Best Electric Shavers For Women 2019

Best Electric Shavers For Women 2019-Expert Reviews and Guide

Best Electric Shavers For Women 2019-Reviews and Buyer’s Guide

The electric shavers for women are numerous on the market. And very popular with the approach of the summer for the exits swimming pool or beach. 

But not all are necessarily effective or gentle. How to choose the best models? You have to look for a powerful electric shavers that does not hurt the skin and that adapts to all areas of the body, especially the most sensitive. 

I tested for you several models before proposing a selection. Pleasant to use, sometimes with an LED or with additional accessories, I invite you to find your ideal electric shaver from this selection! Discover my comparison of the best electric shavers for women.

Best Electric Shaver For Women , gathering the Top 10 Best
Best Electric Shaver in  2019

If you want to know the Best Sales, Tests, Customer Reviews and the Price of Shaver’s For Women then you are at the right place.

10 Best Electric Shavers for Women 2019 Comparison Chart

Women's Electric ShaversWeightWet & DryShaving HeadPrice
Braun Silk-épil 9 9-579
Editor's Choice
1.6 poundsYesMultiple Heads
Philips SatinShave BRL1400.5 poundsYesSingle Foil
Panasonic ES-ED50-N1.5 poundsNoMultiple Heads
Flawless Legs0.8 poundsNoSingle Head
ETEREAUTY 4 in 11.14 poundsYes4 Heads
Butterfly Pro 5h1.2 poundsYesSingle Head
Lavany0.45 poundsYesMultiflex Head

Best Electric Shavers for Women Review 2019

It’s four o’clock, you leave the bakery when, suddenly, your phone vibrates: “Still ok for water aerobics tomorrow morning? – Mum “. Sacred, you have almost forgotten this meeting with your dear and tender mother … Worse! You realize that you can not show your hairy legs at the edge of the pool!

To save time, you go for a shaver for the occasion. But which one to choose? Do not panic, to help you make your choice, I present you my ranking of the 10 best women shaver 2019!

Are you wondering how I was able to achieve my ranking of the best women’s shavers 2019? Know that I conducted the survey in my community Lucette asking users to tell me what is, according to them, the best female razor 2019!

Without further ado, here is my ranking of the best electric shaver 2019.

MatrixSight-The best of women’s electric shavers

The MatrixSight model is simply the best female electric shaver I’ve tested. I found it much more complete than the others because it not only acts as an epilator and razor.

But also a hair clipper and it can grate the dry skin of the feet. 

With its small lamp and thirty clips, it is easy to remove hair on any area of ​​the body.

Both speeds allow for gentle waxing if needed, and also ensure a safe side, preventing it from skidding. With a rechargeable battery, I did not need to fight with the thread during hair removal! 

Plus, it’s easy to clean. It also has other advantages: the device is guaranteed 90 days and a mini beauty kit is provided with! This is definitely the perfect electric shaver.

Elle by Beurer HLE 30- A model of electric shaver silent and LED

I particularly like this model of electric shaver for women. Indeed, the Elle by Beurer HLE 30 has a powerful LED to see the skin closer and not miss any hair depilatory. Its shaving head adapts to the shape of the body, avoiding hurting the skin while eliminating even very fine hairs

There is no choice of speed. But as the head is removable, it was not a problem during my test. The Beurer HLE 30 also works in the shower. 

Of all the razors I’ve tested, this one is the least noisy and one of the easiest to wash. This is the only downside is the first recharge, which is a bit long: about 2 hours before you can use it.

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Philips Ladyshave-An electric shaver ideal for beginners

With an attractive shape and color, the Philips Ladyshave electric shaver is also very effective. It is battery operated and can be used underwater. In the bath or shower, for women who are more comfortable with wet skin. 

This shaver has a special accessory for the first shaves, in order to perform softer hair removal

I appreciated his grip very pleasant. It also has a bikini trimmer accessory, to shave the shirt as desired. 

I did not have any problem cleaning it after use thanks to the small brush provided, and I really appreciated that it leaves the skin smooth and never stick to the skin, avoiding being hurt. It sometimes takes several passes to get a clean result, but it is a very good razor to start waxing.

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Inkint– An electric shaver for women 5 in 1

This Inkint model is very practical! It is a multifunction device, perfectly efficient, running on battery . Its epilator has a comfortable handle and makes its use very easy, with two levels of power

I found it rather effective, especially for sensitive areas. 

The shaver a head for all areas of the body. In addition to the epilator. This shaver has a head to remove the dead skin of the feet, another to massage the face.

One to clean it and finally an epilator more suitable for the arms. The Inking electric shaver is, therefore, both very complete and effective, although I regret that there is no kit to put it away after use.

Babyliss G285E Shaver Lady Shaver

Babyliss G285E Shaver Lady Shaver

The Babyliss G285E Shaver Lady Shaver is sold 37.99 euros on the Amazon site. The white and pink design is definitely very attractive. Its main qualities are its ergonomic and compact design. 

With this electric woman shaver, hair removal is very convenient, pleasant and optimal. The customers appreciate indeed its handling! It has a double preparation blade and a precision blade for the bikini. 

Another advantage is the fact that it can be used with or without wire, since it is rechargeable. So, no need to wait if it is not recharged. Finally, the removable head allows to wash with water the electric shaver Babyliss woman, which is reassuring with regard to hygiene. 

Opinions are not unanimous, which seems to be an obstacle to its rise on the podium despite certain qualities – but perhaps insufficient. And indeed, the price-quality ratio of this shaver is disappointing, when we see that the skin is not perfect after use.

Panasonic ES2207p

Panasonic ES2207p

This Panasonic electric shaver is the most ergonomic device of this selection. I really liked this razor because it allows you to shave very simply on wet skin or not.

Its grip is even simpler than any other razors. This is very good in his hands and he does not tire at all with his arm or hand. 

It does not slip hands either! Its design has been really well thought out because it will really save you time. It is also very easily transportable.

Philips BRL160 / 00 SatinShave Prestige & Wet Dry

Philips BRL160

The Philips BRL160 / 00 SatinShave Prestige & Wet Dry is the best product of our selection. Indeed, this device combines all the criteria to constitute a good shave. With this product, it is possible to shave in the shower (or not) and it does not irritate the skin.

It can be a little difficult at first, but it can be easily adjusted once you have taken the hand, because it is actually very ergonomic and well thought out, even if you have wet hands in the shower! The shaver comes with several accessories like different shaving heads and a small pouch to take on vacation.

Best Electric Shavers For Women Buying Guide 2019

More and more women today use electric shavers to shave. Indeed, the manual shaver is less popular because of cuts they can cause unpleasant marks they leave on the skin. 

In fact, women’s electric shavers are very suitable for sensitive skin because they prioritize. The sensitivity of women’s skin by its design and design. 

Moreover, they are much more practical compared to their use and much more economical than a manual shaver.

So if you wanted to avoid injury and pain by shaving, a woman’s electric shaver would be adequate. But again, if you can not stand waxing or electric epilator, or if you simply can not afford convenient and painless hair removal devices, the women’s electric shaver is perfect for you.

Applications of an electric shaver

From the bikini hair removal, through the legs and even to the armpits, the electric shaver can depilate everything. Moreover, it is usually delivered with other accessories allowing you to shave with more precision.

 Also, it can be accompanied by care products, such as an exfoliant, that can be used after shave.

What are the different types of electric shavers for women?

Before buying a shaver for women, you should know that there are several models of electric shavers for women designed by different brands. 

So before you get one, you have to put yourself in the perfume and learn about the different features to take into account according to your expectations and your needs.

First of all, it should be noted that there are two types of electric razors quite distinct: the grid and the rotary heads. So here is a quick guide to help you distinguish these two types of electric razors:

  • Electric shaver with grills:

It is equipped with blades making movements from right to left back and forth. As its name suggests, the blades will be equipped with a grid to secure the shave but also to provide a feeling of softness during the shave. 

However, be careful to choose the best shavers for women to prevent grids from deforming quickly and to provide you with more or less long-term protection. In fact, it turns out that this type of shavers allows shaving closer than an electric shaver with rotating heads.

  • The electric shaver with rotating heads:

It has three to four circular blades (depending on the model) that are protected by a grid of the same shape. 

It’s can be used against the skin in a circular motion to provide an effective shave and to capture as much hair as possible. It is mostly used by men and have the merit of being less irritating. It is especially suitable for people with fine hair.

You can always consult my guides for a comparison of razors for womenand for a razor test for women. So you can make a much better choice before you get one.

The Features to consider when choosing a woman’s shavers

To find the best woman’s razor, it’s important to consider a few things like weight and different features.

The weight of the electric shavers

Prefer a light and compact women’s electric shaver for easy handling. In addition, if it is lightweight you can easily carry it on the go.

The features of the shavers

Opt for a versatile razor for women, that is waterproof and can be converted into a bikini mower. Also prefer a device that is equipped with an ergonomic shaving head angle.

  • Wet & Dry technology

An electric shaver incorporating the Wet & Dry function is waterproof and can be used underwater. In addition, this kind of razor can also be used on dry skin. This is very convenient for women who do not have much time for hair removal.

To make hair removal pleasant, you can also apply a gel, a mousse or a shaving lotion if your device incorporates Wet and Dry technology.

  • Bikini clipper function

We also advise you to opt for a razor that has a bikini trimmer. This allows you to easily mow the most delicate areas of the body.

Wired or wireless

As there are two types of electric shaver: wired and wireless, it’s up to you to choose the model that suits you best. However, a wireless razor is convenient because it provides freedom of movement. Operating with a battery or batteries, you do not need to always charge the device before shaving because most models allow a use of about 5 sessions.

However, a wired razor does not need a battery because it just needs to be plugged into an electrical outlet.

It is also recommended to opt for razors of known brands because it is a guarantee of quality. So you can buy a Braun electric shaver, Philips, Babyliss, Remington, Calor or Hatter.

What are the advantages of an electric shavers?

Electric shaving provides more time savings than waxing. Indeed, there are even razors that are waterproof allowing you to shave in the shower in just minutes. So, if you’re struggling to spend hours tweezing, the electric shaver is the solution to this problem.

In addition, an electric razor can also save money. Indeed, you no longer need to buy replacement blades or wax and hair removal strips. In fact, an electric razor takes longer and you only have to pay in the 20 euros (the first purchase) and then basta, no longer need to make periodic expenses for your shaving sessions regardless of your type of skin .

But still, from the point of view of use, the risks of cut are less (if not impossible) thanks to an electric razor. Unlike a manual razor, it is more secure and allows you to shave close without danger. Also, unlike waxing and manual shaving, with the electric shaver there are less irritations and therefore offers a smooth and soft skin .

In short, if you want to start shaving with an electric shaver, you can always consult our guides to have a notice shaver for women and thus grant you the best product on the market.

Learn how to choose a woman’s electric shaver Today

Even if the final hair removal solutions exist, the opinions on this type of intervention diverge and the necessary budget is not always accessible to all. Among the most effective approaches, the electric shaver for women is a real revolution in the field with a close shave quickly, without any risk of cuts, burns, irritation, pimples and ingrown hairs. But which are the criteria of choice to be favored to find the best electric shaver for woman?

Flexible grid razors

For a softer approach and a better respect of the skin, the electric razors for women are essentially equipped with grid. This technical specificity is desired, to better reach the armpits, the jersey and the legs, and with very precise gestures. This is not always possible with rotating head devices reserved for men. When the razor grill has targeted the bristles, the blades underneath perform a back and forth motion to cut them without stretching them to reduce the risk of irritation. To better fit the curves of the shaving area, female electric shavers are always equipped with a flexible part, and this concerns either the head, the grid or the blades of the apparatus.

A woman electric shavers with accessories

Often delivered in a box, women’s electric shavers guarantee a targeted hair removal with specific sized heads to reach the most complicated parts to shave. Thus, you’ll have the shaving head for underarm and armpit, the bikini trimmer to shave only areas that protrude from the fabric for swimming or tanning sessions at the beach. To fight against the formation of ingrown hairs, some female razors are equipped with massage system or skin exfoliation.

Skin protected against irritation

Over the course of manual shaving, the skin tends to become more sensitive and irritated. This is where the electric version comes in. The latest state-of-the-art technologies have made it possible to fight once and for all against the risk of irritation and breakage. To guide you in your choice, we believe that it is better to opt for the device that provides a soft shave. This explains the presence of the rounded protection grid used to lift the hair before cutting. There are even models of women’s electric razors with comfortable pads installed at the level of the shaving heads for a softer approach.

Technical details of electric shavers for women’s

At first glance, you will choose your female electric shaver based on its design, ergonomics and maneuverability. But do not forget to inform yourself about its tightness, because it is better to opt for a razor with Wet & Dry function, that you will be able to use on a wet skin in the shower, with well dilated pores, and this, without the device slips your hands. Of course, shaving enthusiasts on dry skin will also be satisfied. Finally, find out how to charge your woman’s electric shaver, because if you have to use it in a humid environment, it is better to opt for a model with station, which you can recharge in a limited time to not have to worry about the battery level.

These few technical tips have been provided to help you make the difference between a basic model of female electric razor and a true technological wonder. Let’s go back now to our comparison of the 5 best models of electric shaver for women.


After the presentations, place now to the reviews. And of all the women’s electric shavers we’ve tested and compared, our choice turns to the most powerful, the Remington Smooth and Silky.

This particular preference is explained by the particular softness of the shaving head which reassures you immediately that you will not have to fear any irritation and cuts.

The team also appreciates the Wet & Dry function of a device that you can either use in the bath for a comfortable and gentle shave, or at a hurry before an important appointment to have more confidence 

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