Best WordPress plugins

Best WordPress plugins 2019- Expert Hand-picked list

Best WordPress plugins 2019: Hand-picked list of the best Essential WordPress plugins


The best WordPress plugins are excellent tools to add and extend the functionality to WordPress. 

In this post, I will analyze more than 15 of the best WordPress plugins you should have on your WordPress website. 

These add-ons will add incredible functionality to your site.

The list of best WordPress plugins includes some of the best WordPress SEO plugins, security plugins, speed optimization plugins, marketing plugins and social networks. 

These add-ons will help you make your site robust, secure, optimized for SEO. And complete with all the necessary aesthetics in a modern website.

In this list I leave 3 types of plugin that I identify them in the following way:

  • Free: 100% free plugin
  • Freemium: These plugins have a free part and a paid part that normally has a paid access to more resources or full access to all the plugin’s features.
  • Premium: 100% paid plugin

Before starting if you do not know how to install WordPress plugin

on I leave this guide where I teach you how to do it.

Best WordPress plugins 2019-

Best WordPress plugins 2019-
For Blogs & Business Website

If you have decided to create your own website on WordPress, our list of the best plugins will help you make the most of your experience (and manage your website in the blink of an eye). 

Although the user experience does not guarantee effective support, this is one of the main factors that affect the ranking of your website on search engines. 

RankBrain is Google’s search algorithm based on Google’s AI and, according to Backlinko’s Brian Dean, this algorithm takes into account how people interact with your site. 

Now, let’s take a closer look at the WordPress plugins that you can use on just about any type of site and that will improve performance and user experience.
Let’s explore them:

Yoast SEO (Free & Premium)- Best WordPress SEO Plugin

Yoast SEO (Free & Premium)- Best WordPress SEO Plugin

Undoubtedly, search engines are the main source of traffic for each website. It is reported that the number of Internet users who use search engines is constantly increasing.

Which makes the importance of search engine optimization more relevant than ever. Fortunately, there is a great complement like Yoast SEO for WordPress users.

Yoast SEO is an impressive plugin that guides you all the way to create better content and improve your ranking in search results. 

It focuses on generate content that is useful for users, as well as technically optimized for SEO. The goal is to help users gain confidence and maintain the rankings they call sustainable SEO.

First, it causes you to choose a focus keyword and use the keyword appropriately in the article you are writing. The page analysis feature checks if you have used the focus keyword everywhere in the image alt tags, meta description, headings, and the entire publication. In addition, it suggests that you correctly configure text and images for better usability and visibility for search engines.

In addition, it helps you improve the appearance of your page/publication in the search results with a preview of fragments. 

Creating better headlines and a striking meta description can plugin on increase the click rates of your site. It has the additional readability feature that helps you create simple and understandable content.

Finally, here is another plugin called All in One SEO Pack that works quite similarly. You can try this too.


User Registration ( Free & Premium )-Best User Registration Plugin For WordPress

User Registration ( Free & Premium )- 
Best User Registration Plugin For WordPress

The WordPress user registry is another integral feature that you do not want to miss out on. Basically, the ‘register’ function is available in the default installation of WordPress that can be enabled from the WP board by following the steps given.

Go to your administration panel> Settings> General .

As shown in the image above, you can simply check the ” Anyone can register ” option to enable WordPress registration or the membership feature.

Once enabled, users can now find a registration option on their website’s login page ((eg: Now, users can sign in to their site. site by entering a username and email, however, it does not look ideal

First of all, it is not easy to use that a user must find the login URL to obtain the registration option. Then, as the owner of a website, you can not collect more information, since you have a limited form of two fields that allows users to enter only a username and email.

Therefore, you need a virtual WordPress registry plugin. Fortunately, here is a plugin easy to use and carefully designed at your disposal: User registration .

The User Registry is a free user registration plugin that can be dragged and dropped for WordPress. The add-on features many incredible features so you can easily create a beautiful user registration form on the front-end in a few minutes.

Some of the main features of the add-on are unlimited registration forms, multi-column support, ReCaptcha support, email notifications, etc. In addition, you can expand your features by buying your premium add-ons.


Google XML Sitemaps (FREE)- Create your Google Sitemap Online

Google XML Sitemaps (FREE)- Create your Google Sitemap Online

Google XML Sitemaps is one of the useful SEO plugins for WordPress. 

The add-on helps search engines like Google, Bing, Yahoo etc. to better way index your site with a special XML sitemap.

As you activate the add-on, it will automatically create a map of the XML site for your site, facilitating its indexing. A site map allows search engine robots to see the complete structure of your website and retrieve the results more efficiently.

The plugin notifies all best search engines each time you post something on your site.


All In One Rich Snippets (FREE)-Best Rich Snippets Plugins For WordPress 

All In One Rich Snippets (FREE)-Best Rich Snippets Plugins For WordPress

You may have seen additional information such as star ratings, images, number of reviews, etc. below some of the pages of the search results. They provide more information about the publication / page that users may wish to know. Such brief excerpts / information as classifications are called Rich Snippets.

Rich snippets are the best way to embellish the look of your page / post in the search engine results pages. The fragments briefly provide the main information about the product / page, that is, highlight the attractions of the product. That is why they help you get more click rates through the search engines.

To create rich snippets on the WordPress website, you can use the handy All In One Add-on Rich Snippets. It provides search engines with accurate information that will be displayed on the search engine results pages. This helps your site rank better and get more clickthrough rates.


W3 Total Cache (Free & Premium)- Best Speed up Website Plugins

W3 Total Cache (Free & Premium)- Best Speed up Website Plugins

The WordPress cache is one of the best ways to improve the performance of the website. 

The general idea of ​​caching is to temporarily store the website’s data in the cache so that it loads faster the next time the user opens the same page. 

The cache is a place to store something temporarily in the computing environment.

To enable caching in WordPress, you can use the WordPress cache plugins. Cache plugins will cache your posts and pages as static HTML files that are served to users. 

This drastically reduces page loading time and helps optimize overall site performance. In addition, the improved site speed will profoundly affect your SEO site.

W3 Total Cache WordPress is one of the most popular plugins and probably the best cache plugin for WordPress. It has page caching, database caching, object caching, browser caching, and much more.

 In addition, it allows you to integrate CDN services to reduce the loading time of the page. 

In addition, you have options to minimize and HTTP compression of HTML, JS and CSS files so you can save bandwidth up to 80%.

With reduced load time, you’ll get better ranking in search results, which will consistently generate high traffic and more conversions.

Alternatively, you can use WP Super Cache, which works similarly to the previous plugin.


WP Smush (Free & Premium)-Compresses Image Size for Faster Loading

WP Smush (Free & Premium)-

Images are the great assets for publication / page that easily capture the attention of users. Uploading images helps you deliver the message many times better than just texts. 

They make your page look attractive, engaging and interesting.

While it is so useful to make your site more attractive to users, images also take up a lot of storage space and slow down your website. 

You can not afford to simply ignore the slow speed of the site and look for disaster to occur. Wait a moment, here’s some good news: you can compress images!

Yes, you can compress and optimize the images without reducing the quality of the images with the WP Smush add-on. 

This Plugin Optimize all of your image files. Like as in JPEG, GIF and PNG formats using advanced compression techniques and save a lot of storage space. 

Auto-smush all your attachments in the upload, while you can also Smush your attachments manually into the media library.

In addition, the add-on allows you to group bulk data (up to 50 attachments) at a time. 

The plugin is very useful since it helps to make your publication/page look attractive and fast.


WP-Optimize (FREE)- Optimize Your WordPress Database with One Click

WP-Optimize (FREE)- Optimize Your WordPress Database with One Click

WP-Optimize is a great tool for clean the WordPress database and optimizes WordPress for better speed. 

Automatically remove unnecessary WordPress data without manual queries. The add-on always keeps its database optimized to get the best performance.

There may be a lot of useless data on your website that weighs on your site, while you may not be aware of it. 

After the plugin installed, you have a lots of work done automatically and easily.

Remove all unwanted and unwanted comments, junk posts, comments, trackbacks, and pingbacks, etc. It will keep clean and
optimized your database always.


BJ Lazy Load (FREE)- Lazy Load Images, Content and iFrames in WordPress

BJ Lazy Load

If you have many images used on your site, it may take hours to load them. That’s annoying for users, which often results in higher bounce rates. However, there is a solution for every problem and especially in WordPress. Deferred loading is the mantra for your site to load faster with many images on the page.

To add the deferred load functionality in a WordPress site, you can use a plug-in such as BJ Lazy Load. The add-on replaces all the images in the publication, publishes thumbnails, gravatar and iframes of content with a placeholder and loads the content as it approaches the browser screen. Displays the content (images) only when a user scrolls through the page. Therefore, your site loads faster and saves bandwidth.

In addition, it works with text widgets, YouTube embedded videos, Vimeo, etc. It is an excellent complement to the optimization of website performance and SEO.


Wordfence Security (Free & Premium) -Best WordPress plugins For Firewall & Malware Scan

Wordfence Security

As a website owner, one of the most important things you should do is keep your site safe from hackers. It is something that you can not afford to ignore. 

There can be thousands of malicious bots on the web that can attack your website at any time and destroy all your work in a very short time. 

That is why you should always avoid spams and keep your website safe.

To keep your WordPress site safe, there are many security plugins available in WordPress. Among them, Wordfence Security is where you can trust. 

The add-on features firewall protection, malware scanning, blocking, login security, live traffic monitoring and much more. 

The add-on allows you to control all traffic in real time, including robots, humans, 404 errors, logins, logoffs, etc., as shown in the following screenshot:

By monitoring your traffic in real time, you can be aware of the security threats your site faces and take instant action against you.

In addition, the add-on has a firewall application that prevents your site from being hacked. 

The blocking function blocks all known attackers, malicious networks that can be harmful to your site. 

To improve the security of login, adopt the two-factor authentication while also verifying the strength of all user and administrator passwords. 

This technique can help you enormously to combat brute force attacks.

In conclusion, Wordfence Security is an excellent security supplement for WordPress.


Broken Link Checker (FREE)- Fix Broken Links & Redirections For Better SEO 

Broken Link Checker (FREE)- Fix Broken Links & Redirections For Better SEO

You may have a large website with a notable number of daily visitors and also make a good business. 

But have you ever thought about how users will react if they land on a broken page? 

You can guess: this is how the potential client is lost and a worse impression is created on your site. That’s devastating, you hate broken links.

And, here’s some good news: a handy add-on will control your website to see all the broken links. 

Simply install the free Broken Link Checker add-on and take a good nap because it will do the work automatically. 

The add-on checks all your posts, comments and other content for broken links and alerts you instantly if any are found. 

In addition, it informs about the missing images also so that it solves them quickly.

In addition, the add-on has options to prevent search engines from following broken links, displaying broken links in different ways, etc. You can receive notifications via email or WP control panel.


Redirection (FREE)-Best Redirect Plugins for WordPress

There are times when you have to change the permanent links of your publications/pages, but you forget to redirect them. 

This is when users will land on a page that is not available by following the old URL that no longer exists. And it’s another way to make visitors angry.

In such cases, the redirect is the correct complement to choose from. It helps you manage all 301 redirects and track 404 errors. The add-on automatically adds a 301 redirect when you change the URL of a post, while you can also add 301, 302, and 307 redirects manually for a post. 

You can redirect all URLs and also have full records for all redirected URLs.

Redirection is mainly useful when you are migrating pages from an old website or changing the WP installation directory.


MailChimp for WordPress (Free & Premium )-To Increase Newsletter

MailChimp for WordPress

MailChimp is one of the most popular email marketing services for managing subscribers, sending emails and tracking wholesale results. 

It is undoubtedly a great marketing tool for webmasters and business owners. 

Integrating MailChimp for a WordPress site is very easy with the MailChimp add-on for WordPress. 

It is a free add-on that allows you to add beautiful subscription forms to your WP blog. If you want to use the add-on for commercial purposes, you can try the premium version.

The add-on allows you to create beautiful subscription forms to add more subscribers to your email list. 

In addition, you can easily integrate the add-on with any other form on your site such as contact form, comment or payment form. 

It is compatible with all the supplements of main forms such as Contact Form 7, WooCommerce, etc.

Install the add-on and start your email marketing campaign instantly!


Social Icons (FREE)- Social Media Icon Sets For Your Website

Social Icons (FREE)- Social Media Icon Sets For Your Website

Undoubtedly, social networks are the most populated platform in recent years. 

The number of users of social networks increases constantly: more people get news and other information through social networks.

So, social media marketing is the most important part of content marketing these days. 

To boost your social media marketing, you can use a social media plugin like as Social Icons.

Social Icons is a free WordPress plugin that provides you with an easy way to display popular social icons on your website. 

You can add social network icons to pages or publications through widgets or short codes. 

The add-on supports more than 100 popular social networking platforms. It is simple and easy to use. 

You can instantaneously install the add-on and add social network icons in beautiful designs.

The add-on offers more customization options for the icons: resizes icons, designs of square or rounded or grayscale background icons, etc. It supports drag-and-drop icon ordering, which makes your task much easier.


Awesome free WordPress social share plugins

Disable Comments (FREE)-Reduce Spam and Increase Speed

As its name suggests, disabling comments is useful for globally disabling comments throughout your site or certain types of posts. 

Taking into account that all pages/publications are not likely to accept user comments. The add-on provides an easy solution to disable comments on types of publications, pages, and attachments. 

In addition, comments sometimes contain spam and unnecessary material.

In addition, the add-on provides an option to remove all items related to comments from the Dashboard, widgets, the Administrator menu, and the Administration Bar. 

It provides comprehensive features you need to avoid spam comments.


Jetpack (Free & Premium)- A Powerful WordPress Plugin


A powerful complement to the brilliant team behind the WordPress software itself (Automattic).

Jetpack is an essential plugin for every WordPress website. As the name implies, it offers a package of incredible features to make your website rise and make it successful.

Jetpack takes care of the security of your site, website performance, traffic growth, image optimization, website appearance and much more.

It presents an improved distribution that automatically shares your published content with third-party services, such as search engines, and helps increase your reach and traffic. In addition, create site maps so that search engines can easily index your site.

Above all, it protects the security of your website by avoiding brute force attacks. It also monitors your site every five minutes to detect downtime and instantly notifies you of any problems it encounters.


Akismet (Free & Premium)-Best WordPress plugins for Spam Protection


Akismet is another plugin developed by the people behind WordPress (Matt and his team at Automattic). 

It is one of the default WordPress plugins that comes with every new WordPress core installation. 

Essentially, it is an antispam complement that verifies all the comments and filters the fraudulent comments.

The plugin provides a status history for each comment, so you can know which comments were found fraudulent by Akismet or by the moderator. 

Moderators can also view the number of comments approved for each user, view the URLs in the body of the comment, and remove suspicious links.

The add-on is free for the personal site and blogs, while you must subscribe your monthly plans for commercial sites. Premium plans provide an advanced security solution in addition to protection against spam.

It is a useful complement to protect your WP security.


Everest Forms (FREE)- Drag and Drop Form Builder

Everest Forms

One of the fundamental pages you need on a website is the ‘Contact’ page. 

No matter how big or small the website you are or the type of website you are, you definitely need a contact page from where the public of your website can contact you. 

The purpose of the contact can be anything; To provide you with feedback on your work, communicate with you for business or suggestions in general, a well-designed contact page is a must.

So, to create contact forms, here is an ‘Everest Forms’ plugin. 

It is a modern WordPress contact form add-on with drag and drop interface that allows you to create beautiful contact forms easily and quickly. 

It has a set of general fields along with advanced fields that you can easily drag and drop to create forms.

The add-on allows you to create unlimited WordPress forms and multiple design layouts. The addon offers two design designs: 1. Default and 2. Classic design to choose from.

In addition, it allows you to create two columns of WordPress contact forms, as well as advanced forms with advanced fields such as option buttons, drop-down menus, check boxes, date and more. See the Everest Forms demo and learn how it works.

The add-on is available for free, however, it comes with a full set of features that allow you to create fully developed forms. 

It has Google reCaptcha compatibility, editable email settings, redirects page options after the successful presentation, editable form validation message, etc. In short, it is an amazing addition to the WordPress contact forms.


Nivo Slider ( Free & Premium )- Best  Responsive WordPress Slider Plugin

nivo slider plugin

For most websites, especially commercial ones, it is an advantage when you can display more than one image. 

Some may wish to show different samples of work, products and more. For those looking for an alternative to video files, they can even opt for slide shows. 

Therefore, sliders and carousels are one of the most important and effective design elements that help with the interaction rate of the site.


And with WordPress, the easiest way to do it is with the Nivo Slider plugin. It is one of the best and also the most popular plugin you find out there. 

Downloaded more than 3 million times since its launch, you can use its free or premium version. 

The add-on allows you to easily add sliders, image carousels or even a slide show. It is easy to use and the intuitive design structure is easy to use.

Adding a touch of creativity and engaging content can never go wrong. 

The sliders that you create can also be added as a slider on the home page. Get automatic updates for all the latest features and get premium plugin support.


VaultPress (Free & Premium)- WordPress Premium Backup System

VaultPress is a security-oriented WordPress plugin created to create automatic backups in real time for your website. 

The theme promoted by Jetpack easily synchronizes each content file, publication, comment and media on your website without problems and also provides protection against many problems and web attacks.

VaultPress allows you to create regularly optimized backups and restore your website in a matter of seconds with a single click. 

The multiple subscriptions, you can also monitor, back up and manage multiple websites through a single dashboard.

The add-on also scans and detects dangerous files on your website and sends an email to the administrator if it detects any changes to your installation. 

In addition, you can easily review and manage suspicious codes and solve your problems in a matter of clicks.

The addon also comes with a strong protection against spam. With Akismet support, you can easily use your anti-spam tools to avoid any spam measure on your website without the user’s participation.

In addition, the VaultPress subscription is included together with Jetpack. 

By combining the features of these two add-ons, you can implement a perfect solution for your Internet protection.

The support team has received high praise for their useful work and valuable information about the user’s problems. 

This means that regardless of the problem you face, a simple application to the VaultPress expert team will help you set up your website with ease.


Google Analytics (free)- Best Google Analytics Plugin for WordPress

google analytics

Google Analytics is a great free statistical tool to understand website traffic. Understanding your audience and serving them is an excellent way to improve your user traffic. 

Therefore, it is an obvious choice to use a Google analytics plugin for your WordPress website and the MonsterInsights Google analytics tool is one of the best plugins available for this purpose.

The add-on allows you to control several statistics in real time with respect to your website. 

In addition, using universal tracking, you can track user views from multiple platforms and devices, as well as receive various demographic and interest reports.

The add-on is also ready for trade. This means that you can track product popularity, conversion rates and order values ​​without difficulty. 

The add-on is also integrated with Google Adsense, so you can also track the performance of your ad.

Additional plug-in features allow you to track download numbers, outbound link tracking, events and performance tracking, user discovery reports and more.


Final thoughts

Of course, you will read and listen to recommendations, about which are the best WordPress plugins, for all tastes and colors.

And surely you miss that you use and that is essential for you.

Contact me and tell me what your favorite plugins are.

If you have questions, ideas or suggestions about the best WordPress plugins, please let me know.

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