The Best Electric Coffee Makers Review 2018

Best Electric Coffee Makers Reviews 2019

Best Electric Coffee Makers Reviews 2019: COMPARISON OF THE BEST MODELS 2019


Coffee is an instrument of socialization. At work or with friends, what better than to tell our week around a good coffee. 

But at home, do you have a coffee maker that really suits you? The filter coffee machines have not finished to win us over with their sure value. 

We will see in this top 5 the best existing models. What are you waiting for to fully inform yourself by reading the following, in order to better choose the coffee maker that suits you?

Wondering which is the best electric coffee maker in 2018? The one that will make you every day the best filter coffee to start your day?

Looking for a programmable machine to have your coffee ready. When you wake up and/or an isotherm to keep it warm for many hours? 

In this buying guide we have sorted for you: reviews, price comparisons of the Best Electric Coffee Makers to know which filter coffee maker to choose.

The need of every coffee lover is very varied. A coffee maker should be chosen on the basis of information gathering if you do not want to spend money that might cause you to regret your decision after the purchase. 

Above all, you need to learn how to control the information about the brewing time. The number of cups and the dosage of the water. In the situation where you do not have time to read our entire shopping guide and products from our top list.

Here are the ten best models based on our analysis. Bosch TKA6033 offers a deep infusion. It has a large capacity that can serve up to 15 cups and comes with a top for the flavors.

Melitta 6613648has a programmable function. It is able to start in an automatic way and its capacity is considerably high, reaching even 12 cups.

Comparison of the Best Electric Coffee Makers Reviews 

Owner of a home appliance store, I regularly visit customers looking for a good coffee maker. In this regard.

 I offer them all the models that I have and everyone goes to the one who fits his personal expectations. 

As I own a coffee maker at home, I appreciate the importance of taking the time to make an informed choice. It is with this in mind that I established this top 10 for you.

1.Philips HD7546 / 20: A coffee maker that keeps coffee warm

1. Philips HD7546 / 20

The Philips HD7546 / 20 is a machine that combines elegance and efficiency.

 This coffeemaker is therefore ideal for those who seek perfection on both the beverage.

That will certainly be rich in aromas and flavor, as the performance and design of the device.

The Philips HD7546 / 20 is equipped with a stainless steel double walled insulated jug. 

This feature gives the device a very high capacity to maintain the temperature. 

The insulated carafe made of stainless steel was created with the best materials available. It is therefore unbreakable in addition to its ability to retain heat for more than 2 hours.

 Indeed, with its double wall, the Philips HD7546 / 20 produces a coffee at 65 ° C minimum after 2 hours. Also, the carafe is able to preserve the aroma of your beverage.

This is made possible by the presence of a convenient lock on the insulated carafe. This convenient addition makes use even easier. 

Thus the container preserves heat and scents even once it is removed from the coffeemaker.

So you can enjoy rich aromas of coffee with each preparation thanks to a flow of concentrated water that can extract all the scents of the black elixir.

Also, with its stop-drip system, you will not have to wait until the machine has extracted all the coffee. 

You will be able to serve a cup of coffee at any time before the end of the complete coffee brewing cycle.

 You also have a water level indicator that makes it easy to fill the water tank without overflowing.

The machine is also easy to integrate into any kitchen with a spare cord stored in the cord storage compartment on the back of the coffee maker.

 And for added safety and to optimize energy saving, the machine has been equipped with an automatic shutdown system.

 So, once your coffee is ready, the machine turns off automatically while the insulated carafe keeps the coffee hot until you use it.

Made in China, this coffee machine promotes innovation and sustainable development. 

Indeed, in terms of power consumption, the Philips HD7546 / 20 is one of the machines that consume the least with a tension of 220 – 240 volts. As for the capacity of its water tank, it is 1.2l.


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Pros :

  • Unbreakable stainless steel jug that keeps coffee hot for hours.
  • Brews coffee in only 10 minutes
  • Shuts off automatically after coffee is finished brewing
  • Intuitive design and functionality
  • Makes delicious coffee!

Cons :

  • The water reservoir is not detachable (some people like having this option)
  • May require an adaptor for plug depending upon where purchased


2. Moulinex FG150813

Moulinex FG150813

For those who yearn to enjoy their favorite beverage with maximum caffeine, this is the model for you. 

Indeed, the brand Moulinex has put all the benefit of ease of use in this model for the delight of coffee lovers. 

Available in a larger version, the Moulinex FG150813 coffee machine offers us only a quality coffee but also in quantity adapted to all needs.

With a unique design, the Subito mini filter coffee maker is a compact coffee maker with great ease of use on its built-in functions. 

The device is able to supply up to 6 cups of coffee at one time. This is made possible by its maximum quota of 0.6 liters. 

Its power of 600 Watts is also significant. Also, for more security, the coffee maker is equipped with an automatic shutdown system that activates after 30 minutes of inactivity. 

The on/off buttons are bright and easily accessible to allow you to stop the coffee cycle whenever you want.

You will never have difficulty filling your water tank as it is designed so that you can see the level of the liquid being poured. 


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The installation and filling of the coffee filter are also facilitated. Indeed, the filter holder is pivoting and removable. 

The Moulinex FG150813 also has a Stop-gout that gives you the opportunity to remove the jug cleanly and before the end of the cycle. 

With its sober black and stainless steel color, the device will adapt to all kitchens and with great elegance.

Note however that it is not very advanced by contribution to new inventions in this area but its performance remains appreciable which earned him its privileged position on the market.

3.Krups F1830110: A nice little coffee maker

Krups F1830110:

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I was delighted to find a practical and ergonomic product. Indeed, it is rare to find a coffee maker of this type, of very small size. 

This machine works perfectly. But the white color, no friend with coffee, gets dirty quickly …

I recommend you to choose the black color model! In addition to being more elegant, it will be easier to maintain. 

The design is in my opinion really successful. The coffee is ready relatively quickly. I found in him a very good price/quality ratio for such a coffee maker easy to use. Indeed, it is quite this kind of model that I aspire to make you discover in my comparatives. 

It’s really a good product, classic functions but very good quality. It is a cheaper model than the equivalent models in other brands. In summary: a functional and practical product in use and maintenance.

4. Bosch TKA6034: A very practical coffee maker

Bosch TKA6034

I recommend this coffee maker Bosh who has made the difference. One of his big positives is that his tank is removable

If in your small apartment your coffee maker is positioned in height, this can be really practical: more embarrassment to put water without spilling next!

In addition, in terms of hygiene, you can wash the tray outside the coffee maker. Since I have it.

I have only done a limestone cleaning once and it works as well as at the beginning of my purchase. 

Like all products of the German brand known and recognized, it is only happiness. The manufacturer is robust and the color is nice. 

I found its design much more up to date than the Melitta coffee maker in this comparison. It is a very simple model of use and ideal for big morning coffees. 

Just like the Philips model, this coffee maker can keep your drink warm. The stop drops really work, not to dirty the heating part. And last but not least, this Bosh machine makes an excellent coffee that flows ultra fast. What else?

5. The best coffee maker Dolce Gusto

Dolce Gusto

You really have to be a coffee lover to believe at first that this Delonghi apparel is a coffee machine. 

If we refer to its innovative design, we would not say at all. 

Yes, the brand gives you the opportunity to drink a quality coffee produced by a high tech coffee maker. 

The latter has a versatile system which is used to make a hot or cold coffee depending on what the user wants. 

This is a great first, and it is Delonghi who gives it to you. In addition, its touch sensor facilitates its programming which is done in two or three movements. 

Despite its relatively high price-to-price ratio of 3.5 kg, you will enjoy many other advantages of this machine, like its XL function, its drip tray setting on 3 levels and its high power of 1500 watts.


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Pros :

  • Multifunctional system
  • Adjusting the drip tray
  • XL function
  • Touch sensor
  • Innovative design

Cons :

  • Too expensive
  • Heavy weights


6. The best cafeteria Keurig


Having a coffee Keurig is simply the apotheosis. It’s actually a quality material that has a modern design and staggering performance. 

It does not even question to question its quality because it is a worthy product of a world-renowned manufacturer. 

In addition, you will enjoy buying and using this coffee maker, because it is very easy to program.

 Its dashboard is at the front and the different functions are clearly summarized so that you can access it in an instant. 

For nighttime use, Keurig has provided powerful lighting on the side. Moreover, its cleaning is very easy to perform. 

Each piece is removed and easily replaced. On the other hand, it should be noted that it is a machine not only expensive but also quite heavy. 

It still weighs 6.21 kg and its size is considerably robust to limit space saving in the kitchen.

Pros :

  • Modern design
  • Very easy to clean
  • Easy programming
  • Lighting 

Cons :

  • Heavy weights
  • Expensive
  • A bit bulky

7. H.Koenig MG30

H.Koenig MG30

To satisfy your desire to enjoy a good coffee to start your day, we advise you to buy an H. KOENIG MG30 coffee maker. 

Your wish is brought by hand by programming your H. Koenig MG30 coffee maker in advance. 

Convenient and easy to use with a large capacity, the H.Koenig MG30 gives you the best coffee when you wake up. For those who like simplicity and comfort, this model is very suitable.

As a programmable filter coffee maker, it has an LCD display that displays the brewing moments. With its 1.8 liter tank, it can provide you with up to 20 cups of your favorite beverage. It is further equipped with the keep warm function and automatic stop when the brew stops. 

The filter holder is pivoting and removable as well as the non-slip foot all this for more security. Regarding the design and quality of the material, note that the body of the device is stainless steel which ensures a rustproof effect. 

The carafe for its part is graduated glass. It has a power of 1000W while its dimensions are 36.5 X 17 X 19 cm with a weight of 2.4 kg.

So, if you are looking for excellence, this coffee maker is ready to bring you both in terms of aromas and design.

8. Homgeek


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This programmable machine can supply up to 12 cups at a time. Also, with its functions at the forefront of technology. 

Making coffee has never been easier. Armed with the latest inventions in the field of the coffee machine. Homegeek continues to give us much more satisfied with our caffeine needs to face the day.

Homgeek is a programmable coffee maker with the easy-to-use digital display. The device is also fast and economical.

With its programmable timer function up to 24h, you can enjoy your aroma-rich coffee as soon as you wake up.

 The Homegeek is also equipped with the thermos system that keeps your coffee at a temperature of 78 ℃ nearly 2 hours after draining. It goes off automatically after 30 minutes and goes into the isothermal mode. 

Also, thanks to its reusable filter, you will not need to change the filter after each use. However, you can use paper filters. 

It has a capacity of 12 cups, with a time of 10min to finish the percolation. So you can fully appreciate the procedure with transparent water level indicator.

This coffee maker is under 24 months warranty on the market. Already widespread in many homes, the Homgeek filter coffee maker is a hit in the coffee machine market.

9. Bosch TAS2002 Tassimo

Bosch TAS2002 Tassimo

Still looking for the best coffee maker? This fully automatic Bosch coffee machine may be suitable for you.

 Very easy to use, you press on the single button with 4 indicator lights to make it work. 

This unit features unique patented T DISC technology that automatically adjusts the temperature, water volume and preparation time.

This system also triggers the automatic shutdown of the coffeemaker once your drink is ready.

With manual mode (longer or shorter), you can customize your drink. Multifunctional, this machine can be used to prepare 13 different hot drinks, including coffee, espresso, cappuccino, coffee cream, hot chocolate, tea, infusion and latte macchiato.

For a convenient and simplified use, this coffee maker with a power of 1600 Watts and a pressure of 3.3 bar is composed of a water tank with a capacity of 1.5 liters (12 cups) with a light water level. 

For proper operation, it is equipped with a descaling indicator, a cleaning capsule, a descaling program, and automatic cleaning. To help save energy in your home, she offers a standby after 20 seconds after percolation.

If you want to know which is the most powerful coffee maker, this Bosch TAS2002 Tassimo is a model to consider closely. Powerful and with a tank of great capacity, it is practical in many ways.

Pros :

  • Capacity: Its tank holds 1.5 liters of water. He will be able to prepare 12 cups.
  • Very wide choice of drinks: 13! That’s the number of kinds of drinks that this coffee maker can concoct. Coffee, hot chocolate, tea, all your hot drinks by one device.
  • Easy to use: It has only one button. In one click, the coffee is done automatically, without the need for additional settings. 

Cons :

  • Low pressure: The 3.3 bars are not enough for a good espresso.
  • Cheap pod: The price of a cup of hot drink ends up expensive.

10. The best Nespresso coffee

The best Nespresso coffee

It is a machine of 3.22 kg and whose size is small enough to fit easily in a kitchen. 

It costs 2 times more expensive than others, but its purchase is not a loss.

Equipped with the monoblock and a pressure pump of 19 bar it is specially adapted to the Nespresso system with coffee capsules. 

Have you ever found what it is? It’s easy! We are talking about Krups XN Nespresso coffee machine.

It incorporates the automatic ejection function which is very convenient for ejecting the used capsule in a tank that can hold up to 9 to 11 capsules.

As for its water tank, it is removable and has a capacity of 0.7 liters. Moreover, you will have no difficulty in moving it or cleaning it. Its different parts are indeed removable and it has a handle strong enough to move from one point to another.

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Pros :

  • Easy to clean
  • Ergonomic handle
  • Automatic eject function
  • Compact

Cons :

  • Expensive
  • Heavy

Best Electric Coffee Makers – Buyer’s guide

It is often difficult to decide on the purchase of a Electric Coffee Makers especially with the multiple ranges of choice that are on the market. Indeed, more and more brands offer new products all as interesting as each other. 

These machines all have features that are increasingly powerful. To better help, you make your choice we suggest you find in the following lines of key elements to know what suits you most.

The different types of Electric Coffee Makers


Classic Electric Coffee Makers – the simplest coffee system!

The classic filter coffee maker is probably the best-known coffee maker in the world since the beginning of the last century. Very easy to use, she asks that you put your ground coffee in a paper filter (of which Melitta is the most famous brand). Simmering water comes pouring and flows around the ground coffee by the effect of gravity. The coffee is thus collected under the filter in your cup or jug. Note that it may be a more or less long process. 

For the record, this is Mrs. Melitta Bentz, a German housewife who had the idea in the early 20th century to pass the coffee through a blotting paper to make the coffee less bitter compared to what it was. 
There are many types of filter paper that vary in shape (conical, corrugated), size (number of cups), strength and compatibility. Most are paper and disposable, although there are reusable nylon filters for example.

Programmable filter coffee maker – what’s the point?

To overcome the slow preparation of coffee machines with a conventional filter, programmable coffee makers were invented. This type of coffee machine has the great advantage of being able to start the preparation of your coffee at the time you have agreed (up to 24 hours in advance in general). Very useful therefore for those who wish to have their coffee ready in the morning without having to wait!

Isothermal filter coffee maker – to keep your coffee warm for a long time!

You make coffee in the morning around 9 am but want to have it for the whole morning? Opt for an insulated coffee maker that will allow you to have hot coffee whenever you want. Depending on the coffeemaker, you can have hot coffee until 8 am after its preparation! 
Another case where this feature can be very useful: you do not know what time exactly you wake up on weekends but want a coffee ready and hot at the time of the survey? Opt for a programmable machine with isothermal carafe. For example, you set your preparation for 8 am and the coffee will be kept at a good temperature for many hours.

Coffee maker without the filter … or rather with a permanent filter

Paper filter coffee makers have the disadvantage of having to use filter papers every time you want to make a coffee. This represents a certain cost of use in addition to some manipulation: put the filter and remove it afterward. In addition, if you run out of paper filter: you will not be able to make your coffee … 
For this reason, some manufacturers have created permanent filters that will simplify the use of your coffee machine. It will nevertheless be necessary to clean this filter regularly. 
Kenwood makes a permanent filter coffee maker, click here to find out. You can also buy at a good price a permanent filter in stainless steel to put in almost any filter coffee maker.

Filter coffee maker with a grinder? Yes, it exists!

Did you know that there are even filter coffee makers with a built-in grinder? This type of coffee maker contains a coffee bean hopper at the top with a grinder that grinds coffee beans during its preparation. The quality of the coffee is therefore improved because it allows having freshly ground coffee.

How to recognize a good electric filter coffee maker?

The ideal filter coffee maker has the following features:

  • keep the coffee at a good hot temperature for many hours
  • has a stainless steel pourer
  • has a jug whose capacity satisfies you
  • ease of handling and operation

Cheap coffee maker?

Compared to coffee pods/capsules (proprietary system), filter coffee makers are less expensive to buy and use. Price variations between models are mainly related to features such as programmable features, the capacity of the jug and the type of material used: stainless steel, glass or plastic. 

The different types of filter coffee makers

Thanks to the development of new technologies, coffee machines are making a name for themselves on the market. 

Always more efficient, each machine is able to bring us satisfaction provided we know exactly our needs in this area. To do this, it is essential to know the different types of coffee makers.

First, there are traditional classic coffee makers or filter coffee machines. It is widespread and appreciated for its ability to prepare large quantities of coffee. 

Programmable filter coffee makers are equipped with a coffee brewing time programming system. You can customize this function to your needs. 

They are obviously automaton on the ignition and the stop according to the programmed schedule.

Then there are the ordinary espresso machines. Very popular with people who love espresso, this type of appliance allows you to enjoy the full flavor of coffee with a more pronounced taste. 

This is made possible by the percolation system which is a method using high-pressure steam to brew ground coffee. 

The cup of coffee is obtained after a few minutes and do not involve filters.

Coffee machines with pods or capsules have a certain similarity with the espresso machine. They use the same percolation systems and offer the same quality of coffee except that it works with capsules.

In addition, permanent filter coffee makers are generally very practical and very economical. You will not actually need to change filters after each use.

 However, despite the fact that the meshes are woven very thinly, it can not match the fineness of the paper filters. Ground coffee particles may pass through the filter and the cup result will be somewhat uncomfortable.

Finally, you have coffee machines with a built-in grinder that can produce coffee from grains. 

Thus, they are equipped with a built-in grinder which gives you the opportunity to enjoy the aroma of a very excellent grinding method.

How to choose the best filter coffee maker?

To choose the right coffee filter, it’s important to know what’s right for you. You have to take into account the elements you expect from a coffee machine but also the type of beverage you want to drink.

For those looking for quantity and speed, you must take into account the volume of coffee produced. 

Prefer machines that pour 2 cups because in general, they are able to produce up to 1.5 L of coffee at one time. But filters are also important in this area.

It is also very important to learn about the heating and brewing system because to be able to enjoy your as you want in the morning. The way your machine infuses your grind plays a big role.

We also know that it is always better to drink our hot coffee. So for a complete satisfaction keeping warm the contents of the carafe must hold our attention.

For connoisseurs, it is advisable to choose the coffee makers with built-in grinders that provide more freshness to your grind. For those who want more simplicity, programmable coffee makers are preferable.

How to properly maintain your filter coffee maker?

Whatever type of coffee machine you have, it is essential to maintain it well. Whether capsule or automated, to preserve and maximize its shelf life, it’s all about how you care for it. 

Note that builders do not approve of cleaning these machines with the in-house methods of using water and vinegar. 

They advise instead to use their cleaning products. However, there are bases that must absolutely be applied to keep your machine in good condition. What must be done for this?

Use tap

water Mineral water has a reputation for altering the taste of coffee. So for your preparations, prefer the tap water, ideally filtered, it avoids the deposits of limestone. 

The biggest brands like Krups, Melitta, Jura, propose us to use a filter cartridge to fix in the tank to avoid the phenomenon of scaling.

Clean monthly

External elements such as drip tray, grounds container, drip tray are cleaned with dishwashing liquid and a sponge. It is best to wash them every month or more often.

To prolong the life of your coffee machine, clean your coffee machine properly. Also, turn off your coffee machine when you are not using it. Nowadays most coffee makers turn off automatically after a few minutes of inactivity. 

This function is not only for saving energy but also for extending the life of your machine. Indeed it decreases the frequency of use of the device and allows it to always work as if it was brand new.

Always empty your carafe after use. Many people leave their coffee indoors for long periods of time without realizing that it is not very good for the coffee maker. 

Moreover, it favors the deposit of dark spots and filthy layers at the bottom of the carafe. Tasks that are very difficult to remove.

How to use a coffee maker?


The traditional preparation of coffee was done according to various conditions. Nowadays, it is more convenient to use a coffee maker.

There are thousands of models, but the principle remains the same. There may be steps that you must know about the use of your machine.

How to use a coffee maker

Choose your coffee

This is certainly the first step of all preparations. The coffee can vary according to its consistency, its country of origin or its method of manufacture. Even if it is contained in a hermetic box, you will be able to feel it by making it pass delicately under your nose.


Use the filter of the machine

It is always best to use the coffee maker accessory. All you have to do is pour in the coffee you need, add hot water and you’re done. Using this gadget will give you a better taste and a more flavorful aroma. As for the Bosch TKA6033, its filter system offers a swivel function that makes it easy to use and wash.


Check the water temperature

The addition of hot water is simply by pouring into a specific receptacle. Other than coffee. You should check its heat. It should not be cold, lukewarm or boiling. Be aware that the infusion is done at a temperature of 90 to 95 ° C, below that of boiling.


Opt for the right dose

You could measure the amount of coffee using a pod in the machine and a scale on the tank. This value will, however, depend on the number of cups you want to serve.

Turn on your coffee maker

You should put it near an electrical outlet without having to move it every time. If your device does not have an autostart system, simply press the Power button. Usually, it remains very visible. If there is no indication, it is usually red in color, not hard to find.


Wait patiently

The preparation can take a moment depending on your machine. It is best to wait until your coffee is completely gone to then remove the cup and serve it. Do not open the containers wrongly and through for impatience. This could lead to a loss of flavor or even a malfunction of the system. What you need in this case is the Krups YY1540FD Nespresso Essenza which has an automatic shutdown system.


Set the flow

On some machines, it is possible to adjust the flow of liquid coffee to the cup. This is not an eruption like the faucets but simply drops. You just have to operate a mechanism, a button for others, and look closely in the cup or coffee maker, increasing or decreasing its flow

coffe maker

Do not forget the filter

If you prefer the use of paper filters, have the reflex to remove it after each use. Its forgetfulness in the machine could create alterations as to the taste for the next use of the material. This could cause limescale or other unpleasant substances that could affect your health or the device.


Clean your machine

After use, the final step is cleaning. Pour water into the tank and start the machine. You can also remove the filter and wash it outside. This will allow you to keep the taste of your coffee. In the case of the Philips HD7546 / 20, its interior is easy to disassemble and is dishwasher safe.


Easy to use, the electric filter coffee machine has been added, in recent years, many features: programmable, isothermal, without the filter,…

It’s up to you to choose according to your needs which filter coffee maker to choose. Depending on your needs, you will find the best filter coffee maker for your home.


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