10 Best WordPress Hosting Services 2019-Comparison & Reviews

10 Best WordPress Hosting Services 2019- Comparison & Reviews (Pros & Cons)

Best WordPress Hosting Services 2019

WordPress is the most popular website creation platform for blogs or other types of websites.

Choosing an optimized web host for hosting your WordPress site is often difficult. Many different offers are presented such as the choice of a VPS. A dedicated server or shared hosting.

Among these options, several competitors then offer many offers among which it can be complicated to choose.
This comparison of WordPress web hosts will help you in the selection of accommodation plans compatible with the WordPress script. From the cheap accommodation option to the easiest to use through the most efficient, here is our overview of WordPress web hosts.

Welcome to the beginner’s information page to choose the best WordPress hosting for your site!

It is not always easy to find the best WordPress hosting service for your site. If you do not know where to start, you can quickly get lost. Follow us, we know the shortest way … In this short guide, we explain in detail the four main types of accommodation available to you, we recommend some of the best WordPress hosting providers and we put you on the way for optimal use of WordPress!


Answer: The domain name is a simple web address that can be easily directed to any web hosting service. When you buy a domain name, it is almost always by default directed to the hosting services offered by the company that sold it to you. However, it is common and relatively simple to redirect it to the hosting services of another company. As each company is slightly different from the others, ask for the specific instructions from the company that sold you the domain name.

Step 1. How to find a trusted hosting company

For neophytes, a big part of the problem in finding a good WordPress hosting is who to trust. There are many companies that try to shamelessly take advantage of WordPress neophytes who do not yet know how to differentiate an honest and reliable web provider from a “Sunday” hosting company.

Fortunately, our personal experience and the general consensus of the entire WordPress community, allow us to really know the trusted web hosts. All the hosts mentioned in this guide operate exactly as any good host should do: with absolute integrity and with your satisfaction at heart.

If you are looking for the best WordPress web hosting for your business, get started by choosing one of the providers listed in this guide.

You’ll have the freedom to customize your services later (by improving server specifications based on the growth of your business, for example) with relative ease.

We are not crazy enthusiasts web hosts who try to chain you to particular services via technical specifics. We, therefore, recommend the services of some of the most powerful and reliable WordPress hosts in the industry.


Answer: Web hosting costs vary greatly, from a few euros per month (some hosts will even offer free hosting subject, generally, to display advertising on your site) to thousands of euros per month ( think of websites that receive millions of visitors a day).

However, most private websites do very well with packages that cost between 5 and 10 $ / month. Although in general, the quality of web hosting is proportional to the amount of the package. Depending on how important your website is to the daily activities of your business, it might be wise to pay a little more than the minimum required and choose a web host who cares about the reliability and performance of your site. as much as you.

Step 2. Shared hosting services, VPS, dedicated or managed

When you subscribe to a hosting package, you must quickly indicate if you want it to be shared, VPS (virtual private server), dedicated or managed. Let’s see what each of these terms means:



Managed WordPress hosting is a relatively new concept that has been popularized by the current leader of this type of hosting: WPEngine.

It is designed to eliminate the hassle of managing the technical details of your own WordPress installation (automatic backups, enhanced security, automatic updates, daily monitoring and free hacking) and providing highly optimized server configurations (cache integrated and the promise of infinite adaptability for additional costs).

Typical websites that use managed hosting include a wide range of businesses: from small, low-traffic blogs to ezines receiving hundreds of thousands of visitors per month.

Managed WordPress Hosting Services Recommended »



Shared hosting is by far the cheapest and most popular option. It is also, as a rule, a good starting point. With shared hosting, you share server resources (memory, compute power, and so on) with other clients that use the same server.

This type of configuration has the advantage of being inexpensive for both you and the service provider. The main disadvantage is that you get a relatively raw space that mostly includes a generic server with limited resources over which you have little control.

This means that the shared space on the server has its limits and that as your site grows and sees its popularity increase, it may require more resources than shared hosting can provide. Typical sites that make the most of inexpensive shared hosting services include relatively low-traffic blogs, design agencies, small e-commerce sites, freelancers, and small businesses.

Recommended Shared WordPress Hosting Services »



With VPS hosting (private virtual server), you receive your own partition on a server with a protected and reserved amount of memory and computing power. Unlike shared hosting, the potential for performance loss on your website does not depend on sudden requests placed on the server by other users.

In general, you also have full access to the root of the server when needed and the freedom to change certain performance-related items, such as memory and power (at extra cost) to grow with your business or website… That’s why VPS hosting is ideal for fast-growing websites.

Recommended WordPress VPS Hosting Services »



With dedicated hosting, a physical server is assigned to you. It is dedicated solely to the execution of your software/website, and all the memory and computing power of the server are at your disposal, which guarantees permanent excellent performance. While this may seem interesting at first glance, dedicated servers typically cost hundreds, if not thousands, of dollars a month.

They also generally require important knowledge of their configuration and can often cause adaptation problems due to the predefined physical memory and computing power. Dedicated hosting is often used by large, established companies and advanced users who run high-traffic websites.

Recommended dedicated WordPress hosting services »


Answer: Cloud hosting uses servers that are in fact decentralized virtual private servers (VPS) that can be changed dynamically “on the fly” in terms of memory and computing power. In essence, cloud hosting is a variation of VPS hosting that allows providers to have greater flexibility in allocating resources to system users.

Step 3. How to choose one of the best WordPress hosting providers

Based on our personal experience and the opinion of the WordPress community, here are our recommendations for each type of WordPress hosting with a small summary of their qualities:

Recommended Managed WordPress Hosting

… Carefree WordPress hosting fully managed and of high quality!


WPEngineis a company that can boast of its super fast servers (which make the happiness of the users but which also improve the referencing of your site in the search engines), the excellent availability of its services and its exceptional technical assistance.

WPEngine also offers a 60-day money back guarantee and claims to be the most secure WordPress hosting service, with malware scanning and daily automatic backups. In short, WPEngine is currently the best WordPress web host.

The only drawback of this fantastic offer? His price. From the US $ 29 per month (about $24.50 / month) for a single WordPress site, which may seem a little expensive if you start compared to the good old shared hosting.


– Managed WordPress hosting from US $ 29 / month ($ 24.50 / month)

Choose WPEngine – ( discover the offers )

Recommended Dedicated WordPress Hosting


Because, seriously, we think a beginner’s guide is not the right place to dive into the depths to recommend dedicated hosting providers. In addition, when you launch, your website does not necessarily justify the considerable effort and expense (hundreds or even thousands of dollars per month) that a dedicated server requires.

Add to that the fact that dedicated hosting is often difficult to adapt because you have a pre-defined amount of physical memory and computing power that is usually very important in the / x server / s. It also requires some expertise for configuration and optimization.

There are of course a large number of people and companies with sufficiently large websites (generally receiving hundreds of thousands or even millions of unique visitors each month) that justify the effort and expense of hosting dedicated, but if you read this guide, you probably do not fall into this category, in any case, not yet!

To learn more about dedicated hosting, check out This useful article on Wikipedia (in English) or contact a hosting provider with great expertise on the subject, such as Media Temple(which we are also talking about below).

– Dedicated WordPress hosting can be really expensive!

Learn more about Wikipedia

Recommended WordPress VPS Hosting


… Serving designers and developers since 1998.


Media Temple focuses on web hosting services for web designers and developers, as well as digital entrepreneurs and innovators. It serves more than one hundred thousand users with reliable, high-performance, versatile servers at competitive prices, including 24/7 technical support.

With more than 200 specialists in the US, Media Temple not only offers the best VPS hosting but has also been recognized as the fastest growing company in North America, serving some of the world’s leading brands. known as Starbucks, Adidas, Samsung, and Toyota.

media template

– WordPress VPS hosting from US $ 30 / month (€ 25.40 / month)

Media Temple ( discover the offers )

Shared WordPress Hosting Recommended


An exceptional value for a WordPress hosting full of options!


Get Now SitGround

SiteGround boasts of being at the forefront of technology. Web hosting provider officially approved by WordPress, SiteGround always installs the latest models and constantly switches to higher versions of applications to ensure the reliability, speed, and security of its services.

In addition, it offers free daily backups, free configuration and site transfer, free domain name, one-click facilities, multiple data centers, a 30-day money back guarantee and some of the most accessible technical support. in the sector, with assistance 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, by telephone or instant chat services. If you are looking for shared hosting with plenty of options, SiteGround could do your best!

siteground pros and cons

– Shared WordPress Hosting from US $ 9.95 / month (€ 8.45 / month)

SiteGround ( discover the offers )


… Hosting all kinds of sites since 1997!


Get Now DreamHost

DreamHost is a WordPress approved hosting provider that has been around for quite some time. He specializes in shared hosting, VPS and dedicated as well as in storage in the cloud and in cloud computing with, of course, experts specializing in shared WordPress hosting. Its personalized control panel is extremely well designed and regularly receives rave reviews, its wiki is also very useful, its monthly newsletter is fun and its customer service is friendly and very competent. In addition, this provider offers a free domain name, one-click facilities and a 97-day money back guarantee.

dreamhost pros and cons

– Shared WordPress Hosting from US $ 8.95 / month (€ 7.60 / month)

DreamHost ( discover the offers )


Affordable, reliable and professional web hosting solutions.


Get Now Bluehost

Established in 1996, Bluehost is one of the largest and most popular hosting companies specializing in professional shared hosting while remaining affordable. It offers one-click facilities, a free domain name, automated backups, 24/7 technical support, and a 30-day money back guarantee. Just like SiteGround and DreamHost (above), Bluehost is a hosting provider officially approved by WordPress. If you’re looking for a professional, reliable, affordable, and no-surprises WordPress hosting (neither good nor bad) then you can bet on Bluehost.

bluehost pros and cons

– Shared WordPress Hosting from US $ 4.95 / month (€ 4.20 / month)

Bluehost ( discover the offers )

Note: among the other hosts we highly recommend, you will find: Kinsta (for very large corporate sites), Flywheel (for designers and web agencies essentially – note: we chose it for this site ) and Digital Ocean (perfect for savvy web developers who can navigate and install their own server software).


Answer: If you mainly target a certain type of customer (if you are a French company that wants to sell products to customers who are only in France, for example), then, yes. It’s often worth taking into account the physical location of the server hosting your website. Why ? Because, although this is not the most important factor of performance, the less distance between your server and the target audience of your website, the faster it can load on your computers. If your target is international, any advantage that you could possibly derive from choosing a particular location is often (if not entirely) neutralized by the priority you give to the overall quality and choice of the web host you are going to use.WPEngine and SiteGround (both mentioned above) offer different server locations ( US, Europe or Asia, for example ), and you can have and the best of both worlds!

Step 4. Subscription to a package and create your WordPress website

If you know exactly what you want and you feel ready to take action, then what are you waiting for ?! Choose your host, become operational, and find out everything you need to know about using WordPress!


Most hosts offer either a free trial period or a money back guarantee (usually valid for a certain number of days), which allows you to try their services for free and without obligations. If you plan to migrate a pre-existing site from one host to another, for example, you can set up a brand new WordPress site on a trial account with each hosting provider you’re interested into test usage, the reliability and performance of everyone before you start transferring all your files and engage yourself.

What is the Best WordPress Hosting 2019? Quick Recap

 1. Bluehost WordPress $2.75/mo30 days409ms >99.99%★★★★★
2. HostGator WordPress Cloud $2.99/mo45 days421ms 99.97% ★★★★
3. SiteGround WordPress Hosting $3.95/mo30 days714ms 99.99% ★★★★
 4. A2 Hosting $3.92/mo30 days392ms 99.91% ★★★
 5. Site5 $6.95/mo90 days704ms 99.98% ★★★
 6. iPage $1.99/mo30 days831ms 99.98% ★★★
 7. Dreamhost $7.95/mo97 days724ms 99.94% ★★★
 8. InMotion Hosting $3.99/mo30 days803ms 99.94% ★★
 9. GreenGeeks $3.95/mo30 days520ms 99.93% ★
 10. Arvixe $7.00/mo45 days5779ms 97.75% ★

The last word on the selection of the best service/hosting provider WordPress

When we start, the selection of the best hosting service can be a little confusing with all the options available, especially if we do not know some of the terms used (see the section on shared hosting, VPS, dedicated and managed upper).

However, when choosing a web host, it is crucial to be absolutely certain that you have excellent technical support. If you find all this complicated or if you are not really sure where to start, choose one or two of the web hosts listed above that seem to match what you want and test their technical support.

Ask them all your questions and evaluate their answers and services according to your expectations. You will make a stone several times. We would be very surprised if you were disappointed.

Good luck!

Conclusion – Which accommodation solution to choose?

Who is the winner of this comparison of WordPress hosting solutions? There is obviously no simple answer to this question. Some elements of answers all the same:

  • We would tend to deprecate BlueHost, because of its rather average interface, its erratic performance and its minimum commitment period of one year.
  • DreamHost offers a service offering and more than respectable performance, but that does not justify the high tariffs on the higher offers.
  • HostGator and GoDaddy share many positive and negative points. In between, there is no winner. We were quite impressed by the (very affordable) prices, the installation process, the interface and the performance of these two solutions.
  • In the dedicated WordPress hosting market, WP Engine stands out from the crowd. This solution offers excellent performance.

We must also distinguish two cases:

  • You launch a new WordPress site. In this case, if we had to rank, we would put SiteGround first, WP Engine second and InMotion third.
  • You already have a WordPress site, with a large audience. In this case, we recommend that you prefer dedicated hosting, and therefore opt for WP Engine. WP Engine, in its name, only hosts WordPress sites. It is by far the best “advanced” WordPress web host. While it is clearly more expensive than its competitors, but the quality has a price. If it’s really too expensive for you, you can opt for SiteGround’s “GoGeek” plan.

We would like to note, in conclusion, that all the WordPress hosting solutions presented in this comparison hold up. There is no lame duck. We will also remember that we only tested the basic offers.

If they are generally offered with a shared server, you should know that all players in the comparison also offer packages with dedicated hosting and advanced features that we have not tested. Whichever solution you choose, you can upgrade your subscription as your WordPress site grows.

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