iPage vs Hostinger – Comparison of Hosting 2019

iPage vs Hostinger – Comparison of Hosting 2019: Which is The Best Web Host?

iPage vs Hostinger - Comparison of Hosting

iPage is a veteran of the web hosting business, has many visits and lots of devoted fans. Hostinger, however, is a provider that is growing more and more. What will be the best hosting provider? We’ll see in iPage vs Hostinger, Hostinger vs iPage … the duel!

It is becoming increasingly popular, this Lithuanian company is quickly catching up with the usual business leaders. In this duel of iPage vs Hostinger, we will compare the two hosts, which of the two is the most worthy of your hard earned money.

I will review the most crucial things. These would be price, features, ease of use and of course – performance. Let’s start to see which provider ends up at the top. Let the battle between iPage vs Hostinger begin.

Hostinger vs iPage: Price

In this battle, we will review the services of shared web hosting – the entry option, usually more popular among bloggers and regular website owners.

The prices that we will compare will not be only the promotional offers you see in the advertisements. The duration of these offers and the renewal prices after they expire are also very important.


At first glance, iPage offers a great start. None of the providers offers monthly plans but $ 1.99 for a full web hosting plan is quite bright. Hostinger is a bit far from matching this brand, but the plans range from $ 2.15 to $ 7.95.

The thing becomes clearer when the initial offer is finished. Hosting does not increase its renewal prices, iPage does. Overcoming Hostinger 4 to 5 times more. The prices will also not be monthly since iPage will charge you for the same period that you previously purchased.

If you plan to use the hosting for a little more time, Hostinger has a better deal for you. Its renewal prices are much better and win the first round of iPage vs. Hostinger.




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iPage vs Hostinger: Features

Good characteristics are very important. Let’s see how these hosts compare to each other:


Hostinger dominates this category. The fast SSD disks used in the servers show that Hostinger is more advanced to the future. Both hosts have website builders and both are not bad at all – but Hostinger offers more variety and additional templates. Small things, like a website protection against harmful programs and the restoration of them, are included by the two providers.

Where iPage really makes a difference is in its website transfer service. Free on many hosts, here it will cost you $ 150. It is quite expensive for a detail that could be done for free. But above all, Hostinger does it all in the same way or better.



Hostinger vs iPage: Ease of Use

Usability is very important. In this part of the review of iPage vs Hostinger, I will compare the purchase process, the simplicity of the panels and the quality of customer support.


iPage provides phone support – which is great. However, it does not provide support through help tickets which is important, if it is to deal with serious technical problems. Hostinger goes through a slightly different route, without offering any telephone service but offering a support system through extensive tickets.

While I was testing iPage, I had serious problems trying to complete a purchase – however, this did not happen to me with Hostinger. In addition, it is worth noting that Hostinger accepts the Bitcoin cryptocurrency and also feels an experience in the whole shopping procedure completely better.

Finally, the panels. iPage uses vDeck – as an alternative to cPanel. In many ways, this feels like a waste of resources. There is no considerable reason to opt for vDeck over cPanel, which is more functional and easier to use.



iPage vs Hostinger: Performance

Finally, our fight between iPage vs. Hostinger is coming to an end. It’s time to compare the performance of the hosts. The speed of your website is very important. It affects your ranking on Google and may even be the difference between the success and failure of your business! In this part of the review, I will analyze the response times and the online times of the hosts. In addition, I will also observe the BitCatcha speed classifications.

Let’s see how it goes:


Hostinger is a speed demon and it’s no surprise that iPage loses this battle. Usually, the website at iPage was 400 to 700ms, which is not bad. Sometimes, there were successes in the performance, with response times that exceeded the second.

Hostinger in his worst times rarely exceeded 200ms.

Now, it’s time to check offline times. The system here is simple – the less a host is offline, the better:


Both hosts are relatively reliable. iPage was only down for 9 minutes in the last 30 days. Meanwhile, Hostinger was not down for a moment. These results simply can not be overcome.

Now let’s look at our preferred performance tool, BitCatcha classifies these hosts. BitCatcha loads pages on many servers around the world, observing how hosts behave in different locations around the globe. Finally, these numbers are all put together in a single grade. These are the values:


BitCatcha score for iPage –   in low maintenance,  C + in high maintenance. 

BitCatcha score for  Hostinger  –  A in low maintenance,  B + in high maintenance.

The results are quite clear here. Hostinger wins in terms of performance.





Hostinger is very good. iPage is a cheap hosting provider – there’s no denying it. However, once the introductory package is finished, you will be harassed by high renewal prices, so even that advantage dissipates. Hostinger is faster, more reliable, and also has more features.

Winner of iPage vs Hostinger


Now Choice is Yours :





Frequently Asked Questions

I can not find an opinion on my host here. Does that mean the host not good enough?
Not necessarily!

It is likely that we have not yet had the opportunity to write an opinion on them host. In any case, do not hesitate to leave us a message by our contact form

Why do you hide information about the account used (account name, domain, IPs) in the screenshots of reviews?

We want to offer the most honest advice possible. If we disclose all information publicly, it is likely that the hosting provider will configure our account much more advantageously than you would have in a typical customer with the same type of service.

How do you choose accommodation packages for your opinions?

In order to have the most optimal opinions, we rely on the most popular packages, those that an average customer would use.

How do you compare those present in your 'top10' and on what criteria consider that a host is better than another?

Since we test all web hosts intensively, we get a lot of results. The criteria for which we have a great interest are speed, uptime, user-friendliness, and overall cost. If a host stands on each of these points, it has good chances to be in our top.

What is SSL?

SSL (Secure Socket Layer) is a security system for websites that encrypt their data to make them less accessible to those who try to intercept them. SSL is one of the essential tools for the website owner as it increases SEO rank and improves the uptime of the website.

What is a domain name?

Domains are usually in the form of a name, followed by a dot and an extension (for example, example.com). A domain is your virtual address on the internet, which your visitors will use to access your site.

All domains are managed by the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN) and can be managed by different providers that are called registrars and can be found in the list of ICANN accredited registrars.


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