Comparison of the Best Steam Generators

Comparison of the Best Steam Generators of 2018 for Your Linen


Ironing can be a very common household task. Even inevitable, within each home, there is no reason why it rhymes necessarily with the chore.

But how to choose your steam plant? Once equipped with the best steam plant and accessories that go with it, ironing can be done quickly, without you feeling any trouble.

Our choice of the best power station is the Calor GV7810C0 Pro Express for the year 2018. Even though our previous recommendation, the GV8338C0 remains a high-performance steam generator. It is no longer available at most Calor resellers and is not, therefore, more accessible.

In 2018, technologies are still developing, and the ironing industry is also concerned! 

So we present you some very powerful products, which are surely the best of this year, and you offer some advice to bear in mind during the purchase, to not start you in the acquisition of a device whose then you will not have any use.

These products have been analyzed in detail taking into account several parameters, including the heating time, autonomy, the quality of the soleplate, the maximum vapor output that can emit the pump, the security options and the mode maintenance of the machine.

You will notice that three of these machines are manufactured Calor – this French brand has indeed put on the market products of very good quality.

The manufactured in our territory while keeping competitive prices. It remains preferred by French consumers.


The Best 2018 Steam Generator Comparison 

We present below the three best steam plants that have mainly caught our attention among thirty analyzed.

The depending on their range in the market and a steam plant to be absolutely avoided. You will find the further study in the rest of the article.

 Best choice
Best price
Best comfortableTo avoid
PictureCalor GV7810CO Pro ExpressH.Koenig V5iCalor GV8931C0 Unpressurized High Pressure Steam UnitPhilips GC7641 / 30
Calor GV7810CO Pro Express
H.Koenig V5i
Calor GV8931C0 Unpressurized High Pressure Steam Unit
Philips GC7641 / 30
6.6 bars
3.5 bars
6.5 bars
5.3 bars
Steam flow
120g / min (430g / min pressing)
90g / min
120g / min (400g / min in pressing function)
120g / min
Removable tank?
Anti-Limestone System
Removable tartar collector
Limestone filter to be changed every 3 monthsRemovable tartar collector
Limestone filter to be changed every 3 months
Click to see details
Check Price Check Price Check Price

1. Calor Pro Express

Calor Pro Express

The pressure is rising!

Calor Pro Express

The central steam Calor GV7810C0 could be voted best central steam 2018. Thanks to a diet of 2400 W.

 The device is ready to use in two minutes and the pump pressure (7 bar) allows an ironing efficient.

The continuous flow of steam, up to 430 g / min, compiled to the pressing effect, gives you the possibility to perform a vertical steaming.

The tank of the plant displays a capacity of 1.6 L, so you are quiet to do all your ironing at once.

As far as technologies are concerned, there is first the OptimalTEMP function, so there is no need to adjust the temperature: it regulates itself according to the type of fabric.

For the best steam plant, you need the best soleplate

Calor Pro Express

In making this comparison of steam plants, we realized that the sole plays a key role in the choice of consumers. 
The sole is also stamped SteamGlide Plus, a technology that allows, thanks to its two distinct areas, both to slide and stretch the fabric.

 It is, therefore, a profitable investment, which lasts in time. 

To avoid damaging your clothes, the traditional steam tip will look for the slightest wrinkling and vertical wrinkling is greatly facilitated by the Turbo function, which significantly increases the steam flow. To save energy, just activate the economy mode.

On the safety side, the “Safety auto-off” mode stops your device after five minutes of inactivity. As for the maintenance of the latter.

It is facilitated by the light that comes on after ten hours of use to warn you to start the process Calc Clean, which harvests the limestone in a container, that you just empty and rinse with clear water.


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2. Calor GV8931CO: High-Pressure Unlimited

2. Calor GV8931CO: High-Pressure Unlimited

The Calor Pro Express Turbo steam generator GV8931C0 has it all: high-end performance, stainless steel high-pressure tank (6.5 bar), continuous steam up to 120 g / min and pressing function, ironing as vertical steaming does not are more than just a game of children.

When it comes to the limescale system, you only need to keep an eye on the light to control the collector and know when to clean the stem with clean water.

The outsole, featuring Ultragliss Turbo technology, offers unmatched resistance to wear and scratches.

You also have an ECO mode as well as a Lock System function, which locks the iron on its base. The unit turns off automatically after eight minutes of inactivity.

For maintenance, the “Anti-Calc” cap is ideal for cleaning the tank/collector: you can empty it and then rinse it with clear water.

This steam plant is intended for smaller homes, but it still has very valuable features.

For example, the EasyCord system makes ironing freer because the cord does not interfere with your movements.

And the Ultragliss Diffusion soleplate, thanks to its white active lines, slides on clothing and is extremely resistant to shocks.

The pressure of 6.5 bar is enough to eliminate all wrinkles and the power of 2200 W allows you to use the device after only two minutes of waiting.

The device is equipped with different LEDs, perfect for controlling all parameters. 

The thermostat is manually adjustable for you to adjust to suit your fabrics and preferences, and EasyCord technology ensures that the power cord does not interfere with your movements.

To clean the tank, you will need a screwdriver and rinse with clean water. This particularity is not very practical.

On the security side, the control panel has the Lock System function, which locks the iron on its base.


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3. H.Koenig V5i: The Best Value for Money

3. H.Koenig V5i: The Best Value for Money

The 1.7L tank is removable, which means it can be refilled, possibly with tap water, while the unit is running.

With manual temperature control, you choose the one you want based on the fabric you are working on. 

The sole, in addition to being made of stainless steel, also contains a percentage of chromium and nickel, which makes it easy to clean and resistant to rust.

The device is very powerful and is ready for use in just one minute. 

The control panel has an automatic shutdown function and a locking device to ensure your safety.

We have also written a comprehensive analysis of the Koenig V5i.

Bonus: Mention of the Jury

Finally, we present two steam plants that are worth mentioning among the best in our comparison.

These are located in the middle / high end and have also received very good reviews on the Amazon sales platform, with a score of 4.1 and 4.2 respectively by more than 200 comments.

Calor GV8925C0 Pro Express

  • Pressure: 5.5 bar
  • Capacity: 1.7 Liters
  • Power: 2200W
  • Sole: Ultra Glide
  • Steam flow: 120g / min – Steam boost up to 400g / min
  • Pressure: 5.3 bars
  • Capacity: 5 liters
  • Power: 2400W
  • Sole: T-Ionic Glide
  • Steam flow: 120g / min – Steam boost up to 260g / min

1.Calor GV8925C0 Pro Express

The Calor GV8925C0 Pro Express steam generator is a near-professional device. With a performance of 2200 W.

It reaches the desired temperature and is ready for use in two minutes. It offers a pressing function of 220 g / min and a continuous steam pressure of up to 120 g / min. 

It is a tool that is faster and more efficient because it has a high-pressure stainless steel tank.

Calor GV8925C0 Pro Express

The power has a price: the device is quite noisy during the preheating stage. 

The sole of the iron, which has the Ultragliss Diffusion Comfort Tip technology, slides easily on the clothes without hanging them and does not form a wrinkle, it comes rather over. 

Thanks to its near-professional performance and high steam flow, this plant is perfect for vertical steaming.


The Easy Control function allows you to benefit from three different temperature settings (delicate, normal, jeans).

Which adapt almost immediately and therefore do not waste time, efficiency reinforced with the removable tank which displays a capacity of ‘1.8 L.

With the EasyCord option, the cord will not interfere with your movements during ironing. And the ECO mode allows you to save energy. After eight minutes of inactivity, the unit automatically shuts down. Thanks to the anti-scale cartridge, this device lasts longer.

Do you want to know more? We have dedicated an entire article on this product, which you can read by clicking the following link…


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2. Philips GC7641 / 30 PerfectCare Pure

Philips certainly offers us the best steam plants of 2017, as proven by the model GC7641 / 30 PerfectCare Pure. 

Thanks to its 2400 W power supply, it is ready in two minutes, and it also has the pressing effect and a continuous steam flow of 120 g / min.

The maximum pressure is 5.3 bar, which leaves no room for wrinkles when ironing or marks when vertical steaming. 

Philips GC7641 / 30 PerfectCare Pure

The 1.5 L tank can be filled at any time during use. Thanks to the Smart Control processor, the temperature of the sole adapts itself according to the type of fabric with which it comes into contact: you have nothing to do!

Features include the Pro Velocity Steam Generator, Turbo Mode to create even more steam during vertical use, ECO mode for energy savings and OptimalTEMP technology.

Which allows you to rest the iron on the cover or even directly on the garment, and not necessarily on the base.

The T-iconicGlide outsole has been rated five stars: it glides and resists scratches and wear thanks to its titanium coating. 

For maintenance, you can rely on PureVap anti-lime cartridges, which need only be changed regularly. 

The control panel also has a system of locking and automatic shutdown after five minutes of inactivity.

To read our full analysis, visit our article here.


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How to choose your future steam plant?

Everything has a price

Because a steam plant is still a certain investment, here are some tips for choosing the best your ironing companion. Some parameters are to be taken into account, and we wanted to remind you here.

Be sure to start to equip yourself with an ironing board that is adapted, the weight of a power plant is certainly not the same as that of an iron, so you must have a board supporting such a load (in average 5 kg).

The price is not the same, you will have to pay a larger sum for a steam plant. We can only advise you to read the characteristics of the different devices, as explained earlier. There are also many journals and analyzes of power plants on the internet.

Two different types of autonomy

For example, you need to know if you prefer a pressurized machine (also called “limited autonomy”.

It is cheaper and has a pressure tank that can not be filled in the middle: you have to wait until the device is off and cold for recharging water) or with unlimited autonomy, which allows you to add water to the removable tank while the machine is running.

In this case, the preheating time is also considerably reduced. When it comes to maintenance, a steam plant is no exception.

Do not neglect maintenance

Cleaning can vary considerably depending on the appliance you are using, but it is generally advisable to scale the appliance about once a month, in order to avoid shortening the life of the unit and to make white marks. Irreversible on clothes with an iron. 

Depending on the model, you will have to disassemble the device, rinse the tank, change the cartridge …

In short, here are our basic tips.

Try to opt for a relatively thin iron sole, it will tend to hang less fabric. The idea is to have a pointed tip, to reach all the creases and the ends of the fabric.

To combat wear and tear, stainless steel or ceramics have excellent properties, and the harder the material.

The more resistant it will be to shocks and scratches. But the density of the material also comes into account, it is a feature that plays a lot on the weight of the plant (it will not be the same if you opt for aluminum rather than steel).

Remember to check the capacity of the tank: the more important it is, the more the unit has autonomy.

Some features can also be useful, such as stream flow, economy mode, automatic shutdown, lock iron on its base …

We detail all aspects to know about steam power plants in our article What central steam choose? The ultimate guide. 

How much should the best steam plant cost?

As you can imagine, prices can vary completely from one brand or model to another. If a steam plant remains more expensive than a simple iron, you must always make sure to make a good investment.

Do not put the price in a central under the pretext that it is the most expensive and you deduce that it is the best, just take into account our few tips, do your own research and, above all, clearly identify your needs.


According to a wide range, prices can range from 50 to 300 euros.

In general, the more expensive the plant is, the more it will be able to produce steam, which greatly affects the quality of ironing or vertical steaming. 



But you do not necessarily need to aim above 300 euros to find satisfaction, many excellent models are also under 200 euros.

Our comparison of central steam shows that the average price of an item is around $100

What added value brings a steam generator?

If the advantages of a steam plant have been put forward for a long time, what is it more concretely? 

Do I really want to opt for such a device rather than an iron? Is there a real added value?

Well yes, a steam plant has advantages that can not be found anywhere else. 

The positive points that can be granted to him are numerous. But if it were necessary to retain only one, one would certainly think about the quantity of vapor which it produces.

Of course, this varies greatly depending on the models, even brands, but generally, the steam flow is more consistent than that of a simple iron. 

It is also this steam that allows you to carry out a vertical steaming, which is simply ideal if you want to work tablecloths or sheets, or if you give the greatest care to a garment whose fabric is very fragile, like silk for example.

This is still thanks to the steam that no wrinkle or fold very marked will not resist you anymore.
It is produced in such quantity that it offers you an unparalleled ironing experience.

You no longer need to force on a garment, and your wrists thank you! Very often, you just need to pass the iron on one side of the garment so that it is perfectly smooth.

But these devices are also great for another reason. They are equipped with tanks to record capacity.

You can store on average three times more water than an iron. You just need to fill the tank, which usually has a capacity of more than 1.5 L, and starts your ironing.
The period when you had to stop every twenty minutes to fill your device is now over!

In addition, the iron of a steam plant is much lighter than a normal iron. The tank is located on the power plant itself, so your wrists do not suffer from ironing.

You can calmly work on this household task, which is further facilitated by the multiple technologies that are now equipped with multiple steam plants!


To finish…

To conclude, as you will have understood, steam plants have (almost) only advantages.

They are powerful and solid, they are reliable, their irons are real technological prowess and they are endowed with innovative technologies that will make the pleasure of the households who wish to equip them and populate today the market of ironing.

In this article, we have presented you with different models, which we consider to be the best of the year 2018 due to their features and other technologies and the many promises they display.

Now you can make your choice, according to your budget and what you are looking for!


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