Best Free VPS

Best Free VPS 2019-Both Free Trial and VPS lifetime added

Best Free VPS 2019-Both Free Trial and VPS lifetime added

What is VPS Hosting & How to you get Best Free VPS Hosting 2019. Let’s start the dynamic review .

VPS is a perfect option for large companies and programmers looking to build bright things.

Compared to shared hosting, a virtual private server is a much more advanced and expensive option, which costs more to maintain companies and users to buy. And while finding good free web hosting is not a big problem, a free VPS is much harder.

But while it is difficult, is it possible? Can you really get a free virtual private server, and if not, why? Also, what are the alternatives?

These are the questions that started my investigation. With hope in my heart, I began to look, only to end up staying more and more confused. Because I realized something …

Free VPS is usually a scam

I said it in big letters because I wanted to make it stronger for the people behind me. A free VPS is like a mousetrap full of delicious and free cheese.

If you think you can cheat the system and get a life of business-class hosting for nothing, you’re playing at the hands of corporations looking to benefit from you anyway. During a good week of research, I still could not register and use one of those hosting servers for sweet and sweet websites.

What I got instead, was a lot of promises, lies and questionable data collection. I took a chance on my data, so you do not have to. This is what happened to me, when I believed in the lies and tried to find the best free VPS.

I brought them so much advertising revenue!

Often, free VPS companies end up being direct scams: they cheat you without problems and without effort, in reality it is brilliant. Here, in this particular example, I was so shocked that I had to lie down a little.

Meet FreeVPS: literally, the first search result that appears when US users search for “free VPS”. From the first glance, your website seems legitimate. Not the best, of course, but not the worst either.

We go directly to the chase: this page is a big league scam. For example, the purchase links for the VPS Pro and VPS Elite plans? They are blank. Probably nobody has clicked on them in years.

The plans are there just to highlight how good the free VPS is. They do not want your money even if you beg them. The only plan is free. And once you choose it, you are given a kind of installation wizard.

Well, if it’s a magician, then it’s definitely Voldemort.

At first, the assistant looks good and legitimate. You can choose a server operating system, location, control panel, everything good. Then you see this message, and everything looks good and clear.

Remember this picture well, because we’ll return to it later.

Several seconds later, the server is deployed! Or at least they want you to think …

This picture is static. The IP is always the same (French) no matter the “location” you choose.

But hey, you are one click away from getting your login information! And so…


That’s not good, I want my password! How can I get it? A text-to-speech friendly video (or a really bad reader) explains that I must repeat the whole process, but this time, I need to click on the ads that appear on the implementation page!

So … I did it again. But when I clicked on the ads, the page was updated. So I did it again. I clicked on the ads a total of 4 times and only then did he realize that it was the only thing they wanted. I brought them enough money by clicking on the ads.


Hooooooo, that’s not good. Maybe the number at the top of the website will help.

No It’s a number from a debt collection company in New York.

So, that’s what happens when you look for the highest-ranking free VPS provider. They trick you into clicking on a bunch of ads and calling a very confusing debt collection office in New York.

Data collection is no more

But enough to collect debts. Let’s talk about collecting data.

Until the European Union introduced GDPR, the Internet was full of companies with varying levels of legitimacy, seeking to obtain their data and then sell it to an interested party. The free VPS websites are the fossils of that primitive era. Even to this day, for most of them, an email address is all they need.

Some companies will do everything possible to achieve that. Let’s take a look at 5Jelly and Gigarocket. You can not even register for these services anymore. Gigarocket announced, only in June 2018, that he is no longer giving away free VPS.


And in 5jelly, you can not even register! All you get is an error message.

So, are you telling me that many free VPS websites fell a few weeks after the EU passed the new user data laws?

This can not be a coincidence! It is difficult to really claim something, but you have to admit that it is very suspicious.


However, the website is still working. But seeing the comments, even from the days when it used to work, people were not happy. Apparently, the provider used to simply take your email and not even send an activation form.

An image is emerging. If a company that wanted its email / password combination disappeared after the stringent data laws came into effect, why were they using it? We can only assume.

In short, the promotional posters on page 5jelly and the online reviews could not be more different …


Everyone loves 5jelly? Are you completely sure of that?


The last comment here is especially interesting. Because it really goes deep and finds another reason why there is a free VPS and what the companies that offer it really look for.

We need people! More people!

Every company needs attention to survive. And the best kind of attention is word of mouth: when users talk about their favorite services to their friends, friends are more likely to notice. So it’s not a surprise to see that many free VPS companies at least try some kind of reference system.

Often, however, people do not refer the product, because they love it. They do it because references are needed to obtain the product.

Take Cloudrino as an example. This Indian startup says it gives you a free VPS. To get it, you must stay online. The problem is that, apparently, the line has more than 230 thousand users. And it is not moving very fast! However, to get ahead of the line, you can also invite your friends to join the line. So, you can skip some positions.

Later, you can check the progress of your email simply by entering it on the page.


I tried this a few days ago. How am I doing? Well, I would like to be able to inform you with good news, but it seems that my position in the queue is not … clear.

Well, I will report with the results … As long as they are clear.

But in truth, the references and “publish on the host” are the only way to obtain a powerful and legitimate VPS account. This is how everything works.

Post in host services are essentially forums, forums. They try to attract active users, interested in the administration of the server, giving them free VPS. Some of them also request backlinks (links from your website to yours) for you to save the servers.

Let’s take Post4vps as an example.

To participate even in the draw, you must be an active user of the forum with at least 25 publications. Then, you can participate in a monthly raffle, where you can get one of the free VPS servers.

If, after obtaining the server, you are no longer an active contributor to a message panel, the server will also disappear, almost immediately.

So, therefore, free VPS is possible, in theory. However, very often it is a data mining operation, a direct scam or an attempt to build a fake community by promising gifts to its users.

Then, as you can imagine, the competition is not shining exactly. If you are looking for the best free VPS, you may have a really difficult time.

But I will try to do this well. If you are now asking “what should I do then?” , just keep reading.

What is the best free VPS?

Clearly, the best free VPS is not one of the options mentioned above. They are weird, swindlers, and I really could not register for any of them. So, really, you have to ask yourself a question: why do you need a VPS?

Because if you are looking for a VPS to build a regular website, you simply do not need it. Previously, I reviewed a lot of incredible web hosting providers that offered hosting services for legitimate and brilliant websites at no charge.

And if you are specifically looking for a VPS because you need fewer technical limitations, or want to try an application, there are some good free options:

  • Amazon Web Services (free forever, but limited after a while)
  • A2 Hosting (unlimited money-back guarantee)
  • CloudSigma (no credit card needed, great for testing)
  • InMotion Hosting (90 days free)
  • Google Cloud Platform (free VPS for application building)

All these are different and suitable for very different purposes. So if you want more, here they are all again. This time, in all detail.

Amazon Web Services


Free forever – with a catch.

Amazon is not just books, video transmissions, and online stores.

The Seattle company is also doing hosting business. And its VPS is known as “Amazon Web Services”.

By using the market that is provided to you, you can run almost all the operating systems and applications that you could use in a regular VPS.

You will have enough time to get used to everything: there are simple 10-minute tutorials that will help you solve most problems. And best of all, it’s free for 12 months.

When they finish 12 months, their functions are reduced to the minimum, for example, you can not have a virtual machine. And still, there is a real free plan there. Only that it is very limited.

These are the features that Amazon web services can offer:

  • Convenient software market with thousands of options.
  • A plan for always free.
  • Lots of useful tutorials.
  • Easy updates to premium plans.

A2 Hosting

All kinds of servers, for all kinds of users.

If you can recover your money at any time, is the accommodation free?

I dare to argue that it is. In the worst case, this accommodation is so cheap that it’s just worth it.

Managed or not managed? Linux or Windows? Do you want full access to the core? A2 Hosting can get you all that.

And as mentioned above, if you do not like it, you can always get back what you paid for. When you pay money, you get premium things, like in the case of A2 hosting, they are worth it.

These are the best features of A2 hosting:

  • Money back guarantees at any time.
  • High-speed servers.
  • Customer service 24/7.
  • Increased security



No credit card, no hassle.

One of the main reasons why people seem to look for free VPS services is that they do not want companies to have their credit card information when they are not even sure if they want to pay.

With CloudSigma, there will be no such problems. This VPS provider is so sure you will love their services, that you can get a 7-day trial without even entering your card numbers.

In addition, you can request a demonstration of the services by the company professional to see if CloudSigma is really right for you.

For people looking for the best free VPS because they are not sure if it will work, this provider is absolutely ideal.

That’s why CloudSigma is a great option:

  • Implementation of the server for 26 seconds.
  • Servers in various places, in places as far away as Hawaii.
  • Free trial without a credit card.
  • 10 GigE speeds.

InMotion Hosting

3 months of business-grade solutions.

Are you looking for a VPS because you want to have a great e-commerce store or an online business?

Let’s get down to it: there’s no better free VPS for you because, for a successful business, you need a premium solution.

However, with InMotion you get enterprise level servers and a 90 day money back guarantee: then you have 3 full months to see if this company is right for you! It is? We believe that yes, it is one of the best qualified VPS services we have tested.

Unlocked CPU cores allow for faster data processing and, with many resources, can not host one, but several large projects in a single account. If you’re not sure if the VPS can handle what you throw at it, try InMotion. It definitely can.

This is what the InMotion hosting can offer:

  • Ready for E- commerce.
  • The CPU cores unlocked.
  • 90 day money back guarantee.
  • Free copies of security.

Google Cloud Platform


Build something brilliant.

Maybe trying to pair with Amazon, Google and your cloud platform will definitely have some good things going on.

First things first, completely free: you get the Google infrastructure for a basic web application. So if you want the best free VPS to build Google Android or Chrome apps, there’s literally no better option than that.

For free, you will get a micro instance, 5 GB of storage in the cloud. There are 15 total Google services that you can run without paying anything. This VPS is made for people who want to build.

It’s not the place if you want to make a WordPress blog. But it is ideal for those who want to use the vast resources of Google to do something brilliant.

These are the most interesting features:

  • Made for the construction of Google applications.
  • Lots of Google products and resources available.
  • Free plan forever.
  • Easy upgrade to premium plans.


Getting a free VPS is not as simple as some companies want you to think. They are expensive to maintain, so they are also expensive to buy. There simply is not a suitable business option for large applications and multiple websites that will not cost you anything. However, there are alternatives.

Free web hosting is always a good option for many regular users. If you do not need access to the root, but instead just want to learn the basics of website development, there are not many better options than that.

If you are simply not sure if you need a VPS or not, take a free trial of one of the companies mentioned above. A few days with a brilliant server, and you can come to a conclusion, that paying a few dollars a month is not that bad.

And finally, if you’re looking to build things, you want to create applications or apply software to more than the simple construction of websites, see what Google and Amazon can offer you. These plans are free; although very limited, they are also good learning platforms.

Free VPS can exist. Just do not expect it to be simple.

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