Best Toothpaste For Your Teeth

What is The Best Toothpaste For Your Teeth in 2019- Expert Guide June

What is the best toothpaste in 2019?


Do you also feel lost in front of the toothpaste section? You don’t know What is The Best Toothpaste For Your Teeth

With the brands that multiply the references, finding the right toothpaste seems to be more and more complicated! Complete protection.

Teeth whitening, anti-caries, fresh breath … we do not know which to choose!

To help navigate and make the right choice, here is our complete guide with our selection of the Best Toothpaste For Your Teeth, categorized and actions.

Best Toothpaste For Your Teeth

Do you need your oral hygiene? Dental care must be at the top of the list of health care, it is a necessity of daily life and the use of the best toothpaste for the needs of your mouth.

Just think that when people talk to you, they focus more often on your mouth. So why not give them something good to look at? If you have problems with negligence, people notice that.

I suggest that you check for rain on chocolate bars, red wine, coffee and swatters, but I’m not about to give advice that I can not follow.

Instead, I’ll give you the basic tip of brushing twice a day and a whirlwind of word-of-mouth after nibbling for a protective boost.

Some mistakes were made during brushing:

  • Rinse mouth with mouthwash after brushing (toothpaste contains more fluoride and mouth wash washes it)
  • rinse with water after brushing
  • immediately after eating it (may be damaged)
  • forget to brush your gums
  • Apply too much pressure (enamel so be light)

Your day begins and ends with brushing your teeth, so it’s best to find a toothpaste that you like.

Whoever tastes good and offers the protection you need. It is also easy to note that a short time a path – despite the free portions you see on the ads

The fundamental ingredient you need in all your toothpaste is fluoride, and then, depending on your concerns, look for it that is targeted at problem areas such as sensitivity or discoloration.

Fortunately for you, we have collected the best toothpaste to get the healthy smile below.

Best Toothpaste For Full Protection

Colgate Total Toothpaste Review

Image result for Colgate Total

Colgate Total Toothpaste is the perfect ally for a healthy, healthy mouth. Thanks to its clinically proven anti-bacterial formula.

It is able to fight and help eliminate any oral problems, be it a dental plaque or gum problems. It also reduces acid attack, tartar and tooth sensitivity.

While strengthening the enamel and making the whiteness natural to the teeth. Its formula is finally designed to act nonstop for 12 hours, enough to provide the mouth optimal protection all day or even all night.

Our impression

Colgate Total is one of the best toothpaste we can find for total action and full mouth protection. 

It acts effectively on all types of problems that can be encountered (plaque, tartar, gingivitis …) while making the teeth stronger and brighter. 

Its discreet taste also leaves a feeling of freshness in the mouth, for a breath always pleasant. 

Presented here in a batch of 5 tubes, it also has the advantage of being both practical and rather interesting in terms of price! A versatile toothpaste in which you can have complete confidence.

Integral Signal 8 Complete

Integral Signal 8 Complete

Signal Integral 8 Complete toothpaste has a formula specifically designed to combat the 8 most common oral problems. 

It, therefore, acts against cavities, plaque, tartar, and bacteria, but it also strengthens the gums and tooth enamel, while having a whitening action and leaving the breath fresh. Thanks to the presence of microbeads.

It is also particularly effective in the removal of dental plaque, these microspheres sliding indeed between the teeth. 

The presence of fluoride and pro-zinc guarantees finally a complete protection of the mouth which can last during 18h.

Our impression 

The Signal Integral 8 Complete is the perfect toothpaste for an overall protection of the mouth. 

Much more than just a traditional toothpaste, it actually improves oral health by tackling the most common problems, such as plaque and tartar, but also the sensitivity of the gums and teeth. 

The association between microbeads and ingredients such as fluorine and pro-zinc allow in addition to combining efficacy and long-term protection. 

With its mastered taste for fresh breath, it is a toothpaste that has everything to satisfy. The pack of 4 tubes presented here can even achieve small savings compared to a purchase in supermarkets!

Oral-B Professional Expert Pro Protection

Oral-B Professional Expert Pro Protection

Professional Expert Protection Oral-B Pro Toothpaste helps to better protect teeth with its unique formula, Stannous Fluoride Complex. 

By fighting against the appearance of cavities, tartar, and dental plaque, the teeth are indeed healthier from the first day of use, but also stronger: the erosion of the enamel is controlled, the sensitivity of the teeth is reduced and the gums are strengthened. 

It also makes teeth whiter by removing surface stains, and its extra-fresh mint aroma finally helps fight bad breath.

Our impression 

The Oral-B Pro-Expert Professional Protection is a toothpaste that acts concretely on the 8 most frequent checkpoints of dentists. 

Oral health is at the heart of its activities since it favors a global and comprehensive action, which covers both the health of the teeth and that of the gums.

On the other hand, we can not help noticing that the taste of toothpaste is not as pleasant and successful as that of competing brands and that it takes time to adapt before taking full advantage of the fresh breath. it provides. A good toothpaste, so, but only to focus if its price is worth it.

Best Organic Toothpaste For Teeth

Product BrandMain Ingredient
Natural Tea Tree Oil and Neem Toothpaste
​DessertEssenceTea Tree Oil, Neem, Baking Soda
Xyliwhite Cinnafresh Toothpaste
Now FoodsCinnafresh, Xylitol
Lemon Twist Earthpaste Toothpaste
RedmondRedmond Clay, Xylitol
Natural Whitening Tooth & Gum Powder with Activated CharcoalinVitaminActivated Charcoal, Bentonite Clay

Logona Daily Care – Fluoride-Free Toothpaste

Logona Daily Care - Fluoride-Free Toothpaste

Logona Daily Care toothpaste is an ideal alternative for anyone wishing to avoid fluoride-containing products when it comes to oral health. Made from natural products It also contains no preservatives, aroma and synthetic dye.

If the light foam that it produces thanks to these mineral particles helps clean pleasantly its teeth, extracts of chamomile resulting from the biological culture also have an anti-inflammatory and caring effect.

 Finally, with its minty aroma, it leaves an impression of freshness in the mouth, for a breath mastered.

Our impression

The Logona Daily Care is primarily intended for people who are looking for fluoride-free toothpaste.

Whose excessive ingestion can be dangerous for the body? Whether for adults or even children, this product is therefore perfectly in line with the specifications: in addition to helping to clean the teeth.

Its components are all natural and from organic farming. What to ensure a totally healthy mouth!

If the mint aroma, however, lacks a little response for breath really fresh, it is still a toothpaste as interesting as those found in the drugstore.

Cattier Dentargile – remineralizing toothpaste

Cattier Dentargile - remineralizing toothpaste

Cattier Dentargile toothpaste has a complex formula for the remineralization of teeth and against plaque. 

Enriched with clay, mineral compounds and anise essential oil.

Its organic ingredient and natural origin provide it with antiseptic and fungicidal properties while strengthening the tooth enamel and preventing the formation of scale. 

The presence of sea salt, rich in trace elements, also makes the gums more tonic and stronger.

Finally, for the taste, it is an essential oil of organic mint which was chosen, for the freshness which it brings to the mouth as to the breath.

Our impression

The Cattier Dentargile is a very good remineralizing toothpaste. Thanks to a carefully designed formula.

It is able to take care of teeth and gums in a more natural way than a traditional toothpaste.

It has little foam, is slightly corrosive and its mint aroma is rather mastered, which makes it really pleasant to use every day. 

To alternate, we can even specify that it is also available in organic lemon version, for gums better protected against bleeding.

With its fairly good price for an organic product (the price shown here worth a lot of 2 tubes). It is an effective and healthy toothpaste that really deserves interest.

Vademecum Bio Complete Protection

Vademecum Bio Complete Protection toothpaste provides an effective and natural response to all attacks that occur everyday teeth and gums. 

With its natural ingredients (99% of the total, including 10% also from organic farming), its enrichment in fluorine and its organic green tea extracts.

It takes care of oral health while respecting the organism and the environment. 

The teeth are particularly reinforced and the gums protected (increased sensitivity, regular canker sores, etc.). 

But for an immediate action, he also does not forget to give a feeling of freshness and pleasant breath thanks to its mild mint aroma.

Our impression

Vademecum is a trusted brand, known for many years to rely almost exclusively on the natural properties of plants.

With its Vademecum Bio Complete Protection, it offers an ideal toothpaste to combine complete action and almost 100% natural ingredients.

In addition, the mint and green tea taste are rather original while remaining pleasant. Although we may regret the presence of fluoride.  

It is still one of the most affordable and complete organic toothpaste. For people who want a more affordable but still healthy toothpaste.

Best Toothpaste For Whitening Your Teeth

ProductsTasteFluoride FreeSizePrice
Crest Complete WhiteningMintNo6.2 OZCheck price
Hello Oral Care Whitening ToothpasteSweet MintYes4.2 OZCheck price
Sensodyne ProNamel Gentle ToothpastePeppermintNo4.0 OZCheck price
Marvis Whitening ToothpasteMintYes1.4 OZCheck price
Crest Pro-Health HD ToothpasteMintNo4.0 OZCheck price
Opalescence Whitening ToothpasteCool MintNo4.7 OZCheck price

Elmex Sensitive Whiteness

Elmex Sensitive Whiteness

Elmex Sensitive Whitening toothpaste has a double action:

if it makes teeth naturally whiter by removing stains on the surface, it is also specifically designed for sensitive teeth. 

It protects and relieves them indeed, and is therefore especially for people with dental sensitivity.

 Its mild abrasive formula with amine fluoride is also gentle with the gums. Used daily, it guarantees the teeth a better resistance to the multiple aggressions (cold, sugar, etc.).

While allowing them to quickly find their natural whiteness.

Our impression

The Elmex Sensitive Whiteness is a toothpaste generally recommended by dentists to people wanting to find teeth whiter but unfortunately suffering from high tooth sensitivity. 

On this point, we can only agree with them: in addition to protecting the teeth (which is rather pleasant).

It manages to make them a more natural shade in just a few weeks of use. The whitening effect is also very natural and not excessive.

Another good point: the taste is sweet and it leaves a fresh breath! Presented here in a set of 3, it also has a great price. It is, therefore, a toothpaste at a very good price/quality ratio.

Signal White Now

Signal White Now

Signal White Now toothpaste is not whitening in the classic sense of the term: it does not contain any whitening agent that will gradually lighten the teeth as brushing.

On the other hand, for an instant whiteness effect, its formula has the revolutionary Blue Light technology. But how does it work? 

The toothpaste actually deposits on the teeth a blue pigment which directly neutralizes the yellow of the teeth to obtain a visual whiteness.

 Everything is, therefore, a question of optics: if the effect is temporary, it is obtained however from the first brushing, and to each of the following!

Our impression

The Signal White Now is not a whitening toothpaste like the others since it promises only an ephemeral whiteness of appearance, without acting on the spots that have yellowing teeth.

If this is a concept that must first be adhered to, the results are still talking, and each brushing: teeth are visually whiter, and after all, that’s what we expect! Beyond this aspect.

We can also note that the toothpaste is not very abrasive (and therefore perfect for sensitive teeth).

And that its Ice Cool Mint taste provides a real sensation of freshness in the mouth, for a very good breath. For instant whiteness, we do not do better than him!

Oral-B 3D White

Oral-B 3D White

Oral-B 3D White Whitening Toothpaste is not unique and comes in a full range of care, which not only makes the enamel look natural but also helps to strengthen the teeth.

The 3D White Luxe is for example formulated from microcrystals that are able to remove up to 100% of surface stains, to provide protection for 24 hours against the appearance of new spots, with a smooth elimination for do not damage the enamel.

 For people who have a fragile enamel, the 3D White – Enamel Protection is the ideal solution because of thanks to the active mineral complex present in its formula.

It combines the previous action with a protection of this enamel to make the teeth to both stronger and whiter. Finally, with the 3D White – Sensitive Teeth,

Our impression

With this Oral-B 3D White range, you can really find the best whitening toothpaste! What we particularly like is that the brand takes into account the fact that people who want to find whiter teeth do not necessarily have strong and healthy teeth. 

With Enamel Protection or Sensitive Teeth, we can combine two actions at the same time, which is a real advantage. 

In terms of effectiveness, each of his toothpaste has left us a good impression, our teeth have visibly cleared, but as they fight the daily tasks, their effect is not definitive and it is obviously necessary to use them regularly for continue to enjoy this newfound whiteness. But as they are able to protect the enamel at the same time.

Marvis Whitening

Marvis Whitening

Marvis Whitening Toothpaste is made from a carefully crafted formula, which includes a cocktail of ingredients that can gently reduce various tooth colorations.

 With fluoride, he can handle tea, coffee, and tobacco stains to make teeth whiter, but it also prevents cavities, tartar, and plaque.

 With its subtle aroma of mint, it also guarantees incomparable freshness for a pleasant breath that lasts all day. 

Designed as a true aesthetic product, it finally comes in a neat package, with a carved cap, to proudly display in the bathroom.

Our impression

Marvis Whitening is the top of the range whitening toothpaste. If we immediately identify the codes in the design of its tube, we also see the difference in price.

Which here corresponds to only one tube, unlike other products presented. However, in use, it is a toothpaste that keeps all its promises. 

Gentle with tooth enamel, it protects them effectively while making them visibly whiter and more attractive during weeks of use. 

The sensation of freshness in the mouth is also more pleasant and really makes you want to never stop using this toothpaste. A product almost “luxury” in a universe that does not count much!

Best Anti-Caries Toothpaste For Your Teeth

Elmex Anti Caries

Elmex Anti Caries

The toothpaste Elmex Anti Caries contains in its formula of the olafluor, a specific fluorine which helps to protect effectively against the appearance of caries. 

It develops indeed a homogeneous film around the teeth which stops all the attacks, and especially the acid attacks.

By attaching directly to the enamel, this protective film also serves to remineralize the teeth, especially areas where the enamel has already suffered damage. 

If the teeth are then more resistant to bacteria, they also become whiter due to the elimination of surface stains. 

The breath is not forgotten either because the mint aroma leaves a pleasant freshness in the mouth.

Our impression

The Elmex Anti Caries is a toothpaste that must be given time to act.

If the teeth first appear to be visibly whiter with plaque removal, their strengthening is noticeable only after a few weeks of use. 

Remineralization is effective and it makes them less sensitive (cold, for example), and above all, the action of olafluor protects them perfectly well against the appearance of cavities. 

In addition, the minty taste of toothpaste is certainly classic but it has the advantage of leaving behind a fresh breath. 

An anti-caries toothpaste that is, therefore, to recommend to all people who need to strengthen the protection of their teeth.

Signal Protection Caries

Signal Protection Caries

Signal Protection Caries toothpaste helps protect teeth from cavities with its fluoride and calcium-rich formula. 

Used daily, it remineralizes tooth enamel and therefore strengthens them.

In addition to the better fight against acid attacks and bacterial attacks. Which cause caries, the teeth are gradually less sensitive, especially cold, for example. 

Its formula also helps to repair the invisible damage already present on the teeth, to escape the visits too recurring at the dentist.

Our impression

The Signal Protection Caries is the classic anti-caries toothpaste that is simple, effective and very affordable. 

He focuses on one mission, and he does it pretty well! The teeth are reinforced, less sensitive to attacks, and no more decay comes out by surprise! 

On the side of taste, we can once again trust the brand that offers here a discreet aroma but enough to leave in the mouth and breath a pleasant feeling of cool.

We might have liked an extra action (like a natural whitening of the teeth, for example), but for the price (it’s still here a pack of 3 tubes), it’s definitely a toothpaste at Very good value for money.

Best Anti Plaque Toothpaste For Your Teeth

Oral-B Pro-Expert Intense Cleaning

Oral-B Pro-Expert Intense Cleaning

Oral-B Pro-Expert Intense Cleaning Toothpaste uses cleaning microcrystals to make teeth healthier and stronger. 

With each brushing, these microcrystals dissolve and act directly on the surface stains, for an efficient and visible cleaning. 

Thanks to the presence of stannous fluoride.

The feeling of cleanliness doubles in addition to a real protection against the different problems that a mouth can meet.

That is to say in particular the tasks and the dental plaque, the tartar, cavities, erosion of enamel, gum problems, increased sensitivity or even bad breath.

Our impression

The Oral-B Pro Intense Cleaning Expert is a rather complete anti-plaque and anti-tartar toothpaste. 

In addition to tackling these problems, in particular, he is also very good at managing other forms of tooth aggression for good oral health.

As stated by the brand, the microcrystals inside the paw dissolve very quickly, and although we can feel them on the teeth during the first contacts.

They do not cause any friction or unpleasant sensation. The mint taste is finally also a success: staying in the classic is often the best option for a real feeling of freshness! An effective toothpaste, for a well-protected mouth.

Anti-Tartre Signal

Anti-Tartre Signal

Signal Anti-Tartre toothpaste has a formula based on mineral salts and active fluorine, known for their ability to help the teeth to strengthen.

 Thanks to a stronger enamel, the latter is particularly less prone to cavities. 

But this fluoride also limits the formation of dental plaque, and especially, to curb the calcification of teeth, that is to say, the appearance of this famous tartar. 

Without it, the teeth are visibly cleaner, and in contact with the tongue, undeniably smoother.

It is finally accompanied by a minty taste to offer a feeling of freshness with each brushing and leave a breath pleasant.

Our impression

The Signal Anti-Tartre is a toothpaste that does exactly what we ask. We could blame him for being content with the minimum, that is to say, eliminate the tartar and fight against the appearance of caries, but as it does effectively and cheaply (it’s a lot of 4 tubes that is proposed here).

It is typically the kind of toothpaste that can be used alternately with another product, for whiter teeth for example. 

The mousse is light, the aroma is pleasant, and the dough does not cause any problems on the gums. With all these qualities, it is, therefore, quite a targeted action toothpaste that can be recommended.

Best Toothpaste for Sensitive Teeth And Gums

Elmex Sensitive

Elmex Sensitive

Elmex Sensitive toothpaste offers a triple action to effectively protect the most sensitive teeth and gums. 

At first, it cleans by using the amine fluoride contained in its formula to build a protective layer around bare dental collars. 

In a second time, still thanks to the fluoride, it reinforces the teeth by helping them to protect themselves from caries. 

Finally, in a third time, it cleans the dental plaque thanks to fine particles which eliminate it gently. Used daily, the sensitive teeth defend themselves better, whether against the cold, the hot, or even the touch.

Our impression

The Elmex Sensitive enjoys the reputation of the brand that is known to always offer effective and well-developed toothpaste. 

Here, again, we appreciate its targeted action, in three stages, although we must still admit that it does not succeed in providing a feeling of freshness after brushing.

But as it is specifically designed for sensitive teeth and gums. It is especially the sharp reduction in sensitivity that must be highlighted.

Thanks to a good protection of bare dental collars. Combining efficiency (even on cleaning) and attractive price (here in a pack of 3), it is a toothpaste that has enough to satisfy.

Parodontax Fluor – Gingivitis Toothpaste

Parodontax Fluor - Gingivitis Toothpaste

Parodontax Fluor Toothpaste has a formula specifically designed to stop recurrent gingivitis and occasional bleeding of sensitive gums. 

Thanks to its fluoride enrichment, it strengthens the teeth. Which fight better against the appearance of dental plaque, which accumulates, is responsible for the onset of gingival problems. 

With its unique blend of 6 herbs and minerals. It is also able to tone the gums to reduce redness, swelling, and bleeding. For optimal results.

It must obviously be associated with a toothbrush with soft bristles so as not to attack the gums.

Our impression

The Parodontax Fluor is the toothpaste to recommend to all people who suffer from bleeding gums.

 If the presence of fluoride in its formula makes it possible to fight against the attacks that the teeth undergo. It is the one with 70% of mineral salts which plays a very important role in the reinforcement of the gums. 

After a few weeks of use, it is again possible to eat in a sandwich without getting hurt or bleeding! 

The rather salty taste that goes with its composition is quite surprising at first use, but not unpleasant as far as freshness and breath. For these good results on the gums, it is, therefore, a toothpaste that can only advise.

Vademecum Fluor and Plants

Vademecum Fluor and Plants

Vademecum Fluor and Plante’s toothpaste, with its bi-fluoride formula, is specifically designed for people with sensitive teeth and gums. 

Indeed, while fluoride helps to strengthen tooth enamel and therefore to better resist attacks, many plant extracts soothe the gums quickly, from 7 days.

With healing sage, antiseptic thyme, soothing lemon balm, and protective echinacea, the gums are effectively protected from all bacteria in the dental plaque.

The plants also come to give a discreet taste toothpaste, different from the traditional mint, but just as effective for a fresh breath.

Our impression

The Vademecum Fluor and Plants is a toothpaste for sensitive teeth and gums that have adopted an effective formula. 

The action of fluorine is indisputable to strengthen tooth enamel and make them less sensitive to attack (cold, hot, caries, etc.).

While the judicious addition of plant extracts, characteristic of the brand, brings even more defense against dental plaque, responsible for most gum problems. However, although the taste is fresh and sweet,

It does not stay long enough in the mouth. Nevertheless, and even if the 7-day argument is difficult to verify, it is a toothpaste that proves its effectiveness on long-term use: oral health is strengthened.

Best Toothpaste for Bad Breath

Signal Pure Hale

Signal Pure Hale

Signal Haleine Pure toothpaste does not just mask bad breath. Thanks to its formula enriched in fluorinated microspheres.

It releases during the brushing antibacterial agents that directly attack the causes of this bad breath. 

The mouth is then purified of microbes and bacteria responsible, and it is a sensation of intense and lasting freshness that settles in the mouth.

 But since a toothpaste must also clean the teeth, the presence of fluoride guarantees both a good removal of dental plaque but also a strengthening of the enamel. 

The mouth is healthy, stronger, and above all, very fresh.

Our impression

Signal Haleine Pure is a toothpaste against bad breath that plays perfectly well its role.

The microbeads contained in the paste dissolve at the beginning of the brushing and leave behind a sweet and fresh taste, very different from a “frosty” aroma that can sometimes sting and be unpleasant. 

The sensation of fresh in the mouth is present, and it is pleasant for oneself as for others. 

Presented here in a pack of 3, it is also a very affordable toothpaste, which deserves the title of good value for money. In addition to providing effective cleaning, it fights the symptoms of bad breath, and that’s exactly what we’re looking for!

Colgate MaxFresh

Colgate MaxFresh

Colgate MaxFresh toothpaste has cool crystals for long-lasting breath. Soluble, these crystals disappear from the beginning of the brushing to refresh the mouth but also to clean it. 

With the help of the fluoride present in the formula, they fight the bacteria responsible for the development of bad breath while protecting and boring the teeth, to help them better fight against the various attacks they suffer (such as acid attacks, for example). 

With its frosted mint aroma, it finally gives a feeling of freshness in the morning or for the night, which goes beyond the simple pleasant breath.

Our impression

Colgate MaxFresh is the brand’s reference toothpaste for bad breath problems. By combining cool crystals with a basic formula for effective tooth cleaning.

We arrive at a product that delivers on its promise. And although the frosty mint taste is quite traditional.

It is still very effective to get fresh breath and pleasant. After several weeks of use, teeth are not really whiter as toothpaste boosts, but at least plaque is removed. 

Although it is slightly more expensive than the Signal, its direct competitor, it remains, however, a toothpaste with proven effectiveness.

Best Whitening Toothpaste For Smokers & Coffee Drinkers

Denivit Anti-Spots

Denivit Anti-Spots

Denivit Anti-Blemish Toothpaste is a product that has been specially developed for smokers. 

Thanks to its cleaning complex, it effectively eliminates dental plaque and tobacco-related stains, and the results are quickly visible:

the teeth are up to 2 whiter shades. The presence of fluoride also strengthens oral health, protecting both teeth and gums. 

Its intense aroma of freshness also makes it possible to mask with each brushing the breath of tobacco, enough to make sure to have a fresh breath before going to bed, for example.

Our impression

Denivit Anti-Spots is a reference in the toothpaste market that specifically addresses smokers. 

Its formula focuses largely on the elimination of tasks (which can also be caused by the consumption of coffee or tea).

And although the bleaching is content with 2 shades, the result is seen. Beyond this characteristic, he also takes care of oral health (reinforced teeth, gums protected), which allows him to become a toothpaste that can be used daily.

Its targeted action certainly makes it a little more expensive than a basic toothpaste, but the price is reasonable to find a smoother smile!

Kontrol – Powder toothpaste

Kontrol - Powder toothpaste

Kontrol toothpaste is a different toothpaste since it comes in the form of a powder. After pouring a small amount into the palm of his hand and putting it on his toothbrush, however, it acts as a real whitening toothpaste. 

Even with its mild formula that protects the enamel, it is able to remove stains caused by nicotine, coffee, tea or even red wine.

Its formula also removes plaque and reduces the appearance of tartar. Although powdered, it finally has a mint aroma to provide fresh breath with each brushing.

Our impression

Control is a whitening toothpaste for smokers quite surprising since it does not take the form of a dough like the others, but is stored in powder form.

It is perhaps also this conditioning that makes it so effective: after a few uses, the teeth are already visibly whiter, and when it is used daily.

It really avoids the progressive yellowing due to nicotine, especially. Gentle with teeth, it is also protective and fresh, which really makes it a well-designed toothpaste. 

You just have to learn how to properly dose the amount of powder, not to use too quickly the 30 grams of the pot!

Best toothpaste For Children Teeth

Cattier Organic Child Toothpaste

Cattier Organic Child Toothpaste

Cattier Enfant Bio Toothpaste has been fully formulated to please the youngest and reassure parents.

With its natural and organic ingredients (aloe vera, vitamins, and minerals).

It takes care of the first teeth of children respecting enamel and gums for good oral health from the first brushing.

Without fluoride, it poses no health risk to be swallowed by the smallest. Moreover, with its taste of raspberry. He knows instead to be greedy to be appreciated by all and finally want to brush your teeth every morning and every night.

Our impression

Cattier Organic Child Toothpaste is the perfect toothpaste for all parents looking for a fluoride-free product to avoid any risk to the health of their children.

Especially with its natural and organic ingredients, it does not lack effectiveness and cleans the teeth properly while preparing a healthy and healthy for the future. 

The raspberry taste is also an undeniable asset, since from 2 to 6 years (the recommended age range).

It generally pleases both boys and girls. An excellent quality/price ratio compared to other organic toothpaste for children.

Signal Kids

Signal Kids

Signal Kids toothpaste is for all children between 2 and 6 years old. 

Its fluoride dosage has indeed been adapted to the teeth of small, and it allows both to enamel for stronger teeth without risk in case of ingestion.

With its calcium and vitamin E, the fortification of enamel to fight against caries is not the only field of action because it also protects the gums from bacteria. 

Proposed in a strawberry taste, it does everything to please the children so that parents install without problem the ritual of brushing teeth.

Our impression

The Signal Kids is a toothpaste for children designed to charm both children and parents.

If the kids focus especially on strawberry taste very soft and pleasant in the mouth, parents are reassured by noting that the fluoride rate is reasonable.

And that the action of the various active ingredients is aimed primarily at strengthening and protecting the teeth.

Presented here in a lot of 3, it also has a rather attractive price, which makes it a reasonable choice.

Ideal for parents who want a simple. Healthy and good toothpaste to convince their children to brush their teeth twice a day!

Oral-B Pro-Expert Stages

Oral-B Pro-Expert Stages

Oral-B Pro-Expert Stages toothpaste wants to convince children to brush their teeth while having fun. 

With his characters on his tube, he combines perfectly with the electric toothbrush Oral-B Stages Power which has the same heroes on his sleeve.

With a formulation that respects the health of 2 to 6 years (reduced fluorine concentration), it helps to clean, protect against caries and strengthen the teeth.

But it is especially its fruity taste and Disney characters that will interest the youngest and will convince them to brush their teeth without complaining. What give them easily good habits!

Our impression

The Oral-B Pro-Expert Stages is a children’s toothpaste that has everything you need to please children and parents. 

The fruity taste, close to the aroma of sweets, is a delight for the little ones, and the formula, less rich in fluoride but just as protective and fortifying, corresponds exactly to what the parents are looking for. 

Some characters on a tube, however, it is still not enough to really interest a child, so we must also consider the purchase of the corresponding electric toothbrush to find a true full play experience. 

A good toothpaste for children, therefore, but does not reach its full potential when used alone.

How to choose your toothpaste?

The action of toothpaste

For the health of your teeth, choosing your toothbrush is important, choosing your toothpaste is just as important. 

But with the brands that multiply the references, sometimes difficult to make a choice.

Whether you are looking for an action in particular or just want to pay attention to the composition of toothpaste, here is a guide to the main criteria to consider when buying toothpaste.

The action of toothpaste

All toothpaste, from the most basic to the most complete, have one and the same main mission: purifying the mouth and fighting bacteria.

 If it is mainly through them that oral health passes, some still go further and offer more than just cleaning.

 It is for this reason that the type of toothpaste is the first characteristic to be determined when making a choice. What action is needed? 

There are many, ranging from simple tooth whitening to cavities protection or even tartar.

The complete protection toothpaste

It is the most comprehensive toothpaste, one that provides total protection of the mouth, whether teeth or gums. 

It guarantees a healthy mouth every day fighting the 8 main problems encountered: it reduces the appearance of cavities, plaque, tartar, and bacteria.

While strengthening the most sensitive gums and damaged enamel, in guaranteeing a whitening action and leaving behind a fresh breath.

It is, therefore, the most balanced toothpaste formula. It is intended for people who do not want a specific or targeted action, but rather a complete protection. 

By the way, organic toothpaste usually has the same overall action on oral health.

The cleansing and protective toothpaste, with targeted action

The cleansing and protective toothpaste, with targeted action

Several kinds of toothpaste offer targeted actions against certain problems, such as anti-caries toothpaste, anti-plaque, and anti-tartar toothpaste, or toothpaste for sensitive teeth and gums. 

They then all have a formula adapted to act more particularly on this problem:

The remineralization of teeth allows them, for example, to better defend against attacks (whether it is sugar or even cold), the presence of fluorine tends to better protect bacteria, etc.

It is usually the dentists who indicate when to go to a targeted-action toothpaste rather than a complete care toothpaste. This helps to put an end more quickly to the problems encountered to find a healthier mouth.

Fresh breath toothpaste

It is the toothpaste designed for people who tend to have bad breath, whether waking or for the rest of the day. 

While most toothpaste typically offers a minty taste to provide a feeling of freshness in the mouth after brushing.

This one goes further by ensuring several hours of freshness, thanks to soluble crystals that dissolve in the mouth during brushing, for example.

While some bad breath toothpaste attacks the bacteria and germs that cause this problem directly.

It’s important to note that most people are often happy to only cover this bad breath. For a long-term solution, do not hesitate to consult a dentist.

Whitening toothpaste

Whitening toothpaste

It is the toothpaste that mainly deals with making teeth whiter when the shade has been tarnished by nicotine for the smoker, or even tea and coffee for other people.

There are two types of whitening toothpastes: those that clean the enamel on the surface to remove stains, and those that play with colored pigments to reduce the yellow tint.

If the first have a progressive action and the second offer an immediate solution, both are against effective against a smile more brilliant.

Toothpaste for children

The action of toothpaste for children is very basic (cleaning and removal of bacteria), but it is still an important toothpaste, especially for children under 6 years. 

It contains less fluoride than in a normal adult toothpaste And this is essential since too much fluoride ingestion can be dangerous for the health of the young. 

And we all know that they tend to always swallow some of their toothpaste!

The composition of toothpaste

It is also important to look at the composition of toothpaste. Before making your choice. You must check the fluoride level (which must not be the same depending on the age of the toothpaste user).

But also make sure you are not allergic to any of the components (since yes, allergy to toothpaste exists!). Knowing what is made of the toothpaste we use will make it easier to use.



The fluoride content of toothpaste is often the characteristic that consumers are most interested in. It is also easy to understand why:

if fluoride, or fluoride, helps strengthen tooth enamel and thus prevent the development of caries, it is also a mineral element that should not be ingested too much.

Large amount since it can be dangerous for the nervous system.

Most toothpaste on the market currently offer formulas between 1000 and 1500 ppm of fluoride, which is a dose that is large sufficient to have a significant effect on oral health without impacting the body. 

(Note that some brands express this value in mg, which corresponds to 100 / 150mg for 100g of toothpaste.)

The higher this value, the more the toothpaste is considered effective. The fluorine content can also go up safely up to at least 2500 ppm. 

However, the dose of fluoride should not be the same at all ages, especially for children.

Indeed, when they are less than 6 years old, the children are in a phase of mineralization of the dentition, and to bring them too much fluorine during this phase can cause the appearance of tasks on the teeth (what is called a fluorosis dental). 

It is therefore mainly for this reason that the brands offer toothpastes suitable for small: in their formula.

The fluorine content does not exceed 250 to 500 ppm (25 / 50mg per 100g) to avoid any excess. Before 6 years, it is therefore preferable to use a specific toothpaste for children, unless it is organic since organic toothpastes tend not to contain any fluoride in their formula.

Other active ingredients

To verify that the chosen toothpaste has the effect indicated, we must also turn to the rest of its formula. 

Generally, when you are neither a scientist nor a doctor, it is very difficult to know the action of active ingredients present. 

To see more clearly, here is the role of those found most of the time in the composition of toothpastes.

  • Fluoride and zinc : They allow the remineralization of teeth, to fight against cavities.
  • The different forms of potassium : Whether chloride, nitrate or potassium citrate, they participate in the desensitization of the gums and teeth.
  • Zinc : Zinc citrate and zinc chloride have antiseptic powers, to fight against bacteria. The same goes for triclosan.
  • Pyrophosphate : It is an anti-scale agent, it prevents its appearance.
  • Silica and alumina : They make it possible to better clean the teeth and come in addition to the toothbrush in the removal of dental plaque (calcium carbonate also has the same effect).
  • Chamomile, sage and arnica : The natural anti-inflammatory properties of these plants help to fight against gum problems (swelling, bleeding, etc.)

Allergies to toothpaste

Allergies to toothpaste

Knowing the composition of a toothpaste, it also serves to know if we are not going to be allergic to it. Because even if it is quite rare, it is indeed possible to have allergic reactions to the use of a toothpaste. 

However, this is not a problem that prevents your whole life from brushing your teeth: generally, the allergy comes just from one of the ingredients used in the formula.

Toothpaste has several possible allergens, fluoride being one of them. For people with allergies, the use of a toothpaste bio, without fluoride, is mandatory. 

In the different formulas adopted by the brands, other ingredients can also cause allergies, such as propylene glycol, for example, sodium benzoate or betaine Cocamidopropyl. 

Finding an allergy to toothpaste is very simple. Itching or pimples may appear around the mouth after brushing and spread to the chin, nose or cheeks. 

The recurrent inflammation of the gums, with or without formation of canker sores, may also be a sign of an allergy to the composition of the toothpaste.

Beyond the allergy, we can also remember that like any hygiene product and cosmetic, the toothpaste can contain endocrine disruptors, that is to say, toxic products capable of interfering with our hormonal system. 

These disrupters, such as butylparaben and propylparaben present in some toothpaste, should be avoided as much as possible.

 This is also the case of triclosan, which is, in addition, an antibacterial which, used in high doses, could become useless against the microbes become resistant.

The experience of using toothpaste

Finally, to properly choose your toothpaste, we must look at the brushing itself, what is called the experience of use. 

If it is largely a question of personal taste, like the aroma or the fact that it does not foam too much, it is also necessary to take into account the abrasiveness of the dough, to be sure to always keep an enamel in healthy.

The abrasiveness

The abrasiveness

By nature, all toothpaste is abrasive. This is indeed what allows them to take off some of the plaque or remove the stains on the teeth to make them whiter. 

However, this abrasiveness fluctuates according to the products, and it must, therefore, be chosen according to the expectations of your toothpaste.

People who already have sensitive teeth or damaged enamel should choose a mild toothpaste, while those who want effective cleaning should turn to a product that has a relatively high abrasiveness. 

This abrasiveness tends to wear the teeth, it is advisable not to use these during all brushing.


To choose the right toothpaste, it is obviously also necessary that the taste, please.  On this side, the brands do not really originality, since the majority of kinds of toothpaste are under a variety of mint aroma.

If this is the taste used by almost all manufacturers. It is especially that it has the advantage of leaving a feeling of freshness in the mouth and give a pleasant breath. 

However, we must pay attention to some tastes more chemical than others.

Sometimes, menthol aroma is a little too much like a drug, and brushing teeth is then much less pleasant!

In addition to the taste of toothpaste, we can also talk about its texture, its ability to foam or not, and the presence inside microbeads. 

If here everything is a matter of preference. We can still note that it is preferable when a toothpaste is not too liquid. (to control the amount on the toothbrush – no bigger than the nail of the ‘auricular’).

That it is inevitably more practical when it does not foam too much, and especially, that the presence of microbeads can annoy some people to the teeth much more sensitive.

To choose your toothpaste, these are also small features that must be kept in mind!

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