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FastComet Reviews User & Expert Reviews 2019-PROS & CONS

FastComet Reviews User & Expert Reviews 2019: Full List Of Pros & Cons + Speed Test

Hello, random visitor of the Internet! In this post, I’ll talk about FastComet hosting. A web hosting provider specialized in WordPress that offer high benefits at low prices.

It seems a lie, But no. I also had a hard time and believe it until I tried it.

I’ve tried, among others, hostings like SiteGround, BlueHost, Hostinger and the one that has given me the best performance has been FastComet.

So, if you are looking for a good WordPress hosting like you are interested, take a look at my review of FastComet.

About FastComet

I tell you a bit of history about FastComet because it is not a well-known company in Spain. At least for the moment …

FastComet is a California-based company that began offering its  SSD Cloud Hosting servicesto the public in 2013, before doing so only for private companies.

They are specialized in hostings for WordPress, Joomla, OpenCart and SocialEngine and other Open Source CMS.

They offer their services internationally and give support 24/7.

Many International Servers

FastComet Discount

Easy to Start


They’re strict

As I read on their page about us, they do not support scam websites, spam, violence, viruses, malware, etc.

It’s something that I think is good and common sense. I do not know many hosting (to say nothing) that say it clearly.

I would not like to have to share the server with websites of that type. Because it is something that can affect my page or yours.

I do not know how they are in control of this issue. But at least it is good to know that they have it in mind.

Now that you know what the company is going to do, we will pass the part of the tests and details.

How fast FastComet is

As you know, hosting is the key to the speed of loading a page. That’s why I’ve done a few tests to give you an idea of the performance offered by FastComet servers.

Test environment for the tests:

  • Hosting plan using ScaleRight.
  • Clean installation of WordPress with the default plugins and template.
  • PHP version 7.2
  • No cache plugins or CDN.
  • HTTPS enabled
  • Data Centers in Netherlands

You can do the same tests with your hosting to compare data.

If you do, I would appreciate it if you would leave me a comment with the results you have obtained.

I would like to know what performance other hostings offer and you would also be helping other users

PHP Benchmark

It is a test to check the speed with which the server executes a series of operations in PHP .

The smaller the time the better. In this data the PHP version that the server uses is very much influenced, in this case it is the 7.2

Of all the tests I have done, the total time was always around 1 second with slight changes of thousandths of a second.

In this test I think the results are pretty good.

Test Load Impact

This performance test is to see how the server responds to an increase in users and requests over time.

The important data of the graph is the response time (Response time) that must be kept as low and stable as possible although the number of requests and users. increase

The blue bar that represents the response time remains fairly stable  with a response time between 80 and 120 ms during the entire test.

Byte Check (TTFB)

The TTFB (time to first byte) is a test that consists of seeing how long the browser has to wait until it receives the first byte of information from the server.

According to Google, the recommendation is that the TTFB is below 200 ms.

According to the tests I have done with Byte Check, the TTFB was around 800 to 900 ms.

Some data that could be better, although we must also bear in mind that the testing website does not have any cache or CDN system.

As I found a low result, analyze other blogs and popular websites. Of which, none reached those 200 ms or far.

The results obtained have been very similar to the web of tests.

It is a tool that you can not trust much because you do not know where you are doing the tests, which has a great influence on this type of metrics.

Web Page Test

I have done this test with the tool using the Frankfurt servers.

The funny thing is that this tool shows a  TTFB of 347 ms when the Byte Check returned more than 800 ms.

The total load time is just 1 second and the two parameters that carry an F is because a cache system is not implemented.

Pingdom Tools

For Pingdom Tools tests I have also used the Frankfurt server and the results obtained are the following:

For some reason I was not caught the thumbnail of the web

The load times are pretty good. In all the tests I did the loading times did not exceed 0.3 seconds.

In performance grade it does not give a “C” because the cache system is enabled.

PageSpeed Insights

I have also done some tests with the new PageSpeed Insight that now gives much more detailed and terrifying data in some cases.

These are the results obtained in mobile .


Being a very basic website, the results obtained could be said to be good, but on websites with content these are usually much worse.

And in the desktop we get 100 out of 100.

Viewing these results it can be said that with FastComet parts with a good performance from the beginning, largely complying with the requirements of Google.


Finally I have also done a test with GTMetrix from the London servers.

First Test

Second test

The first test gave me a higher load times because the server still did not have my web cached. Afterwards, all the tests gave me 0.7 seconds.

In general I think that the results obtained are good and, that they can even be improved by doing a bit of WPO.

One thing that can not be shown by a test is the  sensation of speed it gives when navigating the WordPress backend, with an almost immediate response.

It is something that is appreciated because it is really where you will spend the most time.

FastComet control panel

FastComet control panel

Although FastComet does not have support in Spanish, the cPanel administration panel can be put in Spanish to make it easier for you.

Control the consumption of resources with “Observer”


Within the administration panel of FastComet you have access to a tool called “Observer”   that allows you to see the consumption of resources on your web page.

If you look at the image, I have a bit of script consumption because I’ve been doing a lot of tests with cache plugins and modifying web content.

So, the rest of the month should control me a little hehe.

Create backups with a couple of clicks

In addition to the daily backups that they do, you can make your backups from cPanel using Jetbackups


Jetbackup allows you to do:

  • Complete copy of the account
  • They Copies of the archives
  • Copies of the emails
  • Copies of the database
  • Copy of SSL certificates

So if at a given moment you need a backup of whatever, with a couple of click you have it ready.

Clone your website to do tests with “Staging”

Another of the important functionality that FastComet has is the possibility of staging your website.

I’ll explain briefly what staging is.

The “Staging” is a procedure that consists in making a clone of your website under another url .

It is very useful for testing without running the risk of messing up and loading the web.

You do all the tests in the web clone and if it does not break anything you pass the changes to production.

FastComet price plans and features

Here you have a price table of your shared hosting for WordPress with the approximate prices in the US Doller.

In the table below you will see all of the main features, compared to each plan.

InFoStartSmartScaleRight SpeedUp 

Disk space limit
Bandwidth limitUnmeteredUnmeteredUnmetered
How many domains allowed1UnlimitedUnlimited
SSD or HDD used in serversSSDSSDSSD
SSLSupported, included in the package. (Wildcard)Supported, included in the package. (Wildcard for life, GlobalSign for 1 year)Supported, included in the package. (GlobalSign for life)
Anti-DDoS protectionIncluded (CloudFlare)Included (CloudFlare)Included (CloudFlare)
Anti-malware protectionIncludedIncluded Included
Email accountsUnlimitedUnlimitedUnlimited
FTP accountsUnlimitedUnlimitedUnlimited
Website BuilderIncludedIncludedIncluded
Website Templates240+240+240+
Assisted Website TransferIncludedIncludedIncluded
Auto-installer scripts300+ (Softaculous)300+ (Softaculous) 300+ (Softaculous)
Money back guarantee45 days45 days45 days
Customer Support24/7 live chat, email, phone24/7 live chat, email, phone24/7 live chat, email, phone
Choice for server locationIncludedIncludedIncluded
Free Automated BackupsDaily, kept for 7 days.Daily, kept for 30 days.Daily, kept for 30 days.

  Get Hosting Get Hosting Get Hosting

Main features:

  • SSL Free with Lets Encrypt
  • The SSD disks
  • Free domain for life while you have a hosting with them.
  • Support 24 hours in English by ticket, chat or phone.
  • cPanel
  • Use HTTP / 2, but only in your SmartStart and ScaleRight plans.
  • Restoration with a click.
  • Daily backups.
  • Data center in Europe.
  • Multiple versions of PHP: from 5.3 to 7.2

The rest of the features can be found on their website. They explain everything in detail.

Forever free forever

Yes, you read that right. No hosting company (that I know) offers this offer.

You can choose among the most common domains such as.COM, .NET, .ORG.INFO and other country domains. Although the.ES is not available

Do not pay the domain that you contract with them while you have a contracted hosting plan.

If you hire your most economic plan that costs $ 59.40 / year (about € 52) you take a free domain forever or until you decide to change hosting.

Prices without surprises

One thing I like about FastComet is that they have pretty clear prices.

No extra surcharges or surprises when renewing the hosting. The price you see is what you are going to pay. Also, since they are outside Europe, VAT does not apply.

Unlike other hosting, FastComet does not offer initial discounts except for some special days of the year.

But if you sign up for 24 or 36 months,  you save more than a year of web hosting. You could say it’s a 3 × 2, like in the supermarket in your neighborhood hehe

Discounts for the duration of the contract.

Get FastComet Hosting

The truth is that they have very good prices, you could say that even cheap compared to other hostings.

FastComet Reviews on my 

So what is my final opinion about FasctComet?

From my experience I can tell you that I find WordPress hosting very good. At the height of any other well-known hosting such as SiteGround, Web Company, Raiola Networks, etc.

I would recommend it to anyone who does not have problems with English and has a minimum knowledge of cPanel.

Is FastComet support good?

In my experience, YES.

Capture one of the tickets that I opened.

Case 1: doubts by chat

I have spoken with them through chat and they have responded quickly. If you have any questions I recommend you contact them by chat.

Case 2: web and mail migration  

To migrate the SiteGround webs to FastComet, contact them by ticket and they migrated both the web and the mail the same day .

All without problems. Of course, you have to open the specific ticket for migrations.

Because if you open a ticket for marketing and what you want is to migrate your website they will tell you to open another ticket.

Case 3: technical fail

Touching some settings of the cPanel, something was deconfigured and all the images on the page gave a 404 error .

In the end I had to open a ticket because I could not find the solution and they solved the problem quickly.

Case 4: help with adjustments

I also contacted them for some CloudFlare settings that I did not know how to configure and they did not give me any hits.

I passed them the access data and they left everything configured.

So far my experience with FastComet support.

At the moment I can not complain, they  respond quickly at any time or day of the week and they solve the problem .

Everything one expects from a support in conditions.

What do you think about the performance of FastComet?

In terms of performance, I think it’s the fastest WordPress hosting I’ve ever tried. And that was before with SiteGround.

Just by changing, I noticed an improvement in the loading speed of the web.

It shows even when browsing the WordPress admin panel.

If you are looking for a fast WordPress hosting, I recommend trying FastComet because even I have been surprised by the performance it offers.

What do you think about the price?

As I said before, the price is undoubtedly one of its strengths .

It is one of the reasons why I switched to FastComet because with SiteGround I was paying triple for similar services.

Keep in mind that for about € 52 / year you can start with your website . And you do not even have to pay for the renewal of the domain.

What do not you like about FastComet?

One problem that I see is that your “SpeedUp” plan does not use the HTTP / 2 protocol (the other two do).

It is a protocol that improves data transfer, which influences the loading speed of a page.

Although we must bear in mind that this plan has more advanced cache systems such as Varnish, APC and OPcache.

Apparently, it is not activated by a compatibility issue with the settings of your server.

If you want to know more about the subject, in  this article  they explain it in detail.

Another thing that I do not like very much, is that within the administration panel they are continuously promoting their other services and trying to get you to a higher plan.

They are a little tired in that aspect.

Except for these two things, I can not complain about anything else.

Below I explain the steps to follow to hire a web hosting plan with FastComet.

Step 1: choose the ideal plan for you

The first thing you have to do is select one of your WordPress hosting plans .

FastComet Hosting

If you are only going to use a domain you can start with the SmartStart plan, otherwise choose one of the other two.

The one I use is ScaleRight, because that way I can host several websites in the same hosting.

Step 2: choose the domain (name of your website)

Here you have two options: contract a domain with them or use one that you have already bought with another provider.

If you register the domain with them you will not have to pay for their renewal while you have a hosting plan with FastComet.

So you could say that you take a free domain for “always”.

Choose one of the two options and click on “Use This Domine” .

Step 3: enter your personal information

Here you simply have to complete the fields with your personal data.

Step 4: select the duration of the contract

I recommend that you choose at least a 1 year duration if you do not trust to hire it for 2 or 3 years.

Although with a 3-year contract you save about 40%.

Step 5: select the addons

Of the available addons I only recommend adding the Domine privacy. In fact, they add it by default.

It is so that nobody can see your personal data as owner of the domain through Whois

The rest of addons are not necessary.

Step 6: Select the location of the data center

If you are in Europe, select Frankfurt or Amsterdam and, if you are outside Europe, select the data center closest to your country.

The data center that I chose was Frankfurt because it is the closest to Spain.

Step 7: payment method

You have two choices: pay by card credit or debit or PayPal .

I usually pay by PayPal.

Step 8: enter a discount coupon

During the year they make some discounts that you can take advantage of to buy the hosting at an even cheaper price.

Of course, they have the button to redeem a pretty hidden ciborium .

Step 9: place the order

Once you make the payment you will get some emails with the access data and you can start with your page.

fastcomet reviews

FastComet Reviews – Conclusion

So far my review on FastComet, I hope it has been useful. If you have any questions or want to share your opinion about FasctComet, leave a comment below.

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