Planning Toys for Baby

Planning Toys for Baby 2019-HERE OUR CHOICE

Planning Toys for Baby 2019-HERE OUR CHOICE

If you are looking for Planning Toys for Baby in your little baby. So you come into the right place.

Playing is learning. So no wonder playing is important for your baby or toddler. And playing with the right kind of toys are similarly essential.

Because toys give encourage to use your baby her imagination, creativity, and problem-solving skills.

That is why you must have planning toys for baby.  They are not just playthings; they should be fun, age-appropriate, stimulating and safe.

Planning Toys for Baby

When planning toys for baby, keep in mind her age. It is important for safety. While buying you will see many toys have age-range information on their packaging.

Be aware of that the toy is not sharp-shaped or dangerous for your baby. There are so many toys in the market, don’t worry! You don’t have to buy more and more toys for your baby.

Just understand the toy’s value and plan the appropriate toys for your baby.

Toys for Girl Baby and Toys for Boy Baby

There are no certain rules for which one is girl’s toy and which one is boy’s. Though boys and girls develop differently that doesn’t mean that their play items should be based solely on their gendToys for Girl Baby and Toys for Boy Babyer.

Some parents have the misconception that cars are boys and dolls are for girls. Not necessarily. Boys could like playing with cooking items and girls could like playing with cars/trains if they want.

Safety Features

While planning toys for a baby check the safety features in the toys. It is important for that child’s who are below the age of three because they tend to put objects in their mouth.

Toys should be no sharp or rough edges, non-toxic, no small parts, nonbreakable or fragile.

You can plan open-ended toys including blocks, balls, cardboard boxes, dress-ups, crafty bits, and pieces. As babies can use the “open-ended” toys in lots of different ways.

  • Blocks- While building the tower using the blocks, her imagination power is developing and she can use it in other ways later.
  • Balls- These bouncy, attractive designed items baby can roll, hold and throw them.
  • Cardboard Boxes- Some babies like to pretend like shopping, cooking in an oven like their mommies and also play like driving cars, boats and more. These cardboard boxes are for them.
  • Crafty Bits and Pieces- You can start colored paper, stickers, crayons and washable markers for your baby.

Safety Features

When your baby is under three, she can’t catch things up; so the smaller the child is the bigger the toy should be. Remember, you should check regularly if any eyes, noses or buttons on soft toys are securely attached.

If the toys have batteries, coins or small button, ensure those are secure within their component and won’t come out, as batteries are toxic if ingested and shouldn’t be the handle to children.

Don’t forget to check the string or tails of any toys are well attached to it.

Toy’s string or tails shouldn’t be long enough to form a knot that might constrict a finger, a limb or even the neck. Any accident could happen- might cut off a child’s circulation or cause strangulation.

Planning Toys for 0-24 Months Babies

You can keep in your baby’s list soft toys, hand puppets, baby mirrors, and rattles.

They can feel, look at, hold, shake and bang it. At your baby’s six months of age, you can plan for toys which will help her to move, lie on their tummies and crawl, like musical toys, stacking cups/rings etc.

Planning Toys for 0-24 Months Babies

The Senior Occupational Therapist at the Department of Child Development, KK Women’s and Children’s Hospital (KKH), Ms. Grace Lee Ying Chin, suggests that from about 12 months of age to 2 years babies, need toys of different colors, shapes, and sizes. Because they work on basic concepts like shape and color recognition, spatial awareness.

In this age, babies start to engage in functional and pretend play so these toys would be perfect for them.

Planning Toys for 2 Years Onwards Babies

At this age, your planning list starts with blocks and bricks, doll houses, doctor’s sets, and dough play. Now your baby enjoys longer and more imaginative play sequences and their play is more combined, co-active and sequential.

While your baby is playing with her toys and pretending play using her imagination at this early age, it provides benefits like positively impacting social, emotional and language development and also creativity.

Besides, planning appropriate toys as per baby’s age you facilitate correct social behaviors like taking turns and most importantly sharing during play time.

It has known from research that children are able to use more adhesive oral language who engages in pretend play.

As playing with toys provides an opportunity for social interaction, bonding with others and emotional growth, you have to have perfect planning toys for your baby.

Toys That to avoid your Planning Toys for Baby

Parents, you are the one who is selecting toys for your baby, so you also have to be careful about it. There are some toys, that shouldn’t be in your planning list like guns or sexy dolls. Guns, even they are a toy, can influence violence in your baby.

You can talk to your baby and make him understand that guns are scary and hurt people, gradually he will understand and leave it. Similarly, any kind of toy weapons out of everyday objects like sticks, celery or toast has the same output on baby’s mind- aggressive.

Dolls are cute and playing with it is much fun, but some dolls have a grown-up look, even some dolls have adult clothing like microskirts, fishnet stockings, and very high heels. Normally it seems funny, but maybe not goes with your family values.

It creates an image of women on your baby’s mind that you don’t want your child to copy. It comes with the message- “the most important thing is how they look and the best look is “sexy”. To avoid such kind of problems, avoid these types of toys from your planning toys for your baby.

It is good for planning toys for baby but at the end of the day, you are the best toy to your baby. He/she will just love to have quality times with you. Don’t just connect your baby with multiple toys or electrical devices; it’s your love, time, an affection that your baby needs most.

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