Best Web Hosting Services in 2019-HOSTS SPEED & UPTIME REVIEW

Best Web Hosting Services in 2019- Reviewing 50+ Hosts Speed & Uptime Review


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All 50+ Best Web Hosting Services comparison table

2HostGator Cloud$2.99/mo10/1099.97%419ms★★★★★
6A Small Orange$5.92/mo10/1099.99%700ms★★★★
8 A2 Hosting$3.92/mo10/1099.91%377ms★★★
13Web Hosting Buzz$4.95/mo10/1099.96%521ms★★★
14Site5 Hosting
24InMotion Hosting$6.39/mo10/1099.94%808ms★★★
31 Arvixe$7.00/mo6/1099.72%5679ms★★★

Best Web Hosting review 2019

BlueHost: $ 2.95 per month, with the uptime of 99.96%, and a load time of 404 ms

Bluehost is currently responsible for hosting more than 2 million websites worldwide and is one of the most popular and accessible web hosting services (at cost) today.

Founded in 1996 by Matt Heaton and Danny Ashworth in Provo, Utah, they have a staff of 750 employees who work 24 hours a day to ensure the best possible quality of service.

And while the company’s long history and dedicated support staff provide a degree of confidence in their services, we’ve noticed a serious problem with most of Bluehost’s reviews …

They make brilliant recommendations for the service without taking into account data or objective metrics (such as loading time and uptime).

But not us …

So, what was our experience with Bluehost?

Let’s dive and discover what it was …

BlueHost is an experienced hosting site with over 2 million websites. It had to be tested to see if all this popularity was up to his reputation. This meant setting up a basic WordPress site, analyzing its performance, and comparing its statistical data to other hosting sites.

How did BlueHost compare? It turns out that BlueHost has done well!

BlueHost had a high uptime of 99.96%, which meant the site was up and running most of the time.


The loading time of the pages, or the speed, is the second criterion of a good host. By measuring Bluehost’s performance at the same time, the results were rather impressive. The average page load time is 700 ms, and BlueHost had an average load time of 404 ms. It’s one of the best speeds you can see among all the others.

BlueHost has a 24/7 customer service to answer any questions you may have regarding the configuration of the website. They are not cheap, however. Prices start at $ 5.95 per month, but they also give a free domain name as well as site migration for new accounts.

  • Customer support: 24/7 support
  • Ease of use: user-friendly
  • Performance : uptime – 99.96%, load time – 404ms
  • Cost : $ 5.95 / month + Free domain + Free site builders.

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HostGator Cloud: $ 2.99 / month, with the uptime of 99.98%, and a loading time of 463 ms

The best-ranked website hosting, HostGator stands out for offering high quality, cost-effective web hosting. HostGator reconciles low price with stable, secure and reliable website hosting. The American company is very popular here. Your website hosting is always among the best on specialized website.


In 2015, it inaugurated another office in Brazil, this time in the city of Sao Paulo, as part of a strategy of growth in the national market of Endurance International Group a (group that manages Hostgator and several other lodgings of very popular sites). Focused on leading a better web hosting, HostGator democratized the service in Brazil.

It is nothing less than one of the best and most popular on the planet.

It is currently part of an important group that manages several of the best sites hosting in the world. Working in Brazil since 2007, HostGator is certainly hosting a website with the strongest performance in Brazil and one of the most beloved by Brazilians.

HostGator has the best infrastructure, quality support, and servers located overseas. It also offers servers in Brazil through the line of hosting Plus – which in addition to having national servers have a number of benefits, such as SSL Free. The site hosting Plus is provided through a national TIER3 Data Center that the company manages in Brazil.

HostGator is recognized for providing better customer service despite the lack of phone service, as does Locaweb, GoDaddy and another website hosting. The quality service offered by HostGator considered the best in the market, is one of the main positive points of this company.

Like any large company, the support can be considered time-consuming at times, but it does not lose anything at all for any of the other companies ranking the best website hosting. With a recognized quality and practice management system,m you will hardly need to resort to support or have problems with your site.

HostGator has been around for a while. However, are they really good? To verify this, he was put to the test. There is no point buying a web hosting plan if their uptime does not show great results. Their page speed over the 12 month period was also tested. Overall, they came out top in terms of uptime (99.98%) with less than 2 hours off over a period of 8640 hours (12 months):

The best website hosting

Of all the companies in our ranking of the best hosting of sites, HostGator is the most outstanding and took the first place for several factors. Among the main ones is the performance and stability offered in website hosting. Another highlight is the popularity of the company here in Brazil. Its great reputation has been created over the years and has been maintained to this day as the best website hosting in the market. HostGator has been featured for years in offering the best quality web hosting on the market.

HostGator is the company that stands out in Brazil when it comes to hosting. Besides being the darling of Brazilians, it is recognized by specialized websites always as one of the best web hostings. It is also well known for hosting very popular sites here.


Despite the lack of telephone support, as well as offered by other hosting sites in our ranking, HostGator can meet the wishes of those who seek better technical support. They are always very efficient and attentive when it comes to customer demands. It is very satisfactory support in relation to what is expected of a better lodging.


In general, the company can offer better performance by having a very rigid policy to avoid badly optimized sites on your server that consume a lot of CPU and hamper the performance of other sites. Bad for those who have a poorly optimized website, good for the vast majority of customers who enjoy better hosting of sites with stable performance.

Ease of Use

HostGator as well as other companies in the ranking use cPanel to facilitate the administration of web hosting. This panel is the best and most popular in the market. With cPanel you can easily manage your best website hosting. It is the most comprehensive tools that offer a number of features and tools important to your site.

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SiteGround: $ 3.95 / month, with a 99.98% uptime, and a 346 ms load time


In recent years, SiteGround has gained notoriety as an affordable and high-performance WordPress web hosting company. Indeed, in part because of an impressive effort to get more involved in the WordPress community (by regularly sponsoring some of the biggest WordPress conferences around, etc.), they have now become a must-have recommendation for users who want a bit more of their hosting (more speed, more security and more features, such as automated backups, etc.) without having to pay for a truly specialized WordPress hosting service such as Flywheel.

Something that I, and many others, especially on SiteGround, is the fact that they always seem to think, “How can I offer the user a better value? improve their underlying technology (they have recently started offering features such as NGINX-based caching, PHP 7 and HTTP / 2, for example, in case developers read this) and a feature set backups and their own rather good page caching system).

What’s more, they also offer a specific service for WooCommerce users (the answer of WordPress when starting your own online store), which is worth checking if you are specifically looking to start a WordPress online store…

In short, when it comes to recommending a general and non-specialized WordPress web hosting company for small and medium-sized websites at a low budget, SiteGround is really one of the best choices!


Here, SiteGround’s “Start-up Plan” test began in November 2018 to see all the hype around it. For more than 10 months, their speed, uptime and other performance behaviors were examined.

In terms of uptime, SiteGround maintained an average of 99.98% over a twelve month period. This is among the best of all hosting providers. By measuring their availability time, they had only 19 stops during the 12 months.

SiteGround’s speed did not disappoint either.

Their average page loading time is 532ms. This placed them fourth in the competition compared to the average of 700ms.

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Hostinger: Awesome Uptime (100%)


Nowadays, the number of web storage providers grows at every moment. Not only do we find the big companies that have years of experience in the market, but also those emerging companies that try to compete in this highly coveted sector.

Fortunately or unfortunately, the offer of hosting services varies according to the plans previously established by them. Similarly, the quality and benefits to which you can aspire depend directly on the capacity of each provider.

On this occasion we want you to know more deeply one of the best-positioned harassment companies, and see what and what you will not get from it.

Performance Uptime


Knowing what percentage of time our site is available to any user will always be an advantage. Any provider is exposed to suffer some failure at some point, however, not all assume responsibility for the shortcomings of their servers.

Hostinger has a 99.9% guarantee on its uptime, and to corroborate it, we decided to review the own measurements that they have. The following image shows the behavior of the server from September 5 to 11, 2018.

As you can see, the uptime of the last 24 hours is 99.8%, while of the last 30 days it is 98.9% (below the guarantee).

To complement this information we decided to make our own measurement using the Pingdom tool, and curiously the registered uptime is greater.

Hostinger is undoubtedly one of the most renowned and prestigious web storage providers in the digital world. Undoubtedly its uptime guarantee of 99.9%, the amount of disk space offered, and all the benefits included in its plans make it attractive.

Despite having to pay to have backup copies (weekly or daily), or obtain an SSL certificate in the basic plans, the features offered by Hostinger are quite competitive compared to others in the market.

In the same way, we consider that the fact that the answers offered by the technical service advisors are so complete and explanatory, position this provider as one of the best in terms of customer service.

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iPage: $ 1.99 per month, with the uptime of 99.91%, and a load time of 848 ms


iPage was launched in 1998 and has since grown to serve over a million websites. They are the property of Endurance International Group (EIG).

To give iPage Hosting a chance, it was necessary to set up a WordPress test site as part of their “Essential” shared hosting plan. Their availability, speed, and usability have been tested and monitored since October 2016.

During this time, they only managed to provide 99.91% uptime. There was also a total of 148 failures!


The speed was not very good, unfortunately. The average loading time was 848 ms. Well below the average of the competition.

iPage is cheap, though. They are one of the cheapest accommodation options at $ 1.99 per month. This is the rate for 12-36 months, so you would be technically stuck with a very long-term contract for this price. And, as you can see, you get what you pay for quickly and efficiently.

iPage is probably not the best option for hosting sites. Although customer support and pricing are nice, you would not want to struggle with speed and availability.

  • Customer Support: Easy to understand, fast
  • Ease of use: Simple
  • Performance : uptime – 99.91%, load time – 848 ms
  • Cost : $ 1.99 / month

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Dreamhost: $ 7.95 per month, with the uptime of 99.98%, and a load time of 682 ms

The next hosting site tested was DreamHost, which is another huge network of more than 1.5 million sites (they also exist since 1996).

The WordPress site installed on DreamHost had a reliable uptime with an average of 99.97% over the five-month period. A good start!

Their average page loading time is 682 ms, averaging over the same period. The uptime is reliable and the page speed is a little faster than the average.


DreamHost also adds other charming little modules.

First, you get unlimited bandwidth. They will credit your account for every hour in which you had a problem with the uptime. And when you contact customer service to ask questions, they respond fairly quickly.

One of the big drawbacks of DreamHost is their price. Their lowest plan is still almost double for some hosting sites at $ 7.95 per month. The good thing, though, is that you get the longest DreamHost (97 days) money back guarantee to test their service before you get into an extended contract.


DreamHost is a reliable hosting site with excellent uptime and good page loading speed. Just keep in mind the price!

  • Customer support: fast and easy
  • Ease of use: Good
  • Performance : uptime – 99.97%, load time – 682 ms
  • Cost : $ 7.95 / month

A2 Hosting: $ 3.92 per month, with the uptime of 99.96%, and a load time of 354 ms

Again, we had to warm up the credit card to see if A2 Hosting was up to the hype they make on their website (boasting “99.9% uptime” with a speed fast and flamboyant).

Here are the results.

Unfortunately, their availability has decreased by an average of 99.96% between June 2016 and May 2017, representing a total downtime of 3 hours. A2 accommodation is located in the lower half of the accommodation sites reviewed.


In terms of speed, A2 Hosting is released as the # 1 hosting site. They averaged 354 ms over a twelve month period (which is very fast). It’s actually an instant page load, making people impatient because they will not have to wait for the pages to load. A2 Hosting implements caching, which stores data in the visitor’s browser, so they do not have to ask for information on your website every time someone tries to access it.

A2 offers 24/7 customer service through its live chat, email, phone and ticketing systems. Their live support responds instantly with easy-to-understand answers.

A2 Hosting is a bit expensive compared to other hosting sites. Their lowest plan starts at $ 3.92 for 24 months. With a special code, you can get a small discount of $ 3.77. They offer a 30-day money back guarantee in case you want to cancel.

  • Customer support: instant and detailed answers
  • Ease of use: very simple
  • Performance : uptime – 99.96%, load time – 354 ms
  • Cost : $ 3.92 / month

InMotion Hosting: $ 5.95 per month, with the uptime of 99.97%, and a load time of 607 ms

InMotion is one of the best known hosting providers, with a customer base of more than 300,000 domains. By testing one of InMotion Hosting’s plans to compare them to others, we can see that they behave very well.

InMotion has had an average uptime of 99.97% in the last twelve months. It’s strong enough and coherent.


In addition to the uptime, page load times during the same 12-month period were also excellent.

Keep in mind that the average speed in the hosting industry is around 700ms, and with InMotion Hosting the average load time is 607ms. So it may be slower than other accommodations such as A2 Hosting, but it’s still good enough to beat the average in the lodging industry.

Customer support was the final test. You can chat live with one of their customer support agents, they respond with happiness by giving detailed answers.

The price is quite simple with InMotion.

Their lowest hosting option starts at $ 2.95 per month. This is actually on the lowest price part for most hosting providers.

One of the disadvantages with InMotion Hosting is that there is no access to the instant account. This means that if you are an international customer, outside of North America for example, there may be delays and hassles when trying to verify your new account.

But overall, you will be very happy with the InMotion service.

  • Customer support: fast, friendly and knowledgeable
  • Ease of use: very simple
  • Performance : uptime – 99.97%, load time – 607 ms
  • Cost : $ 2.95 / month

GreenGeeks: $ 3.99 per month, with the uptime of 99.95%, and a loading time of 916 ms

GreenGeeks now hosts more than 300,000 websites since its nine years of operation.

They claim to have 99.9% uptime on their website. It’s almost zero downtime. And you have to make a bold statement. Can they live up to this hype?

Tested from June 1st to May 1st, GreenGeeks had an uptime of 99.95%. This equates to only

12 minutes of downtime in one fault! This is a fairly average uptime compared to all the hosting providers reviewed.


Then, the loading time of the pages. Unfortunately, GreenGeeks did not show the same good speed results as they did in the time of availability.

Their average load time was only 916 ms between June 1st and May 1st. This places GreenGeeks second to last in terms of page loading speed.

GreenGeeks has 24/7/365 support based in the United States via live chat, phone or email support. They have other features like free data transfers, free domain name, and free site migration.

GreenGeeks hosting costs $ 3.99 per month and they offer a 30-day money back guarantee. Each pricing plan is also inclusive!

Although GreenGeeks has an excellent uptime, their speed is slow. Which is a little blocking? You can look at some of the best accommodation options reviewed (such as 1st and 2nd above) that have the same price.

  • Customer support: 24/7/365
  • Ease of use: simple
  • Performance : uptime – 99.95%, load time – 916 ms
  • Cost : $ 3.99 / month


GoDaddy is as old as the internet and is by far the most popular website hosting and one of the best in the world. There are more than 77 million registered domains. It is also the company with more media activity in the world. With inserts in TV commercials and propagated all over the web. In Brazil, he even had a commercial with the right to Dunga (former coach of the Brazilian national team) as a propaganda boy exhibited during the World Cup.


In 1997 Bob Parsons founded GoDaddy. It currently has more than 60 million domains under its management and more than 4,000 employees.

It is recognized worldwide for great marketing campaigns and aggressive promotions. With the often extremely low price for domain registration and website hosting, GoDaddy has been conquering a large number of customers around the world.

The quality of service of this large company is a positive factor that deserves to be highlighted.

Certainly, the largest registrar of domains in the world is doing a good job and has also invested in improving the service. The quality of care has improved greatly in recent years. It is a website hosting that is getting better and better. It is not that is among the best hosting of sites in the world.

Number 1

In our best website hosting ranking, it may not even be the # 1 number. But GoDaddy is the largest registrar of domains in the world and with an aggressive marketing campaign it is currently developing should grow even more. There are more than 77 million domains, making GoDaddy the largest domain registrar on the planet. GoDaddy website hosting is also very popular.

Special Offers

Their promotions stand out for offering prices almost always lower than the competition. Accompanied by large campaigns to publicize the offers. Their promotions stand out for the participation of celebrities, as well as for offering prices well below that practiced by the market. GoDaddy always counts on extensive marketing campaigns with global coverage to promote your web hosting.


At GoDaddy, we find the performance you expect from the best website hosting. It fulfills well the needs of those looking for better web hosting. Without that slow website feeling or anything like that. It is possible to host your website, blog or virtual store in GoDaddy and even be surprised with the best performance offered by website hosting. It is what is expected of the company that ranks third in the ranking of best website hosting.


The website hosting offered by GoDaddy provides good stability. The world’s largest registrar of domains lives up to its fame and offers stable hosting servers. Paying little will have a better quality service that will hardly fail or have problems. Its servers perform well and are fairly stable. Even paying so little will have the best possible quality that is required from a web site hosting.

Ease of Use

GoDaddy offers its own cPanel that fulfills its role well and is totally in Portuguese, thus facilitating the administration of the site.

The hosting of sites offered by it can be easily used even by those who have little knowledge in this type of technology.

GoDaddy combines a very easy to use dashboard with a website hosting service that is among the best and most popular on the market in Brazil and abroad. Your dashboard is one of the best too.

UOL Host


As its name suggests, this is another company of the UOL group, which includes a number of companies with a strong performance in several sectors, including large communication vehicles. UOL Host was founded in 2008 and is among the best hosting of Brazilian sites.

UOL Host is also the two-time winner of the ÉPOCA / Reclame Award here in the Hosts and Providers category for two consecutive years.

It is the Brazilian Service Oscar that recognizes the companies with the best customer service in Brazil. This and other factors have made UOL Host here fighting for the title of the best website hosting in the market.


The performance offered by UOL Host is very good. It is another company of our ranking of the best hosting of sites that owns servers in Brazil. UOL Host website hosting thus ensures decreased latency and offers a better connection between server and visitor and better performance for your site.


UOL Host services are known for their stability and reliability. The hosting of websites has a system of isolation of resources. This system protects your site and prevents other sites hosted on the same site hosting server from damaging your site’s performance.

Ease of Use

With its own panel, the hosting of sites offered by UOL Host is very simple to use.

Perhaps one of the simplest, there are not many features or options as they occur with other companies. But this lack of resources is not a problem, so it is in our ranking of better-hosting sites.


With a developer focus, KingHost is not just limited to this audience. It is among the biggest and best hosting of sites in Brazil and has the best score in the service according to the site Reclame here.

KingHost is a very innovative and innovative national website hosting in new technologies (this explains the developers’ passion for this company).

New and better technologies are quickly adopted by KingHost and it offers a number of services that are hard to be found in other companies in our ranking of better web hosting.

KingHost is fighting for the title of better website hosting. Its services are of the highest quality and have exceptional stability. It is not best just for developers, it is also a great hosting for any kind of website or blog. We could not fail to highlight the support that is among the best in the market among web hosting.


KingHost in spite of occupying the 5th place offers a great performance. Your website, blog or e-store is sure to perform better with KingHost. Servers in Brazil with international quality, as soon as KingHost is defined. And they’re not exaggerating, KingHost is among the best hosting sites.


Another strength of KingHost is the stability of your website hosting. A bit lower than the other companies in our ranking of best web hosting, but still offers above-average stability. It manages to meet the needs of customers without leaving your site out of the air or with access problems.

Ease of Use

KingHost offers its own panel which is one of the best (among the panels themselves). With a very attractive look and an intuitive interface, the KingHost panel caters very well to those who have more complex web hosting needs. It’s very easy to create and manage a website through the KingHost dashboard.


Obviously, Locaweb had to be part of this ranking right. Many Brazilians have met this company through their iconic TV commercials. The second best hosting of sites in our ranking offers a product of great quality for those who want to host your site. Locaweb is a national company that is among the best web hosting on the market.


Locaweb ranks second but is in contention for the first place of best web hosting. Very popular here in Brazil as well as the first one.

Not least, it is one of the most recognized brands among all companies and is also the company leader in its segment. It has been in the market offering website hosting since 1998.

Its pioneering spirit allowed it to grow rapidly and become a brand recognized by many Brazilians.

Most people should remember the iconic commercials shown on TV and the internet. And being a forerunner in website hosting in Brazil has quickly become very well known here. It is also popular in the Cloud Computing segment and is considered the best in this segment.


Locaweb can deliver better performance for your website, blog or e-store. It does not lose anything for the first place and still has the advantage of having servers in Brazil. It is the company with servers in Brazil that offers the best performance for your site. This is one of the factors that contributed the most to her ranking second in our ranking of the best web hosting.


This is a strong point of Locaweb, can ally servers in Brazil, with good price and stability. With Locaweb will not have a headache with slow websites or falling all the time due to instabilities. In this issue, the hosting of sites is the best among Brazilian. Locaweb does very well, its servers do not suddenly increase the loading time of the site.

Ease of Use

The second best website hosting offers a very intuitive and simple to use the cPanel. It provides access to all the features of the hosting easily.

The cPanel is great for anyone who is starting now and does not have much knowledge in the area. It does not offer some features found in a cPanel panel but fits well with your needs for who will administer a website.

Types of website hosting

There are several types of website hosting available in the market. Overall, for those who are starting now and still do not even know which website hosting to choose, shared hosting is the most appropriate. The companies that offer the best hosting ranking sites mainly work with shared hosting.

Shared Hosting

This is the most popular type of hosting on the market and also the one used by the best-ranked web hosting companies.

It offers good performance, stability, and security at a very affordable price.

This is the best website hosting for those who are starting now and still do not know much about it.

It is also the easiest service to use, unlike the other types that can be considered “complex” by lay people on the subject. Do not fall for this that only more expensive services offer security and privacy for your site.

The indication of use:  Sites and Blogs up to 60 thousand * visits/month or small virtual stores. It is the best website hosting for anyone starting in this universe.

Hosting VPS

This would be the next “level” of hosting when the site begins to receive a greater number of hits and you need a better hosting of sites. Or when you need to do some custom installation on the server.

Be it by the need to install some unique software or any other type of customization that is not allowed in shared website hosting.

In this mode, website hosting has a saltier price, however, offers several possibilities to optimize the performance of your site.

Usage Indication:  Virtual stores are medium and when shared hosting does not serve well or when you need Root access and customize the server.

Cloud Hosting

The best hosting is the Cloud without a doubt. It offers far greater availability and reliability than other types of hosting. Cloud computing is the best thing in distributed systems and the internet of things.

Large technology companies like Facebook, Twitter and others resort to this which is considered the best way to host a website.

The problem is the high cost that makes it inaccessible for smaller projects. Without offering cPanel, all administration of the web hosting is at your own risk.

Usage Indication: It is best suited for anyone who has advanced knowledge in the area or can pay someone to administer the site server.

Dedicated Hosting

This is the most expensive option of all, offers better performance, unparalleled, but the bill is well salted.

A dedicated server is for those who need a lot of performance or opt to have a server of its own. This modality of web hosting counts on a server exclusively for your site.

A (physical) server is used only by your site and so you can have full control over the machine.

In dedicated hosting, in some cases, it is even possible to customize the server hardware and have root access (administrator) to the hosting server.

The indication of use: It is more suitable for large portals and sites with a large number of accesses and who is willing to pay its high value.

* Reference values. The actual number may vary depending on the optimization, type and various other features of the site. Using cache, for example, can greatly increase the number of hits supported by the site on the hosting server.

Website hosting, what is it?

Website hosting is the service responsible for providing a website, application or service on the Internet, 24 hours a day.

Better website hosting will provide all the infrastructure needed for the website, blog or e-store to stay online, with as few disruptions as possible and a high standard of physical and logical security.

Website hosting, despite being so-called, can also be used to host blogs, virtual stores and other types of services.

In many cases, companies offer specific hosting for the blogging segment.

Usually, the hosting WordPress has some optimizations directed to this application.

Hosting is the heart of the site. Therefore, it is responsible for making the site work properly. Better website hosting provides everything it takes to put a website on the air and allow people to access it from anywhere in the world. It also offers several very useful tools to manage your site easily.

Why Choose Better Website Hosting?

As previously stated, hosting is the heart of your website. One must keep this in mind when hiring this kind of service for your website.

Comparison with a vital organ like the heart is perfectly suitable as it really is web hosting that needs to do the job of keeping your site running in perfect condition. And without hosting nothing works on your site, nothing at all.

For starters it is worth remembering that it is the hosting service that keeps your site online, thus allowing people to access it. And if the hosting fails, your site goes offline (unreachable) and that’s pretty bad.

Not only is it bad from the point of view of the user that has difficulty accessing your website, but it is bad also in the viewpoint of SEO. Searchers hate slow or falling sites often.

And slow and falling sites are often very common problems in these low-quality web hosting sites. This is because usually the servers of these bad companies are poorly managed and often more hosts are also hosted than the server.

They do this of course intentionally to reduce costs. Obviously, with better website hosting you will not have that kind of problem.

This article does not aim to make you hire an expensive website hosting. In fact, it is good to stress that price and quality go in opposite directions at times (remembering that there is no direct relationship between price and quality).

And to our happiness, the best web hosting sites are often even cheaper than those low-quality services that are almost always more expensive.

Most used applications in website hosting

We want to help you choose the best platform according to the needs of your site. Each project will require a specific application, be it a blog, website or virtual store. We will show you the main features of each of these applications to be used along with the best web hosting of your choice.

And also when they are most recommended so that you can choose the one that best suits your site. Website hosting is just a service that keeps your website online.

So besides website hosting, you need some application that will be responsible for managing the content of your website, blog or even a virtual store. These applications make management easier, but they also add a number of essential features and also give your site more secure.

Certainly, you will need one of these applications to use web hosting with all its potential in your site. We have put together the best applications on the market and also some important information about them.

In addition to indicating the best uses of these grant platforms, we will also help you identify the requirements for using them next to your site.

Every application is best availed in a particular type of project or website. And it’s precise with this best application that we’ll help you identify.

In addition to showing what needs to be evaluated when hiring a hosting website. This analysis of the best website hosting is important as it ensures that the chosen application makes your site work properly.


With more than 15 years of existence, this is the most popular content manager on the whole internet. It can be used on a number of site types and is quite flexible. You can create from simple websites to complex virtual stores. WordPress is a better and more complete site manager that has several essential features and also gives more security to your site.

WordPress is extremely popular, it is used by millions of websites, blogs and virtual stores around the world.

The vast majority of people who intend to create a website or blog install WordPress next to a better website hosting.

Despite being called a content manager, it goes far beyond that.

There are thousands of plugins for WordPress that add a lot of functionality and allows, for example, to turn it into a virtual store or complete forum system. In addition, it also has extensions that add extra functionality to the site, improve SEO or add more security, for example. With the installation of plugins, the possibilities are almost endless in WordPress.

Recommended for: Blogs, Sites and Small and medium-sized virtual stores.

How WordPress Actually Works Behind the Scenes (Infographic)


Although it is a plugin for WordPress, it deserves prominence because it is simply fantastic. WooCommerce is an open source plugin that opens up a world of possibilities.

It turns WordPress into a complete virtual shop full of essential features to build a successful e-commerce site.

Due to the characteristic simplicity of WordPress and the great popularity of CMS, WooCommerce quickly became very popular. He is the most suitable for who will set up a virtual store. Currently, millions of virtual stores are created using WordPress thanks to this fantastic plugin.

The best part is to easily find plugins that add even more functionality to WordPress, WooCommerce and therefore your online store. It is possible for example to have a virtual store fully compatible with the freight calculation of the Post Office just installing a plugin in a few clicks. There are thousands of plugins that add even more functionality to WooCommerce and make your virtual store even better and more complete than the competition.

Recommended for: Small to medium-sized virtual stores.


This is undoubtedly the best and also the most complete platform to create a virtual store. It has all the necessary features to have a complete virtual store and hit head-on with great e-commerce sites.

Magento has everything your virtual store needs and more. There are several tools and resources that are found only on platforms specifically targeted at e-commerce.

It is the most popular online trading platform on the planet. With the installation of modules (similar to WordPress plugins) your virtual store is raised to a better level. It is possible to install modules that make the store compatible with the Post Office or enable payment for tickets for example. There are thousands of free and paid modules at your disposal that make your virtual store even better.

Magento is today the best option for those who want to build a medium or large virtual store. But he also has bad points. It takes better web hosting for Magento to work properly. Because it is a much more complete tool, Magento requires more features of website hosting.

Recommended for: medium and large stores.

Look this quick guide, The information helps you to know why  Magento is helpful for Stores website.

What is the best hosting for your project in three steps

Each website and project will have specific needs and best suit a particular website or plan hosting. There is no rule, you need to do an analysis of the needs of your site to find the best service and website hosting plan for your project. While for a project a particular website hosting is the best option, for another type of website may not be so better.

By reconciling your needs with better website hosting you can save good money on hosting websites. But in addition, with the ideal service, you can get the most out of your site and still avoid a headache with something that does not fully meet your needs. Of course, if your website has any specific need to use any program on website hosting or some other special need, you should also put this in the tip of the pencil.

It is easy to assess whether website hosting will suit your needs well. The vast majority of people who are looking for our site just want a website hosting to install WordPress or some virtual store management system. In these cases it is quite simple, just answer the following questions to choose a better website hosting for your project.

What is your project type?

The type of your website or project will influence in hiring the best website hosting. It is possible to have a website, blog or even virtual store hosted on any hosting server. But it is important to avoid a headache, take into account the type of design and some important features of it. This prevents your site from being blown away by incompatibility or lack of resources.

What is going to be hosted on the server is determining when choosing website hosting. As stated earlier, each plan and service has some distinct characteristics. That is, a website hosting can be great for your project, while other website hosting or plan may not suit well the needs of your site.

If you want to create a virtual store you need to think about the SSL certificate for your site. In addition, it should be borne in mind that virtual store systems tend to be more “heavy” because they often process a lot of information in real time.

This means that to host a medium or large virtual store you need to think seriously about moving on to the next step of shared hosting – that is, think about better web hosting or even resort to Cloud, VPS or Dedicated hosting.

How many sites do you want to host?

This is the first question to be answered. It is crucial to choose the ideal service for your site, and in addition, it can guarantee a good economy at the end of the month. Each website hosting company has plans and services with different characteristics. Some services allow more or fewer sites (domains).

If you need to host more than one domain – that is, more than one site – you can do so on a single site hosting. When we talk about websites it also includes blogs and virtual stores. It is possible for example to have a website and a virtual store on the same website hosting account. The advantage is the clear savings and the ease of administering only one hosting account.

Let’s say you need to host 2 or more sites, there is no need to hire multiple website hosting services. The best way to save money is to give preference to services that allow more than 1 domain in the same hosting account. Depending on the contracted shared hosting plan it is possible to host 5 … 10 sites on the same website hosting account quietly. And if it were to pay for a hosting service for each site ─ in the case of those companies that allow only one domain per account ─ the cost would be infinitely higher. In our ranking of the best hosting sites are several companies that support more than one domain.

Do not forget to follow our recommendation of up to 60 thousand monthly visits in case of shared website hosting. In the case of having multiple sites, the ideal is that the sum of all sites hosted on the same hosting account does not exceed this limit. In the section where we talked about the types of web hosting, we explained that the number of visits supported may be even higher in some cases.

How many visits do you intend to receive?

Overall, if you are starting your business now the number of visits will be low. So the concern about the number of visits is small. But if you already have a well-established website and are looking for a new hosting for your site you will need to take into account the high number of visits to the site.

Every website hosting has its characteristics, we even get tired of repeating it. But generally, this is not taken into account. One shared hosting can support more hits than another. That is, some services are actually better than others. This is due to the characteristics and limitations imposed on web hosting.

Therefore, to host a website with a high number of visits ─ above 30 thousand visits per month for reference ─ need to worry about hiring a website hosting. I’m sure no one ever told you that, right? Of course, when hiring one of the best hosting sites in our ranking will not have problems with this.

Let’s face it, whoever is setting up a website, blog or online store will probably only need to worry about the number of hits from here a long time. So focus on hiring better quality web hosting that meets your needs. All of the ranking companies are sure to suit your site well, even if it receives a high number of high hits as previously mentioned.

Look this quick guide, The information helps you to you choose an ideal plan to host your website as per the needs.

What to do after hiring a web host

Assuming you have already chosen and hired the best website hosting we have listed. Now is the time to take the next step. Rest assured, we’ll help you create a successful website, blog or e-store. For this, you need to follow the next steps to create your site.

Hiring a better hosting of sites is only one of the steps to be followed. Now you have to think about the site itself. Do not you just want a page with no right content? So you need to take the next steps to have a successful website on the internet.

Choosing and installing the site platform

This is the moment that your site begins to come to life. If you have not opted for these site builders, you will need to install a platform on your website hosting. This “platform” is the heart of your site, it allows you to manage all the content of the site in an easy and fast way.

To create a simple website with only a few pages in HTML obviously, do not have to resort there is a platform. But this is certainly not the best option. The vast majority of people here will need a good platform to manage the content and be able to do a better job of SEO on your site.

In most cases, a platform is needed to manage and facilitate the insertion of large amounts of content on the sites. Technically speaking, it is not necessary to use these platforms, but they offer a series of facilities and resources that are indispensable and bring improvements to your site.

It is necessary to keep in mind that your site needs to be better than that of the competitor to succeed. So it is very important to have a platform compatible with your needs and also better hosting of websites.

It was the time when it was possible to create a successful website with only simple HTML. Now to beat the competition you need to have the best tools on hand to do a good SEO job. This is only one reason to use some of these best platforms. There are several benefits, they offer a number of advantages over simple websites stored in HTML files.

In practice, these platforms make your life easier and allow you to manage your site easily. You can add a number of important features just by installing plugins – which can be done in just a few seconds – and also easily add new content to your site.

That is, you need to choose a better platform for your site. In the present times, they are the mandatory requirement for the success of the sites. Now let’s talk a little about the best platforms to use along with the best website hosting that you have hired.
Platforms based on project type:

• Blogs ─ This type of project almost always uses WordPress, because it facilitates the insertion of new posts and also offer a series of resources that allow organizing the content in categories, tags and etc.
• Sites – The sites usually also use WordPress (almost everyone uses it!). But there are other options like using a site creator that offers a proprietary platform of the company or build using its own platform (or just with HTML files, without using platforms, but I think this is not an option né 😊).
• Virtual stores─ Overall, small and medium-sized stores use WooCommerce ─ which is a plugin that turns your WordPress into a complete virtual store, as mentioned earlier. In the case of larger virtual stores or in need of some more complex features, the best option ends up being the Magento platform.

Installing these platforms on site hosting can usually be done in a few clicks. Website hosting companies often offer tools in the control panel to install a number of applications for blogs, websites and virtual stores. This makes the installation process very simple and practical, but how to install changes according to the chosen website hosting.

Creating quality content

A successful website needs to have quality content. It is necessary to think of something that is attractive and at the same time a popular subject for your site.

In addition to creating something of quality, be concerned about investing in content that has good demand.

When dealing with popular issues the trend is that it has a large number of competitors already established long ago.

However, by creating better content that is different, attractive, and of quality, it is possible to succeed with your website or blog.

It’s easy to remember, create unique content, written by yourself or someone competent in the service. Under no circumstances pull content from other websites to put on your site. In addition to setting up plagiarism, it is impossible to build such a successful website because Google and other search engines hate plagiarized content.

In the case of a virtual store, the content ends up being mainly the product pages. One tip for anyone who has a virtual store is to create a blog inside the virtual store talking about some of the products sold, tips for use and purchase. This way you avoid having only content that is usually copied from other sites as it happens with the product description.

Another tip for anyone who wants to create a virtual store is to insert a comment section on the product page. In addition to contributing to the increase in conversion (whenever positive, of course), they also help your site to have unique content. Another better strategy for having unique content is to add an FAQ section or even the option for customers to get questions about the product right there on the page.

These tips are very important so that your virtual store has unique content. Following these tips and best practices will surely get you ahead of the competition and be greatly benefit from SEO (Search Engine Optimization). Consequently, you will have more visits to your store and more sales as well.

Social Media Disclosure

The numbers are impressive, there are more than 127 million Brazilians who access Facebook every month. It is evident that the forces of social networks should not be overlooked. And it’s perfectly possible to target those users in order to attract a truly interested audience to what your site has to offer.

A great strategy to grow quickly on social networks invest in sponsored campaigns. Paying too much can attract a large number of people to your page or to your website/blog / virtual store. Social media requires high investments. On Facebook, the cost per Lead is usually much lower than in other places like Google.

The best strategy for using social media in your favor is to create a page on Facebook, Twitter, and other vehicles to deliver quality content and create engagement with potential customers. When one has shareable content the engagement is surprisingly large and brings a lot of popularity to the page. It is not necessary to resort to paid advertising to become popular, just use this method.

other places like Google.

The best strategy for using social media in your favor is to create a page on Facebook, Twitter, and other vehicles to deliver quality content and create engagement with potential customers. When one has shareable content the engagement is surprisingly large and brings a lot of popularity to the page. It is not necessary to resort to paid advertising to become popular, just use this method.

Optimizing for search engines

With a highly targeted audience that delivers top-quality leads, search traffic ends up being the focus of the vast majority of sites.

Who dominates the search market is Google so this ends up being the focus of traffic of websites, blogs, and virtual stores.

To be positioned among the first sites and get good traffic is essential to invest in SEO. Search engine optimization is a very complex and comprehensive subject. But it is indispensable to know more about it so that you can have a successful website. SEO today is the best way to get a high number of targeted visits to your site.

SEO is undoubtedly one of the most important traffic sources that end up being the focus of most website owners. And SEO is several techniques that should be used day by day and also that should be taken into consideration in choosing the platform and the best web hosting.

The quality of website hosting has yes influences on the SEO work of the website. Therefore you need to choose a better-hosting site to avoid any kind of problem with the SEO of the site. But in addition, you need to choose a platform that allows you to do a good job of SEO with your site.

Knowing the features of website hosting

Find out more about the features that can be found in the services offered by the best website hosting on the market. It is important to know each of these resources and thus be able to hire the service that best meets the needs of your site.

SSL certificate

Until a short time ago the secure technology (HTTPS) was something very rare in the sites. Sites in HTTP ─ considered insecure today ─ were the absolute majority in the whole internet. 
But with all the recent concern that involved spying the NSA on ordinary people, Google and other big companies have begun to recommend using HTTPS technology on all sites. 
With this, site owners are practically being forced to adopt this new, safer protocol with their website hosting. However, an SSL certificate is required to use this technology that encrypts the data and prevents unauthorized persons from accessing the information exchanged between the site server and the user computer. 
Only with this certificate is it possible to use HTTPS on your site. In view of the recent changes in the Chrome browser – which displays “Not secure” information when browsing sites without HTTPS / SSL support – it is strongly recommended to use SSL on your site. But calm, you do not have to buy an SSL certificate for your site. 
There are free solutions that allow you to use HTTPS on your site easily without paying for an SSL certificate. In addition to the Let’s Encrypt ─ which depends on the hosting sites support ─ there is also the CloudFlare which is compatible with all the best-ranked website hosting companies which allow adding HTTPS technology without the need for additional payments.
In addition, the best website hosting indicated by us and also other companies in the ranking are offering free certificates. This way you can offer your site users better protection and privacy without spending any more for that. 
And it is much better to have a certificate of the website hosting itself. The process of using SSL on the site becomes simpler since it lacks the need to make additional installations or configurations on the site hosting server.


To facilitate the administration of the hosting service of sites and also to make it more secure and democratic, the hosting of sites use cPanel. With it, the administration of your website hosting can be done without the need to interact with the server operating system.

Switching to kids, cPanel allows you to add email accounts, switch PHP version, install WordPress, Magento and dozens of other scripts. All this through a friendly and intuitive Web interface that runs on your browser. Dispensing thus the need to have technical knowledge in the operating system (OS) of the server, since everything is done through the cPanel of the hosting of sites.

CPanel can be summarized as a Swiss Army Knife with a number of tools that allow you to easily manage your site. It is possible through it to add or remove the database, enable or disable server resources. And a host of other modifications that allow you to customize your website hosting according to your needs.

It would be very difficult for lay users to administer the hosting if it were not for those panels. Thanks to these panels, you do not even have to know what the “sudo” command is, or any other commands used via the Linux command line to administer a site hosting server. Everything is done through a cute interface directly in the browser in these companies of our ranking of better web hosting.

Own Management cPanel

Not all hosting companies use cPanel as the service administration panel. Some companies, for the sake of cost reduction or even customization, create their own management panels.

This is not a disadvantage, it will suit your taste and needs of your site. The difference is that these panels created by the web hosting companies themselves often offer few options compared to tools such as cPanel. As often less is more, a panel itself may be the best option. For someone with little experience with management of website hosting services, these panels can be an advantage.

Because they often have fewer features and tools, the panels themselves simplify service utilization and may even be a better option. But calm, a hosting of sites with own panel is not always something bad or leaves something to be desired. Generally, these hosting companies panels very well meet the needs of the vast majority of users.

Disk Space / Storage

This is the space available to store the scripts, images and other files that make up your site. Certain web site hosting companies also count database files and email accounts in disk space. While other site hosting accounts separately for these files, depending on the policy of hosting contracted sites.

Usually, the disk space offered by the best web hosting is more than enough. Some services even offer 100 GB ─ as is the case with some of the best web hosting of our ranking. However, the vast majority of sites use less than half of this 1 GB of disk space. Sometimes they do not even use 10% of the disk storage capacity available in the plan.

For this reason, the limit of disk space is not a problem for most people. Who will use website hosting just to store the scripts, images and other files from the site do not have to worry so much about disk space? In this case, any one of our best website hosting ranking company will suit your needs very much.

However, there is a small portion of clients that need to hire a hosting of sites with large storage capacity. Some people store a large number of heavy files, such as images, videos, and backups, on their website hosting servers. Usually, these people need to worry about choosing one of the best web hosting sites that offer a larger disk space to meet their needs.

Services with unlimited disk space are increasingly rare, but the space offered by the companies in our ranking of the best hosting is probably enough for those people who need a lot of space for their sites.


Most of the companies in our ranking of the best hosting of sites have unlimited monthly traffic. This is very good because it will never be a problem to go beyond this limit and keep the website off the air. Some people are unaware of what transfer or monthly traffic means. And the best way to hire better website hosting is by knowing the deepest web hosting services.

It is very important to clarify how the monthly traffic limit works if you opt for a website hosting without unlimited traffic. Each time you access your site, dozens of files and data are transferred from the server to the user’s computer. All such transfers are accounted for and discounted from the monthly traffic limit (in the case of companies where it is limited of course).

Let’s say your site has 1 MB in files (HTML, CSS, JavaScript, images, etc.) Each time you access the site, the amount of the traffic limit will be deducted (1 MB), of course, some sites are heavier, , this will depend on the amount of information and files downloaded by the site. It is usually transferred between 800 KB and 2 MB on each page, however, if it has many heavy images this value can increase to 2 … 3 MB per site access. When choosing a website hosting with unlimited monthly traffic you do not have to worry about doing this account.

Site Builder

Website creators are platforms that allow anyone to create their own website or virtual store with a customizable design. Generally, drag-and-drop style tools allow you to create a website in minutes. Hundreds or even thousands of ready-made templates are available that can be edited to create custom websites.

They are an alternative to the popular WordPress platform. These site creators have the advantage of allowing sites or virtual stores with a highly customizable appearance. And you do not need to know anything about programming, everything is done through intuitive and easy-to-use interfaces. You do not even need to be a programmer or have the technical expertise to build your site with these tools.

It is very easy to use the site creator offered by the best web hosting. With few clicks, it puts your website on the air with an even better look than the one offered by WordPress.

One of the disadvantages is the inability to migrate the site to another platform if you want to switch to better website hosting. Unlike WordPress, which is a free platform and used by several companies, the site creation platforms belong to the web hosting company itself and cannot be migrated to other companies.


Databases allow the storage of large amounts of information in an orderly manner. In the case of web hosting service, they allow you to store data and content of the platform used by your site.

WordPress, Magento, Drupal, phpBB and thousands of other platforms need to store information in the website hosting database. For example, WordPress needs the MySql database to work. All of the above companies offer MySql (or MariaDB) and have full support for WordPress.

Now for those who want to use other platforms you need to check first if your website hosting has the database compatible with this platform. But overall this is not a problem at all. Unless you want to use some old or own platform on your site that needs special features for the correct operation.

Email Accounts

If you wish to have an e-mail type ” ” or ” “, you must verify that your website hosting offers e-mail accounts. If you need many e-mail accounts – ie multiple e-mail addresses – make sure the company offers a total number of e-mails or enough e-mail storage space to meet your needs.

Most Important Factors When Choosing a Best From a Website Hosting

If you do not have much familiarity with this type of service should be lost in relation to what to analyze in hosting of sites. For this reason, we will give some tips on what should be evaluated when researching the best website hosting. These are the most important factors that should be taken into account. Of course, we’ve already analyzed all this when we set up our rankings, but we’re here to help you make your own assessment of the best website hosting too.


Performance is an important factor that should be analyzed when hiring the best website hosting. Sites performing well stand out from slow sites.

And let’s agree, everyone, hates slow websites that take too long to load. Even Google hates sites like this, so analyzing the performance of the hosting service is important for several reasons including SEO.


Instability and hosting of sites are an explosive combination (Google who says;)). So to avoid having problems with your site (and neither with Google) it is advisable to hire a better website hosting. Neither you nor the visitor to your site will benefit from a poor hosting service that leaves your site unstable, crashing all the time or varying the time for loading.

Uptime / Availability

Another factor that needs to be looked at carefully is the uptime promised by the hosting company. Uptime refers to the minimum time that they guarantee the hosting server running websites. It is important that the company specify the contract uptime guarantee.

The company that guarantees an uptime of 99.9% ─ which is the minimum amount we recommend for a website hosting service ─ may leave your site for a maximum of 3 hours and 37 minutes unavailable every month. If it exceeds this amount and is provided in a contract, you are entitled to receive a discount for the downtime of your site. The uptime rule is valid in case of server problems.

Errors caused by the user ─ such as scripting failures or configuration problems ─ are disregarded from the server’s downtime of the hosting sites. Only when the site becomes unavailable due to failures in the provision of hosting service does the uptime guarantee come into play.

Technical support

Whenever you have any difficulty with the service or some demand you will need to count with the service team of the hosting company.

For this reason, it is important that it offers quality technical support that is agile and efficient at the same time.

It is also important to check if the company supports you in Portuguese. You can pay dearly if you need a service and find that the support speaks another language. Even if the company has a Portuguese site, it may happen that it does not offer support in our language. That is why it is so important to check the language of the support before hiring the service.

Important Tips For Choosing Your First Web Hosting

Who is new in this universe of hosting sites probably do not know what to analyze. That’s why we’ve separated the top tips that will help you hire your first and best website hosting. As you may have noticed, website hosting is very important so it is imperative to follow these tips to hire the best web hosting.

Shared hosting varies by company

Each service and site hosting plan has its peculiarities. We are not just talking about the price difference, some features change according to the company and chosen plan. Certain services offer a greater amount of memory, for example, thus allowing your site to support a greater number of accesses. It is important to note that all companies in our ranking offer a good amount of memory for your site.

The number of domains supported and other features of the service also influence the ability of the best website hosting. Companies that have resource isolation, for example, have a greater chance of your website being off the air in case of peak access.

Isolated resources – usually memory is limited by the client – prevent your site from consuming more than a certain amount. That is, in practice companies that have resource isolation limit the amount of memory your site can use.

In practice, resource isolation is effective in preventing your site from being compromised by other sites hosted on the same server. The problem is if your site is what “harms” other customers. In this case, a site load failure will occur if it exceeds this memory limit set by the site hosting company.

Hosting x SEO: Check to host performance

Performance is important of course, no one wants your website taking too long to load. Neither your site visitor nor search engines like slow websites. To provide a good user browsing experience you need a fast website with the shortest possible loading time. It is necessary to hire
the best hosting of sites, besides having a well-optimized website,.

Only with better website hosting can you perform well for your site’s users. Even if your site is very well optimized, with cache plugins and everything else, it necessarily needs a better web site hosting to load quickly.

Quick sites make users happier and spend more time on your page. So it is better to hire a good web hosting to make them happy. And it is only with a better website hosting will you be able to offer a fast website. Keep in mind that faster sites not only improve the user experience, but can also increase your revenue, whether with advertising or conversions, depending on how your site monetizes.

People want to find answers to their questions in the shortest time possible. Based on this in July this year, Google has released a speed update that prioritizes faster site search results on mobile devices. It is imperative to hire the better web hosting with this update from Google.

Research the company’s reputation

It is important to check on specialized websites like the Reclame Here’s reputation of website hosting company. Before hiring any website hosting you do not know to check the claim history. Do not just look at complaint numbers, focus on the customer’s note.

It should be taken into consideration that large companies tend to have a larger number of complaints. Smaller companies, with fewer customers, usually have fewer complaints.

For this reason, it is so important to evaluate the quality of the service itself and not just the number of calls/complaints.

Another suggestion is to access the official social media website hosting channels. The company pages on Facebook and Twitter are a great source of information on the company’s popularity.

In addition to checking the number of tanned, you can also analyze the comments and seek information about the positives and negatives of the service.

If you have complaints check whether the company acts actively to resolve customer demands.

Whenever you find complaints try to check how the website hosting company deals with the complaints.

Especially if it shows any interest in resolving that customer complaint.

Companies that fail to respond to complaints or do not give the correct treatment are discouraged.

Location of servers is not so important when they say

You’ve probably already read that the geographic location of the website hosting server is important. But this is only a great because in practice history is different.

It is true when they say that the server in Brazil will have a shorter response time.

But it turns out that this difference in response time, while large, in practice becomes almost irrelevant.

There are several factors that influence the loading time of a page. And the response time is just one of these factors.

The response time of a website hosted in the US can be up to 10 times greater compared to a website in Brazil.

But this response time, despite the big difference, will influence very little on the final loading time of the page.

Not for that reason will despise the location of the best website hosting servers, even because this exerts influence on your site. But it is so small that it is not necessary to stop hiring a website hosting because of this.

In fact, an externally hosted site can be even faster if you have a server with a higher processing capacity – which has far more influence on the load time than the network response time.

The best, of course, is a server in Brazil with good processing power and memory.

But there are exceptional cases where it is not recommended to stay abroad.

For example when using servers located in Australia, Japan, and some other countries the response time is much higher. For this reason, it is best to avoid hiring servers in these countries.

But do not worry, you will hardly find a hosting here in Brazil hosting your site in some of these countries mentioned. Of course, the ranking companies offer the best performing servers ever.

Look for companies that offer Money Back

You have to take into account that the service may be different from what you expected and want to give up the purchase. In this case, it is important to note that many hosting sites charge a fine in case of contractual termination. That is when hiring the service with an annual payment, when canceling before this 1 year they charge a fine over the remaining months.

However, several companies have a Money Back or Guaranteed Satisfaction policy as they call it. If you do not like the service or want to cancel for any reason, you are free to pay a penalty for a period of time, usually 1 week.

That is, you can test a better website hosting for 1 week (or as established by the company), if you do not like it and want to cancel, they give you back all your money. For this reason, it is important to verify that the contracted company offers a guaranteed satisfaction policy so that you can test the service with your site without risks.

This certainly gives an added peace of mind to anyone who is unsure or is still deciding which service to hire. The possibility of testing the service and cancel if you do not like it is very good, especially for those who are hiring their first website hosting. And several of the lodges in our ranking of better web hosting offer this possibility.

Frequently Asked Questions by Site Hosting Users

Here we separate the questions that are asked frequently when it comes to website hosting. Our goal goes far beyond indicating the best lodging. We also want to take all your doubts and make you an expert on the subject.

What is the best platform: Linux or Windows?

Before answering this question you need to understand what kind of application you want to use on your site. However, it is worth mentioning that hosting Linux sites is the best option for the vast majority of sites.

Some applications may even perform better on Linux servers, such as PHP – which is used by the vast majority of websites, especially those using WordPress and Joomla. PHP has superior performance because it is native to Linux.

If you use Windows at home you can rest easy as you will not have to deal directly with the server operating system. In the case of shared hosting, both Windows and Linux servers, all interaction with the server occurs through web interfaces (usually cPanel in Linux and Plesk in Windows) ─ specially created to facilitate the administration of the best website hosting.

Windows website hosting is indicated for those who need to use some of the Microsoft technologies on the server. They are ASP, C #, Microsoft Access, and Share Point. In Windows hosting, you can also use PHP, but it has some limitations. As you saw earlier, the PHP language works best on Linux servers. So anyone who plans to use PHP has no reason to hire a Windows hosting.

But do not worry so much about the platform, almost always the shared hosting uses the Linux platform for being compatible with the popular WordPress. You will hardly come across any Windows hosting unless you specifically search for them, which are usually more expensive and hard to find. All companies in our ranking offer Linux hosting.

See the comparative Windows vs Linux hosting.

Do I need to purchase a domain to use the hosting?

Yes. Shared hosting service requires a domain to access the site. Some companies offer a free domain when hiring hosting. You need to have some kind of domain to be able to access (and have) a clear website. These services offer free domains can be found in our ranking of the best hosting.

Some people believe that they only need to hire a hosting service, but it does not include a domain. Except in these companies that offer free domains. Since the domain is a fundamental part, it is the address that people will type in the browser to get to your website, blog or virtual store, it is necessary to have a domain.

It is important to remember that hosting companies only intermediate the purchase of the domain. In the case of Us, for example, you can buy domains direct with the hosts’ website ─ that is the entity responsible for administering and selling domains with the extension “.com and many other extensions” ─ and then using that domain purchased together with the contracted site hosting service.

How much does it cost to maintain a website?

The costs are relatively low compared to the benefits. It is much cheaper to maintain a website than a phone line for example. And look at the site offers endless possibilities. It may seem an unfair comparison, but we are talking about two ways of connecting with your customer. So let’s go to the costs of maintaining a website on the internet:

• Domain: Approximate cost of R $ 3.30 per month or R $ 40.00 / Year.
• Hosting: Approximate cost of R $ 12 / Month or R $ 144.00 / Year.

The total cost of R $ 184.00 per year or equivalent to R $ 15.33 per month. Important to remember that the domain is paid only annually and the hosting of sites can range from monthly to triennial, according to the website hosting company.

These are average costs. The actual value may be higher or lower. Hiring a service with an annual payment, for example, will achieve values well below those reported above ─ which was calculated by the average monthly cost to maintain a website.

What is the difference between a server and a computer?

If you are one of those people who think of hosting the website on your home computer you may forget this idea. Due to technical limitations, lack of infrastructure and for many other reasons, this is totally inadvisable. For example, your home will not have redundant links, protection against faults and a host of other important features. Only then is it possible to maintain an online site with the least interruptions?

Certainly, no one is going to create a website so it goes off the air often. So you need to invest in a professional website hosting to have a successful website. The cost of a quality website hosting service is so small that it does not pay for hosting at home, besides being technically unfeasible it.


Our best website hosting ranking was designed to go far beyond just showing the best companies on the market. But also take all the information necessary to hire a hosting, create and administer a website.

Our number # 1 goal is to have a successful website without hassles or harms due to bad choices. Only those who have ever felt on the skin what a bad hosting service knows how this is able to jeopardize your website or virtual store.

We want to bring you reliable information that allows you to choose the best hosting service for the lowest price possible. We are not here to offer expensive services and much less bad services in exchange for money from web hosting.

Due to our constant search for more transparency and quality, we would like to inform that we participate in the affiliate program of some of these companies. But this in no way influences our ability to judge the service of these companies. We are not sponsored by any hosting company.

The satisfaction of our readers is very important to us. For this reason, we can change our indication of best hosting at any time, add and remove companies from the ranking whenever we feel necessary to protect our readers or inform about changes in the hosting market.

We are not a website hosting company. And we do not work and will never work for any website hosting. We are an independent portal. And our commitment is to the readers who access our site daily in search of information about hosting and creation of sites.

We only indicate the companies that we believe are the best in the market so our readers can enjoy quality service and without headaches or risks.

It is impossible to analyze all the companies in the market. There are hundreds of thousands of hosting companies offering websites. For this reason, we have selected for analysis the main ones of the market through the number of clients and their visibility in the Brazilian market. In case of doubts, we are available through the contact form.

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