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With damaged hair, you might think you can not apply heat. This is not always true. You should not apply heat that will damage the hair. Some styling tools can actually make hair healthier when the heat is used.

The best flat irons for damaged hair provide ions, conditioning and gentle warmth. You will want to help flat iron by using oils and products that protect your hair.

We have found the best flat irons that will actually help to repair your damaged hair. All searches have been done for you. All you have to do is choose the one that looks best based on the damage done to your locks.

How We Chose the Best Flat Iron for Damaged Hair

1-inch plates

Size issues. With flat iron plates that are too big or too small, you will have to make several passes. This will expose your hair to intense heat longer and increase the risk of injury.

According to Janine Jarman, owner and operator of the famous Hollywood Hairroin salon, a 1-inch wide plate will suit most people and you will still need this 1-inch plate if you want to use your flat iron for something other than smooth.

like creating loops or waves; anything bigger will not make waves or loops tight enough. She also stressed that length is also important. “You need the plates to be at least three inches long or close, so you do not spend a ton of time with small slices.”

Floating plates

Floating plates flex when you bend your wrist or move your head while styling, which helps to minimize breaks or creases in your hair. You can say that iron has floating plates by pressing on the side and checking for any losses. If they do not move, do not buy.

Adjustable heat

When you apply heat to your hair, which is not living, you cook it. And just like food, it’s easy to overdo it. Unless you shave your hair, you always run the risk of drying out each wick, which can lead to breakage and cracking over time.

Each hair is different and each type of hair has an optimal temperature of the flat iron. Some wicks need extremely high temperatures to meet heat styling – coarse hair or those with frizzy hair need at least 380 ° F Others hardly need heat – thin hair or damaged should be good below 300 degrees.

Top sellers across three sites

We want to make sure our best choices are easy to find on popular websites. After all, it does not matter if the iron is a good choice if you can not buy it easily.

As we could not test all the flat irons, we wanted to make sure that the ones we tested were well rated and available via Amazon, Ulta or Sally Beauty.

Hand tested on a variety of hair types

We wanted our best choices to cover a variety of hair types. The hair of our testers went from fine and colorful to thick and frizzy. Although not all choices are perfect for each tester, each hair straightener has styled his hair (although some tools have taken longer depending on the type of hair).

We started with 9 flat irons, but HSI’s (left-most) ceramic tourmaline flat iron and NuMe Megastar (second from right, pink) not the difference.

We started with 9 flat irons but we finally gave up two because they did not work well on the hair of our testers. HSI Professional Ceramic Tourmaline Ceramic Flat Ionic Flat Iron, a very cheap glider, was cumbersome and delicate. The testers said it was as if two pieces of plastic were running through their hair.

We thought the NuMe Megastar hair straightener, a popular and more upscale tool, would be a serious candidate for our list. However, the testers stated that the product had clung to their hair to the point of hurting them.

It was also difficult to keep closed while styling. Because these two flat irons received such low ratings from our testers, we did not include them in our best choices.

Best Flat Iron for Damaged Hair Comparison Table

ModelTemperature Control
Damage Control
BaBylissPRO Titanium Platedup to 450F
Negative ions 
Check Price
HSI Glider Hair Straightener140F to 450F
Micro sensors
Check Price
FURIDEN Hair Straightener250F to 450F
Easy heat 
Check Price
CHI G2 Hairstyling IronUp to 425F
LED light heating
Check Price
KIPOZI Titanium Flat Iron170F to 450F
Negative ions
Check Price
CHI Original Hairstyling Iron392F
Negative ions
Check Price
VOLOOM Volumizing Iron220F to 395F
Ionic technology
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Top 7 Flat Irons That Won’t Damage Your Hair Further

The best flat irons brush your hair at the lowest temperature with the fewest passes. The safest way to do this is precise heat settings and high-quality plate materials.

We’ve compiled a list of the best 1-inch models with titanium, ceramic or tourmaline floating plates, and tested them on several types of hair to arrive at our best choices.

BaBylissPRO Nano Titanium-Plated Ultra-Thin Straightening Iron


This flat iron for BaByliss is a good choice for people with damaged hair. It measures 1 inch and has a titanium plate. The company that makes this flat iron has created many other styling tools. It’s a popular brand because they care about their customers.

The flat iron has a ceramic radiator. Like a ceramic flat iron, the ceramic radiator is a soft heat. It heats the entire plate without creating hot spots. Hot spots can do more damage to your hair. Maybe that’s why you have unhealthy hair.

Dry, frizzy hair prevents most women from having silky hair. Air flights are also a problem. This is because the hair is full of ions. These ions are positively charged. You need a material that will tame these problems. Negative ions are the answer. The material in this flat iron will read your hair with negative ions.

One of the most important features needed for unhealthy hair is a varied heat. With damaged hair, it is essential to stay away from the temperature. This can be difficult when you want an elegant style. You can choose from 50 heat settings with this flat iron. It reaches 450F, but it is too high for damaged hair.

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Great positives

Flat iron has a good choice of temperatures. It’s hard to beat 50 temperature choices. You can certainly find a good average temperature for your damaged hair. Under 300F, you should stay for hair that is not healthier.

With titanium plates, it is a flat iron that will not corrode and flake. This can happen with lower straighteners. When flat irons have this problem, they do a lot of damage.

Thin and elongated plates are ideal for getting a lot of hair in one pass. This will get you out of the house a lot faster. Although you want healthier hair, you probably do not have all the time in the world to devote to styling.

Mild concern

The outside of the flat iron can heat up and it will be difficult to touch it. It is best to buy a thermal glove to use any flat iron.

HSI Professional Glider Hair Straightener


It is a flat iron ceramic and tourmaline. Ceramic plates and tourmaline crystals naturally generate negative ions. These negative ions can provide moisture and combat positive ions. Damaged and dry hair contains millions of positively charged ions. This flat iron will get rid of it.

Damaged hair requires gentle warmth. This flat iron has temperatures from 140F. This might not straighten your hair, but you can increase the heat slowly. It will be easy to find the right temperature for your particular hair needs. The temperature rises to 450F. It will be a temperature that you could use when the hair is healthy.

There are 8 micro sensors in the flat iron. They have HeatBalance technology. They constantly regulate the temperature on the plates. This is done to ensure that it never deviates from the temperature you set for your hair. It heats quickly with little recovery time. This makes the style a lot faster.

The flat iron has many other extras like a heated glove, double tension, and a very long swivel cord. They also include a sample of argan oil. It is an excellent hair treatment oil that will restore hair to excellent health. The flat iron has 110/220 dual voltage and a silk carrying case.

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Great positives

For damaged hair, you must be careful not to apply too much heat. You can start at 140F with this flat iron. Dial it until you find the right temperature for your hair. With thin hair, you should stay around 200F. Thick and damaged hair needs more heat to straighten up.

Micro-sensors are a fantastic feature. This will prevent your hair from being damaged even further. The sensors will test the temperature of the plates and increase or decrease the heat. This keeps the plates at a uniform temperature throughout.

The extras of this brand are very thoughtful. They include argan oil for those who have always wanted to try it. This oil will not leave greasy hair. It is nourishing and moisturizing. This will help bring your hair back to their natural health.

Mild concern

The heat controls are inside the handle of the iron. You will have to use the glove to change the temperature.

FURIDEN 2-in-1 Hair Straightener


This straightener is made of tourmaline and ceramic. Tourmaline will generate negative ions for smooth hair. This can help repair the damage to the hair. Ceramic is a soft and smooth material, extremely soft for your strands.

The heating surface of this straightener consists of 1 “rounded floating plates. Floating plates move with your hair. You will never miss sections with a floating plate. The entire device is rounded for straightening and curling. This will reduce the heat needed for the overall appearance.

The heat goes from 250F to 450F. There is an easy-to-use dial on the back of the styling tool. You can increase or decrease it as needed to get the right temperature for your damaged hair. 250F is an ideal temperature for fine and very damaged hair. Hard hairs mean that you will need to increase the temperature.

It is a rectifier with an MCH heating element. This is a new standard in heating for styling tools. The flat iron will reach 450F in 15 seconds. Along with this feature, it has other features such as a swivel cord. This cord is super long. It comes with a glove and sectional clips.

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Great positives

Thanks to the design of this flat iron, you can also curl your hair. Two appliances and all kinds of extra heat will not be needed. The dual nature of this device will reduce the damage to your hair.

It will heat up very quickly too. This will reduce the time you spend styling. Overall, you will be able to leave the house much more quickly. You can still get the style you like while treating the damaged hair gently.

The styling glove is essential to the styling process. The flat iron will become incredibly hot. This is useful for the curling part of your style. The company has also thought about your style. They also use a swivel cord for maximum movement.

Mild concern

In curling, it can leave creases in the hair if you are not careful. It is useful to watch the video sent after the purchase.

CHI G2 Ceramic and Titanium Hairstyling Iron


This CHI hairdressing tool has ceramic plates. These ceramic plates will be gentle on your hair. Fine or damaged hair will see great improvements. The ceramic is impregnated with titanium, which gives the plates increased durability.

For damaged hair, you want to have superior control of the heat. Too much heat can have a horrible impact on damaged hair. This flat iron has a ceramic radiator that provides the mildest type of heat. In addition to gentle heating, there is a range of temperatures.

The temperature ranges are color coded for easy use. Blue is between 0 and 370 for fragile hair. This is where you want to be for damaged hair. Green is 375F to 395F. It’s for medium hair. Red is 400F to 425F for coarse hair.

Flat iron features 1.25 “plates for a faster style. It’s perfect for long, thick hair. The device has a dual voltage for traveling. A red thermal pad is included with the styling tool. This can be used to wrap the device when it is still hot. It is also useful for protecting counters during styling.

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Great positives

The best thing about this flat iron is the ability to choose a lower temperature. For healthier hair, you should stick to a temperature that will not cause additional damage.

The ceramic radiator will provide a gentle heat. The ceramic plates slide gently on the hair, too. With damaged hair, it is all about getting the style you want without damage It can be difficult to heal your hair while styling.

The extras with this flat iron are good. They included a red thermal pad to protect your countertops. The carpet can also be used while traveling. It can be used to wrap a hot flat iron before stuffing it into your bag.

Mild concern

The professional cord is extremely long. This can be a bit heavy in a small space.

KIPOZI 1-Inch Titanium Flat Iron


This styling tool is made with titanium plates. The plates are 1 “floating plates without space. It will not pinch or pull, but the hair will be tight on the plates. Damaged hair has a smooth surface. This will allow fine or damaged hair to move effortlessly through the material.

Titanium is a very hard material. Your plates will last a long time. It’s also a great way to get negative ions naturally. Negative ions will moisturize dry or damaged hair. To do this, it neutralizes the positive ions of dry and frizzy hair.

Damaged hair should be handled gently. The temperature can really have an impact on brittle hair. The flat iron has a screen that tells you the times. At 170F to 320F, it says FRAGILE. It’s for fragile hair. At 330F to 380F, the screen displays DAMAGE. At 390F to 450F, it reads in good health.

There are many additional features that you will love with this flat iron. It has a PTC heater. This is a new heater that replaces those with wire. It has a higher level of security. It lasts so long. The flat iron has a double voltage for traveling. It also has a security lock.

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Great positives

Flat iron reaches 450F. It’s way too hot for unhealthy hair. At the bottom of the heat range, it starts at 170F. You can choose the temperature best suited to your needs.

You can stay in the fragile part of the heat. If the temperature is too low, the damaged heat part may be good instead. You must absolutely stay away from the upper part of the thermal spectrum. It will burn your brittle hair.

The floating 3D plates allow you to not pull or pinch the hair. He will gently brush the hair and never stick. The ceramic plates will ensure that your hair is well treated.

Mild concern

The handle can become very hot. They do not include thermal gloves on purchase.

CHI Original 1” Flat Hair Straightening Hairstyling Iron


This flat iron for smoothing damaged hair has 1 “ceramic plates. Ceramic is a material that heats gently. It’s not like a flat metal iron that can cause serious damage. The ceramic glide gently on the hair. It is perfect for fine hair as well as fragile and damaged locks.

Ceramic is a natural way to get negative ions in your hair. The dry, frizzy hair is full of millions of positive ions. With negative ions, your hair becomes smoother. He will have a reduced amount of frizz. It can also naturally moisturize the hair.

There is only one temperature available with this flat iron. This is not usually recommended for damaged hair. The ceramic in this one is very soft, however. It will not fry your damaged hair. Another reason why this is not a problem for damaged hair is far infrared heat. It heats from the inside and repairs the hair.

The flat iron has a swivel cord for maximum movement when styling. It has one of the longest cords of all flat irons at 11 feet. There is also a velcro closure for storage. The cord will be well packaged. It’s a double voltage. It only takes one adapter to work in other countries.

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Great positives

The ceramic of this flat iron is one of the best materials for damaged hair. It will provide natural shine and hydration to hair that is not healthy. Normally, the heat can dry the hair and make it unhealthy in the first place. If you pay attention, this flat iron could reverse the problems.

The far infrared heating system provides warmth in the middle of the hair. It’s a much better way to right. Far infrared heat does not cause damage to the outside, unlike some other flat irons. You will get an elegant style with hydrated locks.

1 “plates are ideal for long or short hair. Whether you have a goblin cut, a square or a hair length, it’s a good flat iron. It will nourish and give life to the hair.

Mild concern

This does not have an automatic shutdown. If you tend to leave the devices on, this could be a problem.

VOLOOM Classic 1 ½ Inch Volumizing Hair Iron


It is a unique hair tool that will give your hair an incredible volume. The hair iron is ceramic for a soft heat. You do not want to aggravate the hair by applying intense heat. The ceramic will be soft for your damaged hair.

The heat can be customized to meet the needs of your hair. The LED display will show you the exact temperature of the tool. It varies from 220F to 395F. For really damaged hair, you want to stay under 300F. When your hair is healthier, you can increase the temperature.

The ceramic will give you ions that will help the appearance and texture of your hair. Dry, frizzy hair is full of positive ions. A hairdressing tool like this one will improve the health of your hair. It infuses hair with moisture due to negative ions.

The plates have a checkerboard shape that can be used for volume. It will not damage your hair, even if it is really damaged. He will get closer to the crown where the hair is healthier. This reduces the need for chemicals to give you volume. You can get bouncy hair without the need for foam, gel or sprays.

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Great positives

The warmth of this styling tool is very gentle. It works on hair that is not the healthiest. The device works close to the scalp where the hair is not so damaged. The ceramic is soft for the hair and does not stick.

With gels, foams or aerosols, you use chemicals that can actually accumulate on the hair. It can also drain the hair of moisture. You do not need that for bulky hair.

Positive ions are reduced when using a device with negative ions. You receive them naturally with a ceramic hairdressing tool. This tool provides more than a few ways to get healthier hair while remaining beautiful.

Mild concern

This volumizing style tool may take some time to learn. If you have time, you can become an expert in volumizing your hair.

Things to Know Before Purchasing the Best Straightener for Damaged Hair

There are many ways to damage the hair. Fine hair can be damaged by using too much heat. Chemically treated hair can be damaged by the process itself. Whatever the reason for the damage; a flat iron can always satisfy the hair that needs repair.

What Materials Are Best for Damaged Hair?

Old flat irons were made of metal like steel. This metal would cause serious damage to the hair. Now, flat irons are made from incredible materials that nourish the hair instead of burning it. With damaged and damaged hair, you have to be very careful. You may not use any material of your choice.

When dealing with damaged hair, the material should be soft. This is why ceramics is the best substance for fragile hair. It heats evenly over the entire surface. There will be no hot spot that will burn hair.

Treating Hair to Low Temps

A flat iron without temperature control can make your hair a disaster. If you did not have damaged hair before, you would do it after using one without heat control.

The right temperature for hair in poor condition is less than 300 degrees Fahrenheit. This includes fine hair as well as thick hair. This can be difficult for recovery. Other factors must also be taken into account.

Flat iron must have a variety of adjustable heat settings. One who does not have the necessary adjustments can make your hair worse. In extreme cases, it can burn a lock of hair and make it fall. This is definitely not what you want when you are styling. Consider the heat and other factors of the flat iron.

Infrared Heat: Does it Matter?

With an infrared heater in your flat iron, you get a deeper heat. Instead of heating the outside of the hair, it enters the hair shaft. This can help keep the hair hydrated. The outside of damaged hair will not see as much heat. This leads to healthier hair.

Infrared heat also remains a constant temperature throughout the process. There will be no hot spots. It is a deep and penetrating heat. It goes directly to the hair cortex. Moisture is trapped in the hair shaft by infrared heat. If you do not use infrared, you should use something to protect the hair.

Repairing the Damage with Ions

You hear a lot about ions when you discover hairdressing tools. The frizzy hair is covered with positive ions. It causes drought, frizz and static electricity. With negative ions, you introduce something that will neutralize the polarity.

This means that the negative ions will cancel the positives. They instantly reduce frizz and cause hair hydration. As a result, you will see hair that looks better. It could still be damaged, but it is about to repair it.

Infused Conditioners and Oils

You should use a good shampoo and good conditions. The dryer you choose will help you too. Everything you do to your hair should be under surveillance. You can protect your hair against heat by using oils or protectants. These oils and protectants can be in the material of the flat iron itself.

There are many flat irons that are infused with keratin or argan oil. Both moisturize the hair and protect it from heat. These are flat irons that do not damage the hair.

It is easier to use a flat iron infused with oils. You must not forget to use the oil separately. It can also save you money in the long run. It will not be necessary to buy oil.

Plate Size for Damaged Hair

With a large plate size, you will be able to comb the long hair more effectively. It will take more hair with each pass. It is also easy to use too much heat on the wires. You never want to overheat your hair when they are not in perfect health.

A small flat iron can also be a problem. It may take longer to straighten the hair. Straightening for a long time can make you make mistakes. You could become frustrated and end up using too many shots. It is best to have a medium sized iron to control the process. A straightener that does not damage the hair is essential.

Can a Flat Iron Be Used on Damaged Hair Safely?

You need to do some things to keep your hair healthy. It can be difficult to maintain the hair when you apply heat. The heat can be very damaging. The death of the hair can also be harmful.

Once you have damaged hair, it can be difficult to heal your locks. You can certainly apply a flat iron on damaged hair. You just have to do it carefully. This includes the preparation of the hair and the proper use of the flat iron.

You can certainly iron your hair before they are completely cured. Apply a protein conditioner to the hair after washing. When using a flat iron on damaged hair, you must make sure it is used at a low temperature. Use a protective spray on the hair before using any type of heat.


It can be difficult to follow your current style if your hair is damaged. You may be afraid to apply heat to your locks. It’s perfectly understandable, but you can still get a beautiful style. In fact, with some flat irons, you make your hair healthier.

The materials will generate ions that hydrate. The best hair straightener for damaged hair will have a special place for challenges. Some are infused with oils and conditioners to strengthen the hair.

Others use a mild infrared heat. Which one you choose should make the hair healthier over time. You can see a huge difference with the right straightener.

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