Best Website Builder Reviews 2019-Find Best Website Creator Today

Best Website Builder Reviews 2019-Find Best Website Creator Today


We present a detailed review of the best website builders of the year 2019, both free and paid. Every year there are many website builders and that is why we have summarized all the relevant data for the current time and we have compiled an updated collection of the most advanced website building platforms of the year 2019. Each website builder on our list has a description, as well as its advantages and disadvantages

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Best Website Builders UK, USA, India & other top 10 countries

The most of website builders available in SUK, USA, India and other more countries. First of all, this applies to the web builder interface. The quality of the interface translation depends directly on the credibility and popularity of the particular constructor.

Sometimes there are mistakes or words without translation, but for the most part, for countries fellow citizens, the use of these website builders is easy.

In addition, many UK, USA, Indian users are actively using the interfaces in English.

The hosting industry has matured over the years, which has led to many companies undergoing mergers and consolidations.

You can see companies like GoDaddy acquiring domain hosting brands like Media Temple to expand its business. Endurance International Group is another company that has a number of popular hosting brands such as Bluehost, iPage, Hostgator and more.

Merging smaller hosting brands into one company ensures that this is the standard for all web host providers. Of course, with all mergers and acquisitions, many of the company’s founders stepped down from their leadership role and left the business.

Best Website Builder 2019-Review Comparision Chart


See Squarespace

See Weebly

See Site123

See GoDaddy

See 1&1 IONOS
Recommended Best All-Around
Website Builder
Website Builder
Easiest to Use
Website Builder
Best Customer Service and Support
Website Builder
Fastest to Build
Website Builder
The White-collar Business
Website Builder
Websites Powered109m1m+40mN/AN/A15m
Ease of Use 4.3 / 53.3 / 53.5 / 54 / 53.7 / 53.5 / 5
Design Assistant (AI) XXX
Design Flexibility[3.6 / 54.6 / 53.9 / 52.9 / 53.8 / 52.3 / 5
Design Choice [5 / 55 / 54/ 53 / 55 / 54 / 5
Mobile Responsive Themes
Mobile EditorXXX
Free Plan[14 Days Trial1 Month TrialX
Free 1-Year Domain X
Free SSL Security
SEO 5 / 54 / 55 / 51/ 54 / 54 / 5
Export WebsiteXXX
Restore OptionX
Help & SupportEmail
24/7 Email
Live Chat
Live Chat
Live Chat
24/7 Phone
Live Chat
Live Chat
Blogging [4 / 55 / 55 / 53 / 52 / 54 / 5
Inbuilt Email ServiceXXX
Members Only AreaXX
Mobile AppsXX
Multiple EditorsXX
4.7 / 5 Stars

4.3 / 5 Stars

4.1 / 5 Stars

4.0 / 5 Stars

3.8 / 5 Stars
3.6 / 5 Stars
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See Squarespace

See Weebly

See Site123

See GoDaddy

See 1&1 IONOS

Rise of modern website developers

The advancement of computer technology and Internet speed has made it easier for people to create a website. For this reason, hosting companies are shifting their focus and want to be a complete solution for all users with hosting needs.

Website builders are companies that allow users to register a domain, build your website, host and manage the website – all in one place.


Unlike traditional hosting services, a hosting company that acts as a “website builder” offers a number of benefits that are very useful to a novice. Below are:

  • Drag-and-drop web editor with integrated blogging and podcasting – the ability to create and manage non-programmatic websites.
  • 100% Web Base – Customers have the ability to work from anywhere with an Internet connection on their website.
  • Ease of Use – You do not need to manage your web server and software, and you need to do everything (and settle) in one place.
  • For online store builders such as Big Commerce and Shopify – Payment Gateway inventory management software and shipping and tax cost calculator are integrated.

What are your decisions?

Wix and Weebly are probably two big names you’ve heard of. They were the best site builders for entry-level or busy businesses because they provide a one-stop solution for creating a website and are easy to use.

If you focus on e-commerce, Shopify and BigCommerce are the recommended options. These two, often referred to as online store builders, provide important features that are useful for an online store. This includes the ability to create a business without coding, inventory management, multiple payment gateways, and more.

 What’s on this page?

We first look at this page Some popular website builders are providing the market. Next, we will make a side-by-side comparison between the two best – Wix and Weebly.

The present review ” The best website builders of the year 2019 ” would not be complete without solving the doubts that may arise to a new webmaster during the selection and use of the website builder.

Best Website Builder 2019-Comparision chart

GoDaddy Website Builder$5.99260ms99.99%AVERAGE★★★$4.00373ms100%TOO LIMITED★★

The best Website creator or Website builder is here! Compare and find the best website creation tools in our expert ranking. Know the differentials of each company and also guarantee discounts for your site. Check out! 

10 Best Website Builders 2019 (Review)-for small businesses and beginners

1. SiteBuilder ( “All Around” Website Builder


SiteBuilder is a bit of a puzzle, as there is a slight discrepancy between the name and the actual tool. was introduced in 2015. But is essentially the same engine that powers a number of other site builders.

There is not much company information available, although this should not be a major concern unless you are considering one of their first-rate paid plans.

Quick review of the Site Builder

PROSof SiteBuilder Website Builder

  • Free plan available
  • Powerful and easy-to-use editor
  • The domain and the email account are free.
  • More than 1,200 templates to choose from.
  • Modern design and a simple and clean user interface.
  • It includes E-commerce and SEO tools.

CONS of SiteBuilder Website Builder

  • Location transfers not allowed
  • Bad reputation in accounting practice

2. Weebly ( Simple and Straightforward Website Builder

Originally founded in 2002 by college colleagues David, Dan and Chris, Weebly officially started his journey as Site Builder in 2007. The company has since served more than 50 million sites around the world and currently has its headquarters in San Francisco with offices in New York, Scottsdale and Toronto.

Weebly has an easy-to-use interface. It is ideal for users who want to create a simple online business or websites with static information and products.

Fast review

PROS of Weebly Website Builder

  • Free plan available
  • Extremely user-friendly
  • Free email and domain.
  • Very intuitive
  • The account is activated instantly when you register.
  • Drag and drop design options.
  • Pro plans start at $ 8 / month.

CONS of Weebly Website Builder

  • Low-level online stores are charged extra per transaction
  • A limited selection of templates: around 100

Suitable for: Personal website, easy online store, portfolios.

3.Wix Website Builder ( Popular and Easy to Use

Wix was founded in 2006 and founded by Avishai Abrahami, Nadav Abrahami and Giora Kaplan. They currently have offices in the US, Germany, Brazil, Ukraine, Ireland, Lithuania and Israel, and have over 110 million users in 190 countries.

Wix offers a good selection of pricing options and a user-friendly interface. They are by far one of the few site builders who have experienced a rapid upswing in a relatively short time.

Fast review

PROS of Wix Website Builder

  • Good range of price options
  • Extensive option drag-and-drop user interface
  • Wix has more than 300 templates with a professional and modern design.
  • It has many customization options.
  • The changes you make in the design you see them instantly thanks to its drag and drop function.
  • The registration and activation of the account is instantaneous.
  • The cheapest ad-free option is $ 4.50 /  month, which is reasonable.
  • Great upload speeds and very little downtime.

CONS of Wix Website Builder

  • Does not export data (you are stuck with Wix)

Suitable for: Business & Personal Page, Blog, Portfolios.

3. Jimdo Website Builder (
Website Builder With Best Performance (Speed)

Jimdo best website builder

Jimdo Jimdo is an excellent builder developed in Germany. The company was founded by three programmer friends in 2007 and has since successfully provided SaaS services of building websites. Jimdo has more than 15 million existing sites.

This builder allows you to develop sites of different purposes: from personal websites to Internet stores. Despite the universality of Jimdo, this constructor is more suitable for the development of Internet stores.

In the market to create business card websites there are more attractive offers, but the functionality for online stores in Jimdo is very broad. But it should be noted that the free price of Jimdo involves the development of a simple website with no possibility of online sales and with very limited functionality.

So if you need to have more advanced options, or if you are going to create an online store you will have to pay. That is to say that the free possibilities of Jimdo are not the best in comparison with the other free site builders. What cannot be said about the Business rate to develop virtual stores?

Fast review

PROS of Wix Website Builder

  • The price is not too high, $7.50 / month.
  • You need less than 30 minutes to launch your site with this web builder.
  • Good performance in terms of uptime and speed.

CONS of Wix Website Builder

  • It only has 17 subject.
  • You can change the colors, add text or images, but anything else is difficult due to the strict templates.

4.BigCommerce (


BigCommerce was founded in 2009 and is currently led by CEO Brent Bellm. Since its inception, the company has grown to more than 500+ employees in 120+ countries and has offices in Sydney, Australia, San Francisco, California, and Austin, Texas.

BigCommerce is geared towards commerce rather than website building. If you want to sell, I recommend sticking to it and taking care of the technology from BigCommerce.

Fast BigCommerce test


  • A complete online sales tool
  • No transaction fees for all 40+ payment gateways


  • NILE

Retail price: $ 29.95 / month

Suitable for: e-commerce site, complex online store (sale via FB, eBay, Amazon etc.).

5. Shopify


Shopify, one of the industry’s leading online store manufacturers, began its journey in 2006. Today, the company has over 600,000 active Shopify stores and has generated over $ 72 billion in revenue.

Fast Shopify test


  • Many additional tools available
  • Simple and powerful integrated payments


  • The cost is a bit too high, unless you are an e-tailer

6.SiteJet Website Builder (

However, SiteJet, which targets CMS against CMS, has its own unique skew web designer, freelancer and service provider. Starting at $ 11 / mo, the Site Builder is easy to use and offers a variety of features.

Fast SiteJet test

PROS of SiteJet Website Builder

  • Simple yet powerful drag and drop interface
  • Great features for website designers

CONSof SiteJet Website Builder

  • No free plan available
  • Lack of marketing tools

7.Fire drop Website Builder ( is one of the newest website developers on this list. Founded by CEO Marc Crouch, is the first Web site developer to integrate artificial intelligence into its web-building interface with Sacha AI.

Quick review of Firedrop

PROS of firedrop Website Builder

  • Free plan available
  • Unique design experience thanks to Sacha, the AI ​​bot

CONS of firedrop Website Builder

  • Limited components available

8.WebsiteBuilder (


WebSiteBuilder is part of the Endurance International Group (EIG) and offers a variety of features and capabilities to help you build websites that you need to create a website and even a free plan.

Quick review of the websiteBuilder

PROS of websiteBuilder- Website Builder

  • Free plan available
  • Extremely user friendly

CONS of websiteBuilder- Website Builder

  • Shady possession
  • Several brands of the same product

9.Squarespace ( Expensive, But Good Design Options


Squarespace is a paid site builder with excellent templates. You can not claim that this website builder is the best one on our list, but it’s really worthy of attention.

Because it has very nice and high-quality templates. Squarespace templates are a gift for the eyes and can be considered one of the best among many builders. Even though they are comparatively few. Therefore, the visual part of Squarespace is in order.

Squarespace has an unusual visual editor interface, which may imply that it will take time to get used to it. But it is easy to customize the templates and the possibilities to customize the website are really extensive. This includes the possibility of making changes to the CSS (although small).

PROS of Squarespace Website Builder

  • It has more than 40 modern templates of very high quality.
  • Protection of privacy and free domain.
  • You can create blogs, websites or e-commerce sites.
  • Good loading speed and uptime.
  • Perfect for sites that need to include heavier images like the portfolio of an artist or a photographer.
  • Support 24/7.

CONS of Squarespace Website Builder

  • If you want a completely updated website you will have to pay $ 12 / month, the most expensive fee.
  • It has a small learning curve.

10.Webs Builder ( -Too Expensive For The Value You Get

Webs Builder

Probably, Webs is the oldest DIY website builder, who began his work in the distant year 2001 under the name Freewebs. For the time being, more than 57 million websites have been built on this site construction platform and that number continues to grow.

Webs are known, above all, as an honest and free site builder. This means that you can create a free website on Webs that will exist for years absolutely free of charge.

Webs are characterized by a simple and intuitive interface, a large selection of adaptable templates (more than 450) and presence of additional applications to modernize the sites. What distinguishes Webs from other builders?

Webs allow you to implement the membership system on websites. This means that you can make some of the content on your site available only to a group of users who will have special access. It should be noted that this unique functionality is only available on Webs. The other site builders do not offer it.

PROS of Webs Website Builder

  • A wide selection of templates: more than 450
  • Functional and intuitive interface
  • SEO Booster that allows you to adjust the SEO parameters of the site
  • Affordable prices in the payment rates
  • Possibility of developing sites with the membership system (a unique feature)

CONS of Webs Website Builder

  • The possibilities of the free rate are very little powerful
  • There is no possibility to edit the HTML / CSS /

Best Website Builder Showdown: Wix vs Weebly


 How to choose between Wix and Weebly?

To get the most out of the following comparison guide:

  1. Create a feature checklist for your ideal website builder and
  2. Compare the functions in your checklist with the functions in the table below.

If you do this alone, you can filter out the builder that best suits you.

This exercise will also help you find the right budget for your website because you may find that in addition to the platform costs, you also need to provide some paid third-party apps.


Compare the features and prices of Wix and Weebly in 2019

properties Wix Weebly
Free versionYESYES
Free trialdays30 days for annual subscriptions
The data transfer2 GB for the lowest planUnlimited
Equipment storage3 GB for the lowest planUnlimited
starting price$ 12 / month for monthly subscription; $ 8.50 / mo for annual subscription$ 14 / month for monthly subscription; $ 8 / month for annual subscription.
Free domainOnly for combo plan and higherFor all annual subscriptions.
SSLYESOnly for business plan.
Built-in templatesYESYES
Design from the ground upYESNO
Retina readyYESYES
Built-in form creatorNOYES
Blog readyYESYES
Built-in SEOOptimize website and page titles, URLs, meta description, and keywords.Optimize website and page titles, URLs, meta description, and keywords.
Online shopIntegrated online shop for e-commerce and VIP plans. Features include order management, inventory, payment processing and coupons.With the Starter Plan, users can sell ~ 10 products. Higher plans release functions such as inventory management, shipping and tax calculations, and more.
transaction feesNo transaction fees.3% transaction fees for Starter and Pro;Zero for the business plan.
Multilingual supportYES+ $ 20 / year for the multilingual app; + $ 19.9 for LocalizeInternet.
Password protected contentYESYES
analysisGoogle AnalyticsGoogle Analytics and integrated web statistics
membership pageYESYES
E-mail HostingNONO
image editorBasic image editor with thousands of free high quality images.Basic image editor with 29 new image filter effects.
ForumYESHeavy. Forums can only be created using software or third-party services.
extensionsWide range of apps and extensions in the ‘Wix App Market’.Limited extensions or third-party apps.
Email MarketingWix offers an integrated e-mail marketing tool – Wix ShoutOut. The price starts at $ 4.90 / month for users with less than 10,000 subscribers.Weebly offers an integrated email marketing tool – Weebly Promote. The price starts at $ 9 / month for users with fewer than 500 subscribers.
ad PolicyNo ads for combined or higher plans.No ads for all paid plans.
Free trialdaysdays

If you’re still not sure which platform to choose, sign up for free trial versions or lite versions for these website builders.

Why have not we made any mention about the technical support of these website builders?

This really does not mean that technical support is not the factor to pay attention to when choosing a website builder. On the contrary, this criterion is very important.

Believe us, when you need an urgent answer to an important question and are forced to wait a few days and as a result do not get qualified help. You will be angry but at the same time you will be unable to change anything. Many websites that are dedicated to the reviews of the site builders indicate the level of operation of the technical support service.

But this is not entirely true: since we have often faced a situation when the excellent technical support after a while became simply horrible. And vice versa. So we decided not to indicate how well the support service works in one or another company.

We recommend that during the trial period you contact the technical support service and evaluate your work. Pay attention to both the usefulness of the response and the speed. An acceptable response time is up to 24 hours.

The best site builders usually respond faster, usually taking up to 10 hours. When looking for the best web builder (in your specific case) you have to understand that the web platform you choose must have many functional possibilities and at the same time be easy and convenient to use.

In this review we have analyzed and written a list of the most advanced web builders, both free and paid, among all those available to users in 2019. The web builders listed are easy and understandable.

So that for the development of its web the user should not have special knowledge in the field of programming or web design. Do you want to get a free full-value site, blog or online store? These builders will come to your hair.

What is a website builder?

The website builder, whose full name is WYSIWYG website builder, is an on-line software that allows you to develop online websites without having any knowledge in PHP, HTML, JavaScript, etc.

The abbreviation WYSIWYG means What You See Is What You Get, which translates from “what you see is what you get”. The principle of operation is reduced to a visual movement (dragging) of the elements of the site as the webmaster wishes.

The direct analogy is when the icons on the desktop are dragged with the mouse. This is achieved by using the drag and drop functions. Which radically simplifies the process of building websites.

Now even an elementary student can handle it! And this is not an exaggeration.

To whom are website builders destined?

The SaaS (Site as a Service) system was originally designed for the average Internet user. Most of the builders’ clients are novice webmasters with a limited or no budget.

By not having enough knowledge to use CMS and standard hosting, these users need a website made at the time and are not willing to wait.

All these requirements are fully met by modern web creation platforms. The second group of users are companies or individuals that start an online business.

These customers are not willing to invest significant amounts in building websites for your business.

SaaS solutions with monthly payment are ideal for them. It should be noted, that the functionality of many highly specialized site builders fully complies with the modern trends of online business.

As a rule, these builders are not free, however, this fact is not an impediment for this group of customers. Since they are willing to pay for this type of functionality.

Benefits of website builders

It is a quick solution

From the moment of the identification in the site to create webs until starting the process to add the content. It takes approximately 10 to 60 minutes (for the websites-business card).

For example, the process of building a personalized website in a study will last for weeks and the result, in this case, will be very difficult to predict.

If you use predesigned templates, or, for example, a WordPress theme, you will need at least a few hours to acquire the hosting and the domain name. The installation of the template and the final customization. In this case, you will need certain skills and knowledge.

In conclusion: a website builder is the fastest way to create your own website.

It is easy

Most contemporary builders are made to be used by people without any special knowledge.

Moreover, it is not necessary to know the following basic things:

  • DO you Know How to host a website using hosting services?
  • If you have idea How to register DNS servers?
  • How to configure payment systems?
  • How to configure contact forms and much more?

In the constructor all this is done simply with a mouse movement: just click and choose what you need and this immediately appears on your site and starts working.

No web design agency or website templates can offer anything similar.

The model of creating a site using the WYSIWYG constructors implies extreme simplicity and clarity for the user. Given the fact that the user is not a specialist in IT.

It’s comfortable

The ease of use is due to its simplicity. You configure your website exactly as you wish. You can use a layout or you can edit the layout as you see it.

Try to do the same with the site, which was designed by a freelancer or a studio.

You will have to contact them, prepare the customization order, pay and finally wait until everything is done.

In the case of website builders, you will not need to ask anyone or pay anyone. Everything is configured in a simple and comfortable way directly in its interface.


The construction of a personalized website in a good web studio will cost 10,000 euros. Freelancers do it cheaper. But the quality of the result will be directly proportional to the amount requested.

Also, in the first and in the second case, you will have to buy a domain name and pay the hosting separately.

In costs, the use of paid web builders can be compared to the use of shared hosting. The best website builders have slightly higher monthly prices than standard hosting.

But you will not have to buy templates or WP themes (which will average about 40 euros) or more.

Pay for the design of the website personalized in the studio. In addition, many website builders are usually free without a time limit. Of course.

There is no risk

Web builders not only save on design but also reduce potential risks. For example.

You want to start an online business and you need an online store. The design of a professional online store in a web company that has a good reputation will cost you from 20,000 euros.

You make this investment, but it can happen that your business does not work and it turns out that you have spent the money in vain.

If for this purpose you decide to use a website builder for e-commerce. You will get an online store that will be no less powerful and functional and also have technical support. But will not pay the entire amount in the same moment, but monthly. And this amount will be much lower.

For example, let’s see in Shopify, which is one of the best builders of specialized websites for online stores. It allows you to obtain an online store for $ 29 per month.

It is a basic plan, but you can always move to a more advanced rate. When your business requires more functionality of your website. This way you can save. The functionality of Shopify for online sales is very broad: many large western projects work on this platform.

Now, if suddenly the circumstance occurs that your business is not up to your expectations, you will know that you have not invested a large amount of money in the design of a personalized website.

You only pay for the time in which your online store is working. In the case of ordinary websites, even greater benefits can be obtained. Use the free rate and if everything convinces you, you can pay for a plan with broader functionalities.

If you do not want to pay, do not pay, stay on the free site for as long as necessary. These favorable conditions are offered, for example, by Wix. Conclusion: the risk of losing money is minimal, the basic investments in the design of the site are also minimal.

It would not be fair for our readers to list only the advantages of the web builders and not to mention the possible disadvantages. We talk about the possible disadvantages because not all builders will necessarily have these disadvantages.

Some web builders will not have some of these deficiencies, but they probably have their own.

The possible disadvantages of website builders

Pages load slowly

This defect is usually typical of popular builders who have millions of customers. But it should be noted that this drawback is.

In general, typical of free rates and, as a rule, when going to any of the payment rates, this problem disappears.

Often, the fact that the pages load slowly is due to the fact that the client and the constructor’s servers are located in different continents.

Thus, some site builders use data centers in the United Kingdom or Germany, and if the customer is physically located, for example. In New Zealand or the United States, you may notice that your site is running somewhat slowly.

At the same time, other users who visit your website from Europe will not notice this disadvantage.

The need to make a monthly payment

In fact, many site owners interpret this as a significant advantage, because they do not want to immediately invest in the design of their site, and it is convenient for them to pay a small amount each month.

In addition, many builders offer the possibility of paying for the service for a year or two at a time with a considerable discount.

The builders of free websites do not require payments, you can have a very attractive and professional website for years and not have to pay anything. To be fair, it must be noted that having any other site designed without the use of site builders. You will have to pay the hosting monthly and the domain name annually.

They are not optimized for SEO

This has been maintained since ancient times when builders actively used flash technology. This, as is known, made it more difficult to index the web pages by search engines.

Now, in 2019, almost none of the site builders use flash technology. Instead, HTML 5 is used, which has no problem with indexing.

Most of the builders of today are “SEO friendly”, because not only can they be indexed by the search engines, but they also have the possibility of configuring them in detail: The titles of the pages, meta titles, meta descriptions, robot.txt file, sitemap, and much more that is important for SEO.

Bad technical support Source

This deficiency, like the slow loading of the pages, is mainly the free builders.

It is obvious that having tens of millions of free users. Some services can not properly attend each one that goes to the support service.

Therefore, in general, for free rates, the support does not provide a telephone number, only tickets ande-mail. And usually, the support response will not be fast, due to the same reasons: a large number of free clients.On the other hand, you can also understand the free website builders.Providing a more advanced technical support service for all users is physically impossible. Therefore, priority is given first to paying customers.

There are limitations in the personalization of websites

The best website builder, the greater are its functional options and the more possibilities it provides to edit web templates.

Modern constructors allow to change the structure of the mocap as necessary for the user, change the color scheme of the design, change the size and content of the content blocks.

Therefore, this disadvantage will be valid only with respect to the platforms to create obsolete websites. All the best builders of modern sites do not have this disadvantage.

However, it is worth remembering: often you can not change the website template once it is selected. Therefore, choose the template with due responsibility.

How to Choosing Best website builder in 2019?

How to Choosing Best website builder in 2019

should you keep in mind when choosing a website builder

1.On which platform is the constructor built?

– It’s better if it’s HTML5

2.How big is the variety of web templates (layout)?

– The more, the better. Some site builders (for example, Wix) have a collection of hundreds of wonderful templates. And allow you to see them before registering on their website.

That is, first you select the template that you like, as a basis for the future site, and then you can proceed to register in the constructor and customize the template.

3. How is the quality of the website templates?

– Along with the quantity, the quality of the templates is something that must be paid attention first when choosing a website builder. As the basis of your site, the quality of the available templates is one of the main factors.

4. The availability of Drag & Drop functions

– Drag & Drop functions allow you to move and configure the blocks and structure of your site with just your mouse. It is very convenient and greatly simplifies the site construction process. As a general rule, the best site builders have Drag & Drop functions.

5. A simple and intuitive interface

– One of the main concerns of website builders is how to combine the broader functionality and ease of use in a single package. And some builders get to do it better than others.

6. To what extent is the builder adapted to SEO?

– Before choosing a web builder, find out how well the sites developed on this platform are indexed by the search engines. In general, most of the best builders are perfectly indexed by the search engines and have a good potential for SEO promotion.

7. The qualification and attention of the technical support

– This factor is often not taken into account when choosing a constructor, which many regret later. Carefully read the opinions of users before using the website builder, but keep in mind that some of them may be published for advertising purposes.

8. An available number of web pages

– Some free builders (free rates) have a limitation on the maximum number of pages on the site.

But almost all payment builders allow you to create websites with an unlimited number of pages.

9. The volume of free disk space

– The higher it is, the better. This means that more photos, videos and other content can be uploaded to your site. Almost all the platforms to create websites allow you to buy more space at any time, but it is better to know in advance what space is available from the beginning. There are also site builders that have unlimited space.

10. The age and achievements of the builder

– Choose only proven builders who are at least a few years old. When designing your website using any website builder, you must understand that your website will be alive as long as the builder lives.

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