Best Pressure Cookers Reviews 2018: A complete Buying Guide And Comparison

Best Pressure Cookers Reviews 2019

Best Pressure Cookers Reviews 2019: A complete Buying Guide And ComparisionThe best pressure cookers

We knew the traditional pressure cooker of our parents, but the technology has evolved since? Of course, and it is in this context that appeared the pressure cookers, which allow you to make much cooking, sautéed or slow, under pressure of your food. What provides you with a non-negligible help in cooking!

However, it is not always easy to find the auto cooker that will suit us, especially in view of all existing products. For this reason, we offer our own 2018 comparison of the best pressure cookers, based on numerous tests and other customer reviews. No doubt: you will find your device in our top!

While the trend is for culinary robots or other connected cooking companions, some diehards still prefer to take credit for being able to say “I did it! “Cooking their dishes from A to Z. In the kitchens of these implacable cooks, you can still find utensils such as pots, casseroles or pressure cookers. Ah, the pressure cooker!

This kind of pot is actually old as the world. Invented in 1679 (300 years old the machine anyway!) Under the name of “pot of paper” with a thick metal container, a screw and 3 pieces of the iron, this utensil has long had the reputation of being dangerous because of the burns caused by their opening. The pressure is still too strong after obstruction of the valve. I still hear my grandmother say, “backs up, it’s going to explode.”

But all that is over! Modern pressure cookers are now necessarily equipped with safety mechanisms preventing the lid from opening as long as the container remains under pressure. So if after all this time, she is still in our kitchen, it’s good that we can not do without it …

But it’s not just security that has evolved. Its design, materials, functions or ergonomics have nothing to do with the ancestors of your pressure cooker today.

We have studied all these points at length and we realized that the pressure cooker market was huge and that it was not possible to make a choice without pulling out the hair (for those who have it). That’s why we allowed ourselves to select five of the best. What did I say? We chose THE best!

Extraordinary capacity for large families, compact for young couples or singles, value for money, small benefits that change lives, materials or place of manufacture, we have all sifted and you will necessarily find the one that suits you among these 5 pressure cookers.

Best Pressure Cookers Reviews Comparision Table

The best pressure cookers offer great value to any kitchen. Many great chefs use it to prepare a variety of foods, such as meat, vegetables, and fish.

The pressure cooker allows preparing many recipes in fast mode. It represents a real help for people who have little time to prepare meals but do not want to settle for a salad or industrial food.

This type of saucepan was quite common in the 60s and 70s families who, at the time, did not have at least one Lagostina or Bialetti pressurized pressure cookers in their kitchen?

Today it comes back, often in more technological version. The digital world has indeed arrived even in the kitchen, to offer more and more developed functions and to guarantee results that go beyond perfection.

The goal is multiple. The aim is to guarantee the highest level of safety by giving you the opportunity to quickly prepare healthy dishes, cooked to perfection and in complete simplicity.

1.Tefal Secure 5 Neo Stainless Steel Pressure Cooker

Tefal P2534438

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Let’s start with a product that perfectly defends its leading position, the Secure 5 NEO Tefal. 

Although the brand belongs to the group SEB, its pressure cookers are the first competitors of the famous pressure cooker of SEB whose history I explained to you at the beginning of the article.

Comfort and ease of use, great capacity, design … This first in the class really has it all. Beginning with its provenance since, I know, many of you are sensitive to it. Rest assured, the Secure 5 NEO is made in France and guarantees 10 years. What do you get tired of even before the warranty is over?

Other significant advantages: you will not have any washing chores as its tank is compatible with all types of fire, including induction, with a capacity of 8 liters and 22 cm in diameter, and its lid is compatible with the lava -washing up.

In terms of security, he does not allow himself to be, since he is as secure as the crisis room at Maison Blanche. It is effectively endowed with 5 safety devices, including 3 dedicated to the overpressure:

The secure closure system: it prevents the rise in pressure from being triggered until the lid is perfectly closed.

The secure opening system: as long as the pressure has not been evacuated, the opening is impossible.

The overpressure safety system: they have triggered automatically during cooking if the steam outlet is blocked.

Finally, its two ways of cooking, one for the meat and the other for the vegetables will finally convince you. The program dedicated to vegetables and other delicate dishes generates a very high temperature by evacuating as little steam as possible. 

This allows for quick cooking that respects the nutritional properties of food. As for the program dedicated to meat, or frozen products, cooking is slower. The valve releases more steam to keep the temperature at a certain level in the tank, the goal being to have gentle cooking. Result: the meat is tender!

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2. Seb P4411506

Seb P4411506

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Clipso + Precision is one of SEB’s intelligent pressure cookers. This model comes in 4 sizes for capacities ranging from 4.5 to 10 liters. So that each type of family can find the product that corresponds to it. 

Like its competitor above, the Clipso is ingenious in offering two automatic programs. The first for foods that require delicate cooking, such as vegetables and fish, and the second one for more resistant foods such as meat.

 The appliance will then determine the optimum cooking time. You will still be able to follow the evolution of the cooking time on the timer screen. The count starts only when the right temperature is reached when the steam begins to escape to ensure optimal cooking of your food.

And since we are in the digital age and connected cooking, SEB is riding the wave by offering the “My Pressure Cooker” application, which is available for free online. 

You will find more than 200 recipes for all tastes and seasons. And for the refractories, you will still be entitled to your paper format of 50 recipes of starters, dishes, and desserts “side flavors” included in the delivery.

But this model stands out for its simplicity of opening and closing that can be done with one hand and effortlessly via a folding handle and its cover with a smart timer that adjusts the cooking time by pressing the + and – keys. 

And finally, its folding handles come to perfect its beautiful sleek design and simplify storage. Regarding maintenance, a simple dishwasher in your tank will make it all shine and you’ll be ready for a new ride.

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3. Seb P0531600

The legendary “Authentic” pressure cooker from SEB remains a must. We could not consider not including it in this top of the pressure cookers. 

With its solid steel material (stainless steel 18/10) with diffusal bottom, its handling will be easier and pleasant than its predecessors thanks to its ergonomic handles Bakelite (a synthetic resin resistant to heat and many chemicals, electrical insulation, light and semi-transparent, Bakelite can substitute for many materials such as porcelain for example). Its look from the early days takes us back to childhood and the smell of soup from our ancestors touches the nostrils at the mere sight of this legend for a pure moment of nostalgia.

 But do not be fooled by appearances, the pressure cooker has only kept the look of his ancestors. He did not forget to evolve over time. Since it will be compatible with any type of fire, including induction.

Security has not been left for against as it has 4 security, including 3 overpressure. Robust and durable, the authentic will have the longevity to the test of time and blows since you can be sure that thanks to its triple layer of aluminum, it will not deform. That’s why its guarantee extends to 10 years.

Your “Authentic” will be sold with a cookbook and stainless steel steam basket for healthy cooking. And SEB guarantees the availability of its spare parts up to 5 years after the purchase of the product.

Like its peers, it can contain between 4.5 to 10 liters depending on the model you choose and will be dishwasher safe (except the seal). It will also offer a wide variety of use since if you do not use its pressure cooker functions, it will make use of a Dutch oven.

Simple but quality, opt for this “authentic” product that can only satisfy the taste buds of your guests.

4. Seb P4605138

With more than 160 years of history, including a lot of sales, continuous innovations, novel concepts, meticulous designs, and clever finds, SEB had to appear at least three times in this ranking of the best pressure cookers. from the moment. 

As with all its appliances, SEB knows how to show elegance and sophistication in the design of its pressure cooker clip so minute: this pressure cooker model is a marvel for the eyes.

Its intelligent selector will allow you to cook any type of dishes based on a wide variety of foods. From sauteed vegetable soup to steam fish; propose a menu worthy of the greatest restaurants with one unique tool.

Your clips minute and its selection system with two modes of cooking. Once the cooking is complete, the pressure indicator will give you the green light to open your appliance safely and one hand will be enough to remove the lid.

Its stone finish enriched with titanium and mineral particles makes it extremely resistant and its non-stick coating will make cleaning easy. At the forefront of innovation thanks to its smart cover and easy to use. Perfect for couples and families with a capacity of 5L (3 to 5 people). 

His recipe book will help you operate your pressure cooker and if you’re still out of ideas; do not hesitate to download the free mobile application “Smart & Tasty” offering 300 simple recipes, fast and refined.

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5. Backen 152017

Backen 152017

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And here is the outside of the selection. Difficult to stand out against brands such as SEB or TEFAL. Yet this nice pressure cooker with a choice of 4 shades (black, red, purple or stainless) finds its place perfectly and will seduce you with features worthy of the biggest brands. With a capacity of 7 liters, you can concoct small dishes for a table up to 7 people.

The quality of this beautiful device is irreproachable as it consists of robust and resistant materials. In 18/10 stainless steel. 

The bottom of the tank is made of three layers. A layer of aluminum sandwiched between two layers of stainless steel for healthy and effective cooking of your favorite foods and dishes. Its 3 cooking programs guarantee you the respect for the food and their needs in terms of cooking, to keep each benefit and to conserve their vitamins.

Despite the large capacity of the device, its ergonomics has been studied and has developed a product for easy use with an automatic opening/closing system for one-handed operation. Its bakelite handles are also studied to simplify its use and are relatively wide for good performance even when your device is full, and therefore heavy. 

The choice of the different pressure levels will be made at the lid handle, on the control provided for this purpose. The bowl, lid and cooking basket are all dishwasher-safe (just remove the valve seal before using it).
It is also compatible with any type of fire, including induction and to prove its good faith, the manufacturer has chosen to guarantee its product for 15 years! A record that leaves behind the two brands that we thought yet unbeatable.

Finally, its new technology cap offers it 3 levels of safety valve operation, safety valve, and window escapes seal. Like what, it’s not always necessary to focus on prestigious brands to have a quality product.

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Buying Guide for the best pressure cookers

How to be sure to choose your pressure cooker when faced with many models? Well, in this buying guide, we will give you some tips and tricks that will help you find the best device for your needs.

What is a pressure cooker?

What is a pressure cooker?

A pressure cooker is a kitchen utensil consisting of a thick metal container hermetically sealed by a lid equipped with a depressurization valve.

It allows you to cook various foods under pressure with water, steam, smothered or simmered or browned. For cooking with water, the food is immersed in the basket or directly in the tank. 

For steam cooking, the use of the basket, always sold with it, is essential since the food must be above the water level. For cooking to suffocate, simply put the lid without using the pressure rise.

The pressure cooker offers a very wide use since you can almost cook everything. Soups, meat, fish and vegetables. And without forgetting the desserts! 

You do not suspect all the possibilities that such a device can offer. If you want some ideas, consider reading the recipe books most of the time provided with your pressure cooker when you purchase it. In short, for an easy and delicious cuisine every day; whether for steaming or simmering sophisticated dishes, this utensil works wonders.

The advantages of a pressure cooker

The delicious dishes that you will cook in your pressure cooker will be able to treat up to 10 taste buds thanks to the vats of greater or lesser capacities. Indeed, some may contain up to 10 liters. Prepare your soup, and put it in a can for the winter. 

Or sterilize your jars with your pressure cooker, they will return without problems. You will amaze your entourage with your successful cooking and your tender meats despite the large amount you have cooked. 

And, in addition to its functions of cooking under pressure, it will be able to replace your stewpot and serve as well to brown a whole pile of food. With this type of cooking, your kitchen will be more tasty, healthy and respectful of food.

In stainless steel, this pressure cooker is, in addition, solid and durable in time. You can also cook for your entire family without problems because it has a capacity of 8 liters for 5 to 8 people. Vegetables, meat, fish … Prepare what you want with every meal!

Security is also one of the main assets to take into account; by choosing a brand, you will also choose safety.

Finally, the strength and longevity of most of its devices thanks to their thickness and their materials (often in stainless steel, an ultra-resistant material and recognized for its ability to conduct heat well) allow them a guarantee generally exceeding 5 years. 

Manufacturers, and suppliers knowing that these devices are indestructible, they can afford to guarantee them for a decade. And with the new products on the market, the latest improvements to some models, and their adapted design, their use is all the more comfortable.

How to choose a good pressure cooker?

Before you buy the first pressure cooker that you find pretty, or that you will be vested enough to make you want to buy it, ask yourself a lot of questions.

The capacity


It is indeed essential to know the pot capacity necessary to prepare a meal for the whole family. 

For that, it is necessary to know that the volume of the tank varies from 4 to 10 liters, even more.

And for your convenience, we inform you that a capacity of 4 liters is suitable for a preparation for 2 to 4 people and a capacity of 6 liters is a meal for 4 to 6 people. 

If you are more numerous at home, it would be better to opt for a cooker of greater capacity: 8 liters for 5 to 8 people; 10 liters for 7 to 10 people.

The opening system

The opening system

This type of pan must be perfectly hermetic to be able to cook stew. 

There are 4 different opening and closing systems designed for this purpose, the most classic of which is the stirrup. On this model, turn the clamp knob to the left to lower the caliper.

We also find the closing button press and return cover that is certainly the most practical.

And finally, there is the bayonet closure that is especially present on the latest generation of pressure cookers, where it is sufficient to align the arrows of the lid with those of the handles ending with a slight pressure.

The options

The options

Some built-in pressure cooker options may attract you to one model over another. 

Thus, there are versions of pots with a timer that will be very convenient to warn you the end of cooking.

This will allow you to enjoy a good time with your guests, without having to monitor the preparation.

 On more advanced models, the timer can even automatically stop the cooking of the meal or to launch a preparation during your absence. 

This is the option of a delayed start. Conventional models are also equipped with a valve to let steam escape once the necessary pressure is reached.

On the other hand, the professional pressure cookers have an LCD display to program the cooking mode according to the dish and even to activate the function of keeping warm.


We must not forget, in fact, that a pressure cooker is a pressure cooker that is pressurized. In doing so, it is not a trivial device, so it is important that you choose a device that meets excellent safety standards. Many devices include a mechanism to open the pressure cooker (example: lower and turn counterclockwise). These protections are particularly important if you have children and want to keep them away from any potential danger.


The different cooking modes are what will allow you to get the best of your device, and thus to use it differently on many occasions. Many devices offer you several programs to adapt cooking to the foods in question.


It must be admitted that, on pressure cookers, the options are ultimately quite small, if not, of course, the presence of the timer. However, some manufacturers compete with imagination and offer you functions of keeping warm, automatic or not. It’s up to you to see how much additional features you need.


Although pressure cookers are available at many different prices, it is recommended that you do not throw yourself on the first pressure cooker come, simply because you may face a product of poor quality, and so that will not last not in time.

To ensure that you buy a quality product, the first solution is to buy pressure cookers online that come from well-known brands, as well as Seb or Tefal as seen in our 2018 comparison. These manufacturers provide indeed certain know-how. which ensures good reliability of your device.

The second solution is to turn to customer reviews: users with the device for a long time will be most likely to learn about the longevity of devices.

What is my budget?

As with any purchase, it is, of course, THE inevitable question: the budget you have. A price range will help you purify your list, and you will be able to make a choice on the price/quality ratio you expect from your purchase. A basic but high-quality product, or a product offering a few more options for the same price with, inevitably, a slightly lower quality.

What use will I have?

Finally, you will have to ask yourself if you are buying a pressure cooker only to prepare good soups, soups and/or stew this winter, or if the use you make of it will be daily. Since you can prepare any kind of food, any kind of cooking and any kind of dish (and even desserts), your pressure cooker could quickly become the utensil you use every day. In this case, it will be better to opt for a device of optimal quality.

Why buy a pressure cooker?

Utilization facility

Utilization facility

You do not have to be a regular cook in order to use a pressure cooker because it is very easy to use cooking appliance. 

The goal is to cook food under pressure, just close the lid of the pressure cooker before putting it on the fire.

And for your safety, the valve will immediately turn to evacuate the steam at the end of cooking so that you can open the kettle without risk of burns. In case your device has a timer, it will sound as soon as the preparation ends.

Divide the cooking time

Divide the cooking time

This is one of the main advantages of a pressure cooker. 

It allows the food to be cooked at an impressive speed since the pressurized steam makes it possible to reach a higher cooking temperature compared to a boiling temperature obtained with a simple kettle.

The cooking time with a pressure cooker is, therefore, less compared to a traditional pan preparation that does not have a hermetically sealed lid. 

This saves a lot of time for all those who want to prepare succulent dishes very quickly while preserving the vitamins and nutrients of the food.

Energy savings

Energy savings

This is obvious: the faster the cooking, the less energy is consumed. 

The use of the pressure cooker for induction will have a very positive impact on your billing statements because you will not have to cook your dishes for several hours.

It is the same if you use gas for your cooking. You will be quickly conquered by the practical and economic aspect of this device because, in addition to cooking meals very quickly, it will also allow you to save energy. One more reason to buy one, besides being easy to use.


Fortunately, the pressure cooker that can serve as a rice cooker has been designed to be easy to use, its purpose being to provide you with help in the kitchen. Thus, you just need to put a little water in the bottom of the pressure cooker, before placing the basket in which will be the food.

Once the appliance is closed, it will heat up before blowing air – meaning that pressure cooking has started well.

If some appliances include an automatic timer, be aware that this is not the case for everyone: you should know that the cooking time is counted only when the pressure cooker emits a hissing sound.


Just like its use, the pressure cooker is very easy to clean since it can normally be put in the dishwasher. However, it will be important to think about changing the seal of the device regularly (about every year, depending on your use) because these parts wear out relatively quickly depending on your use.

With this in mind, it is worthwhile to call upon well-known manufacturers, such as Seb or Tefal: they ensure you a very good availability of parts, such as seals and other accessories. For the rest, a hand wash with hot water and washing up liquid will be enough. It is possible to keep in your kitchen an auto cooker for several ten years.


I must say that preparing this article for you, made me want to spend in the kitchen! I dream of a good chicken with pineapple …

And I hope that soon you can also enjoy the good dishes that your pressure cooker will help you prepare.

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