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Best Food Processor Reviews 2019: Test, notice and comparison

Best Food Processor Reviews 2019:Test, notice, and comparison

Best Food Processor

After more than a hundred hours of research, tests (yum …) and comparisons of user feedback, on thirty-six different models.

We believe that the Magimix Cook Expert is the best multifunctional cooker robot that you can find today in the market. With 600 recipes.

12 automatic programs, and 1 professional engine, the Magimix has convinced us that this is a long-term investment for any household of fewer than 6 people. 

Following the article, you will find our criteria and selection methods to find out how we arrived at our final list.

Magimix – Cook Expert

Magimix Cook Expert
The best cooker robot
Fully satisfying cooking tests, large household capacity, 12 automatic programs, and proven durability.

The Cook Expert saves a lot of time while cooking hundreds of varied recipes.

It’s no wonder that Magimix’s Cook Expert is at the top of the list in our selection of the best cooking robots. 

The brand from Burgundy is indeed the inventor of the kitchen robot and the first manufacturer of the all-around cooker. 

Our choice is distinguished first of all from its competitor.

The other mix, by its self-rinsing function that facilitates cleaning after the preparation of the meal.

In addition to the features found in the Thermomix. It can also chop, mince, grate, centrifuge and squeeze citrus – for the same price.

Connected to your smartphone, it warns you when the preparation is complete. 

Thanks to its app, it is possible to find the recipes of the brand or that of other users and make its list of races according to the recipes chosen for the week

With proven durability, the Cook Expert is the right choice if you want to invest in a long-term device. 

It is sold to you with two warranties a 3-year general warranty and a 30-year motor warranty.

To ensure the quality of its accessories Magimix precision discs. And the knives are made of Sabatier steel in Thiers, the French capital of cutlery.

The device has an easily cleanable stainless basket with a useful volume of 2.5L. This large capacity makes it perfect for families with children (4-5 pers.).

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moulinex companion

Time-saving without compromise
Accompanied by a book of more than 300 recipes, the Companion does everything for you.

Moulinex has managed to manufacture a robot that is very competitive compared to the market price, without the Smartphone connectivity function. While keeping high-quality components.

The scores of this are 4.7 / 5 at Boulanger and Darty. And the Companion food processor.

By Moulinex is the highest rated by consumers compared to its competitors. A great success for a machine that is offered at half the price of some other models!

Originally appeared under the name ” Moulin-Legumes ” in 1937, this French company is the first to have put on the market a multifunction cooking robot.

 It benefits from experience and know-how that translates into several years of perfection and a final product that has only improved over time. 

The cooking robot is able to perform all the tasks found in its colleagues with 6 programs.

These are cooking, steaming, simmering, browning, mixing and kneading. 

No monitoring is required – the user can continue to take care of his daily tasks during the entire preparation. 

Equipped with an XL 4.5-liter bowl, the Companion allows the preparation of dish for up to 8 people, be a nice advantage over other models on the market. 

The plus of the device is its ease of use thanks to a simple interface that avoids spending time in front of the manual.

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miogo maestro

The cheap cooker robot

For those who are looking for time-saving in the kitchen but are limited in budget.

The Maestro performs the functions of a cooking robot at a great price and a three-year warranty. 

Be careful, however, of overheating problems that may occur.

Who says that a cooking robot costs a fortune? While the Miogo Maestro requires a sizeable budget, for those looking to not spend their evening cooking to afford a balanced meal.

It is the best compromise that we could find.  

All the classic cooking robot programs are present in the device. The recipe book, however, is not very useful: we recommend that you search the internet for more popular brands such as Magimix or Thermomix. 

An advantage of this product is its integrated scale that facilitates the pre-preparation of the meal. 

Its capacity is slightly less important than the other models presented but is perfect for a small family. 

The low end, however, has its disadvantages: cleaning the lid and knives requires a little work. 

Some users also complain about overheating problems after some time of use. However, you have three years warranty by the manufacturer, with a free support for the device in such scenarios. 

Finally, the Miogo Maestro has some flaws but the end result of each program is very satisfying. The device is perfect for small homes, even with daily use.

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Kenwood Cooking Chef Major Gourmet


Your personal chef

An XXL capacity, 24 programs, 12 functions and a guaranteed professional engine for life. The Kenwood robot impresses with the scope of its functions and the choice of high-end components. 

The British brand Kenwood is at the top of the English range with Cooking Chef Major Gourmet. a Cooking robot that stands out as much for the quality of, its components as for the features it offers.  

For this model, in view of the price, we were particularly interested in the possible disadvantages first, in order to validate the legitimacy of the purchase. 

(we also have things to say about the benefits a little after …).

The two negative points that emerged from our research and our experience are the consequent. The volume of the device requiring a suitable storage space and handling time that can be a little longer compared to other models of the market: genes that are finally rather “nice”.

It should be known that the Cooking Chef is the successor of Kenwood Chef.

The latter is a model known for its reliability, including feedback from more than thirty years of continuous use.

We find all the functions imaginable in a cooking robot: cook, steam, simmer, mix delicately, cut, slice, knead, grate, mix, whip, heat and beat. 

For innovators: a manual mode, in addition to the 24 cooking programs already in place, allows the user to create his own recipes. 

The speed can be adjusted with an eight-position dimmer.  

The brand has great confidence in its engine that it puts forward with a lifetime warranty. The only one on the market. 

The device is guaranteed for three years and has spare parts availability for ten years. 

Finally, The capacity of the tray makes. It is easy to cook for very large fireplaces.

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Best food processor reviews Comparision



The least



    • 12 Automatic Programs
    • Professional engine
  • Durability
  • Investment therefore

Editor’s Choice

    • 6 Automatic Programs
  • 12 speeds
  • Limited capacity (3 people max)

Excellent value

    • Integrated scale
  • Interesting price
    • Limited capacity
  • Reliability

The cheapest

    • XXL capacity
    • Motor Lifetime Warranty
  • 24 Programs
  • Investment therefore

Best performance

You will find by going to the product page that a cooking robot requires a minimum of investment, even for an entry-level model.

We found more affordable solutions than those listed above. But they were systematically accompanied by bad experiences at the consumer level.

Oil leakage, breakdown, overheating … Small economies have always ended with a return After a few weeks. 

The four models above were chosen in order to present a list of the best cooking robots according to the needs and specific budget of each household.

How to choose Best food processor reviews 2019? Our criteria:



We do not always find the same functions from one model to another. 

Our approach, however, is not quantitative but qualitative:

we assume that there are basic functions that are indispensable but what interests us is especially if the final rendering that is promised is satisfactory.

For example, slicing is an important element in the preparation of a large number of dishes, but if it is not well done you may end up with large, badly cut pieces.

User satisfaction

User satisfaction

In our approach, we examine for each product all consumer feedback on platforms such as Darty, Boulanger or Amazon. 

By analyzing each experiment, we conclude on the major trends that appear in the use of the device studied:

for example the fault of a particular component, the difficulty of cleaning the tank or overheating during a program.

This work allows us to validate each selection in our list through hundreds of hours of shared use. 


Quality of parts

The first criterion in our choice of the cooking robot was the selection of the parts constituting the apparatus:

their place of manufacture, the choice of material and the design. 

We ranked the appliances manufactured in France better than those coming from China because of the more qualified workforce in France.

 In addition, European standards such as ISO 9001 require better quality at factories located in the EU. This makes it possible to guarantee the reliability of the production.

The material used in the design of the robot has also played an important role. 

The choice of stainless steel by the manufacturer is indeed a plus: this metal in question has a very wear-resistant surface. In internal conditions (home use), the corrosion of stainless steel requires more than 250 years!

Regarding the use of plastic, you should know that there are several grades of quality.

 The models we selected and some parts of which are manufactured in injection are made of Polypropylene or Polycarbonate, two particularly resistant plastics against shocks. 

Finally, the motor of the multifunction cooker must be able to hold cycles of long duration for several years without a fault. 

Brands such as Kenwood or Magimix are well aware that their engine is the component that will suffer the most effects of age due to the mechanical forces experienced during the preparation of the dish (mixing, slicing …). Their guarantee is a sign of exceptional durability.


Ease of use

A cooker robot does not have to be a headache. 

It should allow those who are not cooking enthusiasts or who do not have the time to cook to easily prepare the dishes they want, without having to monitor the machine. 

However, some manufacturers tend to neglect the ergonomics of their device during the development phase. 

The user is left with a user interface that is not intuitive and that is wasting a lot of time. 

The return of users has been extensively studied to remove from our list models in the market that offer complex features not used.


Brand confidence

Every young brand offering a product in the market goes through a learning curve. 

What the general public does not know is that with the internal deadlines in companies, we often find premature line launches with minor defects that will be corrected through the successive versions of the product. 

All this to say that a manufacturer who designs kitchen appliances for decades will have, through its cumulative experience, taking into account the mistakes of the past and thus a more mature end product. 

In our selection, we favored veteran veterans such as Moulinex, Magimix or Kenwood who have an average of more than 65 years of experience in the manufacture of kitchen appliances. 

What is the price of a multifunction cooker?

The price of cooking robots starts at around $ 220 for low-end models offering more limited features and medium quality components. 

Although these models may be suitable for some, we do not recommend them because of the lack of reliability in the long term that often requires to go through the after-sales service for replacement.

In the high-end models such as Thermomix TM5 or Magimix Cook Expert will have a price that ranges from 1100 $ to 1300 $.

Why or when to buy a cooking robot?

Lack of time or energy to cook  

According to a study by INSEE, food takes an average of two hours and twenty-two minutes every day in the timetable of the French. 

With responsibilities at home or in our professional life, however, we sometimes have trouble finding time to cook.  

Cooking robots have mainly been designed to allow the user to achieve the least possible steps in the preparation of a dish. 

This eliminates the need to mix or monitor foods while cooking. 

Adding features such as slicing, grating or threshing, you end up with not only a shorter cooking time, but also less effort to provide when we’re not always full of food. the energy coming in at night.

To diversify his meals

We find today more and more features including recipes embedded in our robots, prepared by the brand.

Many of us venture into new dishes that we had never tried before because the preparation stages seemed complicated. 

Thanks to the support of these steps by our device, even the complex meals become rather simple to realize and we are thus more encouraged to do them.

Thus, the purchase in some way pushes the consumer to use the best of the cooker and therefore to try recipes that he would not normally have tried. Now time to Best Food Processor.

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