Cookware - Buying Guide, Grades and Tests in 2018

Cookware – Buying Guide, Grades and Tests in 2019

Cookware – Buying Guide, Grades and Tests in 2019

Taking a food habit is a fact that can be learned. This is especially easy when you have the necessary equipment that will constantly simplify your life, as is the case of cookware. However, to be sure to make the right choice, both in terms of quality and price.

It is always interesting to bring a buying guide. And if you do not have the time to consult one, we do the work for you.

Putting at your disposal the two models that follow. The Tefal Ingenio Induction is renowned. For its durability and versatility foolproof.

With its removable handle that promotes robustness, you can count on this model if you expect to have cookware easy to store and maintain.

As for the AmazonBasics BFT1002, it turns out to be an excellent substitute for Tefal. With its 5 non-stick parts in 1 and their athermic sleeves, you will not fear to spend your cookware in the dishwasher. This is a kitchen set for everyday use in your kitchen. That you can rely on in the long run.

Cookware Comparison Table

How to choose good cookware?

By buying cookware, you will not have any more trouble to make your different recipes. You can cook like a real chef!

This product comes in several models, to meet the varied needs of users.

Follow our buying guide for the best cookware to find the right model. In addition to its price, also analyze the number of utensils that compose it. The material of manufacture and the dimensions.

How to choose a good cookware

Purchase guide

The number of utensils

Before you start buying a cookware, consider performing a simple assessment of your needs for the preparation of your meals.

Determine how many people you need to cook on a daily basis. Note that some batteries can offer you a lot of more than 15 utensils.

Follow our tips for finding the right model for the number of people in your household and your particular requirements.

A battery with less than 5 pieces is perfect for a family of up to 3 people. A batch of 5 to 15 utensils. is recommend for a household of more than 4 people. With this model, you can prepare a variety of menus using the right equipment.

A lot of more than 15 pieces is suitable for those who wish to equip their new kitchen or who want to cook like a great chef.

Depending on the number of pieces that make up your cookware, you can get pots and pans, frying pans, saucepans, creperies, lids, and spatulas.

The material

Those who cannot decide where to buy a new cookware can go on our comparison. But before that, consider the material that is used to make the different models of cookware on the market.

Each subject has its own advantages. Stainless steel or stainless steel is appreciated for its robustness and ease of maintenance.

It is recommended for gas cooking. Aluminum is characterized by its low price. It is also a good conductor of heat and is particularly light.

Ceramic is suitable for those who want to achieve healthy cooking. Often composed of a double stainless steel bottom.

It allows for consuming less energy. Cast iron has the advantage of adapting to all fires and being solid.

It allows even heat diffusion during cooking. You can also find on the market glass, copper, and hard anodized cookware.

The material

The dimensions of the containers

The dimensions of utensils in a cookware are the third characteristic to take into account, before moving to the price comparator.

The containers have a diameter of 10 to 30 cm. Those with less than 20 cm in diameter will be useful to cook dishes in medium quantities, while those with a diameter of 20 to 30 cm are suitable for cooking in large quantities.

Choose a battery that is slightly larger than your stove’s range to help transfer heat. Depending on the model chosen, you can get a series of pots, pans or stoves of various sizes.

If you still have the question: how to buy a cookware of a better quality-price ratio, we invite you to discover the models of our comparative: Tefal, Schumann Professional, Lagostina and Natural Cook Professional.

The best cookware of 2018

High-quality cookware is tough, powerful and versatile at the same time; but to have a model that combines all these features and not opt for a product of poor quality, you have to agree to do a little investment.

Recommended products

Tefal Ingenio Induction 

Tefal Ingenio Induction

Main advantage

Tefal L0369602 Ingenio 5 is a set of 10 pieces of cooking utensils for the easy realization of all your recipes.

Main drawback

The important point that you should know before investing in this pack, it is not compatible with induction hobs. But will, however, easy use on other types of fire.

Verdict: 9.8 / 10

It is true that it is not suitable for users of induction hobs, but for the rest, it is really worth it. Its components, its efficiency, its versatility, and its quality-price ratio have earned it a score of 9.8 out of 10.


It is components

Most of Tefal’s cookware is composed of several elements. And this is one of the most important points according to the subscribers to the brand.

Thus, by choosing Tefal L0369602 Ingenio 5 you will have the opportunity to have 10 utensils in one pack.

These 10 utensils will allow you, among other things, to make most of the favorite recipes of all members of your family, without having to invest in additional components.

The 2 pots, 16 and 18 cm, will be ample enough to prepare broths, for example, for a couple or for a student.

The 2 hermetic lids will then be of great use depending on the recipe to be made. We also find 3 stoves, 20, 22 and 26 cm for fries. Depending on your needs, there is also a removable handle suitable for all components. Then fill the pack with a ladle and spatula.


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It’s practicality

Tefal L0369602 Ingenio 5 are therefore kitchen utensils that will meet several needs. And if you have enjoyed using them, you will have the chance to enjoy them for a long time. Indeed, as pots and pans are made from ultra-resistant aluminum, you will enjoy great strength and durability. With a non-stick base, users who think about their health can prepare healthy recipes without having to use a lot of fat.

For storage, simply remove the removable wrist to make all components less bulky. Once you have served everyone, comes the much-feared moment: cleansing. Fortunately, it’s easy to maintain and can be washed in the dishwasher or by hand, depending on your convenience.

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Versatile? Yes, and on all points! From this cookware, you can as easily as possible cook different types of food and succeed, as long as you’re there, several kinds of recipes. Whether it is small dishes salty or sweet, you will get your money. In addition, it is a utensil that is compatible with most fires: electric plate, ceramic hob, and gas.

For recipes that require the intervention of the oven, you should not also bother you. All containers can enter the oven and will withstand the oven’s cooking plates.

Of course, these materials will also go into your microwave to heat your dishes before consuming them. And if you have not managed to finish this dish of gratin or vegetable stir-fry dish, you can always keep it, in the same container, in the refrigerator.

AmazonBasics BFT1002AmazonBasics BFT1002

AmazonBasics BFT1002 has 5 pieces. This cookware set has two frying pans, two pans, and a cookie.

It puts at your disposal a set of materials very used in the field of cooking to obtain by making a single investment.

The last two components mentioned above are accompanied by lids.

These allow you to make your preparations in good condition and without having to dirty your work plan.

These equipment are available in various sizes. Their diameters include 20 and 24 cm for the stoves, 16 and 18 cm for the pots and 20 cm for the fact-all.

You are free to choose one according to the number of people you plan to feed. These items are provided with a non-stick coating. Their cleaning is therefore simple and is carried out without effort to ensure hygienic use.

Their handle is ergonomic and athermic. It’s easy to take it in hand. At the same time, it offers comfort and safety by limiting the risk of burns.

Moreover, these materials are compatible with a gas stove, an electric plate, and the induction plate indicating that they are versatile.

If you want to save your money and at the same time your time to have a cookware with practical components, it is towards this model that you should orient yourself.

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Pros :
  • Multi-component product:

    This model comes with 2 stoves, 2 pans is a fact-all to avoid having to acquire differently these essential materials in a kitchen.

  • Various dimensions:

    Their dimensions are very varied so that you always have the right cooking equipment, no matter how many people you prepare meals for.

  • Simple maintenance:

    With a non-stick, dishwasher-safe coating, these items are easy to maintain so you can use them in a healthy condition.

Cons :
  • Fear on the scratches of the coating: Some people are afraid of possible scratches of the coating which they say are often carcinogenic even if everyone is not of this opinion.

Natural Cook Professional MultilayerNatural Cook Professional Multilayer

Natural Cook Professional Multilayer is a model of cookware delivered in the form of a batch of 3 stoves, 2 frying pans, and 2 casseroles so that you have no limit in the application of all your recipes.

The stoves have a diameter of 20cm, 24cm and 28cm respectively.

The frying pans have a diameter of 24cm and 28cm while the pots have a respective diameter of 24cm and 28cm. This allows you to be free to cook any type of food without any constraints.

Each of these pieces has a very resistant granite ceramic coating to guarantee a long-lasting use. Each piece effectively resists scratches thanks to the robustness of this coating which is also nonstick.

This allows you to use them freely without paying much attention to each manipulation and each time you store them. Each utensil comes with a detachable handle for easy storage of the set and for you to use each one for cooking in an oven.

All Natural Cook Professional Multilayer cookware can be used with all types of fires and in an oven for cooking temperatures up to 250 ° C.

Even if its quality does not equal that of the first product, the durability of this model can make it the best professional cookware on the market.

If you want to compare the cheapest cookware between them, do not forget the Natural Cook ProfessionalMulticouches model.

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Pros :
  • Several elements to hope for:

    If the model Natural Cook ProfessionalMulticouches interests you, you will have complete utensils if you opt for him: 3 stoves, 2 saucepans, and 2 casseroles.

  • A healthy coating for health:

    The elements of the Natural Cook ProfessionalMulticouches feature a ceramic coating, which is very healthy.

  • Solid handles and handles and 4 lids:

    You will be able to use these items safely and in the comfort you deserve!

  • Usable on all types of lights and in the oven:

    Gas, electric stove, induction fire and oven, all kinds of cooking will be allowed!

Cons :
  • The non-stick coating becomes ineffective over time:

    At the very beginning, the non-stick coating is very efficient, but with the passage of time and the various washes, this coating becomes ineffective and disappointing.

Lagostina 010700600024Lagostina 010700600024

Which stainless steel cookware does it buy? This is the question that Lagostina 010700600024 proposes to answer even if its quality only comes in the third rank compared to the first two products.

This is a pretty elegant, durable and versatile cookware model, consisting of a maximum number of cookware that you need to prepare different recipes.

The cookware is made of 24 pieces all in stainless steel.

This indicates that in addition to being aesthetically pleasing, each of these pieces is sturdy and durable even if you plan to use them intensely.

This model has 3marmites with respectively 18cm, 22cm and 24cm of diameter. This cookware includes 4 cast iron pans having a 14cm, 18cm, 22cm and 26cm diameter. Lagostina 010700600024 is also accompanied by a low saucepan of 24cm in diameter and a milk jug 12cm in diameter.

All of these parts are compatible with any type of fire so that you do not detach from your habits when you use them.

The pots and pans all come with a lid and the rest of the cookware includes a ladle, shovel, spaghetti spoon, large fork, large spoon, skimmer, and pestle.

What cookware to choose if you are a fan of the Lagostina brand? The most obvious answer to this question is the Lagostina model 010700600024.

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Pros :
  • Stylish cookware:

    If you like stylish kitchen utensils, the model Lagostina 010700600024 would please you.

  • 24 stainless steel parts:

    Here you face a really complete cookware! You will be entitled to 3 pots, 4 pans, a small saucepan, a milk jug and several spatulas.

  • Compatible with all types of lights:

    Whatever kind of lights you have, you can use this cookware without any particular problems.

Cons :
  • Do not neglect his interview:

    Since this cookware is made of stainless steel, you will need to take great care to avoid various tasks.

Schumann Professional SBA2202100 Black RockSchumann Professional SBA2202100 Black Rock

Schumann Professional SBA2202100 Black Rock is also a better cookware.

This model is delivered as a set of 21 pieces formed of three pots of 24cm, 28 cm and 32 cm in diameter, a pan of 28cm in diameter, a wok of 32 cm, 3 utensils, 5 covers, and 8 sleeves. This allows you to cook any type of food with the right utensil.

The sleeves are removable so that you can remove them at any time when you go to store the battery or use the corresponding utensil for cooking in an oven.

These heat-resistant sleeves are made of silicone and are very easy to handle so you can easily handle them. This cookware comes with a function that allows cooking without fat and the material constituting each piece is nonstick.

Each piece of the battery is made of cast aluminum which is characterized by its adaptability to any type of fire and the fact is that the bottom remains undistorted regardless of the frequency of use of each utensil.

This model could be an answer to your question if at this moment you are wondering what is the best Schumann cookware on the market.

The Schumann Professional SBA2201400 Black Rock model is included in our ranking, as you may be greatly interested in the finesse and elegance of the design of the elements that make up this cookware.

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Pros :
  • A lot of 21 pieces:

    Yes, if you opt for the Schumann Professional SBA2201400 Black Rock model, you’ll get a complete cookware set.

  • Removable handles:

    Removable handles and sleeves make it easy to store items in this cookware.

  • Usable on all types of fires:

    It is a cookware designed to fit all types of fires.

Cons :
  • Adaptability on signal fires remains debatable:

    Some people report that it is quite complicated to use stoves and cooking pots on induction fires.

Tefal L0289702 Ingenio 5

Tefal L0289702 Ingenio 5

Tefal L0289702 Ingenio 5 is a model of cookware consisting of a batch of 17 pieces all necessary one like the other in the preparation of different types of recipes.

These utensils include 3 saucepans, 3 frying pans, 1 Wok frying pan, 1 frying pan, 1 greaseproof lid, 1 drip cover, 3 airtight lids, 1 long spatula, 1 angle spatula, and two removable handles.

The pieces of this cookware are made mainly of aluminum indicating their lightness. Stoves pan and sauté pan have nonstick grounds for you to cook foods without fat and for easy cleaning.

All of these parts can be cleaned in the dishwasher for easy maintenance. This product comes only in the last rank compared to the previously described products but considering its case among many other products on the market. It could still answer the question of how to choose the best product among the best cookware led of 2018.

Tefal L0289702 Ingenio 5 parts are compatible with all types of fires except induction, in the oven and can be used to store food in a refrigerator.

That’s why you can put it in your cookware comparison if you set one up to find the model that’s right for you.

It is very normal and logical to consider Tefal as the best brand of cookware, besides, the fact that the model Tefal L0289702 Ingenio 5 is the second model that is on our list is the proof. Also, be aware that even though this cookware is last on the list, the tests prove that it is reliable and correct.

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Pros :
  • 17 pieces available:

    With this model, you will get 3 pans, 3 pans, 3 lids, 1 wok, 1 grease cover, 1 drip cover, two spatulas, and two removable handles.

  • Cookware for cooking without fat:

    Removable handles and sleeves make it easy to store items in this cookware.

Cons :
  • The interview is difficult:

    It is quite difficult to maintain this cookware since the non-stick coating is not really durable.

Tefal Ingenio Induction

Tefal Ingenio Induction

Tefal L3209402 Ingenio Induction is a model of cookware delivered in the form of a pack of 5 pieces: a pan of 22cm of diameter, a pan of 26cm of diameter, a saucepan of 16cm of diameter, a saucepan of 18cm of diameter and a handle.

Each of these parts is coated with patented titanium very resistant that guarantees the durability of their use.

This coating is nonstick and has been designed to last for over 8 years for heavy use.

This cookware is compatible with baking, baking, and storage in a refrigerator. This versatility aims to allow you to be free to use each room according to your habits.

The handle of this product is both durable, intended to be used for at least 10 years. It is also easy to take in hand so that you do not run any risk of accident during its use.

Tefal L3209402 Ingenio Induction weighs only 3.3kg indicating that despite its strong resistance, this cookware is light and not bulky.

The material that constitutes it is made mainly of aluminum also indicating that this cookware is light and very resistant. By all these features, this model can be considered the best induction cookware on the market.

The model Tefal L3209402 Ingenio Induction is a model to know before wondering where to buy the best cookware. In our opinion and that of several people, this cookware is currently the most powerful.

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Pros :
  • Cookware set consisting of 5 elements:

    If you opt for this model, you will be entitled to a large pan and a large saucepan, a small pan, and a small saucepan and a removable handle.

  • Reliable and durable coating over time:

    The elements that make up this cookware enjoy a patented titanium coating, expected to last 8 years.

  • Versatile cookware:

    You can use it for cooking on all types of fires, for the oven and also for storing food in the refrigerator.

  • Removable handle very solid:

    The handle that accompanies this cookware can be adapted to each of the elements that compose it.

  • Easy storage and maintenance at the rendezvous:

    The elements that make up the model Tefal L3209402 Ingenio Induction can go into the dishwasher and do not take up space for storage.

Cons :
  • Over time, use on induction fires may be unsatisfactory:

    Some people report that with time, it becomes difficult to use pots and pans on induction fires.

The most popular brands

When you’re part of a big family, preparing the daily specials becomes a real obstacle course. It is, therefore, necessary to equip ourselves with the right utensils to make our task easier. It is in this sense that we turn your attention to cookware.

This is indeed a set of cooking tools that will help you better equip you to face the work that awaits you. But you still have to make the best choice. We present here the most recommended brands in this field.


In the field of kitchenware manufacturing, the Tefal brand is one of the most popular among consumers. This by the performance that the sign makes available to everyone. Among the most popular items, there are pressure cookers, stoves, and kettles.

As for Tefal cookware, the latter differ in their ease of maintenance. This is thanks to a specially designed non-stick coating that prevents food from sticking to the sides of your cooking tools. You will be able to carry out your cleaning in two phases.

The products of this manufacturer can also support all types of fire. Some specimens can even integrate the oven or the refrigerator. This is the example of Tefal Ingenio Induction.


Lagostina is a brand that has existed since 1901. It was established in Italy. Since its creation until today, the brand has grown steadily in beauty.

But also in performance. This is not to displease the followers of this reference. So that you have a general view of the items designed by this manufacturer, here are some: stoves, cooking pots, lasagna trays, colanders, pressure cookers, pots, or kettle.

As for Lagostina’s range of cookware on the market, there is a large line of stainless steel products.

This material is especially known for its fast cooking ability and easy maintenance. The Lagostina 010700600024, for example, has 24 pieces all designed in this composition. What greatly simplify the task at the time of cleaning.


The references in the field of kitchen utensils are numerous on the market. It becomes difficult to make a choice.

It is in this sense that we draw your attention to the Baumalu brand. She has been working for years now in the design of preparation and tasting tools of all kinds. For example, professional kettles for caterers, induction pans, frying pans, casseroles, or casseroles.

The Baumalu cookware is recognized for its solid and efficient production. Be aware that the material chosen by Baumalu for most of its tools is stainless.

This will facilitate all tasks related to the maintenance of your equipment. This operation will be as simple as possible.


Kärcher is a company specializing in the design of home appliances. The brand has put its services at your disposal in order to facilitate your daily household chores.

This by offering you products that are as efficient as they are functional. Among the flagship items of this manufacturer include sweepers, steam mops, bars, window cleaners, telescopic lances, or kitchen utensils of all kinds.

Among these, we obviously distinguish the cookware. The references presented by Kärcher are appreciated for the many possibilities they offer to their users. Indeed, some specimens consist of 20 pieces allowing you to diversify your preparations.


WMF is one of the largest brands in the market for the manufacture of stoves and pans of all kinds. This reference remains popular with consumers thanks to the wide range of items it makes available to everyone.

In the case of cookware, WMF has batches of cookware ranging from 4 to 5 pieces. You will be able for example to distinguish casseroles, pasta pots or mini pans. Everything will depend on your needs.

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