Best Rice Cookers Reviews 2018 Buying Guide and Comparison

Best Rice Cookers Reviews 2019-Buying Guide and Comparison

If you are a rice aficionado, you probably know that preparing it is not always easy. Not only is it easy to burn rice in a saucepan, but it’s also difficult to get the perfect texture you love. 

Sometimes we do not cook enough or much too much. If you frequently prepare rice, whether for Asian recipes or anything else, and you sometimes taste it more than once a week, an electric rice cooker is a handy gadget! 

The latter will serve you to prepare good rice well cooked with the good flavor and the perfect texture. And most importantly, it makes the job a lot easier.

Unlike a saucepan, a rice cooker does not require your attention at any time of cooking. So you will be able to avoid having rice too dry or too sticky. So, if you have the rest of the meal to prepare, you will not have to worry about your rice. 

As with most home appliances, rice cookers range from the most basic to the most high-tech to multiple options. The difference is in the different settings proposed for different types of rice. 

Some cookers also cook more than just rice. Indeed, if you want to accompany your rice steamed vegetables, it will be possible with this type of rice cooker.

Of all these options, how are you going to choose the best rice cooker? This is where we intervene. In short, if you are planning to buy a rice cooker, consider the frequency of use, the number of people you serve and the types of rice you prepare. 

Brown rice, for example, requires different settings and cooking times compared to white rice. Also, do not forget to consider the space of your kitchen counter or cabinet so that the model is not too big and does not bother you.

On this, let’s discover the best products in the market!

Best rice cookers reviews

A good rice cooker should be able to prepare you every time a delicious rice, mellow and very tasty and that, everywhere in the pot. The machine must be sturdy and constructed with quality materials to withstand over time and the lid should be able to keep the interior warm and not to let steam out.

A rice cooker must also be rather fast, easy to paint comes coming with some useful options. Our team has examined a multitude of rice cookers, ranging from simple models for mini-budgets to those offering all the rice cooking options you can imagine.

We have tested and evaluated them to finish with a list of the 10 best rice cookers available and a complete guide that can help you make a

Best Rice cookers Comparison Table

Product Price
Cuisinart CRC400ECheck Price
Sencor SRM 0600WHCheck Price
Russell Hobbs 19750-56Check Price
Tristar RK-6112Check Price
Naelia CGF-RN501-NAECheck Price
Zojirushi NS-ZLH10 WZCheck Price
Tefal RK102811Check Price
Philips HD3011 / 08Check Price
Techwood TCR-106Check Price
Tefal RK103811 ClassicCheck Price

1. Cuisinart CRC400E

Cuisinart CRC400E
Check Price On Amazon

In the first position, we have the Cuisinart CRC400E. Cooking is an art! And this device proves it to us. The Cuisinart CRC-400E rice cooker prepares delicious rice dishes and can also be used to cook a variety of other foods: vegetables, for example.

In terms of appearance, this cooker has a square shape with rounded edges. A brushed stainless steel cover, a glass lid, a hole from which steam and a rim will escape.

Its dimensions are quite small and are 200 x 230 x 220 mm. Inside, there is a high-quality stainless steel steam basket and a nonstick cooking bowl.

The steam basket will allow you to cook vegetables, meats or fish, which is amazing and practical.

In addition, it is made of stainless steel and therefore you will have absolutely no problem cleaning it.

Not only is maintenance easy this way but be aware that it is also possible to put the parts in the dishwasher.

Cooking side, it is perfect. The appliance will cook and cook your food without you having to watch it.

The cooker can only prepare 400gr of rice, which is a shame. It is true that it is said that the device is supposed to serve 6 people but as a main course,

we doubt that it does the trick. In any case, if you do not expect to have many people, the Cuisinart is very suitable.

A red light will come on when cooking is started and once the water has evaporated, the cooker will go into a warm mode to prevent your rice from burning.

You can cook rice, cereals (quinoa, bulgur, semolina wheat …) and legumes such as chickpeas or beans. You can view the cooking at any time since the lid is made of glass.

If you run out of ideas, the device comes with a recipe booklet that will surely give you even more desire to use your rice cooker. Speaking of what comes with the device.

You will also have a measuring cup and a spatula that will serve both to stir and serve your dishes.

Overall, we highly recommend this product. If you hate to prepare rice, this device will make you live a new experience.

Check Price On Amazon
  • Steam basket in stainless steel.
  • Automatically switches to “keep warm” mode when cooking is complete.
  • Retractable cord.
  • Transparent lid to control cooking.

The only weak point that we have retained is the rather small size of the stainless steel basket, which makes it somehow unusable for large families.

2. Sencor SRM 0600WH

 Sencor SRM 0600WH
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Coming in second place, we have SRM 0600WH Sencor brand. The latter is for you if you want a cooker not very expensive but you still want the quality is present.

Perfect for all types of rice, to cook about 450 grams of rice, Sencor will not consume a lot of energy since it is only 300 Watts.

For this model too, the capacity is not incredible but will be enough for a couple or a small family if you choose rice as the main course. For a large family, it will be necessary to look for a rice cooker which is bigger.

This rice cooker is also equipped with three safety systems: automatic shutdown, protection against heat and another against splashing and splashing water.

The feet are slip-resistant and therefore there is less risk of spilling the whole thing. We are never too cautious and therefore it is better to be vigilant.

Apart from that, we find that this cooker is very simple to use. You will not need a lot of time to get used to it.

It will stop automatically once the cooking has come to an end and will go into “keep warm” mode. The latter can last up to 6 hours so if you need to prepare your rice in advance.

You will always have it at the ideal temperature when you are ready to taste it. An indicator light is on the wall of the cooker to tell you when the appliance is on and when it is in the “keep warm” mode.

If cleaning is not the part you prefer the most, this news will please you: the inner container is removable and has a non-stick coating.

All in all, the Sencor rice cooker is a good cooker when you want the bare minimum. We do not find unlimited features but we still have good results. If you are looking for a simple device to use for cooking rice, do not hesitate!

Check Price On Amazon
  • Automatic shutdown once the cooking is finished.
  • Keep warm function that lasts up to 6 hours.
  • Handles on the sides that turn out to be very practical.
  • Easy to use and clean.

What could be criticized for this rice cooker Sencor SRM 0600WH is its small capacity, which unless they are a couple or a small family of three, will not give sufficient portions cooked at a time.

3. Tefal RK102811

Tefal RK102811
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What we can love Tefal! This brand continues to impress us, whether for these planchas, for these crepe makers or even. In this case, for these rice cookers! Just to see its design all black and elegant, we are charmed. In addition to pleasing the eyes, you will love the results that this little gem guarantees us.

With a power of 500 Watts, this cooker is, so far, the most powerful of the list. It also has a larger capacity. Indeed, the Tefal rice cooker is able to serve 6 up to 10 people since it is able to cook 900 grams of rice at one time.

There it is possible to say that the Tefal RK102811 is perfect for families. You only click on one button to start cooking. When finished, the unit automatically switches to a second mode, called “keep warm”.

Not only is it possible to cook rice but also pasta, vegetables, and even meat and fish! All this is thanks to the steam basket that comes with it!

So if you do not cook rice often enough, it will not be a problem to have this device at home because a versatile device is always a good idea and can always use it to diversify your meals of all days.

As for cleaning, you will not find any difficulties with the nonstick coating of the bowl, which does not allow the food to stick to it. In addition to this, vat, lid and steam basket all go to the dishwasher without their quality being lowered.

Check Price On Amazon
  • Fast cooking.
  • Very versatile.
  • Compact.
  • Generous capacity

As for the weak points of this rice cooker, we reproach him for his rather short supply wire which forces him to find a place near a power outlet. We also find it unfortunate the small size of the steam basket, something regrettable for the effectiveness of it.

4. Philips HD3011 / 08

Philips HD3011 / 08
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We continue this ranking with the famous Philips brand that has proven itself over the past years and continues to be talked about despite everything on the world level thanks to its very good innovations.

From the outside, it can be seen that the device has a rather simple design with a predominance of the white color that accompanies the galvanized steel of the outer contour.

It’s not what we love most about the cooker, but if you like your appliance to be blank, you’re looking at the right product. This appliance is even larger than the previous one and can cook up to 900gr of rice in a single batch.

Once finished cooking, the “keep warm” mode activates and keeps your food warm for up to 12 hours. If you have planned a family dinner for many and you care, you can count on the Philips HD3011 / 08 to do the job because it can serve many people in no time.

Thanks to its detachable cord, we do not have to worry anymore when we want to transport the machine. If the transport has been made easy, know that cleaning is not difficult. Indeed, thanks to the nonstick coating, cleaning does not take a long time.

If in the good old days, you had to follow all these steps and many others with ordinary pans, it is enough now to pass the tank as well as the steamer in the dishwasher to have results nickels.

Check Price On Amazon


  • Single button + ease of use.
  • Interior with a non-stick coating.
  • Keep warm for 12 hours.
  • Big capacity.


We find it regrettable the absence of a book or guide to suggest recipes and a sound signal to indicate the end of cooking.

5. Techwood TCR-106

Techwood TCR-106
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Looking for a cheap rice cooker at all but who does his job well? So here we present you the Techwood TCR-106 that enters this ranking in the fifth position.

Its design is very similar to that of a cooking pot and it gives the unit a perfectly old school and vintage look. It is also very black and will have no difficulty in interfering in your kitchen, no matter the ambient decoration there in this case.

The removable bowl inside is made of nonstick material and is therefore very easy to clean. Since it’s removable, just pass it under the water and add soap liquid to make it look like new.

Do not try to rub with a sharp or another tool because you may damage the non-stick coating and thus reduce the durability of the machine. If you still want control over your preparation, you can see everything that happens in the machine thanks to the glass lid.

Equipped with a power of 400 Watts, you will have to attend two cooking modes available at the moment: heating and keeping warm.

This last mode can serve you a lot when you have a lot to do and you can not stay to watch the cooking of the rice and put it to the table. In front of the rice cooker, you will notice that there are two lights that will specify the cooking method that is used at the same time.

The Techwood TCR-106 is supplied with a measuring cup and spatula. Although the options are limited with this model, it is very good value for money!

Check Price On Amazon
  • Very simple to use.
  • Little price.
  • Keep warm mode.
  • The capacity of 900gr.

6. Russell Hobbs 19750-56

Russell Hobbs 19750-56
Check Price On Amazon

Cooking rice does not require one to be a technology expert. Most of the time, all you need is a good rice cooker. If that’s what you’re looking for then you’ll probably love the Russell Hobbs 19750-56.

The latter cooks the rice to perfection and can accommodate 10 doses of rice thanks to its 1.8-liter tank. It turns off automatically when the rice is ready. The bowl of this rice cooker is nonstick and removable, allowing easy cleaning and ease of use.

In addition, the package includes a spatula and a convenient measuring cup. Just put your food and water in the bowl and let it boil dry. It is when the cooker detects the boiling condition that it will switch to the “keep warm” mode as for all cookers that have been seen so far. This is a way that the cooker guarantees us to have the right temperature for our rice no matter when it comes to recovering it.

This rice cooker will be a reliable device in your kitchen not only for cooking rice but also when you want to cook steamed food. That way you can focus on other things and let the camera do all the work.

The Russell Hobbs 19750-56 is a rice cooker and multi-purpose steam cooker that includes an additional steamer basket for steaming fish or vegetables. Steaming with this cooker is easy: just add the required amount of water to the bowl, put the steamer on the bowl and add the food to the basket. And, for even cooking, cut the food into pieces of the same size.

Its design is elegant and makes the rice cooker very easy to clean thanks to its stainless steel construction. It also has a convenient glass lid that allows you to see your food while cooking.

After analyzing the main features of the Russell Hobbs rice cooker, we can say that, according to our opinions, the Russell Hobbs 19750 is a very good cooker that gives us perfect cooking of rice and vegetables, fish and poultry with very little effort.

Check Price On Amazon
  • Non-stick coating bowl.
  • Very powerful: 700 watts.
  • A basket of steam for your vegetables and meats.
  • Very elegant design.

7. Tristar RK-6112

Tristar RK-6112
Check Price On Amazon

The design of this product is strangely similar to that of the Russell Hobbs. We love it all the same. This mix of black and metal is very elegant and cannot be bad in your kitchen. The body is stainless steel, which is very good because the maintenance is easy.

Just put a cloth soaked in water and white vinegar on the walls to make your product look new. The parts are all rigid and the device has a very good finish.

You can easily remove the bowl containing the rice and serve it to your family at the table or cover it and put it in the refrigerator in the case of a salad. The bowl has a nonstick coating so after cooking you will not find any rice seeds stuck inside.

After pressing the ON button and once the appliance is on, the “Cook” light will come on. After about 20 minutes, the appliance turns off automatically and switches to the “keep warm” mode if you do not stop cooking yourself.

The results were very satisfying and we could not complain. The only problem we had was that when we wanted to cook more rice, we had splashes of water and the lid that rose from its place. To avoid reaching the maximum capacity of the device or put a small spoon between the bowl and the lid and put a little more water than what is mentioned and you will not have this problem.

Check Price On Amazon
  • Robust device.
  • Overheating protection.
  • Automatic shutdown.
  • Body in stainless steel.

8. Tefal RK103811 Classic

Tefal RK103811 Classic
Check Price On Amazon

If you are looking for a rice cooker maxi size, the Tefal RK103811 Classic is the cooker for you! Yes, Tefal is back in our list in 8th position. With a similar design to the first, the difference lies in the fact that RK103811 Classic has a very large capacity.

If the Tefal RK102811 (3rd) was able to cook 900 grams of rice, the RK103811 Classic (8th) can cook up to 1.5kg of rice, or 600gr more. Its large size does not prevent it anyway to be well elegant and neat. I say big but for the amount that it cooks and compared to other devices.

It is not really huge from the top of its dimensions of 31 x 30 x 30 cm. So you are certainly not going to have a problem finding a place to put it away.

If you have a big family and love all the rice dishes, you will not be disappointed because this marvel will cook you any kind of rice as well as an accompaniment such as vegetables or meat.

All you need to do is put water and your food and start the machine. If the unit detects that there is not enough water inside, it applies the “keep warm” mode directly.

What we regret is the lack of a button for stopping cooking. It will be imperative to unplug the unit to stop walking. This should not be a huge problem since the solution is simple and each product has its negative points in the end.

What is important is that this machine is well able to cook a large amount of rice without making it in bad taste. The unit is very good value for money and is recommended for all large families who consume rice regularly.

Check Price On Amazon
  • Power of 700W.
  • A very large capacity of 1.5KG.
  • Succulent results.
  • Elegant design.

9. Naelia CGF-RN501-NAE

Naelia CGF-RN501-NAE
Check Price On Amazon

In penultimate position, we find the brand of Naelia with its CGF-RN501-NAE. At first glance, we were not really charmed by the design that looks a little old. Not that the old is not beautiful but the design is important and if it is not a crush, I do not think you will want to use the device. With a capacity of only 1.5 liters, this is not a device recommended for families or people who want to use a rice cooker for heavy use. However, if you live alone or with someone else, this device may be perfect for you.

Just like the appliances that came before, the rice bowl is removable and has a nonstick coating. In addition to this, the shutdown is done automatically and the device instantly switches to “keep warm” mode.

You can control everything by the transparent glass cover which contains only a hole from which the steam escapes. For your safety, the device is also equipped with overheating protection.

If you do not want to cook rice and want to use your device for other dishes as accompaniments, this is possible with the Naelia rice cooker. An extra steam basket is included and you can use it to cook vegetables and meats together.

If you notice it, the device does not seem very rigid and there is a risk that the durability of the latter is easily affected. If you want to buy a simple rice cooker that will do the right thing, you can always try that one.

Check Price On Amazon
  • Automatic shutdown.
  • Removable nonstick rice bowl.
  • Overheating protection.
  • 1.5L capacity.

10. Zojirushi NS-ZLH10 WZ

Zojirushi NS-ZLH10 WZ
Check Price On Amazon

Looking for a product out of the norm? A high-tech and futuristic product? The Zojirushi answers this! So do not expect this product to be cheap because it is. The rice cooker model Zojirushi is able to think for itself thanks to its technology.

The color of the device is white and is available in sizes of 1 and 1.8 liters. The non-stick interior cooking pan in aluminum is spherical to cook food evenly and keep the heat constant.

The outside handles are cool to the touch. The aluminum inner lid is removable for easy cleaning and the cord is retractable. On the LCD screen, you can easily find the clock that will adjust and the timer.

This device allows you to program the start of cooking in advance and so, for example, you can set it so that your rice is cooked once you return home after a long day of work. For this cooker too, once the baking cycle ends, it switches to the keep warm mode.

What makes the Zojirushi so special? This is the technology called “Fuzzy Logic”. The latter allows you to cook your rice with all possible adjustments.

For example, by choosing white rice, the appliance will determine the correct cooking time and temperature. It will do it also according to what I want rice: Will I do sushi or porridge? The goal always is to achieve the perfect cooking of the rice.

If you want a product at the forefront of technology that will fulfill all your needs in rice, do not hesitate and especially if you are a sushi lover or Japanese cuisine.

Check Price On Amazon
  • Unique design.
  • Several possible adjustments.
  • An LCD screen.
  • Uniform cooking.

Rice cooker – Buying guide

What is a rice cooker?

Have you ever heard of a rice cooker or do you really not understand why everyone is talking about it? It is high time to explain what it is.

A rice cooker is a small electrical appliance that has some kind of inner pan, typically provided with a nonstick coating and an outer container that will have in its bottom the hotplate.

Once you have your amount of rice, you add water and cover the cooker for the operation to begin. The lid must, of course, be perfectly adjusted so that the steam does not come out and the temperature remains constant.

Once the temperature reaches a certain level, the unit turns off automatically without you having to do it yourself by staying taped next to the unit, which is the case with a normal pan.

The temperature is obviously perfect for your rice (any type of rice) and you avoid having a quantity that is slimy or pasty.

A typical cooking cycle lasts between 30 minutes and one hour depending on the rice cooker, the types of rice, the amount of rice and the heating technology. It is also possible to cook vegetables, grains or lentils or even pasta.

Basically, thanks to the rice cooker, you will get perfect rice every time while saving time. You will not have to worry about the mess that a pot or pot creates when water overflows. Some models are also very affordable and if you cook rice often enough, do not hesitate!

The different features of the rice cooker

Non-Stick Bowls: Rice bowls should be easy to clean. Nobody wants to end up with a device filled with cooking residue. A rice cooker at any price should have a nonstick interior that is easy to wash with a sponge, soap, and water. Some parts are dishwasher safe. Others have stainless steel parts that are a bit more durable.

Keeping it warm and programming in advance: When your rice is cooked and the machine turns off, you expect your rice to stay at the temperature you want to keep it warm. So it’s a very important feature in a rice cooker. One of the main advantages of rice cookers too is that they do not require your constant attention like cooking rice in a normal pan. An automatic warm-up function ensures that your rice stays warm without overcooking when you’re preparing the rest of your meal or if you’re just not ready to eat right away.

LCD Screen: Available in the highest tech rice cookers, they are there to make your life easier and make the experience more fun.

Steam Basket: Some rice cookers are designed specifically for steamed vegetables. Steaming can be done as the rice is cooking, or you can use the steamer in the cooker to make only your vegetables.

Fuzzy Logic Technology: A lot of possibilities will come to you with this technology. What does it consist of? To prepare the perfect rice by setting the machine on the type of rice that has been introduced, the desired texture etc … The machine, in turn, takes care to set a certain temperature and determine a time exact cooking.

Retractable Cord: This convenient feature makes your rice cooker easier to store. It also allows you to move your rice cooker without pulling a long power cord behind.

How to choose the best rice cooker?

With the wide range of prices and rice cookers in the market, you will need to first determine the frequency of use of the rice cooker. If you only eat white rice from time to time, an entry-level rice cooker will probably meet your needs. However, if you consider yourself a rice aficionado and eat it every day, you should probably think of having a more robust and durable machine than an entry-level machine.

The questions you will need to ask yourself are: Why are you going to use a rice cooker and how?

You may want to make recipes where there are steamed vegetables and in this case, you should consider a rice cooker with steam basket included. Defining the type of use of the rice cooker will help you refine your search.

If you cook white rice once a month, it makes no sense to buy a Zojirushi. It would be a waste of money.

Then it will be necessary to think of the good capacity of the rice cooker. It is always better to have more than not having enough. If you are a large family, consider switching to larger models such as the Tefal RK103811 Classic.

Otherwise, in terms of options, we all tend to think that more options are better. But that’s wrong! It is possible that a simple rice cooker is exactly what you need.

Models with digital controls should have a timer that can tell your rice cooker when to turn on and tell you how much time is left before your meal is ready. If you plan to serve rice directly from the rice cooker, make sure the handles stay cold enough to be grabbed. So in terms of the options, it’s like asking you questions like: Do you cook several types of rice? Does a small difference in texture bother you?

As for the cleaning, it is, basic, easy. But, if you still want more ease, opt for a device whose parts are compatible with the dishwasher.

I hope this guide could help you get an idea about rice cookers and how to choose the right one for you. Feel free to browse our site for even more guides.

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