Best Electric Toothbrush For Receding Gums

Best Electric Toothbrush For Receding Gums 2019- Extra Gum Protection

Best Electric Toothbrush For Receding Gums 2019- Extra Gum Protection for the Receding Gums


What is the Best Electric Toothbrush For Receding Gums?
A very common myth that many people still believe is that “recession of the gums” is a problem only for the elderly.

If you are still promoting that belief, keep in mind that anyone can be a victim of backing gums, regardless of their age. However, according to the California Dental Association (CDA), this problem is seen more in adults over 40 than in adolescents.

Do you still wonder why you should care?

Well, the recoil of the gums is an indicator that you have gum disease.

If this disease affects you, your gum line begins to withdraw from your teeth, exposing more of each tooth.

If left untreated, the gums that recede expose the roots of the teeth, creating a cavity where the bacteria will grow and swallow the tissue of the gums. This will eventually lead to early tooth loss.

This is where the “electric toothbrush” can be useful as a tool to fight against premature tooth damage.

To counteract the recession of the gums, the first recommendation of most dentists is an “electric toothbrush” because it limits the time of brushing in just two minutes and ensures that no additional pressure is exerted on the gum when giving comments of warning.

Top 7 Best Electric Toothbrush For Receding Gums Comparison

Philips Sonicare 5100
(Editor’s Choice)
3 modes2 weeksCheck price
Philips Sonicare 3 Series3 intensities3 weeksCheck price
Philips Sonicare 93004 modes, and 3 intensities2 weeksCheck price
Waterpik WP-9002 speeds14 daysCheck price
Oral-B Black 70006 modes10 daysCheck price
Philips Sonicare FlexCare Plus5 modes3 weeksCheck price
Smilex AU-300E3 modes10 daysCheck price

What Is The Best Electric Toothbrush For Receding Gums

Many people are obsessed with a whiter smile. However, they are not really focused on the health of their teeth or gums. They assume that a white smile is the key to good oral health. You really need to take the time to remove the plaque and be good with your gums.

If you have sore, sore, or bleeding gums when you brush, you may have a serious problem. Recession of the gums can affect anyone if it is causing problems with things like aggressive brushing or eating incorrect foods.

We will talk about the symptoms and causes of the gum regrowth before tackling the best electric toothbrushes for receding gums.

Signs That Tell If You Have Gum Recession


Whether you brush or floss, bleeding is a common sign of a gum problem. The progress of the problem will depend on how much the gums bleed. It will depend on whether there is significant pain, too.

Sometimes, a bleeding gum is a symptom of brushing too hard. In that case, you are preparing for the recession of the gums. It may not be a problem now, but it will be in the future.

Sensitivity to Hot and Cold

Bacteria, plaque and tartar that build up on the teeth can lower the gums. Pockets can be formed that will really hinder the removal of the accumulation.

When the tooth is exposed below the gum line, it can become very sensitive to heat and cold. People who feel more sensitive to cold drinks or hot foods in their teeth should see a dentist. He can tell you the cause, which is more than likely that the gums begin to recede.

Red, Swollen Gums

All the symptoms of gingivitis and periodontal disease begin with minor symptoms. You may find that your gums are tender or inflamed at times. It could be after brushing or eating something a little hard.

The gums can be sensitive to touch. They can be red or purple. These symptoms also come with inflamed gums. You can see that they are swollen and discolored when looking at your mouth.

Pain at the Line of the Gums

Along with inflamed gums and sensitivity, you may find that they are quite painful. When brushing, you will feel the need to slow down and brush with less force.

This could be one of the causes of the recession of the gums. You should not brush so hard that your gums hurt.

That pain can also occur when you are eating or drinking. That’s when it starts to move forward. The gums are moving away from the teeth. When the roots are exposed, the pain will be evident.

Shrinking Gums

If you notice that your teeth seem especially long, it is a sure sign that your gums are shrinking. It is the basis of what is said about aging “you are staying long in the tooth” because as people get older, it can also happen

The gums that are receding are actually shrinking in some cases. Leave more of the tooth exposed. It is a part of the tooth that should not be exposed.

Exposed Roots

The roots are meant to be covered by the gums. When they recede or shrink, now food and bacteria have access to the root of the tooth.

Exposing the roots also exposes your teeth to hot and cold things. It can even hurt when you’re outside in very cold weather with your mouth slightly open. The exposed roots can be caused by aggressive brushing or the advancement of gum disease.

Loose Teeth

When the gums recede, they create pockets where bacteria can grow. The bags deepen as the person’s periodontal disease worsens. The tissue surrounding the roots is ripe so that the bacteria remain intact.

That bacterium begins to devour the roots of the teeth. The bone is also affected by the disease. When the root and the bone are affected, you can actually eat the base of the tooth and loosen it. Sometimes, the teeth may fall due to the disease.

Bad Breath

Pockets filled with bacteria can have a very unpleasant odor. The hidden plaque and tartar in areas around the gums can cause bad breath. It’s a kind of bad breath that does not go away easily with brushing, either.

If you can not get rid of bad breath, it’s time to look at your gums. Check for loose bacteria and gums.

A quality gum receding electric toothbrush should have 4 following attributes

A quality toothbrush that is good for receding gums will have some of the same attributes. All will focus on the health of the gums and the reduction of plaque and bacteria with their characteristics.

Pressure sensor

Aggressive brushing can lead to the backing of the gums. While trying to remove the plaque, you are actually hurting your gums by applying too much pressure.

The sensor will warn you that the pressure is too strong. He will retrain you to brush gently. Scouring is not what removes plaque from your teeth and gums. Soft pressure works better.

Two-minute timer

Dentists recommend that you brush your teeth for two minutes at least once a day. A timer on your toothbrush will help you keep track of how much time you spend brushing.

It is important for the health of the gums that you eliminate all plaque and food. If you leave bacteria and plaque on your gums, you will have more problems, such as tooth decay and gum disease.

Gum mode

Sonic toothbrushes have a gum mode that works to massage the gums and restore them to good health. This particular mode addresses the problems you will have when your gums are receding. It will stop any gum disease before it can get worse.

The massage actually brings blood and oxygen to the surface of the gums to heal them. Once your teeth are as clean as possible, it is important to work to reduce swelling and other symptoms.

Specially designed brush head

Brush heads that focus on the gums will be designed for that area. It will help remove the plaque while gently massaging the gums.

They will have a shape that provides equal pressure to the entire tooth and the gums that surround them.

Top 7 Best Electric Toothbrush For Receding Gums Reviews

Philips Sonicare ProtectiveClean 5100 Gum Health

The recoil of the gums can be a sign of too much pressure or the onset of gum disease. It is important to find a toothbrush like Sonicare ProtectiveClean that removes excess pressure.

You do not need to brush aggressively to clean your teeth and have healthy gums.

Key features

QuadPacer and Smartimer: each timer helps you clean the quadrants of the mouth efficiently. You must devote 2 minutes to your total brushing, so that means dedicating 30 seconds to each of the 4 quadrants. QuadPacer and Smartimer will notify you when the correct time has elapsed.


High quality bristles: the bristles of this ProtectiveClean are soft and soft, but provide a quality cleaning.

The bristles are soft, with a curved tip that will facilitate access to the back of the mouth.

3 cleaning modes: the cleaning modes are customizable to provide the exact type of cleaning you need.

The cleaning mode, the white mode and the gum care mode will provide a great cleaning. The gum mode will massage your gums to make them healthier.

BrushSync Replacement Reminder – The BrushSync replacement reminder uses advanced technology to track how long you have been using the brush head.

It will track the time it has been used and the pressure of brushing. With all this information, it will automatically calculate the time a replacement needs.

Pressure sensor: the recession of the gums often comes from a hard and aggressive brushing to remove plaque. While you want to remove plaque for better gum health, you do not want to damage your mouth. The pressure sensor will alert you to intense brushing.

Get Philips Sonicare 5100 on Amazon

My Impression

To get healthier gums, this sonic technology will give you more cleaning for 2 minutes than you would with a manual toothbrush.

That means you will not have to rub and dig your gums to remove plaque or food from between your teeth. The rubber line can be cleaned incredibly well without being aggressive with brushing.

The toothbrush has a message mode that brings blood to the gums. When circulation improves in parts of the body that are damaged, the area will begin to be healthier. Massaging the gums will heal and reduce the damage. Actually, it could reverse the effects of receding gums over time.

Many people who begin to have problems with their gums or plaque will attack the area vigorously. This can lead to more damage. The ProtectiveClean brush heads have soft bristles that are tightly packed to provide more cleaning without scrubbing.

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Get Philips Sonicare 5100 on Amazon

Philips Sonicare 3 Series Gum Health Rechargeable

The Sonicare 3 Series is a sonic electric toothbrush designed to protect the gums. It comes with a special brush head that will be soft to the gums. Although this toothbrush does not have a pressure alert, it will not be a problem. The bristles are soft and provide quality cleaning.

Key features

ProResults brush head: the included brush head should focus on the health of your gums. It is specially designed with soft bristles and a convex profile to ensure that it does not exert pressure on the gums. The bristles have wavy and radial designs for a smooth brushing.


Reminder bristles: Reminder bristles fade from blue to white when they need to be replaced. You will never have to ask yourself if you are ready for a new brush head.

Intensity setting: with thousands of sound vibrations per minute, you do not have to brush aggressively with this toothbrush.

There are 3 intensities that will provide the ideal intensity of brushing needed. It could start at the lowest level and ascend to the highest as time progresses.

Timers: QuadPacer and Smartimer help you comply with the 2 minutes recommended by dentists for daily brushing. The QuadPacer will warn you every 30 seconds to move it to another section of your mouth. The Smartimer issues an alert after 2 minutes have elapsed.

Soft brush heads: it is vital for the health of your gums to have soft bristles. The bristles of this Sonicare 3 series provide a soft cleaning with its convex shape. While it is gentle, the brush heads will still remove 6 times more plaque than a manual toothbrush.

Get Sonicare 3 Series on Amazon

My impression

The gentle nature of the brush head will prevent it from brushing aggressively. That is one of the biggest reasons why people have gums that are removed. Your mouth will feel cleaner, so you will not have to attack the gum line.

The bristles are designed to work with the gums to provide a massage without damage. It is an excellent toothbrush for when your dentist recommends more attention to your gums to reduce the risk of gingivitis.

The shape of the brush head and the soft bristles are what give this toothbrush a greater chance of reversing the recession of the gums. It has the shape of a cup, so it will end with the same pressure that surrounds the tooth and the space near the gums. It is not necessary to press against the tooth to obtain a superior cleaning.

There are three intensities you can use with your soft brush head. They will remove 6 times more plaque than a manual toothbrush.

There is a Quadpacer and Smartimer to make sure you are spending the 2 minutes needed to brush your teeth every day that dentists recommend. Every 30 seconds, the pacemaker will notify you that it is time to move to another area. Read more here

Get Sonicare 3 Series on Amazon

Philips Sonicare DiamondClean Electric 9300

The Philips DiamondClean 9300 rechargeable toothbrush connects to an application. This provides support and tracks your oral hygiene habits. That is an important characteristic for the person who is experiencing the recoil of the gums.

Key features

4 modes and 3 intensities:DiamondClean Smart has 4 modes. Each mode is fixed in a certain cleaning. There is the cleaning mode, the white + mode, the deep cleaning mode and the health mode of the gums.


The Clean and Deep Clean mode will remove more plaque for a healthier mouth.

The whitening mode will illuminate your smile. The Gum Health mode works to massage your gums.

That’s the way you’ll want your gums to recede.

There are also Three intensities; Low, high and medium. You can choose the intensity according to the sensitivity of your teeth and gums.

Brushes included: brushes included focus on cleaning modes. There is a premium head for the control of the plate. There is a brush for the care of the gums and a white head. These correspond to the available modes, too.

Application support: the application can be downloaded free for your smartphone.

It will be synchronized with the toothbrush to track the data you can take to your dentist. Together, they can find out where their brushing is missing and make corrections.

Pressure sensor: the pressure sensor is perfect for people who have rubber lines of recoil. It will give you an alert sound so you can adjust the amount of pressure you are exerting on your teeth.

Smart charging glass: instead of a bulky charging station in the bathroom sink, you’ll have a functional glass.

This glass is beautiful while holding the toothbrush, and it can also be used as a rinse. It will charge your toothbrush completely and only needs to be charged after 2 weeks of use.

Get Sonicare DiamondClean 9300 on Amazon

My impression

The brush head for gum care is made specifically for those who have inflammation of the gums. The company promises that it will be reduced and will have healthier gums in just 2 weeks. Along with the application, that is a strong argument to buy this toothbrush for the gums that are removed.

The Gum Health mode is the biggest attraction to buy this toothbrush. It will provide a deep cleaning that will remove the plaque from the mouth while it is soft. It is not necessary to rub to remove food particles and bacteria from the mouth.

Once you have addressed your gum problem, you will have a healthier mouth. You can also enjoy some deep cleanings with this brush. Your whole mouth will be cleaner and fresher with this toothbrush.

The toothbrush will continue to gently clean your gums while whitening your teeth. Modes and intensities are excellent even if you have solved your back gum problem.

The pressure sensor will help you train the right way to brush your teeth. It will alert you to the increase in pressure that will damage your teeth and gums.

Get Sonicare DiamondClean 9300 on Amazon

Waterpik Complete Care Water Flosser and Sonic Toothbrush (WP-900)

The Waterpik Complete Care has a water filter and a sonic toothbrush in a convenient unit. Flossing is vital for the health of the gums. Removes all particles and debris along the gum line and between the teeth near the gums.

After a few weeks of flossing, you will see a big difference in the health of your gums and teeth. This is also a great space saver. You will get your water brush and your sonic toothbrush in a unit that will easily fit on your bathroom shelf.

Key features

Sonic toothbrush: the sonic toothbrush has a bristle speed 25% faster than other sonic brushes. Sonic electric toothbrushes use an incredible amount of vibration to push bubbles and water between the teeth. The sonic toothbrush produces cleaner teeth, less plaque and healthier gums.


Several tips: the flosser comes with tips for all kinds of dental problems. There are 2 classic jet tips, a plaque finder, and an orthodontic tip, and a pik pocket tip.

The one that focuses on the gums is the tip of the plate finder. It is more effective with the flosser than other options.

Huge tank: the 90-second tank container guarantees that enough time will pass between the teeth and the gum line. The pacemaker will alert you when you have also spent enough time in one area of ​​the mouth.

Numerous speeds: there are 10 speeds in the flosser. This is essential for anyone who has never used water before. Start at the slowest speed with lukewarm water or mouthwash in the reservoir to know how fast you will need to start.

Rechargeable toothbrush: you do not have to sacrifice your oral health because you are going on vacation or on a work trip. This toothbrush can be loaded for your trip and thrown in a case. It will last for weeks with normal use.

Get Waterpik WP-900 on Amazon

My impression

The combination of the water brush and the sonic toothbrush can be exactly what you need to have a cleaner mouth. It will definitely improve the health of your gums instead of using a manual brush and traditional thread yarn.

Advances in oral hygiene can eliminate 99 percent more plaque from your teeth and gums. If you have backing gums, you will want to address that problem with a trickle of waterflosser before ending gum disease.

This device will replace all the toothbrushes and flossing that you have tried to use in the past. It is a complete oral hygiene device that will give you the cleanest possible mouth.

It will be like going to the dentist for a daily cleaning without the huge dental bill. Your dentist will see a big improvement in his mouth the next time he goes to see him too.

Get Waterpik WP-900 on Amazon

Oral B Pro 7000 Smart Series Toothbrush

This toothbrush is connected to your smartphone with an application and Bluetooth. You can follow your brushing habits over time. This will help motivate you to brush your teeth longer and alert you when you brush too much. Aggressive brushing is what often leads to receding gums. It also has a massage mode in the gum care mode that will focus on the healing of the gums.

Key features

5 cleaning modes: the toothbrush has 5 different cleaning modes. There are the whitening mode, the gum care mode, the deep cleansing mode, the sensitive mode and the cleansing mode of the tongue. The whitening mode will shine and whiten your teeth.


Deep Clean and Tongue Clean modes will remove plaque and bacteria from the mouth.

The gum care and sensitivity modes will work to gently clean your teeth and gums when you need a softer touch.

3 included brush heads: ProWhite brush head, Sensitive and CrossAction work with each of the modes of this toothbrush. The ProWhite helps remove plaque and stains.

The CrossAction also removes the plate, with its rounded head that surrounds the tooth as it oscillates. The sensitive brush is perfect for the sensitive mode, as well as the way of care of the gums.

Oral-B application: when you connect the toothbrush to your smartphone, you can keep track of your brushing habits. When you are working to improve your gums, it is useful to keep track of the pressure used and the time spent brushing.

Monitoring your brushing habits means that you can share that information with your dentist.

Oscillating cleaning: cleaning in 3D comes from the rotating, pulsating and oscillating nature of the electric toothbrush.

Make all those movements to break and remove plaque and bacteria from the teeth. It is proven that it eliminates 100% more plaque than manual brushes.

Angled head: CrissCross bristles from the CrossAction brush head provide more cleanliness for each tooth.

The angle of the bristles is 16 degrees, which reaches the depth between the teeth to remove the plaque. It also gets incredibly close to the gums for cleaning.

Get Oral-B Black 7000 on Amazon

My impression

This Oral-B toothbrush has a brush head inspired by professional dental tools. The CrossAction brush is a round and oscillating head that will surround each tooth.

It will give you a complete cleaning without having to press the tooth with much force. This form is the reason why the brush heads are so successful in reversing the recession of the gums. Massage and distribute the gentle pressure evenly.

When it is soft on the gums, it can help the healthy tissue grow back and stop the back of the gums. There is a pressure sensor that will alert you if you are pressing too hard.

Excessive brushing is one of the most important reasons why your gums are receding. The alert will retrain you in the correct amount of pressure for brushing.

One of the best characteristics for the person with backing gums is the feedback you will get from the application. It connects via Bluetooth to your smartphone. It will capture all kinds of data you can share with your dentist. Together, you two can decide where you need to change your habits.

Get Oral-B Black 7000 on Amazon

Philips Sonicare Flexcare Plus Rechargeable Electric Toothbrush

According to the CDC, half of Americans over 30 have some type of periodontal disease. That is a form of gum disease that will result in inflamed gums and eventually tooth loss.

IThis electric toothbrush has been proven that this toothbrush improves the health of the gums in 2 weeks. It has special brush heads and modes that focus directly on the health of your gums. It also has a UV sanitizer, so it does not remove bacteria from your teeth and gums only to reapply it the next time you brush.

Key features
Philips-Sonicare-FlexCare (1)

Sonic technology: the basic concepts of sonic technology are important for the health of the gums.

The toothbrush vibrates at high speeds, which forces water and bubbles between the teeth and along the line of the gums.

That will remove more plaque and residue from your teeth than manual brushing.

5 brush modes: there is the mode of cleaning, updating, sensitivity, massage and care of the gums for this toothbrush. The gum care mode gives you two minutes of directed brushing that will improve the back of the gum line, bleeding and inflammation.

Special brush head: there is a special brush head for use with the gum care mode. The ProResults brush head will remove plaque and bacteria that can cause gum disease. You will see an improvement in your gums almost immediately.

Easy start and timers: the easy start will allow you to use the brush at a reduced speed and intensity. The QuadPacer and Smartimer will make sure to follow the recommended dentist two minutes of brushing in each quadrant of the mouth.

Illuminated screen: when not in use, the brush handle has an elegant and simple design. Only when you turn on the brush, you will see the 5 brush modes. The one you have chosen will be well lit.

My impression

This sonic toothbrush focuses directly on the problems that affect the health of the gums. The special head of the brush and the way of care of the gums will cause a reduction of the inflammation and less bleeding in the gums almost immediately. You will use less pressure to clean your teeth and gums than a manual brush.

The easy start is a great feature of this toothbrush, especially for people who have sensitive teeth and gums. If you have bleeding and swelling, you may be a little afraid of using a sonic toothbrush at full speed. This will facilitate the world of sonic cleaning.

Smilex AU-300E

Unlike sonic technology, this is an ultrasonic toothbrush. It is a method that was approved by the FDA in 1992 as an original of this company. They invented the first ultrasonic toothbrush to combat gum disease and remove plaque. The ultrasonic pulses penetrate ½ inch below the gum line.

Key features

Ultrasonic: the toothbrush reduces plaque by 97% on its first use, even if it has been brushed before use.

It is intended to be placed below the gum line to remove plaque and bacteria that can contribute to gum disease.

Thousands of pulses: the ultrasonic vibrations of this toothbrush give the user 18,000 pulses.

They are thousands of pulses that will shake plaque, tartar, bacteria or food between the teeth and near the gums.

Gum massage head: massaging the gums causes healing and circulation. It will increase the health and well-being of your mouth. The gum massage head focuses on reducing bleeding and inflamed gums.

Easy on / off button: there is an easy on / off button that is not in the path of the brush handle like other electric brush marks

Long-life battery: the ultrasonic toothbrush has a battery that will last a long time. The Ni-HM is the same type of battery used in hybrid vehicles.

My impression

This brand was the first to create ultrasonic technology for its customers. It is a double frequency technology that penetrates below the gum line where most of the plate can be found. This makes it incredibly effective to provide a cleaner mouth and healthier gums.

While it does not have all the timers and pacemakers of other models, it is not always a necessary feature. In 30 days, it can reduce gingivitis by 28 percent and bleeding gums by 60 percent.

Main reasons for gum receding

There may be some causes of gum recession or gingivitis. Many of them are based on the patient’s diet and lifestyle choices. That means that it is preventable, and with proper care, reversible.


When a person brushes the gums with too much force, they are hurting. The gums are torn or torn from the teeth. It is the excess of brushing every day that is a serious problem for the gums.

The problem with over brushing is that the brusher thinks they are doing something good. They are brushing vigorously to eliminate plaque buildup. Actually he is doing a pretty serious damage. The gums should be treated gently and massaged without tearing and tearing.


Another problem for too enthusiastic planers is overfilling. This person thinks that he is aggressively taking care of the waste and food that is between the teeth.

In fact, he is tearing the gums with nylon or plastic thread. This is especially true when the person saw from one side to another too strong.

Overcasting and over brushing are easy to fix. Although, the brusher will have to retrain his own brushing habits. That starts with recognizing the problem. There are also more causes for the recession of the gums.

Poor Oral Care

A person who does not brush after every meal risks receding their gums. They also open up to more serious problems, such as cavities and tooth extractions, due to poor oral hygiene.

The gums may take a while to begin to recede, but it is part of a larger problem of the person’s inability to fight bacteria and the plaque that accumulates in the mouth.

Everyone needs to brush and floss twice a day. This is in accordance with dental professionals and dental organizations such as the American Dental Association.

Dietary Choices

It is difficult for some people to understand how the food they put in their bodies can have an impact. There are some ways in which this happens. First, the teeth are chewing any food that is being consumed. He has to beat his teeth and mouth before being swallowed. That leaves a residue.

The food also has an impact on the bones and skin, which includes teeth and gums. If you are not practicing a good diet, your body will eventually feel that impact. Sugary foods are very dangerous for your teeth and gums. A balanced diet is the key to a healthy body. That includes a healthy mouth, too.

Tobacco Use

Smoking has a big impact on your teeth and gums. In fact, there have been studies that have shown that half of all periodontal disease that affects the gums was related to smoking.

It was found that smokers have more stones in their teeth, which is a hardened form of plaque. It could be due to the smoke itself or less saliva in the mouth of a smoker. That plaque leads to gum disease. It is a bacterial infection that attacks the soft tissues and breaks the gums of the teeth.

Some causes of receding gums have nothing to do with the decisions you make daily. They can make a person prone to recession of the gums if they do not take preventive measures.


As we grow older, it is easy for the gums to begin to recede naturally. This does not mean that as a person ages, they can definitely expect gum disease. This means that they will have to remain more vigilant regarding the health and cleanliness of the gums.

Regular dental visits can give an older person a road map to ensure that cleaning is done correctly.


Many people have soft teeth or strong gums based on their parents. Like the shape of his eyes, his smile is often inherited directly from a father. This leaves you with some of the same problems and benefits that they have as well.

If you notice that a parent has a recession of the gums, it is likely that he should be directly in his energies to make sure it is not a problem for you.

Why the electric toothbrush is best choice for gum receding?

Tracks Dental Hygiene Habits

An accumulation of plaque and bacteria makes your home in the gum line. While you think you are having all the areas of your teeth and gums, it is likely that you are missing some.

That plaque sits on the gums and causes serious problems. Many electric toothbrushes have a way of tracking their hygiene habits to ensure that they are cleaning properly.

It will track the areas of the mouth that might have been lost. All data can also be stored for review by your dentist.

Removes More Plaque

As mentioned earlier, the electric toothbrush removes more plaque than a manual. It has angled bristles and vigorous cleaning vibrations to put between the teeth and along the gum line.

Often there are specific modes that place more emphasis on cleaning and removing plaque. Especially in harder areas such as the gum line or the molars on the back.

The most serious problems with your gums can originate in the back of the mouth. It is harder to reach those areas and clean them.

Stops Aggressive Brushing

Manual toothbrushes have no way of alerting you when you’re brushing too aggressively. Aggressive brushing is dangerous for the gums. It is one of the biggest causes of recession of the gums.

Most brands of electric toothbrushes have an alert that will tell you that they are holding too much. They will pause, emit a ring or turn on a light when they have brushed aggressively.

It is important to let the toothbrush do the work. An electric toothbrush will help relieve hard brushing to allow the gums to heal.

Timers and Pacers

As much as we would love to brush our teeth for 2 minutes twice a day, it can be difficult. You’re in a hurry, or you lose track of time. It is likely that you are not brushing the full 2 ​​minutes.

With a timer and a pacemaker, the electric toothbrush will track that time for you. Pacemakers will make sure that an equal amount of time passes in each part of your mouth. The timer will notify you when 2 minutes have elapsed.

Massage Gum Modes

In the massage mode of the gums, there is the correct amount of pressure on the gums. Gently massage the gums to bring healthy and healing blood to the area. That can do a lot to heal and rejuvenate the gums.

While massaging the gums, it also creates healthy tissue and removes plaque and bacteria.

Delivers More Vibrations and Strokes

A manual toothbrush can not touch the amount of vibrations and oscillations you would get with an electric toothbrush.

Most power companies can deliver more than 30,000 movements per minute. There’s no way you can get that kind of movement with a manual that you’re loading.

In two minutes, you will get more than 60,000 movements that will deliver a better cleaning and eliminate more plaque. That leads to healthier gums that will reverse the recoil.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why doctors strongly recommend an electric toothbrush for gum receding?

Because the ‘electric toothbrush’ offers a special mode called ‘rubber mode’ designed for better care of the gums. It facilitates cleaning in and around the gum line thoroughly but gently to eradicate problems such as inflammation of the gums, bleeding and recession of the gums.

It also works very well against stubborn plates. Ensures that you brush following some proper brushing techniques. The pressure sensor integrated in the brush ensures that you do not exert more pressure on your sensitive chewing gum.

In general, the electric toothbrush provides a very good all-in-one compact solution that all dentists seek.

Why should I use an electric toothbrush instead of a manual toothbrush?

As explained by ‘Kimberly Harms‘ of the American Dental Association, it is possible to achieve the desired results using manual brushing, but the problem is that many of us do not know how to use them in the right way.

It is also not possible to reach all the corners of the teeth and make an effective removal of the plate. An electric toothbrush guarantees brushing for 2 full minutes recommended by the dentist.

The manual toothbrush causes damage to the soft rubber, while an electric toothbrush does not. It can cover a larger area faster, so it cleans more surfaces in the same amount of time.

With manual brushing by hand, only 300 strokes per minute. But an electric toothbrush can do thousands or, in some cases, tens of thousands of strokes per minute.

Is the use of electric toothbrush safe?

Some FDA warnings say “Maybe not.” There are some electric toothbrush models that are considered a danger to the safety of you or your children. According to the FDA, this electric toothbrush model can cause serious oral and facial injuries.

It is advisable not to go brushing without an exhaustive check of the brush heads, their bristles, and the enclosures.


We have included the best toothbrushes for receding gums on this list. All have features that focus almost exclusively on returning the gums to their healthiest state.

For many toothbrushes, that means removing more plaque on the tooth, as well as near the gum line. Others have massage modes that will bring oxygen and blood to the area.

In general, the best toothbrush for receding gums has modes and intensities that provide fantastic cleansing and dedicate time to the gums.

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