Continental Edison CERB100WB

Continental Edison CERB100WB Reviews

Continental Edison CERB100WB Reviews- TEST AND PRICES


Main Advantage

The Continental Edison multifunction robot – CERB100WB is powerful and comes with several accessories that make it truly complete and powerful.


Main Disadvantage

Unfortunately, this machine can chop meat, but it can not it is not the case for vegetables.


Verdict: 9.6 / 10

It is true that the Continental Edison – CERB100WB multifunction robot is well performing and complete even if it can not grate vegetables.




Engine type, strength, and reliability

The Continental Edison – CERB100WB multifunction robot has a 1000W motor and that means that this robot is powerful enough to fulfill all its functions. 

In addition, you can trust him to accompany you over the years and save money on some robots. Indeed, this multifunctional robot Continental Edison – CERB100WB is quite solid and its accessories are made to resist wear and therefore, it is very easy for this robot to accompany you in time.

You should also remember that as a multifunction robot, this machine has two engine outputs and no matter what you use, you will be entitled to 5 speeds of the engine and a speed “pulse” for your preparations that need it. In short, this robot is reliable, solid and its motor outputs will allow you to use all kinds of accessories.

Continental Edison CERB100WB

Features and accessories

The Continental Edison – CERB100WB multifunctional robot will help you knead your pasta, chop your meat and make all kinds of cake dough, but that’s not all.

Indeed, you can use whips and mixers to get all kinds of delicate foams and mixtures you want to get. You can also use this machine to make your smoothies, your juice cocktails, and even your fresh pasta.

This is due to the fact that in addition to its beautiful power, this unit comes with a glass blender of 1.5, a 5-liter stainless steel bowl, a pastry kit, a meat grinder, and pasta dies. 

You can even make sausages with the Continental Edison – CERB100WB; it is a multifunction robot quite complete!


Maintenance and storage

With the Continental Edison – CERB100WB, you do not need any specific gestures to maintain it. 

Moreover, the maintenance of this robot is simply to properly wash its accessories after each use. Although the best is a hand wash, you can thoroughly wash the Continental Edison – CERB100WB accessories in the dishwasher. 

Finally, being a multifunction robot, it is normal that the Continental Edison – CERB100WB has a rather imposing design so you will need to find a place for him or, to arrange a corner on your work plan if it is enough wide.

In short, if you opt for this multifunctional robot, you will have in your hands a powerful, powerful and above all, reliable.

Which could additionally accompany you without problem in time; you will even save money. Indeed, thanks to the fact that it can replace several machines at the same time make it very economical.


We recommend this robot to all people looking for a robot that can handle both robot mixer and pastry robot functions without breaking the bank. Its powerful engine and the high capacity bowl will allow you to make a lot of recipes.

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