Buying Guide Electric Toothbrush

Buying Guide Electric Toothbrush 2019-Guide for your Toothbrush

Buying Guide Electric Toothbrush 2019-Guide for your Toothbrush

For a bright smile and perfect dental hygiene, the electric toothbrush and its companion the water jet are your best allies!

The effectiveness of electric brushing

Caries have to worry! The electric toothbrush allows thanks to its many movements to effectively remove plaque even in hard to reach areas (you know, the inside of the molar bottom, just there …).

So your teeth are well cleaned, and your gums are healthy. You also avoid gingivitis and unpleasant bleeding.

Electric brushing: removes 2.5 to 5 times more plaque

Bonus: some brushes have a “polishing” function to make your teeth white, of course! Result: a healthy mouth and a bright smile!

In addition, you can use a water jet, also called “dental jet”.

This dislodges the food residues stuck between the teeth and massages your gums gently to strengthen them. A real care!

Design and ergonomics

To brush your teeth, it must be simple. That’s why the comfort of use is particularly well-taken care by the designers of electric toothbrushes.

Philips DiamondClean Toothbrush

Brushes are rechargeable, easy to handle, a timer can indicate by a ringtone the end of the time recommended for good brushing …

The top: a brush with a small remote screen that you put in the bathroom.While brushing your teeth.

It tells you how much time is left, but also plenty of other information to improve your brushing habits, including a little warning if the pressure you exert is too strong!

Electric toothbrushes

Rotating, 3D or sonic system, each electric toothbrush has its technology!

As its name suggests, the rotary technology uses a rotary oscillo movement.

Electric brushing

Evolution of this technique, the 3D system combines pulsations with rotations/oscillations.

The sonic technology used for its so-called fluid forces created by the speed of the end of the bristles. Whatever the technique, its effectiveness is optimal to overcome plaque.

Then, you will be able to appreciate different functionalities according to the brushes: timer, automatic stop if the pressure of the brushing is too strong, an indicator of load, sanitizer of brushes …

The irrigators

Do you have sensitive gums? Are you subject to gingivitis? Take care of your gums by massaging them with the jet of water of a water jet.

Massages soft or more intense, the adjustable pressure makes it possible to vary the intensity of the jet of water.

Often you can also choose different types of jet: mono (to reach a specific area) or rotary (to clean and massage the gums).

True 2 in 1, the dental handset brings together in one device, an electric toothbrush, and a water jet. Ideal for a complementary action!

Zoom on connected electric toothbrushes

In the family of connected objects, I ask for the electric toothbrush. But what more? Thanks to its Bluetooth 4.0 connectivity, connected toothbrushes are connected to your smartphone via an application and allow you to evaluate the quality of your brushing with each use.

You can then monitor your results or customize the brushing modes according to your needs. A fun way to take care of your teeth!

It is recommended to change brushes every three months. Clever: some particularly elaborate electric toothbrushes tell you when it is necessary to change them. To avoid breaking down brushes, go to our accessories section. Brushes, cannulas or lotion for the irrigator … you will find the model you need.

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