proud service.

Reviews Baby Carrier Ecosusi

Offered at a very attractive price this baby carrier has really few defects. Very comfortable, both for baby and for its wearer, it shines above all by its simplicity of implementation. A good product, reliable and robust!

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Some characteristics

  • For babies from 3 to 24 months
  • From 3.6 kg to 9.1 kg
  • 3 types of portage
  • SGS certification
  • Material: cotton and polyester
  • Weight 379 g


Ecosusi Baby Carrier

It’s really one of my favorite products in terms of design.

I find the colors beige and dark blue harmonious, and the design of the modern baby carrier.

We immediately feel that this is serious in terms of design.

And we should keep this accessory until the baby is too big to continue to enter. We will even be a second and a third child just to continue using this baby carrier …

The quality of manufacture is very good, with materials such as cotton and polyester that allow the skin to continue to breathe when the baby is in place. We must not sweat too much by wearing our little tip.

The straps and fastening systems are quite solid, there is no risk of an accident. It is a very reliable product, and really well designed.

The only regret, there is no pocket to store some wipes or the baby’s blanket. The Innoo Tech model is much more practical at this level with plenty of storage space.

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Ease of use

Ecosusi Comfort Baby Carrier

This baby carrier can be used in three different ways. It is ideal especially for marches a little long to be able to change the technique of portage. Here are the different methods:

  • Against the chest: This is usually how the baby will be most comfortable during his first months. Your head against your chest will feel safe.
  • Front door: Baby is turned to the world, he sees what you see and he enjoys the landscape. Perfect when he is a little taller to make him discover what surrounds him.
  • On the back: Ideal for hikes, for example, we adopt a more natural walk and baby weighs less on the lower back. However, it will be necessary to wait until your child is at least 6 months old.

The introduction of the baby carrier is really very simple. It only takes a few seconds and little manipulation to get everything in place. Aside from the top back strap (which is optional), one can place baby alone without any problem.

The straps are easily adjusted. They are long enough to fit all body types, and whether you are rather thin or rather wide, you will be able to easily place this baby carrier. To remove the baby from his chair, nothing is easier either, the removal of the baby carrier also takes only a few seconds.

Comfort in use

For baby, the position is perfect at a young age. The legs do not hang straight in the void, the child is seated and he feels very well.

The head is well wrapped and there is a very good support that allows us to move risk for the child. Growing up, your little one will be more comfortable turning it outward or carrying it on the back. The seat is a bit wider and so there is better support.

The seat is rather well padded, and soft enough materials, even if we are not at the level of baby carrier Go from Chicco and its really soft fabrics.

My darling never complained anyway, and he fell asleep without a problem on the back of daddy during a walk on the banks of the canal.

For parents, there are no special problems either. We must adjust the straps, they are padded properly so as not to be uncomfortable on the shoulders.

We can thus bring baby long minutes, even hours without feeling pains at this level. The material is also rather light, and one does not perspire too much on the parts of the body in contact with the material.

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The verdict

I love her design and it’s already a very good thing when you’re a pretty mother. Of course, if it were just beautiful it would not be very useful, but it is not. It is very simple to set up and remove, and it easily adjusts to our morphology.

It is a properly padded baby carrier in strategic areas which ensures comfort for the baby, as well as the wearer. Small regret on the lack of a pocket or two to have a little storage, but otherwise, everything else is perfect. At that price, it’s a very good deal.

Chicco Baby Carrier Go 

Baby carrier reviews Chicco

I will not lie to you, we find some flaws in this model.

First of all, it is a baby carrier that is quite small, and even if the manufacturer announces that it can accommodate babies of 9 kg, from 6, it begins to be complicated already.

Then, setting up the child is not easy and it is better to be two. However, despite these black spots, it is my son’s favorite baby carrier, which once in place always falls asleep very quickly. The quality of the fabrics is sublime, it is soft and aesthetic.

For the wearer, comfort is also in the game, the baby carrier is lightweight and well thought out so that the baby is in contact with our chest.

The head is well maintained and is, therefore, a very secure accessory. There are two options of carrying, against the chest and facing outside.

The price is really very correct for this quality of manufacture. A product imperfect in terms of use, but very effective for the comfort of the child and secure, in short, the essential.

Chicco is a manufacturer who generally offers very good baby products, or good quality children’s toys, at reasonable prices.

Of course, this baby giant also develops baby carriers, including the “Go”, which invites us by name to go walking in nature.

On paper, this model seems both convenient for parents and comfortable for the child, but what is it really? I tested it for several days, and I give you my final opinion at the bottom of the page.

Reviews Baby Carrier Chicco Go

Very good baby carrier, comfortable for both the child and the parents, carrying baby has rarely been so enjoyable. Too bad that the simplicity of use is not at the rendezvous and that it is so much trouble to put up or take the baby out of his seat …

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Some characteristics

  • For babies from 2 months to 2 years
  • From 3 kg to 9 kg
  • Material: Cotton
  • Weight: 295 g
  • 2 porting options


Baby Carrier Chicco Go

If some manufacturers do not look for the aesthetic side for this type of product, this is not the case of Chicco who really offers us a baby carrier pleasant to watch.

It is first found in several colors, black, gray, red, beige, gray and red or gray and blue.

There is something for everyone and it is a very good thing.

I received a dark gray and gray moon model, it is rather sober, but I find his drawing and especially the games of materials very visually.

The build quality is really good. The fabrics, first of all, they are soft and pleasant to the touch, which is always rather well that it is for the carrier or for baby.

They also look sturdy and will have to be done on purpose to tear them apart. The fastening systems are also very strong, the baby is not likely to fly off his baby carrier.

In terms of finish, it is a product that is well worked. Chicco has sought to present a product that is both aesthetic and ergonomic, and it’s quite successful.

I personally find it more beautiful than a Babybjörn yet more expensive, but less convenient to use.

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Ease of use

Baby carrier reviews Chicco

While some baby carriers, such as Amzdeal, offer 3 or 4 carrying options, this is not the case with this Chicco model that focuses on just two ways to carry your child. These are the two most common options:

Against the chest: The child is snuggled against the wearer’s chest. It is ideal for infants who fall asleep more easily and feel safe.
Outward-looking: As you grow up your baby becomes curious, and you place him so that he sees in front of him and thus discovers the world around him.

Too bad not to find a position on the back. My husband prefers to bring our little cabbage when we go for a walk.

It’s easier to move forward, more natural, and less painful in the long run for the lumbar spine. Too bad, it will be necessary to do without it.

Putting baby inside is really not a pleasure. We are far from the simplicity of an Ecosusi baby carrier for example.

You can do it alone, but it’s really difficult, and it will be preferred to place baby to two. Ditto to remove the child, it is not really practical. This is really the biggest weak point of this baby carrier that is not easy to master.

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Comfort in use

Even if it is difficult to put the baby in place, my little guy then feels very well in his small chair. He fell asleep often very quickly when he was inside, which is necessarily a very good sign.

The seat is not excessively padded, but the seat is good and the small end is perfectly pressed against my belly and my chest.

A double clamping system provides a good grip around the baby’s body, and I think it’s the fact of being well maintained that reassures him and makes him fall asleep so quickly.

The head is also well held and cannot go violently back. There are also reinforcements around the arms and around the legs for better comfort.

In short, the baby is in place and he feels very good. On the other hand, my little end is 6 kg, and it seems already tight inside, I have doubts about the fact that it enters again when it will make 9 kg…

For us nice carriers, this baby carrier is quite nice. It remains in place on the shoulders, there is good padding, and we do not feel any particular discomfort even after several tens of minutes to wear our little monster.

The settings of the straps and brittles are effective, and we can keep our little one with while preparing the evening meal without a problem.

Why use a baby carrier?

Carrying has many benefits for both the child and the parent carrier. It is also recommended by many pediatricians and other specialists in child health who ensure that it is beneficial for the development of your little one. Here’s the list of benefits that show you why a baby carrier needs to replace a stroller as much as possible.

The benefits for baby

Comfort: A baby carrier provides greater proximity between the child and the parent carrier. The warmth of the chest of his father or mother is reassuring for the child, as well as the heartbeat or movements that remind him when he was still in the womb of mom.

He can also hear the voice and see the face of his wearer which is even more reassuring. The feeling of security is thus reinforced for the child, which has the effect of reducing crying and agitation.

Consolidate the bond of attachment: Baby will be born with the need to form strong bonds with loving and receptive adults to this need. This is called “attachment”. The baby carrier promoting contact, looks, gestures towards the child, will stimulate a hormone called oxytocin, which contributes to attachment. In addition, the portage allows parents to respond more quickly to the needs of their little one, which further promotes attachment.

Helps digestion: Lying in a stroller or in bed, digestion is worse than in a vertical position. By carrying your baby in this position, you promote burping, while avoiding reflux and decreasing colic.

Offers a better sleep: During the portage, the proximity with mom or dad acts as a barrier. Thus, the external stimuli are much less disturbing for the child. The baby’s nervous system is less stimulated and this promotes sleep. Carrying also helps to reduce the child’s involuntary movements, lowering his heart rate, and also helping him to sleep.

Promotes cognitive development: By staying close to you, and having a view at the height of the wearer’s face, the child develops greater attention that encourages him to discover and to be more curious. He will watch what you do, which will give him many sensory stimuli. It will gain motor skills faster, and increase cognitive development.

Ensures the good development of the muscles: It is proved that the portage allows a good positioning of the hips, and thus their good development. The muscles of the back and the neck are also put to contribution and the sense of balance becomes better over the days. Finally, while carrying your baby, the baby will remain less supine, and the risk of developing a flat head will be greatly reduced.

Top 3 Best Baby Carriers Reviews And Comparison 2018

Benefits for the wearer

Freedom of movement: This is obviously the main advantage. Baby is against you, but your hands are free.

You can take care of the child or go about your business or your obligations.

The baby carrier will, of course, require much less energy than if you carry the small end directly in your arms.

Be more receptive: By being closer to your child regularly, you will more easily decode and interpret the signs he sends you. Being more sensitive and more receptive to baby’s needs, you will respond more quickly, and you will avoid agitations or crying.

Promotes breastfeeding: By using a baby carrier from the first months of the baby’s life, you will increase the duration of breastfeeding.

The child will want to suck more often in the day, and according to the baby carrier, it is possible to breastfeed without taking the child out of his small seat.

In addition, you will be hidden from view when you give breast to your little greedy.

Increasing mother’s confidence: Studies of mothers have shown that babywear develops self-confidence more quickly.

Thus mothers using a baby carrier do better and easier after a few months. The needs of the baby are more quickly filled and the first months are then much better.

How to choose a baby carrier?

To choose correctly your baby carrier, it is necessary to respect some rules finally quite common to all the products of childcare.

It is first and foremost important to focus on the quality of workmanship.

The materials must be robust and the fastening systems strong to avoid any risk of an accident. Of course, both the baby and his wearer will appreciate that the fabrics are soft and pleasant to the touch.

Several porting techniques

Then, depending on the use you want to make, check the porting options. Most baby carriers have two ventral positions.

The first is to bring the child’s head against the breast of mom or dad. This position is perfect to comfort the baby during the first months.

When he grows up, we can move to the second position, always ventral, but this time the baby will be turned outward. So he will be more stimulated and develop his curiosity.

Other models of baby carriers will then offer other possibilities of carrying.

Often, it will be possible to carry the baby on his back. It is a rather pleasant position for the wearer, especially when you have to walk a little while on a walk in town or in the forest.
Finally, a horizontal position is sometimes proposed. The latter is useful for the first months of the baby, which will sometimes be more comfortable in a semi-recumbent position.

Comfort for baby and for the wearer

If a baby carrier is uncomfortable, then the position of the child will not be good which is damaging to his muscle development.

In addition, the baby will be restless and will certainly not want to stay in a position where he does not feel well.

The seat should be wide enough to properly support the legs and hips. It must be padded at the level of the crotch to avoid friction that would become painful for your little angel.
The head must be well maintained. You must be able to lean slightly without going back.

The inside must be soft enough for your child to feel good, if everything is rigid then the feeling will be bad and he will let you know.

For the wearer comfort is also essential. If you are uncomfortable with your movements, if the shoulder straps cause you any particular discomfort or if a strap supports you too hard in a particular place.

Then you will quickly put your child in his stroller, and finally, you will use little your baby carrier. It is, therefore, necessary to focus primarily on the thickness.

The padding and the stability of the straps. For the rest, it is necessary that your material is adjustable to adapt as well as possible to your morphology.

Some safety rules

Top 3 Best Baby Carriers Reviews And Comparison 2018

  • The first rule to follow is to understand that a baby carrier is not a sports accessory. It is used at best for a slow walk, but not for a trek in the forest or an early jog. Avoid doing an activity that could cause a fall. The latter is the leading cause of injury in children being carried in a baby carrier.
  • Regularly, check your equipment. Does the fabric not tear? Are the seams still sturdy, fastening systems too?
  • While carrying your child, watch his position often enough. The back should be slightly rounded and the legs should not hang straight in the void. They must be folded and the position must favor the development of the hips. We are talking about the position in M. The legs must be spread and folded to form the famous M. The knees must be higher or at least the same height as the hips. The child should not be supported only by the crotch, but by the thighs.
  • The baby’s head should be well maintained while leaving enough space for it to suffocate. Generally, the head should always a little protruding from the baby carrier. The nose and mouth must always be perfectly clear. Also, in winter, if you wear the baby carrier under your coat, always leave it open at the child’s face.
  • The openings in the legs and arms should not be too big so that the child can not get through, but not too tight either. They would then prevent good blood circulation.
  • In summer, cover well-exposed areas while dressing lightly so that it does not suffer from the heat.
  • Always be very vigilant in your movements especially in a crowded area. As you turn you could hit the child. Also be careful that the baby does not grab a dangerous object with which he could get hurt.
  • Finally, it is not advisable to carry your child for more than one hour in the same position. To make sure the blood circulation stays optimal, touch your hands and feet regularly to make sure they are warm.
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