Main advantage

A large number of accessories accompany this multifunction robot to allow its user to have no limit on the preparations he wants to achieve.


Main drawback

This product does not come with a cookbook, but a creative user has no problem finding ideas about the types of preparations to experiment with.


Verdict: 9.8 / 10

With K.Koenig KM68, you can plan a very diversified use thanks to the different types of accessories which accompany it. The only thing missing for this model to be an incomparable product is a recipe book, but the majority of users find no problem with this.




The capacity

H.Koenig KM68 has a bowl with a capacity of 5 liters. With such a capacity, this bowl can accommodate different types of preparations. 

You can make your preparations in comfort without any constraint of space. In addition, it is large enough to simultaneously handle a considerable amount of ingredients. 

When you are able to make your preparations at ease, the risk of not succeeding each recipe is limited.

To this great capacity is added the fact is that this product comes with a lid. By putting a large amount of food on it.

You can expose yourself to the risk of seeing them thrown out of the bowl during the robot’s operation.

This cover makes it possible to remedy this problem. Throughout the use of the device, you can keep your kitchen clean and get the best out of all your recipes.


The power

This multifunction robot has a power of 1000 W. This power is at one of the highest levels when compared to the power of the same type of devices available on the market. 

If H.Koenig KM68 has such power, it is to allow you to prepare as much food as you want without wasting time. 

Whatever the nature of the ingredients used and whatever the level at which they are steep, the performance of this product that translates through this power always guarantees an excellent result in a short time.

This model is also capable of operating at 6 different speeds. These allow you to adopt the use of the robot to all the preparations you choose. 

The success of each preparation is also optimized thanks to the presence of various types of accessories.


The accessories

Several types of accessories are delivered with H.Koenig KM68 to allow you to have more freedom in the choice of recipe to apply. 

These accessories include a whisk, a beater, a hook, a chopper, a stuffing tip, a cookie kit, and a pasta kit. 

This device allows you to whip cream, beat eggs, chop meat or any other food and perform different actions to achieve diverse results. 

This is one of the main reasons why this robot is very appreciated by those who have used it.

Some accessories like the cookie kit and the pasta kit allow you to easily succeed some recipes without you having to worry about all the details concerning the stages of the preparation. 

These accessories are attached to the front of the robot arm for easy handling.


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