Best Hiking Baby Carrier Reviews in 2019-Expert choose For your baby

Seriously are you need a Best Hiking Baby Carrier in 2019? Dynamic parents, armed with the age to climb summits, passionate about hiking; you have a child today who unfortunately can not travel many kilometers by your side? The Best hiking baby carrier is essential for all your activities!

To determine which is the best baby carrier of the moment. We spent more than 31 hours comparing 10 baby carriers of this type and to analyze more than 494 consumer reviews. If you want to immediately opt for the best product of our selection, our recommendation is the Deuter Kid Comfort 2.

Best Hiking Baby Carrier Reviews


It’s hard to beat a baby backpack. Their favorable design allows them a comfortable and safe ride. We spent countless hours hiking with a happy child and an adult. Because of their feature-rich construction, including quality harnesses, padding, and suspension systems, these backpacks can be expensive, but there are offers to make.

Below, we present the best 2019 baby carrier packs, ranging from packs strong enough to carry a growing toddler to lightweight, frameless models for short trips. For more basic information on baby carriers, see our comparison chart and our shopping tips below choices.

Best Hiking Baby Carrier Comparison table

NamePack WeightKickstandSunshadeMax Child WeightOur Rating
Osprey Packs Poco AG Child Carrier6.9 lbs Yes Yes48.5 lbs4.5
VAUDE Shuttle Comfort6 lbs
13 oz
YesYes48 lbs 8 oz4.5
Koala II – SalewaCheck Yes Yes Check 4.4
Deuter Kid Comfort 27.2 lbsYesOptional Extra48 lbs4.5
Kelty Pathfinder 3.0 Kid Carrier7 lbsYesYes50 lbs4.4
Deuter Kid Comfort 15.8 lbsYesOptional Extra48.5 lbs4.8
Phil & Ted’s Parade Lightweight Backpack Carrier4.4 lbsYesNo40 lbs4
Baby Back Pack Cross Country Carrier5.1 lbsYesYes33 lbs4.5
Deluxe Red Baby Toddler Backpack Cross Country Carrier5 lbsYesYes33 lbs4

You have been hiking for years, but life has changed and you have a new baby in your family. And you wonder how to hike with a baby? Of course, it has never been easier to take the whole family out. You just need to know which is the best baby carrier for hiking depending on your needs.

Gone are the days of rigid and oversized haulers. There are a variety of baby carriers for hikers, among which safe and convenient ways to help your baby enjoy nature. Modern models are designed to spread the weight evenly over you, so you feel comfortable and climb these hills.

Here at TWHO, our goal is to facilitate the search process. This guide will help you determine which baby carrier is best for you.

To learn more about our recommendations for hiking gear, check out the best hiking backpack for kids.

Kelty Journey PerfectFIT Elite

There is a lot to love in this pack. First is the storage space. With nine pockets and a capacity of 26 liters, you can easily store everything you need for a day on the trails. We particularly like the “dirty” compartment that separates wet or soiled clothes and cleans easily. The suspension system makes carrying heavy loads comfortably and allows the bag to fit a variety of people.

Our small testers also found this pack particularly comfortable. The drool pad provides a comfortable place where baby can rest his face and can be removed for cleaning.

And the stirrups keep the legs in a steady position. We also like the stand can be deployed or stored when you carry the bag. And the multiple handles make it easy to set up and remove the bag.

With a built-in sun visor (which slides easily into a zippered compartment), a hydration cover and large storage pockets, this bag are designed for regular use and great adventures.

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  • The comfortable suspension system, integrated sun visor,
  • and plenty of storage, including a “wipe” pocket


  • No rain cover

Deuter Kid Comfort 1 child carrier

It’s one of the best backpacking choices for toddlers in the mid-price range, with plenty of extras for parents and baby. Can accommodate a child weighing up to 40 lbs, this product is very popular in the exams for carriers for young children.

Parents will appreciate how easy it is to load your child in and out of the baby carrier, with lateral access making the whole process easier. The aluminum frame has a padded waistband and the straps are adjustable to ensure even load during transport.

Deuter Kid Comfort 1

In addition, there is a verified system that adjusts to the back of the wearer, without having to bring your child beforehand – ideal for working shifts! Ergonomic shoulder straps are also available.

Your child will love the soft toy provided with the baby carrier.

The seat is also adjustable in height to ensure good sitting posture. There is also a five-point safety harness.

It is an excellent baby carrier for hiking thanks to the AirComfort ventilation system. This avoids the problems of perspiration in the back, with a breathable fabric. Overall, it’s a good mid-priced product for long days spent outdoors.

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Our opinion on the baby carrier Deuter Kid Comfort 2

The best baby carrier of the moment
Deuter Kid Comfort 2

Deuter is a German brand, a pioneer in the manufacture of backpacks.

And it is very natural that she has proposed a new type of product to her customers; baby carriers for hiking.

Indeed, with their knowledge of the needs of the hike.

They have met the needs of young parents who want to continue to discover the landscapes.

What we think of the Deuter Kid Comfort 2

The Kid Comfort 2 model from Deuter is the very comfortable sports baby carrier. It is equipped with a Vari-Quick adjustable back; which is a cutting-edge technology designed by Deuter, to adapt to outdoor activities.

The Kid Comfort 2 model from Deuter is the very comfortable sports baby carrier. It is equipped with a Vari-Quick adjustable back; which is a cutting-edge technology designed by Deuter, to adapt to outdoor activities.

Excellent. The settings for the baby are easy to access. Put the baby in and then close the bag simply. Then, with all the existing settings for the wearer, it’s really in focus. Last thing: my son is one year old but he can see in front and turn his head without any problem. He can observe everything. No regrets; the price is high but if you really use the bag it is justified.

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In addition, the padded belt Vari-Flex concave mobile stabilizers can match the shape of the hips and follow the movements of the wearer.

For the wearer, the weight of the baby and the bag will be almost non-existent because of the baby’s position. Very close to the body of the wearer: the center of gravity is in the center.

This bag turns out to be one of the lightest since you will find it with 14 liters of capacity or 16 liters.

This baby carrier is intended for children of age to sit and can carry a child up to 15 kg for a total of 22 kg (baby carrier + baby + personal items).

The baby’s seat is adjustable in height, which allows the child, while growing up, to always be in the right position.

Your child will be comfortable in his seat, also padded and breathable. When it comes to safety, trust Deuter with your eyes closed!

The Kid Comfort 2 baby carrier is equipped with a padded harness and secured by 5 attachment points.

Adjusting the settings is very simple since a color system has been set up by Deuter: fast and efficient!

Baby will be very comfortably installed in the Deuter Kids Confort 2 since it will be able to take advantage of the landscape as much as to take naps and so to rest deeply.

This will obviously be facilitated by two footrests integrated into the baby carrier. And adjustable in heights.

The physiological baby carrier is also equipped with well-padded chin support, washable and removable.

Your child can grow with this baby carrier for many months/years!

The storage is numerous and especially very practical; there is a front “net” pocket.

A large compartment zipped under the seat. Intended for the hydration pocket or to store the sun visor / main screen.

This slot can accommodate a 2-liter water bag. The last compartment has been integrated for a ventilation system: baby as the wearer will not be hot!

In terms of accessories, the main screen and the sun visor are not integrated; however, you can buy these items as supplements since a clip is provided to receive them.

Summary of the characteristics of the Deuter Kid Comfort 2

  • Maximum weight of the child: 15 kilos
  • Capacity: 14 L or 16 L
  • The weight of the vacuum bag: 2.8 kg
  • Size of the bag: Height: 70 cm Width: 43 cm
  • Safety: 5-point safety harness

Advantages and disadvantages of the Deuter Kid Comfort 2

Pros :
  • 5-point safety harness
  • Simple settings
  • Good weight distribution
  • Comfort for baby
Cons :
  • Sun visor /visor/rainsurcharge
  • Price a bit high

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Our opinion on the Deuter Kid Comfort 3

The most complete baby carrier
Deuter Kid Comfort 3

Deuter Kid Comfort 3

Kid Comfort 3 is the second model of Deuter we offer; the brand certainly convinced us!

It is a larger model than the one presented above.

This backpack baby carrier concentrates the know-how of the Deuter brand combining wearing comfort and wears, ensuring optimal breathability.

What we think of the Deuter Kid Comfort 3

Deuter still relies on the exceptional quality of porting; you will not feel the weight of the baby and its 18 liters of extra storage!

We are delighted with this truly fabulous baby carrier!
A week to hike with baby 8 months and he loved it! During naps, no problem, baby was falling asleep!
We can not wait to do some hiking again! And bearer side, nothing to say!

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This Kid Comfort 3 baby carrier is equipped with a system developed by Deuter, the VariFit: this allows to adjust the length of the back for all templates. This, therefore, ensures optimum comfort to avoid unnecessary fatigue during hiking.

In addition, the Kid Comfort 3 has a back provided with an Aircontact Vario system: it ensures high breathability and efficient ventilation.

In addition, this model from Deuter is equipped with a Variflex articulated lumbar belt lined with mesh; so very comfortable, and offers excellent load control in all situations for added safety.

It fits easily with one hand. The S-shaped straps are ergonomic and covered with foam.

Their specific shape relieves the neck and guarantees good freedom of movement; they are also adjustable in height and with one hand.

This bag is one of the lightest on the market with only 3.5 kg: you can carry it easily everywhere with you thanks to its handles of portages!

The comfort of the wearer is just as important as that of the toddler. And it passes as well through the harness. The footrest but also the seat of the physiological baby carrier.

The seat, in addition to being adjustable in height to fit the size of the baby, is designed with an aluminum seat. This saves weight, and its fleece lining ensures great stability in all movements.

The Kid Comfort 3 is equipped with adjustable footrests that guarantee an ergonomic position of the child; which is essential for his wellbeing.

This bag has a headrest and chin support allowing your child to make pleasant naps since his head will stay in place.

In terms of safety, nothing is more secure with Deuter: the kid comfort 3 model has a 5-point harness.

There is nothing safer today on the baby carrier market!

Deuter ensures very simple installation of its baby carrier hiking, as well as simplified settings, focusing on the practical and safe.

Equipped with two large handles, this allows a good grip to position the bag on the back.

In addition, Deuter has a large kickstand on the back that provides stable support when the baby carrier is on the ground.

Your child will be able to sit alone when he/she is old enough to walk as side access has been designed for ease.

The Kid Comfort 3 has been designed for families wishing to hike; for this, many storage spaces are needed.

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It has several pockets: a zipped pocket on the back, two zipped pockets on the lumbar belt, two side stretch pockets and an open pocket on the top of the bag, there is also a water pocket compartment.

The rain cover and sunshade are integrated into the Deuter baby carrier. In addition to being easily installed, they protect effectively and can be stored in the pocket provided for this purpose.

Another very practical accessory has been added: a surveillance mirror.

Summary of the characteristics of the Deuter Kid Comfort 3

  • Maximum weight of the child: 15 kgs
  • Capacity: 18 L
  • The weight of the vacuum bag: 3.5 kg
  • Size of the bag: Height: 80 cm Width: 43 cm
  • Safety: Harness with 5 attachment points

Advantages and disadvantages of the Deuter Kid Comfort 3

Pros :
  • Sunscreen and integrated rain cover
  • pliable
  • Comfortable for the child
  • Many accessories and storage
Cons :
  • Price

Our Opinion on the Phil & Teds Escape Baby Hiking Rack

The most compact
Phil & Teds Escape hiking baby carrier

Baby Hiking Rack

Phil & Teds is a brand that accompanies you every day with your children.

For your outdoor walks, driving, eating or sleeping. The brand offers perfect equipment for hiking with its baby gates.

The Escape is made for outdoor performance: share your love for the outdoors with your child!

What we think of Phil & Teds Escape

The comfort of the wearer will be ensured by a high quality of fabrics, waterproof, robust, easy to clean, padded and breathable.

This is due to the mesh parts that allow even more comfort during movement.

The Escape model has been designed to be extremely comfortable, the lumbar belt is adjustable for all jigs, but you will also appreciate being able to adjust the height of the back.

Baby carrier upscale well suited to the morphology of children. Very comfortable, my daughter (13 months) loves it and feels good even after several hours of hiking! Comfortable also for the wearer thanks to its multiple settings … The pockets are numerous, and the detachable backpack very practical!

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This model is really customizable for a better trekking!

This bag is the most compact on the market: it is foldable, very light and very thin.

The goal is to allow you to walk, not to take your space. With only 2.3 kgs, this baby carrier holds a weight record too!

The backpack can unzip the baby carrier to reduce the load, and you can still bring what you need for your hikes through the side pockets.

Handles have been added to allow you to lift the baby carrier easily and with one hand!

The Escape has been designed with an extremely stable base that allows it to stand alone vertically. So you can install baby safely in its seat before placing it on your back.

Baby will be comfortably installed in the baby carrier of Phil & Teds since it is equipped with stirrups to support the weight of the child.

With padded shoulder supports and a malleable headrest. Your child can nap while moving while his head and neck muscles continue to grow.

The adjustable and adaptable support harness helps support your child’s body safely.

Many storage spaces are available on this model, and you can also adapt it to suit your more or less long walks (with the bag that you can pick up if necessary).

There is also a bottle pocket that keeps you hydrated, and baby too!

A real plus that the brand offers is the canopy and rain protection built into the model.

This allows comfort and optimal protection! An additional accessory that you will certainly appreciate: an integrated travel mattress that allows you to change your baby easily and everywhere!

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Summary of the characteristics of Phil & Teds Escape

  • Maximum weight of the child: 18 kgs (up to 3 years)
  • Capacity: 30 L
  • The weight of the empty bag: 2.3 kgs
  • Size of the bag: Height: 77 cm Width: 29 cm

Advantages and disadvantages of Phil & Teds Escape

Pros :
  • Very compact and foldable
  • Ergonomic
  • Very lightweight
  • Price
Cons :
  • Weight

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Our opinion on the baby carrier FA Sports Lil’boss

baby carrier FA Sports Lil'boss

The most affordable hiking baby carrier
FA Sports Lil’boss

FA Sports is a company that offers many facilities for sports and therefore hiking.

This is why today it offers a baby carrier really adapted to all your treks thanks to their knowledge of your needs during trekking.

What we think of FA Sports Lil’boss

This Lil’ Boss Kids Carrier baby carrier combines good quality materials, with superb design.

It has been designed to be very functional and ergonomic: it will be as comfortable for the baby as for the wearer!

Very good hiking bag to carry baby. Good sitting, caliper really appreciate, not too much swing for our child. Just missing the wrist to relieve the bag for the wearer (wrist at the shoulder straps) “

For ease of use for long hours, your child can use the footrest: you will feel less weight and your child will avoid ants in the legs.

There is a scratch padding on the front of the child in case the head tilts: his naps will not be hectic!

The installation of your child in the baby carrier will be as simple as its use: with a support bar in the position posted, it ensures great stability for the entrances and exits of your little hiker (s).

There are two handles on the top and multiple settings for both the wearer and the child.

The height, width, length of the straps, the depth of the seat, and even stirrups; you can completely adapt this baby carrier to your morphology and that of your child.

To carry this baby carrier or store it at your home, you can compress it to gain more space: the height and width do not move, however, the thickness goes from 55 cm to 20 cm by compressing the baby carrier!

The storage is small but they will still allow you a capacity of 18 liters with a large pocket under the seat and nets on each side of the baby carrier.

However, we regret storage for a bottle/water bag that is nonexistent to date.

However, this is offset by accessories included in the baby carrier: the sun visor and the hood on the rain that will allow you to face all the time!

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Summary of the characteristics of FA Sports Lil’boss

  • Maximum weight of the child: 18 kgs
  • Capacity: 18 L
  • The weight of the empty bag: 2.3 kgs
  • Size of the bag: Height: 90 cm Width: 50cm

Pros and cons of FA Sports Lil’boss

Pros :
  • Price
  • Sunscreen and rain cover included
  • Easy setup
Cons :
  • Little storage

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Our opinion on the Vaude Shuttle baby carrier

The most eco-friendly
Vaude Shuttle baby carrier

Vaude Shuttle baby carrier

Vaude Shuttle is a brand that allows you to travel lightly! Specialist mountain equipment.

This baby carrier has been designed with the utmost respect for your needs and you will love its eco-design.

What we think of the Vaude Shuttle

The back cover is secure and comfortable thanks to the Tergolight padded back system and the lap belt.

The latter allows distributing the weight, which is a definite advantage, especially on rough terrain.

The comfort of the parent is assured! The back is slightly rigid to ensure stability but the lumbar belt will allow the baby door to sit well on your hips and thus less feel the total weight.

With the footrests on the sides, your baby will be comfortably seated; more as these are adjustable to the length of the legs, they will be completely adaptable!

This prevents ants in your feet and allows your child to fully enjoy all your hikes.

The installation on your back of the Vaude Shuttle baby carrier will be simplified thanks to its two handles in front and behind.

They are also individually adjustable for better grip.

The height of the baby seat is more adjustable which will allow him to attend the most beautiful landscapes, as much as you, while being perfectly installed.

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At the storage level, this baby carrier is equipped with large pockets and small pockets for the gourd, diapers and other small essentials.

A large compartment in the bottom to store the plaid, jacket, toys, and picnic.

The compartment of the bottom is separable thanks to the zip; adapted your baby carrier to each of your escapades!

You will find a last pocket on the lumbar belt for mobile phones for example.

A sun visor, a large rain cover and a washable headrest and other accessories are possible to adapt to this baby carrier; however, each of the accessories is optional.

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Summary of Vaude Shuttle Features

  • Maximum weight of the child: 18 kg or 105 cm
  • Capacity: 20 L
  • The weight of the vacuum bag: 2.5 kg
  • Size of the bag: Height: 72 cm Width: 41 cm

Advantages and disadvantages of Vaude Shuttle

Pros :
  • Ecological materials
  • scalable
  • Design
  • Price
Cons :
  • Sun visor, optional rain cover

Our opinion on the Chicco Dorsal Finder baby carrier

The most comfortable for your back
Chicco Dorsal Finder

The Finder baby carrier offers a sporty technical solution with ergonomic shapes.

Ideal for all walks with baby. Chicco is a baby specialist who will seduce you on this model once again!

What we think of Chicco Dorsal Finder

Chicco ensures the comfort of the wearer with a very complete back panel: some parts are reinforced at the points of contact with the spine for better support of the baby carrier.

Good product, solid, easy to carry, but difficult to position the child properly in it, it always slumps to one side, which is embarrassing.

In addition, the straps, the backrest, and the lumbar belt are padded for the pleasant and comfortable side of the portage.

Your child will also have comfort assured thanks to a padded seat adjustable in height and width; this baby carrier is scalable with your child. A headrest and a breathable 3D mesh harness cover have been integrated in addition.

Your baby will make long and enjoyable naps in the Chicco Dorsal Finder baby carrier!

In addition to being adjustable at the seat, the straps and straps are adaptable to parents for a more personalized installation; and this on 4 different heights. Each parent can adopt the baby carrier to its size!

In addition, for a question of practicality, the structure of the baby carrier is foldable: finished the moments of difficulties, everything will be done in the ease with the baby carrier Chicco!

We appreciate of course the many storages that will take much business for long walks or even shorter.

There is also a zipped part at the back, which allows being removed if necessary: if you do not need to fill the baby carrier for example.

In addition, there is a crutch on the back that will allow you to stabilize the baby carrier to more easily install your child.

The accessories are integrated into the baby carrier Dorsal Finder; the rain cover and the removable hood are perfectly designed for optimal use.

In addition, there is a washable bib: it will facilitate the daily maintenance of your Chicco baby carrier!

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Summary of Chicco Dorsal Finder Features

  • Maximum weight of the child: from 6 months to 15 kg
  • The weight of the empty bag: 2.7 kg
  • Size of the bag: Height: 83 cm Width: 44 cm

Advantages and disadvantages of Chicco Dorsal Finder

Pros :
  • Reinforcement at the level of the spine
  • pliable
  • Adjustable on 4 heights
Cons :
  • Baby can be tilted during installation

Our opinion on the hiking baby carrier Salewa Koala 2

The most spacious for your business
Salewa Koala 2

Salewa Koala 2

Salewa is a trekking brand that offers many items for hiking.

The Salewa Koala 2 baby carrier is reliable and efficient.

It is one of the only ones on the market to provide a real protective cover that is particularly effective for keeping baby dry.

What we think of Salewa Koala 2

The baby carrier Koala will be a perfect ally of your most beautiful hikes!

The Salewa brand has developed a complete product with a lap belt and an exceptional carrying system. The anatomical abdominal belt is adjusted according to the template.

The backpack is comfortable for the wearer and baby.
The small backpack under the portage can carry some business for a little stroll.
I recommend !

In addition, the carrier distributes the largest weight on his hips and not on his shoulders - goodbye back pain. The wearer will be in an optimal position to walk for many hours.

Thanks to the adjustable seat, your child will be comfortably seated in his seat. In addition, this allows the seat to adapt throughout the growth of your child; this baby carrier is evolutionary!

The seat provides secure and comfortable support for the child.

We regret the lack of footrest that is usually offered on this kind of equipment and helps to relieve the weight of the child.

In terms of installation and settings, nothing is easier!

With many settings to best fit your template, there are also straps control package.

In addition, for moms and dads, the rear system is extremely fast and easy to adjust for the length so that parents can share the load without having to make adjustments.

For storage, there is a large storage bag with an organizer pocket for important documents.

It also includes a valuable pocket inside and a hip belt pocket to keep small items close at hand.

In terms of accessories, it has an integrated rain cover and a sunscreen and an adjustable buckle system.

There is also a chin guard removable and washable. Very practical for our little hikers!

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Summary of the Salewa Koala 2
  • Maximum weight of the child: Up to 3 years or 20 kgs
  • Capacity: 20L
  • The weight of the vacuum bag: 3kgs
  • Size of the bag: Height: 69 cm Width: 34 cm
Advantages and disadvantages of Salewa Koala 2
Pros :
  • Scalable
  • Comfortable
  • Lightweight
Cons :
  • No footrest
  • cumbersome

Baby Carrier Pack Reviews by Categories

Who said that having a baby means you can not continue to explore the outdoors? Most kids love to spend the morning on the trail with mom or dad. With a little preparation and a few extra pieces of equipment, you can venture into the family with the little one behind.

A hiking bag with a place to carry a child is outdoor equipment that you will not regret having invested in camping or hiking with children. A good baby carrier allows younger hikers to drive comfortably without getting tired on the back or arms, allowing you to go further and longer than you would have done otherwise.

Even with children old enough to walk most of the time, a hiking carrier is a much more comfortable option than carrying an infant the last mile in your arms or on your shoulders.

The first thing to do is to choose a type of baby carrier that suits you best. This will help you limit your choice to a few options.

Below you will find a list of the basic types of baby carriers we can find on the market today. I have indicated the characteristics that parents love and the functions that parents generally complain about.

Comfort Packs baby carrier

The packs that belong to our "comfort" category are just that: comfortable and feature-rich designs. Most follow a basic formula that looks like a backpack with an open cockpit to allow a child to sit.

Their sturdy metal structure provides excellent support for the transport of a toddler (many of them weighing up to 50 pounds in total) and includes a number of pockets to carry several vital items.

These are heavy objects and, even with their folding crutches, occupy a visible part of the chest or cupboard. But for those who plan to go hiking with their children, we recommend a comfort bag like our highly rated Deuter Kid Comfort Pro.

Lightweight packs for hiking

Lightweight packages are designed for comfort and are an excellent option for short trips and city trips. The biggest advantage is their much smaller size and lighter weight, which makes it easier to transport, store and transport them by car.

The lightweight pack options range from the Phil & Teds Parade, which resembles a narrowed version of a comfort pack, to the frameless and minimalist Ergobaby. What you give up with a light bag is storage and often a comfort of portage. They are perfect for quick getaways, but for longer hikes, we feel it is worthwhile to upgrade to a comfort pack.

How to Choose the Best Hiking Baby Carrier

Your baby's safety is clearly a priority and that's probably why you're reading this guide. You want the best kid's backpack you can get, but at an affordable price.

Features are not everything. But you must also consider other factors, such as comfort, for your baby and for you, and convenience.

If your back hurts you two miles on a ten-mile hike, it will not be good for you and could also be a problem for your baby if you lose focus during your hike.

The modern hiking carriers are ergonomically designed to evenly distribute weight on your body and keep you comfortable.

The hike is not the same as a weekly store at Walmart. You may need to climb steep slopes, go down ravines, cross streams and navigate uneven surfaces.

And there is no special room where you can go to change your baby's diaper! You may need to detach and remove the baby in harsh environments.

Obviously, you must invest in a good quality baby carrier. But which brand and which model to choose?

This is not an ordinary purchase, so you must make an informed choice.

Types of Hiking Baby Carriers

There are a wide variety of baby carriers that you can buy, but they basically fall into two types: front-loading, where your baby is hanging in front of you, or rear-loading, when your baby is supported on the back.

Front-loading racks are generally designed for babies under six months old. Therefore, if your baby is older, you will need to choose a baby carrier with more support sitting in the back.

There are exceptions to this rule, however, and one of the carriers listed below is a front-loading model designed to accommodate children under 3 years of age.

Baby carrier frames are of two general types: framed and unframed.

Framed Carriers

For long-distance hiking, in most cases, a rear-loading baby carrier with frame will be your best choice because it is sturdy and will provide your baby with a comfortable ride for a longer time.

They also provide the storage you may need for all the essential baby care products that you need to take with you if you are going away from civilization for several hours.

Non Framed Carriers

They tend to be cheaper, but they are usually only designed for babies under one year old. Framed racks are more expensive, but they are more versatile and you can carry larger children over greater distances with comfort.

Carrying Comfort and Padding

Comfort is an important factor in the frequency of your outings on the trail, so we attribute a high value to our ranking. The packs that excel in this category have strong suspensions for everything from the 16-pound baby to the 40-pound toddler.

The lap belt plays an important role in this and we are looking for padding that conforms to the shape of your hips and provides sufficient support (soft padding is usually not as comfortable in the long run). You can certainly skimp on the wearing comfort if you stick to short hikes.

In these cases, one of the packs on our list will do. But we like the opportunity to spend more than two hours on the trail, which is why we put Deuter's very comfortable Kid Comfort Pro at the top of our list.

Harness and Cockpit Comfort for the Child

A secure harness and child seat are prerequisites for our list. All major players provide a lot of support, ease of adjustment and comfort around the arms, shoulders, and legs. More expensive baby carrier models use softer-to-the-touch fabrics more, but even long rides with an economical bag like the Kelty Journey PerfectFit have not resulted in any claims.

In terms of ease of use, we found that the centralized button and high placement of the Osprey harness were outstanding, but we consider the harness design to be a strong element for all the products described above.

In the product descriptions above, we make a number of references to the child's cockpit area. Even if it's a funny word, it's about the space surrounding the baby sitting in the backpack.

A well-designed cockpit, like the Deuter Kid Comfort Pro, has a high back and sides and a large padded cushion in the front, making it a comfortable place for children to fall asleep. This is an area in which lightweight bags make sacrifices, as children sit high up in the seat and find themselves in funny and distorted positions if they drift for a nap.

Sun and Rain Protection

Hikes and even walks in the city can lead to high sun exposure for a baby. As a result, all major carriers include or offer a sun visor with their backpack. We find them absolutely essential to protect this sensitive baby skin. Built-in designs are usually stored just behind the cockpit area and can be deployed quickly.

And the accessory umbrellas are also easy to connect and use. Among the designs currently available on the market, we give Deuter and Phil & Ted a head start, which is just the right size to protect themselves from the sun's low rays - which the big Osprey cover does not do as well.

None of the packs listed above come with a dedicated rain cover - though all sun visors offer a degree of rain protection - Osprey, Kelty, Thule, and Deuter offer separate covers to the rain cover. purchase.

The rain protectors are different from the parasols by their water-resistant coatings and their side, back and reinforced frontal protection. They do not ventilate very well, so they are not as useful in hot climates, but rain cover is a good backup for a surprise storm. Expect to pay between $ 25 and $ 40 for a manufacturer-specific design.

Pack Weight

The empty weight of a package may not be the first thing to check when looking for a baby backpack - it certainly was not our case - but there are important differences to be aware of. Packages in our light-weight category typically weigh between 4 and 5 pounds, while comfort models can reach 8 pounds or more.

Hit the child in the backpack and everything you carry, and your total weight equals a backpack greater than the one in it, or more. Unfortunately, it's mostly unavoidable, as the most comfortable bags are by far the heaviest (Deuter's 5-pound Kid Comfort Active is an exception, but its features are weak). Think of it as a good way to be or stay in shape!


If several adults are carrying the baby carrier, a highly adjustable adjustment system may be an important feature. In particular, your backpack will need a torso range wide enough to be comfortable for all users.

Top-of-the-range comfort packs, such as Deuter, Thule, Osprey and Kelty's high-end models, are outstanding in this respect and are perfect for most people.

To go even further, Osprey's Poco AG Plus and Premium also allow you to shorten or lengthen the padded portion of the belt, ensuring that the cushioned areas support you properly. At the other end of the spectrum, budget-based packages do not offer such a high level of customization.

This is one of the notable disadvantages of the Clevr Baby pack, for example, which does not allow precise adjustments and is, therefore, less comfortable.

Pockets and Storage Capacity

Apart from the minimalist models such as Piggyback Rider, Ergobaby or Lillebaby, the packs for baby carriers include a set of pockets for organization and storage. The main storage in most bags is at the front with one or two pockets at the top and a larger zipper pocket at the bottom.

We appreciate a range of pocket sizes to facilitate the distribution of the items we want at your fingertips. Large waist belt pockets are ideal for storing snacks and keeping your baby happy. As with most features, the organization improves as prices increase, but most of the packs on our list have a functional pocket design.

Apart from the number and location of pockets, overall capacity can be an important storage factor. In our list above, the packages delivered with pockets range from 12 to 26 liters. A number of factors will determine your ideal capacity, including the length of your absence, the time of year, weather conditions, and the sharing of transportation tasks.

However, we found that 15 liters are often enough. most hikes. Osprey's Poco packs offer great storage capacity for people who need a lot of extras. The Poco AG Plus has a storage capacity of 26 liters, and the Poco AG Premium, which includes a removable backpack, increases this volume to 39 liters.


The ventilation of a baby backpack is a two-part evaluation: ventilation along with the rear panel for the adult and around the child seat. The ventilation of the baby is generally good: the openings on the top and on the sides facilitate the movement of the air, and there is enough space not to capture too much heat from your body.

But there are more important differences in the design of the back panel. The best backpack respirators are packs with a full mesh panel, including Osprey Poco AG. Deuter's Kid Active Comfort goes even further and uses mesh all around the child's harness and cockpit. Although these models offer impressive ventilation, unless the back is moist or you live in a warm climate, we found that most bags were acceptable in almost any condition.

Features of the Best Hiking Baby Carrier

A baby carrier for hiking is essential if you plan to bring your baby with you on your next adventure.

You will obviously have limitations as to the difficulty and duration of the hikes you will make if you carry a child on the back. However, there is no reason why you can not enjoy less tiring hikes with your family.

As a general rule, you can take your child when he is old enough to sit on his own (about 5 to 6 months). For this reason, it is essential that any baby carrier you choose keeps both your toddler's comfort and yours. mind.

To help you choose your next baby carrier for hiking, here are the main features to keep in mind.

Water Storage

As with any hiking bag, storing water is an important factor for a baby carrier. Due to the child seat position, you will not find a set of mesh side pockets that can hold a Nalgene baby bottle. We often have to put ours inside the bag, which can be a pain because you will have to ask for help or completely remove the bag to access the water.

Fortunately, most baby carriers over $ 200 include a hydration sleeve, which allows you to slide into a water tank and get a tube to drink water on the fly. For longer day hikes, this is our favorite hydration option.

Removable Daypacks

At the upper end of the market, there are baby carriers with zipper bags. Osprey, Thule, Deuter, and Kelty all have this design feature on their high-end models that cost $ 300 or more.

The main advantages of a removable bag are greater carrying capacity as well as the ability to share transportation tasks with another person (you can also attach the day bag supplied with Deuter Kid Comfort Pro to the shoulder straps for easy access ).

In some cases, we appreciate the all-in-one design, but many hikers will be able to save a few dollars and use one of their backpacks instead. The functionality of Zip In and Out is nice, but the simplistic packs are usually nothing special.


The stirrups on both sides of the child seat are another notable feature of premium packs. These are intended for toddlers or older babies to sit in a proper sitting position or to eliminate some of the pressure that remains on the child seat for hours.

While this is certainly not an essential element and we have found that the stirrups can be random, it depends on the child, but it is a good thing to do if you are going on longer trips. And in most cases, the stirrups are removable, so you can store them until your child is old enough or interested in using them.

Child Age and Weight Recommendations

If you love a lot of parents who love the outdoors, you're very excited about getting your baby to walk. You can start at a very young age with an option such as the Ergobaby 360 or a similar product with sufficient neck and head support, but there are specific recommendations for using a dedicated child carrier pack.

Since children develop at different rates, most manufacturers recommend a minimum weight of 16 kilograms and the child's ability to support their head during prolonged stretching while in the bag.

This may vary slightly. So be sure to check specific instructions on your backpack and make sure the harness can be small enough to hold your child safely.

The maximum weight capacity also varies depending on the design but is usually around 30 to 50 pounds. And be sure to note the maximum weight factors in the bag as well as any equipment stored inside.

Pack Safety: JPMA Certification

All child carriers sold in the United States must comply with the Consumer Product Safety Commission's Frame Child Carrier standard, which prohibits hazards such as sharp edges, exposed springs, and involuntary bends.

Going a step further, you will see that some packages refer to a JPMA security certification, which means that they have been subject to a separate independent third-party testing process.

These tests ensure that the packs comply with the ASTM, national and federal restrictions (for more information, see the JPMA website). Getting a JPMA certification does not mean that some pack is safer than other packs on the market - and there are other global testing standards, such as TÜV for Deuter in Germany - it's nice to see that some take this voluntary measure.

Final Thoughts

Decide which is the best to buy for baby and you can be intimidating, especially if you are a first-time buyer.

Use this guide to help you decide what's important and refine your search. The seven hiking carriers have been selected for safety, but the comfort of your baby and you are also a major consideration.

Once you have selected your ideal hiking baby carrier, your baby's first outdoor exposure will be a wonderful and fun experience for both of you.

So what are you waiting for?

Buy a hiking baby carrier and go enjoy the beautiful nature with your child. You will build in them a love of the outdoors and clean air that will last a lifetime.

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