How To Trim Pubic Hair Without Itching: Step By Step Guide

How To Trim Pubic Hair Without Itching- Doing It like a Pro

Today, we will talk about the primary task of cutting pubic hair. This may seem like a fairly simple task, but if you have experienced it at least once in your life, you are aware of the factors that can hurt you and cause you all kinds of discomfort!

Regardless of the quality of the work done, one of the biggest inconveniences is the itching resulting from cutting pubic hair. Given all the complications related to shaving or waxing, the finest is the best option and we present, step by step, instructions to cut pubic hair without itching!

Get Prepared with all the Right Equipment


The first thing you need to understand and mentally prepare is the fact that it is an important and private task that will require a lot of time alone. So, prioritize your tasks and responsibilities and take the time to do it right.

Before you go to the bathroom to begin, make sure that you have mentally checked the list of things you will need, such as:

  • A good clean pair of scissors
  • A small teethed comb
  • A good quality trimmer
  • A small or large mirror which is most comfortable for you to use

Once you have these essential tools, you are ready to get started!

Step By Step Guideline

Now, let’s start by following this step-by-step instruction, which is very easy to follow and you’ll be happy to have followed these steps when you are well cut without any itching or irritation. Our skin there is very sensitive and we should not neglect proper care at all times.

Step 1 – Clean Your Tools

Since you have already gathered all the tools you need, you must now prepare them before using them. It is strongly recommended to clean or sterilize all tools with a disinfectant.

As a general rule, always have your own set of these tools, which must be shared with others. Regardless, sterilization is a must to be safe. This way, you will get all the bacteria and all the harmful agents that can cause an eliminated infection. Once cleaned and dried, go to the next step.

Step 2 – Clean Yourself

Ask yourself, am I clean?

It is always best to take a good hot bath or shower to clean yourself before grooming. Not only are you clean, but it also prepares the hair by making it soft and revitalizing your skin. After taking a shower, dry well and use the comb to get rid of the knots in your hair or just to make them stand out. Once you have combed through and realize that your hair is not completely dry, use your hair dryer to dry completely.

Step 3 – Prepare the Area

Now, place the mirror in the most appropriate place from where you can easily see yourself. Make all the necessary preparation of the area considering where you want the hair to go. Use a towel or newspaper to pick up all the hair when you’re done. You do not want to clog your pipes by letting all the hair fall with the water. Are you going to do it standing or sitting, prepare your area before you start cutting?

Step 4 – Start Clipping

Now that your tools are clean, you are clean and your area is ready, you are ready to start cutting. Use the comb to brush the hair and get it straight. Once you have all the excess hair on the comb, use the mower, clipper or scissors to cut it. This important step is to shorten the length of the hair, which is best for the razor.

Step 5 – Start Trimming

Follow your hair gently over there and continue to carve. You will have spread your legs and taken delicate angles to do the work. If you use a high-quality mower or a lawnmower with a guide comb, you can simply cut without worrying too much.

But be sure to follow the flow of hair and not against it to avoid uncomfortable tugs. Always try using long, slow strokes instead of fast, short strokes to avoid irritating your skin. Continue styling or cutting as you like. Once you’re done, put your tools aside.

Step 6 – Clean Up

Now that you’re done, it’s time to clean up! So get rid of the hair on the floor, clean your tools, and clean thoroughly with a shower or bath hot or rather cool. Dry thoroughly and store your tools once they are dry and cleaned. Clean the area, including the hair that hangs here and there for your personal satisfaction.

Step 7 – Keeping the Itch Away

Now that you have been cleaned and dried out, it’s time to make sure the itching persists. You must hydrate yourself, especially your skin. Whether it’s cutting, shaving or waxing, the skin undergoes intense pressure and needs immediate recovery.

So use a skin moisturizer or other products to soothe your skin. This will ensure that the skin is not irritated and will not cause uncomfortable itching thereafter.

Some Important Recommendations: Tips & Tricks

  • No matter how urgent you are, you never compromise the cleanliness of your tools or your body. Disinfect your tools and clean your body to ensure healthy skin without irritation after cutting, shaving or waxing.
  • Make sure the tools you use are in good condition. Replace blades or tools if they are not sharp enough or slightly dull. You do not want to harm your skin with cuts, nicks, tugs or any other kind of skin irritant.
  • Never use quick and repeated strokes with your lawnmower as this is one of the main causes of skin irritation. Always use long, regular and very few races for best results.
  • After cutting, if you feel itchy immediately, avoid itching, use a cream such as hydrocortisone cream to soothe your skin. Never aggravate the condition of the skin by scratching or itching.
  • If you have injuries such as bruises or cuts, avoid this area.
  • There are many styles of cut that you can try, do not worry, you can simply start with a triangular band, then experiment with different styles to find one that you like.
  • You know each other better, so give yourself a routine to know when and how long it will take for your hair to grow back, then cut accordingly. If you let it grow too long, the trimming process will become more complicated. In addition, it is easier to apply the same style when it is not overgrown.
  • Do not leave your pubic hair too long. Watch for the length of your pubic hair during showers and breaks in the bathroom to make sure they are not of unhealthy or uncomfortable length.
  • If, for any reason, the bottom area is too sensitive, do not force yourself to cut, wait for your skin to recover and avoid aggravating the condition of your skin by cutting, shaving or dehairing.


No one else will be able to know the ideal length or condition there other than yourself. It is always better to know you by monitoring you regularly. This will help you keep a close eye on yourself for irregularities or other abnormalities so that conditions do not worsen.

Regarding the length of your pubic hair, even these are part of your regular monitoring. Always clean your pubic area and keep it dry to avoid illness. Never share your personal grooming tools to prevent the spread of disease. This will make you a professional pubic hair cutter without itching or other discomfort for your skin.

Now that you know exactly how to cut pubic hair without itching, try as many shapes and styles as you want and enjoy your cutting time!

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