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Best Induction saucepan 2019-Comparison And Review

The Ultimate Guide to the Best Induction pans 2019: Comparison And Review

You may have installed a new induction cooktop in your kitchen so you need to change your classic pans to pans compatible with your new plate.

Here is a short guide to help you choose the best induction cooker among all those available on the market.

Whether you need to equip your kitchen or want to renew your utensils. This buying guide is for you. We will give you all the essential advice for your purchase, both for the choice of models, their materials and sizes.

The success of a pancake depends on the quality of the pan in which it is made. If you’re an ace of pastries. Take a reliable shortcut by reading this article.

I manage the “kitchen accessories” department in a commercial area of the square. Whenever it arrives in my department, it is my duty to test the new items first before confirming their sale. Having noticed that the induction heaters are very stressed.

I put a particular accent. Whenever I analyze a model, I am always amazed by the care that manufacturers take to shape the design and the tightness of these stoves.

Customers often ask me for advice or recommendations to choose an induction stove, so I can control them at my fingertips. So I guess with my modest experience, I can effectively educate you on a model that suits your requirements. In fact, this is the very reason for this comparison.

Comparison of the top 10 induction saucepan

Tefal Ingenio Expertise: the best set of induction hobs and pans

Tefal offers a new set of eleven induction hobs and pans compatible with induction hobs but also with conventional and electric hobs.


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The coating of the pans is made of titanium which gives it a longer life than the classic models. Titanium is a metal much more resistant than Teflon found in almost all stoves and pans.

With this set, you are therefore much less likely to scratch your pan and make it unusable. It is estimated that you will keep this set of pans up to three times longer than the other sets.

Each pan and induction hob is compatible with a removable handle that allows you to cook both on your plates but also to turn your pans into molds and put them in the oven.

So you can replace all your pots, pans and molds and keep only this Ingenio induction set that will save you a lot of space in your kitchen.

Indeed, the pans are made to be stacked on top of each other and thus optimize your storage space.

The strong points :

Very easy to handle with the handle provided, which avoids the risk of burns. In addition, the handle does not heat when the induction pan is on fire.

Stoves do not attach at all even when cooking meat too long. The washing is very easy and fast because the coating is extremely smooth, unlike the old pans.

To cook food it is not necessary to put oil or other fat, or very little because the food does not stick.

The lids provided are good for keeping food in the refrigerator for several days.

You can wash the induction cookware in the dishwasher without the titanium coating being damaged.

The weak spots :

The spatula offered with the set of stoves and induction pans is not suitable for titanium coating because it is stainless steel which may scratch your pans. It is, therefore, better to use wooden utensils with this set.

The set contains only one handle for all pans which is not very practical when cooking with multiple stoves at the same time.

The removable handle can slightly damage the edge of the pan on a very long-term if the handling is not delicate.

Tefal Emotion: a cheap induction saucepan

Tefal offers you a stainless steel saucepan at a low price but of a very good quality. If you do not want to invest in a set of pans and you’re looking for simplicity, the Tefal Emotion pan is for you.


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Three sizes are available depending on the size of your induction hobs: 16, 18 or 20 cm in diameter to adapt to your cooking method.

The interior lining is made of high-quality stainless steel which guarantees a service life of at least ten years for this pan. Graduations inside your pan allow you to better control the amount of liquid you heat. This asset is very useful in the preparation of instant dishes or in pastry.

The bottom of the pan is specially designed in three layers to distribute the best heat and ensure a consistent cooking of your food.

The strong points :

Used on an induction hob, the heater is very fast, thanks to its thick bottom.
The handle is very practical and contains a thermal insulator so that you do not get burned by lifting the pan even if the handle is above the fire.

The pan is very strong and resists shocks even violent enough.

The stainless steel liner makes the pan very easy to clean and the food does not catch. It can also be washed in the dishwasher without leaving traces of limestone on the walls.

The price is very low despite excellent quality. This pan is the best low-cost induction pan.

The weak spots :

The pan is quite heavy when it is empty, so be careful when it is filled with water and you try to lift it. When empty, the pan with the handle weighs about 850 grams which are relatively heavy for a pan.
The pan is not manufactured in France as the mark suggests but in China. It is written “Made in China” on the cardboard packaging.

The handle is fixed to the pan cannot bake and it takes more space to be stored than the pots with a removable handle that can be stacked on top of each other.

Lagostina: 3 induction pans + handle


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The Lagostina set consists of 3 induction cookware that can be used to cook several times a day. Designed in stainless steel, this set weighs 2.4kg for dimensions of 26 cm in length, 25.4 cm in width and 13.6 cm in height.

The interior and exterior are stainless steel, which guarantees their compatibility with induction hobs. The edges are rolled, the Lagoseal bottoms, the handles are welded and stainless steel.

The diameters of the 3 pans are 16cm, 18cm and 20cm. The handle provided in the set is bakelite, which makes it easy to hold in May.

Transformable, the Lagostina induction pans can be used to cook several dishes. Although the handle is compatible with all three, it can happen that you do it during the cooking of certain dishes. We appreciate the quality of this set designed in a durable material and defying the use over time.

For its price, this set convinces enough users thanks to its flexibility, but also its quality and the large capacity of the pans.

For maintenance, the user will have no problem to be done: the utensils are compatible in the dishwasher. Besides induction, you can use these pans on the other lights.

Bekaline 12326984 Evolution: 4 pans induction + removable lack


To cook on your induction plates, nothing better than this battery of induction pan which composes the Evolution series of Beta line. The utensils are made of stainless steel for a total weight of 3.8 Kg.

The pans are delivered with a removable handle that you can use when needed. Ranged, the set has a length of 28 cm, a width of 24 cm, a height of 21.5 cm and a diameter of 20 cm.

The Beta line set stands out from the others by its design and exceptional strength. For its price, the price/quality ratio is really recommendable, with a one-year warranty offered by the manufacturer. The bottom thickness is one cm.

It’s always nice to have utensils with a modern and clean design. You will vary wonderfully the use of this battery saucepan induction since it is also compatible with other fires than induction.

Today, you will have a considerable amount of space. The drive is facilitated by the compatibility of the set in the dishwasher.

De Buyer Mineral B Element: the best steel stove

The De Buyer Mineral

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The De Buyer Mineral B Element is the best steel stove. Made of white sheet steel with riveted mounts, it can last much longer than a non-stick pan. You can keep this pan for decades by following the maintenance tips.

A protective layer of organic beeswax simplifies culling. The natural anti-adhesion is obtained by progressive spattering. It is compatible with all fires including induction.

The De Buyer Mineral B Element stove is totally made of steel and is not weakened by the addition of a non-stick coating on the surface.

You need to create the non-stick naturally by patting your stove in a few weeks. To do this, lightly oil your stove after each use and heat well before putting your fat and start cooking.

The cleaning of this pan is done only with hot water with a sponge or a small brush. Do not use washing up liquid or put it in the dishwasher.


  • Durability
  • Quality
  • The fast rise in temperature
  • Ideal for grasping meat, browning an egg or omelet
  • No health risk
  • Compatible all fires including induction
  • Organic beeswax finish

 The CONS:

  • Interview
  • heavy
  • Channel tends to heat

The best Carrefour induction pancake pan

The best Carrefour induction pancake pan

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On Carrefour, you will find this crepe maker easy to use and cheap. Equipped with a long handle, it allows you to make delicious pancakes and fry other foods without the risk of glue.

Its diameter of 25 cm gives you the opportunity to include a lot of food in one turn.

Also, it is perfectly compatible with induction hobs, only that if you want it to be useful for as long as possible.

It will be necessary to take precautions of particular uses because of its fragility. For example, flip your food with a wooden spoon made of plastic or rubber.

Do not use abrasive pads to clean your stove, as it may destroy the nonstick layer. Compact and light, this crepe is also cheaper.

Therefore, even if you have limited financial means, you can consider acquiring it without having to make huge sacrifices.

Pros :

  • Large diameter
  • Long sleeve
  • slight
  • Cheap

Cons :

  • Fragile

The best induction pancake pan Auchan

The best induction pancake pan Auchan

Made in France, this Intuition Tefal stove is made of durable and durable stainless steel.

Its anti-adhesive interior coating and its thermo-spot function guarantee quality cooking, especially for pancakes.

Make pancakes like a real blue cord with this Tefal frying pan without any difficulty.

Its beautiful appearance is enhanced by its polished stainless steel exterior that ensures a brilliant and lasting shine.

Seeing the high price of this stove, you may take a step back in your purchase project. But note that it will not be money lost if you agree to buy it.

In fact, it is a long-term investment that you will make because this accessory is a very strong resistance by its 18/10 stainless alloy(18% chromium and 10% nickel). In addition, it is lightweight and has a long and comfortable handle for easy handling.

  • Thermo-spot
  • Comfortable handle
  • slight
  • Beautiful design
  • Easy handling
  • High quality-price ratio

How to recognize an induction saucepan?

In trade, you have probably noticed the abundance of new pans and pans specifically for induction hobs. However, if you have just traded your traditional hob for an induction hob you do not have to get rid of all your utensils. Here are three simple tips on what kitchen utensils you can keep.

You can test and check if your stove is compatible with a magnet. Indeed, for your stove to be used on an induction plate, it must be able to be magnetized. Just place a magnet under your stove: if it sticks, your stove is compatible, if the magnet falls your stove is not.

If you do not have a magnet, look under your pan and look for the presence of a drawn spring. If you find a symbol in the shape of a spring.

It is because you can use your stove on an induction hob if it is not the case, your stove is not compatible.

Finally, most induction hobs are able to detect compatible pans. You can then try to put all your pots and pans on the plate and light it.

If your pan is compatible, the plate will begin to heat, otherwise, a symbol on the control panel will indicate a problem.

At that moment you will know for sure that your utensil is incompatible with induction

How to choose an induction saucepan?


Before you buy new pans for your induction hob, you must take the measurements of each plate so that your pans are not too big or too small. If your pan is too small, you will lose energy because some of the heat produced will not be transmitted to the pan and will evaporate into the air. Conversely, if your pan is too big, you will lose efficiency because part of the pan will not be heated.

One of the main interests of induction hobs being the speed of cooking, the size of your pans is a characteristic that must not be neglected. In addition, if your pan is too big or too small, it may not be recognized by your induction cooktop and become incompatible with it.

Quality and materials

A second very important criterion to take into account is the thickness of the bottom of your pan.

Indeed, the thicker your bottom, the more heat coming from the plate will be distributed in a uniform and homogeneous way and therefore better will be the cooking of your food.

In stores, opt for pans whose bottom is as thick as possible to get a homogeneous and fast cooking of your food.

You must also attach great importance to the material used to make your induction cookware. It is important to favor materials such as stainless steel, titanium or copper.

These materials are good conductors of heat and are not bad for health since they do not release harmful particles in the water for example.

In addition, they are very resistant to scratches and avoid the problems of pots that hang food and burn. However, even if the pan is made of stainless steel or titanium, check before you buy it that the manufacturer indicates that it is compatible with induction hobs.


Finally, it is better to focus on brands that you know and whose quality is recognized by all. You have to pay attention to brands that you find on the internet and that you have never heard of.

Not all countries have the same controls and regulations for baking pans, so it’s best to use brand-name pans controlled by official bodies.
Among the brands you can trust are:
– Tefal, of which we have presented you with three models and which is the reference mark for kitchen utensils;
– Renberg which sells very good quality pans with a wide choice of models;
– Backen which manufactures stainless steel pans compatible with all kinds of plates (induction, electric, vitroceramic);
– Natural Cook Professional who manufactures stoves with a granite stone and ceramic coating.

All of these brands offer high-quality induction hobs and pans, but you can also find high-quality stoves in home furnishing stores or at a kitchen.

How to choose a set of quality pans?



Depending on your needs, you can opt for a set of pots in stainless steel or cast iron if you prefer the strength of the utensils.

These materials are heat resistant and are particularly suitable for simmered dishes.

Aluminum and cast aluminum materials are also good heat conductors, but they do not have a very long life.

For the most demanding, the best choice is to buy a set of copper pans as it is a luxury material that preserves and reveals the aroma of food.

The coating

The coating

A set of ceramic pans can actually make cooking and cleaning easier.

But its lifespan is much lower compared to utensils made with the raw material.

This will be the case for all coated pans, whether PTFE, stamen, stainless steel or titanium.

However, the quality differs according to the number of layers of the coating.

Which encourages you to check the product sheets of your pans before purchase.

The sizes

The sizes

Here, the pots can have a size between 12 and 20 cm, especially if it is a set of 5 pans and less.

By cons, you can find larger sizes with a wide variety of containers capacity if you plan to take a set of 16 pans for example.

So you have to define the number of pieces you need and the size of the containers you need according to the number of people you want to feast.

Where to get an induction pan?

Now that you know all the criteria and all the features to choose a good induction pan, you just need to know how to get one in the shop.

It is always best to buy a new induction pan. A used pot may have been poorly maintained by its owners and ultimately put an object dangerous to your health.

You can buy a new induction cookware on websites like Amazon or Cdiscount. All you need to do is read the customer reviews to get an idea of the quality and choice you need to make. You will also have time to compare several models before buying the one that suits you best.

If you prefer to move to weigh or feel the induction pan, shops like Boulanger, Darty, GIFI, IKEA, Auchan, and Leclerc are selling a wide range of pans. You will be able to have a better idea of the design and the handling and even, you will be able to consult a salesman before making your choice.

Where to buy an induction pan?

Now that you know how to choose a good induction pan, here are the different ways to get one.

If you want to buy your new induction cooker on the Internet, you can find it on Amazon and Cdiscount. It is advisable to avoid occasional sites for cooking utensils because a saucepan that has not been properly maintained may become unusable or unhealthy.

You should, therefore, favor new purchases. The advantage of buying on the internet, besides the fact that you do not have to move to buy it, is that you can quietly consult the opinions on the various induction pans to help you make the right choice. You will be able to compare the different models proposed before you decide. In addition, you will have a wider choice than in a store.

If you want to buy your new saucepan directly in a shop, you can go to Ikea, Gifi, Boulanger, Darty, Auchan or Leclerc which offer a wide choice.

The advantage of going to the store is that you will be able to appreciate the quality of the different models, the weight and the maneuverability. You can also seek advice from a specialist seller who will guide you according to your preferences.

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