The Best Iron in 2018 - Here's Our Choice

The Best Iron in 2018-Here’s Our Choice

The Best Iron in 2018 – Here’s Our Choice

As with many small appliances, the first rule of buying a new iron is not to assume that the quality of the machine necessarily rises with the price.

We have analyzed steam irons in all price ranges and discovered that some models. Though not as well equipped. They can remove wrinkles just as effectively as their more upmarket counterparts.

Secondly, you have to decide on the type of iron you need. Steam units are designed to pump steam continuously – and in abundance – but they also tend to be much more expensive and cumbersome than conventional irons.

In addition, we found that some of the best traditional irons are not so far behind when it comes to generating steam.

Following a review of our list, the Philips GC2040 / 70 iron takes its place in the category “Our Choice” of the Cloudy thanks to its remarkable quality/price ratio. Prices posted have also been updated.

Calor FV9788C0 Iron Steam Ultimate Anti-Calc

Calor FV9788C0 Iron Steam Ultimate Anti-Calc

A high price justified

Calor’s Ultimate Iron offers the best performance among its models on the market. The exemplary heating time and the high precision sole are major assets.

The Ultimate FV9788C0 iron from Calor is the perfect ally for ironing. If it is so popular.

This is because it has a great steam power – one of the most important you can find on the market – and so it can overcome the folds and fabrics usually the most recalcitrant. 

This quality is guaranteed to last over time thanks to the self-cleaning soleplate which avoids scaling problems and prolongs the life of the device.

With an almost instantaneous heating speed, this iron is clearly made for those who do not have a moment to lose.

 Ergonomics is put forward with a long cord for large linen and a perfectly acceptable weight. 

The Calor Ultimate is not our first choice because of its slightly higher price. It is rather recommended for professionals who iron at a high frequency and therefore need a large capacity of steam. 


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Philips GC204070 Easy Speed Plus 2100W

Philips GC204070 Easy Speed ​​Plus 2100W

The best iron for linen

The Philips EasySpeed Plus iron is offered at an excellent price. It has simple and intuitive features, is simple to handle and makes ironing pleasant.



The EasySpeed GC2040 / 70 iron from Philips. The leading manufacturer of household appliances is a very good quality equipment.

Thanks to the many features it has, it even allows beginners to quickly iron the laundry. 

This simplicity of use is accentuated thanks to the design of the tip of the iron, thought to save you time.

It is a triple precision tip that operates with absolutely uniform heat distribution and continuous steam flow. These options make this iron a very pleasant tool to handle which greatly facilitates the work.


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Philips GC3810 / 20 Azur Performer 2400W

Philips GC3810 / 20 Azur Performer 2400W

A powerful iron – Ergonomics to review

The Azur Performer iron offers state-of-the-art features. The materials used and the location of the trigger, however, could have been better chosen.



The Azur Performer GC3810-20 iron combines power and ease of use. Much more than a simple conventional iron.

The iron offers very interesting features that invariably make us want to iron longer, something usually unthinkable.

The bet is held: Ironing is much less painful thanks to this ingenious function of automatic control of the steam. 

Your iron adapts to your needs and adjusts the temperature of its sole and its flow of steam according to the surface to be ironed, to avoid the risk of burning clothes but to, instead, protect them.


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The purchase of an iron must take into account its durability

Ideally, your iron should have a comfortable handle and should not be too heavy to hold, to avoid the premature fatigue of your arm during long periods of ironing.

A light ironing machine reduces the risk of accidents and allows you to always be in shape at the end of your chore.

This is must have a thin, slender outsole, which can easily reach the underside of buttons. And tight pleats, be scratch resistant so that zippers cannot do any damage to your smooth slip surface.

Your dream iron must have also a long cord. As well as an easy-to-see water level and an accommodating reservoir for easy refilling.

Security options are just as important if you tend to be distracted or have children. If you live in an area where the water tends to be well tainted, make sure your iron is resistant to limescale.

In truth, you will realize that only one iron can hardly fit all your criteria. Make yourself a hierarchy of your priorities and read our guides to find the one that suits you best.


Our choice

philips gc204070

Philips EasySpeed Iron offers the best balance of price and performance among all the models we’ve tested.

Philips GC204070 Easy Speed Plus 2100W

Philips GC204070 Easy Speed ​​Plus 2100W

The best iron for linen

The Philips EasySpeed Plus iron is offered at an excellent price. It has simple and intuitive features, is simple to handle and makes ironing pleasant.

The EasySpeed GC2040 / 70 iron will meet the expectations of many users because.

It has respected a reasonable price-quality ratio for very simple and intuitive features. First, it emits a continuous stream at a rate of 30 g / min to allow you to eliminate recalcitrant creases.

It is even possible to raise the steam to 100 g / min through the pressing effect to overcome all your annoyances. It is an option that also allows a vertical smoothing of quality.

This form of wrinkling has many advantages, especially for the less obvious parts to iron: tablecloths, shirts, fragile fabrics …

Just hang the garment or the room in question and hold your iron parallel to them to broadcast a constant stream on the whole fabric. Wrinkles leave more easily and you can spare your wrists.

The tank of this iron has a capacity of 270 ml: it’s up to you to see if this figure seems reasonable. 

Keep in mind that with these types of devices, which constantly emit steam, the water level can drop quickly.

Beyond that, we found that this iron promised to stand out thanks to its particularly non-stick sole.

The brand tells us that an optimal glide is guaranteed under all types of textiles, even the most unpleasant. This is an important point if you do not want to put too much effort into your ironing.

Moreover in addition to this perfect glide. The steam emerges uniformly from the sole of the iron. So that the textile is humidified in a similar way.

This is a point which, again, has the advantage of making it easier for you. The garment will have no trace of loupé or irregularity and you will obtain a professional result.

Despite this constant stream, do not worry! This iron is equipped with an anti-limescale slide that aims to properly evacuate the residues. 

The limestone forms deposits that pile up in every corner and that can cover all your surfaces and leave traces if you do not pay enough attention. 

There, you will not have this problem since, thanks to this ingenious system, you can even use tap water without a problem.

We advise you, as the manufacturer, to carry out a complete cleaning once a month.

They simply by launching the descaling function planned for the occasion. We guarantee you an optimal use, whatever the type of water used!

To avoid traces and other damage to the clothes and fabrics you care about the most, you’ll be happy to know that this device is also equipped with a drip-free system. 

This one is ideal because, as its name indicates it. The iron does not allow any drop to filter by the sole of the iron nor to any leak to come to spoil your work.

This is a very useful function that will allow you, for example:

to iron your most delicate clothes at low temperature with confidence.


If you like to manage the wetting of your fabrics during ironing and want to focus on a particular crease.

do not worry! Just use the spray built into the iron, which acts as a fogger and dispenses the appropriate amount of water. Nevertheless, rest assured.

you can still moisten your fabrics as you like because, thanks to the power of 2100 W of this iron, the steam flow is high and continuous.


Finally, it seems important to stress one last crucial point, which is surely the most skillful selling point of this iron. 

It has a tip called “triple precision”, that is to say, it is tapered.

This is extra fine and its shape is very ergonomic. 

It was actually designed to help you reach the most complicated clothing areas: collar, shirt buttons, etc.

Pros and cons

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A powerful iron but ergonomics to review

philips gc 381020

The Azur Performer promises better performance but its ergonomics are not as good as the Easy Speed.






Philips GC3810 / 20 Azur Performer 2400W

A powerful iron – Ergonomics to reviewPhilips GC3810 / 20 Azur Performer 2400W

The Azur Performer iron offers state-of-the-art features. The materials used and the location of the trigger, however, could have been better chosen.




The Philips Performer iron from Philips is a rather disconcerting simplicity of use. It has characteristics quite common.

But it has a few more than making it very pleasant to take in hand. Professional performance, sleek design, significant energy savings, easy handling … Many arguments that have seduced us.

For the small essential technical details, know that it has a steam flow of 40 g / min and can go up to 150 g / min on you choose to use it in pressing mode. 

This feature is particularly suitable for fragile clothes, less convenient to iron or very wrinkled which require the first care and therefore a vertical steaming.

 Hang the piece in question and let the steam do the rest!

If you are used to ironing, you know that it is difficult to save water, especially if you consume a lot because of a high steam flow. 

The tank of this iron has a very respectable capacity of 300 ml, which allows you to not have to go back and forth to your kitchen or bathroom every five minutes.

But the very interesting point of this device is, without a doubt, its sole.

We explained it earlier: it is equipped with innovative SteamGlide Plus technology. The brand promises us with a glide just outstanding on all fabrics, a fast ironing and a result worthy of the laundry professionals. 

Moreover, it will be noted holes distributed very evenly over the sole that are responsible for evacuating the steam perfectly uniformly. The distribution is thus precisely dosed.

You could, of course, ask yourself if, with this ability to evacuate as much steam.

Your iron will not become clogged and get covered with limescale in just a few uses.

Think again! This iron is equipped with a double action system that is very effective against scale. 

The anti-limescale function is very simple and intuitive. You will not have to worry about the life expectancy decrease unjustly because of limestone. 

You can also use pellets provided for this purpose. So your iron will never leave unsightly white marks on your clothes. 

With all these innovations, the iron lasts longer and therefore has a better quality-price ratio!

In addition, the control of the steam is automatic. Just make sure you check the labels on your clothes to see what temperature they need to be ironed, adjust accordingly and the automatic steam control does the rest.

 To complete this presentation, the iron also has a tip Triple Precision.

So you have a perfect mastery of the slightest of your movements and get the best visibility.

Ignore the buttons and other annoyances of ironing! Its tapered tip, outsole, and ergonomic shape make it a real asset. Everything has been thought out to make you appreciate the ironing.

The Azur Performer GC3810-20 iron has a power of 2400 W. Which means that its heating time is also optimal. 

In a few seconds, the iron is ready to use. Despite these performances, know also that it will allow you to save energy up to 20%.

Which is a major selling point, it must be recognized.

To finish presenting this device, keep in mind that, despite its features, it has remained manageable and very easy to use. 

Its weight has been thought to be optimal.

So you can easily vary between the flat position and the heel without any effort. 

Maneuverability is finally a major argument since your wrists will be spared and you will not feel any pain after your ironing!

Pros and cons


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Quality at its price – Calor’s “ultimate” iron

Calor FV9710C0 Steam Iron Ultimate 2800W

Calor FV9710C0 Steam Iron Ultimate 2800W

A high price justified

Calor’s Ultimate Iron offers the best performance among its models on the market. 

The exemplary heating time and the high precision sole are major assets



The Ultimate FV9710C0 iron combines a cocktail of technologies devised by the brand Calor to help you achieve, in two easy steps, an optimal result.

 Ironing will no longer be a puzzle and your pile of clothes will be reduced visibly!

As for the more technical details, there is a lot to say. 

The iron has a continuous steam flow of 55 g / min. 

The “boost” steam function is super powerful, raising the flow to 210 g / min: this is an element to take into account. If you are fans of vertical steaming with this function pressing.

Note that the power of the iron is 2800 W, a very correct level. With all these essential features for a good iron.

You will no longer need to fight to remove these famous creases. As for a shirt, for example, all you have to do is suspend it on a hanger, opt for a maximum steam flow and proceed with this famous vertical steaming. 

The work is simplified because you just have to get the garment and smoothed iron and iron it much more simply.

As mentioned earlier, the sole of the iron is self-cleaning. It is equipped with Calor’s patented Durilium Autoclean technology. 

Thus, it has a catalytic coating itself invented by the brand, which has concentrated a lot of innovations to offer us the best possible user experience.

 Thanks to this combination of technologies, everything has been designed so that no stain is formed on the sole: it is of better quality.

This is a better resistance and therefore a longer potential life.

 It must be admitted that, thanks to these characteristics, ironing is more serene and that we are no longer afraid to burn to clothe inadvertently.

We must also say a word on the glide of the sole, which is simply optimal. 

No hitch on a garment, you do not have to force on the wrist to get the desired result, the most difficult tissues are let control …

Continuous vapor diffusion is another major asset: it comes out of both the tip, the side, and the center. 

In addition to making smooth movements, everything is done so that you do not have to insist on a crease. 

The steam will indeed soften the fibers and help you. In this household task usually so painful and tends to make us reluctant and dragging feet. 

Calor promised us a new experience, which could even make ironing pleasant: the bet is held!

Another essential element to take into account when you decide to buy an iron: the capacity of its tank.

It can hold 350 ml of water and is additionally equipped with a large opening, allowing you to fill and drain without constantly putting it aside. 

Thanks to this capacity, finish the permanent round-trips to fill your iron.

You save time since you are no longer obliged to stop constantly to fill.

You should also know that when you use a larger flow of steam, the water level goes down obviously faster, it’s mathematical.

 It is better to avoid that it is too much for the user with this big tank.

What about limestone? We all know that limestone can cause damage to all appliances that exist. 

It accumulates, it piling up our equipment, it shortens their lifespan, it lodges absolutely everywhere, in every corner, it leaves indelible traces on our clothes …

In short, it is our enemy number one. But Calor, to avoid all these problems, has integrated into this iron an anti-scaling system and a setting to combat it. 

Coupled with an ingenious anti-drip system, you do not have to worry! It has indeed many advantages: it avoids leaks and unwanted traces that the sole could leave on clothes.

Pros and cons


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