Best Premium WordPress Themes

100+Best Premium WordPress Themes 2019-Hand-picked List

100+Best Premium WordPress Themes 2019 –Hand-picked List of The Most Popular  Themes


100 premium WordPress templates classified by topics , with a description and link to each of them

The templates or themes for WordPress allow you to make a professional website in a simple and fast way.

With a multitude of functionalities and styles, so that the process of creating a web page becomes quite comfortable and accessible. Compared to the traditional way in which you should Be a code expert and handle quite a lot of web design concepts.

WordPress has served to democratize web design and now any company or professional can design their own website in a relatively simple way, with training, time and dedication. 

But there is something essential: the choice of your template or theme. This is a decisive aspect because a really professional staff can make life easier to incredible ends.\


But, let’s go in parts. If you have not yet worked with WordPress, you should know that  to design a web page you only need 3 steps:

1. Learn WordPress

It is not necessary that you be a super expert in web design, but that you start to use the tool and learn during the process. 

Here you have a complete Guide to learn WordPress, updated to 2018, with all the steps necessary to design your website.

2. Install WordPress

For this, you need to hire a WordPress hosting that is the place where you will host your website, and have a domain, which is the address of your website. Here is a step-by-step tutorial for installing WordPress easily.

Important: To work on your project I recommend that you hire a professional, secure, fast and specialized hosting in WordPress such as BlueHost or SiteGround, which offer excellent quality at a great price. Here you have an exhaustive comparative on the best hostings for WordPress.

3. Buy the best  WordPress Themes for your specific project

This is an essential factor. Choosing a good template for WordPress will allow you to work with ease and achieve a truly professional result. 

I do not recommend that you use free templates since they are quite limited. 

For an approximate price that ranges between $ 40-60 $, you can purchase a premium level WordPress theme with which you can design a web page easily and in a short time.

choosing the best template for WordPress

How to choose a template for WordPress? What criteria must be taken into account when choosing the best Themes for WordPress?

  • 1. Graphics and visual quality.
  • 2. Load speed and code optimization.
  • 3. The number of options to customize the theme.
  • 4. Amount of demo content.
  • 5. Age and date of the last update.
  • 6. Support service.
  • 7. Adaptability to your project.
  • 8. Amount of total sales.
  • 9. Premium plugins included, such as Visual Composer.
  • 10. Evaluations of the community

Design a professional website

Design a professional website for your company, project, blog, portfolio, store, startup, event, station, real estate, hotel, restaurant, online courses, crowdfunding, etc.

In this post, I’m going to make a list of what I consider the 100 best WordPress Themes that exist, according to my experience as a web designer and trainer in the field. In addition, I will give them classified by professional areas so you can choose the one that best suits your project.

To buy any of these templates you simply have to register in Envato by clicking on “Create an Envato Account” on the button on the top right, as you can see in the image.

The templates are paid only once and they are yours forever, they will not ask you for any additional payment afterward. Whenever you want, go to your Envato account and download the template as many times as you want.


* A tip: to save you money for taxes, during the registration when you put your NIF or CIF, add the code of your country in capital letters. For example, for Spain, if your NIF is 53103840F, write ES53103840F. So you will pay a little less in the final price.

Many of these templates are recommended in the WordPress Course of Aula CM in which students end up with their own designed website. Take note:

Best WordPress Templates

Best Premium WordPress Themes for Advertising and Marketing Agencies, Social Media, Design Studios

X The Theme

X The Theme

X is a premium template for WordPress with an excellent visual finish and a large number of styles and demo content. In addition, it includes a very intuitive visual layout itself, as well as advanced plugins to make a high-quality web project.


Bridge – Multipurpose WordPress Theme

The bridge is a brutal premium-level template that stands out above all for its extraordinary number of customization options and for offering more than 200 different demos to easily design almost any project. In addition, it includes the Visual Composer plugin for free. Excellent template.


Salient Responsive-Multi-Purpose-Theme

Salient is a template with a high visual level and a multitude of customization options, especially recommended to build a portfolio of jobs. Bring 7 really attractive demos to design your own website based on very well designed elements.


Uncode template

Uncode is a fairly new and modern style template that is very strong at the graphics level, with 32 very powerful demos to design anything you can think of. Includes Visual Composer so you can design your sections in a really simple way. Brutal.


Impreza template

Impreza is a surprising template at the graphics level, with highly worked demos especially recommended to build online portfolios and corporate pages of agencies and creatives. Includes Visual Composer and an own layout or builder.



A classic in terms of premium templates. The multitude of demo pages that are installed in a click, a visual layout or own builder, premium plugins, advanced options, etc. A safe bet without a doubt, highlighting the good support service offered.



One of the WordPress templates that surprised me most when working with her. If something stands out is for its gigantic amount of demos or templates from which to start to design your website. Professional, modern, visually amazing, with advanced plugins such as Visual Composer. Excellent support



BeTheme is undoubtedly one of the greatest templates of all time, at a level very similar to Bridge. A huge amount of demo pages, advanced settings almost impossible to access, different styles, premium plugins, and a builder to design easy. Essential.



I have to confess that The7 is a template that I love, for several reasons: graphically very careful, the huge amount of demos and ease when it comes to customizing their styles thanks to a wide range of options and the inclusion of Visual Composer. The7 is another classic and a safe bet.



A really superior template at the graphics level, with spectacular styles, focused on portfolios and pages where the visual takes center stage. Includes Visual Composer for easy layout and plugins like LayerSlider to make your animated galleries. Spectacular.


Total - Responsive Multi-Purpose WordPress Theme

A classic without a doubt. You rarely find such a balanced template between visual quality, personalization, premium plugins like Visual Composer, the variety of demos, loading speed and support. I recommend it especially to start a project from scratch and customize it to wherever you want.


Angle Flat Responsive Bootstrap MultiPurpose Theme

Angle is a multipurpose theme with which you can create almost any type of web project for its wide range of customization options, demo content, graphics effects, libraries of icons and fonts, mega menus, etc. And, of course, it includes Visual Composer to design with creativity and style.


Oshine - Multipurpose Creative Theme

Another WordPress template of an excellent level, which stands out above all for its high graphics quality and its number of different layouts to create your pages and your portfolio and blog sections, which you can install in one click. All this accompanied by Visual Composer so that design is very easy and a wide section of options

Best Premium WordPress Themes  for Freelance Professionals, Bloggers, Journalists, Social Media Specialists


Optimize - SEO, Digital Marketing and Social Media Theme

A premium template with 12 really spectacular demo pages and a very fashionable flat design, ideal for Digital Marketing, Design and SEO agencies. And, above all, with excellent load optimization to improve SEO in Google. Includes free Visual Composer and Revolution Slider.


Florence - A Responsive WordPress Blog Theme

Florence is a template for bloggers with an elegant and current style, perfect for quickly designing a blog without major complications and customize everything you want thanks to its high level of options. And it also includes something great: it allows you to customize your forms for subscribers.


SimpleMag - Magazine theme for creative stuff

SimpleMag is a classic when it comes to templates for bloggers or magazines. Minimalist, simple to work, graphically exquisite, ideal for a professional who wants a premium blog in a short time. It allows making advanced menus to display your content visually. A great template.


Readme - A Readable WordPress Theme

Readme is a nice template for bloggers and freelance professionals that stands out for its original way of showing content, with horizontal slider layouts where visual content acquires all the leading role. Ideal to differentiate from the rest.


Story - Creative Responsive Multi-Purpose Theme

A spectacular template for professionals with a great diversity of styles and where the visual has a great presence, with huge sliders where to place your best images. It also includes an own layout or builder to easily design your sections. Ideal to place your online portfolio.


Unicon Design-Driven Multipurpose Theme

Unicon is one of the templates that has surprised me most lately. Graphically exquisite, huge customization possibilities, advanced effects, great variety of demos that are installed at a click, premium plugins such as Visual Composer and well optimized. Excellent template for WordPress.

Good Space

Good Space - Responsive Minimal WP Theme

If you are looking for an elegant and minimalist template, Good Space is yours. Ideal to build your online portfolio or the web of your studio or agency, this theme oozes good taste for all your pores. It also includes an owner builder so you can design with ease.


Hemlock - A Responsive WordPress Blog Theme

Hemlock is one of those special templates for its careful appearance. Ideal to create a personal or business blog in a short time and with an excellent result. It does not stand out for being especially customizable or for including many options, but it perfectly fulfills its purpose and its price is a bargain.


Rosemary - A Responsive WordPress Blog Theme

A really nice and current template, with a perfect visual style for fashion bloggers and trends, simple to configure and customize and with different options to show the content of the blog. Includes a slider for Instagram photos. And the price is another bargain.


Redwood - A Responsive WordPress Blog Theme

Very similar to the previous one, with a slightly more generic but equally attractive style, with different formats for the blog. It gives priority to the content, which is displayed in a superior slider where the image predominates. In addition, you can easily build banners.


Ink — A WordPress Blogging theme to tell Stories

A template for bloggers of those who stand out for being different, in which all the content is displayed in a visual layout where to place your best photos of travel, fashion, sports, etc. It offers many customization options with a spectacular result without having to spend too much time.

Best Premium WordPress Themes for Designers, Visual Artists and Plastics, Architects, Interior Designers


Flamingo - Agency & Freelance Portfolio Theme for WordPress

A graphically spectacular template where design takes center stage. Perfect for designers, artists, and visual professionals, with a variety of demos and with Visual Composer. An original layout with diagonal stripes and parallax effects that are a delight. And at an incredible price.


Kalium - Creative Theme for Professionals

A template of a high visual level, perfect for graphic and product designers, artists, architects, etc. Incredible portfolio sections, exquisite design and premium plugins to design as Visual Composer, Revolution, and LayerSlider, etc. A brutal theme of those that make a difference.


Stockholm - A Genuinely Multi-Concept Theme

Elegant, minimalist and stylish. A huge amount of installable demos at a click and with a top design full of visual effects. Ideal to build your online portfolio includes Visual Composer so you can design anything without complications. An attractive template you look where you look.


Lobo - WordPress Portfolio for Freelancers & Agencies

Lobo is a perfect template for designers and in general any artist or professional in the visual world. A very original full-width main slider, a drop-down hamburger menu and a spectacular layout based on the portfolio projects. Includes a proprietary builder, a nice blog section and online store. Excellent.


Hazel - Multi-Concept Creative WordPress Theme

If anything, Hazel stands out for its great graphics quality. Pure visual style accompanied by a large number of demos among which stand out those of portfolio and an endless section of options so that you can design any website you propose, including online sales. An excellent template.

Pheromone is an ideal template to build a portfolio of the designer, design studio or agency, with a spectacular graphics level and excellent taste in its more than 50 demos, Visual Composer, modern elements such as thin line icons, mega menus, sliders, options advanced, etc. Pure elegance.

Best Premium WordPress Themes for photographers and video editing professionals

Best Premium WordPress Themes for photographers and video editing professionals


Kinetika - Fullscreen Photography Theme

A perfect template for photographers that puts all the emphasis on viewing photographic content in full widths and with all kinds of visual effects. Modern, elegant and professional, a real gem to build your photographer’s website, show your portfolio and sell your services.


Photographer - A WordPress Photography Theme For Photographers

The photographer is a template totally focused on the construction of a website for photographers. Minimalist, simple, with all the design-oriented to show your photographic work with clarity and functionality, as well as effects for photos such as zoom, parallax, etc.


LENS - An Enjoyable Photography WordPress Theme

The lens is a totally professional photographers template with a spectacular graphics level, with all kinds of details and effects that serve to value your work, be it photos or even videos. It does not have many demos, but it is perfect to design a site quickly and with a great result.


BORDER - A Delightful Photography WordPress Theme

The border is a template for photographers that stands out for its original vertical slider where you can place your best work in a very visual way and a lateral pull-down menu. It includes all kinds of spectacular galleries and portfolios, video, transition effects between pages, etc. In addition, it offers an easy and fast configuration.


Photolux - Photography Portfolio WordPress Theme

A template for photography that has the virtue of creating masonry-style photo portfolios with boxes and with quite original horizontal transition effects. It allows you to create all kinds of layouts with different styles and effects to show your photographs in the way you prefer.


Titan WordPress

An excellent template for photographers that stands out for offering innumerable and different styles of galleries, portfolios, structures, effects, etc., in order to make your photographic work look as good as possible. In addition, it allows creating galleries protected by the password so that you can create private zones for your clients.


ePix - Fullscreen Photography WordPress Theme

Epix is a template for the work of photography professionals, which allows showing spectacular images in full width. It presents a very modern design, ideal to build not only your portfolio but also your service sections, rates, etc. since it includes Visual Composer.


Photo Me Photo Photography WordPress Theme

A template that includes a lot of different demos but all oriented to the photographic content, with full widths of the screen and spectacular effects, diverse structures, possibility to include video, many options, and a builder or own layout to design what you want. An excellent subject.


TIMBER – An Unusual Photography WordPress Theme

Timber is a WordPress theme dedicated to showing your photographic works and videos in a very visual way, with a spectacular looking main slider, drop-down side menu, and different demo contents that are installed in a click. Another highly recommended option.


KingSize Fullscreen Photography Theme

Kingsize is a WordPress template for fullscreen type photographers or full-screen photos that rotate in a slider and a fixed side menu where you can place your logo and modify their styles, which makes it a great personality template to show your photographic projects. In addition, it brings Visual Composer.

Best Premium WordPress Themes for Musicians, Groups, Stations and Radio Programs, Podcasts

Best Premium WordPress Themes for Musicians, Groups, Stations and Radio Programs, Podcasts

Music Pro

Music Pro - Music Oriented WordPress Theme

Music Pro is a perfect WordPress theme for a musical group or a music portal, with a fully customizable graphics style and the possibility of adding band playlists, sliders, galleries, videos, multimedia posts, content from social profiles, etc.


Spectra - Continuous Music Playback WordPress Theme

A graphically very powerful and original template, one-page style, that incorporates a colorful audio player at the bottom of the screen and numerous interesting effects such as strips for content, video backgrounds, tabs for each album, etc. In addition, it includes Visual Composer.


Muzak - Music WordPress theme

Muzak is an ideal WordPress theme for professionals from the world of music, music events, festivals, music portals, and record companies. Very attractive, includes sliders, audio players, calendar of upcoming events, news and blog articles, including online sales of discs.


Chords - Music - Artist - Radio WordPress theme

With Chords, you can create the website of a musician, artist or radio station. Incorporate a layout so you can create your designs as you want, playlists, tracks player, streaming, chips for musicians, events, forms for subscribers. Another great option.



MusicHub is another excellent option to build a website of a band, event or concert, with a modern and elegant graphic appearance, and premium plugins such as Visual Composer and Revolution Slider. Allows you to add playlists, play tracks, sell albums, etc.

Tuned Balloon

Tuned Balloon - Music WordPress Theme Music and Bands

Tuned Balloon is a WordPress template for music sites that stands out, above all, for its marked character and personality. In addition, it has a very fun music player in the form of a vinyl record to listen to audio tracks, as well as various formats for posts, galleries, stores, etc.


Speaker - One Page Music WordPress Theme

Another template for a music website, groups, stations, etc., with a spectacular parallax style for photos or videos, content in various multimedia formats, gallery, calendar, and store. In addition, it has a navigation mode one page, with a sliding home when clicking on the different sections.

Best Premium WordPress Themes for Events, Conferences, Conferences, Concerts, and Festivals

Best Premium WordPress Themes for Events, Conferences, Conferences, Concerts, and Festivals

Event On

Event On - Conference & Event WordPress Theme

An ideal template for events, with a calendar, timers and a front-page event search engine. Includes Visual Composer to design your own sections in a professional manner. In addition, it integrates WooCommerce perfectly, so you can sell the tickets of the event online.


Meetup - Conference Event WordPress Theme

Meetup is a high-quality theme, specially created for conferences. One-page style with all the main content on the cover, includes countdown and calendar, a colorful timeline, image slider, tabs of each presentation and speaker, gallery, registration and subscription forms, etc.

Im Event

im Event - Event & Conference WordPress Theme

Another excellent template for events and conferences with everything you need for this type of site. Countdown, a summary of the event, sliders of photos and videos, registration forms, calendar, speakers, map, price plans, partners, etc. Includes Visual Composer.


Eventum - Conference & Event WordPress Theme for Event & Conference

Eventum is a template of a very visual style perfect to create the site of an event. Countdown, calendar and order of the day, speakers, sponsors, prices, map, subscriber form, etc. In addition, integrates shop system for the sale of event tickets.


Vibration - Responsive Music & Events Theme

With the Vibration template, you can build the site of a concert with all kinds of multimedia content integrated into the cover, such as images, videos, highlighted audio tracks, playlists, countdown, news highlights, SoundCloud tracks, merchandise sales, etc. Includes an owner builder.


Clinto - HTML5 Responsive WordPress Theme for Events

Clinto is a WordPress theme specially indicated for content scheduling, which makes it an ideal template for event portals, news, corporate blogs, etc. It stands out for being visually very clear, with well-structured content and beautiful boxed styles to fit the content.

Best Premium WordPress Themes for Online Store, e-Commerce and sale of products and services

Best Premium WordPress Themes for Online Store, e-Commerce and sale of products and services

The Retailer

The Retailer - Premium WooCommerce Theme

It is a premium template to make an Online Store in WordPress. It stands out for its visual quality and its large number of customization options. It includes demo content, that is, already designed pages and sections that you can modify to your liking to use them in your own project.


Flatsome Multi-Purpose Responsive WooCommerce Theme

A great template best-selling in Themeforest for its graphics quality, with a minimalist and elegant style, modern effects, the possibility of building advanced megamenús to place categories and products with images, premium plugins such as Visual Composer, excellent optimization, etc.


Marketify - Digital Marketplace WordPress Theme

Marketify is a great template to create a marketplace with a multitude of options, a clean and modern design and all kinds of multimedia elements to achieve an attractive result, wish lists, reviews, commissions, etc. In addition, it offers a pretty good support.


Shopkeeper - eCommerce WP Theme for WooCommerce

A template for an online store that stands out for its visual quality, modern, minimalist and full of details to design your e-commerce. Several demos with different structures, a wide section of options to customize it to the maximum and Visual Composer to design what you want. A great topic


Royal - Multi-Purpose WordPress Theme

A WordPress theme for an online store that includes a lot of demo pages from which to build your site. Plugins like Visual Composer and Revolution Slider. Preview the photos of the store’s products in a slider gallery.


Neighborhood - Responsive Multi-Purpose Shop Theme

Elegant, modern, minimalist. A visual luxury to create your online store that includes wish lists, sliders, advanced effects of previewing product images, deep customization options, and a builder so you can design your own sections. An excellent template


Atelier - Creative Multi-Purpose eCommerce Theme

A very modern template with 12 high-quality demos and all kinds of effects in the store as slider images in the preview of the product, parallax effects, advanced sliders, different headers, and attractive structures, SEO optimization, etc. In addition, it includes Visual Composer to unleash your creativity.


Aurum - Minimalist Shopping Theme

Another excellent WordPress template for an online store with a minimalist, modern and elegant style, with the main slider (includes Revolution Slider and LayerSlider) and product slider, compatible with the Ubermenu plugin to make advanced menus with a variety of contents, Visual Composer, list of wishes, etc.


WooPress - Responsive Ecommerce WordPress Theme

A WordPress theme for e-commerce with a shocking design, more than 20 demos with very different styles to create a store of almost anything you want. Includes Visual Composer and Essential Grid, a great plugin to create spectacular content structures with your inputs, products, etc.


Labomba - Responsive Multipurpose WordPress Theme

A WordPress Theme for an online store that stands out for its high visual quality and elegant premium effects to make a spectacular store with surprising effects especially recommended selling luxury products such as jewelry and fashion. And, in addition, it includes Visual Composer. A marvel.

Best Premium WordPress Themes for Real Estate, Real Estate Sales and Rentals

Best Premium WordPress Themes for Real Estate, Real Estate Sales and Rentals


Zoner - Real Estate WordPress Theme

Zoner is a template for real estate that offers virtually everything that this type of business needs. The real estate search engine, files for each property with detailed data and map, Visual Composer, social login and user profile, many demo pages, templates for mailing. A very complete topic.


Hometown - Real Estate WordPress Theme

Another very complete WordPress template for real estate with a really careful design, the main slider with outstanding properties and an advanced search engine, tabs for each property with detailed data, geolocation map, contact form with the commercial, comparator of housing, etc.

Real Spaces

Real Spaces - WordPress Real Estate Theme

Real Spaces allows you to build a website for a real estate company with a multitude of installable demo content quickly to a click, advanced sliders, properties search and the possibility to save them as favorites, different user profiles and a large number of widgets.

Real WP

Reales WP - Real Estate WordPress Theme

Another WordPress theme for real estate services that stands out for its elegant style and minimalist design, and above all, spectacular chips for each property in full-screen size with a large map and all kinds of details of the house, images, sliders, plans, widgets social, comments, etc. Excellent topic.


Realty - Real Estate WordPress Theme

With Realty, you can design a real estate website that stands out above all for the main featured map of the upper area of the home, where you can mark various locations of homes for sale. It includes an advanced search engine, complete files of real estate, Visual Composer and payments with Paypal.

Real Homes

Real Homes - WordPress Real Estate Theme

The main slider in full width and an advanced search engine, together with a great design, make Real Homes a WordPress theme of the first level to create real estate services sites, not in vain is the best selling theme in this sector. Highlights its complete property listings and its large number of widgets.

WP Residence

Residence Real Estate WordPress Theme

WP Residence is a template for real estate that puts all the prominence in its huge geolocation maps where you can locate the different properties so that it facilitates the search and location to the user. User registration, Visual Composer, social login, etc. Another excellent option.

Best Premium WordPress Themes for Hotels, Hostels, Pensions and Accommodation Services

Best Premium WordPress Themes for Hotels, Hostels, Pensions and Accommodation Services


Hotel WordPress Theme Hotel Leisure

A WordPress template for the hotel that stands out for its elegant design, sober, without extra ornaments but with everything necessary for the management of a hotel. Two different styles, a room search engine and the possibility of booking online, also have an attractive mega menu and Visual Composer to design.


Soho Hotel Booking - Hotel WordPress Theme

Soho is a template that has been around for some time but has not lost its validity. The typical template that does everything correctly. Stylish boxed design with focused content, very simple reservation system with room finder, complete room files, map, etc. A safe bet

Hotel Master

Hotel WordPress Theme For Hotel Booking

Another template that stands out for its elegant style, ideal for hotels, spa, resorts, etc. It allows importing the demo content to a click, with two different demo styles. A room finder to book and possibility to pay with PayPal and Stripe, a builder to design and create promotional coupons.


Travelico- Hotel Booking & Presentation WP Theme - Travel

A very economical option that stands out above all for its original search engine alienated to the right on top of a full-width type slider. I especially like the complete files of rooms with all kinds of details. Includes Visual Composer, payment with PayPal, prices according to dates and wide options section.


Nation Hotel - Responsive WordPress Theme

Elegant and minimalist template for hotels and resorts with full-width main slider designed with Revolution Slider and a widget for search and reservation of rooms. Room cards very careful, with description, availability calendar and the possibility to leave reviews. Payment with PayPal.

Star hotel

Starhotel - Hotel WordPress Theme

Starhotel is a template for hotels, spas, and resorts that shows a really neat and modern appearance, main slider and search engine, with room tokens that show an animated effect to see the info and reservation, gallery, testimonies, etc. And with Visual Composer included. A more than an interesting topic.


Hotel + Bed and Breakfast Booking Calendar Theme - Bellevue

Bellevue is an ideal template for the management of a hotel or any accommodation reservation service, with a search engine highlighted on full-width images, parallax effects, accommodation files with price tables according to a season, testimonials, payments with WooCommerce, a builder to design and 7 demos.

Best Premium WordPress Themes for Restaurants, Cafes, Bars, Clubs

Best Premium WordPress Themes for Restaurants, Cafes, Bars, Clubs

ROSA – An Exquisite Restaurant WordPress Theme

A specific template to build restaurant websites. Graphically remarkable, with elements such as full-width sliders, parallax effects, online reservations, attractive menus, demo content installable to a click, a builder to customize what you want and great optimization.

Grand Restaurant

Grand Restaurant - Restaurant WordPress for Restaurant

A perfect WordPress theme to make a restaurant website, with spectacular parallax effects when scrolling, nice templates to make menus, 6 high-quality demos, a possibility of placing booking forms and a visual layout that allows you to edit your designs directly on the Web. Very good.


LaCuisine - Restaurant WordPress Theme - Restaurants & Cafes

La Cuisine is a WordPress template for restaurants, bars, and cafes, with various demos that are easily installed and numerous styles, effects and designs. It includes an online booking system and premium plugins such as Revolution Slider and Visual Composer. A visually spectacular theme and of great quality.

Best Premium WordPress Themes for Schools, Academies, Colleges, Training Centers and Online Courses Platforms

Best Premium WordPress Themes for Schools, Academies, Colleges, Training Centers and Online Courses Platforms


WPLMS Learning Management System for WordPress, Education Theme

WPLMS is a great template to create an educational website, be it a school or an online course platform, with more than 10 demos and a multitude of options, student registration and user profile, search engine and advanced and detailed files for the courses, online payment and a proprietary builder to design your sections.

Education WP

Education WP

A great WordPress theme for a school website, schools, day care centers, language academies, online courses, etc. With a search engine of courses and very visual cards, registration form of users, subscribers, sliders, events, many payment options, and a page builder. Very complete

Clever Course

Clever Course - Learning Management System Theme

Another great option to build education websites and courses, with your own builder and the possibility of creating online exams, the private profile for the student and the teacher, installation of the demo content with one click, many methods of payment, mega menu, seeker of courses, testimonies, etc.


Skilled - School Education Courses WordPress Theme

Skilled is a great WordPress template for courses that stands out above all for its graphic quality and good usability. All kinds of elements such as sliders, course finder, countdown, very attractive content bands, expanded Visual Composer, 4 excellent demos, student registration, etc.

Learn Plus

LearnPLUS - Education LMS Responsive Theme - Education

A modern and recent template to design educational websites with more than 10 different flat style demos that you can easily import into one click. Designed with Visual Composer and with multiple graphics resources such as sliders, videos, attractive course files, parallax, testimonials, and many configuration options.

Language School

Language School - Courses & Learning Management System Education WordPress Theme

A theme designed to build the website of a language school, although you can really create any educational platform. A great design that includes a builder for layout, calendar and event plugins, user registration, advanced menus, customizable forms, and very good optimization.

Best Premium WordPress Themes for Communities, Forums, Social Platforms, Job Search and Directories

Best Premium WordPress Themes for Communities, Forums, Social Platforms, Job Search and Directories


KLEO - Pro Community Focused, Multi-Purpose BuddyPress Theme

Kleo is a brutal squad with innumerable possibilities. It incorporates BuddyPress, a very powerful application to generate social and interactive sites for users, but not only that: it includes 27 demos to make agency websites, portfolios, business directories, magazine, courses, store, etc. A great WordPress Theme.


Listify - WordPress Directory Theme

A perfect template to create a directory type website for companies, professionals, etc. It incorporates a drag and drop builder so you can build your pages with ease, the possibility to make reservations and online payments, subscriptions, lists, etc. In addition, it is very well optimized for Google.


Jobify - The Most Popular WordPress Job Board Theme

Jobify is an excellent template to design the web of a publication platform and search for job offers, connecting companies and applicants through a powerful application that allows you to sign up for offers, create your own profile, upload your CV, management of applicants, login and social registration, statistics, etc.

Best Premium WordPress Themes for Magazines and Magazines, Online Journals, News and Thematic Portals

Best Premium WordPress Themes for Magazines and Magazines, Online Journals, News and Thematic Portals


Newsmag - News Magazine Newspaper

Newsmag is a high-quality template to build a news and content site, with an impeccable structure.

A multitude of advanced widgets, modern style, 10 demos for different themes. The user registration and login, a multitude of customization options and, to top it off, Visual Composer. A marvel.

Orion Press

Orion Press - Retina and Responsive Magazine Theme

Another excellent option to create the site of a newspaper, magazine or magazine, news portal, etc. 

Elegant and modern, with many different variants to show the content and easy to configure.

Wide section of options and Visual Composer so you can design your sections as you want. A great subject at a very affordable price.


SmartMag - Responsive & Retina WordPress Magazine

A WordPress template for a newspaper or magazine that presents a clean and elegant design. With very well structured information and a multitude of widgets.

The quality that has nothing to envy the web of any means of communication. Includes a page builder and the ability to build advanced mega menus.

Best Premium WordPress Themes for Startups, Applications and Tools, Landings Pages

Best Premium WordPress Themes for Startups, Applications, and Tools, Landings Pages


Appbox - App Landing & App Store

AppBox is a WordPress template for Startups, apps and all kinds of services and products.

The possibility of building spectacular landing pages and selling online. 

Includes Visual Composer, Revolution Slider and installable demo content with a click. In addition to a complete customizer of styles. Excellent.

Best Premium WordPress Themes for Crowdfunding and Crowdsourcing platforms

Best Premium WordPress Themes for Crowdfunding and Crowdsourcing platforms


Backer - The Modern WordPress Crowdfunding Theme

A template for making a Crowdfunding website that stands out for its elegant and careful minimalist design. 

Its own builder to layout your sections and the Revolution Slider plugin included for free to design spectacular sliders. Compatible with Ignition Deck, the best plugin for crowdfunding systems.

Startup Idea

Crowdfunding WordPress Theme - StartupIdea - Crowdfunding WP

Another Crowdfunding template with a spectacular and elegant style. Installable demo content with a click and an integrated payment system with PayPal and Stripe. 

It allows the user to manage their own account and their published projects. Includes free premium plugins such as Visual Composer and Revolution Slider. Excellent.

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