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The Search for the Best WordPress Hosting-Review of Hosting 2019

The Search for the Best WordPress Hosting-Review of Hosting 2019

wordpress hosting

WHAT is your search? Are you looking for the best WordPress hosting? WHAT is the average speed of a swallow without load?

Well, at least one of those questions has an answer. Today, in a world that advances technologically so fast, it is great to be able to have a platform that can reach millions, free and easy to use as WordPress. There are millions of sites in the world powered by WordPress.

In the following article, I reveal the secrets for the crusade in search of the best WordPress hosting. My experience has left many marks along the way, some bad that I will tell you to avoid future problems.

Why WordPress?

One of the most frequent questions I receive from people who have just started on the Internet is the following: “How can I have my website? I do not even know how to program, or anything like that. ”

My answer is always: WordPress. Why? Because you will not have to worry about programming, WordPress does all the programming necessary for you. When you enter the administration of this CMS the only thing that you will have to think is:

  • Write content;
  • Publish it with one click.

That is all!

WordPress is a content management system, which is a translation of the English Content Management System (CMS). Precisely because its objective is to manage the content that the user publishes, without it having to worry about it.

What does WordPress offer me?

There are many features and competitive features that WordPress offers to take into account when choosing it:

  • Options: In WordPress, there are options for all types of users.
    • WordPress Hosting: Searching for a WordPress hosting is the best way to start with this platform. Later we will analyze the best WordPress hosting to start a site without too many complications.
    • WordPress.com: Here you can create a WordPress site with many limitations, ideal only for blogging or testing the platform.
    • WordPress.org: In the official page of the CMS you can download it to install it on the server that you want.
  • Ease of Use: WordPress installation is very simple, fast and the software is easy to use.
  • Extensibility: What would happen if you need to manage a list of clients? Or if you suddenly need a contact form? No problem, WordPress has it all solved. Through its plugin system, you can download among thousands of extensions that will expand the functionality of this CMS, safely and quickly.
  • Support: The WordPress community is giant. There are hundreds of blogs and forums on how to manipulate the platform, and there is always someone available to lend a hand.

Why should you look for the best WordPress Hosting?

A hosting service can be a good experience as well as a good headache.

In my first experience (and the first of many) I searched for the hosting that offered more space, with more features, many domains, and many other things that I did not even know they were. Error! There is nothing worse than starting like this.

The search for the best WordPress hosting should start by analyzing what is the optimal service needed for your project. Many hire a service taking advantage of only 40% of the resources contracted. It is useless to have a hosting service that offers many features but that is slow to load each page, or that has periodic drops. This will only scare away your visits and will cause your positioning in search engines to plummet. And if technical support delays in serving you and solving your problems, then it’s time (and money) lost.

The Search for the Best WordPress Hosting begins with the following key points in mind:

  • That the features cover the needs of my website;
  • That the price is accessible and not exorbitant;
  • Help me in times of need;
  • That allows me to grow.

If the service we are going to hire covers these essential needs then you will be on the right track.

There are so many suppliers out there that the question arises How to know all this in advance?

Here we take care of analyzing provider by provider to know if each of them meets the requirements to be the best WordPress hosting. Then we build reviews where we detail and rate:

  • Features;
  • Price;
  • Easy to use;
  • Support.

So that you do not have to do it.

Hire any Supplier?


But … I’m the best!

I remember when I started on the web and I was looking for a hosting service for my WordPress site. Among all those who toured I let myself be carried away by a very publicized service on the web. Bad mine, it seemed such a powerful service and ended up being so bad that it left a dent in my experience. Mella that made me lose money and time, which I could have used to find the best WordPress hosting if I had known what I am writing in this article.

It is very important that when hiring a hosting service is the best WordPress hosting you can find. Why? Because you could just fall into traps that can squeeze every penny out of your pocket and leave you a good sour drink. I assure you, you do not want to go through it. Many companies hide behind very attractive offers or marketing techniques but behind it, you have a Black Knight who disarms at the least hostile contact.

The best WordPress hosting always has a data center near you. Saying this, I estimate that your audience is close and is not totally global. Remember that the more you want to cover more expensive your hosting plan will become. While speed is an important aspect, there are more reasons why it is better to hire a nearby hosting, and another is localized support. If you have a problem it is best to have an answer in the shortest possible time and not have to use hieroglyphs to communicate.

What is the difference between the different Hosting?

In the world of hosting there are many options to choose from, but … which are the most popular? or rather, what are the options chosen by the owners of blogs and web pages?

This question has already been answered many times and the answer is the following: “expected visits”:

  • From 0 to 100 thousand visits per month: Shared Hosting;
  • From 100 thousand to 500 thousand visits per month: VPS (Virtual Private Server)
  • From 500 thousand to 2 million visits per month: Dedicated Server;
  • More than 2 million visits per month: Cluster of Servers.

The secret is scalability. This means that you start with a shared server and then move out of service according to traffic needs.

But … what is the best WordPress Hosting for you?

Obviously, my advice will be that if you are below 100 thousand visits per month do not hurry to spend a lot of money on a virtual private server or a dedicated server. Remember that prices increase as the service accepts more traffic.

But do not worry, there are excellent shared hosting services at a good price that will be good alternatives, but see below the best in the market:

Knowing the best …

Then I will highlight what I consider the 5 best WordPress hosting to host your website, based on my experience working with each of them. In the same way that we perform analyzes on traditional hosting services, here we will have a brief look at the services oriented to WordPress.

At the end of the list, you will find the section where I explain on what basis I perform the analysis to suggest these providers and why your score is explicit in the brief review of each of them. Let us go!

Search for the Best WordPress Hosting Table

Best Cheap WordPress Hosting Providers
NamecheapInMotionSiteGroundBluehostiPageHostGatorA2 Hosting
Cheapest plan$2.88 per month$3.99 per month$3.95 per month$2.95 per month$3.25 per month$3.95 per month$3.92 per month
WordPress-specific plans?NoYesYesYesYesYesYes
WordPress-specific features?NoYesYesYesYesYesYes
WordPress-proficient support?YesYesYesYesYesYesYes
Average loading speed1.77 seconds1.77 seconds1.66 seconds1.60 seconds1.25 seconds1.22 seconds1.82 seconds
User ratingN/A4.3 / 54.6 / 53.97 / 5N/A3.7 / 53.8 / 5


SITEGROUNDOverall score: 9.8 best wordpress hosting

Hosting for all types of users, from initials to geeks

SiteGround is a not so veteran provider in the hosting industry. Founded in 2004, this company claims to serve more than 1 million sites around the globe. Among all the services offered in the WordPress hosting.

Its motto ensures speed and security, as well as a support service with which you can make good friends. The plans offered are accessible and quite complete, is a leading alternative.

Special tools for WordPress users

The wide variety of essential features that each plan has left our mouths open. Only some of them, such as Free Domain, Free SSL, Daily Backup and CloudFlare CDN, make this provider rank as number one since these features are also found in all plans and without additional costs. As we have seen in the Siteground review, many of these features are also included in traditional hosting plans.

supercacherIf you need more power from SiteGround, two of the most expensive plans offer features like SuperCacher that will allow you to improve the behavior and speed of loading your websites to your visitors. Something to have in mind. Remember that speed is a very important issue to achieve good search engine rankings like Google.

Other very eye-catching and special tools for developers are WordPress Staging, which allows you to design tests in a secure environment to avoid problems with the main installation and WP-CLI that allows a command-line environment to perform installations, updates, and many other things. Obviously, all these tools are available in the most expensive plans such as GoGeek.


WPENGINEOverall score: 9.5 best wordpress hosting

Ideal for those who start.

With more than 30 thousand clients around the world, WP Engine is an exclusive service provider dedicated to WordPress since 2011.

WP Engine offers a variety of plans for all tastes. Ideal for those who want to start a site and have no idea of its potential to scale in the future. You can be sure that WP Engine will not leave you hanging. From novices to companies and developers, all are included in the ride.

Advanced Security Features


WP Engine offers advanced features in relation to the security of your website, moreover, as mentioned in the previous image boasts of having blocked more than 2 million attacks per day. The core of WordPress is updated automatically and this is not all, each line of code is analyzed and tested before moving the update to its customers. They also have tools for data protection and intrusion detection. Your website is protected from DDoS denial of service attacks, brute force attacks, JavaScript code injections, and third-party security software checks for all code.

With WP Engine security comes first, everything is audited, but if for some reason you receive an attack the solution, of course, is free.

Total assistance at all times

Another main focus of WP Engine is customer support. Support is available 24/7, but not in all plans (the Personal plan is not included). The different contact alternatives are the following:

  • Phone;
  • Online chat;
  • Email / Ticket

The contact is made through referrals if the personnel on the phone can not help you a ticket is opened to solve it more deeply. And if you have a Premium or Enterprise plan, the support is more personal.



Overall score: 9 best wordpress hosting

Oriented to those who need excellent support.

WebEmpresa is a relatively new hosting company compared to others. Born in Spain about 15 years ago, its goal is to host websites exclusively on platforms such as WordPress or PrestaShop.

For about 40 thousand users this is the best WordPress hosting, and reasons are not lacking.

The speed here is serious business

cohete-magic-cacheHaving the servers in Spain the speed that is achieved is great, add to this that the storage in all plans is fast SSDs, achieving transfer speeds in Europe that could be the envy of many.

But Web Company does not stand still, it offers even more with Magic Caché, its custom caching method to further accelerate the loading of websites. What’s more, Web Empresa boasts that with its caching method they have managed to load pages in just one second.

Contact with professionals in Spanish

Once again I emphasize the strong point of WebEmpresa, which places it in the first places of the best WordPress hosting, Customer service. You will be served by experienced professionals, trained to solve your problems as quickly as possible, and best of all, in Spanish!



Overall score: 8.7 best wordpress hosting

If your obsession is security, this is your option

Raiola Networks is a young Spanish company (founded in 2014), which is gaining ground little by little in the region and you have probably heard about it, especially from the mouths of many bloggers and influencers.

Despite having an international name its base is in Lugo. But that its size does not make you

Safety first

You do not usually see the wide variety of options that Raiola offers in all their plans without paying additional and what stands out is what is destined for security.

Automatic backups, antivirus, and antimalware protection are the law when hiring some of your WordPress hosting services. What highlights this service and that I have not seen in many other much larger companies is that they offer Spanish IPs free of blacklists, very essential for SEO positioning.

Details for Developers

RAIOLA-CARACTERISTICASRaiola Networks also has a plan for those who need advanced features. Among them is the management of versioning with systems such as GIT or SVN, in addition to being able to manage WordPress through a command line with WP-CLI and installation of packages with Composer.

All tools worthy of the geek magician who needs to develop their own functionalities within WordPress as custom plugins or fully functional templates.



Overall score: 8 best wordpress hosting

Plans for all tastes

Bluehost is one of the companies that are part of the conglomerate of Endurance International Group (EIG) and has managed to maintain its leadership over time despite being on par with other hosting companies of the same group.

Within all the plans they offer, it is one of the few companies that offer managed and optimized WordPress hosting. Your slogan is fast, safe and simple. While it is somewhat arrogant we see that in the wide variety of plans offered for WordPress there is something for everyone.

Completely sure

sitelockOne of the striking features of BlueHost is the inclusion of SiteLock technology in all WordPress hosting plans. SiteLock is a company that provides security services in the cloud for websites of all kinds, is a global leader in web security and it is good to know that there is on our side.

Manage everything related to vulnerability scanning, malware protection, DDoS prevention, etc. But not only they are in charge of the protection against attacks but also optimization, how load balancing and static and dynamic patching.

WordPress hosting suitable for all audiences

From a retail seller to a multinational company

Hosting-WordPress-para-todosThe best WordPress hosting is one that is adaptable to the requirements of different users.

In general, there are those who are looking for the essential to start their projects and who are looking for advanced features that allow managing a website at an advanced level.

Without hesitation, WordPress is flexible for all audiences. But to find the best one, you must first take into account certain things that will make your experience one of the best when starting your web project.


Speed is a particular characteristic that depends on several aspects. The loading speed of a web page is confined to the bandwidth offered by the provider. The bandwidth means how much is the data flow per unit of time it can offer. The larger it is, the more visitors you can access at the same time to your site. It is essential to make a real estimate of how many visitors you will have on your site to know what plan you will need.

In addition to the bandwidth, the type of storage is very important. SSDs offer storage at a higher speed than common HDD disks. This is a desirable feature to increase the speed of the site, in the same way as the possibility of having a server with a high-performance processor.

The speed will assure you a better positioning in search engines.


Your website is your world, if the provider cares so much how to avoid intrusions or problems of any kind then you are on the right track.

The characteristics related to security are usually the following:

  • Automatic and periodic safeguards;
  • CDN CloudFlare to avoid attacks;
  • Any other protection against DDoS;
  • Protection against malware;
  • Dedicated and clean IP addresses (out of blacklists).

The above mentioned is usually offered as an essential feature in many WordPress hosting services, but not all. Open your eyes and avoid paying too much.


A good WordPress hosting is one that offers help at all times. Not all services are 24/7 so be vigilant. It is essential that your WordPress hosting service has the following:

  • At least one fast communication channel (Email / Ticket / Online Chat / Telephone);
  • Tutorials and abundant documentation;
  • Qualified and friendly staff;
  • Preferably in Spanish.

For Developers

Even geeks have a place in these domains


If the above characteristics are basic and elementary for your domains, you may be looking for something superior.

In hosting issues there are always better alternatives if you do the job and you look for the best. But to get the best service you have to pay for it.

That is why the plans aimed at developers or programmers are usually a lot, but much more expensive than the normal plans.


When your project involves a group of people and many modifications the thing can become a little tangled. The solution to this is the use of version management systems.

In the versions, every code modification is recorded and historical versions are stored to avoid accidental loss or errors in overwriting and thus not losing hours and hours of work. In addition to allowing tracking of the transformations suffered by the code over time, facilitating the documentation and control of errors.

Among the most popular subversion management systems are SVN and GIT.

Special Resguardos

It is likely that your development requires recovering an earlier version of the entire system at any given time. This can be achieved through special backups or backups that are usually called snapshots, captures or staging. Each with variants according to the backup system. The backups by demand allow you to make backups as you need it.

Administration and Control

In a development environment, there are usually tools for advanced users for the management and control of the system. Many times it is necessary to make changes in plugins, add software packages not available in the installed package. This is where control features are integrated by command line for the management and integrated management of the systems. Among them we can find:

  • WP-CLI:
  • Composer:


How to improve speed beyond classic bandwidth and storage?

If we temporarily store certain files from our website in our visitor’s browser, we will be able to optimize load times avoiding redundancy. Many WordPress hosting that offers high-performance services usually offer some file caching system to optimize the loading speeds of web pages. For example SiteGround with SuperCache or WPEngine with EverCaché.

These premium features will undoubtedly give you a good advantage to position yourself in the top places in the search engines as well as offer your visitors the best experience.

In summary … which is the best?

SitegroundWPEngineweb companyRaiola NetworksBluehost
Stands out in …Suitable for all agesProfessional ToolsIncredible supportTope SafetyA lot of plans
Monthly plans from …3.39 US $
(3.39 €)
The US $ 35
(€ 30.02)
6.58 US $
(5.65 €)
€ 5.9514.99 US $
(12.86 €)
The initial Plan offers …WP-CLI / CDN / SSL / Staging / BackupsCDN / SSL / Staging / BackupsSSL / BackupsSSL / BackupsNothing in the basic plan
Scorebest wordpress hostingbest wordpress hostingbest wordpress hostingbest wordpress hostingbest wordpress hosting

Without a doubt, I hope that these tips will help you find the best web hosting, whose importance lies in that you must always meet your requirements. Regards!

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