How to Choose the Best Domain Name

Best Domain Name 2019-How To Choose Steps by Steps

Best Domain Name 2019: How To Choose Steps by Steps to Pick the Perfect Name

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Choosing the domain name of your blog is a sensitive issue.

Because you know that:

  • It is the name to which your brand and your business will be associated for a long time
  • It will influence your positioning on the Internet, since it is one of the factors that Google will value to show you in searches
  • And not only do you want Google to listen to you, but you want people to remember your blog

And being so delicate, you may have very clear the steps to do when you have your blog, but you have been stuck indefinitely in the choice of your domain for fear of messing up.

Well with this post I want to solve all your doubts about it and get that after reading it you have clear what will be your domain name and include what you bought in less than 5 minutes.

What are the best options when choosing a domain name?

How to Choose the Best Domain Name

There are 3 + 1 different options for choosing a domain name.

1 # option: Personal brand, the power of your name

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The first, and the simplest, if you bet for your  personal brand  and you want to set up a blog thinking of positioning yourself as an expert profile in your niche, is directly your own name and your surnames.

This is interesting for consultants, coaches and individual profiles who want to sound by their own name.

What problem can you have?

If you have a very common name, it is possible that the domain is already reserved.

In this case, it is always better to try to maintain the choice of a domain that is either .com , .o  .net , or. org  and avoid special characters such as hyphens or underscores, which make it difficult to understand the domain.

It gives a little like this domain is very large, as long as it perfectly reflects what your name and your surnames are.

For example, .


  • It does not help positioning on Google
  • It can complicate the sale or transfer of this platform, being so linked to the original owner of the project

2 # option: Branding, an indelible stamp

In this case -I am already thinking about a company, a center, a school or a professional that intends to scale the team – the option is to bet on the branding (the name of your brand) in your domain name

To make it work better, look for something:

  • Easy to remember
  • That transmits benefits for a collective
  • That is not too long.

These would be the main characteristics that you have to confer to your domain name.

It will have to do with the mission of your company, the values ​​and surely with your  unique value proposal  (PUV) to be able to capture, in 15 or 20 characters at the most, all your ideas in a domain that will be here to build your brand. draft.

An example of a branding domain would be: or


  • It is not explicit
  • It costs a lot of money to position a brand in the market, even if it’s digital
  • It does not help positioning on Google

3 # option: Keywords, call things by their names

Another option you have is to integrate a keyword in the domain itself. It is explicit and functional.

The first thing you have to do is a  study of key words , to know which would be the keyword of reference for which you want to position yourself.

The most logical thing is that it is something related to your solutions, your specialty or your profession.

An example would be

Lighter the water.

And it is very useful if your goal is to be a reference portal on a subject , or you have for example, an online store where the keywords are even more important.

Google increasingly gives less importance to that topic in its algorithm but it is logical that it influences when positioning the first articles.

I’m not saying that this is done overnight because the time scale on Google is very slow.

Be clear that when you launch a project, the first 3 months you will have to prove to Google that you are serious and meanwhile he will ignore you.

But it is true that if you use keywords in your domain, in the short and medium term, it will be noticed in the positioning.

Against :

  • And hyper specialized and sometimes presents a partial reality, since often a store sells more than one category of products
  • It sounds shabby, publicist’s device or SEO: it removes credibility the reputation of the business
  • Obsolescence risk

3 + 1 # option: A mixture of the above

It is the commitment that I have chosen in my blog,

  • I present a benefit
  • there is a keyword
  • It is English and serves as a branding

In many cases you will have to make a commitment when choosing your domain.


Because the best domains are already taken.

Anatomy of a bad domain

Broadly speaking, this is what you should avoid if you do not want to choose a domain that:

  • No special characters such as accents or ñ’s: although they sell them to you, Google does not manage these domains.
  • Contains characters that generate confusion such  as hyphens (normal or low), numbers, double consonants, etc.
  • It is not a .com, nor a .net or an .org.  domains only serve if the scope of action is definitely local, today and tomorrow: think of a store or a restaurant.
  • It is not easy to remember.
  • It does not transmit any idea.
  • It has equivocal spelling: avoid abbreviations or the new “spelling” of the SMS, unless you are 100% sure that your audience will understand without problems.
  • It is a registered trademark: if you are not the owner or if you do not have an explicit written agreement of this trademark, it is illegal to use a domain with a registered trademark.

If you have something similar now as a domain for your blog, I sincerely believe that you should consider changing your domain as soon as possible.

In three ideas, look for a domain:

  1. Very, very relevant.
  2. Different . It is essential that you understand that the success of your project is based on getting different from others. It is not about being one more in the market, but about being the one that stands out in this niche. If you have not interacted in the niche before and you buy the domain almost on impulse, very quickly, you probably have no idea how to achieve this differentiation.
  3. When in doubt, be very practical , because I know many people who ask me questions using the contact form of the blog or in the free course I give when signing up for the newsletter. Too many people for my taste.

Where to buy my domain?

How to Choose the Best Domain Name

For the domain I recommend  Namecheap .

It is a reference provider for my domains and I have chosen it because:

  • It has very competitive prices , cheaper than the most common options in Spain.
  • Protect your privacy . If you do not want your competitors to know what domains you have purchased. You can do it. No additional cost the first year.
  • A bulletproof DNS management . Always available and safe.
  • Transparency in prices . You will not find any surprises at the end of the purchase process. No stupid Upsell that causes you to end up paying $ 49 to buy a domain.

Namecheap is for you …

  • If you are an artisan, freelance or company and you are serious about your business, you need a digital brand to promote your products and services.
  • If you are a blogger and you know that having a free blog for your business is not a good idea.

What is the price?

Your prices, as you can see, in the following table are very competitive.

As you can see in the table, the more years registered in Namecheap the lower the price you pay per year.

Buy a domain for 5 years it will cost you $38.22 ( $ 37.56 + € 0.66 for a fee from the domain management company) and you forget about expiration dates and other pains until 2019.

Do not laugh, I know very famous bloggers who have forgotten to renew their domain and have been about to lose it.

What are the extras that the price includes?

When buying a domain, finding yourself with certain extras is always a plus point. Especially if these are related to security or privacy settings .

Among the Namecheap bonuses you will find:

  • Whois protection service activated . This way you will not expose your name, address, email and telephone to spammers or any online scam company.
  • Reliable and customizable DNS  Free Namecheap gives custom name servers.
  • 100% free email .
  • A very simple purchase process .
  • An efficient and fast chat support , as long as you speak English. They are fast and efficient.

Quick guide to buy a domain in Namecheap

The first thing you will have to do is go to Namecheap in  the domain section.

Another option is to put the domain you want to register in the main box of the Home.

How to Choose the Best Domain Name

Namecheap will check the availability of your domain and in case it is not available it will give you more options to register.

Check if the domain you want is available. Once you choose the one you need, click on the purchase button and it will be added to your order.

In order to avoid maturities and other quotas mentioned, Namecheap allows you to make the payment and automatic renewal from the beginning .

You are 1 to 10 years old, you pay and you forget.

The fourth step will be to create an account in which you will give all your data and thus make the final payment.

The purchase process is very fast and simple. I do not think it takes more than 5 minutes to do it.

You already have your new domains ready to release !

How to configure the DNS of your domain to point to your server?

You have your name registered in Namecheap.

And now that?

Now you have to configure the DNS of your domain.

This means redirecting your domain to the hosting plan you have chosen,  so that it points to the Hostgator servers, Bluehost and SiteGround

It is very simple:

Step 1 – Access your Namecheap account

The first thing you will have to do is access your account. You will have to click on the first section “Number of domains in your account”.


Step 2 – Select the name of your domain.

It will take you to this screen where you will have to click on the name of your domain.


STEP 3 – Transfer your DNS to your server (NameServers / Custom)

In the menu on the left you will find “Nameservers” click on that section.

STEP 4 – Enter the names of your servers

On the next page, you will see fields to enter the names of the servers that your hosting provider sent you when you created your wordPress hosting .

Normally they are two subdomains of the domain of your hoster, and they are included in the welcome email that you receive, just when creating your hosting account (DNS Server Names or names of servers)

An example:

  • Box 1: or
  • Box 2: ns.AAA + or ns.YYY +

When you add these domains, save your new configuration.

Your domain already points to your chosen hosting plan!

IMPORTANT NOTICE: The spread of your DNS may take up to 48 hours to become effective. Patience, then!

And why buy my domain in Namecheap and not in my hosting company?

It is an excellent question.

You should know that the Webempresa guys  give you your domain the first year. In this case, it is more difficult to resist the offer.

In Hostgator you will have to pay your domain and it will cost you about US $ 2.25 more than if you buy it on Namecheap, for a lower quality service (you do not have the free privacy).

It will cost you even more money in GoDaddy, another of the big providers of domains worldwide. So as you can see, Namecheap prices are very competitive.

But there is a deeper reason for not registering your domain along with your hosting plan.

From experience, changes to ‘hoster’ are much more common than domain provider changes.

We are all happy with our hosting, until we experience serious problems that affect our readers. And there, normally, things only get worse.

You resist changing, because you know that migrating is stressful. There are many chances to screw up. You are not technical, it forces you to leave your comfort zone.

But in the end, you have no other choice.

And one good day, you decide.

Go for it!

And if you have put all your eggs in the same basket, it will be more difficult for you to migrate.

First you will have to transfer your domain and although it is not complicated (if your provider does not hide your identification codes required to migrate a domain from one provider to another), you will lose a few days in the process.

And then you can install your web in your new ‘hoster’ and make the change of DNS from your old ‘hoster’ to the new one.

But if you work with a domain registrar, you can change from ‘hoster’ overnight, changing your DNS and that’s it. You depend less on your hosting provider.

And believe me, in many cases, it’s an excellent idea not to put all the eggs in the same basket!

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