GeneratePress Review

GeneratePress Review: One of the best Theme for WordPress

GeneratePress Review: One of the best Theme for WordPress

In this GeneratePress review, I want to explain why it is one of the best WordPress templates in 2018.

Did you just start with WordPress?

You do not have technical knowledge but you want to be able to adapt the web to your liking in a simple and intuitive way.

Do you make websites for clients?

You need a flexible theme that you can adapt to the needs of your clients (structure, colors, typography …) without having to resort to modifying the code.

With GeneratePress you can change the structure and style of the web from the WordPress customizer, watching all the changes live. And for more advanced things you can use the different hooks that the template has.

If you are looking for a WordPress template that does not give you problems and that makes it easy for you if you doubt GeneratePress is an option that you should consider.

Main features of GeneratePress

This template has gained popularity quite quickly since the author Tom Usborne has done things very well. He has created a kind of Genesis 2.0.

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A fast and light theme

This template opts for a simple design that quite reminds Genesis framework templates.

It’s something that I personally like.

But unlike Genesis has extensive customization options that I will explain later.

It is not overloaded with unnecessary functionalities, its configuration options are limited to changing the appearance and structure of the web.

This allows maintaining optimal performance.

Thanks to its modular add-on system you decide which ones you want to use. Disable those that you do not need to not consume extra resources.

Responsive 100%

It is a WordPress theme that behaves very well on mobile devices and also has a wide variety of settings only for mobile.

As for example changing the logo in the mobile version, change the size of the typography, sticky menu, slide-out menu, etc.

Which makes the user experience very good on mobile devices.

Good HTML structure

The code of GeneratePress is clean and follows all the good practices of WordPress Codex so that Google can perfectly read your web and index it.

It also uses microdata from that improve communication with search engines.

Compatible with the most popular plugins

GeneratePress works perfectly with the most popular plugins such as Woocommerce, bbPress or WPML among others.

In addition, it is compatible with the most visual layout and different internet browsers.

This means that you can create from a simple blog to an online store or forum.

Extensive customization possibilities

Undoubtedly one of the strengths of this template and is something that I will explain in detail later.

Thanks to how easy and intuitive it is to change the aesthetic aspect of the template make it an ideal option for beginners.

All the settings are made directly from the WordPress customization settings or from the page or post options you are editing.

This means that you can see the changes live.

Opinions about GeneratePress

The opinion of the users is always important. And the opinion that users have about GeneratePress cannot be better.


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More than 100 thousand active installations and an average rating of 5 out of 5 stars. Hard to get over.

Another important fact, GeneratePress receives an average of 1000 downloads per day, with peaks of up to 4000.

GeneratePress Review: One of the best templates for WordPress

This clearly indicates that there are many users who choose to use GeneneratePress to create their website.

 GeneratePress Free vs Premium

The template is free, but really all the potential it has is in the add-ons, and these are paid.

That’s why I think that the template is really paid because the free version will not give you much. It can serve you to make a basic blog but up there.

Before you could buy the add-ons separately, but that has changed and now only has a price plan.

GeneratePress premium costs $ 49.95 which is about € 43.

A very affordable price if you compare it with the price that has ThemeForest templates, which mostly cost about $ 59 + VAT.

The license is only for one website and they support for 6 months if you need support after that time you have to pay again.

Let’s see what the premium version of GeneratePress offers you in detail.

What GP Premium offers:

  • The 14 add-ons and the new ones that they take out.
  • Use of unlimited license: you can use GP premium in all the websites that you want both yours and customers. Ideal for web designers
  • One year of support and updates: You will receive all the improvements and bug fixes plus support in case something does not work for 12 months, then you have to renew the license to continue receiving the new updates and support.
  • Forever: once you buy it you will have it forever, even if you do not renew after a year. It will not be erased, or disable or anything. Simply if you do not renew the license you will not get the updates but you can still use it.
  • 30-day refund:  If you do not like the template, you have 30 days to get your money back without asking any questions.

Prices and plans have been changing since it came out for about $ 30 if I remember correctly.

GeneratePress Premium in detail

The add-ons are the key to the success of this template. In the next video, I talk about each of them so you know what each one offers.

For more information I recommend you to take a look at their website because the video already has a time and there are some things that have changed.


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The colors surely are the first thing you start to change in a web. An essential add-on that will allow you to adapt the colors of each element of your website without touching any code.

These are the elements that you can get your hands on:


As you see the possibilities the possibilities of personalization of the colors are very wide. You can even change the colors of the forms.

Typography is another important part of a website. And for that GeneteraPress could not fail either. With the typography addon you can use Google Fonts and change the font and style of all these elements:

  • Titles of the post and pages.
  • Set font type and style for each label H1 H2 and H3
  • The titles and text of the widgets
  • The typography of the menu.
  • The footer

Basically, you can use different typography for each element of the web.


This addon is one of the most interesting because it allows you to layout your pages creating a series of sections with their own style each.


You can change the following parameters to each section:

  • Change the background color.
  • The color of the links and the text
  • Set a background image.
  • Use the parallax effect.
  • Add padding top and bottom.
  • Create full-width sections.
  • Add custom CSS.

The truth is that it is an addon that I have not used because I use Elementor to lay out the pages so I have never resorted to its use.

Plus Menu

It offers different settings related to the menu such as activating the “sticky” menu or better known as a sticky menu that stays up when you scroll.

You can add a logo to the menu and even set a different menu in the mobile version.

Another video so you can see how the menu is configured.

Another option that I quite like is the slide-out menu. 

I do not know if you have seen that in the mobile version of some websites the menu is displayed from the side.

This type of menu seems much better for mobile devices than the typical one that opens vertically with all the menu items.

All these combined options allow improving usability and user experience in both desktop and smaller screens.

That’s why I say that it is one of the templates that best behave in different screen sizes.


It is the new functionality that they have launched with version 2.0 of GeneratePress.

Within Elements have grouped Hooks, Headers and have added Theme Layout.

With this new functionality, you can now insert hooks and headers conditionally, specifying in which pages of the web and to which users it will be displayed.

It is something that was missing since before inserting a hook it appeared on the entire web unless you limited it with php code.

Which is not the most comfortable especially for beginners.

Another thing to highlight about Elements is that you can now create a Theme Layout too, for example, say that all the pages are full-width, that they do not have a sidebar and do not show the title.

This is quite useful because before you had to do it page by page.


With a couple of clicks you can hide the following elements of your posts:

  • The author
  • The date
  • Categories
  • Comments
  • Tags
  • and more…

Besides that, you can change the way you show your articles.

For example, you could show the articles in several columns or use ” mansroy layout ” so that your posts are loaded like Pinterest pins.

I recommend you take a look at the video to see the full potential of this addon.


It’s obvious what the thing is about. Basically you have the possibility to change the background to all these elements:

  • Body
  • Header
  • Content
  • Sidebar Widgets
  • Footer Widget Area
  • Footer
  • Navigation
  • Navigation Item
  • Navigation Item Hover
  • Navigation Item Current
  • Sub-Navigation Item
  • Sub-Navigation Item Hover
  • Sub-Navigation Item Current

Basically, you can change the background to almost any element of the theme.


This is a very interesting addon since it allows to change the space ( padding) between the different elements of the web.

Normally changing this type of property usually gives headaches because many times something is unbalanced.

With GeneratePress that does not happen, it allows you to change the spacing very easily without having to touch any code.

You can change the padding of all these elements.

Secondary Menu

Do you need an extra menu? No problem.

With this addon, you can add an extra menu in multiple positions and customize it to your liking by changing colors, typography, spacing, etc.


It is quite useful to place links to phone, email, social networks, customer area or any other secondary link that does not have to be in the main menu.


It is a very simple addon and the only thing you can do is modify the Copyright that appears on the footer of the web.



This field allows using HTML and shortcodes.

Also, you have some pretty useful variables.

% corrent_year% to update the year automatically.

% copy% to place the copyright symbol ©.

Disable Elements

It is a useful addon because it allows you to hide certain elements of each page individually.



This greatly facilitates the creation of landing pages or also known landing pages.

Since these normally do not have, navigation menu, or sidebar, or any element that facilitates the user’s exit from the page.


Since version 2.0 of GeneratePress, the hooks are integrated within Elements.

Hooks could be defined as points or locations where you can insert content, be it plain text, HTML code, scripts or PHP code.

It is something to which you can get many benefits.

A very basic example would be to insert the Google Analytics script into the head using a hook

These are the main GeneratePress hooks:

  • wp_head
  • Before Header
  • Before Header Content
  • After Header Content
  • After Header
  • Before Content
  • After Entry Title
  • After Content
  • Before Right Sidebar Content
  • After Right Sidebar Content
  • Before Left Sidebar Content
  • AfterLeft Sidebar Content
  • Before Footer
  • Before Footer Content
  • wp_footer

But they are not all, you can see the rest in the following link.

GeneratePress + WooCommerce

This was what this template lacked. Before I had nothing for WooCommerece, I left it as it comes by default.

But that is already things of the past, now GeneratePress has many configuration options focused on WooCommerce so you can create your online store using this template without a problem.

I leave you my video so you can see the settings you have.

This addon that adds some improvements of style for the store along with a series of options that to adapt WooCommerece to your liking.

Things you can do with the WooCommerce add-on :

  • Add the cart to the menu, before you had to add it to another plugin. You can also hide it if you do not want it.
  • Mostar or hide the breadcrumbs.
  • Choose the structure of the store page with the sidebar on the right, left, with two sidebars or without sidebar.
  • Alignment of the image and text: left, center and right.
  • Products by page.
  • Hide the sorting of products.
  • hide the number of total products.
  • Hide the product title
  • Hide the text
  • Hide the price
  • Hide the offers.
  • Hide the product image
  • etc.

Then you have more or less the same options for the product page itself.

And in addition, you can also change the color and typography of almost any item in the online store.

In case you do not need anything that I mentioned, simply do not activate the addon and you will have the WooCommerece by default.

With this latest add-on, you can now use GeneratePress to create an online store perfectly.

GeneratePress + Elementor Page Builder


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As I said before, GeneratePress works very well with the different Page Builders that are on the market, especially with Elementor.

Elementor is a very intuitive visual editor, easy to use and free, also has a premium version. And it is one of my main tools in the projects I do.

For more information about this plugin I recommend you read my review about Elementor.

GeneratePress + Elementor is a brutal combination !!

On the one hand you have a light template without unnecessary styles or functionalities and on the other hand, a powerful visual editor that allows you to shape the content of your website without touching code.

With this combination, you can do all kinds of web pages.  From a simple blog to websites for doctors, lawyers, photographers, news websites, portfolios, and even online stores.

Currently, this combination seems to be one of the best there is to create your website.

Examples of web pages made with GeneratePress and Elementor

I have created a simple directory where users can send their web pages made with GeneratePress, of which most use Elementor.


On the web, you will see some examples of pages made with GeneratePress and Elementor. You can also add yours if you want.

GeneratePress 2.0 loading speed test

As you already know, loading speed is an important factor and templates are usually one of the factors that must include in this aspect.

One of the main improvements of GeneratePress version 2.0 is the optimization of the load speed.

The tests I have done using the Pilvia hosting with a clean installation of WordPress without any extra plugins.

It is a free hosting that goes quite well, but surely with a good payment hosting, you would get better load times.

TRY ONE: just the template without the addons.



The load times varied with each test and is a data that depended more on the response of the hosting than anything else so it would not take much into account.

  • Number of requests: 11
  • Weight: 32.3 KB

TEST TWO:  With all the addons activated.


Get Generatepress

Results: As you can see in the screenshots of Pingdom and GTmetrix, the data hardly changes.

  • Number of requests: 12
  • Weight: 33.8 KB

Seeing this data it is clear that it is a light template with which you can get good load times by doing some optimizations.

I leave a post of the author in which explains how to improve the loading speed of generate press.

GeneratePress, a template for all audiences

As you have seen thanks to adding ons the possibilities are enormous.

Advantages for beginners

1 # Thanks to everything is configured from the customization options you see the changes live, which helps and streamlines the process of creating your website.

Even if you are a beginner user it should not cost you a lot to adapt the template to your liking.

2 #  It has become a very popular topic and there are even Facebook communities only on this template.

2 #  A solid base. You get a versatile, lightweight template, and with a good HTML structure that will help the SEO of your website.

Advantages for web designers

1 # You save time. You can do most of the aesthetic adjustments without modifying the CSS by hand.

And in case you have to do it by being a template with simple style makes it much easier to apply your own CSS.

In addition to the flexibility it gives you when modifying the structure of the web: sidebar, without sidebar, with two sidebars, with a header, without header, the menu on the right, menu below the header … the possibilities are enormous.

Without forgetting the hooks with which you can insert code easily in certain places of the template.

2 # Export your designs. You have done some tests in local and you liked how the web has been. Export that style and import it to another website whenever you want.

3 # Unlimited license. As I said before with a license you can use premium GP in all your web and those of your clients.

Being a very flexible subject, it is easy to adapt it to the needs of clients. In most cases without touching code.

How to install GP Premium?

GeneratePress is a free template but the paid version or GP Premium is a plugin, which when installed unlocks all the features that make this template so special.

Being a plugin some users get confused and try to install it as if it were a template, and of course, it gives them an error. I have already encountered several cases like this.

You have to install GeneratePress Premium as a plugin.

Once installed you have to go to Appearance -> GeneratePress where you have to activate your license along with the add-ons you are going to use

Complementary plugins of the author

Tom (the author of the template) has also created a series of plugins that are a good complement to the template. I leave the list in case you want to take a look.

Lightweight Grid Columns


You remember that in the sections you could not create columns … Well, this plugin allows you to do exactly that.

Create columns adapted to mobile (responsive) using shortcodes and insert the content you want inside.

Lightweight Social Icons


Links to social networks is something that can not be missing from any website. Lightweight Social Icons allows you to insert the icons of your social networks into a widget.

You can change the color, the alignment, make the links open in a new window, etc. I use it in the sidebar of this blog.

WP Show Posts


A very simple and lightweight plugin that allows you to show the latest entries of your blog wherever you want with a shortcode.

Final opinion on GeneratePress

Generatepress Discount Offer

My final opinion is that it is an excellent template that borders on perfection. It is a good option for both novice users and professionals. Your configuration options and add-ons allow you to create very different websites and without having to modify the template code in most cases.

To see websites made with GeneratePress enter the forum, where users share the websites they have created with this template. It can also be useful to take ideas for your website.

I can not tell you much more, I am delighted. I encourage you to try it because the price is not a big investment and the very bad you can always ask for a refund.

On my YouTube channel, I have uploaded several tutorials on the template, in case you want to take a look I leave you the link to the playlist.

I hope this GeneratePress analysis has been useful for you.

Leave me in the comments your opinion or doubts that you have, I want to know what you think about this template.

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