GoDaddy Reviews User & Expert Reviews 2019-PROS & CONS

GoDaddy Reviews User & Expert Reviews 2019: Full List Of Pros & Cons + Speed Test

Who does not know GoDaddy? Let’s start GoDaddy Reviews

Internet guru Bob Parson has been in business for 20 years and has built what we can call a hosting empire. A combination of the “Go” command of AOL and the phrase “Big Daddy” (Gran Papi) is the word GoDaddy that many uses as a synonym for web hosting.

More than 6000 employees in 2017 and close to 55 million hosted domains (all the way back to 2013) tell the story. GoDaddy side opinions, this company is a giant of business and most reviews are always positive. It’s time for me to see how much it really counts.

Let’s analyze GoDaddy’s web hosting services and see if this giant of the business is really worth your money.

GoDaddy Services

  • Shared Web Hosting
  • VPS Hosting
  • Dedicated Hosting
  • Hosting for Resellers
  • Domain names

Recently GoDaddy announced that it would be discontinuing its servers in the cloud but there are many other services to choose from. The shared web hosting of GoDaddy is one of the most popular on the network. For those who no longer need this type of services GoDaddy offers vps and dedicated hosting services, as well as plans for resellers.

Sure, it should not surprise anyone that GoDaddy’s separate opinions are present in the ICANN Accreditation list. A company of this size is expected to take the bull by the horns and register the domain names on its own.


The GoDaddy hosting service has a good amount of extra features. If they run well and help, they will benefit the person who uses the hosting a lot. Let’s see what other features there are:

The GoDaddy hosting service has a good amount of extra features. If they run well and help, they will benefit the person who uses the hosting a lot. Let’s see what other features there are:

Advanced Website Builder

advance website builder godaddy

GoDaddy has a solid website builder. It has about 300 web templates to choose from. Many of these templates are friendly to mobile devices. This means you can make beautiful websites easily and immediately have it optimized to look great on desktop computers, tablets or smartphones.

Telephone Support 24/7

godaddy support

Many people enjoy using telephone user support service. However, many companies currently try to avoid it and instead try to implement the chat service (instant messaging) or tickets. GoDaddy is not one of them. This service goes much further, offering telephone support service 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Flexible Plans

Flexible plans

Some hosts do not give you much flexibility. For example, they give you a choice of a 1-month or 12-month plan. Some are a little more flexible and offer 2 or 3 years. GoDaddy is the most versatile of all, offering introductory plans that range from 1 year to 10 years.

Being a global power in the world of shared web hosting, GoDaddy has a firm grip in this market. This includes advertisements in the most important television programs in the United States as well as in the SuperBowl and English Premier League games. That’s why it’s so exciting for me to try GoDaddy in detail. It is clear that you do not get to dominate the market just for pure marketing – do services have to be good too? Well, I’m going to take charge of buying a shared web hosting service and I’m going to compare GoDaddy’s positive reviews with my own personal experience.

What is included in the GoDaddy packages?

A selection of three plans is presented:


  • Economy –  A plan that allows you to store a single website but with 100GB of storage space and bandwidth without measurement.
  • Deluxe  –  Without measurement in both storage and bandwidth, this plan is more expensive but has fewer limitations.
  • Ultimate – The best of the 3, this plan adds an SSL certificate, as well as unlimited databases as well as FTP accounts. This allows you maximum flexibility and security.

If you want a global view of what these plans offer, you can look at this table that contains the detailed and comparative information:


Disk space limit100GBUnmeteredUnmetered
Bandwidth limitUnmeteredUnmeteredUnmetered
How many domains allowed1UnlimitedUnlimited
SSD or HDD used in serversHDDHDDHDD
SSLSupported, not included in the planSupported, not included in the planSupported, included in the plan (for 12 months)
Anti-DDoS protectionNot includedNot includedNot included
Anti-malware protectionNot includedNot includedNot included
Email accountsUnlimitedUnlimitedUnlimited
FTP accounts5050Unlimited
Website BuilderIncludedIncludedIncluded
Website Templates300+300+300+
Assisted Website Transfer$99$99$99
Auto-installer scripts125+125+125+
Money back guarantee30 days for yearly, 48 hours for monthly plans30 days for yearly, 48 hours for monthly plans30 days for yearly, 48 hours for monthly plans
Customer Support24/7 phone, live chat.24/7 phone, live chat.24/7 phone, live chat.
A choice for server locationYesYesYes
Free Automated BackupsNoYesYes


If you have paid enough attention you will know what is the secret of the “monthly” plans. When a hosting provider offers you a “monthly” price.

What it means is that it proposes a long-term plan, for example, two years. By choosing it, you will have to pay for the entire period in advance. Then, a rate of “5 euros per month” will mean 120 euros, but when you pay that you have guaranteed 2 years of services.

Let’s see if GoDaddy does it, with a little analysis, let’s see the actual cost of the Standard plan of € 2.49.

It seems that it does! The promoted price is only valid if you choose a 3-year plan (36 months). You also have considerable discounts if you choose a 1 or 2-year plan but you have to pay the full price if you choose 3 months (the shortest tranche). While GoDaddy reviews on low renewal prices are geared towards long terms.


Here is the detailed price list of each of the costs of the three plans:

Payment Period / PlanEconomyDeluxeUltimate
1 monthN/A$10.99$16.99
3 months$23.97N/AN/A
6 monthsN/AN/AN/A
12 months$43.89$71.88$119.88
24 months$107.76$131.76$215.76
36 months$89.64$179.64$287.64
60 monthsN/AN/AN/A
120 monthsN/AN/AN/A

Renewal prices tend to increase between 29% and 50%.

* The prices expressed here are without VAT, that is why you can have an additional surcharge depending on your location.

First impressions


GoDaddy does not offer much without paying an additional. SSL certificates are free only with the most expensive plan (and it’s free for only one year). The protections against DDoS and against malware have an additional cost. The assisted migration of a website costs € 99. Many things that are assumed free here may have cost. Almost everything is available, only that you have to pay for it.


The fact that there is a 10-year plan is amazing: I do not know but it may be some kind of record. The renovation prices are quite steep but if you choose to host for 10 years, it will not be a problem soon. Regarding the prices, it does not make sense here to acquire a plan for less than 12 months. If you are about to make a short project and want to save then perhaps you should go elsewhere. You can see here a TOP with the best web hosting services – that can help you (the link opens in a new window).

GoDaddy Customer Service


Good customer support is quite underestimated. It is perhaps a rule that no matter how good your service is, at some point you will have problems. With those problems going around, a good support agent will make the difference for good or for bad. That is why many companies try to help their customers by providing a high number of alternatives to contact the support service. Many times they include telephone, Skype calls, tickets, live chat, etc. Surprisingly or not, GoDaddy only offers two of them:

  • Live Chat
  • Phone

On the one hand, it makes sense. Some people feel more comfortable talking and others writing. On the other hand, I was puzzled to see the lack of a support ticket system. Some problems are manifested with the inclusion of multiple lines of code and require some kind of specialist for the job – neither the live chat nor the telephone are able to solve this type of problems. But enough with that, let’s see how good are the two available options.

Telephone Service Evaluation

Two numbers are offered to choose from. After choosing one, I called and as usual, I was greeted by an automatic voice system. He was cheerful and made many cheesy jokes. It was pretty good but it was a bit distracting. After choosing my option, I was allowed to wait with or without background music. Personally, I think it was a very nice touch since it can make waiting online less stressful.

I called multiple times. In some of the attempts I was told that the approximate wait was a certain time, sometimes not. In any case, that time was almost never accurate. As a rule it takes me between 5 and 8 minutes to achieve a connection. While I waited, with or without music, I was still subject to many recorded attempts to increase the plan.

During the chats, I have met many good agents. A good example was Jared, who had my request for an “FTP Hosting”. Instead of offering a VPS service (logical solution), he told me that it would save me a lot of money by contacting Dropbox or looking for a similar online storage company. I verified and GoDaddy seems to have no affiliation with Dropbox. That is to say, Jared offered me a solution that was the best for me, not for the interests of his company.

That personal touch is very welcome – especially when I considered that GoDaddy was trying to sell me something once every two minutes. Other agents showed a similar level of knowledge and compassion. If these wait times could be shortened to at least 50%, I would say that GoDaddy’s telephone support service could rival SiteGround.

Chat Service Evaluation

The chat service is not always available. Rare as it may seem, you are not always allowed to ask for a conversation. When the lines are too long, you are not able to start one. The option to start a chat only jumps in the Cart and when you are browsing the support page.


Otherwise, getting someone to talk to you in a live chat will be difficult. There are two conclusions we can draw from it. Or GoDaddy relies on its telephone support much more than chat and does everything for people to call, or live chat does not have many agents and cannot keep up with the requirements. Knowing how great the GoDaddy company is, I think they have seen more positives when people use telephone support.

If you could get in there and get a live chat, this is how the agents behave:





In each evaluation of the chat services, I notice three things. First, the waiting times. Then I analyze the knowledge. Finally, I evaluate the human contact and the general behavior.

In terms of waiting times, there’s not much to say – every chat started instantly. Considering that you have to channel your internal James Bond in order to achieve one, it is not an achievement that stands out. However, in terms of knowledge, the support representative has been helpful. Immediately answered all my general questions. In a matter of human contact and familiarity, I have neither praises nor complaints. Everything was simple, I felt respected and I received the necessary support.

I should also add that de facto, GoDaddy has a support system through tickets. If you are an existing customer and contact them via live chat or phone, you should verify your identity. Then if a problem arises that the agents can not solve, a ticket is generated in a separate area of the support team. The team will solve your problem and send you an email with your response. It is not a separate support method, it is only used if your agent did not provide you with the necessary help.

First Impressions During and After the Purchase

GoDaddy reviews rarely mention any problems that arise with the purchase. This was also my case. Everything turned out to be a smooth navigation – linear and easy. No activation process was necessary. GoDaddy reviews that everything was as simple as it can be. They have even shown me a quick welcome video – which is always welcome.

A short time later, I had my first problem. I could not find how to connect to my account again and I had to open a chat window to find all the necessary information. The chat was quick and pleasant. The agent did not have much knowledge in terms of technical questions but he was very kind throughout the process and eventually, everything was perfect. I connected again and finally, I could see the Board. Here it is:


The link to the cPanel is clear and easy to see. Unlike other competitors, GoDaddy goes for what works and uses a simple panel skin:


Performance Evaluation

I started to make this review ready to be surprised. After buying the services, that’s basically how I felt. Impeccable telephone support from a simple and easy-to-use panel and board. Anyway, the deep evaluation revealed some fissures in GoDaddy’s armor. Visualize an aggressiveness in trying to sell features that other hosts give them for free, which disappointed me. Also, I did not like the fact that it was very difficult to get support through chat. However, there is still the most important of the tests. It is now time to evaluate performance.

These are the things that I will be evaluating here:

  • Host speed during low maintenance
  • Host speed with a website created with the GoDaddy website builder
  • Total online time of the servers
  • Anti-theft security evaluation

The evaluations you will see here will be constantly updated – if the host fixes your problems and improves (or does the exact opposite) which will also reflect in the review.

IMPORTANT NOTE – we do not claim that these tests are 100% accurate representations of server speeds. In order to obtain the most accurate numbers, we have tried multiple tools and eventually, we have opted for Bitcatcha. This tool provides us with the most consistent results. However, even Bitcatcha depends on its own access points. In order to obtain the best possible results, we have carried out 10 tests in rapid succession. The results that will be published are the averages.

Host Speed During Low Maintenance

A simple HTML website is perhaps the fastest. After all, it only contains a few lines of code. Use the GoDaddy File Manager to upload the website.


These were the results of the Bitcatcha:



I have uploaded two because I wanted to highlight an interesting thing. Many of the speeds were quite consistent. However, in many of these tests both Bangalore (India) and Singapore were low yields. Never both were good at the same time.

Host Speeds with the GoDaddy Website Builder

This test will show how well optimized are the GoDaddy website builders. Comparing the speeds between HTML sites and one built by the automation, we will see the difference. Here is the page that we are going to try.


Here are the results:


We can see a few interesting extremes. Once again at least one of the international servers (Japan, Singapore or Bangalore) has a low performance. In addition to that we see that the servers of the East Coast of the United States have absolutely impeccable numbers. In all 10 tests, at no time did this server exceed 10ms.

In short, the GoDaddy website builder performed very well. Also, it is noteworthy that genuinely the servers are very fast. Awesome.

Total Time Online Server

Click on this link to see the current performance and status of the GoDaddy server

NOTE – This section of the review will receive constant updates.

A simple WordPress website was created. Then, set up an online time tool to track performance. This test will show the total availability of the host on the server that hosted the website.

This type of tests is not 100% correct, because GoDaddy has data centers with multiple servers. A temporary failure in a server can cause some websites to fall and others to remain online. We tested it here is the performance of a specific server that randomly gave us GoDaddy.

These are the results of February 2018:


And the following is a graph that shows the performance since the monitoring software was implemented until the moment I write these lines:


In general, we see a trend of decent performance, and that is constantly improving, with very good online times (uptimes). In the link above you can check yourselves. In all these months, I have noticed that the performance is quite firm and it is not something to complain about GoDaddy.
Not everything is perfect, of course. The stability of GoDaddy has always been questioned. Just as the February graph shows, sometimes the server tends to have some “hiccups” and it takes 20 to 30 seconds to fully load. However, there are days of good and mild winds.
In terms of uptime, GoDaddy performs very well.

There are some drops but they are relatively minor – the website user falls for 10 minutes or less. These cuts occur once every one or two weeks. Generally, it is not bad – these times of falls will not cause serious problems. Of course, it is a little discouraging when they occur but it is very rare for a hosting provider to be 100% perfect.

Evaluation of Anti-Theft Protection

This evaluation is conducted in two parts. The first was to test the security measures of the system itself and the second was to try to steal the key using live chat from GoDaddy.

The first part was quite simple. I clear my cache, changed my IP to an Austrian and simulated a brute force attack. After writing 20 times the key in succession finally in the attempt number 21 came the following message:


“It seems there was a problem with your account. Please wait 15 seconds before trying again. “

This is very interesting. If you are using brute force software to try to access the account, the program will treat this as a “failed access” and continue guessing.

If you are a person trying to guess the key, this screen can be an active indication that you finally guessed it. However, there are many other ways to get around this even if you use brute force software. In general, GoDaddy has security measures that they use to stop brute force attempts. Maybe they can be improved but it’s better than nothing.

For the second part, I’ve tried how GoDaddy’s customer service handles sensitive user information. Again, I disconnected, deleted my cache, changed my IP and tried to obtain my password without providing any tangible proof that I am the owner of the account. This is what happened:



As you can see, GoDaddy is so secure that you can not get your password even if you are the owner of the account. This is quite rare, since many companies have a “last resort” in the verification process, which usually requires payment details or answering any security questions. Here, if you lose your contact email, your account is lost.

IMPORTANT – take special care with your personal information. Do not use repeated keys and change them regularly. Additional software that encrypts your keys, such as LastPass can be very useful.

Review of GoDaddy – Conclusion

Godaddy web hosting is not just fancy marketing. Behind all those expensive advertising, lies a solid company that offers high-quality services. These services combine two very important features that every host should prioritize – an easy-to-use interface and great performance. Add to this solid phone support and you will have a contender worthy of your money.

On the other hand, there are some flaws too. Many features and services, such as assisted website transfer or an SSL certificate require either a separate payment or a very expensive plan. In addition, it will be quite difficult to get support in a live chat – and if you do, trying to get your password could disappoint you.

All in all, GoDaddy’s reviews are booming. It is a provider of solid hosting services, offering good services. If you are prepared to pay a little extra, you can not go wrong.

godaddy pros and cons

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