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Best Toothpaste for Cavities 2019- LookUp May Best Picks‎

Best Toothpaste for Cavities 2019- Fair Choices in Review


Are you need Best Toothpaste for Cavities to improve your oral health. So good news for you. You come to the right place.

What is the problem or the most problematic dental threat you have faced?

I can imagine people who are already answering a common response saying “Dental cavities”. Most of the general mass does not know what causes this.

All we know is that cavities mean deep holes in our teeth. To avoid being beaten by them, people tell others to regulate their eating habits. While the regulation of diet helps, it does not completely negate the threat of tooth decay (also known as tooth decay).

Thus, people seek professional help. And … spend hundreds of dollars on the process. What would happen if I could offer a cheaper but effective solution? Get your wallet and spend a few dollars on getting the best toothpaste for tooth decay.

These products do a wonderful job in protecting teeth against the imminent attack of caries. Are you looking for ideas on where to start? I have the perfect “Product List” and an online “Buying Guide” for you. Have a look!

Top 7 Toothpaste for Cavities – Comparison Table

Product Name & BrandTasteSizeOur RatingPrice
3M ESPE 12117 ClinproVanilla mint4.9 OZ4.7Check price
Crest Cavity Protection ToothpasteCool Mint6.4 OZ4.5Check price
Sensodyne ToothpasteMint4.0 OZ4.6Check price
Aquafresh Cavity Protection TubeCool Mint5.6 OZ4.4Check price
CariFree CTx4 Gel 1100Mint1.6 OZ4.1Check price
Closys ToothpasteGentle Mint3.4 OZ4.5Check price
Oxyfresh ToothpastePeppermint5.0 OZ4.3Check price

Best Toothpaste for Cavities – Products that I favor

A toothpaste will cost you 10 to 20 dollars at best. Because it is a “fruit that hangs a little,” people often think that buying one is a piece of cake.

I have seen some who choose a product at random every time they go shopping.

While there are many brands of toothpaste, only a handful can reach the top. This section represents some of the best brands that people can trust without thinking too much.

3M ESPE 12117 Clinpro Tooth Crème


Cinpro has been manufacturing toothpaste for a while and this is special for many of the users. According to the manufacture of the toothpaste, you have a TCP formula to deal with. Specifically, people come to have calcium and phosphate.

Oh yes, there is 21% sodium fluoride too. Now, I know that many of you will not like the idea that calcium coexists with fluoride ions. Under normal circumstances, they can not. But manufacturers twisted things by giving calcium a protective barrier so they could do it.

Therefore, you can brush your teeth so well. Also, these are ingredients that you will find in your saliva. Therefore, this toothpaste is very natural. This small tube of toothpaste (Read toothpaste) helps you fight cavities. People will not have to complain that toothpaste creates difficulties for the mouth and teeth.

One has fluoride to trust in a moment of crisis. That too, sodium fluoride. It is the most effective to prevent acids and all bacteria from damaging the teeth. It is very soft for the teeth and the surrounding environment inside the mouth.

The Cinpro 12117 comes with refreshing vanilla and mint flavor. One will no longer complain that his mouth smells bad. Cleans cavities prevent cavities and keep the mouth cool at the same time.

Oh, do not amalgamate Cinpro 5000 and this one. These are two types of toothpaste with different sets of benefits. For example, this repairs the demented enamel of your teeth.

What I Like about the Toothpaste
  • The formula is left at home. Obtains calcium, phosphate and sodium fluoride.
  • This toothpaste repairs the damaged exterior of your teeth along with the prevention of caries and cavities.
  • Calcium and fluoride ions have a protective barrier between them to help them coexist.
  • Sodium fluoride makes people’s teeth stronger and more resistant to external threats.
  • People will love the refreshing vanilla and mint flavor of 3M ESPE 12117 Cinpro toothpaste.
What I don’t Like about the Toothpaste
  • Swallowing toothpaste can be fatal for users.
  • Few of the users may have problems with the percentage of sodium fluoride in this product

Crest Cavity Protection Liquid Gel Toothpaste


I like “gel-like” toothpaste as it spreads rapidly to every corner of my mouth.

Crest Cavity Protection toothpaste has a liquid gel texture. The fact that interests me is its ability to protect teeth from the first day.

Its regular use gives the user a fresh feeling throughout the day.

Not only that, regular use allows you to develop a protective layer around the teeth. This layer protects the teeth from cavities.

Instead of treating the symptoms, prevent them from appearing.

Yes, Crest toothpaste uses fluoride in manufacturing. Before jumping to the shark, manufacturers used a paraben-free formula to keep us safe. This formula also does not contain phthalates.

Just to be safe, use this product on any member of your family who is at least 13 years old or older. We all have weak spots and sensitive areas in and around our teeth.

The point of using a “cavity protection” toothpaste is to protect these areas. Crest impeccably does what it is supposed to do. It also strengthens these points.

Many of us suffer the recoil of the gums and the exposed roots of our teeth. Crest Liquid Gel toothpaste protects these roots as well. Thanks to the RDA number of 95, people with sensitive gums can also feel safe.

You can forget to bleed your teeth from now on! I almost forgot to tell you that this toothpaste has a “mint” flavor.

Apart from that, it comes with a big tube. A tube can last more than a month depending on how often people brush their teeth.

What I Like about the Toothpaste
  • This toothpaste comes in a large tube that lasts more than a month.
  • Crest Liquid Gel toothpaste protects teeth from decay while strengthening them.
  • This product takes care of the exposed roots of people’s teeth making them stronger.
  • Crest Liquid Gel has an RDA number of 95. People with sensitive gums can feel comfortable with this.
  • You will enjoy the refreshing mint flavor of this toothpaste.
What I don’t Like about the Toothpaste
  • Some people thought that the flavor of “Mint” is too soft for their taste.

Sensodyne Toothpaste for Cavity Prevention


Where to start with Sensodyne? This is a brand that everyone is familiar with.

People have used this brand of toothpaste or have heard about it on television.

This is the main brand of doctors in toothpaste that recommend reducing sensitivity.

Oh, and it protects you from cavities too. This is a brand that almost all dentists endorse.

Why? Well, you have potassium nitrate as part of this toothpaste. It helps reduce the sensitivity in your tooth. Brush regularly with it and you will not find your teeth tingling after every meal. Sensodyne is the best toothpaste for tooth decay in my book.

This product contains fluoride (sodium fluoride) only for that purpose. The manufacturers had him fight against plaque and tartar buildup as well. You do not believe me.

Just use it while brushing for two weeks and see for yourselves! It does not stop after protecting our teeth from decay and plaque. Sensodyne also does a great job taking care of the gums.

It prevents the gums from receding when protecting the line. Sensodyne is manufactured in the United States. People who still doubt their quality (if there is one) should be calm now.

It is a brand that everyone in your house can use. Yes, even people with diabetes can use this thing. Before you get scared, this little toothpaste has no sugar. I am not a defender of its flavor.

No matter how your words are sweetened, this product does not taste good. Remember, it is a medicinal product. If medicine knows well, it does not work (my philosophy).

What I Like about the Toothpaste
  • Sensodyne saves you some money since it comes in a pack of two with each tube weighing 4 oz.
  • This toothpaste contains fluoride among the ingredients that protect people against tooth decay.
  • It is a recognized brand that also helps with the sensitivity of the teeth thanks to potassium nitrate.
  • Dentists recommend Sensodyne at every opportunity they have without batting an eyelash.
  • It even whitens teeth, combating the plaques and the accumulation of tartar on them and between the gum lines.
What I don’t Like about the Toothpaste
  • With Sensodyne, do not expect immediate results. You will have to wait two weeks.
  • The taste of this toothpaste is nothing to fascinate.

Aquafresh Cavity Protection Tube Cool Mint


A toothpaste in a 5.6-ounce tube? Yes sir! Three tubes of toothpaste in a pack?

Yes sir! I’m talking about Aquafresh Cavity Protection Tube Toothpaste.

As expected, it protects users from caries invasions. With regular use, you can see that your teeth become stronger than before as well. I waited! The protection of the cavity needs fluoride to be present in the toothpaste. Is not that dangerous?

My answer would be, no. The Aquafresh guys put only 0.15% fluoride in the mix. This is not at all harmful to the enamel of your teeth. In fact, ingredients such as sorbitol, silica, and water numb the effects of fluoride so that they do not cause any damage to the teeth and mouth.

Just to be sure, use the product as indicated on the package. Remember, it is not suitable for people under 2 years of age. One thing that intrigued me about this product is that the manufacturers claim that it is effective against sugar acids.

For anyone with yellowish teeth, Aquafresh is a blessing. Not only that, toothpaste also benefits the gums. Brushing twice a day will make the gums stronger than before. Aquafresh does everything possible to ensure a fresh breath for users by offering the “mint” flavor.

Combine this with the effects of fluoride and you will have a combination that will work throughout the day to keep bacteria and plaque at bay. Oh, I rhymed!

For those of you who are more cautious, this toothpaste brand does not contain gluten in any way, shape or form. People will not find any animal derivatives either. This remains good for almost 3 years.

What I Like about the Toothpaste
  • The Aquafresh toothpaste convinced me with the percentage of fluoride and the protection system of the cavity.
  • This toothpaste protects the gums of users and strengthens their teeth due to continuous use.
  • Aquafresh scares the breath thanks to its refreshing mint flavor that I really enjoy.
  • I did not see traces of gluten in the list of ingredients in this product. Its useful life is impressive.
  • You can count on it to stay in good condition for at least three years.
What I don’t Like about the Toothpaste
  • To be honest, I did not find anything wrong with this product.

CariFree CTx4 Gel 1100, Dentist Recommended, Anti-Cavity


If you are paying attention, there is too much information only in the title of the product. My next candidate for the best toothpaste for tooth decay also has a mint flavor.

People who have not yet tasted the “Mint” flavor should get on the train since the product balances it quite well.

So how does CariFree CTx4 Gel 1100 achieve this incredible feat? First, use sodium fluoride.

Yes, the edible type. The manufacturers maintain the fluoride percentage at an historic minimum of only 0.24%! Therefore, fluoride does not cause harm to users’ teeth in any way.

In addition to having fluoride in the mix, C7x4 Gel 1100 comes with Xylitol. For people who do not know, “xylitol” further hinders the growth of cavity bacteria by reducing the formation of acid in the mouth. In addition, this ingredient is useful for stopping plates in their tracks.

This small toothpaste balances the pH levels inside your mouth. Many do not think much, but the ideal level of pH helps useful bacteria grow in a supportive environment. In addition, it causes the bacteria that cause decay to become completely extinct.

While maintaining the pH in a manageable proportion, this toothpaste also uses bioavailable Nanohydroxyapatite.

This complex thing that you are finding difficult to pronounce contributes to a noble cause. This component supplies “very necessary” minerals to your teeth and strengthens them.

Of course, to make sure that the product works properly and has time to work with your teeth, you should brush twice a day (at least) with it.

People would need a pea-sized amount to make it work. Do not forget that this toothpaste will last about a month with the amount you are using.

What I Like about the Toothpaste
  • This toothpaste has a low amount of sodium fluoride that does not represent any damage to the teeth.
  • Xylitol reduces the formation of bacteria and counteracts the plates for a white set of teeth for users.
  • The bioavailable nanohydroxyapatite allows this product to strengthen the teeth with minerals.
  • Brushing twice a day with CariFree CTx4 Gel 1100 allows permanent protection.
  • The subtle “mint” flavor will certainly please users looking for fresh breath.
What I don’t Like about the Toothpaste
  • Few of the users consider that the tube is too small and expensive for its size.

Closys Fluoride Toothpaste


When we arrived at the penultimate member of my list, we found a Closys product.

“I love” this addition because Closys does not contain sulfate. Despite what has been announced, a toothpaste with sulfate can cause your gums to swell and cause pain.

Closys closes the risk by not including that ingredient at all. People often do badly when it comes to using a toothpaste. With CloSYS, one has to floss first. After that, brushing at a 45 degree angle is fine. Use the best electric toothbrush you can get.

After that, rinse with water for a minute or so. Do not eat or drink for half an hour until this wonderful product sets the pH levels inside the mouth. This prevents the accumulation of acid inside and keeps the tooth enamel safe from cavities.

Like all previous brands of toothpaste, it also has fluoride here. But the percentage is low compared to other ingredients present here. One thing to keep in mind is that I did not feel any irritation in my gums after using CloSYS.

I examined it and found no abrasive agent in the product. It is safe to say that drinks or cold or hot foods will not harm your teeth if you are using this toothpaste.

In addition, it has some polishing agents that are soft in the mouth. They help keep teeth in good shape. As a result, this CloSYS toothpaste also does not contain alcohol.

Therefore, you will not face the dreaded “burn” sensation that most tooth products leave you with. By virtue of not having alcohol, CloSys toothpaste does not burn the mouth in any way.

What I Like about the Toothpaste
  • CloSYS does not contain alcohol that causes a burning sensation in the gums.
  • It is surprisingly softer towards the line of your teeth and gums than most of your competitors.
  • Did I mention that this product does not contain gluten? CloSYS is safe for people with allergic reactions.
  • The formula normalizes pH balance in your mouth while brushing with CloSYS toothpaste.
  • CloSYS is quite capable of removing stains from drinks such as tea, coffee, and wine.
What I don’t Like about the Toothpaste
  • The tube may be a little stiff when you try to remove the paste from your brush.

Oxyfresh Fluoride Mint Toothpaste


Finally I am at the end of my long list of anti-cavity toothpastes. So far, most of my references have been small in tube size. I intend to rectify that with my last recommendation.

So, here comes Oxyfresh! This comes in a tube with 5 oz. capacity. Do not worry about the expiration date. It has a considerable life of two years. Oxyfresh will not spoil soon.

OxyFresh uses a formula called Oxygene © that keeps your gums safe and your teeth free of decay. According to the manufacturers, toothpaste efficiency is supported by a 12-month independent dental study conducted in the USA.

UU Oh, it’s also made in the United States. I like that the manufacturers kept the fluoride count under this toothpaste like the others on my list. The count is 0.235% to be exact. It helps fight cavities.

But the real surprise is that Oxyfresh does not use artificial ingredients to bind fluoride to toothpaste. Therefore, there is no trace of parabens or saccharin found. Instead, you’ll find a natural mint flavor with peppermint oil that will give you fresh breath and teeth without plaque.

Because there are no chemicals, this is safe for users of all ages in the family. This is perfect for people with decayed teeth. It also counteracts the problem of erosion.

The “All Natural” ingredients are perfect for whitening teeth. People who want a little more can be encouraged with the inclusion of xylitol. This agent sweetens toothpaste and protects people’s gums as well.

What I Like about the Toothpaste
  • This brand uses natural ingredients and Oxygene © patented instead of artificial ingredients.
  • The percentage of fluoride in this toothpaste is very low and harmless only 0.235%. Thanks to the extracts of natural peppermint oil and mint, people can have fresh breath.
  • Xylitol allows users to protect the enamel of their teeth and also the line of the gums. You will not find any saccharine mixed in the toothpaste.
  • There is xylitol to sweeten it in its place. Oxyfresh has been clinically proven for its effectiveness in preventing cavities and caries.
What I don’t Like about the Toothpaste
  • The users consider that this product is a little more expensive than the alternatives.

What Are Dental Cavities or Dental Carries?

In short, these are yellow spots on the teeth. People have the privilege (that is, the play on words) to have cavities if they have too much sugar in their diet plan.

To be honest, sugar is not the direct cause of tooth decay. Sugar facilitates the growth of bacteria that, in turn, cause cavities. Bacteria release acids as by-products.

This causes holes in the enamel of the teeth when the minerals are exhausted there. Then, as you see, it is a vicious circle.

Only fluorides have the power to kill bacteria and rescue your teeth from cavities. Toothpaste brands use three types of fluorides. These are:

  • Stannous Fluoride,
  • Sodium Fluoride, and
  • Sodium Monofluorophosphate

Just to calm their minds, no fluoride component is superior to the other. The best toothpaste to prevent tooth decay is not decided solely by the type of fluoride as you would discover in the last part of my article.

My Very Own Buying Guide

Most people will agree with me when they say, “It’s easy to fool people when you add random mumbo jumbo when selling health products.”

This is also scary for an anti cavity toothpaste. If you want to buy the right one, be sure to keep in mind some of the basic things.

Check If Your Toothpaste Contains Fluoride or Not

Check with any dentist and they will tell you that the way to counteract caries has to do with fluorides. It is true. Sodium fluoride cancels the cavities.

There are people who speak against having fluoride in toothpaste. I do not deny that people with an allergic reaction to fluoride should not use it. However, this ingredient repairs the enamel of your teeth.

It works wonders to remove stains and fill holes in enamel that are microscopic in nature.

In addition, it kills bacteria to prevent gum disease. No toothpaste will receive an acceptance seal without it.

Avoid Picking One Full of Triclosan

Triclosan helps prevent gingivitis. But, it comes with its own set of problems. Regular use of this element can permanently damage the thyroid glands.

The effects of this ingredient are powerful. It kills bacteria in people’s mouths and tilts the balance of bacteria in the human body. Seeing all this, the FDA banned this substance from being used in the “Most” products in 2016.

I say, “Most” because it is still used in the manufacture of toothpaste. Few of the reputed brands use it in their products (namely: Colgate Total).

Since it has such a high proximity risk, I have omitted the toothpaste brands that use this ingredient from my list.

Pay Attention to What You Need

When it comes to counteracting cavities, we know what kind of toothpaste we need, right? The “Anti-Cavity”. While this is true, many of the anti-cavity toothpaste brands come with ingredients that can trigger sensitivity or allergic reactions.

To avoid that, let me tell you one or two things about these different tubes of toothpaste that you will find in the market. If you only want cavities to disappear and you do not care if you get other reinforcements, get the toothpaste with basic fluoride.

Having sodium fluoride, sodium monofluorophosphate and/or Stannous fluoride means that the package is good for removing the cavity.

However, if you want your product to eliminate cavities AND care for sensitivity problems, check if your brand has potassium nitrate in the mix or not. Apparently, 5% is a good reason to have.

For toothpaste to be anti-cavity also be responsible for tooth whitening, must have some type of abrasive. Ingredients such as dehydrated silica will work well.

When It Comes to Taste – Give A Damn!

Let’s face it, in addition to combating cavities, we buy toothpaste for its attractive flavor.

Along with the anti-cavity properties, a toothpaste has an important job of keeping the user fresh all day (let’s face it, no brand can achieve it) One way to do this is to at least offer a fresh breath for a prolonged period of time (few hours).

While many claims to do so, only a few offer a distinctive flavor and flavor that persists. I recommend people who go for toothpaste with mint flavor. These are easy on the palate and last a long time.

Check for The ADA or CDA’s Seal of Approval

Depending on where you live, there are different organizations that monitor potential health risks. If you are in America, it is the ADA or the American Dental Association.

For Canadians, it’s the Canadian Dental Association. However, these two organizations carry out frequent checks to see if a brand is fulfilling the promises they make and the exaggerations they create about their product.

Honestly, the ADA Seal of Approval has some discouraging requirements that a toothpaste must meet.

YOU KNOW that you have selected the best toothpaste for tooth decay once you pass the guidelines. Hands down!

Ending Note

Honestly, cavities can turn from bad to ugly in a matter of days. Withdraw them too late and you could end up emptying your wallet. In the worst case, you could lose one or two of your teeth.

Am I sounding grim? Well, because the matter is grim. Fortunately, there is a simple (in fact, very simple) way to get out of this. A tube of toothpaste can keep these horrendous dental conditions at bay. That too, for several weeks and even for months!

But the trick is to find the right one. If you are a total novice, follow my recommendations with your eyes closed.

If you become familiar with toothpaste brands, research and find the best toothpaste for caries that suits your needs. Either way, this article will be of great help in reducing your dentist’s costs.

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