Oral B pro 1000 vs 3000

Oral B pro 1000 vs 3000 in 2019: Which One is the Best?

Oral B pro 1000 vs 3000 in 2019: Which One is the Best?

Are you confuse ? Which one is better between Oral B pro 1000 vs 3000.Let’s start the Review …

Oral B is an excellent brand that always brings together many innovative and unique ideas for all its products. Either in the products of extreme level or those of initial level, Oral B has never failed to impress its users with the best features and details of the product.

With so much perfection in all its product, sometimes it is difficult for the users to choose the best product among the many available options.

Also, moving from a manual toothbrush to an electric toothbrush is an important step and, therefore, you should make sure that you are selecting the right product for you.

Let us make a quick comparison between two of the most competitive toothbrushes at the entry level: Oral B pro 1000 vs 3000.

The comparison between the two most popular models of Oral B will help buyers choose the best product in the best possible way and according to their needs and requirements.

Let’s quickly see the individual specification of the products before delving into the points of difference and other details of the products.

What Oral B Pro 1000 Can Offer to its Users?


Oral B pro 1000 is one of the simplest and most effective models of the Oral B brand.

It is based on the basic simplicity of toothbrushes instead of highlighting many of the advanced functions.

However, it is not the case that the toothbrush lacks any of the desired characteristics that users expect from the electric toothbrush, it is just that it presents the required characteristics in the simplest manner.

The model is powerful in itself and works smoothly to remove plaque very effectively. If you are looking for the perfect combination of simplicity and efficiency, Oral B pro 1000 of Oral B pro 1000 vs 3000 will be the best option.

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How Oral B Pro 3000 is Different From the Other Options?


Oral B pro 3000 can be seen as a luxury brush, as it is well equipped with new features and a better benefit.

The presence of the latest technology in the toothbrush helps to make this recognized as an intelligent toothbrush on the market.

The model focuses on removing surface stains from the teeth along with the removal of the plaque to ensure a brighter and whiter smile. Similar to the Oral B pro 1000, this model is also powerful in its operation but considering the Oral B pro 1000 vs 3000; This toothbrush is a higher notch.

The availability of Bluetooth technology in the brush makes it a smart brush that helps its users get instant feedback and detailed reports of brushing.

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Oral B Pro 1000 vs 3000 – Comparison Table

Here’s the quick glance at the various features of both the products under Oral B 1000 vs 3000:

FeaturesOral B 1000
Oral B 3000
Modes of operation1 mode (Daily clean)3 modes:
• Daily care
• Gum care
• Sensitive
Plaque removal3 times more than the manual toothbrush3 times more than the manual toothbrush
Brush strokes20,000 per minute
40,000 per minute
3D cleaning actions
Whitening teeth within 21 days 
Charging time
1 week
1 week 
Available colors
Three colors:
• White
• Sky blue
• Black 
Two colors:
• White
• Blue 
Slightly expensive
Check price Check price

Key Difference

These are some of the essential but important points as the key difference between Oral B pro-1000 and 3000. These points will help to understand the functioning and characteristics of both products with a clearer vision. Let us have a look:

Cleaning modes

Speaking of the Oral B pro 1000 model, it offers only 1 cleaning mode for its users, which is daily cleaning. The style and mode of brushing are kept very simple and minimal in this type of model to ensure a detailed and adequate operation.

Whereas, Oral B pro 3000 offers 3 different cleaning modes for its users. All the different cleaning modes are combined so that the final result is the best oral care of the user.

Therefore, most users refer to this model as the smart brush. The cleaning modes offered are the following:

  • Daily clean
  • Gum care
  • Sensitive
Toothbrush colors

Nowadays, the color of the toothbrush is also one of the important and considerable features for the users. Therefore, there are many color options available in the market to attract buyers. Speaking of the two models, both models offer a variety of colors to their users.

The Oral B pro 1000 comes in 3 different color options, which are the following:

  • White
  • Sky blue
  • Black

On the other hand, the Oral B pro 3000 model offers two varieties of different colors to its users, which are the following:

  • White
  • Blue

Despite being smaller in color variations, this model of Oral B pro 3000 is a powerful intelligent toothbrush that works effectively in all oral care departments.

Offered benefits

When you are using an intelligent toothbrush, the benefits offered are an important factor that everyone considers.

No one will be interested in buying your product if it does not offer any specific or unique benefit to its users. The two models of Oral B have taken care of this.

As the Oral B pro 1000 model offers the advantage of being simple and smooth in its operation and use, it is one of the preferred options for beginners who have just started using an electric toothbrush.

The Oral B pro 3000 offers a clearly visible pressure sensor to ensure that brushing is performed with balanced pressure on the teeth. It also comes with Bluetooth connectivity to provide instant and detailed comments to users.

Brush heads

Both models of toothbrushes offer different varieties of brush heads for their users. The Oral B pro 3000 can be seen with 1 x 3D white brush head that is distinguished in its own kind.

On the other hand, the Oral B pro 1000 comes with 1 x cross action head. Both brushing heads of both models offer their own distinguished and innovative operation and, therefore, are preferred by different types of users for their different needs and requirements.


As they say, the better they offer you, the more they will charge you. This fits absolutely perfect in the context of these toothbrushes too. Since the Oral B pro 3000 offers the latest technology along with many additional benefits over the Oral B pro-1000, it falls slightly higher on the price side.

The Oral B pro 1000 is cheaper, as both the options can be easily purchased by beginners and by regular users.

Whereas, Oral B pro 3000 is generally preferred by regular users who are familiar with the use of the electric toothbrush over the manuals. However, the price of the offered features of Oral B pro 3000 is the total value of the investment.

Which One to Choose?

Considering that Oral B pro 3000 looks like a smart brush and comes with several benefits and is made with the latest technology, it will not be a mistake to say that it makes a better choice when comparing Oral B pro 1000 vs 3000.

However, the only concern that may arise in the way of the purchase is the higher price of the toothbrush, but taking into account its offered features, the price is worth being paid.

I would not regret your decision to buy Oral B Pro 3000 over the other available toothbrush, as it is one of the best of its kind. We recommend that you prefer this smart toothbrush over the others to obtain a whiter and more protected oral care.


Undoubtedly, the current generation needs everything to be the best and, therefore, the market is full of different varieties of almost all products.

The main important fact is to choose the best and most appropriate product to finish with the desired results according to the needs and requirements of the user. The Oral B pro 1000 vs 3000 is one of those efforts to help users make the right choice between the two options.

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