Braun Series 3 vs Series 5

Braun Series 3 vs Series 5-Which is better for you in 2019

If you are interested to Upgrade your shaver. So this Braun Series 3 vs Series 5 review & Guide is only for you. Now let’s start…

If you have Braun’s Series 3 shaver, you know it’s a great shaver. You could be tempted to continue with Series 3 forever. He would not be wrong in his assessment that the Series 3 is a fantastic presentation of Braun. However, they make significant improvements and advances in each Series.

Staying with Braun’s Series 3 vs. reviewing Series 5 would be a mistake. We will show you the differences in several models from head to head and then we will focus on the improvements that Braun has made in Series 5, to which you should pay attention. It will be worth reading. At the end of this comparison, you will see that the Series 5 is a better option.

Braun Series 3 vs Series 5: Should You Upgrade?

Braun’s most successful electric shaver, the 3 Series, has been widely regarded as the unofficial benchmark for performance and comfort.

But with the latest version of the 5 Series, you may wonder if the 3 Series is still the best razor because the 5 Series offers some very compelling features.

The debate Braun Series 5 vs. 3 has many facets, but only a few aspects need to be seriously considered in trying to decide between the two.

In this article, we will try to objectively present things that we do better than the other and, hopefully, help you choose the one that suits you best.

Braun Series 3 3040s vs Series 5 5190cc

Comparison of Table

FeaturesSeries 3 3040sSeries 5 5190cc
AutoSensing MotorNoYes
8D Comfort HeadYesYes
Precision TrimmerOn the backOn the back
Wet/Dry UseUse with foam or gel100% waterproof
ActiLift TrimmerMicro CombYes
Battery Time1 hour charge for 45 minutes of use1 hour charge for 50 minutes of use
PriceCheck price
Check price

Series 3 and Series 5 have some very important characteristics in common. Braun has created the Series 5 as an advance in the Series 3. When looking at the two razors, the similarities will be compared first.

The Series 3 3040s

The 3 3040s series features advanced and specialized shaving elements. It gives you a shave in a hurry and protects the skin. The blades sit behind a SensoFoil that will soften the skin and protect the face. It is the technology that Braun has perfected for all its shavers from the Series 3. It is also available in all the shavers of the Series 5. There are 899 openings in the blade. They allow the hair to enter while smoothing the skin of the face to avoid nicks and cuts.

The shaving head of series 3 and 5 will flex in 8 directions. This keeps the shaver in constant contact with the skin. When you do not have to make several passes in the face, you will avoid irritation. It will give you a clean shave without shaving strokes.

Shaving in the shower can be done with both shavers. They are waterproof for cleaning and shaving. Warm, wet whiskers are easier to cut than dry ones. It is an excellent way to get the closest possible shave.

Series 3 3040s and 5 5190cc have precision trimmers on the handle. You will not lose any accessories for shaving when the trimmer is right on the shaver. The trimmer makes the shavers ideal for all your cleaning needs. It is possible to skirt the sideburns or around a knob or mustache with the trimmer.

The Series 5 5190cc

The 5190cc Series 5 has some advanced features that are not available in the 3 Series 3040. It has an automatic detection engine that will give you more power in areas where your beard is denser. That’s a new technology that is not found in the 3 Series 3040.
The 5 5190cc series also has an ActiLift trimmer. This central trimmer raises flat hairs and pulls all your whiskers in one direction. When the hair is lifted and directed in the right direction, it will slide easily on the cutting blade.

As for cleaning the shaver, the 5190cc has a charging and cleaning station included. The cleaning and loading station of the Series 5 is a unit of 4 actions. It will be cleaned and disinfected, as it will be dried and charged. That is one of the biggest advantages of the 5190cc. It keeps the shaver looking new for a longer time before you have to buy a replacement shaving head.

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Braun Series 3 3050cc vs Series 5 5030s

Comparison Table

FeaturesSeries 3 3050ccSeries 5 5030s
8D Comfort HeadNoYes
Precision TrimmerOn the backOn the back
Wet/Dry Use100% waterproofNot in the shower
ActiLift TrimmerNoYes
Battery Time1 hour charge for 45 minutes of shaving + 5-minute quick charge60 minutes for 50 minutes of shaving + 5-minute quick charge
Use When ChargingNoYes
PriceCheck priceCheck price

The 3050cc and the 5 5030s are good razors because they are made by Braun. It is a company that makes improvements every time they create a new shaver. The 5030 has more technology than the old Series 3, however.

We will cover the similarities before discovering the differences in the two razors. First, the 3050cc and 5030 have an ergonomic grip. Shaver’s will not slip from your hand when the handle is wet. That’s vital when shaving with foam or gel. Your hands will get wet.

Both have built-in precision trimmers, too. Instead of having to add attachments, the trimmer is available right on the handle. You will never lose it. It will not take precious time to fix the attachments and change it.

Specialized shaving elements are a feature of all Braun shavers. The SensoFoil protects your skin from sharp blades. However, there are plenty of openings in the blade to allow the hair to be easily cut.

Series 3 and Series 5 have features that focus on user comfort. Those who are sensitive will find that Series 3 has pressure sensitive blades that retract if you put too much pressure on your face. The 5 Series has an 8-way comfort head. It moves smoothly along the curves of your face.

The only benefit of the 3 3050cc series during the 5030s is the cleaning and loading station. Unlike some of the new shavers in the series, the 3050cc has a 3-part docking station. It will clean, lubricate and charge your shaver.

The 3050cc has MicroComb technology, which brings more hair so that the blades can cut. While it is a good feature, the ActiLift trimmer is more advanced. In reality, it will lift the hairs that are stubbornly lying against the skin. Your hair grows in a variety of directions, especially in certain areas such as the neck.

The model 5030 has a MultiHeadLock that allows 5 angles. Once you find the perfect position, it will lock in place. This feature gives you a more precise shave in areas such as under your nose. The 3050cc does not have an adaptable shaving head. It does not move at all, so it is not necessary to have it fixed in its position.

The 3050cc battery is a NiMH that gives you 45 minutes of shaving after 60 minutes of charging. The 5030 model has a Li-Ion battery that also takes 60 minutes to charge. However, it gives 50 minutes of shaving time. Both have the ability to quickly charge in 5 minutes for a quick shave. The 5030 can also be charged while in use. That’s not a feature for the 3050cc.

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Braun Series 3 310s vs Series 5 5040s

Comparison Table

FeaturesSeries 3 310sSeries 5 5040s
AutoSensing MotorNoYes
Precision TrimmerNoneOn the back
Wet/Dry UseYesYes
Flex HeadNoYes
Battery Time60-minute charge for 20 minutes of shaving1 hour of charge for 50 minutes of shaving
Use When ChargingNoYes
PriceCheck priceCheck price
The Series 3 310s

The 3 310 series is an older razor that has some excellent features because it was manufactured by Braun. They are known for their German engineering and advanced technology. The 310 model has an ergonomic grip that is a hallmark of all Braun shavers. The Model 5040 has the same ergonomic handle with its patented knit texture.
There are other similarities between 310 and 5040. You can rinse the shavers with running water to clean them. It is also possible to shave wet or dry with these shavers. The cover can handle moisture, which is a great test for an ergonomic grip.

That’s where the similarities between razors end. The Model 5040 has a precision trimmer on the back of the handle. It is an excellent addition to the Series 5. It’s is not necessary to remove the shaving head, find the trimmer and attach it to the shaver. It is simpler with the attached trimmer. You can skirt the sideburns, the goatee, the beard or the mustache.

The Series 5 5040s

The 5 5040 series has an automatic detection engine that takes note of the thickness of your beard and adjusts accordingly. It will adapt automatically to density. You will not have to do anything. Intensively it will give you a close shave even in areas where your whiskers get thicker. The model 310 does not have a sensor to change the power of the shaver.
In the 310s, you will get a head of 3 push-ups. The three heads move independently of the one next to them. The flexible heads allow the shaver to remain in contact with the skin. They have gone a step further with the Series 5. The shaving head of the 5040s moves in 8 directions. The flexible 8-D head ensures you get the closest possible shave.

The 5040s has an ActiLift trimmer. The model 310 has a small element that will direct some hairs for a better shave. The ActiLift takes that a thousand times beyond the other shaver. It will lift and direct the flat hairs towards the sheets. Your hair grows wild in some areas. It never grows in the same direction, which can make it very difficult to shave some areas.

The Model 5040 has a charger that allows you to shave while you are charging. While this is a wet/dry shaver, it should not be used in the shower with the plugin the base. That could be a real problem. Electricity and water are never a good combination. However, you can use the shaver in the sink with shaving foam.

The Model 5040 has other features that make it a great shaver and better than the 310 models. There is a travel lock available for those who travel with their shaver constantly. The screen for the battery is also more advanced.

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Superior Features in the Series 5 vs Series 3

Pivoting Shave Head

On some models of Series 3, you will find that there is no movement in the shaving heads. They will retract if the user presses too hard. Otherwise, they will not keep in contact with the skin as with other models. Series 5 presents heads of 8 directions. The shaving elements move independently of the one next to them. The whole head also moves. On some models, the head can also be locked in position for precision cuts.

Optimized Cutting Elements

The cutting elements of the Series 5 are more advanced than those of the Series 3. The Series 3 has 3 shaving elements, while the Series 5 has 5 shaving elements. One of the shaving elements of Series 5 is the ActiLift, which is not available in the models of the Series 3. Actually, it separates and lifts the hairs to cut. Even those that are flat against the skin are the focus on the elements.

Handle Display

Handle screens of Series 5 are more advanced than the handles screens of Series 3. The Series 3 has a simple light that will alert the user when the battery is low. The Series 5 models have indicator lights that will alert you when you are close to needing a load. There are 5 lit areas to indicate how much time you have for shaving time.

Charging and Run Time

The Series 3 and Series 5 models have approximately the same amount of charging time needed to fill their batteries. The charging time is 60 minutes. The amount of time it gives you to shave will vary depending on the model. The Series 5 models will have between 45 and 50 minutes of shaving. The Series 3 models have much less time. They go around 20 to 45 minutes.

Cleaning and Charging Station

Not all models of the series come with charging and cleaning stations. The charging stations that load and clean come with the models that have cc in their names. When the models of Series 3 have a charging station, they have a function of 3 actions. They will clean, lubricate and charge. Series 5 models with cc in their model name have a function of 4 actions. They will clean, disinfect, lubricate and load between uses.

Precision Trimmer

The Series 3 models do not always have a precision trimmer connected directly to the shaver handle. The Series 5 models have built-in trimmers. The trimmers connected directly to the handle of the shaver are not lost. They slide quickly out of the handle to allow the user to continue quickly preparing his face. The mower is an excellent way to make the most of your morning grooming routine.

Features in Common in the Series 3 and Series 5

Wet/Dry Technology

All Braun shavers have a wet/dry component. They can be used with foam or shaving gel. Shaver’s can be rinsed under an open tap to ensure they are clean. A razor that has been cleaned after each use will work better. Not all Series 3 or Series 5 shavers are 100% waterproof enough to submerge in the shower or dive. It will depend on the characteristics of the model.

Flexible Cutting Elements

The cutting elements in the models of series 3 and 5 are quite flexible. In some of the older Series 3 shavers, the cutting elements retract if there is too much pressure. They will not move independently. The latest models of Series 3, as well as the cutting elements of the Series 5, move in a variety of directions. Series 3 has movement in 3 directions. Series 5 has movement in 8 directions.

Middle Trimmer

In the Series 3, the intermediate trimmer is not as advanced as those available in the Series 5. All the characteristics that they have in common are more advanced in the Series 5. That applies to the trimmer. The 3 Series mower will collect the hair to cut it. The Series 5 trimmer will lift the hairs that lie flat to stay in place for the cut. That is a characteristic that all men can appreciate. Hair never grows in the same direction, and some of them are ungovernable.

100% Waterproof and Washable

Series 3 and Series 5 are washable. It is easy to rinse them under an open tap. Shaver’s may not be 100% waterproof or go to the shower. It will depend on the model number of the series. For the most part, all Series 5 shavers have the ability to submerge.

Travel Storage

It is important to be able to carry your razor on the road. Many Series 5 shavers have locking buttons that make them more comfortable to travel. All come with storage to put the razor in your luggage. Not all men will travel with an outdated toilet kit, but you will want to travel with your favorite shaver.

Charging, Cleaning and Maintenance Concerns in the Series 3 vs Series 5

BHraun Series 3 and Series 5 are easy to take care of every day. They are simple open top and come with brushes. That makes it easier to brush the hair from the cutting elements if the shaving dries. For wet shaving, Braun shavers can be rinsed under an open tap.

Some options of series 3 and 5 come with a cleaning and charging station. It makes it much easier to disinfect and clean the shaver, making it as new for longer. If you do not want to take the time to clean and then load the shaver manually, choose one that has a station included.

When it comes to charging, Series 3 and 5 come with special chargers that will give you a charge after one hour. Some of them come with a quick charge option for a quick 5-minute shave.

If you are looking for a shaver that is easier to maintain, the Series 5 has more progress in terms of battery, charging, cleaning and maintenance. Series 3 is simpler with fewer alarms and whistles than newer models.

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Is it Worth Upgrading from the Series 3 to Series 5?

If you currently own a Braun Model 3 shaver, you will definitely want to upgrade. Everything you like about the Series 3 has been improved and expanded in the Series 5. If you love the way the Series 3 moves along your face with the contour, you will find that the Series 5 makes it better.

Series 5 gives you more shaves per load. It gives you a better medium trimmer that will give you a closer shave. The Series 5 also has a more detailed handle screen. The travel case is more luxurious. The loading and cleaning station has more actions. Each advantage and benefit you have with Series 3 is an earlier step with Series 5.

Conclusion-Braun Series 3 vs Series 5

Some of you came here wanting to be convinced that you can get a good shave if you continue with your old Series 3. You will not find that the case. The Series 5 is a superior range of shavers from a company that constantly strives to improve its shavers from series to series. The 5 Series is a better range of shavers in general, regardless of the model you choose.

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