Best Hand Blenders Reviews 2019

Best Hand Blenders Reviews 2019

Best Hand Blenders Reviews 2019 :(Top Hand-Held Blenders to Buy)

For beginners and foodies alike, some tasks can sometimes ruin your cooking. Today, how do you intend to link the different ingredients together without a mix or mix function?

Because that’s what it’s about here: Hand Blenders, which transform your culinary preparations into a fantastic dish that will delight your taste buds. 

In addition to saving you time, the devices we present in our comparison reach a rare level of quality, which will allow you to fully enjoy your time spent eating.

The kitchen takes an important place in your daily life. To concoct quick or perfectly prepared dishes, you always need the best hand mixer. 

This one has been designed to make your life easier. That’s why he mixes and kneads vegetables, pasta and can even assemble eggs very quickly.

Be careful, however, because the choice of this kind of equipment is not random. 

Indeed, if you neglect details at the time of purchase, you can very well end up with some disadvantages:

  • Bladders that oxidize or twist
  • An engine can perform
  • No speed regulation
  • Overheating of the engine with the use of several ingredients

To make the best choice, you must go through a comparison. We offer 10  models of good quality that will no doubt satisfy you.

Best Hand Blenders Comparison Table

 Best Hand Blenders Reviews

How to choose a good mixer

If, like many people, you have not yet found the answer to how to buy a better blender, then take the time to learn about the features of this device to get to know it better.

Through this guide to buying the best hand blenders, we suggest that you take into account 3 main characteristics namely the intended use of the device, its power and the speed of operation of the device.

 Best Hand Blenders Reviews Purchase Guide


The intended use of the device

Our tips for buying a good blender start with defining the use you plan to make of the appliance before opting for a given model. This feature is important because it allows you to choose your blenders according to your needs.

This is a counter mixer that you need, in case you plan to use this device to blenders a large number of foods for an entire family. 

This type of mixer is powerful enough to mix different kinds of foods in large quantities for your family or guests, whether tender or stiff.

In addition, if you plan to use this device to blenders only a limited amount of foods, then it would be wise to opt for a personal mixer that is smaller, compact and less expensive.

This model works with a sufficient power level and is perfect for mixing whipped drinks. While if you plan to use the device to mix your soups, sauces or foods of the same kind, the idea is to use a hand blender. The hand blender is also easier to handle, compact and less expensive yet still powerful enough to mix a limited amount of food.

The power of the Hand Blenders

The power of the Hand Blenders

Before you ask where to buy a new blender, take the time to learn about the power of each model that catches your eye. It is important to know this feature in advance because it tells you from the start that such a device can meet your needs compared to such another.

The power of a mixer should normally vary between 100 watts to 750 watts for a standard model. By choosing a model with a power between these two measures, you can have a satisfactory mix of quality depending on the type of food to mix. 

Nevertheless, you can also go beyond the 750 watts, if you plan to use this device for professional use for which the time is important.

The speed of operation of the device

To be able to switch to the price comparator, it is also necessary to take into account the speed of operation of the model that interests you. 

This characteristic is important because it allows you to adapt your choice according to each preparation that you want to achieve with this device.

Some models of mixers allow you to prepare your foods with a single speed while others are used with variable speeds. 

The idea is to choose a model capable of working at least with two different speeds if you plan to use the device for different types of preparation; but in the case where you plan to use it for only one type of preparation, a single speed may be enough to get the desired result.

Best Hand Blenders Reviews of  2019

Nowadays, Blender exists in great variety on the market so it is not always easy to find the right model for everyone.

In order to avoid getting lost in your research, if you plan to buy one, your choice should be guided by the components to mix, the pressure characteristics of the device and some mechanical details. And to have a product of better quality, it is necessary to agree to make a little investment.

To help you see more clearly, here are some models of Blender.

Bosch MSM 6150

Bosch MSM 6150

Main advantage

Obviously, Bosch MSM 6150 does not have its strengths. But one of the features that often comes up in user reviews is the powerful engine that can go up to 400 watts.

Main drawback

There is still a black spot on the board. Certainly, its use is practical. However, you will notice that the mixing of big elements turns out to be quite complicated.

Verdict: 9.8 / 10

As you can see, this is one of the most powerful Blenders on the market. And even if some points are puzzling, the 9.8 / 10 are largely deserved for this model.


Its varied use

Bosch MSM 6150

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In order for you to find the most suitable blender model for your needs and expectations, it will be necessary to think of defining the use that you wish to make of it. 

In fact, to differentiate their models from others, some manufacturers endow their product with unique characteristics, such as the possibility of taking advantage of several types of use. When you look at Bosch MSM 6150 you immediately think that it is a model like any other. Nevertheless, it is not the case.

With this device at your disposal, you can: mix, mix, chop all the ingredients you want. Versatility is therefore at the rendezvous. Which means you do not need to invest in multiple materials to meet all your cooking needs. Just invest in a device, like this one, to complete the steps of preparing all your favorite recipes.

It’s practicality

Bosch is an internationally renowned brand. Users, therefore, expected characteristics worthy of their size and experience. 

And they were right to believe it. For years, the brand has been searching for features that will make life easier for users. Convenience is at the rendezvous. For example, you will have an antisplash setting that allows you to avoid splashing during use.

Also, note that all components of this mixer increase ease of use. With a button that allows you to automatically eject accessories, goodbye hours spent fighting against disassembly of your device. 

In a single gesture, you can easily remove and install all the accessories you will need. Even if you’re not a great cook, do not worry, because this tool has a non-slip handle for easier handling.

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It’s power

As said before, this mixer is of great power. And it is clear that you will be very useful when using this material. With a power of 400 watts, this is a model that will allow you to do in the 12500 revolutions per minute. 

Thus, you can expect, each user to a mixture that wants to be impeccable and that will be structured on several points. The texture you are looking for will not be difficult to obtain.

And with such power, users thought they had a very noisy hardware that could not be used in the evening or early in the morning. What Nenni! You’ll be glad to see that the sound is only 56 dB. Compared to all other models in its class, we can say that it is really quiet.

Prince Lionheart 2252

Prince Lionheart 2252

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Prince Lionheart 2252 is one of the models that provide a relevant answer to the question: how to choose the best model among the mixers on the market during this year 2018.

This is a 2 in 1 model that will be of great use in everyday life. It has two interchangeable rods to offer you comfort during each use. The second rod makes the mixture foamy and can be used to improve the preparation of sauces.

It performs mixing in a very limited time to save you a lot of time during each preparation, the result is always perfect regardless of the components used.

This model is compact, lightweight and ergonomic. It is easy to handle and does not take much space wherever you decide to put it. Its lightness allows you to be free to bring it wherever you want to mix without any worry of being cluttered.

The most powerful mixer for one person is not necessarily for another. We each have our criteria. If you’re looking for versatility in a blender, this Prince Lionheart 2252 is probably for you.

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For the

2 in 1: It has 2 tips each with its own utility: the first will serve you to mix the ingredients of the bottle, the second will help you lather your coffee or strawberry milk. It can also be used to prepare salad dressings and different sauces.

Compactness: This model can fit in your luggage or just in a purse, to be easily transported during your travels.


Stem change: According to some opinions, the operation is more difficult than expected.

Jane 010506C01

Jane 010506C01

The design of the best blender on the market and especially the best mixer on the market varies from one person to another. Nevertheless, seeing the characteristics of Jane 010506C01, many people were convinced that it is part of the models containing these two criteria.

This model is specially designed for mixing milk powder with water directly into your child’s bottle for a truly surprising result. The different components of this device each contribute to the mixing in an impeccable way without letting appear lumps.

It is easy to use and is very handy by mixing in a short time with the minimum of effort on your part.

In addition, it comes with an ergonomic and practical cleaning bottle brush that allows you to always keep your child’s bottle clean after each use and always enjoy a healthy mix.

Moreover, this model has interchangeable bits and removable at any time to facilitate the task for each job and especially when you want to move it or bring it wherever you go.

Once convinced of the usefulness of a mixer, it remains for you to decide which mixer to choose, which model corresponds best to your needs. If you want a practical and efficient, this Jane 010506C01 would be ideal.

For the

Great practicality: Here is a device that will be of great help to prepare the ten bottles of your baby every day. It mixes milk powder and water directly into the bottle. The grip is nice and undeniable efficiency: you will not find any lumps.

Stack Mixe: Battery powered devices give you greater freedom. You are not dependent on a sector socket. But most importantly, you can take the device everywhere.

Cleaning brush: It has 2 tips that can be interchanged easily and at will. The first serve for mixing, the second for cleaning. The latter makes the maintenance of the small machine very easy.


Energy autonomy: You will be able to easily exhaust your batteries in just a few days.

How to use a Hand Blender?

This type of device has been specially designed to mix a certain amount of foods together. With this, it will be easier to make pasta pastries or homemade cocktails. The use of this type of kitchen equipment may be somewhat difficult in some cases. To this end, here is an article that will offer you tips to get the most out of your gear.

First, separate the dry ingredients from the greasy ones

To facilitate mixing, place the dry ingredients separately in a separate bowl of greasy foods. Thanks to this, it will be much easier to operate with your machine.

Gradually add greasy foods

If it is butter, cut it into several small cubes. Then sprinkle in the container containing the dry food. You can then freely switch on your mixer.

Now use your device, making sure to hold your bowl

To avoid any incident, it is best to hold the bowl containing your mixture with one hand and operate with your equipment on the other. Never leave the container as it is on the table without holding it. It could break or the preparation could be missed. Which would be a shame.

Direct your mixer up and down

In order to properly make your concoction, first insert the head of your device at the bottom of the bowl. Then reassemble slightly without completely removing it from your preparation. Repeat this operation until you obtain the expected result. Increase and decrease speed if necessary. On the Bosh MSM 6150, you will have two power levels.

Continue the operation until you have the desired texture

All you need to do is follow your recipe to the letter. The latter will describe the texture that will correspond to the end of the preparation in question. This goal achieved, turn off your device.

Cut out your most difficult ingredients

If you plan to use your blender as a vegetable press, be sure to cut your ingredients into small pieces. Ideally, they will have a size of 1 inch or less. This will not damage the blades of your Mastrad F27030 for example.

Always be sure to put some water with your food before proceeding

For this task, be sure to respect the capacity of your container. The mixture should not be overflowing everywhere. It would be rather unfortunate to carry out a cleaning that could have been avoided. Note that for versatile models like the Jane 010506C01, it will be possible to treat directly in a bottle. This will prevent you from dirtying several containers.

Always unplug in case of non-use

For safety measures, it seems important to remove the power cable after each operation. This will prevent you from accidentally triggering the mechanism and creating certain complications. Always with this in mind, also keep these devices away from the sight of children.

Immerse the mixer before starting it

It is not uncommon that during handling it is prone to splashing. Nevertheless, it is possible to stay away. To do this, do not start the mechanism before fully integrating your preparation. It is best to proceed only after the head of the unit has been thoroughly submerged.


Our 2018 comparison was designed to help you find which blender to choose. To do this, we proceeded to the tests of diving mixers, in order to find the quality accessible to the greatest number. We have also taken great care to present models responding to various imperatives, in order to satisfy everyone.

However, you may have particular expectations that we have not thought of. In such a case, do not hesitate to make your own robot mixer comparison, but keeping in mind the most important criteria that we present here.


It is important that you choose, as we presented in our dive mixer comparison, devices with good engine power. Indeed, if you need to mix a large number of varied foods, then the best mixer will undoubtedly be a diving blender with a power greater than 500 Watts.

If you do not want to have such extensive use of your device, then it may be interesting to turn to less powerful models.


Depending on the food you mix, you will not necessarily have the same use of your heating blender t having a mixer function. In this perspective, some manufacturers, such as Bosch or Kenwood, offer models incorporating different speeds. It is thus possible for you to adapt the operation of your appliance to your different culinary preparations. Just remember to combine several speeds with a sufficiently high power, to avoid disappointment.


The maintenance of the product will allow you to benefit from the full performances of the device, and this, over time. Some mixers are quite easy to clean, but others will require you to disassemble some parts – in which case, consider consulting the forums to ensure cleaning facilities.

Moreover, maintenance is not the only criterion to be able to benefit from a device with a long life. Indeed, the most important thing is to focus on the reliability of the product: are the materials sufficiently resistant to use?

It is not always easy to know, but we can only advise you to turn to stainless models, which are particularly good over time. In general, do not hesitate to rely on trusted manufacturers, such as French Seb or Kenwood or Russell Hobbs. Their know-how will allow you to benefit from a product with a high quality finished. Finally, do not hesitate to consult the different customer reviews, especially those using the device for a long time.


This is a difficult criterion because it is not mentioned anywhere (except special protection) by manufacturers. Some mixers will tell you, in their instructions for use, that it is not recommended to use the mix function for more than 60 consecutive seconds. Remember to check directly in online instructions, or with different consumer opinions. Some manufacturers also plan to include special coatings and protections to increase the life of the device, which will often be presented in the data sheets.


When we talk about food, we focus mainly on the cables: think above all to verify that the length of the cord is sufficient to reach the catches in your kitchen. It is indeed essential that the use of the mixer for soup (or other) is done in the quietest way possible.

If you want to go a step above, do not hesitate to turn to wireless plungers, but in this case, consider the autonomy.


According to your different culinary preparations, it will be important to use certain accessories and options, such as the “pulse” function, which allows you to increase the speed of the mixer for a limited time. Some accessories will also allow you to perform actions that you normally do in cooking, such as chopping or whipping. Some models will even offer you to become a puree press, so think about comparing the use you want to have your device with the different features it offers.

What is a hand blender?

A hand blender is a stick-shaped kitchen utensil, usually the length of a ruler, with a handle at one end and blades protected at the other end.

This compact kitchen tool allows you to mix food quickly in almost any container, whether it’s a saucepan or a mixing bowl, without transferring everything to a traditional blender.

What are hand blenders used for?

Hand blenders, also known as immersion blenders, can turn food into a pure, smooth texture, ideal for soups and sauces.

They are also very useful for preparing salad dressings, whipped cream, milkshakes, slicks, and dips, such as delicious salsas and hummus.

What are the features to consider when buying a hand blender?

You must first determine your needs. If you only make soups and sauces occasionally, choose a low-end model or continue using your traditional blender. If you plan to use it more often, try to find a good lightweight and ergonomic model to avoid tiring your arm, intuitive controls and multiple speeds for greater versatility.

Try to find an immersion blender with removable parts that are dishwasher safe for easy cleaning, as well as a well-designed blade guard in which food will not get stuck. If you think of mixing fruits and vegetables that can do damage, such as tomatoes, a stainless steel model would be better because the plastic is easy to stain

What other things to consider?

If you want to crush ice cream or bake with frozen fruit, take a high-end model that is stronger and has blades strong enough to handle the job.

Also be sure to inform yourself of the accessories supplied with the different models of mixers. Some are offered with practical accessories like various whips, choppers, bowls and measuring cups.

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