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Best Teeth Whitening kit in 2019-Effective Teeth Whitening Kits Review

Best Teeth Whitening kits Decoded: 2019- Products You Can Use at Home!


What is the Best Teeth Whitening kit ? And why you need an Teeth Whitening kit ? Let’s Find Out The answer to get an healthy teeth.

After years of abuse from smoking, drinking coffee or candy, your teeth may not be bright and white. They do not look as good as possible.

If you plan to give up your bad habits, you will want to bleach your smile. It could be for an event or just feel as good as possible.

A white smile can give you confidence. Using a whitening kit at home is an inexpensive way to get the same whitening you would receive at your dentist’s office. In fact, some of the kits on this list are sold at the dentist’s offices on a regular basis.

To find the best whitening kit, you should consider the time you have to whiten as well as the sensitivity of your teeth. Many strips and gels have lower bleaching agents to ensure that you do not have pain, but they take longer to function.

You will want to balance your sensitivity with the time of the results you need. In this reviews, there is information that will help you make a decision regarding your new white smile of the future in easily.

What is a Teeth Whitening Kit?

To get a whiter smile, people often go to their dentist’s office. They would spend thousands of dollars to get a whiter smile. Now, there are teeth whitening options that can be done at home for a fraction of the price.

They do not have the same amount of peroxides or carbamides as whitening in the office. However, they are cheap, making it easy to buy more applications.

Dental whitening kits come in a variety of types. There are gels, pastes and strips that can be used to whiten teeth. Each method has a certain amount of bleaching agent.

The whitening solution is left on the teeth to whiten the enamel. It is called whitening or bleaching according to the method used.

The whitening kit is used over time. It can take up to 14 applications to see a noticeable difference in the bleaching process. They are used daily and left on for up to 60 minutes.

Top 10 Whitening Kits Comparison Chart

Kit ModelTypeUsing timeBest ResultPrice
Crest 3D White StripesStrip30 min20 daysCheck Price
AuraGlow Led light KitLed light30 min4-7 daysCheck Price
ActiveWow Led light KitLed light10-20 min10-15 daysCheck Price
Crest 3D with LightStrip-light10 min10 daysCheck Price
Cali White Vegan KITLed light10-30 min7-10 daysCheck Price
Lovely Smile PremiumStrip60 min14 daysCheck Price
MySmile Whitening Kit
Gel-light10 min9 daysCheck Price
AuraGlow Whitening Pen
Pen60 min7-14 daysCheck Price
Zoom Nite Whitening Gel
Gel45 min30 daysCheck Price
AsaVea Whitening Pen
Pen60 min20 daysCheck Price

Top 10 teeth whitening kits reviews- That You’ll Find Today!

Now that you know the number of types of products available, it is natural to arouse the curiosity of the most powerful kits on the market. Just to quench your thirst and help you make the optimal decision, let me review some of my favorite brands and their kits in this section.

Crest 3D White Professional Whitening Strips Kit

Key Features

Quick results: after starting the whitening system, you can see the results in a few days. While it is not a complete whitening, you will definitely see a difference.

The quick results will motivate you to continue with your whitening routine. Anti-slip strips: one of the most difficult parts of whitening your teeth is to ensure that the bleaching agent adheres to all your teeth evenly.

The strips will not slip off your teeth while you are whitening. You can eat and drink without the strips coming out of the enamel. You will never lose a strip or its whitening effect because it fell from your teeth.

Crest 3D Whitestrips Long-lasting whitening: a complete treatment involves the use of the strips during the recommended time.

Once you have finished with a complete treatment, you will not want to worry about whitening for a long time. This bleaching kit promises to last 12 months and more. As long as you stay away from the staining agents, this whitening will last a long time. 40 Strips: the strips come in an aluminum package for each treatment.

There are 40 strips for the upper and lower teeth. That gives you 20 treatments for the upper and lower teeth. It will give you professional whitening in 20 days of treatments.

Easy to use: simply press the strips on the front of the teeth and fold them over the edge. Do not let the strip touch your gums.

Leave it on for 30 minutes every day for quick whitening. After 3 days, you will see a noticeable difference. There is nothing else you should do to get whiter teeth from this kit.

Get Crest 3D White at Amazon

My Impression

The Crest brand is one that almost everyone has heard about their line of oral care products. It should not be surprising that they have created professional white strips that rival the whitening you would get in a dentist’s office.

Professional Effects Whitestrips has won awards for its impact on people’s smiles. The beauty expert, charming, awarded the Crest 3D strips with the Best of Beauty award in 2016. The 3D Whitestrips adapts to the shape of her teeth, so that no stain is lost.

While it remains in place, it is also easy to remove. Some other strips will stick to the teeth and are difficult to remove completely. With the strips in place, you can talk and even drink water.

They can become an easy part of your morning or evening during the 20 days of treatment. The strips should only remain in place for 30 minutes to be effective as well.

What Could be Better?

People with sensitive teeth should prepare for this whitening kit.

AuraGlow Teeth Whitening Kit

Key Features

5 LED lights: Most LED whitening lights come with a light bulb. This light comes with 5 light bulbs, so it will last a long time. The included battery will last up to 48 hours of use.

Light does not cause sensitivity either. It will accelerate whitening, so you will see results quickly. Built-in timer: you do not have to worry about the timing of the tray and the gel.

The light comes with a built-in timer that will beep. Every 10 minutes, you will receive an alert beep that tells you that time has passed. All you have to do is track the beeps while doing other things.

AuraGlow Tray and light attached: tray and light are included in this kit. It is easy to press the gel into the tray with the syringes included. The piece is a unit that also does not need to be held in place.

It will give you a hands-free whitening that will allow you to do other things while you wait. Dental grade gel: the bleaching gel uses 35% carbamide peroxide.

It is intended to offer fast results without sensitivity. There is enough gel in this kit for 20 treatments for 20 days. You only need to use 0.5 ml of gel in the tray for each treatment.

Tray adjusted: the tray does not need to be molded to the teeth. It is still safe and comfortable around them, too. The syringe and tray ensure you get the right amount of gel each time you use the tray. The tray has a light attached, making it incredibly easy to use.

Get AuraGlow Kit at Amazon

My Impression

The high quality LED light and the attached tray are very convenient for bleaching. Add the gel to the syringe, squeeze it into the tray and slide the tray around your teeth.

The light works to accelerate the whitening treatment. You can see results in a few treatments. The trays and the gels are a little more dirty than the strips, but they have great benefits. The gel will easily slip into the crevices between the teeth.

You will not have remaining yellow spots between your teeth or near the gums. It is a powerful bleaching agent that will polish while bleaching, too. The tray is made of food grade silicone.

It will not be painful as you hold it between your teeth. The gel is safe for veneers and crowns and does not cause sensitivity in the gums or teeth.

The powerful LED with additional bulbs will ensure that you get powerful whitening without causing any sensitivity.

What Could be Better?

Some people may find that the one-size-fits-all tray does not fit perfectly in their mouth.

Dr. Song Home Professional Teeth Whitening Kit

Key Features

Protective swabs: The whitening kit comes with vitamin E protective swabs. These swabs are intended to cover your gums if you have sensitivity. You can wait for them to become painful after using the whitening kit. Or they can be used to prevent pain in the gums.

Personalized bite trays: the trays are made to be customized specifically for your mouth. They can be run with very hot water to make them flexible. Once they are hot enough to be molded, you can put them in the tray.

Pushing the material around the teeth creates a custom mold for your teeth. Whitening Kit Dr. Song LED light: LED light can be used to accelerate the whitening performed by the gel. The gel itself is a 35% carbamide peroxide for the strongest solution that can be used over time.

The carbamide bleaching agent works well with LED light for a white smile in less time. Remineralization gel: most people experience pain after whitening because they lose minerals in their enamel. Your teeth also become dehydrated.

The gel included with the whitening kit will prevent your teeth from becoming incredibly painful after whitening. Applicator brush: if you are worried that the whitening gel will spread through all your gums, the brush is the perfect solution.

Instead of pressing the teeth in a tray filled with gel, you can apply the right amount of gel on the teeth.

My Impression

This whitening kit has some unique features and benefits that you will not see in some of the other whitening kits. First, there is the personalized tray. It is assumed that many other trays are one size fits all, but do not fit around the teeth.

You can heat it under hot water and push it around your teeth. It will mold to the crevices and edges of the teeth for a good fit. A remineralization gel is also included with this whitening kit.

The company wants to make sure it is bleaching in a way that does not cause pain. Sensitivity can be a problem when you bleach, even if you have never had sensitive teeth before.

The gel will prevent you from having pain. It will also help eliminate pain after whitening. Finally, the LED light for this whitening kit will accelerate the whitening you will experience. That’s great if you have a certain event where you need whiter teeth.

A wedding or a school reunion are two important events in which you will want a whiter smile. The LED light will help you whiten your teeth much faster than without it.

What Could be Better?

The instructions with this whitening kit are not very complete.

Active Wow Teeth Whitening – Premium Kit

Key Features

LED light – The whitening kit comes with an LED light. The light triggers more whitening action of the bleaching gel. Instead of spending weeks whitening your teeth slowly, you’ll end up with a noticeable difference in a few days.

Moldable tray: the tray is moldable, so you can get a custom fit. All you have to do is soak the food-grade silicone in very hot water. Once you’re warm enough, all you have to do is bite the tray.

Bite easily and push the tray around the teeth to obtain a molded bleaching unit. Active wow Remineralization gel: a syringe filled with gel is included with this whitening kit.

The gel will prevent the bleaching agent from causing a large amount of sensitivity in the teeth. If you discover that the use of bleaching gel causes pain, the remineralizing gel will help to soothe the pain.

It will also help reduce the pain of sensitive teeth for the next time. Premium whitening: this whitening product does not use a simple hydrogen peroxide.

The bleaching gel is 36% carbamide peroxide as the gel used in the dentist’s office. It works quickly, especially when used with the included LED light. Storage case: there is a storage box for tray and light molding.

You do not want to end up with dust and dirt in your whitening kit. The case will keep everything clean and closed for each time you use it.

Get ActiveWow Whitening Kit at Amazon

My Impression

The Active Wow whitening kit has everything you need to whiten your teeth. Even those with sensitivity will find that they have everything necessary.

There is a remineralization gel that can be used before and after bleaching. It will prevent you from feeling pain after whitening. The molding tray will hold the gel in place while it is bleached.

The tray and LED light work together for quick whitening. You will get a brighter smile in less time compared to other types of whitening kits. There are also 3 trays in case you want to share the kit with other family members.

The company is proud to have manufactured its product in the USA. UU., That has strict guidelines for quality control. There are regulations and guidelines that must be followed in the US.

UU When products like this are manufactured and sold. Even the material of the tray must be made of food-grade materials, since it will be in the mouth for hours per week during the treatment.

What Could be Better?

There could be better instructions on how to mold the tray and use the LED light with it.

Opalescence Teeth Whitening Gel Mint

Key Features

Sensitive formula: the gel has carbamide peroxide like many other bleaching systems.

This also has potassium nitrate and fluoride. The fluoride added to its bleaching agent will keep the sensitivity low. Gel for greater coverage: when using a gel, it is better able to whiten between the cracks of the teeth.

If you have overlapping or overlapping teeth, the gel will cover those areas. You will not end up with teeth that are white with yellow spots on them. Opalescence Long shelf life: this whitening gel can be kept in the refrigerator to last longer.

It is intended to last up to 18 months. This will allow you to increase your whitening every month to keep your smile bright and fresh. 3 sizes of trays: the trays are not moldable to your teeth.

There is no need to worry about heating the tray and making it fit snugly around your teeth. Instead, you’ll get 3 tray sizes for a perfect fit without all the work.

There is a small, medium and large tray for your needs. Suggested dentist: this is the same product that is recommended and sold in most dentists’ offices.

It is a product that they support when they suggest it to their patients. You are also getting the same product at a fraction of the price when it is sold at the dentist’s office.

My Impression

The formula used for this home whitening kit is to prevent your teeth and gums from becoming sensitive. It comes with fluoride, which is an ingredient that you would ask your dentist when you have sensitivity to the bleaching gel.

It is likely that many dentist offices sell this brand to their patients. The amount of gel in the syringes will make this whitening kit last a long time. You could easily reach the end of the expiration date with a bunch of leftover gel.

Each tube can fill the trays approximately 5 times or more, depending on the amount of gel used. You do not need a ton of gel to fill the tray. If you use too much, it will seep into your gums.

While you do not have to mold trays to your teeth, you may want to do so. The trays come in 3 sizes to facilitate the process.

You can certainly use them without molding, but molding will facilitate the process. The tray will remain in your mouth longer and will also be more comfortable.

What Could be Better?

The instructions can be more detailed for customers who buy the gel.

Crest 3D White Whitestrips with Light

Key Features

10 treatments: this whitening kit includes 10 treatments. You will get 20 strips to cover the upper and lower teeth. You want to be sure to get the top and bottom for your whitest smile.

Light included: the light is made to be waterproof and light enough to hold it in your hand for a while. This blue light device will penetrate the enamel of your tooth to provide better results.

Whitening strips work over time, but with light, time is reduced by half. 3D crest with light Auto-off: with light, you can point the yellow spots to your teeth. Increase the effectiveness of whitening strips.

You do not have to measure the duration of whitening with light. It will turn off automatically when the treatment is completed. Durable results: once you are satisfied with the whiteness of your teeth, you can stop using the kit.

The results of this whitening will last a long time. In fact, this kit has the most time between retouching compared to other products. Advanced sealing technology: 3D white strips have anti-slip technology.

They will adhere to the teeth without slipping at all. Once you have molded the strips to the teeth, you can talk and drink without worrying about them falling or moving.

Get Crest 3D with Light at Amazon

My Impression

The advanced technology of the strips means that you can peel the backing and mold the strip to your teeth quite easily. They will not fall or move when you’re talking.

You can use this treatment every morning while you prepare for work. You can even drink water while the strips are in place. Leave the strips in place for an hour before applying the light.

This will increase the whitening you experience with the strips. Most strips come with 20 days of treatment because they do not include a light. The treatment with blue light will deepen the enamel to eliminate yellow spots. Whitening is deeper than with other white strips.

In fact, whitening is so deep that it lasts longer than most other whitening kits. You will only have to do a minimum amount of reinforcement for 36 months to keep your smile as white as possible. Light is what makes a big difference in the process.

What Could be Better?

With light and strips, you will spend a few hours blanching every day.

Shine Whitening Teeth Whitening Kit

Key Features

Professional grade gel: the kit includes 2 gel-filled whitening syringes. This is a product that many dentists give in their offices. It is the closest thing to the professional degree you can get.

Moldable tray: the tray that comes with the whitening kit is flat and can be molded to get your exact smile. Simply place the tray in very hot water for a few minutes.

Once it is soft, you can bite the tray and push it around the shape of your teeth to mold it. Shine Light included: this whitening kit includes a blue light. The light penetrates the enamel to give you a deeper whitening.

This light will not have to be released after it has been used several times, either. It will last while the gel lasts. Rapid whitening: bleaching of this kit can be achieved in your schedule.

Some whitening kits require you to use it on consecutive days. That does not have to happen with this gel, and you’ll still get quick whitening results. Remineralization gel: to avoid sensitive teeth, the company has included the remineralization gel.

This gel will seal your teeth against pain and sensitivity. Many dentists recommend this type of gel while you are in the middle of the whitening process.

My Impression

This is a whitening kit suggested by many dentists in your office. It will whiten teeth with a combination of peroxide in the gel and blue light from the included light source.

The manufacturer recommends that you use the syringe and a cotton swab to tap each tooth. That will put the right amount of product on each tooth to whiten. After adding the gel to each tooth, the tray will prevent the gel from going everywhere.

The light is added after spending some time with the gel on the teeth. It is intended to deepen once the gel has had time to work on the enamel. One of the best features of this whitening kit is that you do not have to use it for 10 to 20 days in a row.

Most whitening kits only work when they are used every day. That is not the case with this kit. You can take a few days of rest between whitening. You will still get excellent results.

What Could be Better?

Molding trays can be a bit tricky if you leave them too long in hot water.

Zoom Nite White Teeth Whitening Gel

Key Features

22% carbamide peroxide: this amount of carbamide peroxide is considered an average amount of whitening. It is ideal for sensitive teeth since it only has a 22% strength.

That’s enough to whiten quickly without causing problems with sensitivity and pain. Combined gel: the gel comes in double cylinder syringes. When pushed through the tip of the applicator, the two gels come together.

The second part of the syringe has whitening along with potassium nitrate and fluoride to alleviate any sensitivity you may have. Philips Zoom Nite White Works with the dental tray: this whitening kit does not include a tray.

This is because it is often sold at the dentist’s office and he or she will mold a special tray for your unique teeth. You can have your dentist make a mold that lasts forever tooth whitening.

Quick results: while other whitening kits need 10 to 20 days to work, this can produce results in 3 days. Use this gel in a tray on your teeth for a few hours and you will see those results.

Lasting whitening: whitening lasts a long time. You get fast results with this kit, and those results do not need a boost for a year. The gel can be placed in the refrigerator and used every few months, as needed, as well.

My Impression

The special bleaching agent is close to what you would get on the chair in your dentist’s office. In fact, it is suggested by many dentists along with a molded tray that is specific to the patient’s teeth.

You can go to your dentist and get a molded tray for your teeth that will keep the gel beautifully while it is whitening. Many people get excellent results when they use the gel for a few hours at a time.

The syringe will have some treatments and the rest can be refrigerated. Keeping them in the fridge will also prolong their shelf life. Once you have finished with the whitening process, you can maintain them to increase your whitening monthly.

After about 12 months, you will want to have another treatment with the gel and tray. The double cylinder syringe is a great concept to keep bleaching agents and other ingredients separate.

It helps them last longer and produces better results for their teeth. The gel does not mix until you are ready to use it.

What Could be Better?

It should be used during the day to test the sensitivity of the person. That is not explained in the instructions.

Dental Care Labs Premium Teeth Whitening Kit

Key Features

Painless formula: the formula used by the company is meant to be painless. It can be used for a few hours to whiten your smile considerably.

The syringes contain some treatments and can be used as needed for a whiter smile. Made in the USA US: products manufactured in the USA UU They must be approved for use by government agencies.

This keeps the products safe for all to use without worrying that harmful chemicals can harm your body. Dental care laboratories Tray with light: the tray included with this whitening kit has light attached.

This is incredibly convenient, so you can use the hands-free light. Nor is it too heavy to hold between your teeth. No other whitening kit has a light attached to the tray like this.

Remineralization gel: to further protect the teeth from sensitivity, you can add this gel after the whitening process. It keeps your teeth hydrated and returns the minerals that could have been removed with the bleaching gel. Safe for enamel: you do not want a gel that smears your tooth enamel.

That is not a problem for this whitening kit. The best tooth whitening kit is safe for enamel, does not cause sensitivity and gives you a bright, white smile.

My Impression

The teeth whitening kit will not cause severe pain or discomfort when used. You can add the gel to the teeth with a cotton swab to avoid leaving the gel on the gums.

This is what makes syringes incredibly convenient. You can tap each tooth and spread the gel with the swab to make sure that each tooth is completely covered without excess in the gums.

The best part of this whitening kit is the fact that the light is attached to the tray. In other kits, you end up with a heavy light that must be held in your hand. This is a hands-free option that will not prevent you from doing other tasks while using it.

Inside the box, you will find everything you need to whiten your smile. There are 4 syringes with gel whitening in 2 and remineralization gel in the other 2 syringes.

The instructions are easy to follow and there is also an antibacterial case to hold the tray. You do not have to worry about where to place the tray to keep it hygienic in the bathroom.

What Could be Better?

People who need only some shades of whiteness may not have a noticeable difference after one or two uses.

Different Types of Whitening Kits for Teeth

There are different types of kits available that are very effective when it comes to whitening teeth. Let’s look at what they are:


With the strip whitening kits, the bleaching agent adheres to the back of the plastic strip. The strip is placed on the front of the teeth. The moisture in the teeth of your saliva causes the bleaching agent to activate. Many strip whitening kits have a special formula that will prevent the strip from getting out of the teeth.

Gel & Trays

Some trays are made by hand by a dentist, so they will be molded to the teeth. For the most part, however, the gel and tray are purchased in the store.

The gel is compressed in the tray. The tray is placed over the teeth. The gel and tray method is a little messy unless you are very careful.

LED light kit

Bleaching agents can react to LED light and accelerate the whitening process. A slow-acting bleaching agent such as hydrogen peroxide will work faster when light is used as a catalyst.

It speeds up the process, so instead of waiting weeks for whiter teeth, it can happen in some applications.

Things to consider while buying a teeth whitening kit

When you intend to buy a teeth whitening kit, you should ask yourself some things that will help you choose the best whitening kit that best suits your needs. Try to keep the following factors in your mind while reviewing them one by one.

The Right Type

You must decide which type will work best for your teeth. You can check with your dentist to make sure that your teeth are suitable for teeth whitening.

He or she can also recommend if you should use strips or a tray. If you have crowns or fillings, you could change the type of whitening kit you need.

Ease of Use

The whitening kit should be easy to use. If you do not have much time in the morning, you will not want to buy the strips that should be left alone for an hour or two.

Tray and gel in the mouth during the night can be a better option. If you have a big event in the near future, you will want to whiten your teeth faster. You can buy an LED light with your whitening.

Sensitivity and Pain

The whitening product is not always the cause of tooth sensitivity or pain after whitening. Some people are sensitive to peroxide. If you have sensitive teeth, you will want to make adjustments to the whitening routine.

You can buy a whitening kit with less peroxide. You can use gel or whitening strips for less time. Instead of leaving it on for 30 minutes, remove the whitening strips after 10 minutes.

The Taste

The whitening gel will never have a wonderful flavor, but you can buy strips or gels that are mint like toothpaste.

Instead of knowing peroxide, it will taste like mint. Most people understand that while it is not a pleasant taste, it will not stay long after bleaching. Just rinse your mouth.

Duration of the Treatment

If you want to whiten your teeth quickly, choose a treatment that gives you a whiter and brighter smile in less time.

Must have more peroxide or other bleaching agents. Many whitening kits announce an average of 14 days of treatments before you see a difference.

The Target

The person who wants whiter teeth may have keys or crowns that make it hard to find the right whitening kit. The goal of tooth whitening will fix that area with the correct kit.

For example, a person with tight, yellowish teeth may need to use a gel and a tray to interpose between each tooth in order to bleach.

Authorized by Dental Associations

The best whitening kit will be approved and authorized by the dental associations. Even if associations do not recommend it specifically, you can get recommendations from your own dentist.

Your dentist has experience to offer a solid review of most of the products in the current market.

Using Teeth Whitening Kits – Instructions and Guide

The type of whitening kit will influence the steps to use it. If you buy whitening strips, the process will be different than using gel and a tray.

Whitening Strips Instructions

The sensitivity of your teeth will determine some of the steps you will take for whitening. If you are prone to sensitive teeth, you should not brush directly before applying the strip.

Give your teeth the opportunity to rest before applying the strip. Once you are ready to bleach, open the foil wrap and remove the gel from the plastic backing. Press the bleaching material on each tooth and in the middle folds.

You will want to make sure that the material has a firm contact with each tooth. If you fail points, those areas will not be bleached. Keep the material in the suggested amount of time according to the product itself.

The indicated time will differ between products depending on their ingredients.

Gel and Tray Kit

A gel kit and tray is a bit dirtier than whitening strips. However, they have benefits. The bleaching agent may be stronger in the form of whitening gel. In some cases, it can also be left on during the night. Trays and gel come in the whitening kit.

You will squeeze the gel in the trays and cover the teeth with the tray. Leave the tray in your mouth for the recommended time. Once it is time to remove the tray, you can gently brush it to remove the solution.

It helps to rinse the gel from your mouth when you brush first. Use the trays and the gel for the suggested number of days and hours to get a whiter smile.

LED Light

The LED light can be purchased for use with the bleaching gel. Accelerates the process. Once the gel is placed on the teeth, the light is used to shine on the enamel.

Eliminate deep stains and light up your smile. In some cases, the LED whitening light comes with a gel pen that is used to extend the whitening solution. The light will significantly accelerate the process. It is used for a few minutes each day to brighten up your smile.

Warnings Regarding the Use of Teeth Whitening Kit

Teeth whitening does not have a lot of side effects. There are certain things you should keep in mind when using a bleaching solution on your teeth. Sensitivity is one of the most important things you could deal with when you bleach.

It does not happen to everyone, but some people have pain after bleaching. Other people have gum irritation after whitening. You can avoid problems in several ways. Instead of leaving the gel or the strips for a long time, you can make shorter sessions.

For example, instead of a 60-minute session, you can divide them into two 30-minute sessions. Wait a few days before attempting to bleach after having had pain.

It will give your teeth time to adjust to the whitening solution. You can also visit your dentist and get his advice. Your dentist can give you a toothpaste or rinse with a high fluoride content. Toothpaste for sensitive teeth can also be used for a few days before trying to whiten again.

Dentist’s Point of View

It is recommended that you consult your dentist before beginning any whitening procedure. At that time, you can get a clean, as well as a query about the specific problems you have with your teeth.

As mentioned above, the bleaching agent will not work on crowns and fillings. While dentists lose money when people bleach at home, there is no other reason why they do not recommend such procedures.

They whiten teeth without real side effects that can have an impact on their teeth. As long as they are used correctly and the person follows the instructions, the process is safe.

After discoloration, it is vital that you stay away from any food or drink your teeth may contain. The treatment should not happen every day for a long time.

This can lead to serious problems such as excessive whitening and damage to tooth enamel. You should stay away from things like smoking, drinking coffee, wine or tea and eating foods that get stained.

Frequently Asked Questions

Will whitening cause damage to tooth enamel?
Teeth whitening is safe when used as directed. You can use strips or gel for a certain period of time without incident. If you use bleaching products too long, it can damage the tooth enamel.
Should you whiten if your teeth are sensitive?
It can be bleached with sensitive teeth, but you will have to prepare your teeth in advance. Use toothpaste made for sensitive teeth. Ask your dentist for a mouth rinse or fluoride rinse to protect the enamel. Preventive measures can be taken to avoid severe pain and sensitivity.
Can whitening kits be used with crowns or veneers?
Bleaching can be done on other teeth. Crowns or veneers are not organic teeth. They are porcelain, ceramics or other materials that will not react in the same way as bleaching agents.
How much whitening agent should be in the whitening kit?
The amount of bleaching agent will depend on the brand. It will also depend on how long you leave it on your teeth. If you want a gel that you can use overnight, you will have less hydrogen peroxide and more carbamide peroxide.
Can whitening kits be used with braces?
Whitening kits can be used with orthotics, but some adjustments will have to be made.

If you have metal brackets on your teeth, you can use a gel that will be placed behind your teeth. You do not have to wait years for your brakes to come out to see the whitening.

On the other hand, you may want to wait to whiten your teeth until the brackets are removed. A good bleaching agent will cause the teeth to become much whiter, and behind the parentheses will not get the same effect.

Are LED lights effective for whitening?
LED lights are very important for fast and efficient bleaching. While bleaching will occur without light, rapid bleaching is possible with light. Activates the peroxide and enhances the impact of it.
How often can you use a whitening kit?
Most whitening kits have 14 days of treatments. After 14 days, you will want to evaluate the whiteness of your smile.

If your teeth are not as white as you would like, you will want to consider other factors. You do not want to continue using a whitening agent every day indefinitely. Consult your dentist if you are not getting the best possible smile. You could be doing something wrong.


In this article, I have reviewed everything you need to know to make the right decision, now it’s your turn!

Although I still think that choosing the right product will depend on your personal needs and preferences.

I thought that sharing my own perspective on the top 10 products I’ve reviewed here will help you choose the best teeth whitening kit from many inferior products available in this confusing market.

If you have any other questions, leave them in the comment below.

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