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Dreamhost Review in 2019-Is it better than Bluehost or HostGator?

Dreamhost Review in 2019-Is it better than Bluehost or HostGator?

The number of web hosting services over the years has increased considerably. Worldwide, there are thousands of web hosting providers that have their unique features and plans. When drowning in a sea of ​​options, people are not sure what service they should subscribe to.

The complexities of choice arise even more when considering the accommodation they prefer. Many host servers provide all or some of the types of hosting that customers need; Shared hosting, dedicated servers, VPS among others. A good example of a web hosting service that offers versatility is DreamHost.

What is DreamHost?

DreamHost is the dinosaur among web hosts.

Born in 1996, DreamHost has delayed long enough to establish the reliability of the accommodation and a good reputation for himself. Being one of the pioneers in the industry.

It has more than 400,000 active users and currently hosts more than 1.5 million sites. It’s no surprise then why he has won some awards for being the Best Web Hosting Service for two consecutive years.

DreamHost is famous for its fast and reliable web hosting service for small and large scale websites. It has services such as unlimited storage and bandwidth. It even goes above and beyond to guarantee a free money-back policy for 97 days.

Although it is considered a bit expensive compared to other web hosting services, it is still one of the best options to do. Did you know that your website creator is one of the best to use?

Its features continue to grow, and recently, it made a huge leap in investment by launching cloud computing storage. The platform has been built around OpenStack and Ceph. He is also a leader in hosting WordPress through his installation of DreamPress.

In addition, DreamHost serves as the basis for server support of the latest web standards and is the best platform innovation in the IT sector. Its fast bandwidth and its most exclusive features keep it on the edge of technology and other web hosting services.

Is DreamHost the best web hosting service? I will not answer that for you, but the next impartial review with all the pros and cons will help you determine if it is the best option for you.

Before summarizing the pros and cons of the DreamHost review and to help us understand them better, let us explore some of its remarkable features.

We wanted to test DreamHost and see if reality lives up to expectations. We also wanted to know if they are better than Bluehost, SiteGround and HostGator.

In June 2015, we created a basic WordPress test website in the “Shared Plan” of DreamHost. Detailed performance statistics, including uptime and speed, can be found here by clicking on “History.”

Here is our quick summary:

Incredible Up Time and Speedy Hosting

If you are looking for a fast web hosting service, DreamHost is the first place to stop. If you are a DreamHost customer, you probably have a testimony of how great the uptime of your website or blog is.

As one user stated, after testing the host’s uptime with Uptime Robot, the result was 100%. This shows that DreamHost outperforms all other web hosting services available in the market.

The web hosting is facilitated by its SSDs that have a remarkable speed compared to others that use mechanical hard drives. For this reason, they are ideal for heavy traffic websites.

In addition to SSD storage, DreamHost also offers unlimited domain support, email accounts, 24-hour customer support and a web-based control panel, which is custom built.

The interface has been simplified and simplified to facilitate its use, unlike CPanel, which is used by other web hosting providers.

Their plans have been divided into five categories, and each has exactly what it needs at a particular price. Here is an advance:

VPS Hosting

Scalable and highly flexible, DreamHost Virtual Private Server (VPS) Hosting adapts to the growing needs of a business website. The VPS plans are accompanied with a full SSD storage that helps in loading time. All plans come with unlimited domains and bandwidth.

For $ 15 a month, you get 1 GB of RAM and 30 GB of SSD storage for the Start Here plan. Then there’s the Scale Up plan, which for twice the price of the first scheme, gets 2 GB of RAM and 60 GB of SSD storage.

Go Bigger and Max It Out plans for next-level users and high-traffic websites offer 4GB of RAM and 120GB of storage on SSD for $ 60 and a large amount of content with 8GB of RAM and 240GB of SSD for $ 120 per month, respectively.

DreamPress 2 for WordPress Hosting

The DreamPress 2 service of DreamHost is a management tool for hosting WordPress. This service is best suited to bloggers who are looking for a hosted blog that is easy to administer.

This plan includes a 30 GB SSD storage, a remarkably high bandwidth, automatic closing, RAM with unlimited email addresses, servers for the MySQL database and support technology for WordPress.

All these features add up to $ 19.95 per month for annual subscriptions and $ 24.95 per month for monthly subscriptions.

Dedicated Server Hosting

This plan was designed specifically for those with intense traffic websites and high profile clients. The hosting of dedicated servers has two schemes, a 4-core CPU plan and a 12-core CPU plan.

The first comes with a terabyte of hard drive storage with between 4 and 16 GB of RAM for a price of $ 149 to $ 229 per month for the annual subscription and from $ 169 to $ 249 per month for monthly subscriptions.

The 12-core plan is a bit expensive but is accompanied by 2 TB of hard drive space and 240 GB of SSD storage. It also comes with 64GB of RAM for $ 279 to $ 379 a month for annual subscriptions. Monthly subscriptions cost between $ 299 and $ 399.

Both plans are also covered with RAID 1 storage, Full Root, Ubuntu, Linux OS, Shell Access and some other media with DDoS protection.

Cloud Hosting

This is a significant boost for enthusiasts, entrepreneurs and developers who are dedicated to testing and deploying their servers in the cloud. With scalable servers and customizations, customers can enjoy this plan with unlimited data and immense potential for computing capabilities. This plan has the public cloud service called DreamCompute and the storage solution called DreamObject.

DreamCompute offers an open source cloud server that can be customized to fit the needs of each day. In addition, it has full access to the root and a free access to the stack API. Surprisingly, the plan is available for as little as $ 10 per month accompanied by a 30-day trial period. More details of this plan can be found on the DreamHost website.

DreamObjects, on the other hand, is characterized by its flexible and extensive online storage options for multimedia files, other personal backups, as well as website and blog archives. It also offers API requests and uploads for free. In addition, it offers a fully equipped and integrated CDN. Check more offers of this plan on their website.

Shared Server

Are you hosting a site for the first time? A shared server would be ideal for you. DreamHost is one of those providers that listens to your needs. With your shared server plans, you get unlimited storage, bandwidth, emails, domains and customer support.

However, the plans of shared servers depend on the periods of the services offered. A two-year plan will cost $ 8.95 per month with the annual plan set at $ 9.95 per month. The monthly cost is $ 10.95 per month. Also, if you set up another domain, you will not be charged for the domain protection policy. However, other services such as SSL certificates, premium support or unique IP addresses attract costs.

Compatibility for Third Party

DreamHost also allows the association of third parties for the construction of websites. This is an added bonus for people who are experts in WordPress, Joomla, Pligg, MediaWiki, get simple and concrete5. These platforms will allow you to accelerate the acceleration process of your website.

Online eCommerce

Customers dealing with electronic commerce and electronic marketing have not been excluded. DreamHost offers CafeCommerce, which is a platform designed specifically for the creation of online shopping websites. Even better, if one is on a shared website, a discount of $ 21.05 per month and a trial period of 14 days is offered.

cafeCommerce facilitates the creation of web pages for different products. It also allows you to verify the inventory, as well as customize the various templates it offers. The creation of this type of website is very simple, especially after downloading and installing ZenCart.

Unlimited Domains

For those of you who use .ninja, .expert, .xyz, .today and .guru, top-level domains (TLD), you are in luck since DreamHost has support for all of them.

Customizing Built Control Panel

Probably one of the best features that DreamHost could offer; The customizable control interface is something that every web host should have.

The DreamHost control panel has been constantly developed for more than ten years, and the result has been a web-based tuned interface that contains many easy-to-understand things. You can change the hosting plan, create new emails, buy new domain names, make changes to your payments, manage access to FTP and perform many other activities with it.


Perhaps the most envied feature offered by DreamHost is its security. As the concern of all other people, security has a high priority, and this is the reason why many would prefer to host their websites through DreamHost. It takes care of all the data that you collect. This, however, is only up to a point.

DreamHost packages several programs for data and server security. SSL certificates, SSH fingerprints, IP-based restrictions on control panels and enhanced user security protocols for data security.

It also gives users the opportunity to manage subversion codes based on the rights one has. As such, you are allowed to create a repository for your code.

Money Back Guarantee

If this is not one of the reasons why many customers win, I do not know what it is. DreamHost offers a return policy of a period of 97 days, where one can prove your service and in case you do not find it satisfactory; they can cancel the subscription and get the total amount of money refunded. This feature alone shows how important customer satisfaction is.

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Pros of Dreamhost

After seeing all these incredible features, which also suggest the advantages of the DreamHost web service, here is a summary of the advantages.

1. Unlimited Storage

Of the various plans discussed, it can be safely said that storage is not a problem if you are using DreamHost. It comes with unlimited storage for all your needs, whether for personal backups, multimedia or much more. It covers you.

2. Unlimited bandwidth

If you thought that unlimited storage was the only useful feature offered by DreamHost, think again. It comes with unlimited bandwidth for all your websites, whether regular or heavy. Many companies lack this feature.

3. Round the Clock Customer Support

DreamHost, being one of the few companies that have live chats, telephone or email support, has a 24/7 support system for its clients. In this way, if you are faced with a problem, you will always be available to help.

4. Simple Installation

Most of the software required by DreamHost for a website to run is simple and often has a one-click mode to get it up and running. All you do is press that button, and the script will be configured automatically.

5. Domains, SQL database, and Subdomains Unlimited Support

Depending on any plan you subscribe or buy, he/she will have the opportunity to host other add-ons such as subdomains, domains and also the creation of an unlimited SQL database.

6. Money Back Guarantee

As mentioned above, DreamHost offers a 97-day money back guarantee with no questions if a user determines that the accommodation does not meet their needs.

7. Uptime

DreamHost has an extraordinary uptime that is unlike any other web hosting service. There is no delay in using a website or time for a user while waiting for everything to load.

8. Bonus

To further motivate users, DreamHost has an incredible Google Adwords offer of $ 100 to help you win beyond the purpose of your website.

9. Affordability

Some claim that DreamHost is one of the most expensive web hosting companies compared to others. This could be true, but did you know that DreamHost offers prices as low as $ 8.95 per month? This is a price that competes well with other web hosting companies, especially if you consider all the benefits and features that come with it.

10. Full Root, Shell Access, SFTP, FTP and SSH Support

The incredible range of functions that DreamHost offers extends to the provision of web files accessible through the shell, SSH, SFTP, and FTP. This saves in the time that one could have used to navigate the pages with other platforms that try to extract files.

11. Programming

DreamHost is easy to use and offers fantastic support for web developers and enthusiasts who are used to continuously customize their web pages to meet their demands. It has convenient support for a one-click installation mode in which recommended scripts will be automatically configured.

12. DreamHost is both Independent and Employee Owned

Cons of DreamHost Hosting Service

With all the greatness that DreamHost has in its characteristics, performance, prices, loading time among others, does not mean that it is perfect. Like any other web hosting service, some problems ask you for attention and you can not help but notice them. So, let’s look at some of the notable disadvantages of the DreamHost web hosting service.

1. Cost

It’s true, we mentioned it as an advantage, but it does not mean that DreamHost is the cheapest when it comes to hosting. In summary, it has different prices that are made to meet the needs of many. However, it is still one of the most expensive web hosting services available.

From the previous review of their plans, we can safely say that some plans such as the shared plan are completely comprehensive and competitive, as well as without short-term discounts. This is good and bad too. Bad thing, how? It does not favor the owners of small websites. Having an unlimited plan without big discounts turns out to be more expensive compared to other web hosting providers like InMotion, Web Hosting Hub, HostGator, etc.

It also happens that not all websites that one builds or hosts need bandwidth or unlimited websites. Users must be free to pay for what they want. If you are the owner of a large site and need to run it with a unique and adjusted budget, perhaps the unlimited plan is the most appropriate for you. It will give you the opportunity to enjoy more with less cost. On the other hand, this is not true for owners of small websites that consider unlimited plans unnecessary.

Once again, the great discounts offered by other hosting providers will work in your favor. Take for example the one-year bill of $ 100; You can save 30% of that cost. Assuming you renew at the same speed as DreamHost, you will still have more steps ahead.

However, although DreamHost offers professional prices, it will be better if you take your time to decide the type of plan you want and what web hosting service provider offers.

2. Custom Control Panel

Although this was also mentioned as an advantage, it sometimes amounts to a setback on certain occasions.

Most web hosts offer an account where you can access all your account information, including invoices and bonuses such as Google Adwords bonuses, in addition to providing a direct link to the control panels of your real servers.

CPanel is one of those platforms, and one can do virtually anything with its main host server. Making installations for any application is easy using CPanel. This includes the configuration of the email address, using FTP to upload files among others. The process is precise and clear. As such, it is considered an industry standard that works best for solving online problems.

However, DreamHost does not use this panel and, instead, has its custom panel. They use a proprietary backend for their server and account.

Not that this is a bad thing, in fact, the customizable panel offers an incredible experience, but, again, it is a limitation, and everything is not clear. In short, people find it difficult to find what is buried, among other things. Everything is so confusing with the DreamHost control panel.

3. No Auto-Installation of Applications

A hosting server barely limits those who are looking for software applications that they can incorporate into their system. Some of these applications include Joomla, WordPress, Pretashop, etc. Although they can be installed individually, other web hosting services have scripts that allow them to run automatically. All you need are a few clicks, and you’re ready to build what you want to do.

All these applications can be installed manually. Other companies have easy-to-install scripts that configure their software with just a few clicks.

Again, this is a disadvantage for DreamHost, which has its panel controlled with easy administration of the application. Applications link to other applications, but you do not install them for you. The only application that can be installed quickly is WordPress. Others must be installed manually.

4. No Phone Support

Yes, customer service is quite remarkable and can be accessed at any time. However, even after setting up live chat, mail lines between other channels. However, it lacks a telephone assistance system, which other clients consider necessary.

After trying all the other communication channels, they will call you. It could be good if there was a direct line for customer service.

5. Unsatisfactory Performance

It is always important that after you have set up and hosted a website successfully, you can deliver web files to others at any time and in any way you want. This process must be fast and direct for greater comfort and reliability.

If one has remarkable speeds, the hosting server is still the limiting variant. Although there are innumerable ways in which this performance can be improved, it is still limited to some extent. A service of this type that is used to verify the performance of a website is Time To First Byte (TTFB).

TTFB provides a measure of how quickly a website returns the first preliminary information after receiving a request from any browser it is using. In short, it refers to the response time of the server.

Insofar as it is not the only reason why it can be used to obtain the response time, it is one of the easiest to acquire a balloon approach.

Using this method to verify the performance of DreamHost gives a clear indication of how it has better cut rates than other web hosting services such as GoDaddy or iPage. Surprisingly, when compared to other hosts such as HostGator or InMotion, it is about being the last. DreamHost, with its integrated SSD servers, should be the fastest, but, strangely enough, it can not overcome the list even after several re-evaluations.

That is a disadvantage that we can all dispute, but the reality remains that the performance of DreamHost does not have a horrible rating, but again, it is not an advantage.

6. DreamHost Lacks Windows Support

Given the speed with which Windows products are invading the market, it is logical to assume that many users are accepting the support of Windows servers. Therefore, they will start looking for web servers that support Windows servers.

DreamHost, for some reasons you would not know, just changed its focus to compatible Linux servers. Well, they’re great at that, but why do not they even have a single support for Windows servers?

7. Too much wait time for help

Their customer services are excellent, that’s right, they have a permanent support team ready to hear their screams. However, again and again, DreamHost has shown that it has delayed the customer’s responsibility. Reaching them is not a problem, but it will take time before they respond with a solution.

8. Server Capabilities not Mentioned Anywhere

To help people make better-informed decisions about the type of host server to base their website on, it is often mandatory for a web server to offer several levels for shared hosting. DreamHost is one of those companies that does not have this option. Therefore, it makes it difficult for one to know how much traffic a host supports.

9. Security Glitch

By offering the best security terms among all other servers, DreamHost users have a cross to support. Security plans are not completely complete and often become an annoying problem for many subscribers.

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DreamHost is the best server that can be found on your website. An overview of its features will leave you breathless and dying to subscribe. Focused on satisfying the customer above all else, you are guaranteed the best support and incredible operating times, which translates to the functioning of your website.

Although some may consider their plans expensive, the truth is that they are well thought out with many consumers in mind. All the plans they offer are worth your money and, if you are skeptical about trying or committing wholeheartedly, remember that they have a 97 day money back guarantee.

Its price range is rationally in line with its characteristics. Most of its disadvantages are considerable compensations, and with its continuous development, we may have Windows support, better customer feedback time and a telephone line to transmit problems quickly. Otherwise, it remains the number one choice for small and heavy websites.

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