Best Xiaomi Electric Scooter

Best Xiaomi Electric Scooter 2019-Review & Comparison

Best Xiaomi Electric Scooter 2019-Review & Comparison to choose the best in 2019

Choosing the best Best Xiaomi Electric Scooter Today. If you have arrived here because you are looking for information about the Xiaomi scooter. You may not know yet that there are 3 different models of the Chinese brand.

Being the best seller in Spain the My Scooter, also called Mijia M365. On the other hand, the new  QiCycle EUNI and the  Ninebot (of hoverboard style).

lthough they are alternatives less known by the fans to the electric scooters, they have good opinions and you should also take them into account.

It is clear that Xiaomi is breaking the technological market with an unbeatable combo: high technology at popular prices

Be the product that it is -mobiles, vacuum cleaners, cameras, activity wristbands … – its catalog always appears among the best sellers and best valued.

And if that were not enough, in the field of electric scooters has opted for a very smart policy that allows you to be even more competitive. 

In addition to launching its star scooter, the Xiaomi Mi Scooter,  has partnered with other brands to develop new products. And we do not talk about any brands, but giants like Segway.

Who have agreed to design models in co-production with the Chinese and on the other hand the Korean bike brand QiCycle? 

A “featuring” that both parties take advantage of, but that ultimately benefit consumers. Right now we tell you why.

In this post, we analyze the pros and cons of the 3 Xiaomi scooters you can find in the market. Xiaomi Mi Electric Scooter, Xiaomi Ninebot (Mini and Plus versions) and Xiaomi QiCycle EUNI ES808. 

Although you can also check our top 10 electric scooters if you’re interested in other brands.

Go ahead that the three skateboards have seemed great, but with certain differences that you should consider before buying yours. 

Therefore, in addition to the analysis of each one, we have prepared a comparative table so that you can see all the features in a simple way. And we have tracked the Internet to find the best price in stores like Amazon, Aliexpress and Gearbest. 

To finish, do not miss our final recommendations to discover which is the most suitable Xiaomi electric scooter for you.

Best Xiaomi Electric Scooter Comparison table

In the following table you can see a comparison with the most important characteristics of each Xiaomi scooter we have analyzed.

Note: if you use the mobile, move the table with your finger to see all the columns.

Mijia M365
QiCycle EUNINinebot MiniNinebot Plus
Release year2017201820172017
Maximum load100 Kg100 Kg100 Kg85 Kg
Engine power250 W250 W800 W700 W
Maximum speed25 Km / h20 Km / h20 Km / hour16 Km / h
Drums18650 mAh5200 mAh18650 mAh18650 mAh
Autonomy30 km20 km35 km20 km
Loading time5 hours2 hours4 hours4 hours
Maximum slope14th12th15th15th
Weight12.5 kg13.5 kg16.3 kg12.8 kg
Wheels8.5 “8 “eleven”10.5 “
Protection against rainIP54IP55IP54IP54
PriceSee priceSee priceSee priceSee price

Best Xiaomi Electric Scooter Review 2019

Xiaomi Mijia M365


You ‘ll also see it out there as My Scooter. But do not break your head with the nomenclature: it’s the same Xiaomi scooter.

The Xiaomi M365 is easy to see down the street, because it was one of the best sellers in 2017 and has not been off the super sales list in recent years. 

This already says a lot in their favor, in a field where technology is advancing at full speed, and this type of products tend to become obsolete quickly.

Well, with his year of life in the market, this electric scooter from Xiaomi supports cars and carts. If we take a look at the technical characteristics, we begin to see why:

  • Large capacity lithium battery offers up to 30 km of autonomy.
  • Very light: 12.5 kg.
  • The double braking system on both wheels, a kind of ABS that paralyzes the skateboard in a maximum of 4 meters.
  • 5 speeds of the walk.
  • Controlled acceleration, preventing sudden pulls in the snatch and preventing you from embales on the slopes below.
  • Control panel very simple, and therefore easy to handle.
  • Ultra-bright long-range headlights.

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The design of this skateboard Xiaomi seems very “bare” at first glance. But immediately you realize that behind this apparent simplicity there is a tremendous design work to reduce complications to a minimum. 

In fact, this model has several awards: the RedDot Award 2017 and the IF Design 2017.

To the clean and sober lines of the base and body is added a simple and efficient handlebar. Which has just enough to handle it without having to learn a complicated instruction manual

A single button serves to turn the scooter on and off, and also to operate the lights.

There is also an LED indicator so you know at all times what state the battery is in

The speed is controlled from a lever on the right handlebar, the ringer is on the left … and that’s it. Nor is it that much more is needed.

If you want to get more advanced features, the rest is handled from the mobile app, which connects with the scooter via Bluetooth

There you can complicate everything you want: program the cruise control option to maintain a stable speed, control travel statistics, access data in real time, etc.

The folding is very simple and its 12.5 kg of weight make it relatively comfortable to carry

This weight is achieved thanks to an aluminum frame that combines low density and high structural strength. If you leave it parked, it has a small lever or kickstand to stabilize it.

It is a scooter that responds well in rainy climates, thanks to the IP54 resistance. 

And you can also use it at night since it includes a headlight on the handlebar to have visibility + a rear headlight so that others can see you.


  • Driving is intuitive and enjoyable.
  • Super easy folding.
  • It is a very light scooter.
  • The headlights have a wide range of vision.


  • It is a model of 2017. If you prefer the most innovative of the market consult the Xiaomi QiCycle.
  • The wheels are made of inflatable rubber and require maintenance. You should put air from time to time.
  • You have to adjust the handlebar very well in the assembly, because if you do not dance.

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Xiaomi QiCycle EUNI


QiCycle is a Korean bicycle brand that has partnered with Xiaomi to advance the short distance transport market. The approach is that QiCycle manufactures but it is Xiaomi that protects and develops the product.

They already had great success with the QiCycle R1, a road bike, and the QiCycle Electric Folding Bike. A folding electric bicycle, and now jump to the market of the scooters with this Xiaomi QiCycle EUNI ES808.

Let’s see the main features :

  • Large capacity lithium battery, with 20 km of autonomy.
  • Fast charge (2 hours)
  • 13.2 kg of weight.
  • 8 “wheels: rubber waterproof front, inflatable rear.
  • 2 small wheels to transport the folded skateboard.
  • System of double braking (similar to the ABS) electronic and manual, that avoids that the mechanism is blocked before a sudden stop.
  • Mini LED display on the handlebar to show navigation data.
  • Parking position: it stands on its own, without the need for supports.

Actually, although it is not sold explicitly as such, the Xiaomi QiCycle is the evolution of the Mijia M365. This means that it has more or less the same characteristics, although there are several differential features.

First, it has two small wheels at the base. The objective is that you can drag the folded scooter, as if it were a suitcase or a shopping cart. 

The idea is brilliant, although in practice it is less comfortable than it seems on paper. Perhaps in future models the usability is finished.

The screen on the handlebar tells you the basic data: kms traveled, time, speed, average …

Recall that in the Mijia M365 access to this data only through the app, so if you are one of those who control their statistics all the time, you Interested in the Xiaomi QiCycle. In return, the handlebar is more ornate compared to the minimalist aesthetic of Mi.

While the headlights of this Xiaomi scooter have sufficient power and range to run at night. We get the impression that the light at wheel height loses scope in front of the M365.

Which had the focus on the handlebar. Of course, the lights are correct in both models, but it is something that you must take into account if you drive often at night.

Although the engine is similar to the Xiaomi M365, the start of the QiCycle is a bit more abrupt, and you have to be careful with the initial acceleration

This is because it has the accelerator on the handlebar, as in motorcycles, and if you’re not used to it, it ‘s easy for your wrist to go away

The Mi, on the other hand, accelerates with an independent lever, which can be more comfortable if you are new to this type of electric scooter.

For the rest, the QiCycle EUNI ES808 is a super Xiaomi scooter with everything you need to become your means of transport over the next few years: power, usability, water resistance (IP55, one point more than the previous model) … but it is in the small details where it differs from other models and similar brands.


  • The trailing wheels will help you transport the scooter in folding.
  • The screen on the handlebar keeps you informed in real time.
  • The parking position is very comfortable, without having to use easel.
  • Having a watertight rubber wheel requires less maintenance than the previous model.


  • It is slightly heavier and with less autonomy than the Xiaomi M365.
  • The start may be too rough.
  • The timbre is a little recognizable beep (it looks like a truck reversing), nothing practical to circulate.

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Xiaomi Ninebot


We completely changed the third and entered the world of hoverboards. But the Xiaomi Ninebot is not just any skateboard, but it takes the best of Segway technology, adapting it to the market with a more than reasonable price.

If you do not know Ninebot, it is a Chinese company that acquired Segway in 2015, with the intention of revolutionizing the short distance transport market. This collaboration with Xiaomi opens up an even broader market and solves one of the problems that its products traditionally had: the price. The Xiaomi seal is especially noticeable in this section, since it democratizes some scooters that did not usually go below 1000 euros.

Although we are more and more accustomed to seeing this type of designs on the street. The truth is that the Xiaomi Ninebot is a bit “Martian” in sight, with those rounded shapes and that kind of handlebar that reaches our knees.

If you have driven a Segway before you will not be surprised at all of this, but if you are used to the traditional electric skateboards, you will hallucinate with the stability that that extra bar gives you, and with all the features you can find in the app.

Let’s see the main features :

  • Battery with BMS (Battery Management System) to increase its duration.
  • Auto-balance function to improve driving.
  • Control bar to handle with the knees.
  • System of lights for night driving.
  • Very complete app for managing features and extras.

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The Xiaomi Ninebot comes on the market in two versions: Mini and Plus . There are really substantial differences between them:

Ninebot PlusNinebot Mini
1.Oriented to adults (from 16 years old)
2.800 w motor
4.Maximum speed 20 km / hAutonomy 35 km
5.Weight 16 kg
6.11 ” tires
1.Designed for children (from 6 years old)
2.700 w motor
3.Maximum speed 16 km / h
4.Autonomy 20 km
5.Weight 12.8 kg
6.10.5 ” tires

The Xiaomi Ninebot Mini is logically simpler and cheaper than the premium version. It differs at first glance, since the “arm” that allows us to handle it is much thinner. 

Here the extras are eliminated and the attention is focused on the driving experience, which is excellent in both models. With the difference, of course, that the Plus version is more powerful and has more autonomy.

But what really differentiates both models are the extras of the Xiaomi Ninebot Plus :

  • Allows remote control operation.
  • You can attach a Xiaomi camera (not included).
  • It has tracking function to accompany you while you are on foot.

In addition to giving you all the statistics in real time or in reports (km traveled, speed, time, battery status).

The mobile application makes the Ninebot Plus not only an efficient means of transport but almost a toy with which You can spend hours spending it big.

For example, you can block the mechanism so that nobody uses it without your permission, or use it in remote control. 

The device regulates itself so as not to lose balance and is a great entertainment, especially if you have the camera incorporated.

But not only that: it also serves to transport things. If you can even attach a basket ! And it also has tracking function : imagine going to the purchase and that your full cart will follow you home without you having to load anything.

The app also has small details that are appreciated, such as the ability to adjust the tone of the LED lights. 

Obviously, the signal lights are left with the regulatory color but there is a decorative part that you can customize to your liking.

In short, the Xiaomi Ninebot Plus is perfect for lovers of gadgets and technological toys, but let’s not forget its main objective. It is an effective and durable short-range means of transport, with great power and autonomy.


  • High technology at a very reasonable price.
  • The battery life is fantastic.
  • The app offers many possibilities for customization and usability, especially in the Plus version.
  • It responds very well on the slopes (up to 15 °)


  • Although the lever at the knees helps stability, you need a minimum balance to manage with ease.
  • The tires are inflatable, so they need maintenance (in return, they increase the cushioning).
  • The tracking function of the Plus is not very successful, it is much better to use the remote control.

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Conclusion-Best Xiaomi Electric Scooter

We insist on the basics: the three Xiaomi scooters that we present in this article are excellent. Both in general characteristics and in real results. Both the Mijia M365 and the QiCycle EUNI or the Ninebot are a great purchase.

However, it is true that there are interesting differences that can make you decide on one or the other depending on your tastes. And the use you are going to give. So here are our recommendations:

  • If you do not need the latest news and want a bombproof scooter with a proven technology : Xiaomi M365.
  • If you use several means of transport and you will have to carry the scooter : Xiaomi QiCycle EUNI ES808. The mini-wheels are not the panacea, but they avoid much of the weight.
  • If you want to move fast but prefer to have your hands free : Xiaomi Ninebot Mini.
  • If you are also a flip side of the technology and love the extra little details : Xiaomi Ninebot Plus.

In general, the purchase of the Xiaomi Ninebot is obvious if you like hoverboard models more than the skateboard with handlebars. 

The learning curve is surprisingly short and features like the remote control or the camera will give you a lot of play beyond simple transport.

As for the choice between the Mini or the Plus model. It depends on whether you are really going to take advantage of extras like the camera or the remote control that includes the Ninebot Plus.

If you are only going to use it as a means of transport, the Mini is a good deal and you can save a hundred euros or more in the price.

As for the comparison between the Xiaomi M365 and the Xiaomi QiCycle EUNI, the truth is that we are left with the first: the M365 is robust, stable and reliable. 

It weighs less and holds more than the QiCycle, and has been on the market for a year without problems. 

In addition, we like the lights at the height of the handlebar because they allow a better night driving.

The only features that draw the attention of the QiCycle are the transport wheels and that it has a fast charge.  

But it is a pity that they have “skimped” on technical characteristics such as weight, autonomy, maximum speed, capacity on the slopes …

In these areas, our opinion is that the Mijia M365 wins by a landslide. Because the extras are a matter of taste, but in the end the important thing is driving.

Whichever model is chosen, opting for an electric scooter Xiaomi is a great option within the scooter market. Already clear?

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