TMD Hosting Review 2019:Users & Expert Opinion

TMD Hosting Review 2019-Users & Expert Opinion

If you are a blogger, e-merchant, owner of one or more start-ups and are looking for hosting services. That will meet your needs, in terms of speed, security and functionality? Discover TMD Hosting, a company with 10 years of experience in the field of web hosting.

I have been doing web review for different web hosting and there service. In several years and I have often searched for web hosting that would allow me to meet all my needs within the same host. 

And it was also necessary that the web host in question has good prices, good support fast and courteous.

It’s starting to make a lot of demands. After trying GoDaddy, Hostgator, siteground and BlueHost. I chose TMD Hosting. 

Now Why I Chose TMDHosting???

  • Because I had 60 days if ever I was not satisfied with TMD. I could have been reimbursed at 100% easily.
  • In addition, they have excellent prices. But I did not have access to a promo code but you yes! With the ghostacademy discount code.
  • You will be able to have a 7% discount on most of the products that. I will describe in this article.
  • In most hosting solutions at TMD Hosting. There is a domain name included if you pay for at least 1 years!
  • Not to mention that the support is impeccable. They respond quickly (on average in 15 minutes) and they are not complicated. No fights to do with TMD Hosting, no problem puzzles. It’s easy to do business with the support of this host.

Thanks to this confirmed technicality and teams of professionals, rest assured to benefit from a quality web hosting environment. 

You find a personalized service, targeted to the needs of each company or entrepreneur. Do not worry about delays and availability of resources, with TMD Hosting.

All the most adequate and operational accommodation offers are available in one click.

A company whose ultra dedicated support is at your disposal 24/7, 24/7, throughout the year. On each hosting solution. You can get all the necessary information on different offers like Joomla, Magento, WordPress and many others. Take advantage of low prices and various subscriptions to obtain the best prices.

Each hosting solution has multiple packages, evaluated by TMD Hosting based on their popularity or value for money. 

So do not hesitate and come and create your website which will be managed and optimized by real professionals!

TMD Hosting differentiates itself from other standard hosting providers with 30 times faster download speeds. And outstanding performance with the latest Linux operating system and SSD storage media.

WordPress Hosting- THE reference in the field!

WordPress is not to present: 31% of websites in the world uses it. It is also the most covered CMS application of TMD Hosting’s knowledge base. Specialized teams in the field are assigned daily to the research. To write documented articles, durable and easy to understand, on all topics dealing with WordPress.

Used by a lot of websites in the world, WordPress is the essential player of all content management systems. Free, free and open-source. All you need to know about this topic is on the WordPress section of the TMD Hosting Knowledge Base.

The features of WordPress allow to create and manage different types of website according to your needs. Like as blog, online sales site, showcase site or even portfolio.

Become a WordPress Pro is at your fingertips thanks to TMD Hosting. Also get WordPress offers at ridiculous prices. Start your business on the run!

Since loading time is essential for a website, TMD Hosting combines 3 layers of cache (APCache, OPCache, Varnish). In addition to SSD hardware for up to 16 times faster loading time than others.

Do not forget the 7% promo code for Ghost Academy readers: ghostacademy

Shared hosting- get together for more efficiency!

More economical, TMD Hosting offers shared hosting solutions, with subscriptions at reduced rates, even for professionals. Offers for beginners, business and professional exist on Linux or Windows.

Come and discover a very detailed comparison, to make your choice among these different options. TMD Hosting lists and compares the essential characteristics (domain name, unlimited storage space, guaranteed refund during the first 2 months etc.).

Special offers according to the packages (professional spam filter, Linux server, website transfer, firewall, messaging features), the functionalities of e-commerce as well as all the extensions available via the 3 offers.

For a functional website in no time and at competitive rates, let yourself be tempted by shared hosting!

Click here to find out more about shared hosting of TMD Hosting

The coupon code of 7% rebate: ghostacademy

Reseller hosting- becoming a web host has never been easier!

TMD Hosting will offer you a comparison of reseller hosting offers with promotions up to 20%.(In addition to the 7% offered for readers of this blog with the promo code: ghostacademy ).

You can then, easily and at a reasonable price. Have a hosting service already operational and guaranteed, to sell to your own customers. Start very easily your own hosting company, without necessarily having a data center or servers. Which would require an initial investment sometimes too important.

A standard option allows you to start your small or medium reseller hosting business. The most popular offer has a performance twice as big as the first. Allowing you to have more websites hosted and to have a greater speed of use.

Finally, the professional option, a little more expensive, is a more complex version. Necessary to control more sought after websites and whose traffic must be faster. Take advantage of simple and intuitive reseller plans to start deploying, selling and managing turnkey hosting services today.

Cloud hosting- The cutting edge of hosting!

Enjoy cloud hosting completely managed by TMD Hosting. Why prefer accommodation in the clouds? Already, it’s a faster method! Your website loads in a few moments. Because we know full well that customers do not wait anymore and turn away from a web page. If the waiting time is too long a few milliseconds.

The cloud combines robust technology and high-end hardware for a unique experience. Have a low-density environment and ultra-fast SSD storage.

With all these benefits, you’ll never have to worry, and the six completely unique, combined caching levels will convince you!

With cloud hosting TMD Hosting, enjoy the latest Intel Xeon processors. A maximum of CPU resources and RAM to power your website.

Finally, as your data and those of your customers are the most valuable. Rest assured that the proposed cloud hosting is designed to pay particular attention to the protection of these. 

All TMD Hosting accounts are inserted in a private network, protected by software constantly monitored by certified engineers.

Not to mention the famous promo code: ghostacademy

VPS hosting-where speed meets availability

With this hosting solution, you can rest assured that your VPS will be totally isolated for maximum security and speed. The pages of your website load at an impressive speed and your data has a dedicated channel. Thanks to SSD hardware and RAID technology, allowing a much larger data transfer.

Available in the United States, Europe, the United Kingdom, Asia and Australia, find the 5 VPS Hosting plans on this site. A plan of departure, which introduces you to the service entirely managed for more accessibility, if you are beginner. The “original” subscription, the most popular among customers.

A “smart” subscription for visionaries, which is considered to have the best value for money. The “e-commerce” subscription, more adapted for videos, social networks or online commerce sites, and finally, the “super powerful”, faster and more efficient services offered, at a price also more important.

On all subscriptions, enjoy exceptional promotions, only on TMD Hosting. With your virtual private server, you will have optimal performance and unprecedented speed! What better way to boost your website?

The dedicated server-designed for maximum power and speed

Available in Europe and the United States, TMD Hosting offers dedicated servers at different prices. With this system, you do not have to deal with the technical issues of the server. So you can save time developing other aspects of your business as much as possible.

Choose among the different plans: the plan designed for novice (starter), the most popular plan “the original”, the best value for money “smart” and finally a more powerful plan, the “super powerful”.

These subscriptions allow you to get an operational website in less than 20 minutes. With free start-up support and a transfer of your existing site, done by a professional.

Benefit from a free firewall included with the subscription and daily audit, performed by experienced professionals. Finally, get, among other things, protection of your mailboxes, guaranteed by spam experts.

The network facilities are SSAE-16 certified and a dual 10GB network allows you to achieve a very high throughput. Your site is then directly connected to high level providers. Which gives you more individual security and a more targeted approach to your expectations.

Click here to see the dedicated servers available on TMD Hosting

Joomla hosting, the effective anticipation of your needs

With more than 60 million downloads, Joomla allows novices to create and administer any website. No need for training or advanced technical skills, Joomla is very intuitive and is easily set.

This management system allows you to design articles, banners, RSS feeds, contact forms to integrate directly on your website and many more.

The free text editor, included in the software (RTE) is reproduced to look like that of Word and facilitate its use. Create and manage your site in the most natural way! If you are more experienced, enjoy the Joomla library with nearly 5,000 extensions.

All your needs are anticipated and a solution is available for any problem. Get guaranteed availability and fast, secure service. If you need help, many forums, created by the French community Joomla, are accessible.

Finally, easily create private spaces or administrative rights to regulate access and content integration on your CMS. TMD Hosting offers 3 plans according to your needs, with a special beginner plan (the most popular). A plan “buisness” (better value for money) and a more complex, for companies.

The promo code for the readers of Ghost Academy: ghostacademy

Click here to learn more about TMD Hosting’s Joomla Hosting

UNA hosting-customization pushed to the extreme

Ultra fast, easy to use and 100% reliable, UNA is the reference in terms of creating social networks. This CMS will allow you to create your community website as well as social networks or personalized collaboration centers.

The comprehensive UNA hosting offered by TMD Hosting uses a super fast SSD storage system with 3 layers of cache to ensure optimal security. Fully managed hosting to start your success right now.

Very accessible, UNA plans are available via TMD Hosting, according to three subscriptions. A “starter” option, a “business cloud” (the most popular) or a “cloud enterprise” more advanced.

UNA pushes the personalization of your mobile application to the extreme. Choose your logo, graphic design, style, text and domain name. Fully control, at each phase of the creation, the data of your site. Customize to infinity, without the need for specific coding skills.

The automatic updates of the application significantly facilitate the use of the UNA service. Boost your community with notifications, invitations, timelines and instant messaging.

With promotions, instantly benefit from a UNA subscription with its modules, integrations, plug-ins and all design models.

Get your own social network at a low price with the promo code: ghostacademy

Click here to know more about the UNA plans of TMD hosting

Hosting Prestashop-the essential ally of e-commerce

Want to create your online store in a few clicks? With Prestahop, nothing more simple! This e-commerce content management web application, marketed in France since 2005, has a proven track record.

Indeed, Prestashop won the Open Source Awards in 2010 and 2011. To become a best European player in terms of e-commerce, with nearly 125,000 shops created.

Does your business need a helping hand to take off? Prestashop is THE solution. TMD Hosting is responsible for installing the latest software from Prestashop or transferring your existing site for free.

Get dedicated support all the time, as well as new features like the Facebook module, orders, comments or other options, for free. 

TMD Hosting can also directly install the compatible theme that suits you and automatically update the updates as they go out.

Take advantage now of discounts on the 3 standard subscriptions available on TMD Hosting!

In addition to the basic promotions on Prestashop plans, there is the promo code for Ghost Academy readers: ghostacademy

Click here to learn more about TMD Hosting Prestashop Plans

Magento hosting-customize your site to infinity

Start your own ecommerce site with Magento right now. Get the latest version of Magento for free. Or if you already have a website on this platform, have it downloaded for free on your new hosting account.

Premium support, available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, inspires confidence and security right from the start. This e-commerce content management software is available as an annual subscription, with efficient and adapted technical support.

A service designed for companies that want to develop their medium and large scale projects. The catalog of Magento extensions is very diverse. Magento pricing rules allow users to create a wide range of promotions. Whether for the entire e-commerce or the creation of targeted discount coupons, for certain services or items sold online.

With over 150,000 sites created through this platform, customize your e-commerce to infinity, without worrying about technical constraints. Solutions that guarantee fast and ultra reliable hosting. Your imagination is the only limit!

And with this coupon code of 7% discount for the readers of this blog. You will be able to have Magento accommodation at a good price: ghostacademy

Click here to learn more about Magento’s plans at TMD Hosting

OsCommerce hosting, for online business professionals

TMD Hosting provides OsCommerce best practices for pre-configuring your web hosting plan for maximum performance and hassle free experience.

Created in 2000, OsCommerce is used by more than 80,000 professional sites worldwide, consisting of over 249,900 store owners and offers a series of core features that address the core needs of most online businesses.

A free solution, allowing you to deploy an online sales shop with no programming knowledge. Get essential features for your business, such as product and service catalogs, real-time order history and tracking, shopping cart management, address books, and more.

Carefully selected management plugins are added to this recipe. In starter version (most popular subscription), business (best value for money) or entrepreneur.

Be certain to find the option that will make your happiness and your success! OsCommerce relies on its large community of users and developers to constantly evolve and adapt to the needs of its users.

Click here to learn more about osCommerce hosting on TMD Hosting


So, convinced? Do not hesitate anymore and take advantage of the -7% with the promo code ghostacademy ! Choose from many subscriptions at unbeatable rates, to start now, and with ease. The website that will take off your project!

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