Can You Use an Electric Toothbrush with Braces?

Can You Use an Electric Toothbrush with Braces? Expert opinion & Guide

Can You Use an Electric Toothbrush with Braces? If you don’t know. Why are you waiting for taking a look at what is an expert opinion about Electric Toothbrush for Braces?

While you’re wearing braces, a sticky bacterial plaque and food micro-particles accumulate between the teeth and under the material. It takes a daily commitment concentrated in your home care routine to avoid problems.

It’s nothing to sneeze.

If you do not pay enough attention to the cleanliness of your wire-covered teeth, gum disease and cavities can form at an accelerated rate. You are more prone to these bacterial problems because it is difficult to reach the corners of the mouth and the spaces between the teeth cluttered with foreign objects.

If used correctly, there is no significant difference between manual toothbrushes and electric toothbrushes. Choosing between the two is a matter of ease and preference. In the end, one or the other can do the job.

Why should you use an electric toothbrush with braces?

An electric toothbrush is preferable to a manual toothbrush for anyone undergoing orthodontic treatment. When I say to people who wear a dental appliance that an electric toothbrush is a perfect option, they often want to know why I said that.

I can understand why they want to know why I prefer to buy an electric toothbrush when I wear a brace than a manual brush. Electric toothbrushes are more expensive than their manual counterparts.

Of course, if people buy a more expensive product, they should have a good reason.

Good oral hygiene is a big challenge for most people who wear a dental appliance today. Brushing your teeth when wearing braces is more difficult. It can be painful sometimes.

Food can easily get stuck under these threads. It’s hard to remove them with a manual toothbrush. Electric toothbrushes work faster and are more powerful. They can get anything between these threads as quickly as possible.

Electric toothbrushes clean teeth are better than manual teeth. And if you wear a brace, you need a toothbrush that will protect you 100% against gum disease and tooth decay when you wear a brace. You can only get it through electric toothbrushes.

You deserve a beautiful healthy smile at the end of your orthodontic treatment. To guarantee this, you must buy an electric toothbrush.

An electric toothbrush allows deep cleaning compared to a manual toothbrush. You must perform thorough cleaning when wearing suspenders. You need a toothbrush, they can reach every corner of your teeth and your mouth.

A good electric toothbrush will tell you the important parts of the mouth that it has not reached. No manual toothbrush will offer you that.

Several studies have shown that the electric toothbrush is more effective at removing plaque and preventing gum disease.

When you wear a dental appliance, you want to make sure that your gums and teeth are 100% healthy at the end of the treatment. Poor gum or tooth health means that you will not continue to treat another problem until you stop wearing a brace.

But, you can avoid this when you choose to buy an electric toothbrush for your splints. Because the electric toothbrush gives you better and deeper cleansing, I do not see the reason why you can not use them with dental appliances.

Better Cleanliness with Electric Toothbrushes

Whatever tools you use, keeping everything clean requires extra effort with braces. However, the American Journal of Orthodontics and Orthofedial Orthopedics has published studies that give electric toothbrushes a definite advantage over manual versions of oral hygiene.

Plaque is the number one public enemy when wearing a brace. The bacterial matrix contains billions of acid-producing organisms that dissolve tooth enamel. Compared to a manual toothbrush. Most people find that an electric toothbrush is much more effective at removing stains and plaque.

Suitable for Brushing for a Long Time

Interestingly, electric toothbrushes are actually easier to manage with dental appliances. They are suitable for all types of straps, including ceramic, metal and lingual supports. In fact, electric toothbrushes are the ideal solution for all those who do not brush long enough or who use an inappropriate technique.

Some studies show that some people tend to brush their teeth for a shorter time when using a manual toothbrush. Most dentists suggest that patients brush their teeth for at least 2 minutes. Which ensures proper cleaning. If you apply this rule to any brushing mode, you may cover the basics.

Battery-Powered or Rechargeable?

Coming in two types, battery-powered and rechargeable, electric toothbrushes offer distinct advantages. Both types must be considered before making a decision so that you end up buying the right one for yourself.

Battery-powered toothbrushes are more or less similar to manual toothbrushes. But bristles rotate to facilitate the brushing process. With some models, you may still need to use the brushing movement as a power only exists to improve the cleaning ability of the brush.

On the other hand, refillable toothbrushes are free from the worry of replacing the batteries from time to time. They come with advanced features such as pressure sensors, reminders to replace hairs and timers. By guiding the brush over the teeth, they perform the job with a fraction of the effort.

How to Choose Electric Toothbrushes When You Have Braces?

Suppose you have decided that it is better to buy an electric toothbrush to use with your dental appliances. It would be good for your oral health. But you can not buy an electric toothbrush you see. Before choosing an electric toothbrush brand, you need to take into account some important points.

There are many brands of electric toothbrushes that claim to sell the best toothbrush. Some of them are not as effective for people with dental appliances.

After reading the factors described below, you will know whether or not an electric toothbrush is suitable for orthodontic appliances.

Electric brushes have distinct features that are useful for some, but useless for others. You have to consider the options and decide for yourself which type of electric toothbrush will be the best for you.


A good electric toothbrush should be easy to use and hold. If the toothbrush is not easy to use, it is not suitable for orthodontic appliances. It takes a while to get used to brushing your teeth, talking and even drinking with a dental appliance. Your toothbrush should make your life easier. No harder.

The simplicity of the toothbrush is something that I pay serious attention before buying it. There should not be many buttons on the toothbrush. I should not need an engineering degree to know how it works. Even children who wear a splint should be able to use it without much effort or explanation.

Helpful features

An excellent electric toothbrush has useful features that you will never find in ordinary brushes. A 2-minute timer and a 30-second break are essential in most electric toothbrushes. An electric toothbrush that does not have this feature is a fake and is not suitable for orthodontic appliances.

Most high-quality electric toothbrushes also feature Bluetooth technology that allows them to communicate with a smartphone app that users can connect to and learn about their brushing habits.

More features in an electric toothbrush do not necessarily mean that it is good. All you need are the vital functions you care about to clean your dental appliances.

Good performance

A good product must be fluid and consistent. If the toothbrush stops working abruptly most of the time, it’s a sign that its performance is not good.

You need a toothbrush that works incredibly well if you want to eliminate food particles between your teeth and splints. The toothbrush should clean quickly and reach all tight places between your dental appliances.

Make sure to check what people are saying about an electric toothbrush before buying it. Does the toothbrush have good performance? If this is not the case, it is not the ideal toothbrush for your orthodontic appliances.

Long-term durability

Sustainability is an important factor to consider when buying an electric toothbrush for orthodontic appliances. For example, if the brush heads can withstand a lot of pressure, it means that it is not the ideal toothbrush that you should buy.

Braces are sons. Not all brush heads are suitable for orthodontic appliances. I saw hairs come out and get stuck between braces. It means to me that the toothbrush is not good for splints.

A good brace toothbrush should last more than a year. If a toothbrush is worn out or constantly loses vital components, it shows that it is not the right choice to continue brushing your teeth.

Brushing settings

Large electric toothbrushes are available with different brushing settings. You should be able to select the setting that suits you best.

For example, people with sensitive teeth will want to choose the sensitive brushing setting. And people who want to clean their tongue with their electric toothbrush should be able to choose a setting that allows them to do so.

More importantly, an electric toothbrush needs to have a setting that allows you to thoroughly clean. Deep cleaning is the perfect setting for people with dental appliances.


Design is important to me when choosing an electric toothbrush. A toothbrush that comes off the counter in the bathroom reminds me of brushing my teeth.

When wearing a brace, it is important to brush your teeth twice a day. You may not remember brushing at night for one reason or another. But when you have a toothbrush that catches your attention in the bathroom, it helps you brush your teeth regularly.

Getting a toothbrush with great design is what helped me turn the habit twice a day into brushing.

Detachable Brush Heads

Most models of electric toothbrushes come with detachable brush heads so you can replace them when the hair wears out. This allows you to keep the electric base while you change the brush head. You will save a considerable amount of money once you have made your initial investment.

Travel Cases

You still have the option of purchasing a travel case separately, but some toothbrushes include one. Your toothbrush may be damaged if you do not store it properly during the trip. Since electric toothbrushes are relatively expensive, they should always be kept in a travel case.

How to Use an Electric Toothbrush to Brush Your Teeth with Braces?

The way you brush your teeth is normally different from the one you use when wearing a brace. Let me quickly explain the step-by-step process of brushing your teeth with an electric toothbrush when wearing a brace.

Follow these steps:

Step 1:

Rinse your mouth with water before starting to brush. This will help you dislodge food particles stuck to dental appliances and teeth even before you start brushing your teeth.

Step 2:

Run the brush underwater for 20 seconds. Some food debris may have been stuck to your brush head since last use. The toothbrush may also contain bacteria. Running the bush under water removes bacteria and food particles on the brush.

Step 3:

Apply toothpaste to your brush. I prefer a toothpaste based on fluoride. Fluoride toothpaste is the main ingredient that helps clean your teeth, gums and orthodontic appliances. Choose toothpaste…

Step 4:

Spend 2 minutes brushing your teeth. The mouth is divided into four parts, each taking 30 seconds to complete. These four parts are at the top right, top left, bottom left and bottom right.

Step 5:

Place your toothbrush at a 45-degree angle from the gum line. This will allow you to clean the gums while brushing.

Step 6:

Brush the outer and inner surfaces of your teeth.

Step 7:

Brush between braces. After brushing your teeth normally, you should also clean the areas between the braces.

Step 8:

Rinse your mouth and toothbrush.

When you follow the eight steps above, you can brush your teeth with an electric toothbrush. These eight steps are what you need to clean your teeth without dental equipment.

Which Electric Toothbrush Will be the Best?

The key to good brushing when wearing a brace is to get a toothbrush that has a small head and soft bristles. When you have splints, it is best to avoid applying too much pressure and let the toothbrush do the work for you.

Special care must be taken around the brackets, tapes and wires so that they are not damaged. Methodically guiding an electric brush above and below the supports may be less of a problem than aggressive scrubbing.

So, if you wear dental appliances, the best option may be to choose an electric toothbrush and avoid manual shocks. Getting a brush with a smaller head will help reach the ends of the mouth and avoid any acidic plaque that may damage your teeth. Choose your electric toothbrush

What are the risks of using an electric toothbrush with braces?

In order to address the security concerns of my readers on this blog, I decided to do research on electric toothbrushes and to study in depth the possible risks related to their use.

I reached out to many dentists. Those I have known for years and those I do not know at all. Most dentists say that electric toothbrushes are good for people with dental appliances. There is no risk associated with their use.

You can buy an electric toothbrush and use it from the first day. Above, I explained in eight simple steps how to use an electric toothbrush. I have been using my electric toothbrush following these steps for years and have never heard anything like it.

So, there is nothing to fear. You can use an electric toothbrush starting today, even with your dental appliance, if you wish.


I will say that an electric toothbrush is more than 1000% superior to a manual toothbrush. When buying an electric toothbrush for your dental appliances, be sure to buy a durable, attractive design with different brushing settings.

You will enjoy the ease of brewing while ensuring the complete cleanliness of your teeth.

I wrote a review on the best electric toothbrush. I took my time to review those toothbrushes that are the best. After several months of testing, I can tell you that electric toothbrushes are excellent for the skin.

Make sure to get an electric toothbrush for dental appliances today.

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