Best Folding Bike

Best Folding Bike 2019-Expert Review and Buying Guide

Best Folding Bike 2019-Expert Reviw and Buying Guide

Cheap, ecological, healthy … and also saves you from traffic jams. That the folding bike is one of the best means of transport we no longer have to argue much more, right?

The problem is that not everyone can have a bicycle at home, especially if you live in the city and your apartment has space problems.

Precisely for that reason folding bicycles are increasingly fashionable.

ecause they give you all the advantages but they solve one of the great disadvantages: where do I put that junk?

As it fits in small spaces, you save parking in the street (think that the thefts of bikes and even loose parts! Are common, even if you use padlock and chain).

In addition, to be able to fold it, it facilitates you to use several means of transport. For example, using the Cercanías to get closer to the center and keep pedaling until you reach your final destination. Most public transports admit folding bicycles without putting problems, whereas if you take a normal bike you may have to negotiate or wait if you travel by bus or subway at rush hour.

So if daily cycling is your thing, look kindly at a folding bike. Surely you can get a lot out of it.

10 Best Folding Bicycles Review 2019

Dahon MU D10

Versatile, resistant, lightweight and high quality: a high-end folding bike.


Often, manufacturers of folding bicycles try to lower the final price of their products by supplementing them with low-quality components. 

It is not the case of the Dahon MU D10 , a machine made with the best materials to achieve great performance.

Hence the price: we are facing a high-end portable bicycle.

The Dahon MU D10 is an improvement of a previous model, the Dahon MU D8 , which has been added a couple of speeds more than it had.

Taking advantage of the recognizable physiognomy of its respected and celebrated predecessor, the Dahon MU D10 has a lightweight and robust aluminum structure, so it achieves the balance between being comfortable when loading and being resistant

In addition, it is very easy to fold thanks to the V-Clamp technology, patented by Dahon ; and it stays closed thanks to a system of magnets.

It allows comfortable driving for users between 1.42 m and 1.93 m in height and up to 105 kg in weight.

In short, the Dahon MU D10 is a great folding bike, designed for users who have no problems investing in a transport that they will use for a long time.


  • Great quality in all components.
  • It is light and resistant.


  • The price: it is a high-end bike.

Ossby Curve

Being different is cool.


We have not used the slogan with which Ossby promotes its folding bikes for free: the appearance of the Ossby Curve leaves no one indifferent. Rest assured that they will look you in the street if you get one!

But beyond how shocking we find the forms of this notebook so strange. Behind the design of the Ossby Curve there is a great engineering work that, after several improvements, has culminated in an excellent bike.

In the first place, its shape not only favors a very comfortable position when driving it. But it also allows an ultra-fast folding system (it takes a single second to fold it!). 

Thanks to this, manipulating it is very comfortable once folded: the Ossby Curve narrows, but maintains its height, making it easy to push and direct it with one hand to carry it rolling.

The size of its wheels, 12 “and 14”, make it very comfortable to move around the city and even climb hills

Anyway, we can always help with the 5 speeds with a change in the internal bushing that allows us to change speed without having to be in motion, for example, while we wait at a junction or traffic light.

The frame, which combines aluminum and steel, makes the Ossby Curve very light and resistant.

To finish, all the components of this curious folding bike are of the highest quality.


  • Ultra fast and compact folding.
  • You can change speed when stopped.


  • The design may be somewhat eccentric for some people.

Moma First Class 20 “

Great quality-price for a folding bike of urban aesthetics.


Moma Bikes is a Spanish company of bicycles that not only manufactures folding bikes. But also mountain and promenade. It is usually on the list of best sellers for two reasons: unbeatable price-quality ratio and good recommendations from users.

With this presentation, it is easy to guess why the Moma First Class is on our favorites list. The change is from the Shimano brand and has six speeds, something you’ll appreciate when facing urban hills.

It is mounted on a very light aluminum frame and has 20 “ wheels with aluminum wheels. If the size of the wheels does not convince you, Moma also has the Top Class, 24 “.

The folding is great , because you can bend not only the basic structure but also the handlebar and pedals to make it ultra compact.

The saddle and handlebar cuffs match, in brown leather look, and give the bike a retro touch perfect for an urban environment . Both the saddle and the handlebar are adjustable, which makes it comfortable for users of different heights.

Includes fender, easel, rack and doorbell (very important when you go around town). To top off the list of extras, there is also a practical travel bag, so you can take your Moma First Class even on long trips.


  • The price.
  • It is very light, and ultra compact folding.


  • It does not have lights of series, important if you are going to transit through streets little illuminated.

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Moma Top Class 24 “

An elegant and stylish folding bike for long city tours.


With its 24 “wheels and a larger frame adapted to them, the Moma Top Class is a larger version of the popular Moma First Class model, from the Moma Bikes brand.
Both bicycles are foldable, they are made with the same materials, they carry the same components and accessories and look almost identical design if we ignore the size of the wheels, which in the First Class are 20 “.

And what do the larger wheels bring to the user? In the first place, a wider pedaling, which allows you to travel somewhat longer comfortably.

In terms of aesthetics, the larger size and height of the Moma Top Class add to the model a plus of elegance to its already attractive retro style. But it must be taken into account that they can also make the bicycle somewhat more unstable than its predecessor and a little heavier and more bulky to transport it folded.

As in the First Class, the saddle and handlebar of this great portable bike are adjustable. However, due to its dimensions, the Moma Top Class can be somewhat uncomfortable for those less than 1’70m tall, being an ideal option for very tall people.


  • Comfortable on long trips.
  • Ideal for people of great height.


  • Still folded can be cumbersome to transport.

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FabricBike Folding

A lightweight and ultra-compact folding bike.


The FabricBike Folding is a folding bike lightweight, ultra-compact, highly portable and simple in design. Precisely for that reason it is an option to be taken into account by those who want a folding bike suitable for use as a means of transport mixed (combining the bike with the car or public transport) or should charge a long time with it.

It weighs just 12 kg, is ultra compact and has a handle to grip it and transport it when folded. The pedals, which are also folding, are made of high impact resin, so they are super light and very resistant.

It has a single free sprocket, that is, it only has one speed and it can be difficult to climb steep slopes with it … but if you are going to move exclusively through a flat city and without many steep streets, your handling will be pleasant and not very difficult.

Despite its simplicity, FabricBike Folding is a comfortable folding bike. The ergonomic sleeves, the fact that the wheels are quite wide and a saddle and handlebar adjustable in height and inclination to adapt to the physiognomy and preferences of the user contribute to this comfort.


  • Light
  • Very portable


  • One speed

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Ecosmo 26SF02BL

A robust mountain bike, complete … and folding.

Ecosmo 26SF02BL

First of all: the Ecosmo 26SF02BL is not for you if you are looking for a bike to use as a mixed transport, or if you need to fold and deploy it several times a day. It is also not your best option if you do not plan on traveling outside the city.

In return, the Ecosmo is ideal for those who want a mountain bike, but have no space to keep it, do not want to leave it on the street or need to transport it by car or another vehicle to the place where they will use it.

And is that, in addition to being folding, this bike is designed to roll on all kinds of roads and roads comfortably, even when we run into bumps, climbs and slopes.

To achieve this, in addition to its robustness, the Ecosmo 26SF02BL has front and rear suspension, 21 speeds and a surprising (by unusual) mixed braking system : V-Brake brakes on the rear wheel and disc brakes on the front wheel , which translates into a greater braking force in front and gives us a plus safety, even if the wheels get wet or fill with mud.

In short, a rugged, versatile and easy to save at home or at work.


  • Comfortable in all types of terrains.
  • Experience very close to driving a conventional mountain bike.


  • Manual only available in German.

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Moma Folding Park

Resistant and economical: the urban bike with sporty design by Moma Bikes.


The Moma Folding Park is the right model for those who want to benefit from the advantages of having a folding bike but do not have much budget. Not only is the cheapest folding of your brand, but one of the cheapest in the market.

The smallest portable bike from Moma Bikes is made of Hi-Ten steel, which makes it the heaviest in the brand’s catalog, but also the most robust.

Precisely because it is made of such a resistant material, this is an ideal bicycle to use on a daily basis. Since it can be folded and unfolded many times without fear of being deformed or worn out prematurely.

Folding Park is a 100% urban bicycle, which is not very comfortable in any other landscape than the city. 

But in return, it has everything necessary to roll on the asphalt and is very stable.

The frame, handlebars, and pedals are foldable and, despite not being very light, its reduced size once folded makes it a good option to use as a mixed transport

It is also ideal to keep it at home or at work, avoiding possible thefts or damages that could suffer when parking on the street.


  • The price.
  • It is robust and resistant.


  • The steel structure means carrying 15 kg of weight.

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Falcon Fold Away

A folding bike that offers a lot for what it costs.


With a beautiful design and excellent value for money, the Falcon Fold Away a good buy for those who want to enjoy the advantages of folding bicycles.

One of the reasons why this laptop has a low price is the material of which it is composed: steel. In return, the weight increases compared to other more expensive bikes that use aluminum.

The positive part is that the Falcon Fold Away turns out to be a versatile, stable, strong and resistant vehicle able to transport without problems to people of up to 1.80 m of height and 90 kg of weight.

Its ultra compact and simple folding , thanks to its quick release mechanisms of saddle and handlebar , make it a good method of mixed transport despite its weight. The double locking system provides security, since it prevents it from closing while it is in operation.

Its gel seat provides extra comfort to a driving , already nice enough thanks to its smooth tires, ideal for the pavement.

Definitely, the Falcon Fold Away can give many joys to someone with a limited budget who uses it daily in the city.


  • Good value for money.
  • Quick release mechanism for saddle and handlebar.


  • It is quite heavy.

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KCP 20 “Folding Bike

Urban folding bicycle ideal for mixed transport.


The KCP 20 “Folding Bike is a very good folding bike for walking around the city. Of medium quality, it has a fair price for what it offers and features and benefits similar to other folding bikes of the same range.

As differential features to point out, it has a nice design and some extras that, in addition to making it more functional, give a charming and elegant retro lookto this model. To highlight, the rack and the rechargeable LED in the front.

The wheels of 20 “, its light weight, and a reduced size once folded, make the KCP 20” an ideal bicycle to use as a mixed transport , since you can climb the bike without problems to the subway, bus or train.

In addition, it is a good solution for users who do not have a garage or a space outside the house to store a conventional bicycle, since it occupies little space.

For this reason, it should also be taken into account by those who wish to go to work by bicycle and do not want to leave it on the street for not exposing it to theft, vandalism or accidents.

In short, the KCP 20 “Folding Bike is a valid and correct bicycle for many of the uses that are given to folding bicycles, but without major features that stand out from its competition.


  • Rechargeable LED
  • Ideal as a mixed transport method.


  • The manual is only available in German.

Frejus P2X20206

Decent stability and quality for an economical folding bike.

Frejus P2X20206

The Frejus P2X20206 is a simple folding bicycle, urban and with a quality that fits its price, quite economical in relation to most of the portable bicycles in its range.

It has 6 speeds that facilitate comfortably circulating around the city in flat stretches, slopes and slopes; but it is not a bicycle suitable for another scenario with a more irregular floor.

Being steel, it is heavy for its size, but also robust and resistant .

It is ideal for daily use if you are going to have to fold and unfold many times, as it will not easily deform.

This is a folding bike that likes a lot for its simple and elegant aesthetics . In addition, it is comfortable and stable at the time of driving it. Not in vain, this model has become one of the most sold folding bicycles on the Internet.

The good value for money of the Frejus has undoubtedly influenced its popularization. In short: a folding bicycle more than correct and within reach of modest pockets.


  • The price.
  • It is robust and resistant, a bike to last.


  • Being steel is quite heavy.

Best Folding Bicycles Comparison table

Aluminum or steel, number of gears, how much the folded bike occupies … Here is a comparison of our favorite folding bicycles, so you can choose the characteristics that interest you the most.

Note: if you are using the mobile, scroll the table with your finger to see all the columns.

No.ModelWeightFolded measurementsMaterialSpeedsWheelsAdditional featuresPrice
13.5 kg85x70x45 cmSteel6twenty”MudguardSee price
KCP Folding Bike
12 kg80x55x35 cmAluminum6twenty”Carrier, fender, easel, rechargeable LED and tail lightSee price
Falcon Fold Away
15 kg80x75x40 cmSteel6twenty”Fender, easelSee price
Moma Folding Park
15 kg70x55x30 cmHi-Ten steel6twenty”Carrier, easel, bell, fenderSee price
22 kg
97x75x35 cmHi-Ten steeltwenty-one26 “Fender, easelSee price
FabricBike Folding
11.8 kg76x56x25 cmAluminumonetwenty”Easel, carrying handleSee price
Moma Top Class
13 kg85x70x35 cmAluminum624 ”Carrier, easel, bell, fenderSee price
Moma First Class
11 kg77x64x35 cmAluminum6twenty”Carrier, easel, bell, fender, travel bagSee price
Ossby Curve
12.5 kg93x70x22 cmAluminum and steel5Front 12, rear 14 “
Not includedSee price
Dahon Mu D10
11.5 kg82x66x32 cmAluminum10twenty”Mudguard, rack, easelSee price

Our recommendations

The best folding bike: Dahon MU D10


Although it may be unfair to make it compete in this list with other models of lower range. After having analyzed all the folding bikes of this list deeply, we are left with the Dahon MU D10. Its versatility, lightness, robustness, performance and the high quality of its materials and components make itthe best in our ranking.

The truth is that we have hesitated between this and the unique Ossby Curve. But we are left with the Dahon because it allows comfortable driving in more disparate terrains. While the Curve is limited to traffic through the city, and because its design will be more acceptable for most people.

The best folding bike in quality-price: Moma First Class 20 “


The Moma Class First 20 ” is a great recommendation for modest pockets, because it offers incredible quality for the price it has.

Shimano six-speed gearbox, aluminum frame ( only 11 kg of total weight ) and a lot of extras make it a super-functional portable bike , with a comfortable and safe folding system.

In addition, this Moma First Class is one of the most successful portable bicycles among users on the Internet, partly because of its beautiful retro-inspired urban design … which has also conquered us.

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Guide to buy your folding bike

There are many reasons to decide to buy a folding bike.

You may be addicted to physical exercise, those who think that any time is good to train.

Ouizás you are fond of cycling in all its variants.

Maybe you’ve thought about it because of ecological awareness , you do not want to contribute to the emission of gases.

Or you may just be a practical person looking to save on fuel, not waste half a life looking for parking, not suffer the peak hours of public transport …

The question is that you are in front of the wide range of possibilities offered by the market and you have to decide. Where do we start?

What are you going to use it for?

It is the first question you must answer. Try to refine your answer, because it will help you define the characteristics you need and, therefore, the price you are going to pay for your new bike.

  • Will it be your main means of transportation? It is important to know if it deserves a big investment or not.
  • Are you going to combine it with other means of transport? Watch that the folding is easy and fast, and that the joints are resistant.
  • Will you have to upload it and download it every day from your apartment without a lift? Eye with the weight.
  • What average distance will you travel daily? Study comfort.
  • Will you use it only by city? Define the type of terrain for which you are going to roll. Although this type of bicycle was born with an urban spirit, at this time it is already possible to find folding models for mountain.

All these factors and some others are what you have to take into account to make a good choice.


The range of prices is really wide , so much that it can go from the hundred and a few euros that a bike can cost in the super shopping mall, to almost twelve thousand of the most sophisticated models of solid brands.

Here the question is to establish what we are going to ask for and find a reasonable relationship between price and benefits. You have to be realistic: it is not worth paying too much if the use we are going to give you is below the highest possibilities of our bicycle.

If you are only going to take it out of the house once a month, it may not be worth it to invest a fortune, instead if it is going to be your means of transport and taking into account that you will save on parking, gasoline, subway or bus, you can rest assured spending something More money, which you will save in other ways. Common sense.



It is an important factor for several reasons. 

First, if you have to carry it on a pulse to, for example, climb stairs daily.

And second, because if you live in a city with unevenness you will appreciate the lightness when you face the slopes, so as not to sweat the big drop by moving extra weight in each pedal stroke.

But be careful when choosing. Do not go directly to the lighter because it can also be the weakest and most fragile, you will have to value the weight in combination with the rest of the characteristics that interest you . The key is in the materials:

  • The aluminum ones are lighter and perhaps the most competitive in the market.
  • The steel ones weigh a little more, but they gain in stability and firmness.

You must value it taking into account also your physical constitution, your weight and even your age.


Generally the first reason to buy a folding bike is the need to take advantage of space , so it must be an important factor that you must study with a magnifying glass.

Does it fit in the space you have available for storage? Can you keep it without problem in your office while you work? How much does it occupy in the trunk of the car? Will it be a manageable size when you have to take it by subway or on the bus?

Check the dimensions once folded. Familiarize yourself with the mechanisms, they should be comfortable. They have to be simple but solid, to resist continued use. If you have the opportunity, it would be ideal to do a test: you should be able to fold it quickly and without complications  in a couple of minutes.



Let’s say the obvious: it does matter . The same concept of bike and does not make them big or bulky, precisely for that reason with very practical to avoid traffic jams or places of high density.

The wheels will always be smaller than a mountain bike or a racing bike , but be careful with the choice. The smaller size can also make them more unstable and it is necessary to get used to handling them in a terrain, for example, poorly paved. A reference average is 20 inches . It is a versatile size, to roll with comfort for all types of surfaces.

You must also take into account your own height and weight to find your ideal size. If you make the mistake of choosing a bicycle too small you will be uncomfortable and forced.


It is important for the cyclist’s comfort. The cheaper models, the lower ranges, will have lower quality shock absorbers .

If you spend a lot of time a day on it, it is very possible that you notice that your joints suffer, such as your wrists or knees. And we have to say it: be realistic when considering your age. If you are not twenty years old, you will appreciate much more good cushioning.

It is also important not to forget that they are not bikes designed for speed . After 20 km / hour the vibration increases and it becomes noticeable.


It is another key feature of folding bikes. What good is it to fold wonderfully on itself if afterwards it is unmanageable at the time of transporting it? If you already know that you will have to climb the bike every day to your apartment without a lift, look at the comfort to load it.

Not only will it matter if it is light, but if it is easy to grip once folded . It is possible to find models in which the same table works as a handle, or with added handles or even with wheels that make transport much easier. Some even include a travel bag, a great idea if you take the bike on vacation.

If you plan to combine your bike with any other means of public transport, this point is essential. See an example of one of our recommended bicycles:

Transmission system

We assume that your bike must have a speed change to be able to better manage the pedaling both ascending and descending . Although it is not essential, in fact there are bikes that do not include it, and it does not have to be a problem if you live in a flat city.

However, it is a characteristic that you will have to look with special attention if you are going to move regularly in a city with unevenness. It is not the same to have to face the slopes of San Francisco every day than to ride quietly on the flat to go to work.

The unevenness will be more demanding with you and with the machine , and you will want to have an appropriate range of gears. Again, the use that you are going to give will determine the benefits you need.

Electric, if you need a push

It is possible that you trust one hundred percent in your legs. If so, congratulations. Others may prefer to keep an ace up their sleeve and choose an electric bicycle.

The market offers different possibilities. You have to keep in mind that we enter another world and we will have to analyze new factors: battery performance, durability, charging process, autonomy … Obviously it will affect the price range.

Accessories and extras

What will you need? Do you take your laptop to work every day? Do you take the opportunity to go through the supermarket and do some shopping? Study well what carriers offer you and if it will be enough for the use that you will usually give.

Check the add-ons available in the brand you have chosen. For example, if you live in a rainy climate, you will appreciate the mudguard to avoid getting dirty every time you roll over a puddle.

On the other hand, you can also be creative and “tune” your bike with extras available on the market: different bells, gel seat, type of pedals, handlebar cuffs, anti-reflective … There are brands that launch special editions with motive, for example, of an anniversary or in collaboration with a designer who exceptionally goes to work for the brand. They are usually limited and even numbered. An extra for lovers of unique objects.

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