Braun Series 5 vs 7

Braun Series 5 vs 7 Comparison in 2019: Which One is Better For You?

Regarding the Braun Series 5 vs 7 decision, here are a few general guidelines to help you make a pick. Choosing between a Series 5 and a Series 7 can be difficult. And even more when you use razors that offer similar performance, but also have advantages and disadvantages.

Series 5 and 7 are two great choices that can provide some of the most comfortable shaves. And that comes without a significant compromise in the proximity of shaving, which remains even more than enough.

You will probably be very satisfied with the final results by choosing one or the other. Personally, We would opt for series 7 because it is more pleasant to use, a little faster and more comfortable.

However, for someone who does not have very sensitive skin or who is not particularly interested in other aspects, spending more for a series 7 may not be warranted. The Braun Series 5 is less expensive to buy and operate and offers about the same performance as a Series 7.

The 5090cc 5 series that we reviewed in detail here can usually be found at an excellent price and comes with the complete cleaning base. The 5190cc is an equally interesting option if the 5090cc is no longer available.

And as We said, with the 5 or 7 series, you will probably also want the cleaning station. Cleaning manually one or the other is tedious and you will evacuate all the foresight of the use of an electric razor.

Having to remove hair, dirt and dried shaving cream from a one-piece shaving head is not something to be hoped for.

Confused About Braun Series 5 vs 7

When a company like Braun makes improvements to its razors, it can be a subtle change. It can also be a mind-blowing addition that changes the game of razors. In the fight between Braun’s 5 and 7 series, you get a bit of both.

There are major changes like Sonic technology over automatic detection, and there are minor changes such as a change in which the precision trimmer is located on the handle.

There can be huge additions of features, such as customization modes to change the speed of the razor.

In this guide, we chose our choice for the best series. We will explain this decision and help you define the best series for your shaving needs.

Detailed Comparison Table- Braun Series 5 5190cc vs Series 7 790cc

 Series 5 5190ccSeries 7 790cc
Cross-Cutting Actions3000030000
Shaving Elements4 elements4 elements
Sonic Technology to Capture More HairNoYes
Flex Head8-D8-D
Skin GuardYesNo
Battery Time50 minutes50 minutes
Stand-Out FeaturesSlide-out precision trimmerSlide-out precision trimmer
Price Check price Check price

Braun Series 5 5190cc vs Series 7 790cc

Series 7 represents a general improvement over Series 5 in terms of technology and efficiency. We can break the differences in an instant, but first, let’s talk about the incredible things that Braun is doing well. These are the same things that customers can expect with series 5 and 7.

There is a comfortable 8-way head that adapts to changes in your face plan. This is vital for covering the curves and angles of your face when shaving, especially along the jawline and under the chin. Series 5 and 7 both have this capability.

Braun Series 5 5190cc vs Series 7 790cc

Braun razors are 100% waterproof. They can be submerged up to 5 meters underwater. This makes them fit to take a shower. The cc in the model numbers of these razors means that they come with cleaning centers.

The Braun Series 5 and Series 7 do not all have cleaning and charging centers, but they are available in both 5190cc and 790cc. The station has the only cleaning available in 4 actions. It cleans, dries, lubricates and charges your shaver, so it’s new every day.

The Lithium-Ion battery is standard in Series 5 and 7. After one hour of charging, you will get 50 minutes of wireless shaving. You’ll get the same powerful performance from the first shave after the last charge. The screen will also show how many shaves you have left on the charge.

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The 5190cc has 3 shaving elements to capture hair and cut it as close as possible to the skin. In Series 7, the company added an additional element to the razor in its SkinGuard. The 4 elements work together to smooth the skin and shave even closer.

With the Series 7 790cc razor, you get Sonic technology that gives you 10,000 micro-vibrations per razor element. There is also an Autosense technology that will help the motor adapt to the different levels of your whiskers. The dense beards will have a stronger cutting action than the thinner parts of the face.

The 790cc 7 series has 5 mode selections. From responsive to the turbo, there is a mode for your specific needs at this time. Series 5 does not have the same choices.

Detailed Comparison Table-Braun Series 5 5030s vs Series 7 740s

 Series 5 5030sSeries 7 740s
ActiLift TrimmerSlides from the backFlips on the side
100% Waterproof for Shower UseIt can be washed under running water but not submergedCan be used in the shower and washed under running water
Sonic TechnologyNoYes
Flex Head8-DMicro and Macro Motion
Battery Time1-hour charge – 50 minutes of use1-hour charge – 50 minutes of use
Stand-Out FeaturesCan be used while chargingLED display
Price Check priceCheck price

Braun Series 5 5030s vs Series 7 740s

Braun Series 5 and 7 have many of the same features, but the more advanced technologies in Series 7. That’s really why Braun offers the same features, but every model series is an improvement over the latest ones.

The 5 5030s Series features an auto-sensing motor that will detect the density of your beard. The 7 740 Series features advanced AutoSense and Sonic technologies. The engine reads the thickness of your whiskers and sends more power to the blades.


With Series 5, you get a wet/dry razor that can be washed under running water in the sink. It can also be used during charging.

With the Series 7, you will not be able to use your shaver while charging. This is because the razor case is completely waterproof for use in the shower.

You can not use the shaver when plugged in and expect to use it with all that water.

The 5030 and 740 shavers feature razor-integrated precision mowers. On the 5030, the mower is pushed to the back of the razor. On the 740, it is slightly reversed to be used semi-independently. The 740 should be less difficult to use than the older 5030 models.

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The technologies of the series 5 to the series 7 show great progress. The most important is the possibility of changing shaving mode. The 740s has 5 custom shave modes that can be changed quickly. You can customize your shave for the most sensitive skin.

The engine will slow down and the blades will be softer on the face. At the highest level, the razor motor is fast and safe. This will remove your beard quickly and effectively. The 5030s has no shaving mode. Although the 5 Series does not have a shave mode, it is equipped with the AutoSense engine, as previously mentioned.

In the 5030s, you get a MultiHeadLock. This allows you to lock the entire head in 5 different angles. This helps under the nose and other areas like the jawline. The 740 have a totally flexible system combining MicroMotion and MacroMotion. There are more angular movements available, so it is not necessary to lock it in a certain position. It’s totally adaptable to the changing plans of your face.

Both razors are equipped with an ActiLift trimmer. This will pull the hairs of different directions in one place and angle for the cut. It is vital for wild hair that develops flat on the skin. The hair on the neck is known to grow in various directions.

The Li-Ion battery takes one hour to charge and has 50 minutes of use. The 740s has a better-LED screen on the razor handle. He will tell you exactly how much time you have left on your charge.

Detailed Comparison Table- Braun Series 5 5040s vs Series 7 760cc

 Series 5 5040sSeries 7 760cc
Wet/Dry ShavingWaterproof for use in the showerWaterproof for use in the shower
Cleaning & Charging StationNoneYes
Sonic TechnologyHas an Autosensing motor – no sonic techHas Sonic Technology for adaptable shaves
Shaving ModesNone3 shaving modes
Precision TrimmerYes – Slides from the backYes – Lifts from the side
Price Check priceCheck price

Braun Series 5 5040s vs Series 7 760cc

The 5040 and 760cc are the two razors we are going to compare in this section. Series 5 and 7 have some of the same characteristics. Still, the 7 Series has great improvements that make the 760cc a better choice.

When you shave your face, you will want to be able to change the settings to personalize the experience. Between the thickness of your hair and the sensitivity of your face, you will want to be able to change shaving mode. The 5040 do not have this ability.

The 760cc has 3 shaving modes. From Sensitive to Normal to Intense, modes can be changed by pressing a button. You could even have some areas where the skin is more sensitive. You can quickly switch from Normal to Sensitive without missing a stroke.

Braun Series 5 5040s vs Series 7 760cc

The 5 Series has an auto-sensing motor that can be adapted to certain areas of the face. It depends on the density of your beard in these areas. The 7 Series enhances this concept with Sonic Smart Technology.

It automatically increases the power of the area according to the density. It applies 10,000 micro-vibrations per cutting element. It is more advanced than the previous feature available in the 5 series.

The 760cc has an advanced cleaning and charging station, as shown by the cc of the model name. It is a station included in the 760cc which proposes 5 actions to renew your razor.

It is the only 5-action cleaning station with an alcohol-based solution. The station first cleans and then cleans the razor with the special solution. It lubricates, dries and charges the shaver on your next use. The 5040 series does not have a cleaning station.

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The 760cc has a flexible shaving head system. MicroMotion and MacroMotion. The shaving head moves in many directions for a closer shave than the 5040’s.

It will maintain constant contact with the skin, which is the key to reducing the number of passes. When you do not have to shave an area more than once, you avoid the burns and irritation caused by the razor.

The 5 Series does not include a travel bag in razors other than the 5090cc. With the 7 series, they have included a travel pouch with all their razors. They understand that people want to travel with their favorite razor. With the available charging time, razors can work long when you are away from home.

The 5040s is the only razor in the 5 series that can be used in the shower. The 760cc can also be used in the shower. ActiLift is also used in both shavers to pull stray hairs in the right direction for shaving.

There is a precision trimmer on each razor. The 5 Series 5040s has a trimmer on the back that pushes upward for easy access. The 7 760cc series has a trimmer that will appear for easy access.

They both have 2x OptiFoil that offers over 899 openings where the hair is trapped and cut accurately. With the many openings, it’s like cutting with a safety razor without risk of cuts and irritation. The skin is smoothed and the hairs are lifted to be cut with the blades.

Features of the Series 7 That Make Them Better Than Series 5

Optimized Cutting Elements

Braun Series 5 has only 3 cutting elements. They provide three areas for a haircut. This gives you a smoother shave and more precise than other brands. It does not shave closer than Series 7, however.

The 7 series has 3 elements, micro-vibrations, and a guide so that all your hair flows in the same direction for the cut. You do not need to spend more than once on the skin to get the shave as close as possible.

Intelligent Sonic Technology

The Braun 7 Series includes Intelligent Sonic and AutoSense technologies. It reads the thickness of your whiskers and makes adjustments. The 7 series razors have more engine speeds available and provide more power in the thick areas of your beard.

It provides 10,000 micro-vibrations per minute. Series 5 does not have Sonic technology. It has an auto-sensing engine, but it does not provide the same level of intelligent shaving.

Head-Locking Mechanism

Series 5 razors offer a head-lock option that allows you to keep the same angle with your razor. When you shave the jaw, you will want the razor to be in the right position.

It is ideal to lock the position when you shave under the nose. You will be able to keep this good angle while progressing. Series 7 does not need a head-lock option. There are micro- and macro-movements for a more flexible movement of the head in several directions.

Personalization Modes

Series 7 has custom settings that let you choose a shave mode that’s right for you. Older models in the 7 series have 3 shave modes while newer models have 5 modes.

They range from mild to intense. It is designed for sensitive skin so that new users can integrate with the razor. The highest intensities are fast shaves that allow you to get out of the door faster.

Handle Display

The 5 series has only 2 indicators on its LCD screen. It will tell you whether to clean it. It will also show the battery level. On Series 7, razors feature LED displays with battery level, cleaning levels, and displacement lock indicator. They are easier to read with more information available at a glance.

Cleaning and Charging Station

Series 5 and 7 have cleaning and charging stations. The type of station will depend on the series. All razors with cc in the model name have a cleaning and charging station.

Others have a cleaning mode that is not automatic. You have to press a button and start the cleaning process yourself. Series 7 stations have more indicators and display outside information as well.

Common features of Series 5 & Series 7

Charge Timer

It takes 60 minutes for the Li-Ion battery to charge completely. After a charge of 60 minutes, you will have 50 minutes of shaving at your disposal. You can also get a quick charge of 5 minutes for a shave. Series 5 and 7 come with a charge timer to record the number of minutes of shaving remaining.

Precision Trimmer

There is a precision trimmer in series 5 and 7. They are, however, in different areas. On some razors of the series 5 or 7, they are in the back. In other razors, they are on the side.

You will have to decide when buying what is your preference. The Series 7 cutters are in an isolated area that will not prevent you from regular shaving.

Travel Storage

Traveling with your electric razor is very important. The way the shaver holds a load means that you can take it with you on vacation or on your next business trip.

It will have to be protected from shocks and difficult journeys. The case will keep the razor in good condition. Although they all have travel cases, some of the 7 series razors come with more luxurious cases.

Pivoting Shave Head

To follow the inclined contours of your face, you must have a pivoting shaving head. Slides and films should not leave the surface of the skin. Otherwise, you will have forgotten places that require another pass.

This can lead to irritation and razor burn. The swivel head of the 5 series moves in 8 directions. Series 7 will move with micro and macro movements that follow all the contours of the face. No matter the angle, the razor will fit the skin.

Fully Washable

Each shaver is completely washable. They may not all be able to shave wet or dry, but they can be rinsed under running water. It is important to keep your shaver clean between shaves.

Otherwise, it will be clogged and the blades will not be so sharp. When you rinse the razor thoroughly, the razor heads will last longer. You do not need to replace them as often.

Charging and Overall Maintenance for Braun Series 5 and Series 7

The Braun Series 5 and 7 have some of the same features to keep them clean and fully charged. Whether you have a 5 or 7 series, you can remove the head and rinse under running water. This will remove any hair and gel that may be clogged in the blades.

Heads should not be replaced very often if you take care of them properly. Some people can spend almost 2 years with the same head as long as the blades are cleaned and dried between uses.

There are cleaning and charging stations for more advanced cleaning. They have an alcohol-based cleaning solution that will sanitize your razor to keep it as clean as possible.

To find razors with the cleaning and charging station, just copy the model name. Not all models include the station. Each station that uses alcoholic solutions will need to be changed approximately every 3 months depending on usage.

Braun Series 5 and 7 both have the ability to fully recharge in one hour. Some shaver is equipped with LED or LCD screens to indicate the remaining charge after each use. After one hour of charging, all razors have 50 minutes of shaving.

It’s a good charging time that will allow you to carry your razor on the road if you wish. It does not take more than a few minutes to shave each day. You could potentially get 2 weeks off a charge.

Is It Worth Upgrading?

The 5 Series has some nice features, like a flexible head that moves along the contours of your face. The Series 7 shavers all have MicroMotion and MacroMotion for even more movement. They are completely flexible and can rotate in any direction.

The Intelligent Sensor Series 7 is better than the Series 5 auto-sensing engine as a whole. Series 7 has speed settings that allow you to adjust your speed yourself. You can slow it down if you have sensitive skin or make it quick for a quick power shave.

Each feature available in Series 5 is simply better used in Series 7. In addition, there are additional features in Series 7 that do not exist in Series 5.

Conclusion-Braun Series 5 vs 7

When you search for Braun choices between series 5 and 7, there is no doubt that this can be quite confusing. Many of the features are the same in both cases.

They have great autonomy and can be loaded quickly once exhausted. The razors of both series are also ready to travel. They have an ActiLift cutting technology that lifts and cuts all hair evenly. Series 5 and 7 have flexible heads to stay in close contact with the skin.

The differences are where the razors of the 7 series really shine. Although the similar characteristics are better in the 7 series, the differences are quite clear. The 7 series has a better display with more information.

Even the series 7 charging stations have more information on the side. The 7 Series features Sonic Smart Technology, which is not available in the 5 Series. The 7 Series shavers feature custom shaving modes. These are not available at all in previous models.

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