How to Clean an Electric Razor-A Complete Guide for Beginners

An electric razor can last much longer if you hold it properly. Even if you bought yours for sale, why not make it last as long as possible? The longer it lasts, the lower your initial investment is.

Money investment is not the only reason to spend the time cleaning your electric razor. Your skin cells, locks of hair and oils accumulate in your device. They are a perfect food treasure for bacteria.

Below is how to clean a rotary shaver and a metal razor. Not only that, but I describe the best ways to clean wet / dry razors and dry razors.

Make sure you know what type of razor you have before cleaning it!

Many dry razors cannot have their inner parts exposed to water. And cleaning a wet/dry razor without water will reduce its effectiveness.

Quick Clean vs Deep Clean

Generally, you want to clean your shaver quickly every week and thoroughly clean once a month. A quick cleaning can be as simple as running the shaver under hot water. With a dry razor, you can open your head and blow or brush your hair.

I choose to quickly clean my electric razor at the weekend when I have more time. I keep the deep cleanings for the beginning of the month.

No matter what day you choose, just be smart. Think about a day you stick to and add it to your calendar.

The processes that I submit to you are for deep cleaning. Do not worry about the steps and supplies you need. The current process is quite simple.

Some razors that you buy come with a cleaning station that does the work for you. If this is the case, do your best to use the station every few weeks at a minimum.

Items You’ll Need to Clean an Electric Razor

Before buying cleaning supplies for this task, consult your manual. Some manufacturers recommend some products over others.

Conversely, manufacturers will sometimes tell you not to put into practice the general advice I recommend. If in doubt, follow the advice in your manual.

In addition, it is good to familiarize yourself with your shaver. The best way to do this is to read your manual.

Here’s what you’ll need to clean your deep razor:

Soft Bristled Tooth brush

An old toothbrush is effective if you disinfect it first with rubbing alcohol. If you have an electric toothbrush, save your old head.

Make sure your toothbrush has soft bristles. This is especially true with grid razors because they are more delicate. No filiform, hard or sharp objects should ever touch the sheet of your razor.

Damp Cloth or Paper Towels

You need something on your counter that can catch all the hair. Microfiber cloths work and you can reuse them. The towels are very good too.

Rubber Blower or Canned Air

With a dry razor, you need something to remove hard-to-reach hair. You can ignore this item if you have a wet electric razor.

I recommend a rubber fan. They are reusable and do not lack air. Canned air products are excellent, but you will not reduce any cost by buying one.

Small Bowl of Warm Water and Dish Detergent

Mix a bowl of warm water with dish detergent. A drop or two will do the trick. You will use this to move your razor head to water resistant sheet and rotating head and clean the hair.

Rubbing Alcohol

Soap is great for cutting fat and oil, but you need alcohol to rid your razor of pesky germs. Any pharmacy worth visiting will have alcohol to burn. Buy a high alcohol content, at least 90%. The higher the alcohol content, the faster the drying.

Clipper Oil, or White Mineral Oil

You can do worse than adding a little clipper oil at the end of deep cleaning. Almost all electric razor blades work better, sharper and colder with oil.

A well-oiled machine does not just apply to your car. If you have a specific razor spray, it’s perfect. Never use machine oil (such as WD40) on your shaver.

Things to Know Before Starting

Now that you have all your cleaning products, create a workspace.

The bathroom is a logical place, especially if you have a wet razor, you run underwater.

Personally, I like doing my thorough cleanings at the kitchen sink. You have more work space in the kitchen. In addition, the pressure of the water in my house favors the kitchen sink.

There are so many razors on the market that I can not explain in detail the cleaning process of each manufacturer.

But all electric razors follow a similar process. Your manual will show the exact procedure, such as how to remove the razor head or how to reassemble your rotating parts.

How to Clean a Foil Electric Razor

The method of cleaning a razor blade is much faster than a rotary.

There are fewer moving parts and the cutting blades are bigger than their complicated cousins.

Some aluminum razors can be cleaned with water, others with dry tools. Make sure you know the difference.

Cleaning a powder razor only underwater creates a dead razor. And a wet razor wiped without a deep bath will not be as effective.

Dry Foil Deep Cleaning Method

Be gentle when cleaning electric razors like the Wahl Five Star Finale. The foils are delicate.

Step 1

Detach the razor’s head. There is usually a button on the side. Then pat the cuts on the paper towel.

Step 2

Be gentle with the aluminum razor heads. They are much more delicate than a razor. Use a soft or ultra soft toothbrush and scrape the inner walls of the head. Do not touch the movie itself. There is no need.

Step 3

With your canned air or rubber blower, blow air into the film. This will clean any small particles trapped between the meshes.

Step 4

Now take the body of the razor and your toothbrush. Use quick strokes down on your paper city and clean the top of the blades, then the sides and finally the base. Re-enter your air-making device and remove any hair that the brush could not wipe.

Note: Some dry film razors are cassette razors. Without access to the blade, all you can do is use a rubber brush and blower to remove hair. Then disinfect with alcohol. Once dry, dab a single drop of oil on each aluminum blade. That’s all.

Wet Foil Deep Clean Method

If you can use your shaver with shaving gel or in the shower, it’s a wet razor. Unlike many dry razors, you can not access the cutting blades. The blades are in the shaving head or in the cassette. So you can do a lot less.

Step 1

Remove the head and press the base of the head on your towel. With your toothbrush, clean what you can.

Wet razors often contain residues from dried shaving gel. A good brushing will help to disrupt the hard pieces accumulated.

Step 2

Prepare your bowl of warm water and detergent. Reattach the cassette and place the razor head under the water. If the shaver has a turbo, high speed or clean setting, use it here.

Step 3

Wipe the razor’s head with your towel and let it dry for an hour. When you return, put a drop of oil in the machine and turn it around for about a minute.

Step 4

Dab a cloth or corner of your fabric with rubbing alcohol and wipe the cutting surface of the razor leaves. Let it air dry.

How to Clean a Rotary Electric Razor

The deep cleaning of the rotary electric shaver is similar to the razor, with one major difference. The razor heads are divided into several parts. You will spend more time removing and reassembling components.

Step 1

Click on open your electric shaver. Inside the head, in the center of the three rotating blades, you will find a plastic button. Turn the knob and the case will open to allow you to access the different heads.

Step 2

Once removed, you can move your finger outside the heads. They will fall on your clothes.

I do not recommend using your hands to catch the heads. The razor heads are sharp. Although you can touch them with your hands, they can still decide if you’re not careful.

Step 3

Rinse each piece individually. Make sure the hair stays glued between the parts of the razor’s head. Heads separate into two or three pieces, depending on your model. So use your fingers and grab the plastic chest and separate them.

For a rotary shaver, this is the most important step. The lowest performance comes from fouled hairs in the housing of the blade head.

Step 4

Dry the parts of your razor head thoroughly before reassembling them. Let it dry for an hour. Then place a drop of oil in each rotating blade. Run the shaver for about a minute.

Step 5

Finally, wipe off a cotton ball or a rag soaked in alcohol on the leaves. You are all done.

Note: Although rare, some rotary razors are exclusively dry. You can use the same disassembly process for wet cleaning. Use the rubber blower and toothbrush instead of water and detergent. The last step is the same. You want to apply oil and alcohol after cleaning.

Respect Your Electric Razor Relationship

Think about it: your razor probably touches your face more than your significant other. Every morning, you rub the leaves on your skin and expect it to work perfectly.

Like any relationship, your razor will last longer and will work better if you respect it. Much of this respect involves maintenance.

Spare parts for your razor are not cheap. When you avoid weekly and monthly maintenance, you only accelerate the inevitable purchase of new razors. In addition, the harder it is for your shaver’s engine to work with clogged parts, the shorter the life of your shaver.

Do not worry if you do some tests to perfect your maintenance routine. I used the same routine with my razor and I finish now in fifteen minutes. Once you develop this skill, you have it for the rest of your life.

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