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SiteGround Reviews User & Expert Reviews 2019-PROS & CONS

SiteGround is a Bulgarian company launched in 2004, of course, by university students. Since then they have not stopped growing and now they have 400 employees and they lodge more than 1 million domains. They offer a service completely in Spanish and it seems that they are here to stay.

They are one of the few providers that offer availability guarantees on their servers (uptime). On their website, they ensure that the support team is available 24 hours a day, every day of the year. It seems that they are a lot about the loading speed, they offer one of the fastest services.

There is a lot to process and SiteGround promises many advantages. But is all this true? That’s why we have done several tests and tests to the SiteGround hosting that will help you decide if it is the best option for your website or there are better alternatives.

SiteGround is the hosting where the web of your life is hosted, and after this time together I tell you my opinions about it. If you are thinking of changing hosting or hiring a new one, I’m sure you’re interested 😉

SiteGround Services

  • Shared web hosting
  • Accommodation in the cloud
  • VPS hosting
  • Dedicated accommodation
  • Accommodation of resellers
  • Domain names (Tucows reseller, Openprovider, Enom)

SiteGround offers many different types of services. In addition to the well-known cheap shared web hosting and domain names, there are a lot of other options. This includes faster hosting in the cloud, as well as virtual and dedicated servers. In addition, SiteGround offers customized services, customized servers for large companies.

Besides, when browsing the SiteGround website, I saw some additional features – all free and available to everyone. They are the following:

Knowledge Base and Tutorials

Knowledge Base and Tutorials


SiteGround Discount

Fully customized and updated tutorials, the SiteGround knowledge base is a very useful tool in case of doubt. With 70 categories and more than 1,000 articles, it also proves to be very extensive.

The same can be said about SiteGround videos and textual tutorials: there are many and completely updated. A new generation of web developers could undoubtedly use them to learn and improve professionally.

I have seen Siteground opinions that the knowledge base has been very useful in solving particular issues of functionality.

Website builder Weebly

Website builder Weebly

Weebly is one of the best website builders currently available. In SiteGround, it comes pre-installed! The constructor is very easy to use and has a lot of functionalities. You can choose one of the stock templates by default or download a third-party.

Free transfer of the website

Free website transfer


SiteGround Discount

Changing sides is very easy now. Transfers of assisted websites are fast and free. This means that you can easily start with SiteGround – and the whole process is very simplified.

It seems that SiteGround views that you care about people looking for the easiest and safest way to create your website. Of course, as mentioned above, there are a lot of plans for users with different levels of experience. However, there are additional features, such as the free transfer of websites, an easy-to-use builder and an extensive base of tutorials. As a goal, the company tries to take care of newcomers and small businesses. Therefore, to test your services, it makes sense to choose a shared hosting plan for SiteGround.

What is included in the SiteGround packages?

There are three plans to choose from.

included in SiteGround packages

  • StartUp   – standard single-site plan with basic SSL.
  • GrowBig   – medium and unlimited size website plan. with the added protection, more frequent backups and priority customer service
  • GoGeek   – the largest shared hosting plan available. It offers more power per user and better capabilities for electronic commerce.

There are a lot of things that are worth noting about each of these plans. The main characteristics of these three options are shown in the following table.

Disk space limit10 GB20GB30 GB
Bandwidth limitWithout measuringWithout measuringWithout measuring
How many domains are allowed?oneUnlimitedUnlimited
SSD or HDD used in serversSSDSSDSSD
SSLSupported, included in the package (Let’s Encrypt)Supported, included in the package (wild card)Supported, included in the package (WildCard + PCI DSS)
Anti-DDoS protectionSupported, included in the package (CloudFlare CDN)Supported, included in the package (CloudFlare CDN)Supported, included in the package (CloudFlare CDN)
Antimalware protectionIncluded (server level)Included (server level)Included (server level)
E-mail accountsUnlimitedUnlimitedUnlimited
FTP accountsUnlimitedUnlimitedUnlimited
Website creatorIncluded (Weebly)Included (Weebly)Included (Weebly)
Website templates50+50+50+
Transfer of assisted websitesGratuitousGratuitousGratuitous
Automatic installerIncludedIncludedIncluded
Automatic installation scripts300+ (  Softaculous)300+ (  Softaculous  )300+ (Softaculous)
Money back guarantee30 days30 days30 days
Customer Support24/7 live chat, ticket, phone24/7 live chat, ticket, phone24/7 live chat, ticket, phone
Choice of server locationYesYesYes
Free automated backupsDo notYesYes

SiteGround quality hosting

Well, I do not think it’s necessary to re-emphasize it, but I’m going to do it in case there is someone who does not know SiteGround yet.

You could say that there are three hostings leagues:

  1. The bad ones: they are usually those that offer free hosting or at an exaggeratedly cheap price. You can expect from them depending on what you pay. If what you pay is zero or thirty euros every five years, do not expect quality service.
  2. The regulars: its price is not extremely low and the quality is not as bad as the previous ones, but they do not reach the level of the hostings of the next league.
  3. The good ones: they are hostings with some characteristics of first quality, and their price goes according to what they offer. They are made to host professional websites that cannot afford constant failures.

Obviously, SiteGround plays in the league of good hostings, because everything it offers is quality:

  • SSD storage
  • 10GB of space in the lowest plan.
  • 99.9% activity.
  • Daily backups
  • Free Let’s Encrypt SSL Certificate.
  • Unlimited subdomains.
  • Unlimited emails
  • WordPress auto installer and other CMS.
  • Free WordPress migration.
  • Latest versions of PHP.
  • cPanel to manage your hosting.
  • Anti-hacking security.
  • 24h support in Spanish by phone, chat, and tickets.
  • Etcetera Etcetera.

I’m not going to roll over on this issue because it is obvious that it is in the first division.

If you want to see all its features, you can take a look around its website.

As far as prices are concerned, it is common practice among many hosting companies to show their prices in a “monthly” manner. However, these figures are normally only available by choosing the plan with the longest possible period, for example – four years. If you choose a shorter period, the monthly price increases. This is how SiteGround does it:


SiteGround Discount

You can see something quite similar here. There is a monthly plan that costs only € 3.95, but in addition to that, you would also have to pay a $ 12.00 setup fee.

Although, the 12, 24 and 36-month plans have the same monthly price. With the condition of paying the full package in advance. These are the general prices that you would have to pay for each plan:

Period / Payment PlanStartUpGrowBigGoGeek
1 month$ 19.30$ 32.00$ 38.66
3 monthsNot available.Not available.Not available.
6 monthsNot available.Not available.Not available.
12 months$ 57.95$ 93.65$ 173.51
24 months$ 114.71$ 187.31$ 347.03
36 months$ 172.06$ 280.96$ 520.54

* Prices already include VAT.

First impressions


The first thing that attracts attention is the little disk space. 10GB in the StartUp plan is fine, but 20GB and 30GB in the other plans are not so good. If you are looking for a web hosting provider with the aim of storing your files, it is better to look elsewhere.

All plans not only support SSL certificates – they also include one, which is a great advantage. Let’s Encrypt SSL is a very good addition to the ‘StartUp’ plan. However, it should be remembered that such a certificate is free and you are not saving anything. That said, the ‘GrowBig’ and ‘GoGeek’ plans include a more advanced wildcard SSL. The latter also adds the PCI DSS (Payment Security Industry Data Security Standard), which ensures the processing and transmission of data without problems of customers’ credit cards. It is very important for companies looking to sell online.

In terms of DDoS protection, each plan includes CloudFlare CDN. Like the Let’s Encrypt SSL certificate, it is now available for free to everyone. But it is very nice to see that SiteGround makes greater security easily accessible to everyone.

I also realize that each plan is using SSD drives. This shows that SiteGround servers are updated with the latest technology and that low disk space can be justified in some way.


You can not buy SiteGround services for less than 12 months. They can only be bought for 12, 24 or 36 months, which is not ideal. However, the monthly price does not change – you will pay the same price regardless of the subscription period.

Once the initial package expires, you will have to pay the monthly renewal prices. They will be  $ 7.95 for ‘StartUp’, $ 12.95 for ‘GrowBig’ and $ 23.95 for ‘GoGeek’.

SiteGround customer service

SiteGround customer service

SiteGround Discount

Many SiteGround analyzes mention their customer service. Many of them agree that it is one of the key strengths of the company. In order to see if it really is as good as they say, I’ve tried customer service myself. First of all, SiteGround tries to direct customers directly to its knowledge database. However, if this does not solve our doubts, all its support channels are relatively easy to reach. There are three main types of customer support that SiteGround currently offers:

  • Live Chat
  • Ticketing
  • Phone

The “Support” menu of SiteGround is the site that tries to guide you to the best possible option of customer service.

Once chosen, you will be in contact with a SiteGround customer service representative. This is how they acted when I tried to contact them:

Phone service evaluation

Depending on your IP location, you will be provided with an appropriate phone number to call. The line I called took about 40 seconds to explain my initial options and only 15 seconds to connect.

They said it was the “first in line” – I do not know if it would be true or not but the waiting time was great. The representative who was with me was very courteous but was not an expert. However, after a while, we were on the same page and everything was very fluid. In general, with spectacular waiting times and good call quality, this is an appropriate option for people who like this type of support.

Ticket service evaluation

The essential thing that I was testing here was about the response times. The faster they respond, the more appropriate it is to send a ticket instead of making a phone call or communicating via chat.

Ticket service evaluation

As you can see, it only took them 2 minutes to respond. That is considerably less than the 10 minutes of response time they promise, usually a fabulous result.

Chat service evaluation

While testing the SiteGround chat service, I had to evaluate three things. First, wait time. The shorter the waiting time for a representative to appear, the better. Second, I expected the customer service agent to be an expert: it does not make sense to talk to someone who can not help you.

And finally, I was evaluating human contact. People who contact customer services often go a little lost do not know what to do or have no idea what to choose. A person capable of maintaining a respectful, but familiar and friendly posture would be perfect. This is what I discovered:

In terms of wait times, SiteGround was phenomenal. Less than 1 minute of waiting in the 10 of the chats I’ve had at various times of the day and week. A video below shows how little you have to wait until you connect:

Chat service evaluation

SiteGround Discount

While checking the knowledge of the agents, I could not find any defect. Customer Service Representative Luka D told me that SiteGround has servers on 5 continents, 3 in Europe (Amsterdam, London, Milan), 1 in Singapore and another in Chicago (USA). A totally certain information.


In other chats with Luka D and his colleagues have also done a good job, answering my questions with ease.


I can say that the representatives of the SiteGround customer service are well informed: they have their own experience and not only rely on the information on the FAQ page.

Finally, I was evaluating human contact. There was a lot. In fact, by clicking on the image of any agent, you see a biography about them – when they started working on SiteGround, what they are like, what their hobbies are. It is a great personal touch that enriches the experience and makes you value the people who try to help you.


It must also be said that during all those conversations, I met a lot of great people who were friendly and proactive. SiteGround obtains the highest scores for its customer service on all ticketing, telephone and live chat platforms.

First impressions during and after the purchase

SiteGround says they only accept credit cards. However, you have to contact the sales department through Live Chat and there is the possibility that they can also pay with PayPal.

First Impressions During and After the Purchase

The purchase of the plan in SiteGround was very pleasant. In the purchase process, I was suggested to buy the SG site scanner (done by a well-known Sucuri team) but nothing more than that. During the initial presentation of the contact data, the API recognized that I chose Spain as a country and offered (without forcing) me to choose a different location that would suit me best.

SiteGround has different data center locations to offer. Three in Europe, one in Asia and one in the United States. This shows that SiteGround invests a lot to attract customers from all over the world, as well as with these five locations that surround almost the entire world.

five locations that surround almost the entire world.

After I chose my server and accepted the payment, SiteGround opened a proactive chat session where an agent kindly asked for my phone number in order to proceed with the configuration register. The agent then charged the charge to the account manually as soon as I let him continue on the phone. The whole process took only a couple of minutes. The agent was very polite and extroverted. He asked dynamic and direct questions and kept me engaged throughout the conversation.

The whole process did not last more than a couple of minutes

The account was activated immediately after all and I was able to see the simple SiteGround panel. I had basic information and a link to cPanel. The web page builder menu was available at the same time, so if I wanted to, I could have started making my own Website in just a few seconds.


The cPanel itself is very typical and common. It is practical and simple. All information, including name servers, disk space and expiration time are located on the left side and icons, divided into several sections, located on the right side.


Not much more to say. The activation was quite simple and very fast. Both the dashboard menu and the Cpanel were super intuitive and easy to use. SiteGround did not blow my imagination, but it did not disappoint either.

Performance evaluation

So far, SiteGround has been impressive. With an easy-to-use interface and spectacular customer support, they were the two main reasons for this. However, the next tests were the most important. It was time to see how Siteground behaved in web hosting performance. This is what I am going to prove:

  • The speed of the accommodation in low computational load
  • The speed of the hosting with a website created with the creator of web pages SiteGround
  • General server high availability time
  • Anti-theft security system evaluation

Some of the tests I expose will be updated over the course of the months, which means that this revision will be modified from time to time in order to show the latest results.

IMPORTANT NOTICE –  the speed testing tools that I will use in this paragraph cannot be 100% correct since they depend on the speed of the servers themselves (access points). I have used the Bitcatcha tool to check the speeds at which packets travel around the world since this tool seems to be the most consistent. In addition, to acquire the results as accurately as possible, I have tested the website at least 10 times in a rapid succession of attempts and then I have chosen the result that best fits the average of the tests performed to show it in this evaluation.

Housing speed at low load

Simple HTML webs do not require many server resources and, theoretically, should return the best results in speed.

I used the Custom SiteGround Web File Manager (which was frankly quite feasible) to load my HTML code sample, and here is my HTML web page:

And this is what Bitcacha showed about its response times around the world:


The only server that had a response time of 300ms was Sydney and this was great. What really stands out is a very even performance among servers around the world, since the difference between the fastest (East Coast of the United States) and the slowest (Sydney, Australia) was only 223ms. This shows that SiteGround is well optimized for users around the world.


The website was created on the SiteGround Holland server. There are five cities to choose from – Singapore, Chicago (USA), Milan (Italy), Amsterdam (Netherlands) and London (United Kingdom). When using different servers, these response times would be reflected.

SiteGround server speed with the web page builder

Now it was time to see how optimized are the websites built with SiteGround (Weebly) website builder.

This is the website that I created:


Now let’s look at  the speed of the website:


Interestingly, on many of the servers, the response time has not changed much. The only difference was the Singapore server, which was left behind in all the tests performed. In general, it can be said that the Weebly website builder, which SiteGround uses, is very well optimized and fast enough to compare with a few lines of HTML code.

General server high availability time

Click here to see the performance of the SiteGround hosting: response times and server high availability times.

NOTE  – This section of the revision will be subject to constant updates with the latest information.

I’ve set up a web hosting activity status tool and tracked a basic WordPress website once every minute. By doing so, I was able to check the general availability of the server.

These are the current results:


The response times? Well, they are pretty stable of course. But if you think I’m not going to find something to complain about, you do not know the storm that is coming.
The response times themselves are quite good. But only enough.

There is a trend that does not improve. In July 2017 we have registered response times of approximately 600ms. In February 2018, the SiteGround servers responded in approximately 500ms.

All that is pretty good but if we look at suppliers like Hottinger or 1 & 1, SiteGround is not catching up like them.
Luckily for the Bulgarians, this is not a review that will constantly criticize SiteGround – the response times seem to be quite stable. Only a few picks per day. In fact, “hiccups” used to be significantly worse.

In the figure, you can see that response times tend to rise to 2 seconds. They used to be 10 seconds or more – which is a problem that was resolved at some point in 2017. At a good hour!
Now, let’s take a look at the offline times (downtimes) and the online times (uptimes) verified by the Uptime Robot test. We started with her on July 24, 2017. The updates will guide you through the entire process of seeing how reliable SiteGround turns out to be:

Specialized support in WordPress

Support is one of the features that stands out in Siteground. They are committed to offering fast and efficient customer service. To do this they offer in their most used hosting plans.

In WordPress also, a guarantee of the response of the tickets less than 10 minutes, something that surpasses practically all the hosting companies equaling the attention offered by others of the companies that most They like how Webempresa or Raiola Networks are.

These 3 companies are without a doubt the best support they offer.

Ultrafast Siteground Hosting

Ultrafast Siteground Hosting

Another thing that we can highlight the hosting of this company is without any doubt how fast they are, which Google likes a lot as we have already commented on more than one occasion.

In addition to having SSD disks, guarantee to offer a fast and quality service, they have their own cache system, Supercacher, which uses NGINX technology, effectively improving the loading speed of any WordPress. In addition, its servers support PHP7 and HTTP / 2 and offer a free CDN that makes your web page load much faster.

First of all, security in hosting

Siteground Security

Siteground servers are constantly monitored by experts in search of vulnerabilities and failures they may have.

They offer firewall standards adaptable to each particular case if necessary. In addition, both WordPress and the plugins you use are updated automatically to prevent an attack due to having an outdated file.

As if this were not enough, make daily copies of your websites for greater security in case you had to recover any of them at any given time.

SiteGround and WordPress

SiteGround and WordPress

One of the reasons why I opted for SiteGround, is because this website is made with WordPress.

And one of the reasons why I recommend SiteGround is because on this website I teach you how to create your website with WordPress.

And what does that have to do with anything?

Well, SiteGround is a hosting that takes great with WordPress.

But not good to say hello when they cross the street. Good to go of cañas together and to return at dawn to the house.

Why is this important?

  1. Because there are hostings that are not ready to be able to use WordPress on them. Although luckily, in the top league we do not find any that is not.
  2. Because it has tools that will make your life easier to install, manage and improve WordPress on your website.

These tools are:

WordPress auto installer

If you do not have much experience installing WordPress by hand, or if you have it but do not want to waste time doing it, with this tool you can install WordPress on your website in a few clicks. No need to create databases or users.

Automatic Updates

You can choose to have WordPress update automatically each time a new version comes out. This way your website will always be updated and safe even if you do not enter it in a few days.

Plugin to migrate WordPress sites to SiteGround

One of the latest news that has been released is the plugin they have created to migrate your website in a simple way to SiteGround.

With this plugin, called SiteGround Migrator, you can easily move a website made in WordPress that is hosted in any other hosting company to SiteGround.

It is undoubtedly good news for less advanced users who do not have enough knowledge to perform this type of task without the risk of messing up. We all know how these things end in inexperienced hands …

So if you have a website that you want to change to this hosting, you have nothing to fear.


SuperCacher is a tool that stores your web pages cached for faster access to users who visit serving.

This can save you installing a cache plugin if you do not want to have a lot of plugins installed.

Let’s Encrypt WildCard

Apart from the free Let’s Encrypt SSL certificate offered in all the plans for some time, recently they have incorporated among their services the Let’s Encrypt WildCard SSL certificate.

With this certificate, also free, you can securely encrypt both your main domain and its subdomains with just a few clicks. Before your arrival, you had to install the certificate in each subdomain independently, but now you can install it in all at once.

My opinions about SiteGround

After 3 months and a half, a solid fall occurred, the first. This started an interesting trend. Even SiteGround has not been embarrassed to point out that its servers in the Netherlands have been affected by several DDoS attacks. This is the place where our test server is located, and in the month of December has had some problems.

siteground-website-December-stats- 2017

In short, this means that SiteGround has an online time of 99.991% – well above its uptime guarantee of 99.9%, which is a plus.

Recent up time and Downtime 2018

site ground downtime

Click here to see the performance of SiteGround in real time, both downtimes and uptimes.

Evaluation of Anti-Theft Protection

The test was carried out in two parts. The first, I closed my account and simulated a robbery by brute force. I tried to enter my password incorrectly 30 times as fast as I could. That should have made the system think I was guessing the password. However, in my 31 attempts, it allowed me to access.

Some websites include a simple security system that monitors unsuccessful login attempts and then locks the user’s IP address. This is supposed to protect the account that you are trying to access. As you can see, I could not activate this security measure. Although it may be good not to use it.

Now it was time for the second test to see how SiteGround handles sensitive user information. I have used a lot of names, changing my IP addresses and I went through several chats trying to get my own password without providing any tangible proof. This is what happened:

Since I was simulating a robbery, I could not have provided them with my own phone number. So I straightened the thing. Asking for a conversation using my “new phone number”. It turns out that the SiteGround security system consists of multiple forms of authentication.

First, the email that has been used to register on the website. Then,  your phone. Having a conversation using the same phone number that was used on the day of registration allows direct access to the account. And finally, if that fails, you have to send an image of the credit card and identification. 

This is the last option that can be chosen to recover an account. Therefore, if hackers have access to at least one of those things, you may lose your account. Apart from that, SiteGround agents handle sensitive user information securely. SiteGround aside opinions, you can rest knowing that they will not give your password because someone asked for it in good manners.

NOTE  – It is very important to keep personal and payment information securely! Change passwords on a regular basis and remember not to use simple combinations!


After seeing some of the reasons why I chose this hosting and after a few months with them, I am going to give you my SiteGround opinions.

I’m going to start by explaining why I consider it worthwhile to hire this hosting before Webempresa, which was the winner of the technical combat.

And it is basically because of its price-quality – quantity ratio.

Storage capacity

If you look at the first assault of SiteGround vs Webempresa, you will see that the difference in storage capacity is abysmal.

In SiteGround you have many more Gigas of storage for less money or for the same more or less, depending on the plan you choose.

Just for that, it does not matter if another hosting load a few thousandths of a second faster or has the latest version of PHP before anyone else.


If all the hostings had exactly the same characteristics, including storage capacity, you could guide yourself for those thousandths of a second.


But when we talk about such a brutal difference (SiteGround offers from double to triple storage than other companies) those thousandths are in the background.

Service stability

In all this time that takes this and other websites hosted with them, I have not had a single problem of service failure at any time.

I am aware that no company can get rid of having a specific problem from time to time, but at the moment I have not had to experience any.

And that, seeing the complaints of many users who use other hostings and have their websites dropped every two times, gives a great sense of carelessness and joy.

I do not mean to sleep better thanks to this, but I can say that I do not sleep badly because of you 😴

Customer Support

As soon as I contracted SiteGround, they called me on the phone to ask me if I had any questions or they could help me with something.

The truth is that I already have some experience in these procedures and did not need help at that time.

But I put myself in the shoes of someone who hires their first hosting and has no idea how it works or what to do, and receiving a call like this is the best thing that can happen to you.

Whenever I encounter a problem, I use the chat support they have, with which in a few seconds you are talking with the SiteGround staff.

The truth is that it works wonders, you tell them your problem or your doubts and most of the time they solve it at the same time.

For very complex problems or out of the ordinary, the same person in the chat is responsible for opening a ticket in your name to escalate the problem to those in charge of the subject, something that is appreciated so as not to be dizzy from top to bottom.

In addition, it is one of the few hostings that has a phone number open 24 hours a day that you can call whenever you have a problem, apart from the chat and its ticket system.

Some SiteGround reviews

What you just read is my personal opinion of SiteGround, but I do not want you to just stay with it.

That is why I went to Host advice and I have collected some reviews from clients that use this hosting.

To begin with, the average score is 9.7 out of 10 out of 504 people, with reliability and technical support having the highest score (9.8).



SiteGround reviews

That already gives us a clue that we are not facing a second division company.

And now I put some of the reviews of real customers.


siteground reviews hosting

SiteGround reviews


And so during pages and more pages.

See how I’m not the only one who loves this hosting? 🙂

My opinion on hosting plans

SiteGround has three hosting plans (see them on their website ), which are the following:


Its main features are:

  • You can only have one website.
  • 10GB of storage.
  • Indicated for ~ 10,000 visits per month
  • A daily backup.


Its main features are:

  • You can have as many websites as you want.
  • 20GB of storage.
  • Indicated for ~ 25,000 visits per month.
  • 30 daily backups.
  • Priority support.


Its main features are:

  • You can have as many websites as you want.
  • 30GB of storage.
  • Indicated for ~ 100,000 visits per month.
  • 30 daily backups.
  • Priority support.

As you can see, it is quite difficult for you to run out of space even if you hire the most basic plan, since they are quite generous in this aspect.

What does not convince me are the visits indicated in each of the plans.

I do not know to what extent that is an impediment, but if someday I manage to surpass the 25,000 visits a month of the GrowBig plan that I have contracted, rest assured that I will tell you if something has happened.

In my opinion, the plans are great, but I’m pissed that the StartUp plan only allows you to have a website.

It is for me the biggest problem since other companies do allow you to have as many websites as you want from your most basic plan.

This caused me to go for the GrowBig plan directly. If the StartUp plan had allowed unlimited websites, I would have hired that to begin with.

In the event that you are just going to have a website, the StartUp plan is great for you.

But if you are going to have more than one, you will have to do like me and go directly to the GrowBig plan.

60% discount on all plans

In case the good things were few, here comes the best:

SiteGround makes you up to 64% of all your plans the first year without having to enter any coupons or anything.

In this way, the price of the plans is as follows:

StartUp: $ 3.95 + VAT per month during the first year and $ 9.95 + VAT the following years.

GrowBig: $ 6.45 + VAT per month during the first year and $ 17.95 + VAT the following years.

GoGeek: $ 11.95 + VAT per month during the first year and $ 29.95 + VAT the following years.

The truth is that the prices of the first year are a bargain. It is difficult to find a service of such quality for that price in the market.

The prices after the first year are neither more nor less than the fair price of what you get.

About SiteGround

I suppose that if you have arrived here reading you will have realized that I am more than happy with my experience so far with SiteGround.

I insist that there are other hostings also very good, but the ones I’ve tried, I’m left with this street.

If this entry has helped you get rid of doubts and want to hire this hosting, if you do it from this link, they will give me a small commission thanks to you that will help me to continue with this project 🙂

Of course, you will not be overcharged and you will have a 60% discount on any plan (except in the GrowBig plan, which will have a discount of 64%), it would be more!

If you have any questions, you can use the comments to ask me and I will try to resolve it.

SiteGround Analysis – Conclusion

SiteGround definitely corresponds with its ambition and quality. The company combines high-quality performance with an intuitive menu to offer a very good web hosting experience. It’s not cheap, but the price is justified, even with the low disk space they provide.

There are a lot of features that I admired, however, their customer service was one level above all. There were some interesting links and tutorials provided and if I did not find what I needed, I had agents available to help me.

Waiting times for live chats, phone calls, and tickets were practically non-existent and representatives were great, well-formed people. To summarize, I can say that this is a good web hosting service for many users.


Frequently Asked Question

Is the number of visits restricted to the exact number that each plan marks?

No, that number is an approximate number of visits that each hosting plan can support, but it is not a fixed number that can not be exceeded. If your website starts to reach the number of recommended visits, it is best to go to a higher plan.

When I renew my plan, will Siteground charge me the full rate?

Yes, the promotional price is only for the first year contract. From the second Siteground, you will be charged the full rate corresponding to your plan.

What management panel does Siteground offer me?

To manage your hosting account Siteground offers improved cPanel, the famous management panel with specific extras for this company that will make it easy for you to manage your website, emails, databases, backup copies … whatever you need.

When to use SiteGround hosting?

SiteGround offers unbeatable features and we recommend it without any reservation. It will be suitable for serious projects and if you need even more capacity, you can hire one of your superior plans.

The negative note is that their servers are not in Spain and this is not ideal for projects with a lot of competition in the search engines. Remember that you can try SiteGround for 30 days without obligation. If you are looking for an inexpensive solution, SiteGround will not be your best option. Although it is not very expensive, there are cheaper alternatives such as

Does SiteGround have a CDN?

It does not have a CDN of its own, but they have integration with CloudFlare that has a free plan. A CDN system is a network of servers that will allow your website to improve performance. The idea is simple, save and distribute a copy of your website to users depending on their location.

What programming languages does SiteGround allow?

If you need other programming languages, you can use Perl and Python. Give a look at SiteGround for more information. Yes, but this is only available in the GoGeek plan. Take a look at for more information. A staging will allow you to have an area with which to experiment on your server. This is ideal for large projects. More info. in this post.

Does SiteGround have a staging?

Yes, but this is only available in the GoGeek plan. Take a look at for more information. A staging will allow you to have an area with which to experiment on your server. This is ideal for large projects. More info. in this post.

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